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Be sure to pick up your attendance bead each month when you sign in at Cub Roundtable and
    place it on your Southern Sky rounder along with your participation, song writing, and
    Sheldon beads so you‟ll have it all together for the next Scout Bucks drawing. „Recycle
    your printed resources and old uniform components for extra beads. New bead opportunity:
    bring a craft to display (that is related to the highlighted theme—remember, Roundtable
    is working on the next month’s theme) and receive a bead worth 2 scout bucks!
Now you can follow Southern Sky Cub Leader Roundtable on Facebook
   ( and become a fan, and/or on Twitter
   ( Hopefully, these mediums will help us to more easily
    communicate and share ideas with one another. Become a friend to Southern Sky District
    on Facebook, as well.
If you have an idea or theme related material (craft, recipe, ceremonies…) that you would like to
     share, please e-mail it to me ( and I‟ll put it on the monthly disc. I’d like
     to thank Jerome Crews and Pack 1222 for their ‘attached’ submission concerning an
     innovative way of assigning pack event chairpersons. has added derby trophies. Check it out! You might also want to check out
     Andy‟s Trophies at or Red River Trophy & Engraving
     at They both have a nice trophies at a very affordable price
     (including engraving) and a quick turn-around.

Attention, Popcorn Kernels—Popcorn money should be turned in by 1pm on December 5.
Plan now to join the '100th Anniversary Kick-Off Rally' audiocast on Thursday, Dec. 10 @ 7pm.
    It is hoped be the largest single gathering of its kind in BSA history. RSVP by clicking on
    "100th Anniversary Kick-Off Rally" at That's also where you'll
    find the link to the audiocast on December 10th.
BALOO (Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation) Training is scheduled for December 15 &
   December 17, 7-10pm both evenings at the outdoor pavilion behind the LDS church at
   1020 N. Lake Forest Dr. in McKinney. Cost is $10 a person for early registration or $15 for
   late (after Dec. 8). It will be held at 1020 N Lake Forest Dr, McKinney, TX (immediately
   north of Boyd HS). (You must attend both nights in order to complete the course.)
Six Flags has special discount Scout prices for Holiday in the Park. See „attached‟ flyer for
December 18 & 19 6:30-9:30pm Heard Holiday Trail of Lights $5 adults, $3 kids 3-12, under 2
   free. A group rate ($1 per person discount) for is available for groups of 20 people or more.
   See for more info.
Circle 10 Council is conducting an Archery Level II Facilitator Class on December 19,
    8:30am-3:30pm, at Camp Wisdom. There are 20 openings. Registration is $20.
    Acceptance into the course is on a first-come, first-serve (first registered…) basis.
    See flyer „attached‟ for registration information and details.
Circle 10 Council University of Scouting will be at SMU on January 9. Course listings and
    course schedule are „attached‟. Registration is on-line on the Circle 10 website.
See the „attached‟ flyer for information on the scheduled Museum of Nature & Science (Dallas)
    Sleepovers. Sounds like fun!
There will be a Chartered Organization Representative training on January 6:30pm-9pm at the
    LDS Church at Alma & Exchange in Allen. Every unit should encourage their COR to
Saturday, January 24 is Scout Night with the Texas Tornado Hockey Team. The Tornados are
    playing the Wichita Falls Wildcats at 3pm at Dr. Pepper Arena in Frisco. Discount prices
    are $8 for End Zone seats and $15 for Premium seats. The first 500 scout tickets ordered will
    receive a commemorative patch. Deadline to order tickets is January 8. See „attached‟ flyer
    for details and ordering information.
Mark your calendars/save the date! The annual Southern Sky District Leader Recognition
   Dinner will be on January 30 at Liberty High School, 15250 Rolater Road, in Frisco.
Discount Scout tickets are available to Scouts and family members for the Harlem Globetrotters
    January 30 11am or 2:30pm performance at American Airline Center in Dallas. Special
    ticket price if $15.50 person (seats are regularly priced $21 and $27). Price includes a
    commemorative patch for the Scouts. Order deadline is Friday, Jan. 22. Order online @ or fax order
    form „attached‟ to 214-665-4270.
The new “This is Scouting” course, which replaces New Leader Essentials is now available on-
    line on the E-Training website.
BSA has released the new embroidered Centennial Ring Emblem that is designed to encircle the
  World Crest emblem on our uniforms.
The 2009 Boy‟s Life Reading „Say Yes to Reading‟ Contest is underway. All Cub Scouts
    are eligible. To enter, a cub should write a one-page report of no more
    than 500 words, entitled “The Best Book I Read This Year” and submit it along with his
    name, address, age, and grade to: Boy‟s Life Reading Contest, S306, P.O. Box 152079,
    Irving, TX 75015-2079. The book can be fiction or nonfiction. The report has to be in
    the boy‟s own words. Cubs enter in one of three age categories: 8 years old and younger;
    9 and 10 years old; or 11 years old and older. First-place winners in each age category
    will receive a $100 gift certificate good for any product in the Boy Scouts official retail
    catalog. Second-place winners will receive a $75 gift certificate, and third-place winners a
    $50 certificate. Everyone who enters will get a free, unique temporary patch, suitable for
    wearing on the right pocket of his uniform shirt. Entries must be postmarked by Dec. 31,
    2009 and must include entry information and a business-sized, self-addressed, stamped
    envelope. For more details go to
Encourage your youth members to tell the world about what your unit is doing in Scouting and
   earn the Top Story Award. Any scout who submits two Scouting-related (Circle 10 Council)
   articles or photos that were published in the newspaper (including school newspaper),
    magazine, or newsletter (other than Scouting newsletters, websites, or papers) within the
    previous twelve month period is eligible for the Top Story Award patch.

