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No.MCF/CE/2010/728                                                               DATED:- 18/08/2010


Sealed tenders on item rate basis inclusive all taxes & levies are invited on behalf of Commissioner,
Municipal Corporation Faridabad from the agencies for the grant of Advertising Rights on BOT basis for
three years on Bus-Q-Shelters, Unipoles, Gantries, Kiosks on Street Light Poles, Urinals/Toilets with daily
maintenance, Garbage Collection Centre, Attendance Sheds & LED based Video Walls specified by
Municipal Corporation, Faridabad so as to reach in the office of the Chief Engineer, Municipal
Corporation, Faridabad on 17.9.2010 at 15.00 hours.

          Sr.No.           So. of                     Item                        EMD
             1.             11      Bus-Q-Shelter                       Rs.11.00 lacs
             2.             84      Unipoles Size (30'x15')
             3.             55      Gantries
             4.            1253     Kiosks on street light poles (size
            5.             4        Urinals/toilets (with daily mtc.)
            6.            40        Garbage Collection Centre
            7.            15        Attendance Sheds
            8.            11        LED based Video Walls
 Any resident of MCF who has a stake in any of these works and wishes to be a member of the Citizen
 Supervisory Committee to be set up by the MCF for supervision of the execution of works on the
 ground, may submit their willingness giving name, address, academic qualification, professional
 experience and contact phone number to the undersigned by 3.10.2010.

The detail of terms & conditions can be seen at MCF Web-site


1.      Tender form and DNIT can be obtained from the office of the undersigned on payment of
        Rs.10,000/- only which is not refundable.
2.      No tender will be issued after 15-00 hours on 16.9.2010

___________________________________________________________________________                              1
Municipal Corporation              No. of Corrections           Sign & Seal of Bidder

3.   The tender mentioned above will be opened at 15-00 hours on 17.9.2010 as per procedure laid
down in tender document.

4.     Detail scope of work can be obtained/seen from the office of Chief /Engineer, MCF.

5.     If the date on which the tenders are to be received is declared a public holiday, the tender will be
       received on the next working day.
6.     Application for tender documents must accompany with EMD along with attested copies of all
       documents/certificates as per requirement of tender document.

7.     The Corporation reserve the right to add/amend/modify/withdraw/any of the terms & condition
       of the tender document at any time without any notice. The decision of the Corporation in this
       regard will be final.

8.     All intending tenderers should apply through regular tender documents issued from the office of
       undersigned. Any contractor who intentionally avoids tendering in regular way but later on
       makes an offer simply with motive to delay the allotment of work will be delisted.

9.     Any amendment to a tender after opening of tender made by the tenderer according to his own
       will is liable to be ignored altogether and such tenderer will be debarred from tendering for a
       period of six months.

                                                                                    Chief Engineer.

                                                                                 Municipal Corporation



                      INFORMATION BOOKLET

___________________________________________________________________________                              2
Municipal Corporation              No. of Corrections           Sign & Seal of Bidder

                       TENDER DOCUMENT

Tender for the Grant of Advertising Rights on Bus-Q-
 Shelters, Unipoles , Gantries, Kiosks on street light
   poles , Urinals/Toilets with daily maintenance,
Garbage Collection Centre, Attendance Sheds & LED
            based Video Walls specified by

                 Municipal Corporation Faridabad

                         NOTICE INVITING TENDER (NIT)

   1. Tender Invitation: Tenders are invited by the Municipal Corporation Faridabad
      (MCF for short) for the grant of sole advertising rights for out door advertising
      media by means of erecting and installing about 11 Nos. Bus-Q-Shelter, 84 Nos.
      Unipoles (Size 30'x15'), 55 Nos. Gantries, 1253 Nos. Kiosks on street light poles
      (Size 3'x4'), 4 Nos. Urinals/Toilets with daily maintenance, 40 Nos Garbage
      Collection Centre, 15 Nos. Attendance Sheds & 11 Nos. LED based Video Walls.

   2. Tender Document: Tender documents shall consist of all the papers, documents,
      information’s, annexures, reports, proformas and such other documents of which
      reference has also been made in the same.

   3. Last date of submission: Tenders shall be received in the office of Chief Engineer,
___________________________________________________________________________             3
Municipal Corporation              No. of Corrections           Sign & Seal of Bidder

      MCF upto 15:00 Hours on 16.09.2010 or such day and date as extended and notified
      by the MCF by way of corrigendum. Tender will be opened, on or after 17.09.2010
      at 15:00 hours, in the presence of the Bidders or their Authorized Representatives.

   3 A. Prebid meeting will be held in the office of the Chief Engineer on 10.09.2010 at
       15:00 Hours for any clarification with regard to scope of work/sites etc. or for any
      query of intending parties.

   4. Earnest Money Deposit: As specified in annexure payable to and at by Demand
      Draft of any scheduled Bank valid for a period of 120 days from the date of
      submission of tender, duly made in the name of or endorsed in favour of the
      Commissioner, MCF. In case of Demand Draft, it should be payable at Faridabad.

      * EMD in the form of Demand Draft in favour of Commissioner, Municipal
        Corporation, Faridabad.
      * The said EMD shall not carry any interest whatsoever
      * Tender not accompanied with the EMD shall be summarily rejected
      * EMD not submitted in the required form or of the required amount shall make, the
        offer liable for rejection.

   5. Refund of Earnest Money Deposit : The EMD of unsuccessful Bidder shall be
      returned as early as possible by the MCF, after the tender procedure is completed.
      The EMD of successful bidder may be adjusted :against the Security Deposit, at.
      the sole discretion of the MCF, if the successful bidder so desires.

   6. Forfeiture of EMD: The EMD may be forfeited if;
      6.1 The tender is withdrawn by the Bidder after the closing date and before the
            validity of its offer expires.
      6.2. If it is discovered that the Bidder has submitted the same tender in different
            names in an attempt to mislead the Corporation and with the intention of using
            fraudulent means to secure the contract.
      6.3. If the successful bidder fails to submit the Security Deposit as required in the

   7. Right of MCF: MCF reserves the right of accepting and awarding the tender to
      itself. MCF may, for any reason, whether at its own initiative or in response to a
      clarification requested by any Bidder, modify the tender documents. The
      amendment will be notified in writing or post, or by cable, telex, as found suitable.

      MCF reserves the right to accept or reject all or any of the Bids without assigning
      any reason whatsoever, if they fail to meet the MCF's requirements. The decision
      taken by the MCF in this regard shall be absolute and final.

   8. Validity of Tender: Tender submitted by the Bidder shall remain valid for a period
      of 180 days from the date of submission of the tender.

___________________________________________________________________________               4
Municipal Corporation              No. of Corrections           Sign & Seal of Bidder

   9. Bidder not to vary tender: The Bidder shall not be entitled during the said period
      of tender validity, without the consent in writing of the MCF to revoke or cancel his
      tender given or any part thereof. In case of bidder revoking or canceling his tender,
      varying any terms in this regard thereof without the consent of the MCF in writing,
      then the tender of the Bidder shall be rejected out rightly and the Bidder shall have
      no further claims whatsoever. The Bidder is however, free to get clarified any
      contents of the tender documents. Such clarification shall be sought not later than 7
      days before the submission of the tender proposal. Such request is to be submitted
      in writing to the MCF. The MCF may at its discretion respond to such requests as
      found appropriate.

  10. Preparation of the Tender Bids: Your Bids shall be in English & in Hindi
      Languages notified by the MCF.

  Eligibility of Bidders: The offer is open to all prospective offerers who have
      necessary financial capacities and expertise.

  11. Any person or a party who is minor or who has been adjudged insolvent or who has
      been convicted in a court of law for an offence Under Indian Penal Code or offence
      involving moral turpitude or other criminal activities or has been detained under
      any preventive law for the time being in force such as, T.A. D.A., F.E.R.A.,
      MOCA,POTA etc, or who has been blacklisted by any Government or Corporation
      is not eligible to submit any offer. Offer submitted by such person shall be treated
      as invalid(COMPULSORY). Only eligible Bidders as per the eligibility criteria
      fixed by the MCF are eligible to participate in the Price Bid. Therefore, due care
      shall be taken while filling details as required in the tender. The Bidder may enter
      into Joint Venture or Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), to enhance its
      qualifications In such cases, the required legal documents, clearly stating the
      liability and responsibility of the each party etc is to be submitted.

                         INSTRUCTIONS TO THE BIDDERS

Without prejudicing the generality of the scope of the tender, as defined in the Conditions
of the contract, the Bidder is to take into account the following instructions for the purpose
of his Bid submission as the essential conditions of the contract.

   1. Tender in Format: The tender shall be submitted in the office of Chief Engineer,
      MCF. The tender documents contains documents, forms etc as per the table of
      contents. Any discrepancy in the order-number of pages etc must be brought to the
      notice of the concerned section head at least 7 days ·before the submission of the
   2. Any site, which is not visible/feasible or affecting the Govt. policy norms, if found
      will be cancelled immediately and alternate site may be given of the same grade. If
___________________________________________________________________________                 5
Municipal Corporation              No. of Corrections           Sign & Seal of Bidder

       the same grade site is not available another grade site can be allotted by
       increase/decrease in ground rent payable/re- fundable as case may be. If at all MCF
       is not able to provide alternate site the amount will be refunded or adjusted as paid
       by the concessionaire as calculated by MCF.
   3. Period of Contract: The Concessionaire will operate the contract for display of
      advertisement initially for a period of three years only on BOT basis.
   4. Awareness of Terms and Conditions: Submission of a tender by a Bidder implies
      that he has read this tender notice and all other contract documents and has made
      himself aware of the scope and specifications of the work and local conditions and
      other factors affecting the execution of the works. Submission also implies
      knowledge of tender language, its usual meaning, all standards, specifications and
      work methodologies for the works and its acceptance. It also .means that the Bidder
      is willing to perform the work within the ambit and scope of this tender document
      with suitable modifications and amendments, if any, as approved by the competent

   5. Quotation for Advertising Rights: Bidder should quote monthly rentals for the
      advertising rights of specified media for the city of Faridabad for a period of 36
      months in the Price Bid Form as included in the tender. The MCF has fixed the
      reserved license fees for all types of media that is attached herewith & marked as
      annexure. The Bidders are advised to collect all relevant data from the MCF before
      submitting their Bid. Failure to quote on the bid at the space provided for the same
      shall make the tender liable for rejection.

