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                                                                                2010 Fleet 444 Activities                      1-3
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                                                                                Hobie Racing - Division 7                      5-6
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           NAHCA Division 7 Spring 2010
Sailing Season 2010...yes!
W          inter...
Some of us got away to warm and sunny
                                                sail, but we can think and dream and plan.   page 3.

                                                So with Spring now underway Hobie Fleet Hobie points Racing - Check out page 5
locals...the salty zephyrs filling our sails,   444 gets to start focusing on getting back   for a review of the Hobie Division 7 race
pulling us through turquoise seas on our        out onto the water. So for 2010 there is a schedule.
way to sandy beaches lined with sweeping        little bit of everything available for every
palm trees.                                     cat sailor:
                                                                                             Big Water - We are going back up to Lake
                                                                                             Superior’s Apostle Islands in late August
These days were the ultimate in cruis-          Fun Sails - If you like to just get out and  for some distance cruising.
ing...ocean swells creating a comfortable       sail with a bunch of boats heading in the
rhythm through which the mid-winter             same direction, join Hobie Fleet 444 for
trades wrap around our canvas leading us one of our cruising events down on Lake             Keep an eye on the website for updates as
toward yet another tropical destination...      Pepin. Take a look at page 2 for the sched- the season progresses.
                                                ule and event details.
...then there are the rest of us mid-western                                                 So...what do you want to do with your
sailors who stuffed our boats away last fall Distance Racing - This year Hobie Fleet         2010 sailing season? Why not find a few
and moved on to our winter activities… for 444 is teaming up with the Leech Lake             dates that work in your busy schedule and
some it is a clean break in focus...not         Regatta to encourage cat sailors to partici- come join us on the water.
thinking much about sailing until the ice       pate in this unique, fun and competitive
starts to thin...for others well, we just can’t regatta in early August. NOR is posted on

Home Waters...Lake Pepin

We are fortunate to have a tremendous sailing venue at our fingertips. Fast cat sailing can make other lakes feel small...Lake
Pepin’s 22 mile length is perfect for a day on the water, without passing the same place over and over…is this really Minnesota?

2010 Hobie Fleet 444 Event Details
We are not the typical Hobie Fleet, while      someone young at heart and bring them          reaching legs for tons of sailing variety.
many of us enjoy racing, our world is not      sailing. Depending on the turn out, we         The Shores of Leech Lake Campground
built around a windward/leeward                can do short sails off the beach at Ohuta      and Marina is the host resort and this is a
course...what we are is a bunch folks who      Park, or we can head out for a little cruis-   family friendly event with great on and off
just like to sail our catamarans.              ing. Cook out at the end of the                water activities. See additional details on
                                               day...maybe even a little ice cream to en-     page 3 and 8.
                                               tice the kids to come along…?
In putting together our schedule each sea-                                                       Apostle Islands Catamaran Rally
son we try to provide a little structure for        2– days on Lake Pepin Fun Sail
new sailors to feel comfortable and gain
confidence, and we try to have a lot of
variety so that everyone has a chance to try
something new.

For the 2010 sailing season Hobie Fleet
444 has several changes on the calendar
compared to the past few years:

        Spring Tune-Up Fun Sail

                                                                                            Aug 26 - 29 Burn a couple extra vacation
                                                                                            days and spend them at one of the top
                                                                                            cruising grounds in the US. Lake Supe-
                                                July 17 and 18 New Event At the request rior’s Apostle Islands provides big water
                                                of several fleet members, we are introduc- sailing and tons of sailing destinations
                                                ing this two-day event with overnights at   (beaches, sea caves, lighthouses) among
                                                Hok-Si-La Campground. So if you can,        it’s 23 islands. For those who have the
                                                bring the boat down to Lake Pepin on Fri- time, come up on Thursday for four days
                                                day (7/16) for a late day sail. Evenings    on the water and three nights under the
                                                will be around the campfire at Hok-Si-La dark northwoods skies.
                                                with the boats parked right on the beach.
                                                Saturday and Sunday on the water.
May 29 (30 - Raindate) Early / mid May                                                                     Leukemia Cup
has proven be a bit dicey for comfortable                          Regatta
sailing, so this year’s Spring Tune-Up on                                                   September 11 - 12 New Event An event-
the last weekend May holds a bit more                                                       filled weekend, both on and off the water
promise for more moderate weather. This                                                     and all in support of a great cause. Come
is a chance to pull out the boat, rig up and                                                in Friday for a social gathering, racing
shake out the cobwebs.                                                                      Saturday, party that evening, and racing
                                                                                            Sunday. Three year participant Carol
If you are new and have questions about or                                                  Robertshaw reviews this event for us on
need help stepping the mast, there will be                                                  page 7.
plenty of hands.
After our day on the water we will gather
up on the beach at Lake City’s Ohuta Park                                                            The Last Hoorah Fun Sail
for dinner (bring something to throw on                                                     Sept 18 (19) We all hate to see the end of
the grill) and to talk about the upcoming                                                   the sailing season come to a close, Septem-
season.                                                                                     ber sailing can be great in we have
                                                August 14, 15 and 16 This year our re-
                                                                                            scheduled this one last event to enjoy some
                                                gatta will be in conjunction with the Leech
                                                                                            great local sailing before the chill starts
...and yes, some of us will likely be out in Lake Regatta 39 (Walker, MN). This is          settling in.
early May.                                      about the only distance racing event for
                                                cats in the upper mid-west (LOWISA is
                                                the only other event which comes to mind) Get on our e-mail distribution list by send-
      Take-a-Friend Sailing Fun Sail            and is a unique departure from the wind-    ing an e-mail to to keep
June 12 (13) New Event This is a chance ward - leeward racing of most cat regattas. in touch with other outings.
to focus on introducing someone new to          Race courses can be close to 40 miles in
cat find a kid (or a few kids) or length (bring a GPS) and can offer lots of

