BRADDOCK ROAD YOUTH CLUB
                MINUTES OF MAY 31, 2007 BOARD MEETING

Call to Order
The meeting was called to order with a quorum present at 8:05 p.m. by Marcia Pape,
President. Additional Board Members present: Jeff Kohne – Treasurer, Tom Clemons,
Rick Elliott, Jack Hagan, Tex Hunt, Trish Moxie, Bob Passut, Jim Pendergast, John
Schaffstall, Michelle Shircliff, Mac Squires, Mark Thompson, Jim Tully, and Jim Watson.
Also present: Patty Dumas, Bookkeeper, and Steve Israel, Rugby.

Approval of Minutes
A motion was made by Jim Pendergast, seconded by John Schaffstall, and
passed unanimously to approve the minutes from the May 3, 2007 Board meeting.

Financial Report

Finances – Jeff Kohne distributed a financial statement as of April 30, 2007. He stated
that we still need budgets from Baseball and Rugby for 2007. Those should be
submitted either electronically or by fax to Jeff.

The Administration fund shows a negative balance because the per-player fees have
not been pulled out from any registrations since 1/1/07. This also affects the balance in
the Capital Improvement fund. In addition, it appears that club fees have not been
transferred for sports with online registration due to calculations needed to ascertain the
number of actual players represented by the deposits. The time period for which fees
have not been deducted varies by sport. Jeff will verify the amounts due from each
sport to the Administration and Capital Improvement funds and get it straightened out
over the summer.

It was noted that funds still remain on the books for sports no longer sponsored by
BRYC. Lacrosse has a balance of $4,807.57 and Bowling has a balance of $295.13.
Tom Clemons asked if these were correct amounts, and Jeff confirmed that they had
been carried at that level for a number of years. John Schaffstall made a motion,
seconded by Mac Squires, to move the Lacrosse fund balance into the Capital
Improvement fund. Jeff Kohne offered an amendment to the motion to also move
the Bowling fund balance into the Capital Improvement fund. The amendment
was accepted by both John and Mac. The amended motion was approved

Another summer project for Jeff will be to calculate and collect fees to cover the
Wakefield loan. John Eskandary of NVSL has again requested a bill. The FWSA has
been billed, but their treasurer has been on medical leave.

Jeff reported that he spoke with Fred Gill today and is working to get the financial
records of the club still in Fred’s possession. Marcia recommended that Jeff set a date
certain by which the records must be turned over, as the records are the property of the
club and are necessary for the auditors to do an audit of the previous fiscal year, which
we hope to have accomplished this summer.

Patty Dumas indicated that she has had a problem with receiving duplicate check
requests. Purchase Orders should only be emailed to Patty in case of emergency;
routine POs should be submitted by mail to the P.O. Box. If an emergency check is
requested, the original PO should be mailed to the P.O. Box with a note saying that it
has already been submitted electronically for payment. It is useful if sports number their
POs sequentially so that it is easier to identify a duplicate request. Patty said that over
the summer, she will be developing uniform procedures for Commissioners to follow
with regard to deposits and check requests.

Marcia noted that parents of basketball referees who have not received payment from
their work during the winter basketball season have been contacting board members as
well as Supervisor Bulova’s office to complain. Jim Watson explained that he has only
a list of names of individuals who refereed for the program, but no contact information.
Thus, he is attempting to contact officials through word of mouth. Checks are not
released unless the individual has a W-9 on file. The previous Basketball referee
assignor has been removed from the position and a new individual is in place. Summer
Basketball officials will register and fill out a W-9 up front so that their information is on
file. This will hopefully allow us to avoid future problems. Commissioners were urged to
communicate reasonable expected pay dates (including processing time) to their
officials so that they will know when to expect paychecks.

Tax Filings – Jeff spoke with a representative of the IRS today. The club has 7 years of
tax returns that need to be filed. The auditors have typically prepared the returns, and
that was not done during the period where audits were not conducted. This is one of
the things that “fell through the cracks” with the previous bookkeeper. Jeff will send a
cover letter with the late returns asking that the club not be penalized. Jeff has the
records and will prepare these returns using his office staff and asked that the club
reimburse his firm for those expenses. As always, Jeff does not charge for his time. A
motion was made by John Schaffstall, seconded by Michelle Shircliff, to authorize
reimbursement of up to $5,000 for expenses incurred by Jeff’s firm in the
preparation of late tax returns. The motion was approved unanimously. It was
noted that money is being held from amounts otherwise due to Fred Gill to help offset
any expenses we might incur for circumstances like this in which required
bookkeeping/financial activities were not performed.

