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									                              “Our primary purpose is to stay sober and to help others achieve sobriety”

                                                                                                        Iss ue 11 - 2009
                                                                                                          Nov 2009

                                                                    THANKSGIVING SHOPPING

                                                              It’s not too late to get your Thanksgiving shopping
                                                          done. As you probably don’t know, Thanksgiving shop-
                                                          ping is the shopping you do in November to get you in
                                                          practice for the big job in December.
                                                              I’ll bet we could find a lot of business’s ready to buy
                                                          into that theory. However, for us whose lives have been
                                                          pulled back from the brink of Dumpster Diving, Jail or
                                                          Death, Thanksgiving Shopping could have a lot more
I N S I D E   T H I S   I S S U E :
                                                          meaning. For us, our first Thanksgiving prayer is for the
                                                          gift of Sobriety and our shopping could reflect that.
                                                              We all know that to keep our sobriety it is recom-
                          INDEX                           mended that we give back and most of us do. We help
                                                          each other directly through Sponsorship, we get involved
Thanksgiving Shopping                         1           in service and oftentimes we do the critical job of talking
                                                          each other through the rough spots of life.
The Most Meaningful Gift                      2               Here is another way that will help Central Office,
     By Brenda M.
                                                          your Home group and yourself. Are you ready? (There
                                                          should be a drum roll here but sound just doesn’t fit in
TVICO Financial                               3
                                                          the Newsletter). Okay. Here is the idea. Buy a book or
                                                          books from Central Office and give them to your Home
Group Donations                              4
                                                          Group. Your Home group can re/sell them and put the
                                                          money in their often battered checking account or give
Intergroup Report + notes,
                                                          them to a member who could really use them but is going
Changes & other stuff                        5            through some hard times right now.
                                                              As luck would have it, Central Office has provided us
Central Office Price List                    6            with a price list (See page 7) on books that should work
                                                          well for this purpose. is another idea; you
Business Meeting locations                                could buy books and then give them back to Central Of-
and times + where to send
                                                          fice so they can sell them twice.
7th Tradition contributions                   7               No matter how you do it, it is a way to show gratitude
                                                          for what AA has given us.
New Year’s Solution Flyer                     8
                                                             Enjoy your turkey.
District 4 report                             9

District 5 report                            10
S l i p p e r y Wh e n We t                                                                                 Page 2

                                      The Most ‘Meaning-Full’ Gift
                                                       Brenda M.

           “This is how I would die into the love I have for you: as pieces of a cloud dissolve in sunlight.”
                                                        - Rumi

                    I’ve been sober now for 14 months. I’ve been in the A.A. program since August, 2006.
           As I review this past year I contemplate all the work I have done to get “here”… sober. It has
           not been easy and has truly required a death on my part… a death to my past and a willingness
           to begin a whole new life…. Like the Native American Sundancer I have danced the pain and
           have truly done a lot of bleeding…. taking the bit in my mouth…. for the good of the whole
                    Before I came into these rooms I would get drunk and hit myself because I hated my self
           so much. I would sleep on the living room floor with my hand wrapped around a glass of beer,
           to have something to hold on to. I drank and drove all the time. Nobody around me could help
           me so I decided to try an A.A. Meeting. I was bruised and sat in the back all hung-over. My
           hands shook and I had to ask for help. A sponsor helped me get my first 30 days. I was in so
           much pain it felt like my skin was being peeled off! I worked at a job I hated and suffered from
           intense paranoia all the time. To not have a beer every day took all I had but with the help of a
           sponsor I was able to stay sober for 5 months for the first time in my entire life. I’ve had re-
           lapses in the past but this time around, this one-year chip has required new action on my part.
           And death.
                    The new action has been learning to follow direction from a sponsor, reaching out to
           others and doing service work. The death has required letting go of all that no longer serves
           me… things like self-centeredness, dishonesty and selfish self-pity. What makes the dying easy
           is… the gift of the fellowship of the A.A. program.
                    I have experienced a love, compassion and kindness I have never known through the
           people in these rooms. Their actions of giving me time, care and patience are gifts that money
           can’t buy. I have never had anybody love me like the people in these rooms have. My life is
           beginning to have meaning. The most ‘meaning-full’ gift I will receive this holiday season is
           the gift that can’t be seen or opened with hands or wrapped under a tree… It is the gift of some-
           body being totally present with me, teaching me how to live “one day at a time”, here, now.
                    There are people who have brought me here and one is my sponsor. I am so dark, and
           she is a Light! She listens to all my stuff and she doesn’t even get paid. She helps me more
           than a $180.00 an hour therapist. Any time she gives me is always 100% of her self. She
           brings out the good in me. In addition to my sponsor, other people have given me time, sincer-
           ity, humor, wisdom and experiences; all gifts that have helped me while I was in horrid pain.
           Dying ... burnt to ashes, and, like the Phoenix, rising up again into new life.
                    These gifts of fellowship, kindness, humor, and talking in present tense are a thread that
           weaves my daily life now and I am ready to give in service what was given to me. Thank you,
           A.A. Program, for saving my life, for giving me an experience money can’t buy, and mostly,
           for providing such Lights in the hearts of the people in these rooms. A spark has jumped into
           me and I can walk around with Christmas Lights around my heart this season. Christmas
           Lights that will last until Valentine’s Day and beyond….
S l i p p e r y Wh e n We t                                                                     Page 3

