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   JUNE 2002                      NEWSLETTER                                                Issue 2- 2002

PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE:                                           environment for the preservation of Ukrainian Culture.
                                                               One way for this to happen is for all Ukrainians to offer
Dear Members and Friends of UAST:                              some of your time and talent. Lets not use the excuse of
                                                               not having enough time, instead lets take a positive
It seems like yesterday, but already three months have         approach and remind ourselves to give back to the
gone by since I was elected as President of The Ukrainian      community we live in. If you grew up with Ukrainian
American Society of Texas. In my tenure, our                   Culture holding a special place in your heart, or if you
organization has held two events, which were very              would like it to influence your life, why not give some of
rewarding and have given us an opportunity to meet new         what you've learned back to our society that would like to
Ukrainian friends. The Poetry Reading in March was             share in your wisdom and treasure your gift.
emotionally uplifting and while listening to the children
and adults of our organization recite poems in English         Please get involved, come to the events, meet new people
and Ukrainian our hearts were touched. This is one of the      and reap the rewards of giving to a community that is
reasons our organization exists. At the Mothers Day                                                      0
                                                               growing stronger every year! One day you can look back
Picnic in May, our turnout was dampened by the threat of       and feel good that you played an important role is
rain, but, for those of us who challenged Mother Nature,       establishing the groundwork for future generations to
all enjoyed a day of fun activities, food and friendship.      remember and treasure.
When I first moved to Dallas over 20 years ago, it was a
                                                               At the time this newsletter was being published, I was
relief to find other Ukrainians and to regain the sense of     notified of the passing away of our friend, Daria Pokotylo
security I felt growing up in a predominately Ukrainian        Byrd. Daria is the sister of Stephanie Ellis, a long time
neighborhood. Although we do not have years of                 member and major contributor to UAST. On many an
Ukrainian Ancestry to fall back on here in the                 occasions, Daria and her husband Bill would visit
Metroplex, that can change for future generations.             Stephanie and attend local UAST functions. I remember
                                                               how they would anxiously help out wherever it was
Over the last 20 plus years, we have established the           needed at the event. They instilled in the hearts of the
Ukrainian American Society of Texas, Zorya Dance               people who knew them, a warm, sense of pride in being
Group and the newly formed St. Sophia Ukrainian                Ukrainian. I am sure I speak for all UAST members, our
Catholic Church. What a great foundation for a vibrant         heartfelt sympathy is extended to the families of Byrd
tomorrow! Many of us have worked hard to establish             and Ellis and we send our condolences. May Daria
the aforementioned groups, but we will fall short if we do     Pokotylo Byrd rest in peace and in Eternal Memory
not focus on effectively working together in planning our      (Vichnaya Pamyat).
events while meeting the needs of our fellow Ukrainians.
                                                               Respectfully yours,
As President of UAST, I ask for your support in ensuring       Chrystya Geremesz
that the future of our Ukrainian Community continues to
grow strong and unified while providing a healthy
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           By Eric O. Jakimier                our previous trip to Lviv, we took          Lviv has undergone tremendous
                                              overnight trains from Budapest to Lviv      change in the past six years. For one
Part 1 of 2                                   and from Lviv back to Prague and they       thing, it is no longer a totally cash
                                              were adequately comfortable. This time      economy: ATM’s are on many street
Some of you may remember that six             we were able to take the special            corners and some businesses will even
years ago I was able to cash in some          sleeper car managed by the Grand            take plastic. When we were in Lviv
airline miles and take my Dad to Lviv to      Hotel in Lviv and we would highly           before, only one bank in the entire city
attempt to find his father’s boyhood          recommend it to anyone going between        would cash a traveler’s check and at
village. We did not have much                 Kyiv and Lviv.                              that it took almost all morning! Another
information to go on since his father                                                     noticeable change was the increase in
was one of those “typical” immigrants         Neither Dad nor I speak more than very      the number of restaurants. On our
who did not talk much (or at all!) about      rudimentary Ukrainian and our family        previous trip, there was one night we
their homes. But Dad had said for             speaks essentially no English, so hiring    just gave up on dinner because we
years that he would like to go visit just     a translator/guide was essential to the     could not find a place to eat. Now there
to see where his father had grown up.         success of our trip. We had one in1996      is even a McDonald’s in town (not that
Our goal for that trip was modest: find       who did a very good job for us but we       we considered darkening their door!).
Dad’s paternal grandfather’s grave. We        felt it would be good to find someone
failed to achieve that goal but did find      new. Through a posting on         We spent our first morning in Lviv
four generations of relatives we had no       and other Internet research we got          checking in at the Archives (Lviv has
idea existed! Since that time, we have        several leads which we narrowed down        one of the better regional archives)
stayed in touch with our rediscovered         to a woman, Svitlana Tkachenko, who         which is located in an old Augustinian
family through letters and packages.          is based in Kyiv but was willing to go      monastery. Prior to leaving Dallas I had
                                              with us to Lviv. Finding Svitlana was       emailed them about the research we
This winter, Dad returned the favor and       one of the best “happy coincidences”        were hoping to do, so they were
invited ME to go back to Lviv with him        that happened to us and we would            expecting us. Unfortunately, the power
in April! Since my wife, Mary, and I          highly recommend her to anyone              was off for some reason so we were
have a baby daughter at home I was            heading to Ukraine. She was so much         only able to order the documents we
unsure whether I could accept, but            more than just a translator; she really     wanted for the next day. This gave us a
Mary was extremely supportive and             got into the research we were trying to     chance to explore the old city a little bit
maybe even more excited than I was at         do and our family “adopted” her almost      and also to meet the mother of the
first about being able to return to           immediately.                                woman (a fellow UAST member!) who
Ukraine. Her mother’s family is                                                           does translations for us here in Fort
Slovenian and Croatian so she is very         Arrival                                     Worth. Wanda Muriy’s mother Lilia met
much into Eastern European studies.                                                       us over tea and she is delightful
She also quickly presented me with a          It is a long, long way to Kyiv, even on a   company. Several hours passed like
long shopping list!                           777. It seemed we flew for days…;           minutes and too soon it was time to say
                                              perhaps because we did! If you have to      “doskoroee zustreechee”. A wonderful
Preparations                                  fly a long distance, Air France is a very   dinner at the Grand Hotel and it was
                                              civilized way to do it: the meals are       time to rest up for a busy next day.
For this trip I had two goals. One was        wonderful and one has a SELECTION
to find Dad’s father’s (“Pop”) birth          of red wines even in the cheap seats!       The next morning, we hired a taxi to
record. I have been able to assemble          Baggage does not seem to be their           take us down to the family village so we
the family tree from Pop on down              strong point, though, and while we          could say “hello” as well as set up a
based on family stories and have been         arrived in fine shape in Kyiv, our          convenient time for our “official” visit. It
able to put together the records of           luggage did not. No one from the airline    was so great to see everyone again
Pop’s father and grandfather based on         was around to help and, of course, our      and it appeared they felt the same way.
microfilmed church records I found at         translator was on the other side of         Even though we arrived fairly early in
the Mormon Family History Library             Customs so she could not help either.       the morning, it was not long before
(more about this in a long promised           Eventually we completed all of the          bottles of vodka and cognac were
future article), but all of this was          forms and several hours later we were       opened, toasts were made and a lunch
circumstantial. If I could find Pop’s birth   able to explore Kyiv by taxi before         feast was laid out. Far too soon we had
record it would tie everything together.      catching our train to Lviv.                 to head back to the city and our
The second goal was to find my                                                            research at the Archives. The lights
paternal great-great grandmother’s            Lviv                                        were on and our church records waiting
birth record and confirm where she was                                                    for us when we arrived. It was so
born. We named our daughter after her         We arrived in Lviv early the next           amazing to hold these almost two
and I thought a copy of the record            morning and checked into our hotel:         hundred year-old books – the pages of
might be a fun thing for our Katarina to      The Lion’s Den. On our previous trip        which I had been studying on microfilm
have as she got older.                        we stayed at the venerable Hotel            in Dallas! The downside was these old
                                              George but again, wanted to try             books had not been well cared for
It took poor Dad forever to work out our      something different. While the Lions’       (understandably so!) and were pretty
airline reservations but eventually we        Den is just a few minutes from Lviv’s       moldy, so every post-research evening
ended up on Continental from DFW to           main square, it is significantly quieter    was spent taking anti-histamines and
Houston, and then Air France from             than being in the center of things. We      feeling flu-like….
Houston to Paris and on to Kyiv. After a      would choose to stay there again, if
very brief stay in Kyiv we would be           only for the fabulous                       CONTINUED NEXT QUARTERLY (9/02)
taking the overnight train to Lviv. On        breakfasts!