                                                                           Notice of Race
                                                                                2010 Hobie Fleet 444
                                                                                  Regatta (LLR39)
                                                                                         Aug 14 - 16
               Overview:                    Depending on the catamaran turnout                       What you need:
The 2010 Hobie Fleet 444 Regatta will       we may be provided with a separate             •   Dress for the conditions...Bring a
be held in conjunction with the long-       camping area.                                      wetsuit just in case. As with any
running Leech Lake Regatta in it’s          RV Sites are very limited at The                   event conditions can be highly
39th year (LLR39).                          Shores...reserve early.                            variable.
This is a distance racing event held on     Hotels: Walker has several hotels.             •   Food and could be
the waters of Walker Bay and Leech          Please check the Chamber of Com-                   out on the water for the better
Lake near Walker, MN.                       merce website for options.                         part of the day, so stock up ap-
Open to all makes and models of cata-            propriately to get you through
marans, Portsmouth ratings are used soNote: This is the same weekend as                        the race and back to The Shores.
any boat can place well on corrected  Walker Bay Days, so make reserva-                    •   VHF Radio - Recommended...If
time. By no means needed, with long   tions early if possible.                                 conditions change during the
reaching legs this is a great event for
                                      Restaurants and Groceries: Walker                        race, the RC can change the
spinnaker boats.                      has several restaurants, a well stocked                  course. The radio is nice to be
Although competitive, this is a familygrocery store and several liquor stores                  able to keep up with
friendly event with a wide range of   within 5 minutes of the regatta site.                    changes...and if you are on a cat,
                                      There is a great fresh fruit and veggie
experience and skill levels participat-                                                        let them know that you are al-
ing.                                  stand on the north side of town...stop                   ready four miles past the mark
                                      by and get a bunch of wonderful corn                     they are talking about using as
                                      on the cob.                                              the new finish line.
     Race Format and Expected                                                              •   GPS - Recommended...As a dis-
               Schedule:                                                                       tance race, the little orange
                                      Besides the coffee and donuts at the
Each mornings Skipper’s Meeting will skipper’s meetings, and the Monday                        marks can be over the horizon,
provide the race course for the day.                                                           and on a cat you might be lead-
                                      awards banquet, all meals are on your
For the past few years the format has                                                          ing the parade to the next
                                      own. We will have a campfire and gas
been:                                                                                 is nice to know where
                                      grill to share. LLR does host a Sat
   • Saturday—Distance race the
                                                                                               you are going. Basic ability to
                                      night BBQ for those interested (see
                                                                                               enter waypoints and input a
      length of Walker Bay.           LLR link for details).
                                                                                               course really helps.
   • Sunday—Distance race out on                    Registration:
      Leech Lake (course in the 35    All registration fees go to LLR39. Ho-
      mile range).                                                                                    Fleet Activities
                                      bie Fleet 444 will not collect any fees
   • Monday AM—Big triangle           for this event.                                   TBD, but options include a group sail out
      course on Walker Bay.                                                             to the big lake on Friday PM or a possible
                                         • Pre-Register (until Aug 7th): $75            night sail. Class trophies for one-design
Monday PM includes awards banquet.       • Registration (after Aug 7th):                groups of 5 boats or more.
Event has excellent on-the-water cov-       Includes event registration and 2 tick-     We are also expecting to have our usual
erage including Coast Guard Auxil-          ets to Monday’s awards banquet              (several hundred dollars) door prizes to
iary.                                       (additional tickets available)              share with participants.
    Lodging and Accommodations:
Tent Camping: The host resort The           For additional event details and rac- Please watch our website:
                                                                         for additional details as
Shores of Leech Lake has tent camping       ing instructions go to:
                                                                                        the event approaches.
sites available with shared fire pits and
nice rest room and shower facilities.       htm
Thanks to our Fleet sponsors for 2010!
Hobie Fleet 444 sponsors allow us to                                                                                     Located just
                                                                                                                         North of the
maintain our website, publish our News-                                                                                  Twin Cities,
letters and support our events.                                                                                          Aquarius Sail
                                                                                                                         has been serv-
                                                                 ing the catamaran sailing community for over 30 years. In addition to
                                                                 building the ARC & RC catamarans, Aquarius Sail provides quality
If you need boat parts or boat repairs, sail-                    parts & service including sail repair, wire/rope rigging and fiberglass/
ing instruction, custom cabinetry, or the                        carbon fiber repair. For more information please visit www.aquarius-
fun of flight simulations...we ask that you             or call us at 651-462-SAIL and let us know how we can help
look to our sponsors first...and tell them
                                                                                                           Fly air combat missions
you’re with Hobie Fleet 444.                                                                               against your friends in today's
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Hi Tempo Sailing Center is the Midwest’s largest Hobie                                                     dary WWII fighters. A.C.E.S.
Cat catamaran and Vanguard sailboat dealer. Located in the                                                 designed and built the Aero-
northeast corner of the Minneapolis and St Paul metro area                                                 Dome® series of flight simu-
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Rick’s Adventure Sailing - From getting the mast up to                                                  wide selection of brand
getting your speed up, learn how to do it right. Trouble                                                name parts for small
tacking or trouble getting around the race course? Coaching                                             boats, Jim at Seven Seas
from experts with years of sailing all flavors of catamarans                                            is also the guy to talk with
from Hobie 14s to 30 foot Stiletto rockets. Teach Sail-                                                 to fabricate custom lines
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the beach" lessons for $100. E-mail us at teachsail-                                                    Street, Excelsior, MN Your boat or ours. Minneapolis city lakes or                                               55331, Phone: 612-879-
your favorite spot.                         0600

Membership Dues...supporting the cause...
Do you need to pay Hobie Fleet 444 mem-       Along with the generous support of our         an important part of allowing Hobie Fleet
bership dues to come sail with us? No,        sponsors, membership dues allow us to          444 to support its mission of sharing the
any cat sailor is encouraged to come out      support our website, print and mail news-      fun and excitement of catamaran sailing
and join us...that’s the idea.                letters, provide the extras at our fun sails   with existing cat sailors, converts from
                                              and bring a little additional fun to our re-   other sailing groups and new sailors.
Is your support of Hobie Fleet 444 impor-
tant...yes.                                                                                  Please help us by submitting your 2010
                                              Your annual membership dues of $25 are         Membership Application (page 17).
                                                          2010 Racing Opportunities
                                                                                                You wouldn’t think of the Missouri River
                                                                                                for sailing, but Fleet 291’s July 24 - 25
                                                                                                event (Old Timers Regatta) on Lewis and
                                                                                                Clark Lake (Yankton, SD) might just
                                                                                                change your mind. Lots of room to rig up,
                                                                                                a great “Hobie Beach” for the boats, camp-
                                                                                                ing right there and a history of big wind.

                                                                                                Saylorville (Des Moines, IA) August 7 -
                                                                                                8...Youth Wave regatta is scheduled for
                                                                                                Friday, August 6. This year Saylorville
                                                                                                will be the Division 7 Championships.

                                                                                                Distance racing up on Leech Lake has be-
                                                                                                come a regular event for a number of Fleet

H         obie Division 7 trimmed back a
          few points regattas for 2010, with
hopes of improving the boat count at regat-
tas, but for those looking for racing activ-
ity the 2010 schedule offers some great
locations and the chance for competitive
one-design racing:

Spring sailing starts April 24 - 25 down in
Oklahoma City with Fleet 141’s event on
Lake Hefner. Then come a bit north for
the Frayed Knot Regatta with Fleet 297 on
Clinton Lake KS May 8 - 9. These Divi-
sion 14 events bring in sailors from Arkan-
sas and Texas to Minnesota. .

Hobie North American Championships
take place in Biloxi, MS June 4 - 11 for                                                        444 members, and in 2010 Hobie Fleet
Waves, Hobie 14’s, 17’s and 18’s. Early          June 19 - 20 is over at Storm Lake, IA.        444 joins up with Leech Lake Regatta
read is that this is going to be a very af-      Fleet 475 runs a nice event at a nice lake.    (LLR39) to get more cats involved in this
fordable NA, with $25 weeklong camping           The beach on the south side of the lake has    unique event, August 14 -16. See NOR on
and discounts if you participate in multiple     easy access, the camping on the east side      page 3 for additional details.
classes. Oh, and you don’t have to be a          of the lake is cheap, and the windmills on
top sailor to participate in NA’s...just enjoy   the northwest corner of the lake suggest
racing your Hobie.                                                                              Fleet 192 will host the Bitter End Regatta
                                                 that there is a good chance for wind.
                                                                                                in Branched Oak, NE Sept 25 - 26 to wrap
                                                                                                up the Division 7 racing season.
                                                                    Green Lake at Spicer,
                                                                    MN is one of the pretti-
                                                                                                Finally, Oct 11 - 15 Hobie 16 & 20 North
                                                                    est lakes in the
                                                                                                American Championships in Fort Walton
                                                                    state...deep, cool and
                                                                    weed free the July 10 -     Beach, FL.
                                                                    11 regatta is hosted by
                                                                    Fleet 52. A great swim-     So pack up that cat and head off to any of
                                                                    ming beach and lots of      these locations for great racing events.
                                                                    activities off the water.   Check each respective fleets web sites for
                                                                                                additional details.

                                                                   You Need to Know More
What if...                       By RICK WHITE
                                                                   About Tactics...
Rick White is recognized as one of the most respected sailors and instructors in the sport of catamaran racing. Through Catamaran
Racing for the 90’s, his “Catamaran Sailor Magazine” (8 issues for $20; and Rick White’s Sail-
ing Seminars, Rick has improved several generations of sailors.

