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					Vol. 81, No. 50                       781-925-9266                                          Thursday, May 26, 2011                              75¢

                                                                                     Hanover educator named new,
                                                                                     ‘best’ principal for middle school
                                                                                     By Susan Ovans                              apply for the permanent position.
                                                                                                                                     The superintendent and school com-
                                                                                          If it’s true that everyone has an aura mittee commended Maxwell for her year
                                                                                      – a subtle color field of radiation that at the helm of the junior high school
                                                                                      surrounds an individual – Anthony A. while the search committee of faculty
                                                                                      Hrivnak’s must be blue and gold.                                 Continued on page 5
                                                                                          Hrivnak is the assistant principal at
                                                                                      Hanover High School and, come Sep-
                                                                                      tember, he will be the new principal at
                                                                                      Hull’s Memorial School. Both districts
                                                                                      parade the blue and gold as school
                                                                                          Hull schools Superintendent Dr.
RemembeR this – Principal Michael Devine arranged a forum at Hull High School Kathleen Tyrell introduced Hrivnak
on May 19, where war veterans Jim Gillis and Lenny Colten, both of Hull, and [pronounced riv-nack, the H is silent] at
Corporal Keith Dick, stationed at Fort Devens, shared their stories and answered Wednesday’s school committee meeting.
students’ questions… [Lucy Wightman photo]                                                She detailed a rigorous search pro-
                                                                                      cess that considered many candidates
                                                                                      before settling on Hrivnak as “the very
Reilly sets ambitious agenda                                                          best principal for Memorial Middle
for board deliberations                                                                   “I do regret that Hanover is losing
                                                                                      such a fine educator, and I understand
                                                                                      that they are devastated,” Tyrell said,
By Catherine Goldhammer                    Lampke, to another year’s employment. “but Hanover’s loss is truly our gain.” Anthony Hrivnak, at Wednesday’s
                                              Selectman Domenico Sestito began            The superintendent said that interim meeting… [Lucy Wightman photo]
    In the board’s first regular meeting by saying that Lampke “has proved over Principal Paula Maxwell chose not to
since the May 16 town election, John and over again how valuable he is to this
Reilly took the gavel as the new chair- town and this government.”
man of the reorganized board of select-       Lemnios said, “It is a good evening      Sweet nothings: School bans cupcakes
men and laid out a definitive plan for his for the town when we have the oppor-            The only cupcakes one is likely to store-bought cupcakes don’t contain
term at the helm.                          tunity to reappoint Jim Lampke as town find in the halls of the Jacobs Elemen-
                                                                                                                                 nuts, peanut- or other oil derived from
    He announced that each month, one counsel.” Lemnios said that Lampke tary School next year will be “home-
                                                                                                                                 nuts, or that they were made in a nut-
of the town’s department heads will at- puts in well over 40 hours a week on baked” Johnny Cupcakes T-shirts.
                                                                                                                                 free facility.
tend the selectmen’s meeting to report town business to protect the citizens of            Citing health concerns as peanut and      The Jacobs is already a declared
on their department, division, or board, Hull.                                         other food allergies have become perva- peanut-free school, Penta said.
and to answer questions.                      “He has to come suited up and ready sive among American children, Hull’s
                                                                                                                                     Many school districts have banned
    The visits are scheduled through to play every day, and he does,” the town elementary school is joining a long list
                                                                                                                                 food donations because of health and
next February and include the heads of manager said.                                   of others nationwide in banning indi- safety risks, and also because of other
the board of health, the sewer plant, the     Selectman Kevin Richardson said vidual birthday celebrations and their
                                                                                                                                 factors – like the increase in child
DPW, the conservation and building that many in town don’t realize how traditional centerpiece,
                                                                                                                                                 obesity and tighten-
departments, the light plant, the town many other boards and commissions in the cupcake.
                                                                                                                                                 ing federal nutrition
assessor, and the fire and police chiefs. town call upon Lampke for advice and             Principal Jean Penta                                  guidelines, and income
    In addition, Reilly announced that service.                                        told the school committee                                 disparity, where some
Town Manager Philip Lemnios will be           Selectman John Brannan thanked Wednesday that the new
                                                                                                                                                 children’s parents can
available for an hour prior to the select- Lampke for his help with the parking policy had been decided
                                                                                                                                                 provide lavish class-
men’s meeting once a month to meet study committee and the issues on Bay after extensive discussion
                                                                                                                                                 room birthday celebra-
with the public and answer questions. On Street.                                       among members of the                                      tions and others would
another Tuesday each month, Reilly will       In response to a question from Jacobs School Council.
                                                                                                                                                 be hard-pressed to con-
be available to the public. Schedules for resident Patrick Finn about Lampke’s             Instead of food-based                                 tribute anything.
these opportunities will be announced. salary, Lemnios said that the attorney’s celebrations, students will have their
                                                                                                                                     Penta announced the new policy
    In a plan designed to streamline and compensation is treated like that of all birthdates acknowledged during the
                                                                                                                                 during a discussion of revisions to
focus meetings, Reilly stated that once a nonunion employees and will increase school’s morning announcements, and
                                                                                                                                 the elementary school’s handbook.
motion is made and seconded, there will by three percent for fiscal year 2012, parents who wish to mark the day will
                                                                                                                                 The principal, who is completing her
be no further input from the public and which begins Jul. 1.                           be encouraged to donate a book or game first year at the Jacobs’ helm after 15
that he would not call on anyone who          “I won’t let him near a calculator with for classroom use.
                                                                                                                                 years as a classroom teacher there, said
speaks out of line or is unruly.           a division key,” said Lemnios, explain-         William Tramontana, a parent and the new birthday policy was the only
    His hope is that commentary from ing that the hourly rate the town pays school council member, attended this
                                                                                                                                 substantive – and possibly controver-
board members and from the public will Lampke is far less than what it would week’s meeting and voiced support for
                                                                                                                                 sial – amendment made to the Student
be concise and to the point.               be paying independent counsel.              the cupcake ban.                          Handbook this year.
    He also announced that he would set       The reappointment was unanimously            Tramontana said council members           The document may be found online
aside time at the end of each meeting for passed.                                      were unanimous in the decision. “Par- at, follow the
questions from the press.                     The selectmen now moved on to the ents want to send their children to a
                                                                                                                                 links to the Jacobs School and click
    In addition to the formation of the waterfront, of which Hull has more than safe environment,” he said, adding
                                                                                                                                 on Student Handbook.
new board, the board of selectmen voted 25 miles, and which is under the over- that parents can’t always be sure that
                                                                                                                                                         Susan Ovans ∞
to reappoint the town’s lawyer, James                           Continued on page 9

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2 THE HULL TIMES, Thursday, May 26, 2011                                                                                                                                         

Memorial day deserves
special status as a
day of Remembrance
Senator seeks return of
‘Blue Law’ closure for holiday
Op/Ed, submitted by
Senator Robert L. Hedlund

    John A. Logan, famous American general during
the Mexican American War and the father of Memo-
rial Day, once said, “Let no vandalism of avarice or
neglect, no ravages of time, testify to the present or
to the coming generations, that we have forgotten, as
a people, the cost of a free and undivided Republic.”
    To honor the soldiers and their sacrifice, the first
Memorial Day, then called Decoration Day, was con-
ducted in 1868 on May 30, chosen because it was not
the day of a battle during the Civil War.
    These first Memorial Days, both in the North

                                                                                                       LetteRS to tHe editoR
and South, by all historical accounts were somber
occasions for families and friends to remember their
loved ones. Services were simple and the theme of the
day was remembrance. May 30 was chosen because                              Teach your children well…                                                of residents who live here but are not “true townies.”
it retained significance as a day of peace during the                                                                                                    I pay the town my taxes, vote in local elections,
bloodiest conflict in American history.                                     To the Editor:                                                           attend town meeting, get involved in town issues. I
    This all changed on June 7, 1968, when the federal                          This week, Memorial Day honors those who sac-                        participate in local events, shop local business, utilize
government passed the Uniform Holidays Bill, which                          rificed all. Please attend a remembrance event or visit                  local services, and support local townspeople, in good
moved three holidays from their traditional dates to a                      a cemetery with our children so they learn freedom                       times and bad. And, and, when I am out and about in
specified Monday, creating a three-day weekend for each.                    isn’t free.                                                              the rest of the poor unfortunate world that is not this
    Memorial Day was one of them, and was moved                                 Thank you to patriotic Americans and local media                     beautiful seven-mile stretch of Hull, I enthusiastically
from the traditional May 30, a date of importance, to                       covering these events.                                                   brag about and defend our town. I invite and encourage
the last Monday in May. This was the beginning of                                                                 Anthony O’Brien                    people to move here.
the end for the traditional Memorial Day as a day of                                              Lieut. Cdr., US Navy Seals (Ret.)                      What about me then is not a townie?! If we all
remembrance.                                                                                                                                         gave as much effort to the issues facing our town as
    As the VFW said in a 2002 Memorial Day address,                           [Mr. O’Brien is a Plymouth County commissioner.                        we give opinions to this “townie” debate, we could
“Changing the date merely to create three-day week-                         –Ed.]                                                                    – all together, townie and transplant alike – salvage
ends has undermined the very meaning of the day. No                                                                                                  our special community and make the most of all it
doubt, this has contributed a lot to the general public’s                                                                                            has to offer.
nonchalant observance of Memorial Day.”                                     noT all ‘Townies’ were born in hull…                                                                                 Thank you,
    I could not agree with the VFW’s categorization of                                                                                                                Bree Brasil, proud townie since 2001
Memorial Day more strongly. A day once reserved for
                                                                            To the Editor:
tradition and honor, for the linking of generations, has
                                                                                “So, are you from Hull?”
over time been corrupted so as to dilute the significance                                                                                            Trash Tells      iTs own Tale , leaves iTs own
                                                                                Careful. The answer to that question sums up your
of the Memorial Day holiday. A three-day weekend
                                                                            entire character for some residents here.                                Trail…
harkening the start of summer, barbeques, and special
sale promotions at the mall all compete for the attention                       During the course of the recent campaign and
                                                                            election, I came to the realization that this distinction                To the Editor:
of our citizenry for the meaning of the day.
                                                                            is the new divide. More importantly, and much more                           I live on James Ave. and every now and then, when
    For this reason I have co-sponsored Senate Bill
1826, reinstituting our old Blue Law closure for Me-                        sadly, the line between born/raised here and moved                       the trash at the end of the street builds up, I grab some
morial Day only. As politicians and elected officials,                      here is no longer just a line, but rather a gap that is                  Riddle’s plastic bags – [See? I’m recycling.] – and do
we often invoke the specter of remembrance for our                          growing bigger, wider, and deeper.                                       a quick cleanup. Other people also pick up trash there.
war dead and their families; we say how important it                            Last spring, my husband and I embarked on buy-                       It’s pretty much always the same kind of trash and is
is to remember their sacrifices to honor their service.                     ing a new house. I had lived here nine years already                     an interesting snapshot of the drug culture among our
    We then conclude our speeches, and the few who                          and my husband had lived here 35 years, raised here                      young adults.
attend these ceremonies leave, and Memorial Day is                          ’though not born here, a technicality for some.                              Today – Thursday, May 19 – I found some new
over, to be forgotten for another year.                                         After much searching – of towns, neighborhoods,                      items that I haven’t seen before. There are always
    That is not the ceremony I want for those who                           homes, but mostly, of our souls - we made the defini-                    the flavored cigar wrappers [mostly grape] with the
have made the ultimate sacrifice for my freedom.                            tive decision to stay here in Hull. Not because we had                   tobacco pulled out and put into a plastic bag [usually
This Memorial Day, please remember General John                             found the perfect house, that came later, but regardless                 from Cumby’s]. These are unrolled and used to make
A. Logan and all the men and women who, in the                              of the town’s economy, the problems and progress in                      blunts, a joint with a nicotine rush. There were prob-
service of their country, gave their lives.                                 the schools, the positives and negatives of town gov-                    ably 20 of these wrappers.
    Remember what this day used to be about, not                            ernment, we decided that our hearts belonged in Hull.                        Today, something new: Zig-Zag wraps, Purple
what it has become.                                                             We chose to stay here, buy a home here, and raise                    Thunder, “roll your own cigar.” Why waste good to-
                                                                            our family here. Therefore, I take great offense when                    bacco when you don’t use it, anyway? Zig-Zag sees
  [Hull is one of eight towns in Republican Robert                          those on the other side of the line, during the recent                   a market opportunity.
Hedlund’s state Senate district.] ∞                                         months especially, question the hearts and loyalties                         There was also a large empty can of butane fuel and
                                                                                                                                                     an empty bag of balloons [?]. Food for thought there.
                                                                                                                                                         Then there are the plastic drink bottles, usually
                                                                                                                                                     about pint size, with a hole or two burned into one
                                                                           Publisher: Susan Ovans                                                    end. These are used as a pipe to smoke said herb. The
                                                                           Business Manager: Roger Jackson                                           hole is always burned into the end, never cut into it.
                                                                           Typesetting & Design: Cheryl Killion                                      I found three of these. Also several of the very small
               Founded June 26, 1930                                       Cartoonist: Peter Menice                                                  Ziplocs bags, some with a bit of herb still inside. A
                                                                           Reporters & Contributors: Taggart Coppins,                                good party always needs some alcohol and cigarettes
   412 Nantasket Avenue, Hull, MA 02045
                                                                           John Galluzzo, Catherine Goldhammer,                                      and there was the 18 pack or so of Keystone Lights,
     781-925-9266 • FAX: 781-925-0336                                      Christopher Haraden, Skip Tull, Lucy Wightman                             four empty packs of Marlboros, and one empty pack or                                                                                                      of Newport Lights. Also energy drink cans, food trash
                                                  “FRom shadows and symbols into the tRuth”                               [McDonald’s], and lots of Styrofoam, napkins, etc.
                                                                                                                                                         I don’t have a problem with people smoking a little
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                                                                                                                                                                                         Continued on page 11                                                                                                             THE HULL TIMES, Thursday, May 26, 2011 3