   6. Submission of Tender: The Bidder is required to submit their offer in separate
       envelops for technical offer and for the financial offer. Thus the Bidder will be
       required to submit two envelopes in only sealed master envelope quoting the name
       of tender at master envelope and technical & financial bid on two separate
       envelopes inside master one.
   6.1 Envelope - I :

          a. Reference of a tender document, Demand Draft in favour of Commissioner,
          b. The Bidder will be required to submit the details of organization, financial
             status, experience etc. in Bid Form - Part A. The necessary supporting
             documents of the information supplied in the form should also be enclosed
             with the form.
          c. Reference of Earnest Money Deposit or Demand Draft in favour of
             Commissioner, MCF.
          d. The part of the information booklet which contains all the terms and
             conditions, bid form part A and various annexure have to be signed,
             stamped and dated by the bidder and sub- mitted along with bid form part A.

   6.2 Envelope II : (Financial Bid)

___________________________________________________________________________               6
Municipal Corporation              No. of Corrections           Sign & Seal of Bidder

   7. Quotations in Words and Figures: The Bidder shall quote for the monthly
      revenue that they shall pay to the Corporation as detailed in the Price Bid.

      7.1 The Bidder shall quote both in Figures and Words, wherever there is
          discrepancy in figures and words, the higher of the amounts stated in words or
          figures shall be considered for further evaluation.
      7.2 Incomplete Quotations are liable to be rejected.
      7.3 All corrections in the tender are to be initialed by the Bidder.
      7.4.The quotations and the tender must be stamped, dated and signed below by the
          Bidder on every page of the tender, at the space provided.
   8. Price Bid: Price Bids of only those Bidders who have been submitted the duly
      complete tender with EMD shall be opened. Opening of the Envelope No. -I does
      not mean any eligibility to qualify for Price Bid.

   9. Tender documents to be property of MCF : Tender documents shall remain' the
      property of the MCF and if obtained by one intending Bidder, shall not be copied or
      utilized by another, for any other purpose, without the written consent of the MCF.
      It shall be used only for the purpose of submission of Bid under this tender.

      A proposal failing to achieve "No Due Certificate or Eligibility Certificate" will be
      summarily rejected. The Financial proposal for such proposals shall not be opened.
      MCF Decision in this regard will be final without prejudice right of bidder.

   10. Right to call for additional information: MCF also has a right without rejecting
       any tender, to call for additional information required before tender finalisation, for
       verifying and or certifying the eligibility conditions, or any other submissions like
       any attestations, details, information's, data, supporting documents, undertakings,
       Power of Attorney for tender sub- mission, etc, other than any revision in Price Bid.

   11. Information & Submission: Your Bid must provide the information and
       submission as re- quired in the tender documents. Incomplete Bids shall be liable
       for rejection.

   12. Fraudulent Practice: The bidder require to maintain the highest standard of ethics
       during the selection and execution of such contracts. In pursuance of this policy,
       the MCF defines, for the purposes of this provision, the terms set forth below as

      "Fraudulent Practice" means the offering, giving, receiving, or soliciting of any
      thing of value to influence the action of a public official in the selection process or
      in contract execution, and also means misrepresentation of facts in order to
      influence the selection process or threatening any official of MCF or other Bidders,
      or the execution of a contract to the detriment of the MCF or any such act or deed
      spoken or otherwise which causes any hindrance in the normal procedure of Bid
___________________________________________________________________________                 7
Municipal Corporation              No. of Corrections           Sign & Seal of Bidder

      MCF shall have an absolute right to reject any Bid if its is found by the MCF that
      the Bidder has resorted to any fraudulent practice of any manner in competing for
      the contract in question or terminate his contract at any stage without any risk or
      liability if so found later.

   13. Submission of the Tender documents: The tender shall be duly filled in with all the
      required information, submissions, stamped and authenticated on each page and
      shall be submitted to the MCF. the Bidder shall submit all the required information,
      documents as per the tender and shall duly fill the Price Bid as per the instructions
      given in the Price Bid. While filling in the rates in the Price Bid, the Bidder shall
      take special care that there is no discrepancy in the rates mentioned. No
      page/information shall be added or removed from the set of documents submitted
      after the opening of the tender and no correspondence regarding the same will be
      entertained, unless called for by the MCF.

   14. Authentication: All documents submitted as. part of the technical Bid should be
      signed by individual in case of individual or sole proprietor or all partners in case
      of partnership firm or by a partner holding Power of Attorney or by duly authorised
      person in case of limited company, giving full name and contact address.

   15. No Dues Certificate: If the Bidder is a local Outdoor Advertiser he/she/it has to
       obtain and submit a "No Dues Certificate" from Municipal Corporation, Faridabad.
       If the Bidder fails to do so, his offer will be liable for rejection. However, MCF
       may issue a Eligibility certificate, if it is satisfied that the Bidder has paid all the
       dues pending in this regard.

   16. Addenda/Corrigenda: Addenda/Corrigenda to the tender documents may be
       issued prior to the date of submission of tender to clarify or effect modification in
       the specification and/or contract terms and conditions included in the tender
       document. The Bidder shall suitably take into consideration such
       addenda/corrigenda while submitting the tender. The Addenda/Corrigenda shall be
       issued by the MCF as per their usual practice and mode of dispatch. Non- receipt of
       any such Addenda/Corrigenda shall not be the responsibility of the MCF. The
       Bidder shall not be entitled for any claim on MCF or to apply for any time
       extension on the basis of non receipt of any Addenda/Corrigenda. Refusal to accept
       any Addenda/Corrigenda shall make the Bidder liable to be disqualified for the Bid.

   17. Transfer of Tender documents: -transfer of tender documents purchased by one
       intending Bidder to another is not permitted.

   18. Arbitration: If at any time, any question dispute or differences, whatsoever, shall
       arise between the MCF and the Successful Bidder with regard to or in connection
       with this contract whether during the period of the contract or after its completion,
       will be subject to Arbitration as per the Arbitration Act.
___________________________________________________________________________                  8
Municipal Corporation              No. of Corrections           Sign & Seal of Bidder

   19. Right of Municipal Commissioner: The Commissioner, Municipal Corporation,
       Faridabad re- serves the right to reject any or all the Bids, or to cancel the entire
       tendering process and call fresh offers, without assigning any reasons thereof. No
       Bidder shall have the right to demand any answer/explanation from the
       Commissioner, MCF, in this regard.

___________________________________________________________________________               9
Municipal Corporation              No. of Corrections           Sign & Seal of Bidder

                        METHOD OF AWARD OF CONTRACT

   1. Short-listed Bidders: Price Bids of only those Bidders who are short listed by the
      MCF, as per their evaluation criteria, shall be opened.

   2. Litigation: MCF has a right to reject the Bid of any Bidder, who in the past has
      been involved or has been a party to any litigation of any type in any tender or
      contract executed, even though he might be short-listed. MCF also has a right to
      cancel the contract with the Bidder if the information regarding the litigation is
      known to the MCF at a later date.

   3. Though, the Bidder may satisfy the various requirements, they are liable to be
      disqualified if they have made untrue or false representation in any form, in any of
      the statements or accompaniments in the technical bid submissions or if they have
      any records of poor performance such as abandoning the work or not executing the
      contract to the satisfaction of its clients, or financial failures.

   4. Bid Acceptance: MCF will notify the successful Bidder that his Bid has been
      accepted, stating clearly the package for which it has been accepted by issuing a
      Letter of Acceptance.

   5. Award: The Bidder shall be awarded contract on the basis of Highest Financial bid
      as de- tailed in earlier and later parts of sections, and as per the tender terms and
      conditions and finally accepted by the MCF, after negotiations, if any.

   6. Signing of the Contract: The successful Bidder shall immediately on being called
      upon to do so enter into written Agreement with the Corporation for the proper
      fulfillment of the contract on lines similar to or as near thereto as provided
      hereinabove on a non judicial stamp paper of due denomination payable by Bidder.
      The Agreement shall be prepared and endorsed by Municipal Corporation
      Faridabad through its consultant (legal & supervision cost of Rs.10,000/- per
      tenderable group to be paid by the concessionaire) and shall be forwarded to the
      successful Bidder in due course, after the acceptance of tender. Should the
      successful Bidder not execute the Agreement forthwith after the date of its receipt
      by Bidder, the Corporation may, at its option and without prejudice to its other
      rights or claims against the Concessionaires for noncompliance with any of the
      provisions of these conditions, within one month after the receipt of the Agreement
      by the Concessionaire by notice in writing to the Concessionaire, revoke the
      acceptance of the tender and thereupon the Corporation shall not be liable to or for
      any claim or demand from the Concessionaire in respect of any other matter or
      thing whatsoever in connection with the contract but the Corporation shall be
      entitled to the forfeiture of the earnest money deposited by the Concessionaire
      along with the tender or the security De- posit or both paid by the Concessionaire
      on the intimation of acceptance of this tender.
___________________________________________________________________________             10
Municipal Corporation              No. of Corrections           Sign & Seal of Bidder

   7. Security Deposit: Within 15 (Fifteen) days from the date of receipt of the Letter of
      Acceptance from the MCF, the. Successful Bidder shall furnish to MCF a Security
      Deposit. The amount of Security Deposit shall be equal to 100% of the total lump
      sum rentals quoted for the one month by the Concessionaire. The Security Deposit
      shall be deposited with the MCF within 7 days of issuing an Acceptance Letter by
      MCF for that particular year. The Security Deposit shall be payable by the
      Successful Bidder in the following manner:

      i.      In the form of Cash/Demand Draft/FOR/TOR of any Bank, issued or
             endorsed in favour of the MCF.

      ii.    Amount of Earnest Money paid while tendering can be adjusted against the
             Security De-posit.