                                         There are at least seven ba-     the angle to the weather mark. If it is less than 45-degrees you
Basic Tactics                            sic, tactical tips that you
                                         should always keep in mind
                                                                          probably hold that course. If that angle is greater than 45-degrees
                                                                          you might consider tacking.
regardless of whether you are sparring with opponents or are                        6. Stay in clear air This is a pretty simple tip. If you are
pretty much alone on the race course.                                     behind and leeward of another boat you will be sailing in some
           1. Sail toward the side of the course having the best air      pretty disturbed air and will be losing a lot of boat speed.
and sea conditions. You can only know this by experience. That            Try to sail in open lanes of air -- clean air is a must.
is why it is a great idea to get out on the course early before the
race and experience both side of the course. Perhaps the right side                 7. Don’t overstand the lay line, but never, NEVER
has better wind, but the current is very strong against you going         overstand the left layline on a marks to port course while going to
upwind. That would tell you to perhaps go up the middle or the            weather; or the right layline on a marks-to-port course going
left side to avoid the current. But, it would also tell you that          downwind. There is an old saying, “First to the layline, last to the
downwind you would want to head for that side to take advantage           mark!” You can sort equate it to a kickoff returner in football that
of the heavier wind.., and then you would also have the current           goes down the sideline. He has only one direction that he can
helping you go downwind faster. However, if you sit on the                turn, more toward the field. In other words, if you are on the lay-
beach and wait for your class flag before going out, chances are          line in sailing, you can only turn more downwind when trying to
you will not do well. Those that do their homework will defi-             go upwind. Every wind shift will hurt you. Had you tacked be-
nitely do better. Here is a good way to find out which side of the        fore the layline, any lift would help you get to the mark faster
course has an advantage. Have a buddy go out with you. Both of            than the boat on the layline. A lift would put you closer to the
you take off upwind -- one to the left, the other to the right for        mark. A header would allow you to tack and sail closer to the
about 4 minutes and then tack to see who is ahead. Do the same            mark on the other tack.
downwind. Then do it over again, going to opposite sides. Dis-
cuss what you discovered. Now all you have to do is beat your
           2. In oscillating winds shifts, tack on headers, hold on
the lifts when going upwind; tack on lifts, hold on headers when
going downwind. While going upwind holding the lifts takes you
closer to the mark. When you get a header, it is taking you away
from the mark, so it is a good idea to tack.
           3. In a persistent shift go to the side the wind is shifting
toward when going to weather; go the opposite side downwind.
Say the persistent shift is to the right, you want to go to the right
side of the course. Unlike oscillating shifts, you would hold on
the headers. Then when you get close to the layline and tack all
the lifts will take you closer and closer to the mark. When sail-
ing downwind, the opposite side of the course is where you want
to go.
           4. Tack as little as possible with a catamaran, but tack
when you should. If you have taken my Rick White’s Sailing
Seminars course you know how to do a “catamaran rolltack.”
Many folks come to the course for the first time and take about
30 seconds to tack. Upon graduation, they are taking 3 to 7 sec-
onds to go from high speed to high speed. At cat speeds, each
second is about a boat length. So, if you are a slow tacker you
need to keep your tacking down. On the other hand, if you can
tack quickly, this opens up a whole new tactical plan for going
upwind. Still you should not tack on small wind changes, even if
you are a great tacker. But, when there is a significant windshift,
by all means use it.
           5. Always take the tack that brings your heading nearer
the mark. Suppose you are just leaving the leeward mark. Check
Regatta Review - Got Wind? Well. Yes!                                                   by Carol Robertshaw

T        hat was the headline for the Third
         Annual Leukemia Cup Regatta on
White Bear Lake. With gusts exceeding
                                                and races cancelled for too much wind. It
                                                remains to be seen what’s in store at the
                                                Seventh Annual Leukemia Cup Regatta
                                                                                              to the edge of the course and one back to
                                                                                              the mark, I was able to minimize speed
                                                                                              loss. The risk paid off, giving me right-of-
                                                September 10-12, 2010, but the winds of       way as I crossed Jason’s bow at the mark
the 25-knot limit for safety, race officials
                                                September rarely disappoint.                  and rounded it first. The look of surprise
were forced to cancel Saturday’s races and
                                                                                              and shock on his face was priceless!
move Sunday’s races to the more protected
North Bay. Aside from one catamaran that        One Leukemia Cup Regatta in particular
engaged in some nautical gymnastics, the        sticks in my mind. I had entered my Cape      Beating Mr. Fun! was fun! And the one
rest of the regatta came off without a hitch.   Dory Typhoon. We needed four of them          thing you can count on at the Seventh An-
                                                to garner a separate start, but we only had   nual Leukemia Cup Regatta is fun! From
                                                three. Then Jason Brown, a superior tacti-    hard fought races, to fabulous food, live
Each year, this exciting five-race event
                                                cian and owner of White Bear Boat Works,      music, and an awesome silent auction, not
brings together sailors from all over Min-
                                                unveiled his secret weapon--a Typhoon         to mention FREE Mt. Gay Rum, what
nesota, western Wisconsin, and the eastern
                                                he’d been refurbishing called Mr. Fun!        more could a sailor want?! Well, how
Dakotas for a weekend of racing, fundrais-
                                                We had our fourth Typhoon! But this was       about a free long sleeved t-shirt and a host
ing, and unabashed fun. As many as 50
                                                no ordinary Typhoon. Jason had taken this     of other goodies in your registration
boats--from 14’ sailing dinghies to 38’
                                                characteristically slow keelboat and          packet, plus free continental breakfast and
scows, from monohulls to trimarans--enter
                                                “scowed” it up by removing the combing        lunch on Saturday and Sunday, and lots of
this sailing extravaganza. And every year,
                                                and running the main sheet through a          awards and incentives for sailors and fund-
the wind leaves a memorable impression.
                                                barney post, giving him the clear advan-      raisers alike.
We’ve had races cancelled for lack of wind
                                                tage. Mr. Fun! became the boat to beat.
                                                                                              And speaking of fundraisers, by simply
                                                                            The first         registering for the regatta, you become part
                                                                            mark was          of a nationwide movement of sailors who
                                                                            barely visi-      have joined The Leukemia & Lymphoma
                                                                            ble from the      Society in its fight against blood cancers.
                                                                            starting line,    The Seventh Annual Leukemia Cup Re-
                                                                            guaranteeing      gatta on White Bear Lake is one of more
                                                                            a long, ardu-     than forty similar sailing events across the
                                                                            ous upwind        country raising awareness and funds to
                                                                            leg. I haz-       help find a cure for these blood related
                                                                            arded a port      killers. Over one hundred thousand new
                                                                            start and         cases of leukemia, lymphoma, and mye-
                                                                            stuck to it       loma are diagnosed in this country each
                                                                            until I had a     year, and 148 people die from them every
                                                                            straight shot     day. The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
                                                                            to the mark.      is the world’s largest voluntary health or-
                                                                            The others        ganization dedicated to funding research,
                                                                            followed          education, and patient services for people
                                                                            Mr. Fun! up       with leukemia, lymphoma, or myeloma.
                                                                            the right
                                                                            side of the
                                                                            course,           Registering for the Seventh Annual Leuke-
                                                                            matching          mia Cup Regatta on White Bear Lake is
                                                                            him tack-for      one way you can help. Donating and pur-
                                                                            -tack. Mine       chasing silent auction items at the regatta,
                                                                            was a risky       is another way to help. If you wish to do
                                                                            choice since      more, The Leukemia & Lymphoma Soci-
                                                                            the wind          ety will send you a packet of fundraising
                                                                            clearly fa-       tips, along with a list of exciting incen-
                                                                            vored the         tives, to help you along the way. You’ll be
                                                                            right side.       amazed by the response to these easy and
                                                                            But by cut-       effective tips. And you’ll feel great for
                                                                            ting my           doing your part. But the first thing to do is
Carol racing her Cape Dory Typhoon in the Leukemia Cup            tacks down to one out       register, which you can do online at http://
                                                                                     (cont. p. 16)