            tHe week
    And the disks just keep on coming. Plastic disks
from a sewage plant in Hooksett, New Hampshire
were found on Nantasket Beach this week.
    Officials estimate that between 4 and 8 million
two-inch disks that are used in some wastewater treat-                                                                                         wiRed – Volunteers
ment plants to encourage growth of bacteria that feeds                                                                                         collected electronics for
on waste were washed into the Merrimack River in                                                                                               recycling as a fundraiser
March and have made their way south.                                                                                                           for the Boosters last
                                                                                                                                               Saturday. [L to R] Anna
    The disks were a part of a sewage overflow that
                                                                                                                                               Karski, Greg Grey, Jacen
occurred on Mar. 6 due to malfunctions after a heavy
                                                                                                                                               Kurciviez, Calvin Karski,
rainstorm. Disks have been found along the Mer-                                                                                                Peter Boretti… [Roger
rimack River and on the beaches of New Hampshire                                                                                               Jackson photo]
and Massachusetts.
    “As I was leaving the beach I saw one,” said Malta
St. resident Mary Wyman in alerting the Times over
the weekend. “I walked a few feet and saw another,
then another… ”
    It is estimated that as many as 8 million disks James Richardson VFW Post and a member of the County Mosquito Control Project has begun taking
were released from the plant. They have been found town’s War Memorial Commission, all residents are resident requests for spraying. Call 781 585-5450or
on the beaches of Revere, Beverly, Nahant, and many invited to march in the parade and attend any and all fax 781 582-1276.
other communities. The disks have been tested by the Memorial Day ceremonies.                                        County staff reminds residents, however, that they
Mass. Department of Environmental Protection and              Volunteers will place American flags on graves at   play an important role in controlling mosquitoes, par-
have been found negative for e. coli and other harmful the Hull Cemetery on Saturday from 10 a.m. to noon. ticularly after this particularly wet spring. Remember
bacteria, although officials are asking people not to Residents are invited to help with that effort and flags the 3Ds of protection:
touch the disks without gloves.                           will be available for those who wish to place one on       Drain: All mosquitoes require water in which to
    According to The Boston Globe, the city of family graves. If it rains on Saturday, graves will be breed. Be sure to drain any standing water around
                            Hooksett has assumed full decorated on Sunday morning, Coggins said.                  your house.
                            financial responsibility for      At 2 p.m. Monday, the Leonard Hersch Memorial          Dress: Wear light colored, loose-fitting clothing.
                            the overflow and can be Concert Series kicks off at the Bernie King Pavilion on Some mosquito species are attracted to dark clothing
                            billed for cleanup by af- Nantasket Beach with Four Guys in Tuxes. The concert and some can bite through tight-fitting clothes. When
                            fected communities.           is free. The weekly concert series begins on July 4.    practical, wear long sleeves and pants.
                                Hull’s Public Health                                                                 Defend: Choose a mosquito repellent that has been
                            Director Joyce Sullivan           Board of Health raises fees. The Hull Board of registered by the Environmental Protection Agency.
said Wednesday that disks have been found along Health recently voted to raise fees to inspect rental Registered products have been reviewed, approved,
the beach, some at the DCR as high as the walkway units in advance of issuing a Certificate of Occupancy, and pose minimal risk for human safety. Wash
behind the bathhouse, and they continue coming in which must be renewed yearly. The new fee is $60 repellent-treated skin after coming indoors.
sporadically, usually after a storm or on an especially per unit. If reinspection is necessary, the fee is $35       Please visit to find
high tide.                                                per visit.                                              detailed information and links designed to provide you
     “We’re asking people to just look at them as any                                                             with the best and most current information on repellents.
other debris on the beach,” Sullivan said, if people          Health Department issues trash reminder. The
are inclined to pick them up and dispose of them. –       town’s health department is trying to enlist residents’    Grad Night volunteers needed. Hull High is look-
                                       Taggart Coppins aid in keeping trash under control. 11:59 AM Page 9the ing for adult chaperones for Grad Night on Saturday,
                                            2011., Music, Merriment 5/19/11 According to
                                                          town’s bylaws, all property owners must provide Jun. 4. Many adults are needed to help at this fun and
    Memorial Day observances. Hull observes Me- tenants with watertight, rodent-proof trashcans with exciting overnight event for the graduating class of
morial Day with a parade that will step off from the fitted lids. Plastic bags are not suitable for trash storage 2011. You may volunteer for as little as an hour or
high school at 9:30 a.m. Marchers will convene at outside. Garbage and rubbish cannot be placed at the stay the entire night – 10 p.m. to 6 a.m.
the Village Cemetery’s Gold Star Mothers’ Memo- curb any earlier than the morning of collection day.                 To volunteer, please call Sharon Striglio at 781
rial for the annual commemoration ceremonies. This            Mosquito control begins with you. The Plymouth 925-1151 or email ∞
year’s featured speaker is Gen. Richard I. Neal, a
Hull native who retired from the Marine Corps as its                                                Short Stays Available
assistant commandant. After the ceremony, the town

                                                                lth Happiness
will dedicate four public spaces to honor the memory

and services of four now deceased residents:
    • A marker will be placed at Packard and Nantasket
avenues in recognition of Patrick Conneely, a decorat-
ed Marine Corps veteran who served in Desert Storm.
    • The Green Hill Playground will be renamed for
Joseph Patrick Dunn, a Navy lieutenant and pilot who
was shot down by the Chinese en route to an aircraft
carrier stationed in the Gulf of Tonkin in 1968, during                                                                      That’s Living!
the Vietnam War. Dunn was later promoted to com-
mander, and is still listed as missing in action.
    • A marker will be placed at Cross St. in memory                                                                            Allerton House
of Marine Corps Capt. John J. Kinnear, who served
in World War II, Korea, and Vietnam. Kinnear was                                                                            Assisted Living Communities
also a special education teacher in Hull for 15 years.                                                                                   DUXBURY
    • A marker will be placed on Main St. in honor of                                                                                 781-585-7136
Merrill F. Noddin, a Bronze Star and Purple Heart
recipient who lost his arm as the result of a combat                                                                                     HINGHAM
wound during World War II.                                                                                                            781-749-3322
    According to John Coggins, commander of the
   HuLL YoutH FootbaLL aSSociation                                                                                                    866-939-1070
     FaLL RegiStRation                                                                                                        (Including Memory Care)
  Saturday, June 11 & June 18, 10 – noon                                                                                                   QUINCY
            at the Scout Building                                                                                                      617-471-2600
    next to the Kenberma Playground.                                • Enjoy Fine Dining
  Registration also available through Pay-                                                                                               WEYMOUTH
                                                                    • Beautiful Rental Apartments
        Pal on the HYFA website at                                                                                                     781-335-8666                                       • Activities & Fitness Programs
  Save $$$ by registering in ad-                                    • Personal Care Services
       vance. Questions?
       Call Bob Cambra at                         
          781 925-4859
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4 THE HULL TIMES, Thursday, May 26, 2011                                                                                                   
                                                                                                          School in Norwell.
                                                                                   • HYFA’s next board meeting will be             To register for the tournament and/or
                                                                                   held on Thursday, June 9 at Memorial         the dinner and auction, or to learn more
                                                                                   School, 81 Central Ave., at 6:30 p.m.        about sponsorship or auction item dona-
                                                                                       Soccer Cookout. Hull United Youth        tion opportunities, please visit: www.
                                                                                   Soccer’s year-end cookout takes place,
                                                                                   Monday, Jun. 6 at 5 p.m. at the Dustbowl.    or contact Kerry Benjamin at Kbenja-
                                                                                   Hamburgers, hotdogs, and chips will or 781 706-3454. ∞
                                                                                   be served. Dessert and side dishes are
                                                                                   welcome, but keep in mind that there’ll
                                                                                   be no utensils. Registration for the fall/
                                                                                                                                Money available
                                                                                   spring season will be held. Bring your       for housing aid
                                                                                                                                   Interfaith Social Services has re-
                                                                                       Drive Fore the Future. South Shore
                                                                                                                                ceived $50,000 from the Mass. Attorney
                                                                                   Charter Educational Foundation’s Golf
                                                                                   & Auction Committee is accepting reg-        General’s Office to help foreclosed
                                                                                   istration for the annual “Drive Fore the     families finance new housing. Eligible
                                                                                   Future” golf tournament and auction on       applicants receive a onetime award to
                                                                                   Friday, Jun. 10, at South Shore Country      help with security deposits, as well
                                                                                   Club, Hingham. The day begins at noon        as first and last month’s rent. Other
                                                                                   with registration, followed by a 1 p.m.      moving-related expenses may also be
                                                                                   shotgun start. Cocktails, dinner, live and   covered. Awards are subject to the ap-
                                                                                   silent auctions will follow the play, be-    proval of the Attorney General’s office.
                                                                                   ginning at 5:30 p.m. After-dinner enter-        For more information and an appli-
                                                                                   tainment will be provided by the Aldous      cation form, contact Interfaith Social
Congratulations to Notre Dame Academy sophomore Clara King [L] and her                                                          Services, 617 773-6203, and ask for
                                                                                   Collins Band. Proceeds will benefit the
teammates, who recently ran the 4x400 race at the Penn Relays at the University
                                                                                   students of South Shore Charter Public       foreclosure assistance. ∞
of Pennsylvania. The Penn Relays is the largest track and field competition in the
US, attracting more than 15,000 participants from top high schools, colleges, and
track clubs. The NDA girls ran their fastest time for the season. Clara was also
named Catholic Conference League All Star for the cross-country season.

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                                          tions should call Bob Cambra at 781

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At the Library | by Catherine Goldhammer

By Catherine Goldhammer

    Welcome to “At the Library,” a regular column
in which we keep you up to speed on new materials,
special events, and library news.
    We’re on summer schedule: Summer hours at
the library are as follows: Monday: 12-8. Tuesday
& Wednesday: 9-5. Thursday: 12-8. Friday: Closed.
Saturday: 9-2. Sunday: Closed.
    We will also be closed Friday through Monday on
all summer holiday weekends: Memorial Day, Fourth
of July, and Labor Day.
    the bathhouse lectures. On Tuesday, Jun. 14, at
7:30 p.m., Anthony M. Sammarco will present a slide
show and lecture called “Howard Johnson: 28 Fla-
vors” about Howard Johnson and his “roadside empire
of orange-roofed restaurants” that once stretched from
Maine to Florida along almost every major road of the
U.S. Eastern seaboard. The event is presented by the Follow the yellow bRick Road – The cast photo for last weekend’s production of The Wizard of Oz, presented
Friends of the Hull Public Library, the DCR, and the by Hull Park & Rec, in conjunction with Eye Candy Productions… [Photo use courtesy of Harvey Jacobvitz]
Hull Lifesaving Museum. It is free to the public and
coffee and refreshments will be served.                  tion, by Malka Dubrawsky; A Jane Austen Education, it’s worth doing. Go to, enter your library
    New books here and on the way. We have new by William Deresiewicz; The Tao of Travel, by Paul card number in the box at the top of the screen, and
books and DVDs on the shelves and many more on Theroux; She Walks in Beauty: A Woman’s Journey, use “ocln” as your password [or pin]. After you log
the way. Here are a few new titles.                      Caroline Kennedy; The Greater Journey: Americans in, you will be asked to change your password to one
    Fiction: The Sixth Man, by David Baldacci; Swim in Paris, by David McCullough; Politics and Pasta, by of your choosing. Once you complete this step, you
Back to Me, by Ann Packer; Eve, by Iris Johansen Vincent Cianci; The Heart and the Fist, by Eric Greit- can manage your account online, see what books you
(also in large print); Faith, by Jennifer Haigh; The Red ens; This Life is in Your Hands, by Melissa Coleman. have checked out, what books are overdue, and what
Queen, by Philippa Gregory (also in large print); Say        DVDs: The Green Hornet, Blue Valentine, From you have on hold. You can search the catalog, renew
her Name, by Francisco Goldman; A Day in the Life of Prada to Nada, The Mechanic, The Dilemma, The books, and put books on hold. This is guaranteed to
a Smiling Woman, by Margaret Drabble; 22 Britannia Royal Wedding: William and Catherine, Somewhere, expand your library horizons!
Road, by Amanda Hodgkinson; The Peach Keeper, The Roommate, I am Number Four, Gnomeo and                         At the Library would love to hear from you. Con-
Sarah Addison Allen; Dreams of Joy, by Lisa See.         Juliet, The Other Woman.                             tact us by emailing or by
    Nonfiction: The Brothers Bulger, by Howie Carr;          use the library online! If you haven’t already calling the library at 781 925-2295. ∞
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new principal                                              coordinators in Hanover on a “curriculum mapping
                                                           initiative” for grades 5-12 to “fill gaps and to find
                                                                                                                   for another year as board chairman, Hipp said he be-
                                                                                                                   lieves that the post should rotate annually. But in the
Continued from page 1                                      redundancies in the courses students take,” accord-     absence of any of any other member who wanted the
and parents winnowed a wide field of applicants.           ing to the letter of intent Hrivnak sent to Hull with   job – and the accompanying time commitments the
Tyrell ultimately chose the replacement for previous       his resume.                                             post requires – Peters was cheerfully and unanimously
principal Lynda Feeney, who left the district last year,       In brief remarks at Wednesday’s SchoolCom           reelected to the chair.
when it became clear that she would not be offered a       meeting, Hrivnak said that he “knows that, working          Marianne Harte will again serve as vice chairman,
multi-year contract extension.                             together, we’re going to do great things…”              and David Twombly was elected board secretary. ∞
    Noting that Hrivnak will be next year’s eighth             At the beginning of the meeting, the school board
graders’ third principal in as many years, school com-     reorganized its leadership in the wake of the May 16      HuLL MEN’S SoFtBALL StANDINGS
mittee Chairman Stephanie Peters said parents had          town election, when longtime member Kevin Rich-                   As of this May 23
elicited his promise that he would stay in Hull “for at    ardson was elected to the board of selectmen.            Dunn Roofing                               5-0
least six years.”                                              Eric Hipp was elected to the school committee        Young Guns                                 4-1
    Hrivnak smiled at her, nodded, and repeated “at        and Stephanie Peters was reelected. Neither faced        Red Parrot                                 3-2
least six years.”                                          opposition, but both took time this week to thank the    Bay View Landscaping                       3-2
    Hrivnak earned his bachelor’s in chemistry and         voters who turned out at the polls.                      Barefoot Bob’s                             2-2
professional educator’s certification at the University        Hipp noted that he had garnered 1,088 votes to       Patty’s/Johnny Cupcakes                    1-3
of Pittsburgh, where he achieved a perfect grade point     Peters’ 1,134.                                           Hull House of Pizza                        1-4
average, 4.0, according to his resume.                         “I’d like a rematch in three years,” he told her.    Daddy’s                                    0-5
    He also attained a 4.0 GPA while earning his               When member Kristen Evans nominated Peters
master’s in educational leadership from Bridgewater                                                                            Pick of the litter
State College.                                                                                                                                     This week’s Pick of
    He began his career as a chemist for Bayer Corp.                                                                                            the Litter is Jimmy, a
in Pittsburgh and taught chemistry at Marshfield High                                                                                           handsome, 2-year-old
School before moving into school administration at                                                                                              gentleman. He is a
Hanover High in 2005.                                                                                                                           domestic, short hair,
                                                                                                                                                gray and white dar-
    Currently, Hrivnak is working with middle school
                                                                                                                     ling. He adores people but is on the shy side
                                                                                                                     when it come to other cats. He might be the
     suburban                                                                                                        perfect companion for someone desiring just
                                                                                                                     one cat. He is a friendly fellow and quite gre-
   lumberjacks                                                                                                       garious. He’s up to date on all his shots and
                                                                                                                     definitely ready for his “forever home.”
  a fuLL-SerViCe Tree CoMPany                                                                                            You can check him out further, and our
            family owned and operated                                                                                other felines at our web-site, We
                                                                                                                     have open hours on Saturday from 2-3 and
    specializing in the removal of                                                                                   Monday from 6:30-7:30. If these hours aren’t
     large and hazardous trees                                                                                       convenient, please call the shelter at 781 925-
                                                                                                                     3121 and leave a message for Judy, the adoption
   planting     • pruning • hedge trimming                                                                               The shelter is located at 50 L St. Mailing
  brush removal       • poison ivy removal                                                                           address is Hull Seaside Animal Rescue, PO Box
                                                                                                                     787, Hull, MA 02045. E-mail,
    ~ Spring Special ~                                                                                                   The shelter offers a low-cost spay/neuter
                                                                                                                     program monthly. If interested, check out our
   Maple Tree reduction                                                                                              website or call Mary at 781 925-3121.
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              781 626-1235                                                                                           many supporters; we couldn’t
                                                                                                                     do it without you.
6 THE HULL TIMES, Thursday, May 26, 2011                                                                                                                           