                              TVICO FINANCIAL REPORT – SEPT 2009

        INFLOWS                                   OUTFLOWS
        Archives                    $   340.00    AA World Services              $    907.80
        Gross Sales                               Bob Stelmack (book cover)      $     44.95
        GSO Sales                   $ 2,403.95    Creative Arts Unlimited        $    501.48
        Non-GSO Sales               $ 4,146.13    Culver Enterprises, Inc.       $    190.20
        GSRoundup Gift Certifi-
        cates                       $   187.50    Hazelden                       $ 852.89
        TOTAL Gross Sales           $ 6,737.58    Sierra Tapes                   $    70.00
        TOTAL Group Donations       $ 1,694.88    The Latest Thing (coins)       $    33.50
        Member Donations                          Wendells                       $ 485.42
        Donors Club                 $    40.50    TOTAL Cost of Goods Sold       $ 3,086.24
        Group Donations             $ 1,466.01    Office Expense
        TOTAL Donors Club           $ 1,506.51    Rent                           $        -
        TOTAL Donations             $ 3,013.02    Phone Services                 $    141.42
        Miscellaneous Income                      Answering Service              $    154.00
        Sales Tax In                $   393.13    Copy Machine                   $    269.24
        Interest Income             $    15.38    Postage                        $     73.42
        Shipping & Handling         $    36.15    Bank Serv Chgs (Global Pay)    $     73.00
                                                  Professional fees - account-
        Slippery When Wet           $     12.00   ant                             $ 1,000.00
        TOTAL Misc. Income          $    456.66   Over-Under                     (1.03)
        TOTAL INFLOWS               $ 10,547.26   Sales Tax                       $ 338.84
                                                  Printing (copies)               $     86.18
                                                  Coffee, Water                   $     62.75
                                                  TOTAL Office Expenses           $ 2,197.82
                                                  Payroll Expense
                                                  Payroll                        $ 2,219.53
                                                  Unemployment taxes             $    19.68
                                                  TOTAL Payroll Expense          $ 2,239.21
                                                  TOTAL OUTFLOWS                 $ 7,523.27

                                                  NET INCOME                     $ 3,023.99
S l i p p e r y Wh e n We t   Page 4
Slippery When Wet                                                                                         page 5

                                   Intergroup Business Meeting
                                              September 10, 2009

Attendance; Buck, Moni, Mary R, Bill W, Julie W, Janice, John F, Larry G, Rick S, David, Chris K, Pepper R,
Julie R, Helen Z, Kim S, Carmen, Aaron D, Chris K, Justin B, Buch N,

Opened @7
Serenity prayer- Pepper
Traditions- Kim
Purpose- Julie W
Correction in September’s minutes. In, new business, DCM’s are not responsible for the checks and balances of
Central Office.
Motion to accept September minutes – Correction in September’s minutes. In the "new business" section, the
DCM’s are not responsible for the checks and balances of Central Office.

