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             Election Results

             and Sustainability
             Awards                                                         Timothy Smith
                                                                                       PGeo EngL,
                                                                                  APEGBC President

             2006 AGM Motions        n   Member Fee Deadline         n   CPD Guideline        n   2006 Annual Conference Wrapup

NOV/DEC 2006               VOLUME 10, NUMBER 6

/16                                              /16 Timothy Smith PEng EngL: Strategy, Teamwork and Vision
                                                       for the Professions Andria Ink
                                                 /27 Innovative Water Reuse Initiative Creates Sustainable
                                                       Future for University of Victoria Tracy Frazer
                                                 /28 Convention Centre Expansion Project Provides Habitat
                                                       For Marine Life Andria Ink
                                                 /30 Collaborative Approach Yields State of the Art Treatment Plant
                                                       Andria Ink
                                                 /32 2006 Conference Highlights Real World Solutions
                                                       Andria Ink

                                                 ASSOCIATION BUSINESS

                                                 /4 President’s Viewpoint
                                                 /11 Annual Fee Deadline Notice
                                                 /12 Association Notes — Council Election Results; 2006 AGM Motions;
                                                       Limited Licence Task Force Report; CPD Guideline Released;
                                                       Canstruction; NEGW 2007
                                                 /13 Technical Bulletin — 2006 BC Building Code
                                                 /14 Council Report — September 8 and October 14
                                                 /22 APEGBC Continuing Professional Development Seminars
                                                 /35 Membership
                                                 /36 Discipline and Enforcement: Stipulated Order — J Blair Evans;
                                                       Stipulated Order — Dennis Shiu PEng; Supplemental Determination —
                                                       Dr Anthony Salway PGeo

                                                 /5 Letters /8 Newsmakers — APEGBC Grants Honorary Membership;
                                                 BC Engineers Win CCPE Scholarships; Editorial Board Award
                                                 /26 Book Review /39 Professional Services /44 Careers /47 Datebook

                                                 On page 16 of this issue, newly inducted APEGBC President Timothy Smith
                                                 PGeo EngL discusses priorities for the professions, and shares his vision for
                                                 the Association’s future. Photo: Diana Nethercott

3     I NNOVATION   N OVEMBER /D ECEMBER 2006                                                    I NNOVATION   N OVEMBER /D ECEMBER 2006   3
                                                                                         NOV/DEC 2006                      VOLUME 10, NUMBER 6

In Respect Of                                                                            Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of BC
Public Trust                                                                             Suite 200 - 4010 Regent Street, Burnaby, BC Canada V5C 6N2
                                                                                         Tel: (604) 430-8035 Fax: (604) 430-8085
                                                                                         E-mail: Internet:
                                                                                         Toll free: 1-888-430-8035

I  would like to thank all the staff,
   exhibitors, members and guests who
attended the recent AGM and Annual
                                                                                         2006/2007 COUNCIL, APEGBC
                                                                                         P RESIDENT T M (TIMOTHY) Smith PGeo EngL
                                                                                         VICE P RESIDENT D S (Steve) Graham PEng/PGeo PhD
Conference in Victoria and for helping                                                   PAST P RESIDENT M R (Bob) Ito PEng PhD
to make it the resounding success it                                                     J L (Janet) Benjamin PEng; L R (Lindsay) Bottomer PGeo;
was. Based on some discussions I had                                                     E A (Emily) Cheung PEng; L A (Lee) Failing PEng;
at this event and also from responses                                                    J (Joan) Hansen OD; J H (Jeff) Holm PEng;
                                                      Timothy Smith PGeo EngL            R H (Russ) Kinghorn PEng; P B (Philippe) Kruchten PEng PhD;
over the past 12 months, it appears                   President                          G B (Guy) Lemieux PEng; M K (Margaret) Li PEng PhD;
that there are members who are not                                                       M (Marilyn) Pattison PhD; K P (Kevin) Turner PEng;
completely clear on the role of the                                                      L (Lawrence) Woo CA