               poLice Log                                                                                                          male removed. O/Fahey and O/Dunn detailed. At
                                                                                                                                   6:52 L/Shea requests the medics for an evaluation.
                                                                                                                                   Rescue-2 transporting 18-year-old male to Quincy
 Wednesday – Tuesday, May 18-24                                                                                                    Medical Center [QMC]… 7:24 p.m. Bay St. landlord
                                                                                                                                   reports tenants moved out last night and he changed
wednesday, 5/18/11: 1:01 a.m. Nantasket Ave. caller                                                                                the locks. Reported for the record…
reports her neighbor is being held against her will.                                                                               Friday: 12:00 a.m. Berkley Rd. caller requests an
O/Dunn, S/Casagrande, and O/Fahey detailed and                                                                                     officer as her son entered her property and believes
report bringing one male party in custody for domestic                                                                             someone has broken in; same states copper pipe has
assault and battery, attempted murder, assault with                                                                                been removed from the bathroom but is still in the
a dangerous weapon, vandalizing property, and                                                                                      residence. O/Chagnon and O/Lucas detailed. S/Love
intimidating a witness. William Fornell Cuff, 45,                                                                                  also responding. O/Chagnon reports house appears
of Nantasket Ave. was booked by S/Casagrande.                                                                                      to be under construction and cannot determine what
Bail commissioner was contacted and orders no                                                                                      is old and new damage. S/Love reports homeowner
bail. Female was advised of her rights of a 209A                                                                                   needs to respond. Homeowner called and reports
[restraining order] and will come into headquarters to                                                                             she is en route from Cohasset. S/Love requests
apply for one when she is released from the hospital.                                                                              building department be notified that extensive work
Hull medics transported a 47-year-old female to South                                                                              is being done on house with no permits and bldg.
Shore Hospital [SSH]… 2:47 a.m. Repo man reports                                                                                   commissioner should respond in the a.m. S/Love
taking an F St. vehicle… 10:23 a.m. Male reports that                                                                              also requests the board of health be notified and fire
he is having a boat towed off of his family’s property                                                                             dept. notified due to fire hazards. O/Chagnon reports
on Rockland House Rd. and there is some type of                                                                                    owner has shut off lights and secured the house. S/
argument. O/Saunders detailed and reports that there                                                                               Love reports notifying board of health, building
is an issue of who owns the boat and the land, and                                                                                 dept., and Fire C/Breen… 1:56 a.m. Bay St. caller
that they are now not towing the boat because the                                                                                  reports water is coming through her ceiling from the
trailer is unregistered. All parties have been advised                                                                             neighbor’s apartment and can’t get the neighbor to
of their recourses… 10:48 a.m. O/Saunders and O/                       Congressman Bill Keating paid a visit to Hull last          answer the door. O/Chagnon and Hull Fire detailed
Conneely report out trying to serve a warrant on                       week. He’s shown here with Jane Walsh, administra-          and water was shut off. Wiring inspector notified
Bay St. O/Saunders reports that he has the female                      tive assistant to the fire department… [Lucy Wight-         and responding. Dispatch called landlord and was
in custody. theresa M. McGadden, 56, of Bay St.,                       man photo]                                                  unable to reach anyone. S/Love knocked on landlord’s
under arrest and booked by L/Shea on warrants for                                                                                  door with negative results. Resident will attempt to
disturbing the peace, threat to commit a crime, and                    clams back… 9:14 a.m. O/Conneely reports out with           contact landlord in the a.m. Wiring inspector shut off
intimidating a witness. At 11:24 a.m., O/Saunders                      two young children at the side of the road at Malta         power to downstairs apartment… 12:36 p.m. Arrest,
reports transporting the female to Hingham District                    St. who are in their pajamas. Officer further reports       Nantasket Ave., after O/Saunders reports a MV stop.
Court… 1:08 p.m. O/Conneely reports out at the                         locating their mother, who states they snuck out the        Joseph Grainger, 31, of Kenberma St., under arrest
town lot at W St. with boats and trailers in a public                  kitchen door while she was in the shower… 11:29 a.m.        for operating with a suspended license. Passenger
lot. Owner contacted and he said he sold a boat to a                   Detail O/Prouty requests sector car for a female who        taking custody of the vehicle… 2:58 p.m. Packard
Hull resident. O/Conneely located the boat owner,                      is requesting to speak to an officer, P St. at Nantasket    Ave. caller reports that sometime last night someone
who is on Nantucket. He will come to Hull Saturday                     Ave. O/Fahey reports speaking to the female, who            threw a cinderblock at her daughter’s car. O/Galluzzo
to retrieve boats and trailers… 1:45 p.m. Cadish Ave.                  reports that two males were to bring her to a detox         and O/Saunders responded. Officer requests S/Reilly
caller reports that there is a male wearing a green                    facility but dropped her off at a different location.       with the camera. S/Reilly reports photos taken. Vehicle
shirt and jeans by the water at R St. and he is taking                 Officer further reports this was a miscommunication         had been parked on Bay Ave. East… 5:28 p.m. MV
rocks off the beach. Caller called back and states                     between the female and her friend about her going to        accident, George Washington Blvd. No injuries, duty
that she spoke to the male and he put the rocks back                   detox. Female is intoxicated and would not get out          wrecker towed one car. Citation issued for failure to
and an officer isn’t needed… 2:01 p.m. Rockland                        of the car. Rescue 2 reports transporting a 37-year-        stay in marked lanes… 6:03 p.m. Nantasket Rd. caller
House Rd. caller reports two tow trucks trying to                      old female to SSH at 11:57 am…. 2 p.m. Plymouth             reports Ferrell [sic] cats living across the street. Same
take their boat. O/Saunders detailed and reports the                   County requests mutual aid for a fire in Norwell. C/        spoke with S/Forzese, who will get back to her when
boat was towed. Parties advised of recourses… 6:17                     Evans and E-4 dispatched… 4:38 p.m. MV accident,            he obtains more information… 7:18 p.m. Female
p.m. George Washington Blvd. caller reports she has                    Nantasket Ave. at Atlantic Ave. 911 caller reports hit      walk-in requests an emergency 209A against her
power of attorney for plaintiff in a 209A and earlier                  & run with injuries. Cohasset police unit requested         ex-husband, which was granted by the on-call judge.
O/Saunders stood by while one of the defendants took                   to help with traffic at the DCR lot in front of Beach       Defendant was served over the phone at 11:51 and will
his belongings. Caller reports he is still on the property             Fire. At 4:48, L/Shea requests duty wrecker. Hingham        be in to pick up hard copy… 10 p.m. Multiple calls
outside in a vehicle. O/Dunn and O/Fahey detailed. O/                  medics also on scene. Hull ambulance transporting a         on Merrill Rd. reporting a barking dog. O/Angellis
Dunn reports male in custody. Richard Costa, 46, of                    47-year-old female and a 17-year-old female to SSH.         detailed and reports there are three dogs trying to
New York, under arrest on two counts of violation of                   No transport for Hingham ambulance, which is clear          get in. Phone number Hull PD has for the residence
an abuse prevention order [209A]. Bail set at $240…                    for return. Duty wrecker towed both vehicles. One           is disconnected. No one home at this time and the
Thursday: 7:58 a.m. S/Love reports there are people                    operator cited for failure to stop at a stop sign… 6:45     neighbors are upset. Per S/Forzese, day shift will
taking clams from the beach at Fifth St. and to                        p.m. Nantasket Ave. abandoned 911 call. On the call         attempt to inform dog owner about the complaint and
notify the harbormaster. Harbormaster notified and                     back, male stated no one called. Male then put his          get a current phone number… 10:45 p.m. O/Conneely
on scene. Harbormaster spoke to parties to put the                     mother on the phone and she stated that she wanted          and O/Angellis report out, Newport Rd. at Kenberma
                                                                                                                                   St., with a group and three vehicles. A female juvenile,
                                                                                                                                   16, was arrested for disturbing the peace. Two males
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transported home to Newport Rd. and O/Sweeney
spoke with their parents. Bail commissioner set bail
on female at $90 and ordered that she be released only
to a parent. S/Forzese spoke to the father, who is en
route from Everett to take custody of his daughter…
saTurday: 1:01 a.m. O/Lucas reports out with a
disturbance, Nantasket Ave. O/Chagnon and S/
Love responding. O/Lucas reports this was a simple
assault and battery. Both male parties advised of
their recourse and all have been sent on their way. O/
Lucas reports incident happened outside of the bar…
5:08 a.m. Roosevelt Ave. E911 caller reports she has
                                                                                                                                                                             oops – A resident who
a severe migraine and can’t stop vomiting. Rescue 2
                                                                                                                                                                             was trying to launch his
reports transporting a 41-year-old female to SSH…
                                                                                                                                                                             boat at Nantasket Pier
8:51 a.m. Hull Shore Dr. caller reports a large group
                                                                                                                                                                             last week accidentally
of people digging clams on the beach. State Police
                                                                                                                                                                             swamped his truck, too…
notified. Harbormaster called to state this was a
                                                                                                                                                                             [Lucy Wightman photo]
large group of teens. They did not know clamming
wasn’t allowed. The clams have been placed back in
the ocean… 12:21 p.m. State Park Rd. E911 female
screaming her house is on fire. C/Thomas, O/Sweeney,
O/Allen, and S/Reilly responded. E-2 reports this was
a fire in the oven that has been extinguished. Also                              sunday: 2:18 a.m. Repo man reports having an order           and the people who have it won’t give it back. O/
reports elderly male outside in need of oxygen. C/                               for a Beacon Rd. vehicle. No vehicle at residence…           McKenna detailed and reports that the other party
Thomas reports on scene and in command. Command                                  2:21 a.m. Repo order received by fax for an F St.            thought it was her son’s and it has been returned to
terminated, companies clear and returning at 12:30…                              vehicle. Driver called to state he took vehicle from         the caller… 10:54 p.m. Caller reports a silver colored
1:36 p.m. Walk-in to HQ reporting his wife is at her                             C St., not F… 3:01 a.m. O/Lucas and O/Saunders               BMW with dark tinted windows just backed into a
parents’ home and he should have had his son for                                 report checking on vandalism to a vehicle, Bay               parked vehicle and left the area traveling northbound
visitation. Same came to Hull to pick up son and the                             Ave. East. S/Love also responding. O/Lucas reports           up Allerton Hill. O/McKenna dtld. O/Costa checking
wife stated he was sick, but the son is not with her.                            cinderblock thrown through windshield. Owner                 the area. O/McKenna reports the parked vehicle
O/Sweeney detailed to speak with same. O/Sweeny                                  notified… 3:16 a.m. O/Lucas and O/Saunders                   received minor damage to the rear end driver’s side
reports going to the location to check on the son. O/                            report broken windows at the former church. Three            bumper. Officers report negative search north of the
Sweeney reports the son is with his mother. Same                                 windows in front apparently broken by rocks. Property        scene. Dispatch attempted to ntfy the vehicle owner.
advised of recourse through the courts… 3:55 p.m.                                owner notified and will board up the property and is         His phone number is private. O/McKenna left a note
Nantasket Ave. caller requests to speak to an officer.                           requesting added patrols... 9:02 a.m. Bay Ave. East          on his windshield advising him of the incident. He
Same reports a male stole a bag of shrimp yesterday                              caller reports her vehicle was vandalized last night.        later spoke with the operator of the vehicle. She is the
and they have it on tape. S/Forzese reports that he                              O/Mercer and S/Reilly responding with the camera…            vehicle owner’s daughter. She got the note and will
is responding. O/Mahoney also responding. At 4:42                                12:43 p.m. Main St. caller reports a suspicious older        report the incident to her father…
p.m. S/Forzese reports O/Angellis will be handling                               male taking pictures of the children at the Gut. He          Monday: 9:52 a.m. Dispatch saw a male wearing a
and O/Mahoney can disregard. S/Forzese advised                                   then was taking pictures of the kids playing lacrosse.       plaid hooded sweatshirt and carrying a backpack jump
units to stop and hold either suspect and to advise                              O/Allen detailed. O/Sweeney and O/Mercer report              off a boat. O/Galluzzo and O/Saunders detailed and
them of a No Trespass order on behalf of the store. S/                           out with that vehicle on Hull Shore Drive. Officers          report locating the male. O/Saunders reports speaking
Forzese and O/Angellis made contact with the suspect.                            report speaking with operator and he showed them             to the owner of the boat, who states that the male is
A verbal No Trespass order was given. He has until                               the pictures. He was not taking pictures of children,        a temporary employee and his son is letting him stay
Friday, May 27 to make restitution or else officers                              just boats and seagulls. Officers also report he stated      on the boat… 11:59 a.m. Atlantic Ave. resident into
will seek a summons… 4:20 p.m. Atlantic Ave. S/                                  he had a few words with a woman who questioned               headquarters to report a possible coyote den under
Forzese requests O/Mahoney respond to check on a                                 him. Same is an amateur photographer… 5:23 p.m.              his porch. Same further states there is a dead coyote
bald male wearing sweatpants just past Marylou’s.                                Nantasket Ave. caller reports that about a half an hour      under there and he thought there were signs of more
At 4:22, O/Mahoney requests a vehicle to transport                               ago a Penske truck hit the telephone pole and she just       living there. Message left for the trapper to contact the
the male home. O/McKenna reports that the male                                   noticed a wire in her front yard and a big piece of the      resident… 12:35 p.m. A St. resident reports someone
has been turned over to a responsible adult… 5:13                                pole is missing. C/Breen and O/McKenna detailed.             stole some jewelry from her home between the past
p.m. Bates St. caller reports that her ex-boyfriend                              C/Breen reports Hull Light needs to be notified. O/          Tuesday and Saturday. Caller is not home, but will
just dropped their son off and she believes that he is                           McKenna reports there is a big gash at the bottom            call this evening to see an officer when she gets home
driving intoxicated and she would like an officer to                             of the pole. Hull Light and Comcast notified… 7:13           from work… 4:36 p.m. A St. caller is the manager and
check him. O/Mahoney detailed and reports that the                               p.m. State Park Rd. E-911 caller reports she was             reports someone stole money out of the office since
vehicle was parked at the residence and he spoke to                              just assaulted by a co-worker. She declines medical          sometime last night. O/Mahoney detailed… 6:53 p.m.
the male and he seemed fine… 6:09 p.m. Nantasket                                 attention but wishes to speak with an officer. O/Costa       A St. Caller reports someone stole all her jewelry.
Ave. caller reports a heavy-set lady in a red sweatshirt                         detailed. Same spoke with the caller who states that         O/Mahoney detailed and BCI [Bureau of Criminal
was walking her dog when it was attacked by another                              she was punched in the face and put into a headlock.                                              Continued on page 10
dog. The dogowners got into a heated argument and                                She was advised of her rights and recourse and will
now one is following the other. State notified. No units
in town. O/Mahoney detailed. S/Forzese on scene. O/
                                                                                 bring the issue to the attention of the manager. O/Costa
                                                                                 responded to the co-worker’s home address, where
                                                                                 he spoke with her husband. He stated that his wife is             Plumbing • Heating • Gas Fitting
Mahoney spoke with both involved parties. The dog
that was attacked is fine… 6:47 p.m. O/McKenna                                   currently out of town. O/Costa advised him that his           kitchen and bath remodeling, drain Cleaning
reports being flagged down by a boat owner who                                   wife is not welcome back at the establishment… 7:18              “We’re here for all your Plumbing and Heating needs.”
ran aground near Pemberton Pier. A 32-ft. sailboat is                            p.m. Packard Ave. caller reports he needs an officer                    Residential & Commercial
damaged but not taking on water. The owner already                               because he left a long board [surfboard] in the park
contacted the harbormaster about leaving the boat
at the pier. It will not interfere with the commuter                                                                                          Master Plumber                        781-925-2069
boat… 9:18 p.m. Main St. caller reports that, on and                                                                                          Lic. #PL-15528-M                      781-331-5066
off since 3 p.m., there has been a white van with two                                                                                         Fully Insured            
white males driving around the neighborhood very
slowly. Van is possibly an older model Dodge with
out of state plates and a Buffalo Bills sticker on the                                                                                         SunShine Pet Parlor
back. O/McKenna reports speaking to the caller and                                                                                                    Professional Pet Grooming etc…
will be checking the area periodically. O/McKenna                                                                                                   813 nantasket avenue (between S & T Streets)
reports locating the van at the Gut and they have been                                                                                              781-925-8898 •
in the area fishing…
                                                                                                                                                    hull’S only Pet Place!
                                                                                                                                                Professional Grooming (dogs & cats), Doggie Daycare,