 Chair A big thank you for those who participated and attended the workshop.
Secretary attended and took minutes.
C.O. Trustee Missed the board meeting so Janice will attend the meeting next week and combine the two.
Motion for District 4’s Central Office trustee representation -passed. Welcome Kim S.
Entertainment; Halloween Dance; the speaker is Charlotte L with 27 years, the flyer are distributed and event
needs to be announced at meetings, need to pay balance of $250, and cleanup crew was under command of Steven
S. New Years Solution; The room is paid in full. A DJ and speaker are still needed, and working on dinner/
speaker/dance. Buffet cost is $15.95, per plate, so ticket price should be $25 pre sale and $30 at the door. Meal
ticket will also pay for dance. Julie was looking at the Italian Buffet. Super Bowl; Room at Holiday Inn Holidome
has been paid in full. Valentines; Room at Holiday Inn has been partially paid. Balance owed is $260. 45.
Treasure Mary R and Julie R are working together to get a cost analysis. Getting a Debit Card would be the best
way to help the Entertainment chair keep track of transactions. It would also give the treasure online access to
print current statements.
Phone Service There are 5 days open on the calendar. The 12 step call list is out dated so let Carmen know if any
errors are uncured when it gets used.
Web; (Sean)
Newsletter The news letter is putting back in the business meeting minutes.
H&I $9,038.85 plus $500 for the 2010 BBQ. Had elections and positions were filled as fallows; Chair- Mike T,
Co-Chair- Darrel P, Treasure- Clark H, Bridge the gap- Shane, Phone- David P, Lituature- Lauren T, open chair-
corrections/ hospitals.
SICYPAA; events on website
CPCPI: open chair
New Business; Re-elections; all positions will stay filled by the same people for the next term.
Tabled for the next two months- discussion on is the current meeting place acceptable to everyone?

Old Business: Re-elections were discussed. All positions will stay filled by the same people for the next term.
Getting the entertainment chair some help for next year was brought up and a committee was organized to oversee
 Buck, Julie R, and John F are the nomination committee.

The next meeting will be on November 12, 2009.

In the middle,
S l i p p e r y Wh e n We t                                                                               Page 6

                               CENTRAL OFFICE PRICE LIST

                                  Meeting notes and changes and other miscellaneous stuff

           The Keystone Men's Tuesday Step Study has been cancelled.

           The Dogpile DOA meets 5-6pm Tues at the Ustick Inn. 8050 W. Ustick, Boise. It is a closed,
           non-smoking meeting.

           If you want info or a somewhat abridged copy of Robert’s Rules of Order go to: http://
               (Thanks to Darel P for that one)

           and this from Jenn H: "Congratulating an alcoholic for not drinking is like congratulating a
           man with hemorrhoids for not riding a horse."

           A reminder to District Secretaries...The Newsletter is once again accepting District reports. As
           in the past, please send them to us in Word so that we may edit them to fit our space allotments.

           Speaking of space allotments...Intergroup’s Oct report will be in the Dec issue. At least we got
           September in..:)
S l i p p e r y Wh e n We t                                                            Page 7

              Monthly Business Meetings                   Where To Send Your
                                                       7th Tradition Contributions
                    District 3 Meeting
                 First Tuesday - 7:00 PM               Idaho Area 18 Treasurer
                Collister United Methodist                   P.O. Box 67,
                         4444 Taft                          Kuna, ID 83634

                                                       T.V.I.C.O. (Central Office)
                    District 8 Meeting
                                                            1516 Vista Ave
                 First Thursday - 7:00 PM
                                                           Boise, ID 83705
               200 Myrtle St. (Happy Hour)
                                                     G.S.O. (General Service Office)
               Treasure Valley Intergroup                    P.O. Box 459
               Second Thursday - 7:00 PM                 Grand Central Station
                Collister United Methodist               New York, NY 10163
                         4444 Taft
                                                  H & I West (Hospitals & Institutions)
                     District 4 Meeting                    P.O. Box 2513
                Second Saturday - 4:00 PM                 Boise, ID 83701
                4th St. & 10 Ave S., Nampa
                 (Grace Episcopal Church)                      CPC/PI
                                                    CPC/PI West Area 18 C/o Don E.
                Board of Trustees Meeting                  2308 Terrace Dr.
                Second Monday - 7:00 PM                   Caldwell ID 83605

