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                    BA(Hons) International Hospitality
                    & Tourism Management

Location: INSTROCT - Tehran - Iran                                               Course structure
                                                                                 The course consists of eight core modules.
International Collaborative Link
This course is delivered by London Metropolitan Business School (LMBS) in        Core modules
partnership with INSTROCT (Institute of Training, Research, and Operational      Cultural Tourism and Heritage Management – Cultural tourism encompasses
Consultancy in Tourism) in Iran.                                                 travel in search of contemporary culture (both high art and popular culture),
                                                                                 indigenous cultures and the historic environment. Increasingly, cultural tourism
Aims of the course                                                               is seen as the answer to both urban and rural problems in the developed
n To offer a contemporary, broad-based, coherent, intellectually demanding       and the developing world. This module examines the growing importance of
  and vocationally relevant programme of study, which enhances the               cultural tourism and the strategies adopted for developing and managing this
  understanding of international hospitality and tourism management within a     phenomenon and the tangible and intangible heritage on which it is based.
  variety of working contexts.
                                                                                 Finance for Tourism and Hospitality – This module introduces students to the
n To provide students with the theory and application of key management          fundamentals of accounting and finance, project management and economics,
  concepts, approaches and techniques that will equip them with the              in the context of the hospitality industry, and examines the relationship
  knowledge and understanding to develop strategies to address the wide          between finance, management accounting, and corporate strategy.
  variety of challenges applicable to a professional career in hospitality and
                                                                                 International and Corporate Strategy in Hospitality and Tourism – This
  tourism management.
                                                                                 module examines the international competitive environment within which the
n To develop in students an appropriate mix of knowledge, cognitive and          hospitality and tourism industry operates and examines the impact of external
  transferable skills and graduate attributes, that will enhance their           and internal changes on corporate strategy.
  employability and act as a rigorous foundation for life-long learning.         Marketing of Tourist Destinations and Attractions – This module applies
                                                                                 marketing theory and techniques to tourist destinations and visitor attractions.
Duration and attendance
                                                                                 Image creation, place marketing, marketing tools and promotional channels for
Full-time: 1 year, day                                                           developing and sustaining healthy visitor markets will be studied.
Dates/timetable                                                                  Managing Change and Cultural Diversity in Hospitality and Tourism –
                                                                                 This module focuses on the impact of organisational change, culture and
Autumn semester: September – January
                                                                                 cultural differences within the hospitality and tourism sector and their
Spring semester:     February – June                                             management implications, within an international context.
                                                                                 Strategic Restaurant Management – This module provides students with an
                                                                                 understanding of major strategic issues in the financial, marketing and concept
                                                                                 development of restaurant management.
                                                                                 Sustainable Tourism and Hospitality Management – This module examines
                                                                                 the principles of sustainablity in tourism and hospitality, and evaluates
                                                                                 the applicability of management tools and techniques appropriate to the
                                                                                 sustainable management and operation in tourism and hospitality.
                                                                                 International Hospitality and Tourism Project – This project module will
                                                                                 assist the student in developing the knowledge and skills for the independent
                                                                                 identification, definition and analysis of issues and problems in tourism,
                                                                                 hospitality or heritage-related management and practice.
Teaching and learning                                                             Entry requirements
Each module will be delivered through lectures, seminars and workshops in         Successful completion of INSTROCT Hospitality Diploma.
an intensive week-long block with preparation and assessment outside these        IELTS 5.5
times. Normally students will be provided with the learning material before the   EASE 40-45+
teaching block begins and have two weeks to complete the assessments after
the teaching block ends.                                                          How to apply and fees
All module information will be available on Weblearn (on-line teaching and        Complete the INSTROCT and Londonmet application forms including all
learning support facility), which can be accessed on-line via the university      attested copies of your academic qualifications.
web site.                                                                         For ALL fees enquiries please contact the INSTROCT office.

Assessment                                                                        Academic queries
Assessment is through a variety of methods such as coursework, report, photo      Mr. Hamid Asiayee as Academic Advisor at INSTROCT
essay, group work, group and individual presentations and examination.  

Career opportunities and guidance                                                 Ms. Sue Tootoonchian as Course Leader at LMBS
The course aims to equip students with the comprehensive knowledge and skills
required for a wide range of employment opportunities in the International
Hospitality and Tourism Industry. These include hotels, restaurants, tour         Administrative queries
operators, travel agents, tourist attractions, government and non-government
                                                                                  Miss Sharareh Emami at International Office at INSTROCT
agencies promoting tourism, trade and professional associations, consumer
organisations, travel companies and the media. Throughout the course students
apply learned theory to real life or simulated business contexts through          INSTROCT Office
individual and group work using case studies, visits and problem solving. In      178 Ghoba Square,
addition there are arrangements within INSTROCT for students to receive           Ghoba Street,
relevant career information and guidance.                                         Dr. Shariati Avenue,
International Partner INSTROCT
INSTROCT, a member of the World Tourism Organization (WTO) is an official
international centre affiliated with the Tourism and Recreational Centres         Po Box 19487- 64763
Organization (TRCO). INSTROCT has diversified programs to promote                 Tel: 00 98 21 22867029 - 22867032
knowledge in the field of tourism and hospitality management. By establishing     Fax: 00 98 21 22861986
hospitality management and tourism training centres, a language school, 
and hospitality and tourism high school, the Institute is active in training
professional manpower for the industry. Enjoying the latest international
standards of education, INSTROCT has created a unique training atmosphere
equipped with modern educational equipment.

London Metropolitan Business School
Following its launch in August 2007, London Metropolitan Business School
(LMBS), part of London Metropolitan University, has become one of the
largest Business Schools in Europe with ambitions and capabilities to match
its international profile. This has enabled it to build upon its already firmly
established reputation as one of the largest and most successful Business
Education Providers in the UK. With almost 220 full time academic staff, over
9000 students and over 100 courses at undergraduate and post graduate levels,
LMBS continues the tradition of being a major and comprehensive provider of
business and management education in London, the UK and internationally.

Research at London Metropolitan Business School
Research is a very important aspect of LMBS. It underpins the curriculum,
sustains excellence in teaching, supports consultancy, promotes relations with
national and international partners and promotes an academic and intellectual
ethos within the School.

Research in the Business School is mainly organised around a number of
Research Centres. Currently these are:
n Centre for International Business and Sustainability
n Centre for International Transport Management
n Centre for Corporate Responsibility
n Management Research Centre
n Centre for Research in Marketing
n Business Education Research Group
n Comparative Organisation and Equality Research Centre
n Centre for International Capital Markets
n Centre for Research in Cultural Industries Management (proposed)
n Centre for Business Education Research
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