   8. Refund of Security Deposit: The Security Deposit will carry no interest. This
      deposit shall be refundable after a period of Six Months from the lastday of this

   9. Forfeiture of Security Deposit:

   9.1 The Security Deposit whole or part thereof shall be liable to be forfeited without
       prejudice to the Corporation for other claims and rights against the Concessionaire
       in the event of the Concessionaire's failure observe any terms of this contract and or
       non- compliance with the requirements thereof.

   9.2 If at any time it is discovered that the Concessionaires have submitted more than
       one tender for the same tender but under different names, with an intention of
       defrauding the MCF by manipulating the Price of the Bids, or have entered into
       ring tendering, all the said tenders shall be rejected or Agreement so entered into,
       cancelled .and the Security Deposit shall be forfeited.

   9.3 The Concessionaire shall not be allowed to withdraw his offer at any time and if he
       does so or does not take up the sites being the Successful Bidder, and operationalise
       the con- tract, the MCF shall be entitled to cancel the Agreement entered into and
       also forfeit the entire amount of the Security Deposit as well as EMD.

   9.4 If the contract is terminated due to breach by the Concessionaire, then MCF may
       forfeit the Security Deposit.

   9.5 The Security Deposit may be Forfeited for reasons as detailed out in the various
       clauses of this tender.

___________________________________________________________________________               11
Municipal Corporation              No. of Corrections           Sign & Seal of Bidder

10.   Site Adjustment: If it is found by MCF that the proposed site is objectionable/
      nonfeasible/ affecting the rules, the MCF may ask the concessionaire to remove
      that particular site at concessionaire cost and if possible but not duty bound to
      MCF, the optional site available with the MCF may be allotted after adjusting
      License fee and ground rent decrease/increase as calculated by MCF. Calculation
      for adjustment will be on the basis of cost of offset value of particular site plus
      percentage rise on the particular group the bidder has quoted.

11.   The intending tenderers will quote yearly rental separately for total numbers of
      sites available as mentioned in tender document, category wise of one type of
      mode of out door advertisement. The yearly rental so quoted category wise for
      total no. of sites available in that category should be summed up. For example ( in
      case of Bus-Q-Shelter):

      Category      Site available         Yearly rental
                    as per tender          quoted category wise
      'A'                   4                  Rs. X
      'B'                   4                  Rs. Y
      'C'                   3                  Rs. Z
                        ---------              -----------------
                           11                  Rs. (X+Y+Z) = (Total yearly rental
                                                                 for Bus-Q-Shelters)

      The same pattern should also be adopted in case of rest of types of advertisements
      of this tender documents.

      It should also be noted that the work will be awarded to single tenderer who quotes
      highest bid in total (the yearly rentals summed up for all types of advertisements)
      provided further if all terms and conditions of tender are fulfilled.

12.   The number of sites of any kind of out door advertisement can be increased or
      decreased and the licence fee/ground fee shall also be increased or decreased
      proportionately exactly on the basis of rates accepted by MCF in this tender. In
      case of increase of sites, their category like A'B'C shall be fixed by Commissioner,
      MCF which will be binding on concessionaire.

___________________________________________________________________________              12
Municipal Corporation              No. of Corrections           Sign & Seal of Bidder

                               CONDITIONS OF CONTRACT

      1. MCF : shall mean the Municipal Corporation Faridabad, incorporated under the
         Haryana Municipal Corporation Act, 1994, having its office at B.K.Chowk, NIT

      2. Contract Sum: shall mean the amount of revenue quoted in the tender as
         highest CS and agreed to be paid by the Successful Bidder to the MCF.

      3. Yearly Rental Payable: shall mean average of Total Bid Amount for 3 years
         quoted by Bidder and accepted to pay yearly.

      4. Engineer-In-Charge/Officer-in-Charge: shall mean the authorised OFFICER
         of the MCF or his authorised representatives who shall direct, supervise and be
         in charge of the works for the purposes of this contract.

      5. Force Majeure Risks: shall mean risks including riots (otherwise than among
         the Success- ful Bidder's employees and Civil commotion (in so far as both
         these are uninsurable), war (whether declared or not), invasion, act of foreign
         enemies, hostilities, civil war, rebellion, revolution, insurrection, military or
         usurped power, any acts of Government, acts of God, such as Earthquake,
         lightening (except flood), third party litigation, political decisions and other
         causes over which the Successful Bidder has no control and which are accepted
         by the Accepting Authority or causes solely due to use or occupation by the
         MCF of the part of the Works.

      6. Tender: shall mean the offer or proposal of the Bidder submitted in the
         prescribed form.

      7. Addenda: shall mean the written or graphic notices issued prior to the
         submission of the tender which modify or interpret the contract documents
         including the Annexure II and III.

      8. Security Deposit: shall mean the deposit to be held by the MCF as security for
         and ensuring the due performance of the contractual obligations by the
         Successful Bidder.

      9. Contract Period: Shall mean a period of three years.

      10. Address: shall mean the address provided for the. correspondence and last
          known address recorded with the MCF.

      11. Notice in writing or written notice: shall mean a notice written, typed or in
          printed form delivered personally or sent by post to the last known private or
          business address or registered office of the Entrepreneur/Successful Bidder and

___________________________________________________________________________             13
Municipal Corporation              No. of Corrections           Sign & Seal of Bidder

          shall be deemed to have been received in the ordinary course of postal time as it
          would have been delivered.

       12. Appointing Authority: for the purpose of Arbitration shall be the Municipal
          Commissioner, MCF.

       13. Accepted Tendered Rates: shall mean the rates quoted by the Bidder and
          accepted by the MCF, for the tender.

       15. Letter of Acceptance: shall mean intimation by a letter to the Bidder that his
           tender has been accepted in accordance with the provisions contained therein.
       16. Order and Instruction: shall respectively mean any written order or
           instruction given by the Officer-In-Charge within the scope of the terms of

       17. No Due Certificate: shall mean the No Due Certificate the Bidder has to
          submit along with the tender, from the MCF, in case of any local Bidder.

Eligibility certificate : shall mean certificate issued by the MCF allowing Bidders to
                        quote. for this tender, if MCF is satisfied that the Bidder has paid
                        all the dues pending with Advertising Department


     1. Scope of Contract: This contract is for the grant of the right of displaying
        advertisements on the specified media on the basis of yearly rentals.

     2. The Concessionaire is to install and erect media of specified sizes, shapes,
        elevation & materials only on the demarcated area. In case of any deviation, the
        Concessionaire, apart from that allowed, without the permission of the MCF, then
        MCF may consider it as a violation of the contractual terms and conditions and
        take suitable action as mentioned in the tender. The decision of the MCF in this
        regard will be final.

     3. Concessionaire to incur all expenses: The Concessionaire shall incur all
        expenses related to installation, erection, Civil Construction, Electrical
        Installation of the media and Structural design of designed by Structural Engineer
        approved by MCF. Under No circumstances MCF shall bear any charges related
        to the installation and erection and maintenance of the media. The Concessionaire
        shall have to get the structural plans approved by the structural
        consultant/Engineer of good repute duly okeyed by MCF, at his own cost.

     4. Erection and Removal of Advertisements: The Concessionaire shall be entirely
        responsible for the erection/removal/display of advertisements, as per the terms of
        the contract. In any case, if the media is required to be removed by the MCF, then
___________________________________________________________________________              14
Municipal Corporation              No. of Corrections           Sign & Seal of Bidder

        the Concessionaire shall arrange to remove the same and no compensation shall
        be payable to the Concessionaire in this regard.

     5. Subletting: The Concessionaire will be not be allowed to sublet the alloted
        media to other interested parties without the permission of the MCF.

     6. Maintenance & Repair:

          6.1. The Concessionaire shall be responsible for the maintenance and repair of
               the media displayed by them to the satisfaction of the MCF and maintain
               as per the policy norms and submission of structural stability certificate
               every two years during the contract period and shall bear all the expenses
               and costs incurred thereto.

          6.2. Accident & Damage: The Concessionaire shall be responsible for any loss
               or damage to the media for any reason whatsoever, and shall make good
               the damage of loss at their own cost. If in any case, any accident occurs
               due to the media, then the Concessionaire' shall be responsible for
               rectifying the loss so caused. Under no circumstances shall MCF be liable
               for such accidents.

          6.3. The Concessionaire shall within three days on receiving the notice from
               the MCF make good the fault/fixing of the media to the satisfaction of the
               MCF at their cost. In case, the Concessionaire fails to comply with the
               notice, the MCF may proceed for removal of media and the cost of
               removable will be charged along with penalty, ground rent and license fee.

     7. Permission from the concerned authorities: The MCF shall be responsible to
        obtain/grant all necessary permission (s) from any competent authority (ies)
        required for the display of the media on its property. However, the cost of
        obtaining all such permissions has to be borne by the Concessionaire.

     8. Objectionable Advertisement & Removal of Advertisement:

          8.1. Objectionable advertisements should not be displayed on the boards and
               the decision of the MCF as to what is objectionable within the meaning of
               this clause shall be final and binding upon the Concessionaire. The
               unsightly / untidy /unsafe /indecorous advertisements, advertisements
               interfering with any traffic control device, advertisements offending any
               law or religion or sense of public morality, or defamatory advertisement
               with the use of name or pictorial representation of rational figure or
               emblem prohibited by law etc would normally be considered

          8.2. If the MCF feels that the advertisements are objectionable and require its
               removal, then it must be removed within 72 hours of receiving any notice
___________________________________________________________________________             15
Municipal Corporation              No. of Corrections           Sign & Seal of Bidder

               in this regard, failing which the MCF shall have every .right .to get the
               advertisement removed at the risk and cost of the Concessionaire. No
               claim for compensation for or arising out of such removal will be paid to
               the Concessionaire.

          8.3. The Concessionaire shall alone be liable for any action or proceedings
               taken by any person or authority in any way concerned with the display of
               the advertisements and the Concessionaire shall indemnify and keep
               indemnified the MCF from and against all such actions and proceedings
               and the cost and consequences thereof under this contract.

   9. Compliance of Contract and observance of all. rules and regulations:

      9.1.    If the Concessionaire shall neglect or fail to comply with the contractual
               terms and conditions, the MCF may serve a notice on the Concessionaire
               asking them to follow strictly the contract, and on their further neglect or
               failure to do so, cause the same to be done by the Corporation and recover
               the costs thereof from the Concessionaire without prejudice to any other
               right the MCF may have on account of such defaults.