Reaching legs...what to expect at LLR 39                                                          by Reb Blanchard

R        eaching is where the speed is on
         most boats and this is particularly
         true on cats, and yet nearly all
“races” are run on a windward / leeward
                                                • On light wind mornings keelboats are
                                                  happy to give you a tow out through
                                                                                                    particular boat. Some boats will hug
                                                                                                    the shore tight to the wind while others
                                                                                                    might foot off out into the lake looking
                                                                                                    for wind...for me, the key is speed...if
                                                  The Narrows to the start...if there is
course (A and C marks). Course stickers           wind, you can sail past them as they              you can calculate VMG on your
show an optional B (reaching) mark, but I         motor out.                                        GPS...this is an addition arrow in your
have never been to a Hobie regatta which                                                            quiver.
set one.                                        • The start...There are typically 6-7 starts
                                                  for the different classes, Fleet 2              • Mark rounding and crossings...this is
                                                  (multihulls) are the last. Stay close             where you see where you stand during
Now many of the newer (hotrod) boat are           enough to the start to hear the various           the course of the race...but remember
blazing fast tacking downwind, but for            starts, but it is best not to be right in the     with Portsmouth handicaps, someone
many older or less high performance boats         starting area while the other classes are         owes you time and you owe someone
the downwind leg can be painful, espe-            starting.                                while it is fun to be close to
cially in lighter air.                                                                              another boat, it is more fun to be close
                                                      • Know where you are heading for              to a “faster” boat.
                                                        the first mark...chance it will not
                                                                                                          • On the longer races when the
This is one of the things which makes LLR
                                                                                                            wind is up the cats tend to out
such fun for me...there is a great chance for
                                                                                                            run the keelboats pretty quickly
multiple reaching legs, where you can foot
                                                                                                            and the mark rounds are pretty
off and get out on the wire for miles, while
                                                                                                            open, but on the shorter triangle
getting the most pure speed out of your
                                                                                                            courses mark roundings can get
boat. Gotta chute? Even better...when
                                                                                                            pretty crowded with all the cats
have you been able to race on a screaming
                                                                                                            and keelboats trying to make
reach with your spinnaker flying?
                                                                                                            the turn at the same time. Sug-
                                                                                                            gestion (from personal experi-
So what can you expect when you show up                                                                     ence) - Think really hard about
at LLR39:                                                                                                   making a close mark rounding
                                                                                                            in this will end
    • The Skipper’s Meeting each morning
                                               The Shores of Leech Lake swimming beach                      up above a big keelboat trying
      is a pretty light hearted affair, some
                                                                                                            to go deep while you want to
      teams will still be recovering from the
                                                        be could head off on                   get outside to reach down
      previous evenings festivities, some
                                                        a reach...and we have even started                  wind...also those big symmetri-
      will show up in costumes (trying to
                                                        on deep reaches with the spinna-                    cal spinnakers cast a big
      win one award or another). The RC
                                                        ker.                                                shadow.
      will hand out the course for the day,
      which will show the various marks               • Light morning winds have been             • The finish - I have to admit it is fun to
      (coordinates and how to round them).              typical, so don’t stray too far             finish miles ahead of keelboats which
                                                        from the starting area and watch            start half an hour ahead of you...but be
    • Put the marks into your GPS, and then
                                                        for keelboats from previous starts          sensitive when the keelboat skippers
      lay in your course around these marks.
                                                        still floundering on the starting           start bragging about their 8 MPH
      Since some marks can be 6+ miles
                                                        line…                                       “speed run.” Just remember we live in
      apart, knowing where you are going
                                                                                                    different worlds.
      next is important because what be-        • Now your racing...but who? Because
      come very small orange balls from           the distances between marks are so              • Results - The RC will post results at the
      these distances are frequently not visi-    long, the boats will spread out all over          end of each day, but save the final re-
      ble.                                        the lake...trying to find wind (especially        sults for the awards banquet on Mon-
                                                  on the first leg if the wind is light) and        day. Handicapping makes this an
           • If you are not familiar with
                                                  finding a tack that works best for your           enlightening event to see how well you
              doing this on the GPS, ask for

Technology Trounces Tradition                                         by John Peterson
In the depths of February, the reality re-   sinking large amounts of his personal for- subject to the technical wizardry—the
mains wintry despite our thoughts, from      tune into America’s Cup efforts for the last BMW Oracle skipper, James Spithill, was
the unlikely snowbound locales of northern   decade.                                       apprised of vital wind and sail load infor-
Alabama and Dallas, Texas, northward to                                                    mation in real-time via a pair of sunglasses
the unusually snow-challenged slopes of                                                    that were more reminiscent of the Borg
Whistler, where the Olympians this year      But the real meat is how a new and un-        than of a stiff breeze off Nantucket. Then
help us embrace ice and snow for a few       usual rigid wing-sail trimaran has beaten     there’s the environmentally-friendly fric-
more weeks.                                  an advanced flexible sail catamaran in        tion-reducing hull treatment, which is ap-
                                                                    head-to-head compe- parently too innovative for anyone to de-
                                                                    tition. The decep-     scribe in depth.
                                                                    tively frail-looking
                                                                    hull of USA 17 was
                                                                    built specifically to  There’s been a lot of debate about whether
                                                                    support a multi-piece the America’s Cup, once a field of many
                                                                    adjustable-camber      diverse competitors who laboriously
                                                                    wing that’s larger     hoisted and dropped sails and zigzagged
                                                                    than a Boeing 747      upwind in pell-mell efforts to catch com-
                                                                    wing. At 223-feet      petitors in their dreaded wind shadow, has
                                                                    tall, the sail is bi-  been completely ruined by the testosterone
                                                                    sected longitudinally, -fueled ambitions of rich corporations.
                                                                    allowing the trailing True, it’s not the regatta of old. It’s an
                                                                    pieces—each about arms race, in which the “bigger” bazooka
                                                                    two stories tall—to    will win if it doesn’t break first. Maybe
                                                                    pivot independently. that’s a good thing—a specification series
                                                                    The forward, solid     in which each boat is exactly the same
                                                                    wing section is also might be a wonderful test of traditional
                                                                    adjustable by rotat-   technique, but it might not resonate with
                                                                    ing the main mast.     the resource any pro sport needs: sponsors
                                                                                           with deep pockets.
                                                                     The gap in the bi-
                                                                     sected wing is cru-     Perhaps we’ll eventually see a backlash, a
                                                                     cial—it crucially       return to single-hull racing.
                                               allows the “wing” to reduce airflow sepa-
All of which has helped the Sunday victory ration and generate more lift before the sail     But for now, let’s marvel at an elegantly
by the U.S. in the America’s Cup, held in reaches its stall point.                           complicated solution that appears to work
the comparatively warm Mediterranean                                                         as advertised.
waters off Spain, emerge unexpectedly          When coupled with a complex arrange-
from the headline stream. It’s huge news       ment of 250 sensors, the boat becomes an
for sailing, of course—the winning BMW electromechanical wonder that, with the               Hobie Fleet 444 members John Peterson,
Oracle Racing team’s boat, USA 17, be-         gennaker sail in place, can achieve aston-    wife Jane and daughter Abby split their
came the first American boat to win in 23 ishing speeds of up to 40 knots. USA 17            time between Eagan, MN and on the
years, and it’s the first successful effort by dominated both races, serving notice to the   shores of Lake Pepin in Lake City, where
team founder Larry Ellison, the Oracle         defending Swiss team that the game had        they keep their Hobie Wave and Hobie 18.
exec and yachting enthusiast who has been changed. And the sailors themselves are

2010 Division 7 Racing Season T-shirts
So you go out and sail a bunch of regat-                                                      Hobie Fleet 10 pulled together this idea
tas...even if you go home with hardware                                                       with a take off of the Rolling Stones con-
for your efforts what you really need                                                         cert graphic on the front, and the Divi-
(want) is a shirt which captures the 2010                                                     sion 7 2010 schedule on the back.
Division 7 racing season…
                                                                                              Limited availability at Division 7 regat-
New for this year is the Division 7 - 2010                                                    tas.
“World Tour” apparel line.
Rookie...Learning to race
So you have thought about racing...but           Huonder at so that just don’t know the rules.            they can welcome you to the events.