                                                               District 3
           Hospitals and Institutions (H&I)
                                                            P.O. Box 7892
                    Third Saturday
                                                            Boise, ID 83707
                Corrections - 9:00 AM
                 Treatment - 9:45 AM                          District 4
                H&I West - 10:00 AM                        P.O. Box 1408
       1524 Vista, Room 9 (Saturday Night Live)           Caldwell, ID 83606

                   CPC/PI Meeting                             District 5
                    Third Monday                           P.O. Box 44434
      2308 Terrace Dr. Caldwell at 7:00 to 7:30            Boise, ID 83711
     For more info 208 459-6712 or 208 412-5409         (updated March 2008)

                  District 9 Meeting                           District 8
      Third Saturday 4X/yr—Feb, May, Aug, Nov                P.O. Box 696
       Call Rhonda for location (208) 253-4366              Boise, ID 83701

                   District 5 Meeting                           District 9
                                                          2594 Fruitvale Rd
                Third Sunday - 4:00 PM
                                                          Fruitvale, Id 83612
           324 S. Meridian Rd. #20, Meridian
Slippery When Wet   Page 8
Slippery When Wet                                                                                                               Page 9

     District #4 Business Meeting 10 October, 2009
     DCM: Ken P. Opened with the serenity prayer at 4:04 by Kathy H..
     Alt. DCM: Keith P.
     Secretary: Kathy minutes accepted as changed.
     Treasurer: Margie--checking balance $367.92PRAASA balance $1365.47 See report page 4.
     Group GSR Reports

     (Sunday Morning Pioneers, Relationships In Recovery, Sunday Morning Breakfast, Caldwell Wednesday, etc.)

     Marla R.: Women in Recovery: Vicki representing Nampa Women as alt. GSR in Sun Valley. We are hosting
     potluck tonight Chili Dog Feed. Lots of Newcomers. They are doing a good job of stepping up to the plate and
     chairing meetings, so, Thanks to them.
     Laura B..Friday Night Newcomers: Although our meeting room has been under construction our meeting remains
     alive and kicken!! Not much to report, Margie is representing us at the Assembly. Our next business meeting will
     be October 16 at 7pm. We will be discussing splits and a possible Port of Hope commitment at that time. Thank
     you for letting me serve.
     David P: Alive Again: Group is averaging 7-12 daily. Evening meetings need support-usually 2-5 attend group
     still able to pay rent to the All 12 step club -Self supporting.
     Nellie L. Stepping Stones: Report by Loren.. Same as last month..
     Calvin Fourth Dimension: $60.00 mo. 46 attending Avg. 5. Traditions are being followed. Want help with getting
     rack for literature.
     Chip P. Ohio House AA: Group is doing well. Average attendance 20-25 weekly. Speaker meeting attendance 30-
     40 persons. 7th tradition balance $144. Group plans to donate $20. to TVICO. Potluck and speaker meeting 1st Sun-
     day of every month. Thanks again to Sally W. for her awesome message in October.
     Mike K. Caldwell Wed Night Group: Group attendance averages 9-18 people we added a new service position-
     coffee server as well. We bought some individual cream & sugars, we also bought containers for cream & sugars
     to be put on tables so as to not disturb the meeting with people getting up and down.
                     Special committee Chair reports