The National Scout Museum periodically offers Webelos Geologist, Engineer, Scientist and
    Readyman Activity Badge classes on. The currently scheduled dates are:
     Engineer (1 ½ hrs.)                                     Geologist (2 ½ hrs.)
     December 20 2pm                                         December 6 2pm
     If making a reservation for more than one (1) Scout, please have the exact number of
     Scouts attending, before calling to make the reservation. To enroll in a Webelos workshop,
     please call Kevin Stanislawski at 972-580-2476. The cost is $10 per Webelos Scout.
     Payment must be made at the time of reservation—no exceptions. There will be no refunds
     if you cannot attend the workshop for which you registered. Changing or switching
     reservation dates and times is not allowed. Leaders and parents are invited, but are not
     required, to sit in the workshop that their son is attending at no cost. They may also sit in
     the canteen or lobby or pay to visit the museum. Space is limited & classes fill up FAST!!!
The National Scout Museum has theme related and fun activities for Cubs and families.
     Please see calendar attached. Admission is free for all visitors to the National Scouting
     Museum each Mondays. (Includes all exhibits and the Norman Rockwell Art Gallery.)
Wood Badge is a once in a lifetime experience--the premier training program for all Scout
  leaders in the Boy Scouts of America (Cub Scout, Boy Scout, Varsity, & Venturing
  Leaders, as well as District & Council Committee Members & Professional Scouters),
  designed to provide training in the latest leadership skills and techniques. The training
  consists of a week of practical experience where you have the opportunity to learn skills
  and concepts that underlie the five themes of Wood Badge for the 21st Century after which
  you will create and carry out a plan of action to apply what you learned in the practical
  course. When that action is complete, you earn the recognition (beads, neckerchief, and
  woggle) that are the Wood Badge. See flyer „attached‟. Registration is underway for
  Wood Badge 93, scheduled for April 8-10, & April 22-24 @ Camp James Ray. Please
  see the web-site @ for details and registration information.
  Application „attached‟
The Heard Museum in McKinney also offers classes for Cub Scouts. Their web-site shows the
   following classes scheduled: (See „attached‟ reservation form for more information.)
   Webelos Naturalist Activity Badge:
       10am-noon       Dec. 5, Feb. 6, & May 8
      2pm-4pm          Jan. 9, April 3
   Webelos Forester Activity Badge:
       10am-noon       Dec. 12, Feb. 13, Mar. 13, & May 15
       2pm-4pm         Jan. 16, & April 10
   Webelos Geologist Activity Badge:
       10am-noon       Dec. 19, Feb. 20, Mar. 20, & May 22
       2pm-4pm         Jan. 23, & April 17
   Bear Cub Achievement #5:
       10am-noon       April 3
       2pm-4pm        Dec. 5 & Feb. 6
   Bear Cub Elective #15
       10am-noon      April 2
       2pm-4pm        Dec. 12 & Feb 13
Also, Heard welcomes scouts (ages 7 and over) to assist with special service projects. Examples
   of previous scout projects include habitat restoration and trail and sanctuary maintenance.
   Any help is appreciate in keeping the museum a healthy home for the plants and animals
   that live there. For information call: 972-562-5566 ext. 233
Every day, more than 100 soldiers come through DFW Airport on their way home from Iraq &
     Afghanistan for two weeks of much-anticipated two-week rest and recuperation (R&R).
     DFW Airport welcomes home these members of the armed forces as they return from duty.
     One R&R flight lands every day at DFW, and this warm welcome home starts their two
     weeks of R&R on a high note. Your pack/den can arrange to participate in welcoming
     home these heroes. Please see flyer „attached‟ for details.
The learning specialist at the Rose astronomical observatory Lake Lavon will work with Scouts
     on their requirements. Contact information is on the „attached‟ flyer.
B.S.A. On-line Training Center has added a „Weather Smart‟ training that leaders are encouraged
     to familiarize themselves with. The training can be accessed from the Circle 10 website.
     The training is required in order to get a tour permit for an outing.
The Frisco Fire Safety Town is available to individuals or groups from all areas, free of charge.
     The program is designed for youth who have completed kindergarten through fifth grade.
     Each program features a safety presentation with hands-on interaction. Please see
     Registration Form flyer „attached‟ for contact information. Children must be accompanied
     by parents/group leaders.
Performances are scheduled for the Target Family Symphony Sunday Series of the Plano
     Symphony. Scouts attending receive a free patch. Please see flyer „attached‟ for
     performance dates and ticket information.

