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					pink        project                                                  Sweetness 12 x 12 Layout
                                                                                   PINK PAISLEE PRODUCTS
                                                                                   • 00380 Pretty Lace
                                                                                   • 00378 Love Letters
                                                                                   • 00379 Sweetest Day
                                                                                   • 00389 Clear Cards
                                                                                   • 00393 Doodads Felt Embellishments
                                                                                   • 00390 Flip Notes
                                                                                   • 00386 Glitter Sticker Alphabet
                                                                                   • 00385 Glitter Sticker Elements

                                                                                   SUPPLIES NEEDED
                                                                                   • scissors
                                                                                   • glue or adhesive
                                                                                   • trimmer

 SWEETNESS 12 x 12 LAYOUT by tina albertson

 TO MAKE LAYOUT:                          from the left side.
 STEP ONE                                 STEP SEVEN
 Begin by using Pretty Lace Paper         Cut Sweetest Day 5½" x 7½", mount picture
 graph side for base of layout.           on top of it. Glue to lower left of Love
 STEP TWO                                 Letter paper.
 Add the 5 small swirls to the lower      STEP EIGHT
 left of the paper from the Glitter       Cut a strip of Love Letters 7½" x 1½". Glue
 Stickers Elements.                       the graph side up vertically next to the
 STEP THREE                               picture.
 Glue the flip note with tab sticking      STEP NINE
 out 1½" from bottom of the page.         Add “my girls” from the Glitter Stickers
 STEP FOUR                                Alphabet and “3” from the Glitter Sticker
 Cut the Love Letters paper 11" x         Elements so it says “my 3 girls.”
 10". Glue to Pretty Lace ½" over the     STEP TEN
 swirls from the bottom of page and       Add the large swirls in the lower left corner
 centered.                                of layout from the Glitter Stickers Elements.
 STEP FIVE                                STEP ELEVEN
 Add the arrow heart border from the      Add a Doodad Felt Embellishment just to
 Glitter Sticker Elements on top of       the right of the picture.
 Love Letter paper.
                                          STEP TWELEVE
 STEP SIX                                 Add brackets and hearts as shown.
 Add a Clear Card to the top of page
 on the left side approximately 1¾"
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