     DCM:         Sun Valley!
     Alt. DCM: Hey Everybody, Hope ya'll have a great night. Thanks Kathy H. and the Women in Recovery for do-
     ing the meeting and dinner tonight, were thinking about you here in Sun Valley. Thanks to Gloria and Sun. Morn.
     Pioneer for b-day last month, also Thanks to SICYPAA for hosting the dance which did okay, I believe they pulled
     in $85. Hope we can have them back for another dance. Also Kathy has a sheet for your groups or members to sign
     -up for the Christmas party. I will be calling all of you soon. Also congrats go out to all who were elected to posi-
     tions last month. Love and service Keith P.
     Treasurer: Margie See report page 4.
     H & I Rep: Mikes new # 208-629-9875. Had elections, will report next month. Attended all meetings. If your
     group would like your contributions to go to just books and literature please specify pink can only other wise it will
     go to support all H&I functions. Port of Hope needs help Fri, Sat, Sunday. Put in request for literature 2 case Big
     Books Jail, 2 cases Big Book 1 case 12x12 for Port of Hope, West Valley Med Center needs volunteers on Friday
     and Saturday.
     Port of Hope: HELP!! Port of Hope needs volunteers to share your experience strength and Hope with newcom-
     ers in our area! We take in meetings Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Anyone who has 6 or
     more months sober & is working with a sponsor is welcome!! Remember you are representing (AA) H&I. Laura,
     Call me if you have any questions! 908-2766
     Inter-group Rep: Entertainment- Halloween dance on Sat.10-31. 6pm speaker (free) 8pm dance ($7), Maplegrove
     Grange Hall 11692 President Drive Boise, ID. Newsletter- District DCM's, start sending monthly reports again,
     Bill will be publishing them in newsletter. 12-step Phone Service- 5 days on hot line answering service calendar,
     see me if interested and I will give you info. *New Intergroup Service positions are available *Treasurer & Enter
                                                                                                       (Continued on page 11)
Slippery When Wet                                                                                                     Page 10

                                            District 5 Minutes - October 18, 2009
     Attended: Greg B, Kathi G, Bill Y, Roland C, Mary R, Ruth W, Anne T, Robert M, Larry E, Terry G, Steve B,
     Julie Ann H.
     The meeting was opened by Greg B with the Serenity Prayer. Bob M read the Twelve Traditions.
         Secretary/(Rick Greg read the September report. Corrected report was approved. Rick said that the District
         reports would now be accepted to the Slippery When Wet.Treas. Report/ Kathi G: District 3 & 8 had not paid
         their portion of Unity Day expenses. Current bank balance is -111.73. Outstanding checks and cash not depos-
         ited will bring the operating balance to -51.73. We have 1500.00 in the Gratitude Dinner Fund and 1000 in the
         PRAASA Fund. Terry G from Sobriety Seekers questioned why there weren’t any deposits from his group
         since supposedly the Treas. was making splits. Kathi suggested checking with his Treasurer.
         DCM Report/Greg B: Greg reported that he submitted an expense report for the Assembly for room, board
         and a reduced travel reimbursement of $.25/mile. Election of officers was held. The new officers are: Delegate
         - Angela, Alt Delegate- Brian, Area Chair – Darren, Treasurer – Jo P., Secretary – Barry S. The new Finance
         Committee chair will be David, outgoing Area Delegate. The amendment to give past delegates voting privi-
         leges was defeated because of concern if five past delegates are present they would have more voting influence
         than the Home Groups. The amendment to move the reports to the end of the meeting was tabled until the next
         Assembly in the spring. Greg’s Ad Hoc Committee submitted their report and it will be discussed at the Spring
         Assembly also. They propose having an additional separate business meeting. TVICO Trustees/Bill Y: There
         were four trustees at the regular monthly meeting. The Central Office result for September was net income of
         $517.12. Group donations are still way down. Prudent reserve is $7.312. They hope to replenish the prudent
         reserve after the Gratitude Dinner. Bob had an interesting trip to Rochester, the workshop on Central Office
         Management. They agreed that we shouldn’t use the words Alcoholics Anonymous in the Central Office name
         due to potential lawsuits. TVICO does carry liability insurance. All Central Offices in the U.S. use Quick-
         Books for their bookkeeping. Idaho seems to have the lowest donations to the Central Office in the Country.
         The difference seems to be the number of individual donations. All the Central Offices are tied to Intergroup.
         Where donations are up the Central Offices usually offers literature at lower prices. They all recommend using
         thank you cards for donations. Some offices do business on Face Book and other websites. Many Central Of-
         fices have open houses to boost traffic. These workshops are held every year. TVICO has reduced monthly
         expenses of over $1000 by reducing Bob and Jo’s work hours by one hour a week and negotiating a temporary
         reduction in rent.Intergroup/( Open Service Position) Mary R reporting: Nominations for officers will be at
         the November meeting. Officer positions are for one year and start in March. Bill Y said that the discussion at
         the Central Office monthly meeting suggested that Intergroup have two year terms for their officers consistent
         with most other service positions. Bill said that his experience was that one year wasn’t enough to learn the
         Kuna Group: ( Bob M) Kuna group is doing OK. We are contributing to the Central Office and I am being
         helped financially to go to the Assembly.Meridian Night Group: (Ruth W) We are getting better attendance
         since school started and the Group is doing better. I expect that the Group will be reimbursing Steve for going
         to the Assembly. Noon Awakenings: (Anne T) We are investigating a possible venue for a 5:30 meeting
         along Eagle road since the church is already busy at that time. Election of group officers will be in December.
         Serenity Seekers: (Larry E) We are doing good. We’ll start planning social activities for the holidays next
         month.Sobriety Seekers: (Terry G) We changed our business meeting date to the 2nd Saturday of the month.
         Roland will be our GSR for the coming year.Sunlight of the Spirit: (Mary R) Steady attendance of about ten.
         We established a prudent reserve of a month’s rent. Mary introduced Julie Ann, our new Alt GSR.As Bill Sees
         It: (Rick P reporting) Janet H was elected our new GSR for the next term.
         DCM- Greg outlined the duties. Bill Y (19 yrs) was elected DCM. ALT DCM- Greg outlined the duties. He is
         the DCM back up. Larry E was elected Alt DCMTreasurer- Julie Ann was elected by a show of hands. Secre-
         tary – Anne T was elected by a show of hands.
Slippery When Wet                                                                                                    Page 11