The Black Bear Yacht Racing Association          Then, if the racing spirit hits you BBYRA
(BBYRA) is offering up racing classes…           is willing to have the cats participate in the
BBYRA education events will take place           3 BBYRA Regattas if you can get at least
on May 4th and 11th, 7 pm at the White           5 boats for your fleet. They race two back
Bear Boat Works in White Bear Lake. The          to back on Saturday and then one race on
first Tuesday session will be covering           Sunday of each of the regatta weekends.
rules; the second Tuesday there will be a        There will be a registration fee to be a
guest speaker that should be very informa-       BBYRA Regatta Racing member (I think
tive. There is no cost to participate.           $100 which covers the 9 races). For more
                                                 information about BBYRA and their rac-
                                                 ing program, check out their website at
Hobie Fleet 444 members who are inter- 
ested in attending should RSVP to Sam                                                             It all starts here...

Doing My Part in the Down Economy                                                          by Karl Brogger
In mid January of this year I picked up my       windward mark ahead of the
brand spankin’ new Australian High Per-          entire fleet once. We did
formance Catamarans, (AHPC), Viper in            especially well when the
Florida. Having sailed the FXone for the         wind was up, and my heavy
past three seasons I had come to the con-        weight crew was locked into
clusion that while probably the best sailing     the rear foot strap going
and most versatile boat that Hobie Cat           down wind. The Viper is
sells, it just doesn’t have a future as a rac-   very well laid out. Most of
ing class. The Viper is a Formula 16 de-         the downhaul is run under the
sign. When we picked her up in Clearwa-          tramp, as are the jib sheets,
ter we continued south to the Tradewinds         and the mast rotation. A very
Regatta on the island of Islamorada in the       clean layout, means less get-
Florida Key’s. I honestly can’t give a fair      ting tangled in lines and
assessment of the boat as a single-hander,       sheets while tacking, or more
                                                              importantly, while
                                                        Islamorada greeted us with cool           Saturday a failed fitting where the dia-
                                                        weather, and cold water. Wait,            mond wire attaches to the mast had bent,
                                                        what am I saying? I’m a Min-              causing it to come free and forcing us to
                                                        nesotan, its January and I’m              drop the mainsail on the water and make
                                                        going outside for a change! It            an attempt for the beach under jib alone.
                                                        was unseasonably cool, but no             This frankly does not work very well when
                                                        worse than being on Lake Su-              you have to beat to weather to get back to
                                                        perior in August. To the locals,          the beach. Unable to go much past a reach
                                                        the drop in temperature was               we were eventually forced to be towed
                                                        borderline Apocalyptic. The               back in. Luckily back on land we were
                                                        southern folks were wearing               able to semi straighten our bent mast, and
                                                        dry-suits, stocking caps and I’m          with a diamond wire robbed from another
as I haven’t sailed it singlehanded yet. But out there wearing shorts and a spray top.            boat we were back on the water the next
I can say that as a two up boat it sailed    All three days of the event we had spec-             day. Missing a day of racing really does
phenomenally. Huge bows, and plenty of                                                            some damage to the scoring. Out of a ten
                                             tacular wind and nothing is more heart-
floatation for two. My crew and I were a                                                          boat fleet of F16’s, (mostly AHPC Vipers
bit heavy for a F16 at 345lbs, but still re- breaking than driving twenty seven hours,
                                                                                                  and some very good sailors), we managed
mained competitive despite our Team Pork picking up a new baby, only then to have
status. Even managing to get around the      her break on day two. In the first race on           a 7th place finish for the event.

A Sailor for All Seasons...Thanksgiving on the playa
                                                                                       A collection from Dave Farmer

A        nother call. Ivanpah for Thanks-
         giving. A week away. An 18 hr
         drive one way for me. The Mon-
                                                  attention to my steering, heading up to
                                                  keep my wheels on the lakebed in the
                                                  puffs. And the downwind speeds take my
                                                                                                  clues I take for granted as a catsailor,
                                                                                                  watching the wind cross water. Odd to
                                                                                                  watch my competitors scream away at 30
tana boys are going. Mostly my class, 5           breath away. But there's the bear away at       to 40 mph as I grind to a halt in a lull im-
square meters, sailing. I start checking          the windward mark, and rounding back up         properly negotiated. But I jump out of the
Nevada weather twice a day, watching the          after the downwind blast that demand            boat, give myself a push to get started
forecast develop. Negotiate with Brooks           more skill than I've yet acquired. The boys     again, and follow in pursuit, for it can hap-
in the San Juans about sharing a ride. A          are generous with counsel, but translating      pen to them too. A couple of times that
long way to go for 4 days of sailing!             all the theory into correct action at the mo-   happened, where I fell way behind, sailed
                                                  ment(s) of terror, is challenging! But it's     off some other direction, only to find great
Brooks begs off, but the wind predictions         the challenge that I love about catsailing,     wind, while the leaders found a hole. So
get better and better. I vacillate til the last   and there appears to be plenty of it here in    it's never over til the winner crosses the
minute, then commit! Leave at 5 am, and           the world of landsailing as well.               line, it appears. The speeds are so great
by 9 pm I'm in southern Utah, wasted!                                                             that one can recover huge amounts of
Motel. On the road at 6, and roll onto the   I miraculously survive the first day. We             ground in an unbelievably short time.
playa at 10:30, and it's CRANKIN!            retire to our hotel room in the nearby gam-
                                             bling hamlet of Primm, and return to camp            One race I was first to the windward mark,
Now I was just introduced to this sport in in the morn to face another day. Before                only to discover at the last minute that I
March, and scored a few rides on a Manta rigging up, Blake notices that I've blown                was about to round it the wrong direction.
single, a simple and sturdy craft, courtesy out half the reinforcing bolts in one of my           A drastic correction put me in a spin that
of my backcountry ski buddy, Glenn. Had rear wheels. No problem, switch to the                    left me dead in the water (so to speak!).
enough fun to buy a more sophisticated       spare rim and head out. More moderate                But if I was careful, and lucky, I could
boat, a Fed 5, and took it to the Alvord                                                          hang with the leaders, which was hugely
Desert this October for 5 days. Spectacu-                                                         rewarding. And if I made mistakes in my
lar place, huge dry lake bed, 10,000 ft                                                           roundings I could quickly find the back of
peaks to the northwest, fabulous camarade-                                                        the pack!
rie. But it was warm and sunny, and pre-
cious little wind for that week. I got a few                                                    In the last race of the day I began to notice
rides in, powered up a couple of times, but                                                     my mast listing alarmingly to leeward.
often pushed the boat back to camp when                                                         Headed into the wind to stop and investi-
the breeze dissolved. A grand time in all,                                                      gate, and discovered that the boat's steel
but not a lot of sailing.                                                                       framework had cracked. Big! Limped
                                                                                                back to camp, and began soliciting advice.
So I rig furiously, and blast off in condi-                                                     Mike got on the phone to one of the big
tions way beyond my pay grade!                                                                  casinos, and determined the ride mainte-
What a rush! When the puffs hit the                                                             nance guys who keep the roller coaster
boat LEAPS forward, and like a cat, you've                                                      running) would be in at 6 am, and they
got to instantly head up or bear away to                                                        were known for helping out desperate sail-
depower, or you crash! Requires lighting                                                        ors in the past. With generous assistance, I
                                                  Dave on the dirt in Nevada
reflexes that I've yet to develop, so my                                                        ripped the boat apart to be able to get at the
screaming reaches were regularly punctu-                                                        break, as the sun dropped over the moun-
                                                  winds today, and we get off a number of       tains to the west. Celebrated Thanksgiving
ated with violent spinouts or panic sheet         races. I do my best to shadow my buddy
dumps that brought my airborne windward                                                         on the playa with these great friends, old
                                                  Dave around the course, and if I'm lucky, I and new.
wheel crashing back to earth. Which is far        can keep him in sight, which is good, as
less forgiving than water, I assure you!          I'm no good at choosing the best route or
                                                  rounding the marks the right direction.       At dawn I was hanging round the mainte-
But the speed and acceleration is SO ad-          But if the leaders get into better air, I can nance door, pleading for mercy weld-
dicting! Me and the boat are taking a seri-       rapidly fall behind, searching desperately    ing, and by eight I was headed back to the
ous beating, but I can't stop. I get so that I    for the correct heading to keep me rolling. lakebed. Threw the boat back together,
can control the boat upwind with close            It's so strange to not be able to use the     and was ready for action! Which never
                                                                                                showed. Spent the day reading, a little
Dave Farmer…(cont)
guitar, a bit of tire kicking and bullshitting,   gusty, and shifting direction often. Ran a       As the sun again set over the playa, our
enjoying the precious sunshine, and wait-         few quick races, and my day finished with     fearless leader, Dennis, passed out the tro-
ing.......                                        a spectacular leeward mark rounding when      phies, and we packed up the gear, and
   Saturday, our last day, brought more           my starboard wheel spindle snapped and I      agreed to show up again in March for the
racing weather. But not til late in the after-    spun to a lurching halt in a cloud of dust,   America's Cup of Landsailing, the sport's
noon, and in the form of squalls spinning         and watched my wheel roll southward at a      biggest event in the US. You're all wel-
off the dark thunderheads to the northeast        rapid clip, finally losing momentum about     come! If you have any fondness for sail-
and east. But we were desperate after a           a quarter mile downwind. Broke the boat       ing, you can't help but love this iteration.
day of no wind, so out we went. Much              again! But I walked away with a huge
excitement, as the winds were extremely           grin, that traces of may still be visible!