                                                                                              781-925-6366                                                     Vacation/Petsitting,
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                                                                                                                                                 $5 Personalized Pet            We do bunnies &
                       Fawn Stevenson                                                                                                           Name Tag (regularly $6)       small furry pets too!
                                                                                  NoW offeriNg reSideNtiAL rubbiSH pickup                        You choose from 4                (please call ahead)
                         781 383-3373                                               Locally owned • Creative Service & Pricing Programs
                                                                                                                  colors & shapes, tags           Pickup & Delivery
                                                                                              division of fM Services, LLc                                                          available
                                                                                                                                                complete in 24 hours!
         dogs, cats, avian, ferrets, pocket pets                                   Dumpster Rentals • Clean Outs • Labor Available                                             $5 either way or $8
 Internal Medicine, Surgical Services, 24-hour Hospitalization, Emergency Care 283B Nantasket Avenue                     MC/Visa accepted          round trip. (Hull only)
8 THE HULL TIMES, Thursday, May 26, 2011                                                                                                                     

            H u L L’S c o M M u n i t Y c a L e n d a R
                  •• The Week Ahead ••
                   saTurday, May 28                                                                                               This season’s cadre of well-known artists is led
tour the tower. The Fort Revere Water Tower will                                                                              by Ros Farbush, Brooks Kelly, and Dassie Abelson,
be open on Saturdays from 1-5 p.m., beginning today.                                                                          as well as many other fine artists overseen by Lenore
The Fort Revere Park & Preservation Society needs                                                                             Schneider, Art on the Avenue’s founder and proprietor.
volunteers to help staff these summer tours. If you                                                                               Ros Farbush, who is 83 and lives in Hull, says
can help, email Rick O’Donnell, president, at rodon-                                                                          that she “has been an artist all of my life.” She works                                                                                                          primarily in acrylics, and says, “I want to record the
Raise the flags. The town will prepare for Memorial                                                                           drama of life.”
Day observances by placing flags on the graves of                                                                                 Farbush is a member of the prestigious Copley
veterans and others at the Hull Village Cemetery from                                               John Lidington photo… Society, the oldest art association in America, where
10 a.m. to noon today. War Memorial Commissioner                                                                              she holds the title of “master painter.” The recipient
John Coggins invites anyone who wishes to place an                                                                            of numerous local and national awards, Farbush has
American flag on family members’ graves, or volun-                                                                            held dozens of solo and juried exhibitions during her
teers who wish to help to come pitch in. If it’s raining                                                                      distinguished career. A medley of her colorful impres-
Saturday, the grave decorating will be done on Sunday.                                                                        sions of the everyday are also exhibited in Mexico,
organic Plant Sale. Get all kinds of seedlings at Hol-                                                                        Boston, throughout New England, and now in Hull’s
ly Hill Farm, 236 Jerusalem Rd., Cohasset, today and                                                                          own Art on the Avenue.
tomorrow from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. each day. Dozens of                                                                               Brooks Kelly works in acrylic and collage, and
varieties of organically grown vegetables, flowers, and                                                                       he has won numerous regional awards with a bold,
herbs for sale, including many heirlooms. Become a                      Dassie Abelson’s take on Art of the Avenue at 1037 colorful style that is often tinged with humor. He
new member of the Friends of Holly Hill Farm, sup-                      Nantasket Ave…                                        is represented in private and corporate collections
port the nonprofit that uses the farm as its outdoor                                                                          nationwide. Kelly’s work has achieved distinction in
classroom, and get a free tomato plant. Find out about                  new artists, gallery                                  numerous South Shore shows and festivals. He too
summer programs for kids ages 3-16. Seed packets for
direct sowing, bags of potting soil and compost, and
                                                                        veterans enliven art of the                           is a Copley Society “master.”
                                                                                                                                  Art on the Avenue has shown Kelly’s work for the
bins for making your own backyard black gold will                       avenue’s 15 season      th
                                                                                                                              past few years and is once again honored to have him
also be sold. The farm stand will open, with asparagus                                                                        exhibit and sell his wonderful work in the gallery.
and other spring treats, and there will be music by                         Art on the Avenue opens its doors this Memorial       Dassie Abelson’s work can be viewed not only in
Ragweed today. For directions and other info, visit                     Day weekend in celebration of its 15th consecutive the gallery, but also a sample of her work is part of                                                  season, allowing many to enjoy fine artwork in a the Art on the Avenue advertisement in this paper.
Charity Yard Sale. A yard sale in support of the                        comfortable home gallery that has a distinctive wa-       She is also a specialist in acrylics and has a creative
Jimmy Fund and Dana Farber cancer research via the                      terfront presence.                                    style with lots of color. This is her first appearance
PMC Kids Ride [Hingham] will run from 9 a.m. to 2                           Art on the Avenue’s hours on summer weekends in the gallery and Schneider said she is excited to be
p.m. today at 152 Spring St., Hull.                                     through Labor Day are 11 a.m.-5 p.m., or by ap- able to introduce locals and visitors to Abelson’s art.
                   Monday, May 30                                       pointment or by chance. There is free admission, free     Art on the Avenue gallery regulars include Schnei-
Before the Parade Passes by. The town’s Memorial                        parking, refreshments, and children are welcome at der’s own painting, photography, and wall sculptures;
Day observances begin at 9:30 a.m., when the annual                     1037 Nantasket Ave., just past the yacht clubs on Bill Smyth, pen and ink, watercolors, and acrylics;
parade steps off from the high school staging area.                     Allerton Harbor.                                      Julie Schmitt Sullivan, watercolors of lighthouses and
Everyone is invited to march in the parade, which ends                      Telephone 781 925-5619 or visit www.lenore- Cape Cod scenes; Ellie Hayes, custom dishware; Ann
at the Hull Cemetery, where the commemoration cer-                                                    Kelly, rug hooking; and Ian Manley, wood turning. ∞
emony takes place. Retired four-star general Richard
“Butch” I. Neal, a Hull native, will be the featured                    8:30 p.m. at Buttonwood Books & Toys, Shaw’s Plaza,       from 10-4 on the lawn of the Hingham Bathing Beach,
speaker. Immediately following the ceremony, the                        Rt.3A, Cohasset. The instructor is Hillary Rettig and     Route 3A. The rain date is Sunday. More than 70
town will dedicate public spaces to honor the service                   the workshop is “How to Overcome Writer’s Block,” a       vendors, food, Rotary Club exhibits. Booth spaces
of four now deceased Hull residents. [See related                       condensation of her six-week Grub Street class, “How      area still available by calling Sheldon Daly at 781
story, this edition.] All are welcome to attend any or                  to Write a Lot.” Attendees will leave with tools and      749-4775.
all of these services.                                                  techniques that will help them become more produc-                            sunday, June 5
Big Band Concert. Hull’s summer season kicks off                        tive. The workshop is suitable for all writers. This      Monthly SHBANA Meeting. SHBANA [Sagamore,
with the grand tradition of a Big Band concert by Four                  is a free event, however, reservations are required.      Hampton, Bay area Neighborhood Association] will
Guys in Tuxes, 2 p.m., at the Bernie King Pavilion                      Please call Buttonwood at 781 383-2665 in advance         hold its monthly meeting at 10 a.m., followed by its
on Nantasket Beach. The Leonard Hersch Memorial                         to reserve.                                               annual neighborhood cleanup. For more information
Concert Series is sponsored by the town of Hull and                     School Concert. The Memorial Middle School Con-           and meeting location, please contact the secretary at
private donations. To contribute, send a check to the                   cert Band, Jazz Band, and Chorus will be performing
Town of Hull and write “concert series” in the memo                     in their Spring Concert at 6:30 p.m. at Hull High                             Monday, June 6
line. Mail to Town Clerk’s Office, 253 Atlantic Ave.,                   School. A dessert reception follows. All welcome.         Achieve Ph Balance. Free seminar at Core Studio
Hull, MA 02045.                                                                         •• Upcoming ••                            291, 291 Nantasket Ave. Studio owner and certified
                   Tuesday, May 31                                                        saTurday, June 4                        Pilates instructor Mary Delmonico will speak on
Grub Street South at Buttonwood. Grub Street                            Spring Barn Sale. Bare Cove Fire Museum, 19 Fort          balancing the body’s alkaline levels through diet,
South, a workshop for writers, will meet from 7 to                      Hill St., Hingham, hosts a Spring Barn Sale from 9        exercise, and lifestyle to create optimal health. Par-
                                                                        a.m. – 2 p.m. Electronics, gas fireplace, books, lamps,   ticipants will receive 2 gallons of alkaline water, reus-
                                                                        vases, CDs, DVDs, pots & pans, glassware, dinner-         able shopping bag, and recipes. Sign up via e-mail at
                                  Visit ten extraordinary artists at:   ware, and more. The venue is located right across the Space is limited.
                                   art on the avenue                    street from the South Shore Country Club.                                     Tuesday, June 7
                                        Lenore Schneider’s
                                                                        Arts & Crafts. The Rotary Club of Hingham and             Coffee with the Authors. Buttonwood Books &
                                      Gallery & Open Studios
                                      1037 Nantasket Avenue             Hull will hold its 22nd annual Arts and Crafts Fair       Toys will host its semi-annual event “Coffee with
                                          Hull, MA 02045                                                                          the Authors” from 9:45 – 11:30 a.m. at the Atlantica
                                Open Summer Weekends 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.                                                             Restaurant in Cohasset. Enjoy a continental breakfast
                                 Or by appointment or by chance                                                                   while three contemporary authors discuss their latest
                                                                                                works. Reservations and tickets [$16 per person] are
Painting by Dassie Abelson                781-925-5619                       The Gun Rock House                                   required. Please call Buttonwood at 781 383-2665 to
  Drawings, Paintings, Photography, Wall Sculptures, Hooked Rugs,                     175 Atlantic Avenue                         reserve or for more information. ∞
              Dishware, Wood Turnings, Prints, Cards
                                                                                          781 925-8692

         fieLd of fLagS                                                  The Gun Rock House is proud to announce
                                                                                                                                   Thank you to all for your support
                       June 4 – June 14                                                                                            of my candidacy for Selectman.
                                                                         that Simply Smith’s Catering and Event
                             presented by                                Planning, Inc. is on board and has intro-                 We’re not done yet. Watch for
        The Paragon Carousel &                                           duced a delicious new menu. We are open                   details of our upcoming webpage.
  george Washington Toma TV & appliance                                  7 days a week and serve dinner as well as a                                       Sincerely,
     Sign uP for fieLd of fLagS                                          late night menu. Beginning Friday, May 27,
                                                                         we will be serving lunches at noon. Delivery                                   Joe Mahoney
   ouTSide riddLe’S THiS Weekend                                         available Thursday through Saturday from
 Visit for details                               5:30-9:30 p.m.                                            Pol ad. paid for by Joseph Mahoney, Shore Garden Road                                                                                                                    THE HULL TIMES, Thursday, May 26, 2011 9

Selectmen                                     ardson read correspondence from David
                                              K. Clinton, commander of the U.S. Coast
                                                                                            business misses today’s deadline [town
                                                                                            hall is closed on Friday], license holders
Continued from page 1                         Guard, Division 12, stating that May          can make arrangements with him.
                                              21-27 is National Safe Boating Week,              • All agreed that the wind seminar
sight of Harbormaster Kurt Bornheim.          and encouraging South Shore towns to          held on May 12 was a great success and
Bornheim was the first department head        join in. A particular focus of the week       opened several promising dialogs and
to report to the board of selectmen under     is the “Wear It!” campaign, educating         created a lot of momentum. Over 100
Chairman Reilly’s new schedule.               boaters on the importance of wearing a        people attended, including representa-
     The town of Hull has six mooring         life jacket.                                  tives from the government, academia,
fields, five town piers, 13 floats, three          According to the letter, “In 2009, the   and the private sector.
boat ramps, one commuter boat float,          Coast Guard counted 4730 accidents                • A letter of application from David
and is responsible for 13,000 acres of        that involved 736 deaths, 3358 injuries,      Irwin for the government study com-
water. [In comparison, Hingham has one        and approximately $36 million dollars         mittee was read. Brannan recommended
town pier, three floats, and 3,000 acres      of damage to property as a result of          that the selectmen come up with criteria
of water.]                                    recreational boating accidents. Almost        for the StudyCom and issues for the
    Hull’s waters include the ocean sur-      three-fourths of all fatal boating accident   committee to review. More applicants
rounding Hull, around Peddocks Island,        victims drowned, and of those, eighty-        are needed before the committee can
around Point Allerton, and up to the          four percent were not reported as wear-       begin work.
Cohasset line, extending three miles out.     ing a life jacket. A life jacket is one of        • Brannan also suggested that the
    The town maintains one patrol boat        the most effective and simple life-saving     selectmen form a committee to put the
that is on the water several hours a day      strategies for safe boating.”                 town’s bylaws on the website.
through Dec. 1. It is available for emer-          The selectmen voted to make May              • Parking stickers have been ordered       two too [oR tutu] cute –Joan Co-
gencies 24 hours a day.                       21-27 Boating Safety Week for Hull.           and should be on sale the first or second      gliano and Lily Putnam Resnick
    “We go whenever they call,” said               In another matter related to water,      week of June.                                  performed in the South Shore Ballet
Bornheim.                                     the kind that comes to us through our             • Richardson announced that volun-         Theatre’s production of Alice in Won-
    Approximately 800 boats are moored        water pipes, the selectmen discussed          teers were invited to meet at the base of      derland on May 15…
and slipped in town, about twice as many      Aquarion’s recent rate increase request.      the cemetery at 10 a.m. on Saturday to
as six years ago. The mooring fee is $5       Reilly suggested a plan of action, the        join veterans and members of the Boy          near The Red Parrot on June 4. This is
per foot, and is the same for residents and   “opening salvo” of which would be a let-      Scouts in putting new flags on the graves     a fundraiser named for Boston Police
non-residents. Bornheim stated that he        ter from the board of selectmen express-      in preparation for the town’s Memorial        Officer and Hull resident Sergeant Bob
has a 95-percent collection rate on fees      ing its “shock and dismay that they have      Day commemoration Monday. In case             Guiney, who died of cancer in 2004. The
over the past four years. He said that the    the nerve to pursue a 25-percent rate         of rain, grave decoration will be done        event starts at 11 a.m. at the high school.
last fee increase was six years ago and       increase” in one of the worst economies       on Sunday instead of Saturday.                It draws around 200 motorcycle officers
that he will be asking for an increase        in recent memory.                                 • Rhoda Kanet, chairman of the            from all around the state.
after this year’s boating season.                  Reilly further suggested approaching     Hull Beach Management Committee,                   The selectmen then voted to go into
    According to Bornheim, there is           town officials in Hingham and Cohasset        announced that beach cleanups will be         closed session to discuss the water case,
room to moor about 75 more boats in           to “join us in a united fight.”               held on the first Saturday of the month,      the DCR property, and a personnel mat-
Hull.                                              According to Lampke, the cost of         starting in July.                             ter.
    The town also maintains a “pump-out       fighting the last increase was about              • The selectmen voted to allow per-            The next meeting of the board of
boat” that empties the waste tanks of         $20,000 per town.                             mission for the Sgt. Guiney Motorcycle        selectmen will be held on Tuesday,
moored and slipped boats. This means               Lemnios said that Aquarion’s “ra-        Run to use the triangular parking lot         June 7. ∞
that boaters are less likely to empty their   tionales seem to be relatively thin and
tanks in the harbor. He described the         contrived and the impact is very, very
“orange flag” system by which boaters         significant.” He noted that in the past,
can signal the pump-out boat to empty         Hull, Hingham, and Cohasset have
their septic storage tanks whether they       fought “strenuously” and were success-
are present on the boat or not.               ful in decreasing the amount of the rate
    Bornheim said that Hull’s orange          hikes.
flag system has spread to other com-               Reilly called for public outcry in
munities as well. The pump-out boat is        the form of a letter-writing campaign
operated under a grant from the Division      to senators, congressmen, and the gov-
of Marine Fisheries and there is no cost      ernor. “He [Gov. Deval Patrick] has
to boaters.                                   to know it’s hurting the people of this                                      Manet Caring for the
                                              town,” he said.
    In addition to his duties as harbor-
master, Bornheim is also the shellfish             Reilly also brought up the possibility
constable. He reported that three flats       of banding with Hingham and Cohasset                                         Jennifer F. Sabir, MD, who joined Manet in 2005,
have already been seeded and “predator        to purchase Aquarion and forming a                                           is Lead Physician at the Hull location. Jennifer
nets” put in place to keep green crabs        regional water authority, or seeing if the                                   provides adult, pediatric and prenatal care.
from eating the seed clams. The nets will     Mass. Water Resources Authority would
remain in place for about two months          purchase it. “It’s worth talking about,”                                     Harjot Thakral, MD, who joined Manet in 2010, is
                                              he said. Reilly pointed out that Aquarion                                    Board Certified in Family Medicine. Harjot sees
until the seed “sets in.” Bornheim is
                                              is owned by an Australian conglomerate                                       patients of all ages at our Hull location.
applying for another seeding grant and
plans to seed more flats in July. In three    and is a for-profit company.
                                                                                                                           Please call 781.925.4550 to schedule an
years, 900,000 clam seeds have been                “There has to be something to put an
                                                                                                   Jennifer F. Sabir, MD   appointment
planted and the department has received       end to this,” he said.                                 Lead Physician
about $15,000 a year from the Division             Lemnios said that the town will put a                                   Hull
of Marine Fisheries.                          “Fight the Rate” link on the town website                                    180 George Washington Blvd
    Bornheim reported that the dredging       with contact information for senators,                                       Hull, MA
at Nantasket Pier continues and that a        congressmen, and the governor. There                                         Phone: (781) 925-4550
sediment sample is now with the Army          will also be information about the pro-
Corps of Engineers. He noted that the         posed hike and its impact on the town.                                       Open 6 days a week including Wednesday
regulations for offshore disposal of sedi-         “The way this company is operating                                      evenings and Saturdays
ment are more stringent than they have        in one of the most dire fiscal periods in
been in the past.                             most of our lifetimes is ridiculous,” said                                   Hough’s Neck                   Chúng tôi nói tiếng việt