Sports Commissioners’ Reports

Baseball – Rick Elliott reported that the travel season is wrapping up and the summer
season begins next week. They have 3 teams, primarily T-ball.

Basketball – Jim Watson said that Basketball held its first Classic Tournament a month
ago and will hold another one the weekend of June 9 in conjunction with walk-in
registration at Thomas Jefferson. They are looking to take over the select summer
league for the county next summer.

Football – John Schaffstall stated that Football held its first walk-in registration, which
went well. They will hold a second registration on June 23, from 9 am to 2 pm, at
Robinson. Football’s fees are $20 lower this fall due to a successful fundraiser last

Recreational Soccer – Mac Squires reported that Rec Soccer is 7 weeks into the
season and things have been going well with no rainouts. Registration for the fall
season is underway.

Rugby – Jack Hagan reported that they expect to have 3 or 4 Rugby teams and that
late registrants are expected. Practice starts next week, with games beginning on June
23. They will be using Lake Braddock Park, upper field after June 16. Rec Soccer and
Travel Soccer agreed to provide practice fields for Rugby’s use on June 7, 10, 12, 14,
and 17, the period during which seasons overlap.

Softball – Jim Pendergast stated that they held a successful tournament May 19-20,
that the season is going well, and that registration for the fall season will open in June.

Travel Soccer – Michelle Shircliff told the Board that the U12 Boys, U13 Girls, and U14
Girls are going to State Cup semifinals in Virginia Beach this weekend. They have 2
weeks left in their regular season. Travel Soccer has a newly-elected Coaching
Advisory Board consisting of 2 boys’ team coaches, 2 girls’ team coaches, and a
member of the Travel Soccer Board. This group will address coaching and technical
issues in conjunction with the Travel Soccer Board.

Michelle presented a budget for the period of August 1, 2007 through December 31,
2007, which will get Travel Soccer on a calendar year budget cycle. She noted that
they are starting a scholarship fund by taking $2.50 from each player’s registration fee.
This budget has been done on a per player basis, not the per team basis used in the
past. Funds are included for field improvement work at both Robinson and Pine Ridge.
Their expected fundraising is a golf tournament in September. A motion was made by
Jeff Kohne and seconded by Tex Hunt to approve the Travel Soccer budget. It
was approved unanimously.

Volleyball – Mark Thompson reported that the house Volleyball season has ended.
They doubled their registration and received positive comments from participants.
Playoffs are underway for the middle school and high school travel teams. The middle
school team has been doing well, and the high school team is seeded number one
going into the playoffs. Spring registration will open in November, and they again intend
to hold clinics during January through March.

Fields/Facilities Report – Commissioners were reminded that requests for the fall
season are due to the county tomorrow, June 1.

Old Business

Liability Coverage – Jeff stated that Marcia signed the application this evening and it
will be submitted tomorrow. All Sport Commissioners need to report to Jeff what they
have in the way of insurance coverage through their organizations or that they have
purchased independently. This is necessary to evaluate what gaps may exist in the
club so they can be covered.

Replacement of Signage – The blue sign at the entrance to Wakefield Park has been
repaired. Marcia has spoken with Jeff, the manager at Sign-A-Rama, and confirmed
that the signs at Guinea and Burke Roads and Braddock Road and Ox Road, both of
which are missing, are in the process of being replaced. The company will also inspect
the other signs to ensure that they are intact and replace/add any necessary bolts to
secure them. Sign-A-Rama will cover any work to repair damage caused by their
negligence, and any charges to the club will be at a 50 percent discount.

Telephone Charges – At the last meeting, Mac Squires took on the project of reviewing
telephone plans to see if savings can be achieved. He will work on this over the

Update of Financial Policy – Marcia noted that Jim Pendergast, Tom Clemons, and
she have made comments on the current BRYC Financial Policy. Tom will combine
these comments and the document will be emailed to Board members for their review.
The policy needs substantial revision. Various specifics were discussed, such as the
need to keep a clubwide inventory of non-consumables and major items (e.g., over
$500 in value) in case of loss due to fire, for example. In particular, the Board members
indicated they want to differentiate between policy and procedure and separate the two.
All Board members need to review the financial policy and send their thoughts on what
should stay, what shouldn’t, and any specific recommendations to Jim Pendergast by
the end of June so that he can take a first crack at formulating an updated policy
document. Detailed discussion will be on the agenda for the September meeting.

On a motion made by Jeff Kohne and seconded by Tom Clemons, the meeting was
unanimously adjourned at 10:05 p.m.

Next meeting: Thursday, September 6, 2007, 8:00 p.m. The Board does not meet in
July and August.


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