For speed...Ice!                             By Dave Farmer

G        azing at this recently acquired land-
         sailor, and knowing that my dirt-
         boating buddies in Montana had an
additional season sailing on ice, and fur-
                                            iceboat sitting right here". So with a cou-
                                            ple of weeks, a couple hundred bucks, and
                                            some judicious head scratching, I found
                                            myself searching, somewhat desperately,
                                                                                                in my new toy! Worked amazingly well,
                                                                                                considering all the dimensions I just
                                                                                                guessed at. Front runner remained solidly
                                                                                                planted the whole run, which is critical for
ther, stumbling upon some DN runners I'd    for sailable ice. And yesterday it showed           maintaining control of the boat. When
                                                           up! Sunny, 29 degrees, and           pressed too hard, the rear runners would
                                                           blowing 8 to 10 kts. I'd been        break into a skid. But smooth driving kept
                                                           watching Diamond Lake, an            her solidly planted, and the acceleration
                                                           hour north of me, but it had         bearing away on clean ice is breathtaking!
                                                           seen snow, and not quite             GPS gave a 47.9 mph top speed in no more
                                                           enough melting to produce a          than 12 kts of breeze, with the smaller 4.0
                                                           decent surface. And in the           meter sail. Not too shabby for her first
                                                           middle of the day my feeble          run!
                                                           mind finally wandered to                Tore her down as the sun set, and
                                                           Sprague Lake, an hour south,         grinned all the way home, knowing I've
                                                           where I used to windsurf.            got ANOTHER great sport to entertain
                                                           Called up the resort, got a          myself with! All hail SPEED!
                                                           mildly favorable assessment
                                                           of the ice from someone who
                                                           didn't know much, and fi-            Hobie Fleet 444 member Dave Farmer
                                                           nally decided it was a nice          joins us from his home in Tum Tum, WA.
                                                           afternoon for a drive in the         At the end of 2009 his stable included: An
Doin’ double duty...Dave’s dirt boat with DN runners                                            HT18, a Stealth F16, “Flight Risk” a 22ft
                                                           country. Arrived to find 9"
purchased years ago when I was first at-    of variable, but in some spots great, ice.          carbon fiber monster, an A-Cat (now re-
tracted to the concept of iceboating, I     Rigged in less than 20 minutes, and got to          siding in MN), along with his new Fed 5
thought to myself "Gee, I've got 95% of an spend well over an hour screamin' around             duel use dirt / ice boat.

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Moving to the Darker (colder and faster) Side by Mike Madge
Anyone that knows me knows that I have a        and David Frost where great in showing        stiffners that could be glued to slot runner
serious addiction, and unlike Tiger I am        me the boats and giving me a crash course bodies. After learning about vacuum tech-
not going for rehab anytime soon. I am          in DN racing.                                 nology, I learned about infusion technol-
addicted to sailing, unfortunately living in                                                  ogy in which the composite material could
Thunder Bay and having only 5 months of                                                       by positioned in the mold dry, vacuum bag
soft water I am not getting my fix. I have      After getting home and still stoked from      applied to seal the composite and mold.
often heard of these strange things called      seeing all these great looking boats, I had a Vacuum is then applied with vacuum
DN ice boats but except for seeing them on      short discussion with my Wife about buy- pump to draw out all the air. Resin valve is
the net I have never been near one. Then        ing one. I think she thought I was kidding, then opened to allow resin to flow into the
my fortunes turned, I was reading the local     either that or she was half asleep as she     vacuum envelope of the mold and compos-
paper early in March and was shocked to         half heartedly agreed to it. So the next day ite material. This technology allows for
see the DN North Americans where here in        off I go with the intentions of coming        very high fiber to resin ratio yielding a
Thunder Bay. Sixty boats from all over          home with a boat. Bruce and David where stronger, lighter part. Parts built with this
North America and some from Europe had          great in taking me around to different boats technology are very consistent in mechani-
come to race these 12 foot sailing Rockets      and showing me my options. I ended up
here in town (apparently Lake Superior          getting a great boat from Don Williams
had the best ice in N.A). It was all I could    (see interview) who has been building
think of all day at work, I could not get out   boats for years and is now building his
the door quick enough to race out with my       own masts. Part of the deal (apparently I
hockey skates in tow to watch the action.       got a good one) was to give his company a
Upon reaching the sailing site it was very      little exposure. So I thought what better
exciting to see 60 of these boats all lined     way then to interview him and put him in
up. Unfortunately, they where not moving        our news letter. Maybe I will be able to
as the wind was non existent. The good          convert some of our Cat sailors from the
                                                Dark side over to the Darker side

                                                When did you get involved in the DN
                                                Class? My brother and I built our first
                                                DN’s during wood shop class our junior
                                                year in high school in 1980. I remember
                                                that we built those first boats using weld
                                                wood glue. We hadn’t yet heard about ep-
                                                oxy. I believe we joined the DN associa-
                                                tion that year or within a couple of years.