                                              Lemnios.                                                                     Phone: (617) 471 8683
    The Hull Harbormaster Department
                                                   In a round-up of other business                 Harjot Thakral, MD
is involved in several upcoming events                                                                                     North Quincy
                                              Tuesday:                                           Accepting New Patients
this summer and fall, including Swim                                                                                       Phone: (617) 376 3000
across America, Paddles for Poverty,               • The selectmen voted to approve                                        Manet at
the Hull Lifesaving Museum’s Harbor           an alcohol serving time of 10 a.m. on               Our commitment is        Quincy Medical Center
Illumination, the Nantasket Triathlon,        Sundays, Memorial Day, and Christ-                  to provide, quality,     Phone: (857) 403 0820
and the Head of the Weir rowing race.         mas day, for establishments with liquor            accessible health care Snug Harbor
    In addition, Bornheim recently grad-      licenses. Affected businesses have to                                     Phone: (617) 471 4715
                                                                                                         for all.
uated 28 students from the town’s fourth      fill out a form at town hall in order to
Safe Boating Class. Students ranged in        begin serving at that hour. A notice has   
age from 12 to 70, and came from Hull,        been sent to license holders that they
Quincy, Weymouth, Scituate, and other         have until today [Thursday] to submit
area towns.                                   the form in order to have approval for
    In a related matter, Selectman Rich-      Memorial Day. Lampke said that if a                                The Right Care – The Right Time – The Right Place
10 THE HULL TIMES, Thursday, May 26, 2011                                                                                                    

            woRSHip                                         At Congregation Sha’Aray Shalom, Hingham.
                                                        1112 Main St. Hingham. Telephone 781 749-8103,
                                                                                                                   a variety of special programs during the week. All are
                                                                                                                   welcome to worship God at St. Stephen’s!
                                                        or visit Denomination: Reform                 This Sunday, at 11:30 a.m., St, Stephen’s continues
                                                        Jewish. Rabbi Shira Joseph, Cantor Steven Weiss.           its series “Signs of Resurrection Life,” which brings
                                                        Services: Friday evenings, 7:30 p.m. Saturdays,            in speakers from local organizations that the church
    this week, at St. Mary of the Assumption Par-       10:30 a.m.                                                 supports through its outreach programs. This Sunday,
ish. Catholics in Hull worship at St. Ann’s Church, 208     Office closed Monday in observance of Memorial         members welcome Jim Graham, a member of the
Samoset Ave. The Rev. Joseph Mazzone is the pastor.     Day.                                                       board of the St. Boniface Haiti Foundation who is just
Weekday Mass, Monday through Saturday, is at 9 a.m.         Upcoming Events in June:                               back from a trip to Haiti. All welcome!
Saturday Vigil Mass, 4:30 p.m. Sunday Masses, 7, 9,         Friday, Jun. 3 at 5:15 p.m. Early bird Shabbat             Sunday services of Holy Communion begin at 8
11 a.m. Telephone: 781 925-0680.                        dinner, members $7 per adult, $5 per child, or $20         a.m. and 10 a.m. Also on Sunday mornings, the Godly
    At St. Nicholas united Methodist Church. St.        per family. $10 per adult, $6 per child, non-member.       Play children’s program and R.O.X. JV [middle school
Nicholas United Methodist Church is an open and             6 p.m. Early bird Shabbat service with birthday        youth program] meet at 10. R.O.X. [senior high youth
affirming Reconciling Congregation where all are        blessings.                                                 program] meets at 11:30.
welcome. The church is located at 130 Spring St. in         7:30 p.m. Shabbat evening service with birthday            AA now meets four times a week at St. Stephen’s:
Hull Village. Questions can be directed to the church   blessings.                                                 Sundays at 7 p.m., there is a closed Big Book study.
at 781 925-9101.                                            Saturday, Jun 4 at 10:30 a.m. Shabbat morning          Tuesdays there is a women’s step meeting at 6:30
    All are invited to worship service at 10 a.m. every service.                                                   p.m. and a closed discussion meeting at 8 p.m. Fri-
Sunday. This week, those in worship will celebrate          At St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, Cohasset. St.       days at 6:30 p.m., there is a beginner’s meeting. All
God’s intimate presence in their lives. The sermon      Stephen’s Episcopal Church is an inclusive, Christ-        meetings take place in the Watermelon Room at the
is entitled “An Unknown God” and will honor the         centered community committed to exploring the inter-       church office.
truth that, even though we may not know it, God is      section of faith and daily life. You are invited to join       Please call the church office at 781 383-1083 or
within us. As always, childcare is available for the    in this exploration on Sunday mornings and through         visit for more information. ∞
very young, although children are also welcome to

                                                        police log
participate in the entire service. Congregants will
also celebrate Holy Communion, an experience that is
open to all who are seeking deeper communion with Continued from page 7                                            for minor in possession of alcohol. Bail set at $40…
God and creation.                                                                                                  10:03 p.m. Kingsley Rd. caller called dispatch with
    Please note that St. Nicholas offers gluten-free Investigation] notified and responding… 7:45 p.m.             numerous complaints with regard to her ex-husband
“bread” and always serve non-alcoholic juice for the Bay Ave. East E911 caller was unreadable then                 sending her harassing text messages and her previous
common cup. Worship is followed by a time of fel- disconnected. Yelling in the background. No answer               call today. Caller states she feels her complaints have
lowship in the church hall.                             on call back. O/Costa and O/Mahoney detailed. S/           not been addressed appropriately. S/Casagrande and
    Although Monday is Memorial Day, there will Casagrande also responding. O/Costa reports an                     O/Fahey detailed. O/Fahey reports he will be coming
be bible study on at 7 p.m. at Gould Hall, which will altercation between a male and his son-in-law…               into headquarters to get paperwork for an emergency
focus on chapters 9 and 10 of Paul’s First Letter to Tuesday: 8:35 a.m. Minor accident, A St. at Central           209A. O/Fahey further reports female did not appear
the Corinthians. If time permits, members will also Ave. O/Costa detailed and requests that S/Shea                 to be in fear and she has changed her mind in obtaining
read the first verse of Chapter 11.                     respond with the camera… 8:36 a.m. Central Fire            a 209A. Caller believes her ex-husband is listening to a
    The church is collecting non-food items for Well- reports a male at the location urinating in the bushes       scanner and she requests added patrols overnight… ∞
spring [soap, paper goods, personal care items, etc.] and he appears to be confused. Engine 1 and Rescue
If you are able, please bring a donation.               2 dispatched. Rescue 2 reports unable to locate the
    At temple Beth Sholom. Temple Beth Sholom, male… 11:46 a.m. Duck Lane caller reports that she                                Hull board of Health
600 Nantasket Ave., Hull, is a conservative syna- would like to speak to an officer. O/Costa detailed
gogue offering daily worship services, bi-monthly and reports speaking to the caller, who is reporting
Friday evening services/Onegei Shabbat, monthly that someone cut down an azalea that was planted at
Torah study/breakfast services, holiday observances, her husband’s grave. O/Costa reports following up                                Legal Notice
religious school education, bar/bat mitzvah prepara- with Public Works and they didn’t cut it… 1:27 p.m.
tion, post-bar/bat mitzvah confirmation classes, adult Nantasket Ave. caller reports that he just bought a          The Board of Health of the Town of Hull, Mas-
education courses, and so much more. Temple Beth home in Hull and he just saw a male who made him                   sachusetts, acting under the authority of the Mas-
Sholom’s spiritual leader is Rabbi Benjamin Lefkow- feel uncomfortable. The male was walking in the                 sachusetts General Laws, Chapter 111, Section
itz; its president is Paul Epstein. Telephone: 781 area with no shirt, his pants were down exposing his             31, voted the following permit application fees
925-0091. You may also reach the temple by email, underwear, and he had a shirt or rag hanging out of               to be increased effective July 1, 2011., or visit the Web, www. the pocket. O/Mahoney detailed. O/Flaherty reports he            • Certificate(s) of Occupancy will be increased                                            is in the area and will also be checking. Both officers     to ($60) sixty dollars per rental unit.
    Upcoming for Friday, May 27. Graduation of the reports negative search… 2:18 p.m. Nantasket Ave.                • Re-inspections, if necessary, will cost ($35)
first Confirmation class will be held in the Main Sanc- caller reports identity theft. O/Costa dispatched and       thirty-five dollars.
tuary at 9 Hadassah Way. Mazel tov to the following reports caller states she received a call from a place          Article XXVIII, Section 1, Town of Hull Bylaws:
Confirmation graduates: Thomas Guiney, Samantha that had all her information and a job application from             “No rental dwelling unit, apartment or tenement
Hagstrom, Jacen Kurciviez, Edina Lemkin, and Molly her, but she had not applied for work there. She will            shall be occupied unless a Certificate of Occu-
Shauer. An Oneg Shabbat will be held following the follow up with Social Security and with her bank…
                                                                                                                    pancy has been issued by the Board of Health.”
service, sponsored by Joan Silver. All are welcome.     2:45 p.m. Nantasket Ave. caller reports a drunk male        A Certificate of Occupancy must be renewed
    Friday, June 3. Closing exercises and Religious on the beach at the location and she’s concerned that
School graduation will be held in the Main Sanctu- he may drown. State Police contacted and will send               each year for rentals.
ary at 9 Hadassah Way. Mazel tov to the following someone in that direction. O/Mahoney and O/Flaherty               • Caterers will be increased to ($100) one hun-
graduates: Nathan Albert, Gianna Cofman, Cara also responding. Second caller report the male keeps                  dred dollars.
O’Keefe, and Rachel Rymaszewsky. An Oneg Shab- falling. O/Mahoney reports coming in with 47-year-                   • Hotel/Motel/ Rooming Houses will be in-
bat ice cream social, sponsored by the parents of the old Quincy male in protective custody… 7:50 p.m.              creased to ($100) one hundred dollars.
graduates, will be held following the services. All Arrest, Nantasket Rd. O/Conneely reports he has                                             [Published: 5/26/11]
are welcome.                                            Vincent Bregoli, 18, of Clifton Ave., under arrest