Association or the responsibilities that                                                 ASSOCIATION STAFF
are attached with our exclusive right         the public. This continually creates a     F W Wylie CGA CMA CHRP Executive Director (Interim);
                                                                                         Director, Internal Affairs
to practice in certain areas. In order        challenge for Council, committees and
                                                                                         G M Pichler PEng Registrar (Interim); Director, Registration
to outline the framework for the work         staff and the question should always be    S R Rettie PEng Director, Professional Practice and Ethics
that your Council will be undertaking         asked prior to undertaking a new issue:    P R Mitchell PEng Associate Director, Professional Practice
                                                                                         G Thiele LLB Associate Director, Regulatory Compliance
in 2006/2007, I thought that my first          “Does this help respect the public trust   P K-S So CMA Associate Director,
Viewpoint should be a subtle reminder         and protect the public?”                   Finance and Information Technology
using first principles to reinforce these          Our relationship with government       J Sinclair Associate Director, Member Services and Communications

roles and responsibilities.                   is a strong partnership, one that          Janet Sinclair EDITOR
    Our primary mandate, as stated in         recognizes and respects the abilities of
                                                                                         EDITORIAL BOARD
the first canon of our Code of Ethics, is      our members in protecting the public
                                                                                         B S Gill PEng, Chair; T S Ghataurah; D I Harvey PEng StructEng;
to protect the public and environment.        and the environment. The government        I Kokan PEng; W C Lai PEng; L Mah PEng; S E Nesbit PEng PhD;
These should never be compromised and         sees us as a valued member of the          B Thomson PGeo; M M J Yang PEng
should be in the forefront of decision-       professional team in these areas as we     Advertising material should reach the publication by the 12th of the
                                                                                         preceding month (eg, January 12 for the Jan/Feb issue).
making for both the Association and           fully engage a results-based regime.
                                                                                         Advertising Contact: Gillian Cobban Tel: (604) 929-6733
the membership when dealing with              Over the last five years the government     Fax: (604) 929-6753 E-mail:
engineering and geoscience issues.            has worked with us on many programs        Design/Production: Fusion FX Design & Marketing Inc
    The Association is tasked by the pro-     that have added to the protection of       Printed in Canada by Mitchell Press Ltd on recycled paper
vincial government with administering         the British Columbia public — such as      Subscription rates per issue $4.50; six issues yearly $25.00.
the Engineers and Geoscientists Act. The      Performance Based Seismic Assessment       Annual subscriptions of Association members are apportioned from
                                                                                         membership dues in the amount of $15 per member (rates do not
primary functions that it is responsible      and Retrofit Design Concepts — and has      include PST & GST).
for are regulatory: that is, registering      partnered with us to improve practice      Innovation is published six times a year by the Association of
qualified members and ensuring that            standards in slope hazard assessment       Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of British Columbia. As
members act as professionals through          and risk analysis. Our initiative and      the official publication of the Association, Innovation is circulated to
                                                                                         members of the engineering and geoscience professions, architects,
the values established in our Code of         ingenuity is also seen as a valued         contractors and industrial executives. The views expressed in any
Ethics. This is how the Association main-     component in the current economic          article contained herein do not necessarily represent the views or
                                              engine fuelled by construction, mining     opinions of the Council or membership of this Association.
tains the public trust.
    As professional engineers and             and oil and gas.                           All material is copyright. Please contact the Managing Editor for
                                                                                         reprint permission.
geoscientists we have been given                  Your Council will be sitting down
                                                                                         Submission Guidelines: Innovation encourages unsolicited
exclusive rights to practice that are         at our strategy session in November        articles and photos. By submitting material to Innovation, you grant
built on public trust. Practicing within      and developing a work plan that is         Innovation a royalty-free, worldwide license to publish the material
one’s boundaries is critical to not           underpinned by our primary mandate.        in Innovation magazine; and you warrant that you have the authority
                                                                                         to grant such rights and have obtained waivers of all associated
only protecting the public, but to            I will report to you the policies, goals   moral rights. Innovation reserves the right to edit the material for
also respecting their trust. We must          and objectives that we hope to             length, clarity and conformity with our editorial guidelines (www.
                                              debate and implement over the next and is under no
continually improve our standards of
                                                                                         obligation to publish any or all submissions or any portion thereof
practice and hold those accountable           12 months. This Council will be fully      including credits.
that lose sight of their obligation to the    accountable to these and I look forward    ISSN 1206-3622
public. Whenever a member violates            to presenting what we have achieved        Publications Mail Agreement No 40065271. Registration No 09799.
this trust we can all be tarred with the      in these areas to the membership at        Return undeliverable Canadian addresses to Innovation,
same brush.                                   the AGM in Whistler 2007.                  Suite 200 - 4010 Regent Street, Burnaby, BC V5C 6N2.