                                                What sort of changes have you seen over       Carbon Fiber Spars
                                                the years? I seen a few technology and        cal properties and weight compared to a
                                                equipment changes over the years. The         wet layup technology. I always wanted to
                                                spars have evolved from wood to alumi-        be able to build a composite DN spar. I
                                                num extrusion and then back to thin walled    decided to build a mold in which to use
                                                wood “stripper” spars, followed now by        vacuum infusion technology to build a DN
                                                fiberglass composite spars. When I first      spar. I also build the ice-optimist boat for
                                                started the runners used were bull nosed      youngsters to learn how to sail and ice-
                                                plates from Sarn’s Hardware and what I        boat. The ice-optimist hull is similar in
                                                called “easy lead in” plates. There were      shape to the DN but is only 10 feet long. It
                                                also wooden bodied “T” runners and angle      uses the same rig with a few modifications
                                                iron. ¼” slot runners were then added fol-    as the summer version, the optimist dingy.
                                                lowed by 3/16” slot runners which are now     I now also build a vacuum infused DN
Mike’s new ride...Don driving                   the work horse in most conditions.            plank in which I am able to use a shaped
                                                                                              wooden core with resin infused fiberglass
news is I got a chance to mingle with the                                                     as the skin material to give the bend char-
                                                Give us some insight into your business
sailors, some of which I have heard about,                                                    acteristics wanted.
                                                and products you produce. Five or six
Ron Sherry, Matt Stubble (top Cat sailor)
                                                years ago, I began learning vacuum bag
and some of whom I have raced against in
                                                technology. I started by making a small    What are some of the characteristics of an
Hobies, such as Bruce Williams. Bruce
                                                mold in which to build carbon fiber runner Ice Boat mast (maybe you can elaborate

Darker (colder and faster) Side (Cont)
on the extreme bend and its potential)?          decides to build a boat will have fun doing
                                                                                          Do you do any soft water sailing and how
The current composite DN spars are built         it. It will be a learning experience of a life
                                                                                          would you compare the two (maybe you
with materials and mechanical properties         time. First time builders will take longer
                                                                                          can talk about how some of the top DN
that allow sailors to tune their rig so that     than someone who has built a couple boatsguys are also top Cat sailors)? My sum-
the spar can perform in a broad range of         but the experience will be rewarding. I  mer sailing experience started with crew-
conditions. The sailor has the ability to        believe a first time builder can build a hull
                                                                                          ing with other people on “big boat” week-
take a spar that is built with certain bend      and plank in 3-4 weeks working a few     end races. I then bought a Tarten Ten in
characteristics and tune their rig so that the   hours nightly. The DN association has    1994 and raced for 6 years. I then bought a
spar can act stiffer or more flexible de-        many building articles to get you startedSantana 30 to do some racing and cruising.
pending on sailing conditions. When I test       along with full size plans that can be pur-
                                                                                          When I look at the various rosters of one-
spar bend characteristics for the DN Spar, I     chased.                                  design sailors from Hobie’s to A-Cat’s,
check the side to side flexibility from mast                                              there seems to be many ice-boaters that
base to hound, and then mast base to tip. I                                               sail during the summer. I hope to do some
also check fore and aft flexibility from     Have you seen any spill over in technology catamaran sailing this summer. Sailing
mast base to tip. I measure every spar for   and design from Ice Boats to Soft water      Catamaran’s is the closest to ice-boating
consistency. I then use this data along with Sailing? I think that with any high tech     than other type of summer sailing.
sailor experiences for comparison when       sport, there will always be technology
deciding if and what type of changes to      overlaps between sports. Just look at de-
laminate schedule are needed.                signs and technology that come from or at Thanks for that Don and for making a
                                             least seen in high profile sailing venues    great boat
                                             like the America’s Cup. An example,
What sort of hrs go into building your own would be the curved dagger boards used
boat? This is a hard question to answer in during the America’s cup. This same tech-
                                                                                          Hobie Fleet 444 member Mike
that I think about and work on ice-boats all nology is also being used in the A-cat cata-
                                                                                          Madge joins us from his home in
summer long. I am either building tools or maran arena.
                                                                                          Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
parts. One thing is for sure. Anyone who

If only 1200 miles Reb Blanchard
A couple years ago, Sail Magazine named          about 3 miles north of Bayfield, and spend camping spots.
Bayfield, WI one of the Top 10 sailing           a few days cruising around Stockton, Oak,
communities in the US...a number of dif-         Hermit, Basswood, Bear...islands.
ferent data points weighed in to come to                                                    A few things to keep in mind as you plan
this conclusion (including more boats than                                                  for this event:
residents), but the biggest factor was the       We have found the water to be, yes, cold,    • Open water format - No chase boats
spectacular cruising grounds which lay just      but also amazing clear, and when the wind       so we need to be self sufficient on the
off shore. Clear, deep, lightly traveled         is right you can get out on the wire for        water.
water and 23 pristine islands with empty,        miles and miles on a single tack; we have
                                                 also run up on sugar sand beaches without    • Come prepared for all conditions -
sandy beaches, lighthouses, and sea caves.                                                       Wet suits in most cases, GPS and ra-
                                                 another boat in sight; we have had ducks
                                                 jump on board during a lull in the wind;        dio suggested.
The problem (if you want to call it that) is     and we have experienced the boat drinks      • Food and water for on the water...long
that Bayfield and the Apostle Islands sit        and the unique ambiance of Tom’s Burnt          days of sailing if the conditions coop-
maybe 1200 miles too far north for many          Down Bar on Madeline Island.                    erate.
sailors (especially cat sailors) to look at it
as a serious sailing destination….the wa-
ter’s cold and Lake Superior has a reputa-       There have also been exceptionally clear         Watch the website for additional details for
tion for taking down great oar haul-             northwoods nights with the blaze of the          this event as the date approaches
ers…but what they miss is the chance for         Milky Way keeping up with the flames
sailing which you will likely not find any-      from the campfire.
                                                                                            So, no, it isn’t the Caribbean, but is a spe-
where without that salty brine on your lips.                                                cial sailing venue just out our backdoor
                                                 With that said, Hobie Fleet 444 is heading that I encourage cat sailors to take advan-
For the past 6 years a small group of cat        back up to for our Apostle Island Catama- tage of.
sailors from Hobie Fleet 444 have taken a        ran Rally Aug 27 – 29. If you would like
long weekend in late August to pitch our         to join in on this event, let us
tents at the Buffalo Bay Campground,             fleet fees, just need to reserve enough

Spreading the word…”Can I get an Amen?”

Minneapolis Boat Show
Okay, so it is primarily a fishing and pow-     fun but didn't
erboat show (as I believe most boat shows       find a group to
are these days), but stuck nearly in the        sail with; there
middle of the Minneapolis Convention            were couples
Center was a safe harbor for those who          who were
preferred something a bit quieter and re-       looking for an
quiring a bit more skill than just pushing      activity to do
the throttle forward.                           together and
                                                dads looking
                                                for something
And tucked among the 35+ ft Hunter,             to do with their
Catalina, Benneteu and Island Packet were kids...even a
the attention getting, colorful sails of the    few kids who
Hobie cats in the Hi-Tempo booth. Hi-           had taken les-
Tempo owner Brad Nelson was generous            sons at camp
enough to offer Hobie Fleet 444 an oppor- on a Sunfish
tunity to share some space to promote the and wanted to
fun of cat sailing and our fleet activities. It go faster (they
felt like a symbiotic relationship...folks      came to the
who voice interest in sailing and wanted        right place).
details about the boats would be introduce
to the Hi-Tempo and Hobie folks, and                             Commodore Karl Brogger and Hobie Race Team member (Tiger and
folks who might question where to sail and The sails             Wildcat skipper) Greg Thomas
with whom to sail were handed one of the brought them
Fleet 444 fliers and introduced to a fleet      in and we tried to hook em’..
                                                                                            Big thanks to Brad at Hi-Tempo for allow-
                                                So was it worth it? Tough to answer, ex-    ing us to take over the bow tramp on the
So, who did we meet? A pile of folks who cept that we would likely not have touched display Getaway to set up our computer
had sailed a Hobie Wave on their vacation any of these folks without being at the           slideshow and fliers.
in Mexico (Jamaica or some other tropical yes, it felt like time well spent.
location) and enjoyed it so much they were
thinking about getting a boat to use up                                                     The only problem is after a weekend of
here; there was a smattering of active sail-    Much appreciation goes out to Adam          talking sailing, we have to wait another
ors from other fleets; a surprising number      Bock, Carol Robertshaw, John Peterson (in four months before we can get on the wa-
of sailors who had a Hobie 16 sitting in        shorts) and Karl Brogger who volunteered ter.
their backyard and had not sailed it in         their time on a cold, rainy weekend to talk
years...they bought it because it looked like up the fleet.