      9.2.    The Concessionaire shall be responsible for the observance of all Rules and
              Regulations of the Advertisement Policy approved or any amendments
              hereafter from time to time by the MCF. The Concessionaire shall
              indemnify and keep indemnified the MCF from and against all such
              actions and proceedings and the cost and consequences thereof upon
              failure to meet any aforesaid Rule or Regulation have to be borne by

      9.3.      Labour : No female labourer shall be employed within the limits of

      9.4.    No labourer below the age of 12 years shall be employed on the work.

      9.5.    The contractor shall pay his labourer not less than the wages determined
               under minimum wages act for the District.

      9.6.    Work on Sunday : No work shall be done on Sundays without the sanction
              in writing of Engineer-in-charge.

      9.7.    Contractor liable for payment of compensation to injured workman or
               in case of death to his relations : In every case in which by virtue of the
               provisions of section 12, sub-section (1) of the Workmen's Compensation
               Act, 1923, MUNICIPAL CORPORATION, FARIDABAD is obliged to
               pay compensation to workmen employed by the contractor, in executions
               of the works, MUNICIPAL CORPORATION, FARIDABAD will recover
               from the contractor, the amount of the compensation so paid and without
___________________________________________________________________________             16
Municipal Corporation              No. of Corrections           Sign & Seal of Bidder

               prejudice to the right of, MUNICIPAL CORPORATION, FARIDABAD
               under Section 12 sub-section (2) of the said Act, MUNICIPAL
               CORPORATION, FARIDABAD shall be at liberty to recover such
               amount or any part thereof be deducted from the security or from any sum
               due by MUNICIPAL CORPORATION, FARIDABAD to the contractor
               whether under his contract or otherwise.

              MUNICIPAL CORPORATION, FARIDABAD shall not be bound to
              contest any claim made against it under section 12, subsection (1) of the
              said act except on the written request of the contractor and upon his giving
              to MUNICIPAL CORPORATION, FARIDABAD for security for all cost
              for which MUNICIPAL CORPORATION, FARIDABAD might become
              liable inconsequence of contesting such claim.

   10. Concessionaire's Responsibility Against all claims, Actions and Losses, etc :

      10.1.   The Concessionaire hereby bind themselves to indemnify the MCF against
              all Claims, Actions, Losses, demands, costs, charges and expenses which
              the MCF may incur or be put or which may arise by reason of, the exercise
              of the right to display advertisements hereby granted including all claims
              or actions arising out of any advertisements being challenged or he'd to be
              libelous or defamatory any part thereof from any clause whatsoever land
              also for any claim made by any local authority or any other person in
              respect thereof or any claim for rates or taxes levied in respect of anything
              done under this contract.

      10.2.   The MCF shall not be responsible for any damage, loss or injury caused to
              any person, property of the MCF or to the third parties during the erection
              or removal of the advertisement media, or due to any other cause including
              electric shocks or breakage or blowing of the media, etc., the
              Concessionaire alone shall be responsible and indemnify the MCF for any
              harm or injury directly or indirectly caused to the life or property.

      10.3.   If at any time during the period of the contract it shall become impossible
               by reason of strike, lockout, shortage of materials, war, fire, flood or any
               Governmental enactment or regulations or such other cause, beyond the
               control of the MCF to fulfill the Contract in accordance with the terms
               hereof, the Concessionaire shall have no claim whatsoever against the
               MCF in respect of any inability or incapacity to fulfill the contract.

   11. Payment Terms:

      11.1     The Concessionaire shall pay to the MCF the yearly rentals quoted ,and
               approved, in Four equal installments. The first 100% of three month rental
               has to be deposited within 7 days from the date of receiving letter of
               acceptance, The Concessionaire has to de-posit Post dated Cheques, for the
___________________________________________________________________________             17
Municipal Corporation              No. of Corrections           Sign & Seal of Bidder

               next two monthly rentals at the time of signing of contract agreement.
               During the contract period, the Concessionaire shall be entitled to claim
               any refund on rentals on the plea of the obstruction, if any, form on
               account of execution of MCF work only. Any default in payment of the
               rentals by the Concession are as provided for above, besides other
               remedies open to the MCF under this contract and at law, the
               Concessionaire shall be required to pay to the MCF interest @ 0.33% per
               day on the amount outstanding for the period from the due date of the
               payment as aforesaid, till the date the payment is actually received (both
               days inclusive) by the MCF. If the payment is not made within one (I)
               month of it being due, then the MCF shall be at liberty to terminate the
               contract, and take suitable remedial measures as deemed fit, including
               forfeiture of Security Deposit and seizing of structure erected by

      11.2 In case, the Concessionaire being the Successful Bidder does not commence
             the Con- tract and fail to pay the 5 monthly installment on or before
             commencement date, the MCF shall be entitled to forfeit the Security
             Deposit or Earnest Deposit or both paid so by the Concessionaire and may
             also terminate the Contract, and take suitable remedial measures.

      11.3    The payment is to be made in the form of crossed and Account Payee
              Demand Draft or local Cheques payable at Faridabad, in favor of
              Commissioner, Municipal Corporation, Faridabad.

      11.4    The Concessionaire is to pay the all the rentals, as stated in the Outdoor
             Advertising Policy. even for those periods when the media remains

   12. Insolvency of the Concessionaire or Non-Observance of the Obligations of
       the Contract on the part of the Concessionaire.

      12.1    If the Concessionaire shall commit any act of insolvency or shall be
             adjudged insolvent or shall have an order for compulsory winding up made
             against them or pass and effective resolution for winding up voluntarily or
             subject to the supervision of the court or if the concessionaire shall suffer
             execution to be issued or shall suffer any payment under this contract to be
             attached or shall charge or encumber this contract or any payments due or
             which may become due to the MCF there under or compound with their
             creditors or if the Concessionaire fail to observe or perform any of the
             obligations, covenants or agreements on their part herein contained, it shall
             be lawful for the MCF to cancel this contract without prejudice to the rights
             of the MCF to recover all sums due by any rentals or consideration under
             this contract and damages, it may incur in respect of any breach or default of
             the part of the Concessionaire.

___________________________________________________________________________             18
Municipal Corporation              No. of Corrections           Sign & Seal of Bidder

   13. Concessionaire all Risk (CAR) Policy.

      13.1   The Concessionaire shall take out CAR policy for the entire period of the
             contract jointly in the name of the MCF and the Concessionaire. All
             amounts/charges towards premium etc., on this account shall be borne by the

   14. MCF's help to the Concessionaire:

      14.1   The MCF covenants with the Concessionaire that the Concessionaire
             observing and performing all the terms and conditions of this contract and
             paying all dues, shall be en- titled to exhibit advertisement on media without
             any let or hindrance or obstruction and where circumstances permit shall
             assist at the cost of the Concessionaire to take all necessary action (s) against
             any person (s) infringing the rights of the Concessionaire.

   15. Modification to sizes of media:

      15.1    The MCF has a right to increase/decrease the size of the media The
             Concessionaire shall not alter the size of the media without the prior
             permission of the MCF. If it does so, then it shall be treated as breach of
             contract and MCF may take suitable measures.

        15.2.The Concessionaire may give a written request to the MCF of its desire to
             alter (in- crease) the size of the media. The Municipal Commissioner shall
             be the final deciding authority in this regard.

        15.3 In case, MCF accepts the request of the' Concessionaire ;the Concessionaire
             shall de- posit with the MCF, a proportionate increase in. the Ground Rent
             and License fees as per its quotation before granting of permission for
             increase in the size of the media and . within three days of being notified by
             the MCF of its intention to do so. In case of failure, the MCF shall revert
             back to the old size arid follow the procedure as laid out in the contract

     16. Notice of Termination of the Contract:

        16.1 If during the period of the contract, the MCF has reason to be dissatisfied
             with the Management and/or the representative of the Concessionaire, the
             MCF may by notice in . writing call upon the Concessionaire to remove the
             cause of such dissatisfaction in the way to be indicated in the notice and if
             the Concessionaire shall fail for a period of one month after the receipt of,
             such notice to remedy such causes of the dissatisfaction to the satisfaction of
             the MCF then not withstanding anything contained in the Agreement to the
             contrary, the MCF shall be at liberty at any time thereafter to terminate this
___________________________________________________________________________                19
Municipal Corporation              No. of Corrections           Sign & Seal of Bidder

             contract by giving the Concessionaire one month's notice in writing to expire
             at any time, of its intention to terminate this contract and the contract shall
             on expiry of this notice stand cancelled but without prejudice to the rights of
             either party against the other in respect of any matter or thing antecedent to
             such cancellation.

        16.2 If the Concessionaire withdraws or does not commence the contract and fail
             to pay the first revenue installment as per the letter of acceptance being the
             Successful Bidder, the MCF shall be at liberty to terminate this contract after
             expiry of commencement date by giving the Concessionaire one month's
             notice in writing at any time of its intention to terminate the contract and the
             same shall stand cancelled on the expiry of the date of notice, and the EMD
             or Security Deposit shall stand forfeited.

        16.3 If the Concessionaire has committed any breach of any condition of the
             contract, or is deemed by law, unable to pay his debts as they fall due or
             defaults on the payment of his dues to the MCF, i.e. is adjudged insolverit,
             or being a company passes a resolution for the liquidation of its affairs , or
             assigns, transfers or sublets the contract without the written and prior
             approval of the MCF then the MCF may after giving 14 days notice to the
             Concessionaire, terminate the contract without releasing the Concessionaire
             from any of its obligations or liabilities under the contract, or affecting the
             rights and authorities conferred on the MCF; and may appoint some other
             Concessionaire for the completion of the contract.

        16.4 Upon cancellation of the Contract, the MCF shall evaluate .as .. per its
             norms, the amount of money to be recovered from the Concessionaire as
             compensation. The MCF may re- cover the same from the Security Deposit
             of. the Successful Bidder or from any other payment made by the Successful
             Bidder under this contract or any other contract with the MCF including
             seizing of material.