                                           District 4 Report continued
     tainment Chair. * Kim S. was approved to be the new Central Office Trustee for Dist. 4.
     Grapevine: Nothing new to report at this time.

                                  Old Business
                                           New Business
     Stepping Stones donated a bag of change for H&I, Mike K received. The changes to the min-
     utes 09/09 Mike K elected H&I Representative for Dist 4 and Laura B elected H&I Representa-
     tive for Port of Hope. Sorry Mike and Laura for the oversight.
     Next Business meeting will be 14 November 2009

                                           DISTRICT 5 REPORT CONTINUED

        OLD BUSINESS:.
        .2009 Gratitude Dinner:. Anne will be the chair (by default) of the hospitality committee. She wants the vol-
        unteer sheets as soon as possible from the GSR’s. Anne asked that the ‘Gratitude Cards’ be turned in as soon
        as possible. Make sure we get the ‘word’ out for the Gratitude Dinner. Larry said that Raffle ticket sales are
        picking up.Kathy said that she will get more ‘change’ for the raffle tickets and drinks. Greg said that he will
        need a check for seed money for supplies prior to the dinner. Other committee heads will also need a check.
        Next Class for Corrections Volunteers: Roland announced that there will be another class in December.
        Please announce this to your groups to put in your applications (available on the TVICO website).
        Spring Workshop: Greg said that traditionally we make this a chili contest. Also we need to pick a theme
        and date so that we can promote with a flyer by December. Larry will check the schedule and see if we can get
        a date near the end of March. We will choose a theme at the next business meeting.
     Closed with the Lords Prayer

                                              ELEVENTH STEP PRAYER

         “Lord, make me a channel of Thy peace - that where there is hatred I may bring love - that
     where there is wrong, I may bring the spirit of forgiveness - that where there is discord I may
     bring harmony - that where there is error, I may bring truth - that where there is doubt, I may
     bring faith - that where there is despair, I may bring hope - that where there are shadows, I
     may bring light - that where there is sadness, I may bring joy. Lord grant that I may seek rather
     to comfort rather than to be comforted - to understand rather than to be understood - to love
     than to be loved. For it is by self– forgetting that one finds. It is by forgiving that one is for-
     given. It is by dying that one awakens to eternal life. Amen”

     Quoted from Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions, page 99

     The eleventh month, the eleventh step, the eleventh step prayer. It all seems to fit together.
Treasure Valley Intergroup

Treasure Valley Intergroup Office
1516 Vista Ave
Boise, ID 83705-2536

Phone: (208) 344-

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