The new Cub Scout Academics and Sports Program Guide was due out in November to include
    several new belt loop/pins, including:
    Abilities Awareness, Family Travel, Good Manners, Hiking, Hockey, Horseback Riding,
    Pet Care, Photography, Reading and Writing, Skateboarding, & Video Games.
    The Insignia Guide does not contain the requirements for the new awards. Presumably, they
    will be provided in a forthcoming revision to the Cub Scout Academics & Sports Program
    Guide. Watch for more information.
VFW Post 2195 of Allen has placed white „mailboxes‟ in front of some of the Allen Fire
   Department stations solely for collection of frayed/weathered flags which need to be
   disposed of/retired. They will collect them periodically and give them a proper retirement
   ceremony. Help spread the word!
The Dallas Historical Society offers educational tours of the exhibits and special activities of
     interest related to Dallas and to Texas history. Check out the „attached‟ activity flyer, and
     check their website @ for tour/activity/event
The Noble Planetarium Staff of the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History sponsors free
     monthly „Star Party‟ telescope observation events on the grounds north of the Museum on
     the Saturday nearest the first quarter moon (weather permitting). This is a great place for
     Cubs to work on the Astronomy Belt Loop and/or pin. For more information, contact
     Linda Krouse @ 817-255-9409.
On the second Saturday of each month 10:30am to 1:30pm, the Frontier of Flight Museum (6911
     Lemon Avenue, Dallas) conducts „Family Days at Frontiers of Flight Museum‟ with hands-
     on fun and learning. Admission is free. Call 214-350-3600 for more information.
Twice a day (11:30am & 4pm—subject to weather), every day, the Fort Worth Stockyards
    conducts the the world's only daily cattle drive. Starting at the Livestock Exchange Building
    (121 E. Exchange Avenue, Ft. Worth), the trail boss and his cowhands on horseback lead a
    couple dozen Texas longhorns almost single file down Exchange Avenue and back to their
    holding pens behind the Exchange Building. Something unique to behold!
Webelos are now allowed to rappel at the Cherokee Tower. The following rules will apply to
    Webelos rappelling on the tower in addition to all current rules:
   1. Webelos will NOT belay, belays will be done by a trained adult (18 years and older)
   2. All hook-ups for the rappel and belay will be done by a “current instructor” (not ITT), no
   3. An adult will be stationed on each floor of the tower that a Webelos must be on or pass
       through to rappel.
   4. A Lead Instructor will provide DIRECT supervisor to all Webelos rappelling.
   Note to Webelos Leaders—we have numerous opportunities for you to receive tower and
   rock training. This will allow you to take your Packs to the tower without additional
   support. Please contact Jeff Leschber, Tower Director, for additional information at:
   460-360-4477 or See „attached‟ flyer for current training
   opportunity information.
   Tower reservations (current BSA/Tower Instructors only) are made via Terry Seamon at
   the Council office. A copy of the request must be sent to Jeff Leschber.
FYI: Beginning January 1, 2010, BSA registration fees are raised to $15.00 year.
Back by popular demand to the Heard Museum October 1, 2009 to January 31, 2010 is the
   Dinosaurs Live! Exhibit with life-size animatronic dinosaurs. See their web-site for more information.

With the holidays coming up and the Cub Scout Salute Theme upon us, it is a good time to
   encourage members to take advantage of the opportunity to send a free printed „Thank You‟
   card to a member of our armed forces. The website is at
A really cool pinewood derby web-site!:

                 Merry Christmas                     Happy Holidays!

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