    17. If the Concessionaire is an individual or a proprietary concern and the individual
        or the proprietor dies and if the Successful Bidder is a partnership concern and
        one of the partner dies, then the MCF shall be entitled to cancel the Contract,
        unless the MCF is satisfied that the legal representatives of the individual or of
        the proprietor of the proprietary concern and in case of partnership;; the surviving
        partners, are capable of carrying out and completing the Contract as to its
        uncompleted part without the MCF being responsible in any way to payment of
        any compensation to the estate of the deceased Concessionaire and/or the
        surviving partners on account of the cancellation of the Contract. The decision of
        the MCF shall be final and binding in this regard. The MCF reserves the rights to
        allow the Concessionaire to change the constitution of the firm.

18 Foreclosure of the Contract in full or part:

___________________________________________________________________________               20
Municipal Corporation              No. of Corrections           Sign & Seal of Bidder

   18.1 If at any time the MCF decides to withdraw all or some of the Media spaces for
        any reason whatsoever and hence not require the all or some of the sites to be
        used for the purposes of advertisement, then the MCF shall be at liberty to
        terminate or suspend the contract even before the expiry of the contract period by
        giving .one month's notice. In the event of foreclosure of the contract the
        Concessionaire shall not be entitled to claim any compensation due to abrupt'
        termination of the contract and shall pay to the MCF rental payment for the
        period, the advertisement spaces were in due up to discontinuance.

19 Additional Conditions Applying to Advertisement by means of kiosks on street
   light poles Illuminated by Electricity:

   19.1.The advertiser shall furnish the full details of the electrical apparatus or
        installation intended to be used. The number, total connected load in K W in
        detail of lamps, total burning hours of glow signs shall be stated in detail. A plan
        showing the proposed arrangements of the sign, etc., shall be submitted for the
        approval of the Corporation.

   19.2 The electrical installation shall be erected and maintained by the Concessionaire
         including the efficient earthing of all the metallic parts in accordance with the
         provisions of the Indian Electricity Act and in accordance with the approved

          The arrangement of electricity and its user charges to DHBVNL will be
          arranged/paid by Concessionaire.

   19.3   All external and internal wiring and fittings shall be carried out with the
          approved materials manufactured to the current Indian Standard
          Specifications/British Standard Specifications as approved by the Engineer-in
          Charge of MCF.

   19.4. The MCF shall not provide any service connection but NOC to DHBVNLis
         regard shall be provided to the concessionaire who shall directly take the meter
         in his name & pay the dues directly to DHBVNL

   19.5. The electrical installation shall not be connected to the electric supply without
         the prior approval, in writing of the Corporation and no addition or alternation
         shall be made to the electrical installation without prior approval from MCF in

   19.6. The MCF reserves the right to have the electrical installation inspected and
         tested at any time by their Electrical Engineering Wing and any defect noticed
___________________________________________________________________________              21
Municipal Corporation              No. of Corrections           Sign & Seal of Bidder

            upon such inspections or reveling themselves on any other occasion shall
            forthwith be remedied by the Concessionaire to the satisfaction of the Engineer-
            in-Charge. In the event of the Concessionaire failing to rectify any defects as
            notified, within a reasonable time as specified by the Engineer-in Charge, or in
            the event of any defects being noticed which in the sole opinion of the
            Engineer-in-Charge is likely to cause danger to any person, the MCF will
            disconnect forthwith the power supply to such Kiosks, without any further
            notice and claim for compensation being preferred by the Concessionaire on
            this account.

      19.7. NOC of Electrical Inspector is necessarily be obtain.

20.      The Concessionaire shall take all the safety measure for the security of the media
         The Concessionaire ensures smooth progress of the contract and takes all steps in
         this regard.

21.      MCF hs all its right to inspect the site erected/installed media by Concessionaire.

22.      The Concessionaire shall have full regard to the Safety, Security and protection of
         the environment, persons engaged on the project.

23.      The Concessionaire shall at all times take proper care of the works and shall not at
         any time do, cause or permit any nuisance on site or do anything which shall cause
         any unnecessary disturbance or inconvenience to the MCF, its officers, or to the
         public generally; The Concessionaire shall be liable to make good the loss incurred
         to any third person due to him or its staff.

24.      The Concessionaire shall indemnify and keep indemnified. the MCF against all
         losses and claims for injuries or damage to any person or any property whatsoever
         which may arise out of or in consequence of this contract, and against all claims,
         demand proceedings, damages, costs, charges and expenses whatsoever in respect
         of or in relation thereto.'

25.      The Concessionaire shall be entirely responsible for its staff, their payment and
         shall be responsible for all the acts, governmental rules and regulations, ESIC, PF
         Rules, Minimum Wages Act other laws that govern them, etc. MCF shall not be
         responsible for any such acts. The Concessionaire shall make good the loss and
         indemnify the MCF for any costs arising due to non-fulfillment of any such

___________________________________________________________________________                    22
Municipal Corporation              No. of Corrections           Sign & Seal of Bidder

26.      All notices or instructions to be given to the Concessionaire by the MCF under the
         terms of this tender and the ensuing contract shall be sent by ordinary post, cable,
         telex, or facsimile at the Concessionaire's last known address or sent to its
         authorized representative.

27.      Any changes in the constitution of the firm of the Successful Bidder shall be
         notified to the MCF doing with new address, if any.

      27.1   The Concessionaire shall submit the lists of out dooreport along with the detail
             locations every month during the contract period and shall get .it certified from
             Zonal offices. The Concessionaire shall not exceed the number & size of media
             as per the list enclosed in the tender.

      27.2   Time is the essence of this contract. Erection and installation of outdoor media
             sites are to be completed within a time period of 2 (two) months of receiving the
             allotment. In case of the Concessionaire's inability to finish the construction of
             such site in time, without sufficient cause or reason, time period of the kiosks
             would be considered as started from the Ist. day after the completion of two
             months for the purposes of calculation of yearly rentals.
      27.3    In case of a genuine problem faced by the Concessionaire in getting the work
             done on time or due to any Force Majeure Clause and practical difficulties, an
             application maybe made to Zonal Office, explaining the said reason with
             proof/evidence as asked for by the MCF. The MCF, reserves the right to accept
             or reject the application. The application may be accepted and relief may be
             granted solely on MCF's discretion for further one month only. But, if no
             application is made within 15 (Fifteen) days after expiry of the said period of
             one month the MCF will not accept application for extension period. No claim
             for compensation in this regard shall be entertained by, the MCF. The MCF's
             decision shall be final and binding on the Concessionaire.

      27.4   MCF will provide all feasible and pragmatic help to the Concessionaire so as to
             enable them to snake optimum use of the media by helping the Concessionaire
             in taking action against any person/agency/company, which might unjustifiably
             be infringing the rights· of the Concessionaire for that particular medium.

      27.5   The offers will be considered only for the media as grouped by the MCF.

      27.6   In case any media identified by the MCF, is not found feasible to be erected
             due to some genuine reason to the satisfaction of the Engineer-in Charge, then
___________________________________________________________________________                 23
Municipal Corporation              No. of Corrections           Sign & Seal of Bidder

          the Bidder is at liberty to ask for different location available either get the media
          deleted entirely from the contract and get the relaxation in the yearly rentals.

   27.7   The Concessionaire shall ensure that the kiosks is as per approved design and
          maintained at all times.

   27.8   The design, its elevation, its distance from road edge and other requirements as
          per policy will be finalized by MCF prior to erection of advertisement media of
          any kind.

   27.9    Any default committed by Concessionaire with the term and condition of
          contract or Outdoor Advertising Policy norm Concessionaire will be liable for
          termination of con- tract and forfeiture of security deposit along with seizing of
          structure erected by Concessionaire.

Bidder has to quote for one year on offset Value calculated by MCF.

Contract shall be, automatically extendable or renewable, upto one year or further
on sole discretion of Municipal Commissioner MCF or as per direction of State Govt.
at relevant time.

___________________________________________________________________________                 24
Municipal Corporation              No. of Corrections           Sign & Seal of Bidder


1.          Short Title :      The Regulations may be called (l) Haryana Public
Works Department Contracts labour Regulation.

2.            Definitions : In these regulations unless otherwise expressed or indicated
the following words and expressions shall have the meaning given hereby against them
respectively that is to say.

(a)     "Labour" means workers employed by the contractor directly or indirectly through
        a sub contractor or other person or by an agent on his behalf.

b)      "Fair Wages" means wages whether for time or piece work notified for the work by
        district authority and where such wages have not been so notified the wages
        prescribed by the Haryana Public Works Department for the district in which the
        work is done.

c)      "Contractor" shall include every person whether a sub-contractor or headman of
        agent employing labour on the work taken on contract.

d)      "Wages" Shall have the same meaning as defined in the payment or Wages Act
        1936 and include time and piece rate wages.

3.      Display of notices regarding wages etc.

        The contractor shall before he commences his work in contract, display and
correctly maintain and continue to display and correctly maintain a clean and legible
condition at conspicuous places on the workers. Giving the rate wages which have been
certified by the Executive Engineer, the Superintending Engineer. The Chief Engineer or
Regional Labour Commissioner as fair wags and the hours of work for which such wags
are earned and a copy of such notices to the District Labour Officer.

4.      Payment of Wages

      (1)     Wages due to every worker shall be paid to him direct.

      (2)     All wages shall be paid in current coin or currency or in both.

___________________________________________________________________________             25
Municipal Corporation              No. of Corrections           Sign & Seal of Bidder


   5.     (i)         The contractor shall fix wages period in respect of which the wags shall be

         (ii)         No wages period shall exceed one month.

         (iii)        Wages of every workman employed on the contract shall be paid before
                      expiry of ten days after the day of the wage period in respect of which the
                      wages are payable.

         (iv)         When the employment of any worker is terminated by or on behalf of the
                      contractor, the wages earned by him shall be paid before the expiry of the
                      day succeeding the one on which his employment is terminated.

         (v)          All the payments of wages shall be made on working day.

6. Wages book and wages slip etc.

(1) The Contractor shall maintain a wage book of each worker in such form as may be
    convenient but the same shall include the following particulars.