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                      Ukrainian Poetry Reading and Social
                               By Cathy Teinert                                                        Texas Folklife Festival:
                                                                                                       If you can arrange it, the 31st Texas Folklife Festival is a worthwhile
The Ukrainian American Society of Texas met on April 20th at the                                       annual celebration to attend this June 6th –9th. It is located on the
home of Veranina Gajewsky to enjoy some delicious food, social time                                    fifteen acre grounds of the University of Texas Institute of Texas
and poetry. We were joined by several long time members and a few                                      Cultures at San Antonio located in Hemisphere Park in San Antonio
newcomers to the area like Mila and her daughter Luda. They are from
Kiev and now live in Fort Worth. John Romanko gave a wonderful                                          Some 40 different cultures are represented from early settlers to
introduction about the personal life of Taras Shevchenko and                                           current cultures. Our Zorya dancers will be performing in 30 min.
explained some of the meaning behind a poem he then read. Poems by                                     time slots the following times:
several well known Ukrainian Poets were then read by members in
both Ukrainian and English. We learned how difficult and varied                                        Friday, June 7th.    .   .   . 8:30 pm .   .    .    .Frost Bank Stage #4 (Seniors)
translations into English can be! The Dovzhansky children delighted                                    Sat., June 8th . .   .   .     3:30 pm .    .    .    Frost Bank Stage#4(Srs.&Jrs.)
us with readings they had memorized from school in Ukraine. Iryna,                                     Sat., June 8th . .   .   .   10:00 pm .     .    .    HEB Stage #6 (Srs. & Jrs.)
who is an elementary school teacher, had fun playing a riddle solving                                  Sun. June 9th . .    .   .     1:00 pm .    .    .    HEB Stage #6 (Srs. & Jrs.)
game with all the young children using the Ukrainian language. It
sure was fun to see the children race to see who could yell out the                                    Andrew Chobany along with the junior and senior dancers has been
answer first! It was a nice relaxing evening enjoyed by all.                                           working hard for these Folklife Festival events in which Zorya will

