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Tradetang Tell You How To Choose A Quality Green Laser Pointer


									Tradetang Tell You How To Choose A Quality Green Laser Pointer
The article reminds people of doing a little study on the two key specifications of a green laser pointer or
300mw green laser torch before they spend their hard-earned money on any eye-catching item.

People are often at a loss when thinking of ordering anything on-line, because there're too many
options except what they seek is the rarest thing. In this times of mass production and imitation, even if
the customer is in vote when it comes to the matter of quality, nobody wants to waste any time or
dollar on a crappy laser pointer or handheld laser pointers. They all think twice before clicking the "add
to cart" button on those eye-catching online shops. Don't judge a laser by the ads or the dazzling logo or
casing, and try to see something inside. That's why we need some insider information about how to
choose a quality laser pointer.

The first specification we need pay attention is whether the handheld laser ponter by which we're
attracted is equipped with an ir filter. An infrared filter, or IR filter for short, is used to block the passage
of infrared radiation while allowing other radiation types to pass. Clamours about the importance of
adding ir filter to each 532nm green laser pointer or 473nm blue laser pointer becomes a yardstick in
judging a quality far as laser safety is concerned, it's recommended to buy ir filtered lasers
because you can at least keep your eyes safe if you wear the right goggles for green laser beam. Despite
not being visible, IR rays can still pass through the anterior structures of the eye and reach the retina.
Since you are unable to detect IR, there will not be any blink or aversion reflex to protect your eyes from
damage. But you certainly can wear 600-1100nm to block the ir laser beam for safety's sake.

The second specification we need study is the beam divergences, which is closely related to the beam
diameter, which, just as the as the name suggests, is just the diameter of its laser beam, measured in
millimeters. It's decided by the beam divergence which measures how much the laser beam expands per
meter. It's easy to conclude that the smaller the laser beam, the farther it could go, the more intense,
the beam power is, but generally speaking, the higher the output power is, the bigger the beam
diameter becomes. Therefore, the laser pointer does not have to be small to be more powerful. It can
also be supposed that these two key specifications are unable to grow at the same time; in other words,
the decline of one means the growth of the other. This point is also specified in the laws of optics.

That's why most laser professionals insist that when it comes to the choice of a better 50mw or even
300mw green laser pointer, the smaller the rated beam divergence is, the better.

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