                (a)         Rate of daily or monthly wages or contract wages.
                (b)         Name of work on which employed.
                (c)         Nature of work on which employed
                (d)         Total number of days worked during each wage period and total
                            amount payable for the work during each period.
                (e)         All deductions made from the wages with an indication in each case
                            of he ground for which the deduction is made.
                (f)         Wages actually paid for each wage period.
   (2)   The contractor shall also maintain a wage slip for each worker employed on the

   (3)    The authority competent to accept the contract may grant an exemption from
   maintenance of wage book and slips to a contactor who in his opinion may not directly or
   indirectly employ more than 50 persons on the work.

   7.    (1)     Fines and deductions which may be made from wages :7(i) the wages of
   worker shall be paid to him without any deduction of any kind except the following:

   (a)   Fines.
   (b)    Deduction for absence from duty i.e. from the place where by the term of his
   employment he is required to work. The amount of deductions shall be proportion to the
   period for which he is absent.
   ___________________________________________________________________________                26
   Municipal Corporation              No. of Corrections           Sign & Seal of Bidder

(c)   Deduction for damage to or loss of goods expressly entrusted to the employed
person for custody or for less or money for which he is required to account, where such
damage or loss is directly attributable to his neglect or default.

(d)    Any other deduction which the Haryana urban Development Authority may from
time to time allow.

(2)    No fine shall be imposed on a worker and no deduction for damage of loss shall be
made from his wages until the worker has been given an opportunity or showing cause
against such fines or deductions.

(3)    The total amount of fines which may be imposed in any one wage period on a
worker shall not exceed an amount equal to five paise in a rupee of the wage payable to
him in respect of that wage period.

(4)    No fine imposed on a worker shall be recovered from him by installment or after
expiry of 60 days from the date on which it was imposed.

8.     Register of fines act-8 (1) The contractor shall maintain a register of fines and of
all deductions for damage of loss. Such register shall mention the reason for which fine
was imposed or deduction for damage or loss which was made.

    (2)       The contractor shall maintain a list in English and the locals Indian
language, clearly defining acts and commissions for which penalty of fine can be imposed.
He shall display such list and maintain it in a clear and legible condition in a conspicuous
place on work.

9.      Preservation of Books- The wages book, the slip and the register of fine
deduction required to be maintained under this regulation shall be preserved for 12 months
after the date of the last entry made in tem.

10.    Power labour welfare officer to make investigation of enquiry – The Labour
Welfare Officer or any other person authorised by the MUNICIPAL CORPORATION,
FARIDABAD on their behalf shall have power to make enquiries with a view to
ascertaining and enforcing due and proper observance of the wage clause and the
provision of these regulations. He shall investigate into any complaint regarding the
default made by the contractor or subcontractor in regard to such provision.

11.   Report of Labour Welfare Officer – The Labour Welfare Officer or any other
person authorised as aforesaid shall submit a report of the result of his investigation or
enquiry to the Executive Engineer concerned, indicating the extent if any to which the
___________________________________________________________________________              27
Municipal Corporation              No. of Corrections           Sign & Seal of Bidder

default has been committed and the amount of fine recoverable in respect of the acts of
commission of the labours with a note that necessary deduction from the contractors will
made and the wages and the other dues be paid to the labour concerned.

12.    Appeal against the decision of the Labour Welfare Officer – Any person agreed
by the decision and the recommendation of the Labour Welfare Officer or other person so
authorised may appeal against such decision to the Labour Commissioner but subject to
such appeal, the decision of the officer shall be final and binding upon the contractor.

13.   Representation of Parties

      (1)   A workman shall be entitled to be represented in any investigation or
      enquiry under these regulations by:

            a)      An officer of a registered Trade Union to which he is a member.
            b)     An officer of Federation of Trade Unions to which the Trade Union
                   refer it in clause (a) is affiliated.
           c)      Where the worker is not a member of any registered union, an officer
                   of registered trade union concerned with, or by any other workman
                   employed in the industry in which the worker is employed.
      (2)    An employer shall be entitled to be represented in any investigation or
      enquiry under these regulations by:

            a)      An officer of an association of employers of which he is a member.
            b)      An office of an association of employees to which the association
                    referred to in clause (a) is affiliated.
            c)      Where the employer is not member of any association of employees
                    by an officer of an association of employers connected with or by any
                    other employer is engaged.

14.   No party shall be allowed to be represented by a lawyer during any investigation
enquiry appeal to any other proceeding under these regulations.

15.    Inspection of Register – The contractor shall allow inspection of the wages slip to
any of his worker or to his agent at a convenient time and places after due notice is
received or the Labour Welfare Officer or any other person authorised by the

16.    Submission of return – The contractor shall submit periodically return as may be
specified from time to time.

17. Lecencling of contractor

___________________________________________________________________________              28
Municipal Corporation              No. of Corrections           Sign & Seal of Bidder

       Every contractor who exmpoys or who employed on any of the proceeding 12
calender months 20 or more workmen is covered by the Act and is required to obtain a
licence. The contractor should obtain the necessary licence as required under section 12 of
contractor labour (Regulation and Abolition Act 1970) before commencing the work.

18. Amendment- The Haryana Government may from time to time add or amend these
regulations and or any question as to application, interpretation or effect of these
regulation the decision of the Labour Commissioner to Haryana Government or any other
person authorised by the MUNICIPAL CORPORATION, FARIDABAD to that behalf
shall be final.

19. The contractor shall be responsible to provide to the entire satisfaction of the
Engineer-Incharge at his own expense the following amenities for the labour employed by

               (a) Suitable temporary hulting accommodation.

               (b) Trench latrin, bathing enclosure, platforms, separately for men and
                   women and their regular cleanliness. Clean drinking water.

          In the event of his failure to provide any or all the amenities, the same shall be
provide by the MUNICIPAL CORPORATION, FARIDABAD and cost thereof shall be
recovered from the contractor. Any dispute regarding above point shall be settled by the
Engineer-in-charge and his decision shall be final.

                               FAIR WAGES CLAUSES

(a) The contractor shall pay not less than fair wage to labour engaged by him on the work.


Fair wage means wage. Whether for time or piece work notified at the time of inviting
tenders of the work and where such wages have not been so notified, the wage prescribed
by the Public Works Deptt. Building and road branch, Haryana for the district, in which
the work is done.

(b)    The contractor shall, not with standing the provisions of any agreement to the
contrary, caused to be paid fair wages to labours, indirectly engaged on the work including
any labour engaged by his sub contractors in connection with the said work, as if the
labourers had been directly employed by him.
___________________________________________________________________________              29
Municipal Corporation              No. of Corrections           Sign & Seal of Bidder

(c)    in respect of labour directly employed on the works for the performances of the
contractor's part of this agreement the contract shall comply with or cause to be complied
with the Public Works Deptt. Contractor's labours Regulations made by Government from
time to time in regard to payment of wages period, deductions from wages, recovery of
wages not paid and deductions unauthorisedly made, maintenance of wage register, wage
slip, publication of wages and other terms of employment inspection and submission of
periodical returns and all other matters of such like nature.

(d)    The Executive Engineer or Sub Divisional Engineer concerned shall have the right
to deduct, from the money due to the contractor, any some required or estimated to be
required for making good the loss suffered by a worker or workers by reason of
nonfulfillment of the conditions of the contract for benefit of the workers, non-payment of
wages or deductions made from his or their wages which are not justified by the terms of
the contract or for non-observance of the regulation is referred to in clause (c) above.

 (e) Vis-à-vis the MUNICIPAL CORPORATION, FARIDABAD the contractor, shall
be primarily liable for all payments to made under and for the observance of the
regulations aforesaid, without prejudice to his right to claim indemnity from his sub

(f)   The regulations aforesaid shall be deemed to be a part of this contract and any
breach thereof shall be deemed to be a breach of this contract.

(g)     Attendance card should invariably be issued by the contractors to their workers,
which I should be returned to the contractors concerned at the time' of receiving payment
of their wages.

(h)     Before making payment to the contractors, the authorities concerned should obtain
a certificate from the contractor that he has made payment to all workers connected with
the execution of the work, for which the payment is being made.

(i)    The normal working hours of workers employed by contractors for the execution of
work allotted to them should be 8 hours per day with a break of 2 hours during summer,
one hour during winter after continuous work of 4 hours at the most. The spread over
should in no case exceed 10 hours, workers working beyond these hours, should be paid
over time wages, at the double the ordinary rate of their wages, calculated by the hour.

                                        FORMAT: 1

___________________________________________________________________________             30
Municipal Corporation              No. of Corrections           Sign & Seal of Bidder

         (FORMAT To be given separately by each partner of the Joint Venture)

I, the undersigned, do hereby certify that all the statements made in the required
attachments are true and correct.

The      undersigned       also      hereby certifies that  neither     our      firm
M/s._________________________ nor any of its constituent partners (in case of Joint
Venture / Consortium) have abandoned any contract awarded to us, during the last five
years prior to the date of this Bid.

The undersigned hereby authorise (s) and request (s) any Bank, person, firm or
Corporation to furnish pertinent information, deemed necessary and requested by the
Department to verify this statement or regarding my (our) competence and general

The undersigned understands and agrees that further qualifying information may be
requested, and agrees to furnish any such information at the request of the Department.


(Signed by an Authorised Officer of the firm)


(Title of the Officer)


(Name of the firm)



Note:- Affidavit to be submitted on stamp paper duly certified.