Hobie Fleet 444 Roadshow
As much as we love Lake Pepin and the            marks set of some casual racing...           which looks optimal to gather up at
great sailing that it offers...for the sake of                                                Harriett (one where they don’t have a re-
visibility Hobie Fleet 444 is planning to                                                     gatta or other event) and we do our
host a catamaran “road show” at Lake             ...and though a smaller lake, Harriett can’t thing...we go out and sail.
Harriett this summer. Lake Harriett is           be beat for it’s easy access for Minneapolis
quite an active sailing venue for skiffs but     sailors. With the band shell, neighboring
there is very limited cat sailing.               park and walking trails around the lake,     Probably want to get there on the early
                                                 Harriett provides the chance to show folks side since parking is limited.
                                                 how much fun we have on the water.
As a smaller lake, Harriett offers flat water
even when the wind is up and is sur-                                                          Check the web site for details as this gath-
rounded by sandy beaches. They also have So, the plan...we will identify a weekend            ering comes together.

Regatta Review (cont)
                                                                                                    10:30 PM
                                                                                          9/16      Continental Breakfast, 8:00 AM
                                                                                                    Skipper’s Meeting, 8:30 AM
                                                                                                    Races 4 and 5, 9:30 AM
                                                                                                    Lunch & Race Awards, 1:00—
                                                                                                    3:00 PM

                                                                                          REGISTER EARLY AND MEET GARY

                                                                                          All skippers who register by June 3 will
                                                                                          receive free admission to this year’s Re-
                                                                                          gatta Kickoff event, featuring legendary
                                                                                          sailor and Emmy Award winning sailing
                                                                                          commentary Gary Jobson and his high-
                                                                                          lights from the America’s Cup, Beijing
                                                                                          Olympics, and Transatlantic Challenge.
                                                                                          This event will take place on June 3, start-
                                                                                          ing at 6:00 pm, with program at 7:00,
                                                                                          (location TBD). You can even register
                                                                                          right at the event to receive your free ad-
                                                                                          mission. (Ticket price is $10 if you are not
Don’t worry if you’ve never raced before.        9/11   Continental Breakfast, 8:00 AM
                                                                                          registered for the regatta.)
Bring your boat anyway and join the spec-               Skipper’s Meeting, 8:30 AM
tator fleet out on the lake, or participate in
a special training practice race being                  Races 1 and 2, 9:30 AM
                                                                                          I hope to see you there!
planned for inexperienced racers (more                  Lunch, 1:00 PM
details to come).                                       Race 3, 2:30 PM
                                                                                          Hobie Fleet 444 member Carol Robert-
                                                        Silent Auction, 4:30—7:30 PM      shaw is a long-time keel boat and skiff
REGATTA WEEKEND PREVIEW                                 Dinner, 6:30—7:30 PM              sailor who recently was introduced to the
                                                                                          fun of cats at LLR 38 and the Apostle Is-
                                                        Fundraising Awards, 7:45 PM
                                                                                          lands. Carol lives in St. Paul, MN
9/10     Check-In & Reception, 5:00—                    Live Music and dancing, 8:30—
         9:00 PM

New Guy’s Corner… A Adam Bock
It’s light and fast and floats on air                               And Captain Hook will raise his claw
It steers itself when I’m not there                                 And salute with me the winter’s thaw

It flies a hull in zero knots                                       And hold my beer upon his limb
And cooks me up some tater tots                                     As I sail and take a swig and grin

And when I pass, you’ll take note                                   And Aquaman will order fish
As will others of my new boat                                       To make currents take me where I wish

The Loch Ness Monster will rise and cheer                           And this is how I’ll pass my days
And pirate boats will send me beer                                  In soaking up the summer’s rays

                                                                    Resident “new guy” Adam Bock comes to us from Edina, MN,
16                                                                  sails a Hobie 17 and now an A-Cat.
                                                                       2010 MEMBERSHIP
                                                                      Membership fees support Fleet activities includingevent promotions,
                                                                            website and New   sletter generation and distribution.

NAME: ______________________________________________________________
ADDRESS: ___________________________________________________________
CITY, STATE & ZIP CODE______________________________________________
PHONE: HOME CELL _________________________________________________
E-MAIL ADDRESS ___________________________________________________
BOAT TYPE (S) ______________________________________________________
CREW MEMBER’S NAME: ____________________________________________
CREW MEMBER’S E-MAIL:____________________________________________

□    FLEET 444 MEMBERSHIP $25 –
□    NON-BOAT OWNERS MEMBERSHIP $10 – For non-boat owners.
□    FLEET 444 LOGO HULL DECALS: ($3 each, or 2 for $5) _____ Decals $_______
See for hull decal details

2010 Fleet 444 Schedule (Tentative):
        May 29 (30) – “Spring Tune-Up”
              Location: Ohuta Park, Lake City, MN
        June 12 (13) - Take-A-Friend Fun Sail
              Location: Ohuta Park, Lake City, MN
        July 17 & 18 – Lake Pepin Two Day Fun Sail
              Location: Hok-Si-La Campground, Lake City, MN.
        August 14, 15 and 16 - Leech Lake Regatta
              Location: The Shores of Leech Lake Campground and Marina, Walker, MN
        August 27, 28 and 29 – “Apostle Islands Catamaran Rally”
              Location: Buffalo Bay Campground, 3 miles north of Bayfield WI.
        September 11 & 12 - Leukemia Cup
              Location: White Bear Lake, MN
        September 18 (19) – “Last Hoorah” Fun Sail
              Location: Ohuta Park, Lake City, MN
Complete the Application and Check off the Appropriate Membership Category and hull decals desired.
        Make checks payable to: Rick Adams - Hobie Fleet 444 and mail to:
                  Rick Adams – Hobie Fleet 444
                  # 2120
                  7625 Edinborough Way,
                  Edina, MN 55435
Hobie Fleet 444
3386 Sogn Valley Trail
D e n n i so n, M inn eso ta 5 5 0 1 8

                     e b!
                he W
     We’re on t
     ww w.Fle
                                             Mailing Address

Submit your membership application for the 2010 season today...see “Membership Info” on

                                         2010 Hobie Fleet 444 Schedule

May 29 (30) - Spring Tune-up Fun Sail; Lake Pepin, Lake City, MN
June 12 (13) - Take-a-Friend Sailing Fun Sail; Lake Pepin, Lake City, MN
July 17 & 18 - 2-Day Fun Sail; Hok-Si-La Campground; Lake Pepin, Lake City, MN
Aug 14 - 16 - Leech Lake Regatta 39; The Shores of Leech Lake; Walker, MN
Aug 27 - 29 - Apostle Islands Catamaran Rally; Buffalo Bay Campground; 3 mile north
                  of Bayfield, WI
Sept 11 - 12 - Leukemia Cup; White Bear Lake, MN
Sept 18 (19) - Last Hoorah Fun Sail; Lake Pepin, Lake City, MN

Check for update event information throughout the season

Division 7 will also have a series of Hobie Class Points Regattas scheduled throughout the summer.          For the racer in you,
        these are a great chance to participate in some fun, competitive events and sail on some great lakes.


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