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                                            cleanup days for Sunset Point Camp this
                                            past weekend. We were honored at the
Continued from page 2                       tremendous support that the community
                                            showed to this hidden gem.
cars were there, took some photos,             More than 100 people, young and
and warned the partiers about the mess      old, came to help clean up the camp. Ev-
they left. The trash stopped for several    eryone helped rake, weed, clean, scrub,
months. Now it’s back. Time to get out      purge storage areas, and make repairs.
the camera again.                           We were humbled by all the time and
                         Dan Llewellyn      effort that everyone contributed that day,
                                            especially members of the Nantasket-
The winds oF change are blowing             Hull Rotary and employees of the Phia
Through hull again…                         Group.
                                               Thank you to all the neighbors of
To The Editor:                              Sunset Point for accommodating the
    I would like to thank the following     many visitors over the weekend. We
folks for putting together another his-     have heard from many Hull residents          On Saturday, May 21, the Friends of Sunset Point Camp hosted a cleanup day
toric event – the Hull Wind Conference      about how much they look forward to          to prepare the camp for the summer season. The newly formed Nantasket-Hull
that occurred on May 12 at the Nantasket    having the campers in their red shirts       Rotary Club spruced up the camp kitchen. The Rotarians are, L to R, Tim Smith
Beach Resort Hotel: Town Manager            back to our beaches this summer. Thank       [kneeling], Alana Swiec, Jack Baringer, and Ed Fox [with back to camera].
Phil Lemnios, for his leadership and        you all for your generosity and pride in
vision; Hull Light Operations Manager       sharing Hull with these young people,        purchased us beautiful coats.                        Nikki Heavern, on behalf of the
Dick Miller, for his continuous support;    who are so excited to enjoy it as well.          Hull Youth Football and Hull Boost-                Lady Pirates Basketball team
administrative assistant Nancy Allen,          We are looking forward to welcom-         ers made very generous donations that
for making the event go off without a       ing the Sunset Point campers back to         allowed us to purchase championship           carousel    evenTs bespeak pride in
hitch; the Hull Light Board, for their      the South Shore and we thank you for         rings that we will receive at the end         Town and counTry…
continuous vision of taking our wind/       helping us.                                  of the year sports banquet held at Hull
renewable energy advantage to the next                                     Sincerely,    High School.                                  To the Editor:
level to support the Hull ratepayer; the                 The Friends of Sunset Point         Thank You to Brendan Geary for the            On behalf of all the people who en-
Nantasket Beach Resort Hotel, for host-                                                  amazing slideshow that he put together        joy the Paragon Carousel, I wanted to
ing the event; and Bob Hunter, for almost   generous     coMMuniTy honors iTs            for us. A huge thank you goes out to Nick     thank the many folks who participated
a year of his efforts creating the white    chaMps…                                      from Pasquale’s Prints who made every         in our Kentucky Derby Day event on
paper that put the vision of a renewable                                                 single person on the team their own           May 6.
energy institute to paper and officially To the Very Gracious Citizens of Hull:          professionally matted picture from the            This is a wonderful adult evening
started this process.                        The Hull Girls Basketball team              championship game at the TD Garden.           and all in attendance enjoyed the fes-
    The event brought folks from all overrecently celebrated its state champi-               Thank you to Johnny Cupcakes for          tivities, raffle prizes, and the “racing”
the country in many different fields:    onship title with a very exciting and           allowing us to come into your store and       of the carousel horses, all to benefit the
GE, Siemens, MIT, Harvard, WPI,          memorable ceremony held at the Hull             pick out shirts. Thank you to Kim at          Paragon Carousel. If you missed it this
local, state, and federal officials, Mr. Yacht Club. We were very honored and            Cotton’s Candy who provided delicious         year, mark your calendar for the Friday
Donohue’s Hull High AP science class,    grateful to the Hull Yacht Club members         treats and volunteered her time for the       before the 2012 Kentucky Derby.
award-winning music producers, and       who donated their hall and helped make          night.                                            We also would like to thank Nan-
leaders in many fields and industries.   this whole night possible.                          Lastly, we would like to thank ad-        tasket Paint and Hardware for securing
    I felt a buzz during the wind confer-    Several businesses and community            ditional people for their donations that      “Made in America” flags for our Field
ence of success and, hopefully, what I   members also generously donated to              helped with the entire night and all the      of Flags event that kicks off on June 3.
believe to be a game changer for Hull.   this night and we would like to thank           miscellaneous items needed to pull the        With the sponsorship of George Wash-
We are looking to carry the momentum     everyone for their support. The food was        event off: Laura Fulton, Alana Swiec,         ington Toma TV & Appliance, we will
forward and identify the best way to keepdonated and catered by Barefoot Bob’s.          Domenico Sestito, Weinberg’s Bakery,          again surround the historic Paragon
Hull a leader in renewable energy.       Thank you to Lisa and Mark. We were             Simply Irresistible, Francis Shaugh-          Carousel in American flags in honor of
    Many great things happening in a     so grateful to Melissa and Nicole from          nessy, Nancy Dunn, Christine Hansen,          veterans, armed service personnel, and
great town.                              Barefoot Bob’s who also volunteered             Peter Seitz, Mrs. Mahoney, The Fanu-          loved ones. Thank you to these two
                              Thank you, for the night to help make sure the meal        ele family, Father Joe, Kevin Morris,         wonderful businesses for helping to
                       Domenico Sestito  was perfect and everything ran smoothly.        and Mel Reed.                                 make this special event, which benefits
                                             We would like to thank coach Rick               We are truly grateful for all of the      the Paragon Carousel and the Hull Vet-
Many hands Made lighT work oF Fredericks of Marshfield for buying us                     support this amazing community gave           erans Council, possible.
caMp cleanup…                            championship T-shirts. We would like            us during our entire tournament run and           Please visit www.paragoncarousel.
                                         to thank the owners of Beach Fire Res-          we want you to know you have made us          com for more details on the Field of
To Hull’s Residents:                     taurant and the Nantasket Beach Hotel           very proud to be Hull Kids.                   Flags.
   Thank you for all your support at the for their very gracious donations, which                                     Thank you,                            Susan Wentworth ∞

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  • EMERGENCY SERVICE                                                   781-925-6000                                             450 Cushing St. • Hingham
12 THE HULL TIMES, Thursday, May 26, 2011                                                                                                                      
                                                                     Boudreau worked for Set-                                aforesaid known as Nantasket Beach, with the build-
obituaries                                                           tle’s Glass Co. of Quincy.
                                                                         Beloved husband of the
                                                                                                                             ings thereon, said parcel being shown as Lot #59 on
                                                                                                                             plan entitled, “Plan of Building Lots of Sagamore
Bette Jeanne Arnold, at 90                                           late Mary [McEachern]                                   Hill, Natusket Beach, Hull, Mass., formerly owned
                                                                     Boudreau, he leaves his                                 by John F. Merrill, Trustee”, which said plan is duly
                                 Bette Jeanne [Berman]               loving children: Sandra                                 recorded with Plymouth County Registry of Deeds in
                             Arnold, of Boston and                   Howe and her husband,                                   Plan Book 1, Page 38, bounded and described, in ac-
                             New Seabury, died May                   Don, of Vermont, Robert                                 cordance with said plan, as follows: NORTHERLY by
                             22. She was 90.                         Boudreau and his wife,                                  lot #60, 72.99 feet; EASTERLY by Sagamore Terrace,
                                 A former resident of                Cindy, of Lynn, Denise
                             Newton and Hull, she                                                                            50.01 feet; SOUTHERLY by lot 58, 79.42 feet;
                                                                     Reynolds and her husband,
                             was the flamboyant and                                                                          WESTERLY by Summit Road, 50 feet. Containing
                                                                     Mathew, of Pennsylvania,
                             high-spirited proprietor                                                                        according to said plan 3,942, square feet. The mort-
                                                                     Colleen Buckley, Doreen
                             of “Bette’s Rolls Royce”                McDonnell and her hus-                                  gaged premises are more particularly described in
restaurant, near Faneuil Hall in Boston. She was also a              band, Mark, and Joseph Buckley, all of Hull. He was     deed recorded with the Plymouth County Registry of
devoted, loving, and inspiring mother to her daughters.              the father of the late Leo Boudreau of Saugus and the   Deeds in Book 9507, Page 231. For mortgagor’s title
    “Bette” was decades ahead of her time, a woman’s                 brother of Joan Hammond of Maine and Winifred           see deed recorded with the Plymouth County Registry
liberationist years before the term was in vogue. She                DiSalvio of Weymouth. Mr. Boudreau is also survived     of Deeds in Book 26351, Page 2. The premises will
had successful careers in three different business                   by nine grandchildren and a loving extended family.     be sold subject to any and all unpaid taxes and other
fields, assisting her late husband, Chappie Arnold,                      A graveside service will be held in June. For an on-municipal assessments and liens, and subject to prior
with Chappie Arnold’s Orchestra and later operating                  line guest book, please visit www.mcnamara-sparrell.    liens or other enforceable encumbrances of record
the Arnold Bus Company with him before she opened                    com.                                                    entitled to precedence over this mortgage, and subject
her restaurant. Later she helped her second husband                                                                          to and with the benefit of all easements, restrictions,
run the Bob Charles Transportation Company. She did                                                                          reservations and conditions of record and subject to
all this while raising two daughters, providing them                 Angelina E. Garfagna, at 86                             all tenancies and/or rights of parties in possession.
with enormous love and affection, and instilling in                                                                          Terms of the Sale: Cash, cashier’s or certified check
them a desire to succeed and the knowledge that there                    Angelina E. [Mercurio] Garfagna, of Hull, died
                                                                                                                             in the sum of $5,000.00 as a deposit must be shown
were no boundaries to their accomplishments if they                  May 19. She was 86.
simply worked hard enough.                                               Beloved wife of the late Joseph A. Garfagna, she at the time and place of the sale in order to qualify
    Besides her work, she enjoyed travel, ballet, opera,             was the cherished daughter of the late Pasquale and as a bidder (the mortgage holder and its designee(s)
and the theater, and adored swimming in any body                     Maria Angela [Barbieri] Mercurio; the loving sister of are exempt from this requirement); high bidder to
of water. She slept little, preferring to live life to the           Eleanor of Hull and the late [infant] Frank Mercurio, sign written Memorandum of Sale upon acceptance
fullest each day and leave sleeping for her final rest-              Mary Sarno, William Mercurio, and Frank Mercurio; of bid; balance of purchase price payable in cash or
                                                                     and is also survived by many nieces and nephews.        by certified check in thirty (30) days from the date of
ing place.
    Beloved wife of Robert Charles [MacMurdo] and                        Services have been held. Burial was at St. Paul’s the sale at the offices of mortgagee’s attorney, Korde
former wife of the late Chappie Arnold; adored mother                Cemetery, Hingham. See for on- & Associates, P.C., 321 Billerica Road, Suite 210,
of The Honorable Judith A. Cowin and her husband,                    line condolences. ∞                                     Chelmsford, MA 01824-4100, or such other time as
The Honorable William I. Cowin, and the late Joyce                                                                           may be designated by mortgagee. The description of
[Jackie] Arnold Rusoff; she was the cherished grand-                                                                         the premises contained in said mortgage shall control
                                                                                        LEGAL NOTICE                         in the event of a typographical error in this publica-
mother of April Ruth [Cowin] Stein and Geoff Stein,
Jackie [Cowin] Daniels and Mark Daniels, and Wil-                     MORTGAGEE’S SALE OF REAL ESTATE By tion. Other terms to be announced at the sale. U.S.
liam Phillip Cowin and April [Pressel] Cowin. Mrs.                    virtue of and in execution of the Power of Sale con- Bank National Association, as Trustee for the regis-
Arnold was also the great-grandmother of Harper,                      tained in a certain mortgage given by Peter Gilmore tered holders of Aegis Asset Backed Securities Trust,
Gavin, and Graham Stein and Colette Cowin, and step                   to Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. act- Mortgage Pass-Through Certificates, Series 2004-5
great-grandmother of Emily and Michael Daniels.                       ing solely as nominee for Premium Capital Funding, Korde & Associates, P.C 321 Billerica Road, Suite
    A graveside service will be held at the Newton                    LLC, dated June 29, 2004 and recorded at Plymouth 210 Chelmsford, MA 01824-4100 (978) 256-1500
Cemetery, Section 3, Lot 1, at 791 Walnut Street in                   County Registry of Deeds in Book 28606, Page 225, (09-053132)(5/19/2011 5/26/2011 6/2/2011)(175118)
Newton on Thursday, May 26 at 6 p.m. Family and                       of which mortgage U.S. Bank National Association,                           [Published: 5/19, 5/26 & 6/2/11]
friends are welcome at the home of her daughter after                 as Trustee for the registered holders of Aegis Asset
the service.                                                          Backed Securities Trust, Mortgage Pass-Through
                                                                      Certificates, Series 2004-5 is the present holder by               THe HuLL TiMeS iS
Leo B. Boudreau, at 75                                                assignment Recorded at Plymouth County Registry                 onLine aLL THe TiMe!
                                                                      of Deeds in Book 37736, Page 148, for breach of            Our companion website,,
    Leo B. Boudreau, of Hull, formerly of Weymouth,                   conditions of said mortgage and for the purpose of is now available to paid subscribers only. All you
died Monday, May 23, after two years of failing health.               foreclosing the same, the mortgaged premises located need to do to enjoy the paper online is sign in
He was 75.                                                            at 32 Porrazzo Road, Hull, MA 02045 will be sold using the WEB ID on your mailing label on the
    Mr. Boudreau was raised in Weymouth and was                       at a Public Auction at 5:00 PM on June 15, 2011, at front of this week’s paper.
a graduate of Weymouth High School, where he ex-                      the mortgaged premises, more particularly described        Not already a subscriber? Just go to www.hulltimes.
celled in baseball. He was a foreman for 25 years at                  below, all and singular the premises described in com and choose from an online-only subscription for
Boston Whaler Co. in Rockland. In retirement, Mr.                     said mortgage, to wit: The land in that part of Hull $20 or a print-and-online option for $30.