                          ADVERTISING MEDIA

                         Format 2: ORGANISATION DETAILS

Name of Applica taint:-_______________________________________
___________________________________________________________________________             31
Municipal Corporation              No. of Corrections           Sign & Seal of Bidder

    Sr.                         Particulars                              Submission

1.        Name of the application
           (in case of Joint Venture / Consortium the name
          of the lead firm)

2.        Head office address
           Telephone No.
           Fax, E-mail

3.        Branch / Local office address
           .Telephone No., Fax, E-mail

4.        Type of Organisation
           a. Sole Proprietorship
           b. Partnership firm
           c. Company (Private / Public Ltd.)
           d. Joint venture / Consortium)

5         Description of Applicant (e.g. Advertising Agency,

6.        Name (s) and addresses of Contact persons and
          their position in the company


1. Separate sheet may be used whenever required.

2. Separate information sheets are to be attached for each partner of the Joint Venture /
Consortium .

3. Documents submissions are required to be attached to certify the above submissions and
statements made.

___________________________________________________________________________                 32
Municipal Corporation              No. of Corrections           Sign & Seal of Bidder

                         ADVERTISING MEDIA


Name of Applicant : ____________________________________________

Sr.                     Particulars                           Submission
1          a. Is the applicant currently involved in   Yes / No
          any litigation relating to its contract
          b. If yes, give details

2         a. Has the applicant or any of its           Yes / No
          partners been debarred/expelled by any
          agency in
          India during last five years
          b. If yes, give details

3         a. Has the applicant or any of its           Yes / No
          partners failed to perform on any
          contract work in
          India during last five years
          b. If yes, give details

Note :

1. Separate sheet are to be used for each partner of the Joint Venture
2. If any information in this Format is found to be incorrect or concealed the offer will be
    liable to be rejected.

___________________________________________________________________________                33
Municipal Corporation              No. of Corrections           Sign & Seal of Bidder

                           ADVERTISING MEDIA

                       Format 4: Joint Venture/Consortium Details

Name of Applica taint:-_______________________________________

 Sr. No.                                Particulars

1.          Name of the Lead partner

2.          Head office Address

3.          Local Office Address

4.          Name of Joint Venture Partner (Max. 3)




5           Details about constituent firms to be provided in separate sheet

6.          Joint Venture Details

                 a. Date of Agreement (Copy to be Attached)

                 b. Place

7.          Proposed distribution of responsibilities amongst constituent

                 a. Financial Distribution

                 b. Work Distribution

Note:-Attached Joint Venture and/or Memorandum of Understanding Papers.

___________________________________________________________________________             34
Municipal Corporation              No. of Corrections           Sign & Seal of Bidder

                         ADVERTISING MEDIA

                                 BID FORMAT- PART A

Name of Full Address of the firm: (in block letters)


Tel. No.:________________________ Fax No.:_______________________


2. Company / Firm / Entrepreneur doing a similar type of business i.e.; owing or managing
Outdoor Advertising Media of Similar type like Hoarding / Unipoles.

(i) For last 3 years and above

(ii) For less than 3 years but more than 2 years

(iii) For less than 2 years

Tick anyone whichever is applicable.

Note : Attach attested copy of agreement / license Receipt ! any supported document with proof,
the bidder doing the similar type of business for following years mention above.

3. Having successfully completed, without defaulting a tenure of at least 2 years as a
concessionary/license holder of Outdoor Advertising Media of any Govt. or Semi- Govt. body.

                  Applicable                 Not Applicable

Tick anyone whichever is applicable

Note : Attach attested copy of receipt of payment made in. concern to Outdoor Advertising
Media to any Govt. Or Semi-Govt. body i.e.; receipt of ground rent / license fee I other charges
related to Outdoor advertising Media.

___________________________________________________________________________                  35
Municipal Corporation              No. of Corrections           Sign & Seal of Bidder

4. Proof of doing business in Faridabad related to any Advertising Media

              Applicable                  Not Applicable

Tick anyone whichever is applicable.

Note: Attach attested copy of Business Address proof i.e. electricity bill! telephone bill /
office rent receipt along with rent agreement/receipt of property tax / any other supportive
documents which proves the business is conducted locally. Attach attested copy of
Service Tax Registration No. Division Faridabad.

Payment made regarding license fee/ ground rent / other charges related to Outdoor
Advertising Media in Faridabad City to MCF / NIT / PWD/ National Highway/ Defence/
Railway / Airport Authority of India / HSRTC / any other Govt. or Semi-Govt.
organization in the Faridabad region.

Tick anyone whichever is applicable.

Note: Attach attested copy of supportive document mention above.

   5. Total net worth of the company I firm I entrepreneur including the net worth of Group of
      Group of Directors I Group of Partners / Individual (as case may be) of the concern which
      has participated in the tender.

                                          Figure in Rs. Lacs

       Sr.No.             Particulars              Year 08-09
          1              Total Assets
          2             Current Assets
          3      Cash, Temporary Investment
                 and Current Assets
          4            Total Liabilities
          5            Current Liability
          6      Net Worth (1) - (4)

       Note : Chartered Accountant shall certify total. net worth and supportive document shall
       be certified by gazette Govt. officer.

   6. Turnover over of a company I firm I entrepreneur including turnover of group of directors
      I groups of partners I individual (as case may be) of the concern which has participated in
      the tender.

       Figure in Rs. Lacs

  Average Last
___________________________________________________________________________                   36
  Three- Year Turnover
Municipal Corporation              No. of Corrections           Sign & Seal of Bidder

                                       Year         Year        Year    Year 08-
                                                    06-07       07-08   09
                                       Total Turn

Note : turnover shall be certified by Chartered Accountant and supportive document shall be
certified by Gazette Govt. Officer.

   7. Any other information which the Bidder may have to offer (Please attach)

   8. Details of Earnest Money Deposit


   9. Attached No. Due Certificate or Eligibility Certificate


Note:- Bidder will have right of claim above points only if supportive document attach are
genuine and certified by the Gazette Officer.

___________________________________________________________________________             37
Municipal Corporation              No. of Corrections           Sign & Seal of Bidder

                         ADVERTISING MEDIA

                                  BID FORM- PART B



The Municipal Corporation Faridabad

Sub:- Tender No. TMX/AD/DMC/ADV/



We hereby agree to take advertising Media rights of the following media in the area
under the purview of Municipal Corporation Faridabad subject to the conditions of
contract, we submit our offer as stipulated below.

Sr.No. Type of Media outdoor Category Nos.           Revenue offered Revenue offered in
       advertisement                                 in figure (per words

1        Bus-Q-Shelter                A         4

                                      B         4

                                      C         3

                                     Total     11

2        Unipoles (30'x15')           A        54

                                      B        20

                                      C        10

                                     Total     84

___________________________________________________________________________             38
Municipal Corporation              No. of Corrections           Sign & Seal of Bidder

3       Gantries                      A        53

                                      B         2

                                      C         -

                                     Total     55

4.      Kiosk on Electric Poles       A       1062

                                      B        57

                                      C        134

                                     Total    1253

5       Urinals                       A         1

                                      B         2

                                      C         1

                                     Total      4

6       Garbaage Collection           A         7

                                      B        27

                                      C         6

                                     Total     40

7       Attendance Centers            A         2

___________________________________________________________________________             39
Municipal Corporation              No. of Corrections           Sign & Seal of Bidder

                                      B        10

                                      C         3

                                     Total     15

8       LED based Video Wall          A         8

                                      B         3

                                      C         -

                                     Total     11

        Grand Total (1 to 7)

Details of EMD Rs.

(If paid by single D.D. of Rs. _________

Draft No.                  Dated:

Drawn on (Bank and Branch)

Signature of Tenderer:


Tel No. Fax:__________________________

Location of Bus Q-Shelter

___________________________________________________________________________             40
Municipal Corporation              No. of Corrections           Sign & Seal of Bidder

Sr.No. Location                                                   Nos.    Category

  1.    B.K. Chowk Both sides                                       2         A

  2.    Neelam Chowk both sides                                     2         A

  3.    Hardware Chowk both sides                                   2         B

  4.    Bata Chowk both sides                                       2         B

  5.    Gopi Colony Old Faridabad )Rajiv Gandhi Chowk)              1         C

  6.    Sector- 22 & 23 Chowk                                       1         C

  7.    K.C. Road near NH-IV                                        1         C

                                                        Total      11

Location of Unipols (30'x15')

Sr.No. Location                                                  Nos.    Category

  1.    Suiting Range Road between Suraj Kund chowk to             3         A
        Delhi Haryana Boarder near Kant Enclave

  2.    Road from Delhi Haryana Boarder on Pull                    2         A
        Prahaladpur road upto Surajkund chowk.

  3.    Badkhal Suraj Kund road from Suraj Kund Chowk to          10         A
        Ankhir Chowk

  4.    Ankhir Chowk to Badkhal Fly over                           2         A

  5.    Ankhir Chowk to Gurgaon Road T-junction via                3         B

  6.    Sector road between 48 & Ex-Sainik Colony                  2         A

  7.    Faridabad-Gurgaon Road                                    10         A

  8.    Road between ESI chowk to Municipal Auditorium             2         A

  9.    120' wide road round Central green                         4         B

 10.    Road between Hardware Chowk to Sohna Road                  3         B

___________________________________________________________________________             41
Municipal Corporation              No. of Corrections           Sign & Seal of Bidder

 11.    Outer road of Sector 25 from Sohna road to Elson           4         C
        Cotton Mill (JCB)

 12.    Dushera Ground & City Park Ballabgarh                      1         A

 13.    Bye pass road along Agra Canal from Sector 64 to          20         A
        Sector 37

 14.    Green belt along Sector road between sector                6         B
        12,13,14,15 & 15A

 15.    Neelam Bata Road                                           2         A

 16.    Railway road NH-5                                          2         C

 17.    Ballabgarh Sohna road from Ballabgarh Fly over             4         B
        upto MCF boundary of Revenue Estate of Pali

 18.    Neelam Chowk to B.K.Chowk                                  4         C

                                                        Total     84

Location of Gantries

Sr.No. Location                                                  Nos.    Category

   1.   Delhi Haryana Boarder, Suiting Range Road near             1         A
        Kant Enclave

   2.   Between Kant Enclave and Silver Jubli Gate                 1         A

   3.   Silver Jubli Gate, Haryana Tourism                         1         A

   4.   Delhi Haryana Boarder on Pull Prahaladpur road             1         A

   5.   Suraj Kund Chowk (Round About)                             2         A

   6.   Near Herimitaze, Suraj Kund Road                           1

   7.   Anangpur Chowk                                             1         A

   8.   Near Manav Rachna University                               1         A

   9.   New link road to Stone Crusher Zone near MVN               1         A
        Public School

___________________________________________________________________________             42
Municipal Corporation              No. of Corrections           Sign & Seal of Bidder