                                                                                                       UAST local and distant happenings:

                                                                                                       Congratulations to Michael Geremesz on his 80th birthday. Mnohoya
           An ANT’s VIEW of our MOTHER’S DAY PICNIC                                                     Lita! - Natalya (Wanda) Muriy graduated from TCU Cum Laude.
                       By Veranina Gajewsky                                                            What an accomplishment with her holding down a couple of jobs and
                                                                                                       her college load.
I was so glad I was the little ant at a wonderful Mother's Day Picnic!
There was Chrystya who prepared and shopped and spent a lot of
effort to please all the people that came. We ants got to sniff at some                                                      ‡ ‡ On a sad note: Marika Macko of Houston
wonderful Kiebasa and Rose's fruit salad with ginger. There was a                                      passed away on May 14th after a 2year struggle with lung cancer. She
cake to die for and Veranina kept guarding it. They had a strolling                                    was an engineer at Bechtel for 27 years. Mariko was an active
violin player named John who serenaded their meal. Then they                                           member of the Houston Ukrainian community in many capacities,
turned on other music that came from a box of sorts. Veranina went                                     including dance. She had been very helpful over the years to the
around to try to find the Uki word for "ginger". No one knew.                                          Dallas Dancers.
Humans! Then Chrystya got all the childen and some of the adults to
play baseball. There were some women who decided it was more fun
to plan with yellow and blue balloons and became Uki Cheerleaaders.
They kept yelling this "Raz Dva Tre" and kept jumping up and down                                      Kid’s Corner:
like there were a lot of us ants around. There was wonderful weather
and the cleanup was so nicely done......we ants got NOTHING! So we                                     Julia Teinert took her first step towards becoming an accomplished
got even, we asked for lousey weather. Darn it, it came after                                          Zorya dancer. She is now walking across the room and standing on
everything was put up and everyone went home. I hope everyone                                          her own just this past month! Quite an act for a little one year old! -
enjoyed a wonderful time at this well put together event.                                              Natalya and Yuri Geremesz won special placements above other
                                                                                                       schools when their teams placed for the DI (Destination Imagination)
                                                                                                       competition in March.

Board Contacts:                                                                                        What milestones/accolades have you or your children been
Veranina Gajewsky                                         972-407-7310            awarded/passed? Do we have any graduates? Please share this
Chrystya Geremesz                                        214-368-2055            information with all of us. We won’t know unless you tell us. We
Eric Jakimier                                  214-941-9906            really want/need your input!! We would like to recognize them.
Tracey Sawchuk-Kent                                     972-932-7425
Cathy Teinert                                      817-267-0391

Andrew Chobany                                             972-235-4920
Newsletter Co-Editors:
John/Rose Romanko                                      817-292-0022
(Article/information contributors to this April 2002 Newsletter are: all the
Board members and Olia & Bill Palmer.)

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Calendar of UAST Events for 2002-2003
AS THEY ARE CONFIRMED DATES - times and locations are to
be decided later.

Sat. Aug. 24th, Ukrainian Independence Day celebration
October – State Fair Heritage Day, UAST booth
November 16th -- Election Meeting – Location TBD
December 7th – Sviatia Vechera – Location TBD
January 18th – Malanka 2003 – Location TBD
OR check the web site at

We apologize if we have missed you on any recent mail outs
from UAST. The new board is cleaning up the membership
data base and unfortunately during the changing of hands we       Realty 1 0ne
may have missed some data or been delayed in getting updates
in. We are almost back on track and you should start receiving   Veranina Gajewsky –
more regular communications regarding membership status and
events. Please don't hesitate to contact me for any updates
to your expiration date or address.                                 972-979-3755
Membership Coordinator, Cathy Teinert

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