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  CoMMoNWEALtH oF MASSACHuSEttS                            Plymouth County Registry of Deeds in Book 3440,              belonging situated in Hull, Plymouth County,
LAND CouRt DEPARtMENt oF tHE tRIAL                         Page 277.                                                    Massachusetts, comprising Lot 703, shown on Plan of
CouRt CASE NO. 11 MISC 446284 TO: Anna M.                      These premises will be sold and conveyed subject         Land in Hull, Massachusetts made for Herbert I. Corkin,
Britt-Boch f/k/a Anna M. Boch and to all persons en-       to and with the benefit of all rights, rights of way,        Scale 50 feet to an inch, Lewis W. Perkins, Engineer,
titled to the benefit of the Servicemembers Civil Relief   restrictions, easements, covenants, liens or claims in       May 10, 1950, Hungham, Massachusetts, which plan is
Act, 50 U.S.C. App.§501et seq.: Wells Fargo Bank,          the nature of liens, improvements, public assessments,       recorded in Plymouth County Registry of Deeds in Plan
N.A. as Trustee for Soundview Home Loan Trust              any and all unpaid taxes, tax titles, tax liens, water and   Book 8, Page 564, bounded and described as follows:
2007-OPT4, Asset-Backed Certificates, Series 2007-         sewer liens and any other municipal assessments or           Southerly by G Street as shown on said plan, 50.25 feet;
OPT4 claiming to have an interest in a Mortgage cov-       liens or existing encumbrances of record which are           Westerly by Lot 702, as shown on said plan, 81.00 feet;
ering real property in 50 Harbor View Road, Hull, MA       in force and are applicable, having priority over said       Northerly by Lot 704, as shown on said plan, 50.25
, given by Anna M. Britt-Boch f/k/a Anna M. Boch to        mortgage, whether or not reference to such restrictions,     feet; and Easterly by Lot 706, as shown on said plan,
Option One Mortgage Corporation dated July 13, 2007        easements, improvements, liens or encumbrances is            81.00 feet.
and recorded in Plymouth County Registry of Deeds          made in the deed.                                            Commonly known as 13G St, Hull, MA 02045
in Book 34826, at Page 310, has/have filed with this       TERMS OF SALE:                                                    For mortgagor’s(s’) title see deed recorded with
court a complaint for determination of Defendant’s/            A deposit of Five Thousand ($5000.00) Dollars by         Plymouth County Registry of Deeds in Book 26508,
Defendants’ Servicemembers status. If you now are,         certified or bank check will be required to be paid by       Page 183.
or recently have been, in the active military service of   the purchaser at the time and place of sale. The balance         These premises will be sold and conveyed subject
the United States of America, then you may be entitled     is to be paid by certified or bank check at Harmon           to and with the benefit of all rights, rights of way,
to the benefits of the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act.    Law Offices, P.C., 150 California Street, Newton,            restrictions, easements, covenants, liens or claims in
If you object to a foreclosure of the above-mentioned      Massachusetts 02458, or by mail to P.O. Box 610389,          the nature of liens, improvements, public assessments,
property on that basis, then you or your attorney must     Newton Highlands, Massachusetts 02461-0389, within           any and all unpaid taxes, tax titles, tax liens, water and
file a written appearance and answer in this court at      thirty (30) days from the date of sale. Deed will be         sewer liens and any other municipal assessments or
Three Pemberton Square, Boston, MA 02108 on or             provided to purchaser for recording upon receipt in full     liens or existing encumbrances of record which are
before June 20, 2011 or you will be forever barred         of the purchase price. The description of the premises       in force and are applicable, having priority over said
from claiming that you are entitled to benefits of said    contained in said mortgage shall control in the event of     mortgage, whether or not reference to such restrictions,
Act. Witness, KARYN F. SCHEIER Chief Justice               an error in this publication.                                easements, improvements, liens or encumbrances is
of said Court on May 6, 2011. Attest: DEBORAH J.               Other terms, if any, to be announced at the sale.        made in the deed.
PATTERSON, RECORDER (C96.0574)(5/26/2011)                        BAC HOME LOANS SERVICING L.P. F/K/A                    TERMS OF SALE: A deposit of Ten Thousand
                                    [Published: 5/26/11]      COUNTRYWIDE HOME LOANS SERVICING,                         ($10,000.00) Dollars by certified or bank check will
                                                                                                                   LP   be required to be paid by the purchaser at the time and
            NOTICE OF MORTGAGEE’S                                                   Present holder of said mortgage     place of sale. The balance is to be paid by certified or
             SALE OF REAL ESTATE                                                                   By its Attorneys,    bank check at Harmon Law Offices, P.C., 150 California
                                                                                  HARMON LAW OFFICES, P.C.              Street, Newton, Massachusetts 02458, or by mail to P.O.
     By virtue and in execution of the Power of Sale                                           150 California Street    Box 610389, Newton Highlands, Massachusetts 02461-
contained in a certain mortgage given by Francis P. Fay                                         Newton, MA 02458        0389, within thirty (30) days from the date of sale.
Jr. to Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc,                                                (617) 558-0500     Deed will be provided to purchaser for recording upon
dated January 23, 2007 and recorded with the Plymouth                                         200903-2266 – GRN         receipt in full of the purchase price. The description of
County Registry of Deeds at Book 34031, Page 244,                                 [Published: 5/19, 5/26 & 6/2/11]      the premises contained in said mortgage shall control
of which mortgage BAC Home Loans Servicing L.P.                                                                         in the event of an error in this publication.
f/k/a Countrywide Home Loans Servicing, LP is the                      NOTICE OF MORTGAGEE’S                                Other terms, if any, to be announced at the sale.
present holder, for breach of the conditions of said                    SALE OF REAL ESTATE                               HSBC BANK USA, NATIONAL ASSOCIATION
mortgage and for the purpose of foreclosing, the same                                                                                AS TRUSTEE FOR MERRILL LYNCH
will be sold at Public Auction at 11:00 a.m. on June 15,        By virtue and in execution of the Power of Sale         MORTGAGE INVESTORS, INC, SERIES 2006-AF2
2011, on the mortgaged premises located at 37 R Street,    contained in a certain mortgage given by Richard T.                                   Present holder of said mortgage
Hull, Plymouth County, Massachusetts, all and singular     Barone Jr and Patricia E. Barone to Mortgage Electronic                                              By its Attorneys,
the premises described in said mortgage,                   Registration Systems, Inc., dated May 16, 2006 and                                   HARMON LAW OFFICES, P.C.
TO WIT: A certain parcel of land with the buildings        recorded with the Plymouth County Registry of Deeds                                              150 California Street
thereon, situated in that part of Hull called Allerton,    at Book 32730, Page 89, of which mortgage HSBC                                                    Newton, MA 02458
Nantasket Beach, Plymouth County, Massachusetts,           Bank USA, National Association as Trustee for Merrill                                                  (617) 558-0500
being shown as Lot 11 on a ‘’Plan of Land belonging to     Lynch Mortgage Investors, Inc, Series 2006-AF2 is                                                201011-0915 – YEL
Alvion Ryan at Nantasket Beach, Hull, Mass., surveyed,     the present holder, for breach of the conditions of said                             [Published: 5/19,5/26 & 6/2/11]
June 2, 1893, Scale 30 feet to an inch’’ by Harrison L.    mortgage and for the purpose of foreclosing, the same
House, recorded at the Plymouth Registry of Deeds in       will be sold at Public Auction at 2:00 p.m. on June 10,
Plan Book 1, Page 131.                                     2011, on the mortgaged premises located at 13 G Street,            CLiCk for More…
Subject to and with the benefit of rights, restrictions,   Hull, Plymouth County, Massachusetts, all and singular         For extended listings and other community
easements and reservations of record, so far as now in     the premises described in said mortgage,                        information, or to submit events for the
force and applicable.                                      TO WIT: A certain parcel of land with the buildings                calendar, visit
      For mortgagor’s title see deed recorded with         thereon and all privileges and appurtenances thereto

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                                                                                                                                                        Civil Relief Act, 50 U.S.C. App. § 501 et seq.:
                                                        Lic. #A8668             Plymouth. 10 week job, varying    jewelry, too many items to list.
     CarS WanTed                                                                hours M-F $12/h. Call to see      Fishing and hunting gear too. No      Aurora Loan Services, LLC claiming to have an
                                                  MASTER ELECTRICIANS                                             early birds! P
   Junk or running                                     SINCE 1976
                                                                                interview appt. 888-678-8966                                            interest in a Mortgage covering real property in
                                                                                x1189. Interviews June 1-3. 6/2                                         52 Bay Street, Hull given by Stephanie B. Creech
  Cash paid – any condition.                                   t/s
                                                                                                                  Moving Sale! Sat. & Sun. May 28
No title no problem. Call Paul
                                                                                  Say you SaW iT in
                                                                                                                  & 29. Rain date Mon. May 30. 10       f/k/a Stephanie B. Hale to Mortgage Electronic
781 925-4932 or cell 339 933- reiLLy renoVaTorS                                                                   a.m. to 4 p.m. 12 Shore Garden
                                                                                                                                                        Registration Systems, Inc., dated October 27, 2003,
2575 –       Painting – Interior/Exterior                         THe TiMeS!                   Rd., Hull. P
 FREE VEHICLE REMOVAL            Construction – Windows,                                                                                                and recorded with the Plymouth County Registry of
        5L TOWING t/s                   roofs, siding, gutters                          CHiLdCare                 Estate Sale – House contents          Deeds at Book 26907, Page 38 has/have filed with this
                                           Assist in all aspects                                                  must go. Sat. & Sun. 9 a.m. to        court a complaint for determination of Defendant’s/
                                              of remodeling                                                       3 p.m. 77 Central Avenue. No
    LegaL SerViCeS              Tom Reilly @ 781-925-5383t/s                       HingHaM faMiLy                 early birds. P                        Defendants’ Servicemembers status.
                                 HIC#138713/Fully Insured                          CHiLd Care.CoM                                                       If you now are, or recently have been, in the active
   Thomas C. Sweeney, Jr.                                                                      Infants &          Yard Sale – Sat., May 28 from 9       military service of the United States of America,
        Attorney at Law                                                                                           a.m. to 2 p.m., 9 Western Ave.,
                                  aLeTa SordeLLo                                                Toddlers
                                                                                                                  Hull Village. Tools, children’s,      then you may be entitled to the benefits of the
    811 Nantasket Avenue                                                                       Hingham
 Complete Representation for     CLeaning SerViCe                                             Harbor Area
                                                                                                                  men’s, women’s clothing, toys,        Servicemembers Civil Relief Act. If you object
 Buying or Selling Real Estate;   Serving the South Shore                       Low Rates. 781 740-4784. 6/23P
                                                                                                                  furniture, housewares, knick-         to a foreclosure of the above-mentioned property
                                We specialize in RESIDENTIAL,                                                     knacks, too much to list. P
    Landlord/Tenant Law;                                                        Since 1989. MA Lic.# 611626                                             on that basis, then you or your attorney must file a
     Criminal Law, OUI;         Commercial Cleaning, and Post
                                    Construction Cleanup.                                                                                               written appearance and answer in this court at Three
  Divorce/Separate Support;
 Wills, Homesteads; Workers’           We do windows.                                                                                                   Pemberton Square, Boston, MA 02108 on or before
Compensation; Personal Injury.
        781-925-0148 ts
                                     Bonded & Insured.
                                         781-925-5303                              The grass guy                                                        Jun 20 2011 or you will be forever barred from
                                                                                                                                                        claiming that you are entitled to the benefits of said
                                     Member of the BBB.                                 a great Job at a great Price!                                   Act.
                                  Visa/MC/Amex accepted. t/s
 petS & pet SuppLieS                                                              IT’s sPrIng Clean-uP TIme                                             Witness, KARYN F. SCHEIER Chief Justice of this
                                                                                     Leaves & Twigs Vacuumed, Weeding,                                  Court on May 09, 2011
                                                 LoCaL HandyMan/
SunSHine PeT                                                                         Garden & Bed Cleaning, Tree Service,                                                            Attest: Deborah J. Patterson
  ParLor                                        Licensed • No Job Too Small              De-thatch, Aerate & Fertilize                                                                                    Recorder
            pRoFessional                       Please call Peter Warshauer at          all WasTe TaKen aWay!                                                                                    201102-1191-ORE
       pet gRooming etc.                                                          Call Wayne @ 781-727-1658 or 781-925-6402
    813 Nantasket Ave. – Hull
                                               cell – 617 797-2642 t/s                                                                                                                      [Published: 5/26/11]
      Between S & T Streets                           i Can HeLP
   Call Ceil 781-925-8898 t/s                       Handyman Services                                                                                    CoMMoNWEALtH oF MASSACHuSEttS
    email:                              No Time!                    free pick-up                                free
                                                                                      & delivery         Harvey’s              estimates                            Don’t Know How?

                                                                                       LAWN MoWer
                                                  Call Ken – 781.925.2036
      The Professional K9                             Free Estimates. t/s