   10. Stone Crusher Zone chowk on Gurgaon Road                    1         A

   11. Ankhir Chowk (Round About)                                  2         A

   12. Badkhal Fly Over towards D.M.Road                           1         A

   13. Bhagat Singh Chowk NH-V near ITI                            1         A

   14. Neelam Chowk (one Neelam side & one D.M. road               2         A

   15. B.K.Chowk                                                   2         A

   16. Metro Road                                                  1         A

   17. E.S.I.Chowk                                                 1         A

   18. Maszid Chowk                                                2         A

   19. Hardware Chowk                                              2         A

   20. Bata Chowk Fly over towards D.M. Road                       1         A

   21. T-junction of sector road between sector 23,24              2         A
       connecting Sohna road

   22. T-junction on sector-25 outer road & D.M.Road near          1         A
       Elson Cotton Mill (JCB)

   23. Ambedkar Chowk opp. Gandhi Bhawan                           1         A

   24. T-junction of sector road between sector 3 & 8              1         A
       connecting Bye-pass road

   25. T-junction of sector road between sector 4 & 6              1         A
       connecting D.M.Road

   26. T-junction of sector road between sector 6 & 11             1         A
       connecting D.M.Road near YMCA

   27. T-junction of sector road between sector 8,9                1         A
       connecting bye-pass road

   28. T-junction of sector road between sector 11,12              1         A
       connecting D.M.Road

___________________________________________________________________________             43
Municipal Corporation              No. of Corrections           Sign & Seal of Bidder

   29. T-junction of sector road between sector 12,15A             1         A
       connecting D.M.Road

   30. Near Bridge over Gurgaon & Agra Canals and bye              2         A
       pass road (BPTP Bridge)

   31. T-junction of sector road between sector 15A & 16A          1         B
       connecting D.M.Road

   32. Rajiv Gandhi Chowk ( on Pervesh Marg on sector              1         A

   33. Junction of Sector 16,16A,18 & 19 (Lajpat Chowk)            1         B

   34. T-junction of sector road between sector 17,18              1         A
       connecting bye pass road

   35. Both ends of bridge over Gurgaon & Agra Canals              3         A
       (Kheri road)

   36. Tigaon Road                                                 1         A

   37. T-junction of sector road between sector 18 & 29            1         A
       connecting bye pass road (IPS-2)

   38. T-junction of sector road between sector 19 & 28            1         A
       connecting D.M.Road (Badkhal Crossing)

   39. T-junction of sector road between sector 29 & 30            1         A
       connecting bye pass road (near SOS School)

   40. On both sides of bridge over Gurgaon & Agra Canal           2         A
       on Tilpat road

   41. Sarai Chowk near D.M.Road                                   1         A

   42. T-junction of bye pass road and D.M.Road (Haryana           1         A

   43. Sector 37 T-junction at connecting D.M.Road                 1         A

   44. T-junction of NHPC Chowk (towards Spring Field              1         A

                                                        Total     55

Location of Kiosk on Electric poles (3'x4')
___________________________________________________________________________             44
Municipal Corporation              No. of Corrections           Sign & Seal of Bidder

Sr.No. Location                                                  Nos.    Category

  1.    Bhagat Singh Chowk near ITI to Neelam Chowk              128         A

  2.    Neelam Chowk to Bata Fly over                             45         A

  3.    Bata Fly over                                             26         A

  4.    Neelam Fly over                                           20         A

  5.    Bata Fly over to Hitkari Chowk                            56         A

  6.    Badkhal-Suraj Kund Road upto Gymkhana chowk               95         A

  7.    Suraj Kund Road from Gymkhana chowk to                   294         A
        Surajkund chowk

  8.    B.K. Chowk to Bhagat Singh Chowk                          77         A

  9.    B.K.Chowk to Thermal Colony Sector-22                     75         A

 10.    Rajiv Gandhi Chowk to Bye pass Road                       33         A

 11.    Sector dividing road from D.M.Road to main                80         A
        enterance of BPTP Colony

 12.    100' wide road in Chawla Colony Ballabgarh                22         B

 13.    D.M. Road to Ambedkar Chowk Ballagarh                     14         A

 14.    Mohna road Ballabgarh                                     75         C

 15.    Tigaon road Ballabgarh                                    14         C

 16.    Sihi Gate Road                                            45         C

 17.    B.K. Chowk to Neelam Chowk                                13         A

 18.    Road between sector 48 & 49 (Sainik Colony)               38         A

 19.    Badkhal Chowk to Gurgaon Road                             68         A

 20.    Sector 21A & B dividing Road                              35         B

                                                        Total    1253

Location of urinals (Covered under existing tender)

___________________________________________________________________________             45
Municipal Corporation              No. of Corrections           Sign & Seal of Bidder

  1.    Old Faridabad New Subzi Mandi Chowk                        1     B

  2.    Neelam Chowk                                               1     A

  3.    Gopi Colony Chowk                                          1     C

  4.    Ballabgarh MCF Office                                      1     B

                                               Total               4

Location of Garbage Collection Centers & Attendance Centers

Sr.No. Location                                                  Nos.    Category

  1.    Near K.C.Cinema                                            1     B

  2.    Near NH-4&5 Chowk                                          1     B

  3.    Near NH-3&4 Chowk                                          1     B

  4.    Near Budh Jayanti Park NH-3                                1     C

  5.    Near MCF T/Well opposite 3F Block                          1     C

  6.    Near Between 3F&3E Block outer periphery road              1     B

  7.    Opposite Kalyanpuri Jhuggi                                 1     B

  8.    Near Masjid Chowk Sainik Colony Road                       1     A

  9.    NH-2 & 3 Chowk on outer periphery                          1     B

 10.    Near Mahabir Community Center NH-2                         1     B

 11.    Opposite Sport Complex, NH-3                               1     B

 12.    Near ESI Hospital NH-3                                     1     B

 13.    NH-2 ESI on Periphery                                      1     B

 14.    NH-2 & New Pess Colony Boundary                            1     B

 15.    NH-2, opposite N-Block Internal Road of 120' wide          1     B

 16.    Near Lakhani Dharamshala & School                          1     B

 17.    Tikona Park Sabjimandi near Boys Sr. Sec. School           1     A

___________________________________________________________________________             46
Municipal Corporation              No. of Corrections           Sign & Seal of Bidder

 18.    Neelam Bata Road                                           3     A

 19.    Railway Road                                               4     B

 20.    Near ITI Gandhi Colony and Kodhi Colony                    3     B

 21.    Dussehra Ground, Ballabgarh                                1     B

 22.    City Park Corner                                           1     B

 23.    Sihi Gate – Tigaon Road                                    1     B

 24.    MCF land Jain Colony, Ballabgarh                           1     C

 25.    Near Govt. School Sihi Village Pond                        1     C

 26.    Unchagaon                                                  1     C

 27.    Near Shashtri Colony on 100' wide sector road              1     B

 28.    Baselwa Colony Road near MCF tubewell                      1     C

 29.    Near MCF Zonal Office, Old Faridabad                       1     B

 30.    Mahatma Gandhi Colony, Sector-18                           1     B

 31.    New Subji Mandi, Old Faridabad                             1     A

 32.    Near Subji Mandi, Village Ajronda Sector 15A               1     B

 33.    Sector29 Bye pass junction on west side                    1     A

Attendance Centers

 34.    Hardware Chowk                                             1     B

 35.    Fire Station NIT Faridabad                                 1     A

 36.    NH-1 E Market                                              1     A

  37    NH-2 new Lakhani Dharamshala                               1     B

 38.    New Janta Colony near Baba Deep Singh Chowk                1     B

 39.    Saran Village - Eicher Chowk                               1     B

 40.    Dabua Colony Bijlighar                                     1     C

 41.    Dabua Colony Boosting                                      1     C

___________________________________________________________________________             47
Municipal Corporation              No. of Corrections           Sign & Seal of Bidder

 42.    NH-3 near DAV Collage                                      1     B

 43.    NH-4 near K.C.Cinema                                       1     B

 44.    S.G.M. Nagar near Boosting                                 1     C

 45.    Gandhi Colony near Gurdawara Lepres Colony road            1     B

 46.    NH-5 near Janta Band                                       1     B

 47.    Badkhal Chowk                                              1     B

 48.    Water Works Sector 25                                      1     B

                                               Total              55

Location of LED based Video Walls

Sr.No. Location                                                  Nos.    Category

  1.    Green Belt opposite Nehru Ground                           1     A

  2.    Near NIT Bus Stand                                         1     A

  3.    Bhagat Singh Chowk towards ITI                             1     B

  4.    Corner of Shivaji Park near Mother Diary Booth             1     B

  5.    Hardware Chowk                                             1     A

  6.    Neelam Bata Road                                           1     A

  7.    Masjid Chowk, NIT Faridabad near Sainik Colony             1     A

  8.    Near Subji Mandi, Old Faridabad                            1     A

  9.    City Park, Ballabgarh                                      1     B

 10.    Old Octroi Post, D.M.Road, Delhi-Haryana Boarder           1     A

 11.    Near Community Center opposite Sector-15 market            1     A


___________________________________________________________________________             48
Municipal Corporation              No. of Corrections           Sign & Seal of Bidder

Sr.No. No. of sites/ Item                                          Reserved Price
                                                                     per month

1.      11             Bus-Q-Shelter                                     Rs.82,500/-

2.      84             Unipoles Size(30'x15')                         Rs. 59,36,000/-

3.      55             Gantries                                       Rs. 12,49,000/-

4.      1253           Kiosks on street light poles (size 3'x4')       Rs. 5,15,000/-

5.      4              Urinals             with daily mtc.               Rs. 11,460/-


6.      40             Garbage Collection Centre                       Rs. 1,31,200/-

7.      15             Attendance Sheds                                  Rs.67,600/-

8.      11             LED Based Video Wall                           Rs. 11,74,500/-

                                                      Total           Rs. 91,67,260/-

___________________________________________________________________________             49
Municipal Corporation              No. of Corrections           Sign & Seal of Bidder

___________________________________________________________________________             50
Municipal Corporation              No. of Corrections           Sign & Seal of Bidder

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