           Care Service
      Jill Cincotta Orpen                              o’broS                                                                                                      LAND CouRt
     781-925-4790                                   LaWn SerViCe                                                                                           DEPARtMENt oF tHE tRIAL CouRt
  WWW.DOGPEACE.ORG                                 10 years of experience               Fast Service • Cell: 781 929-9523                                             446723
     Overnights, Playgroup, Walking,           Mowing, Trimming, Mulching,                                                                                       oRDER oF NotICE
   Customized Care & K9 Consultant
                                                Hedge Clipping, Lawn Care
                                                                                    used mowers                          Snowblowers
  Excellent references - Extremely reliable
    Insured & a member of PS USA t/s           Quality and dependable service
                                                      781 925-4599 6/16               for sale                             welcome                      TO: Eileen Partridge and to all persons entitled to the
Dog Walking/Pet Sitting 3 Years                                                                                                                         benefit of the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act:, 50
Experience, References available,
Most local walks $15. 617-851-                       ReaL eState
                                                                                                                                                        U.S.C. App. § 501 et seq.:
1578, 5/26P
                FRee             HULL – Oceanfront Rooms
                                                                                             RototiLLing                                                GMAC Mortgage, LLC, claiming to have an interest
                                                                                                                                                        in a Mortgage covering real property in 834 Nantasket
                                                                                                                                                        Avenue, Unit 834-3, The Boathouse Condominium,
                StuFF            from $145/week includes utilities
                                 and free cable TV, HBO & inter-
                                                                                  • Yards, attics, & cellars cleaned •                                  Hull, given by Eileen Partridge to Mortgage Electronic
ABSOLUTELY FREE. Wooden net. Quiet, clean, professional                                  • Free metal removal •                                         Registration Systems, Inc., dated April 8, 2005,
swing set. 2 swings and a 2-seat management. 857-928-3926t/s
glider. Kids have grown up and
                                                                                       • All odd jobs welcome •                                         recorded with the Plymouth County Registry of Deeds
I’m tired of mowing around it. free CLaSSified adS                                                                                                      at Book 30339, Page 99, and now held by plaintiff by
You take it apart. Take it away. for Hull residents with items to
                                                                                             call dave at                                               assignment, has/have filed with this court a complaint
IT’S YOURS FREE TO ENJOY give away. Email your ad to hull-                                                                                              for determination of Defendant’s/Defendants’
FOR YEARS. First call gets it – or fax to                        781 534-2489 or 781 925-2170                                       Servicemembers status.
617 347-1667                     781-925-0336. We’ll run it FREE!
                                                                                                                                                        If you now are, or recently have been, in the active
                                                                                                                                                        military service of the United States of America,
                                              tHe HuLL tiMeS cLaSSiFiedS                                                                                then you may be entitled to the benefits of the
  Rates: $15 FoR tHe FiRSt 20 woRdS oR FeweR; 75¢ for each additional word over 20.                                                                     Servicemembers Civil Relief Act. If you object to
  deadline: Tuesday at 5 p.m. for Thursday’s edition, your ad will also be on our website!                                                              a foreclosure of the above-mentioned property on
  All ads must be submitted with payment to The Times office, 412 Nantasket Ave., or Nantasket Pharmacy,                                                that basis, then you or your attorney must file a
  480 Nantasket Ave., Hull, MA 02045. MC & Visa accepted, fax 781-925-0336 or email                                                   written appearance and answer in this court at Three
                                                                                                                                                        Pemberton Square, Boston, MA 02108 on or before
  Category: ______________________________                                                                                                              June 27, 2011 or you will be forever barred from
                                                                                                                                                        claiming that you are entitled to the benefits of said
  Text of ad: _________________________________________________________________________
  __________________________________________________________________________________                                                                         Witness, KARYN F. SCHEIER Chief Justice of
                                                                                                                                                        this Court on May 11, 2011
  __________________________________________________________________________________                                                                                             Attest: Deborah J. Patterson
  __________________________________________________________________________________                                                                                                     [Published: 5/26/11]
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           NOTICE OF MORTGAGEE’S                          LP is the present holder by assignment Recorded at          and facilities for all reasonable and intended purposes,
            SALE OF REAL ESTATE                           Plymouth County Registry of Deeds in Book 37398,            in conjunction with the owners of all other units within
                                                          Page 240, for breach of conditions of said mortgage         the Building, subject to the provision of the Master
    By virtue and in execution of the Power of Sale       and for the purpose of foreclosing the same, the mort-      Deed, the By-laws of Seawatch at Hull Condominium
contained in a certain mortgage given by Denise           gaged premises located at 65 C Street, Hull, MA 02045       Association, and the Rules and Regulations promulgated
Overton to Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems,      will be sold at a Public Auction at 3:00 PM on June         thereunder;
Inc., dated April 14, 2006 and registered with the        22, 2011, at the mortgaged premises, more particu-          2. An easement for the continuance of all encroachments
Plymouth County Registry District of the Land Court       larly described below, all and singular the premises        by the Unit upon any other units of upon the common
as Document No.604044 as noted on Certificate of          described in said mortgage, to wit:                         areas and facilities of the Condominium, whether now
Title No. 112336, of which mortgage BAC Home                   A certain parcel of land in Hull, Commonwealth         existing or occurring in the future as a result of (a)
Loans Servicing, LP is the present holder, for breach     of Massachusetts, together with the buildings thereon,      settling, shifting, or movement of the Building; (b)
of the conditions of said mortgage and for the purpose    situated at Nantasket Beach, so-called, being Lot           alteration or repair of the common areas and facilities
of foreclosing, the same will be sold at Public Auction   numbered 1092 on a certain parcel plan entitled             by or with the consent of the Managing Board; or (c)
at 11:00 a.m. on June 17, 2011, on the mortgaged          “Plan of Land belonging to Nantasket Company at             repair of restoration of the Building or any unit after
premises located at 6 Warfield Avenue, Hull, Plymouth     Nantasket Beach” made by F.M. Hersey, C.E., dated           damage by fire or other casualty; and,
County, Massachusetts, all and singular the premises      May 1881, recorded with Plymouth Deeds, Volume              3. The rights and privileges of a Unit owner as set
described in said mortgage,                               1 of Plans, Page 100, and more particularly bounded         forth in the master Deed, the by-laws of Seawatch at
TO WIT: A certain parcel of land with the buildings       and described as follows: Southerly by the Northerly        Hull Condominium Association, and the Rules and
thereon situated in Hull, in the County of Plymouth       line of C Street, fifty (50) feet; Westerly by Lot 1089,    Regulation promulgated thereunder, and the provisions
and Commonwealth of Massachusetts, bounded and            as shown on said plan, eighty-one and 2/10th (81.2)         of Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 183A, as they
described as follows:                                     feet; Northerly by Lot 1091, as shown on said plan,         may be amended from time to time.
SOUTHWESTERLY by the Northeasterly line of                fifty (50) feet; Easterly by Lot numbered 1093, as          The unit is conveyed subject to;
Newport Road, fifty three and 05/100 (53.05) feet;        shown on said plan, eighty-one and 2/10th (81.2) feet.      1. The restrictions on use set forth in the Master Deed,
WESTERLY by the junction of said Newport Road             Containing according to said plan, 4,060 square feet,       including the provision that the Unit be limited to single
and Warfield Avenue measuring on the easterly             more or less. Being the same premises conveyed to           family residential purposes;
curving line thereof forty and 30/100 (40.30) feet;       the herein named mortgage(s) by deed recorded with          2. An easement or easement in favor of adjoining
NORTHWESTERLY by the Southeasterly line of said           Plymouth County Registry of Deeds herewith.                 units for the continuance of all encroachments by the
Warfield Avenue, one hundred three and 08/100 feet;            For mortgagor’s title see deed recorded with the       adjoining unit or common areas and facilities upon the
NORTHEASTERLY by Lot 2 on the plan hereinafter            Plymouth County Registry of Deeds in Book 28900,            unit whether now existing or occurring in the future as
mentioned seventy nine and 92/100 (79.92) feet;           Page 8.                                                     a result of (a) settling, shifting, or movement of the
SOUTHEASTERLY by land now or formerly of                       The premises will be sold subject to any and all       Building; (b) alteration or repair of the common areas
Robert E. McNair et ux one hundred nine and 63/100        unpaid taxes and other municipal assessments and            and facilities by or with the consent of the Managing
(109.63) feet.                                            liens, and subject to prior liens or other enforceable      Board; or (c) repair of restoration of the Building or any
Said parcel is shown as Lot 1 on subdivision plan #       encumbrances of record entitled to precedence over          unit after damage by fire or other casualty; and,
38731B, drawn by Francis McHugh Surveyor, dated           this mortgage, and subject to and with the benefit of       3. The provisions of the Master Deed, the by-laws of
July 16, 1977, and filed with Certificate of Title No.    all easements, restrictions, reservations and conditions    Seawatch at Hull Condominium Association, and the
55178.                                                    of record and subject to all tenancies and/or rights of     Rules and Regulation promulgated thereunder, and the
     For mortgagors’ title see deed registered with       parties in possession.                                      provisions of Massachusetts General Laws Chapter
Plymouth County Registry District of the Land Court          Terms of the Sale: Cash, cashier’s or certified check    183A, as they may be amended from time to time.
as Document No. 640072, as noted on Certificate of        in the sum of $5,000.00 as a deposit must be shown          The original master deed and the By-laws of the
Title No. 112336.                                         at the time and place of the sale in order to qualify       Condominium (Schedule C of the Master Deed)
      These premises will be sold and conveyed            as a bidder (the mortgage holder and its designee(s)        were executed and recorded as previously set forth
subject to and with the benefit of all rights, rights     are exempt from this requirement); high bidder to           herein. The same were amended and revised by
of way, restrictions, easements, covenants, liens or      sign written Memorandum of Sale upon acceptance             instruments entitled “Amended and Revises Master
claims in the nature of liens, improvements, public       of bid; balance of purchase price payable in cash or        deed of Seawatch at Hull Condominium Association”,
assessments, any and all unpaid taxes, tax titles, tax    by certified check in thirty (30) days from the date of     both dates December 23, 1994 and recorded with the
liens, water and sewer liens and any other municipal      the sale at the offices of mortgagee’s attorney, Korde      Plymouth County Registry of Deeds in Book 13414,
assessments or liens or existing encumbrances of          & Associates, P.C., 321 Billerica Road, Suite 210,          page 107 on February 7, 1995. the reference in this
record which are in force and are applicable, having      Chelmsford, MA 01824-4100 or such other time as             instrument to the Master deed or By-laws are inclusive
priority over said mortgage, whether or not reference     may be designated by mortgagee. The description             of the originally filed instruments and the amended and
to such restrictions, easements, improvements, liens      for the premises contained in said mortgage shall           revised instruments , and as the same may be in force
or encumbrances is made in the deed.                      control in the event of a typographical error in this       and applicable.
TERMS OF SALE: A deposit of Ten Thousand                  publication.”                                                    For mortgagor’s(s’) title see deed recorded with
($10,000.00) Dollars by certified or bank check               Other terms to be announced at the sale.                Plymouth County Registry of Deeds in Book 23101,
will be required to be paid by the purchaser at the                             BAC Home Loans Servicing, LP          Page 20.
time and place of sale. The balance is to be paid by                                     Korde & Associates, P.C.         These premises will be sold and conveyed subject
certified or bank check at Harmon Law Offices, P.C.,                                           321 Billerica Road     to and with the benefit of all rights, rights of way,
150 California Street, Newton, Massachusetts 02458,                                                     Suite 210s    restrictions, easements, covenants, liens or claims in
or by mail to P.O. Box 610389, Newton Highlands,                                    Chelmsford, MA 01824-4100         the nature of liens, improvements, public assessments,
Massachusetts 02461-0389, within thirty (30) days                                                 (978) 256-1500      any and all unpaid taxes, tax titles, tax liens, water and
from the date of sale. Deed will be provided to                                      (BAC 09-053572 )(Francis)        sewer liens and any other municipal assessments or
purchaser for recording upon receipt in full of the                     (05-26-11, 06-02-11, 06-09-11)(271127)        liens or existing encumbrances of record which are
purchase price. The description of the premises                                  [Published: 5/26, 6/2 & 6/9/11]      in force and are applicable, having priority over said
contained in said mortgage shall control in the event                                                                 mortgage, whether or not reference to such restrictions,
of an error in this publication.                                                                                      easements, improvements, liens or encumbrances is
   Other terms, if any, to be announced at the sale.                 NOTICE OF MORTGAGEE’S                            made in the deed.
              BAC HOME LOANS SERVICING, LP                            SALE OF REAL ESTATE                             TERMS OF SALE: A deposit of Five Thousand
                      Present holder of said mortgage                                                                 ($5,000.00) Dollars by certified or bank check will be
                                      By its Attorneys,        By virtue and in execution of the Power of Sale        required to be paid by the purchaser at the time and
                     HARMON LAW OFFICES, P.C.             contained in a certain mortgage given by Grace B.           place of sale. The balance is to be paid by certified or
                                  150 California Street   Doherty to Bank of America, N.A., dated February            bank check at Harmon Law Offices, P.C., 150 California
                                   Newton, MA 02458       17, 2006 and recorded with the Plymouth County              Street, Newton, Massachusetts 02458, or by mail to P.O.
                                       (617) 558-0500     Registry of Deeds at Book 32254, Page 185, of which         Box 610389, Newton Highlands, Massachusetts 02461-
                                 201007-1695 – GRN        mortgage Bank of America, N.A. is the present holder,       0389, within thirty (30) days from the date of sale.
                      [Published: 5/26, 6/2 & 6/9/11]     for breach of the conditions of said mortgage and for the   Deed will be provided to purchaser for recording upon
                                                          purpose of foreclosing, the same will be sold at Public     receipt in full of the purchase price. The description of
                                                          Auction at 3:00 p.m. on June 8, 2011, on the mortgaged      the premises contained in said mortgage shall control
           LEGAL NOTICE                                   premises located at 20 Rockland House Road, Unit            in the event of an error in this publication.
   MORTGAGEE’S SALE OF REAL ESTATE                        402, Seawatch at Hull Condominiums, Hull, Plymouth              Other terms, if any, to be announced at the sale.
                                                          County, Massachusetts, all and singular the premises                                   BANK OF AMERICA, N.A.
   By virtue of and in execution of the Power of Sale     described in said mortgage,                                                          Present holder of said mortgage
contained in a certain mortgage given by Anthony          TO WIT:                                                                                              By its Attorneys,
H. Francis and Michelle L. McWilliams to Mortgage         The unit is conveyed together with:                                                 HARMON LAW OFFICES, P.C.
Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. acting solely       1. The undivided percentage interest is set forth herein                                        150 California Street
as a nominee for United Mortgage Lenders, Inc.,           in the common areas and facilities of the Condominium,                                           Newton, MA 02458
dated August 18, 2004 and recorded at Plymouth            said common areas and facilities being described in the                                               (617) 558-0500
County Registry of Deeds in Book 28900, Page 10           Master Deed recorded at Book 8797 page 283. The                                                 201002-2320 – GRN
of which mortgage BAC Home Loans Servicing,               Grantee(s) shall have the right to use the common areas                           [Published: 5/12, 5/19 & 5/26/11]
16 THE HULL TIMES, Thursday, May 26, 2011                                                                                                          

100 YeaRS ago tHiS week
                                           • J.J. Souther will continue as host com-
                                           mittee of one at the Hull station of the
                                           Boston yacht club. He will make the
                                           clubhouse his home this season.
Compiled from The Hull Beacon              • The Village improvement Society is
by John J. Galluzzo                        doing a good work.
                                           • The Hull athletic club is having base-
May 26, 1911                               ball suits made at Horace Partridge firm,
• Ephraim Lombard and family of            Boston. The boys expect to play their
Boston are occupying their cottage on      first game Decoration day against the
Highland avenue, Hull Hill. They are       All-Stars of Roxbury. The games will
among the longest summer residents         be played at the Park playground, Hull.
here. Mrs. Lombard was at one time         • In the near future Hull must have a
considered by yachtsmen one of the         town hall and the Selectmen have made
most expert yachtswomen on the coast,      an automobile trip to several towns only
with few peers among the opposite sex.     to find them much more expensive than
Of late years however, she has given up    they had planned.
the sport to some extent.                  • John Mitchell, our well-known coal
• Wedding invitations are out for Law-     and lumber dealer, has a new building
rence Worcester and Miss Vogel.            at Waveland. It has a private office that
• Henry Gardner Galloway and family        is better than any office along the coast,
of Boston have arrived at the John Boyle   and it is facing the bay and the outlook is
O’Reilly cottage, which was purchased      fine. The room is spacious and is finished
off the O’Reilly heirs.                    in Mission with a mantle clock in marble      hanging aRound – Garden Club plant sale coordinators Judy Dorner and Can-
• The son of Jacob Smith, who is on        and coal cemented together. The desk          dace Barone showed off some of the hanging baskets available for purchase last
the boats, is a great favorite. He holds   and couch finish a most attractive office.    weekend. [Roger Jackson photo]
a regular reception on the Boston wharf    The ceiling was done by A. C. Ross of
upon the arrival and departure of the      Boston, who has made the ceilings in          New Sprouts | By The Hull Garden Club
boat. The ladies old and young and         the large buildings of Boston and does
pretty, he has a kindly word for all and                                                                                               back if cut back after they get rangy.
                                           that class of work wonderfully well. The
                                                                                         Submitted by Helen Weiser                         Other good choices are ageratum,
remains a bachelor.                        gentleman’s daughter lives near the of-
                                                                                                                                       coleus, browallia, lobelia, and sweet al-
• Repairs on the old yacht club here are   fice and he wanted to show how well he            Growing flowers in containers – win-      yssum. Still others are geraniums, dwarf
completed, making it practically a new     could do that class of work. Mr. Mitchell     dow boxes, pots, hanging baskets – has        marigolds, dusty miller, wax begonias,
landing. It is used during the summer      may well feel proud of his new building.      several things in its favor. For one, there   impatiens, verbenas, vincas, and dwarf
by the Nantasket steamboat company         • The lifesaving crew disband at 12           is more effect per plant. A few marigolds     zinnias. Hanging baskets do best with
expressly for the accommodation of the     o’clock, May 31, and come together            in a garden bed are apt to look sparse,       three to five matching individual speci-
residents of Hull Hill. The government     August 1.                                     but the same number of plants growing         mens to give it a full look. Impatiens are
boats will make it a landing the year-     • It is said that freak house will cost       in window boxes can look bountiful and        good as well as Million Bells petunias.
round.                                     $30,000 by the time it is finished. ∞         complete. Window boxes placed above               Large pots or window boxes do well
                                                                                         ground often enjoy more sunlight than         with geranium, dusty miller, and lobelia.
                                                                                         on the ground below. Pots and hanging         In large pots or tubs you can even put in
                                                                                         baskets have the added virtue of portabil-    bell pepper, parsley, or rosemary in the
                                                                                         ity; they can be moved to spots where         center, surrounded by cascading lobe-
               Coming June 16                                                            conditions are right.                         lias. Don’t add too many flowers or they
                                                                                             Best of all, container culture brings     will overwhelm the vegetables.
              The Times’ annual                                                          gardening to people who have no more              Planting: Place an inch of drainage
                                                                                         space than a balcony or window ledge          material, such as gravel or clay shards
                guide to hull                                                            several stories up.
                                                                                              There are more good things to say
                                                                                                                                       from broken clay pots, in the container
                                                                                                                                       bottom. Next put in the soil, to about an

                  summer                                                                 about container gardening than bad,
                                                                                         but there is an important drawback: in-
                                                                                         creased maintenance. There is a limited
                                                                                                                                       inch or two below the top and then set
                                                                                                                                       in the plants. Finish up by tamping soil
                                                                                                                                       to about an inch below the rim of the
                                                                                         amount of soil and, because the sides of      container.
                                                                                         container are exposed to the air and hot          Care: Containers need frequent
                                                                                         sun, the soil dries out and loses nutritive   watering, especially in midsummer. In
      Civic groups and organizations planning summer events,
                                                                                         supply very fast, so they need water and      spring, seedlings are small; do not over-
                                                                                         fertilizer more regularly than plants in a    water. The best gauge all season long is
         please send us your community calendar listings to                              garden bed.                                   to water when the top half- to one inch
                                                                                             Here are a few tips for success:          of soil dries out.
                                                                                             • Soil. Rather than mix your own              Be sure the soil mass is completely
                                                                                         [one part peat moss or compost, one part      moistened and don’t stop until the water
                                                                                         garden soil, and one part builder’s sand],    comes out the bottom. Fertilize every
                                                    DOn’T be                             you may use packaged soil, but make           other week with solution of water and
                                                    lefT OuT!                            sure it is not entirely soil-less. It needs   water-soluble fertilizer. If you have
                                                  absolute deadline for                  at least one-third-part soil to help hold     used the packaged soil you will have to
                                                press releases and ad copy               moisture. Add a slow-release fertilize        water carefully as these mixes tend to
                                                    is friday, June 10.                  so the plants are given gradual doses of      pull away from the sides of the container
                                                  for more information,                  nutrient as they develop.                     when they become dry and water runs
                                                   call susan Ovans at                       • Selecting plants: The best plants for   right out along these spaces without
                                                       781 925-9266.
                                                                                         container gardens are annuals. The most       penetrating to the roots.
                                                                                         popular is petunia, even though they do           Visit our club, www.hullgardenclub.
                                                                                         become leggy and ragged-looking by            com, for more gardening information. ∞
                                                                                         midsummer. They will revive and come

                                                                                           Rebuilding Hull for the past 28 years!

 Don’t miss this informative and entertaining marketing opportunity.
             For advertising information or space reservations,
     call Roger Jackson at 781 925-9266 or email

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