    Many members have also asked why                                                     US Postmaster: Innovation (ISSN 1206-3622) is published bimonthly
                                                                                         for $25.00 per year by the Association of Professional Engineers and
the Association doesn’t take on more                                                     Geoscientists of British Columbia, c/o US Agent-Transborder Mail,
of an advocacy role for the professions.                                                 4708 Caldwell Rd E, Edgewood, WA 98372-9221. Periodicals
This can and has been done, but cannot                                                   postage paid at Auburn, WA, US PO #007-927. POSTMASTER send
                                                                                         address changes (covers only) to Innovation, c/o Transborder Mail,
be done at the expense of protecting                                                     PO Box 6016, Federal Way, WA 98063-6016.


A Tribute to Vladimir Pasicnyk PEng          treating actual and potential employees       money to send hundreds of refusals to
It was with great sadness that I learned     with elementary courtesy costs nothing        job applicants every day.
of the recent passing of Vladimir Pasic-     and pays very real dividends.                    In these conditions, which grew pro-
nyk PEng, a truly professional engineer           Thirty-five years ago, I wrote from      gressively worse over a period of about
who was my supervisor and mentor             England to dozens of Canadian min-            25 years, employees and job applicants
during the short period from August          ing companies applying for work. Al-          were no longer people possessing rare,
1990 to April 1992 when I worked for         most all of them replied by letter, even      valuable skills essential to the com-
the BC Ministry of Forests (MOF) in          if it was only a refusal. One of the most     pany’s business. They were “units” to
Prince George. As MOF’s Regional For-        courteous and charming letters of re-         be brushed off, ignored, processed or
est Engineer, Vladimir had the ulti-         fusal I have ever received was from           gotten rid of, retrenched, downsized,
mate responsibility of ensuring that         Dome Mines Ltd. Because of that letter,       right-sized, packaged, outplaced; that
all new road and bridge construction         I worked for them as a summer student         whole ghastly lexicon that a generation
in the vast northern forest region was       two years later. Two years after that I       of engineers came to know all too well.
built to MOF standards and to all appli-     was hired on full-time and stayed with           And now Fred West’s article is telling
cable national engineering standards         them for four years.                          the HR types what many of the older
and codes.                                        Fast-forward to 1990-91 when, for        ones have forgotten or the younger
    Vladimir was a stickler for detail       many, an engineering career consisted of      ones have never learned: if you don’t
and precision, always encouraging his        dodging the next layoff and unemployed        treat your candidate with common
staff to deliver a quality product. He       engineers were being told “You can work       courtesy, he or she won’t stick around.
was also a solid supporter of his staff,     on this proposal for nothing. If we get the      A worthy lesson, a pity it was for-
ensuring they were provided with the         work, so do you. Take it or leave it.” Not    gotten.
necessary tools to deliver this product.     surprisingly, engineers lost their self-                           Tom Morrison PEng
To balance the somewhat austere ap-          esteem and stopped encouraging their                                          Delta, BC
pearance that Vladimir portrayed in his      sons and daughters, nephews and nieces
professional role, he was well known         to follow in their footsteps.
for a very dry European sense of hu-              Fast-forward another 10 years to
mour, which sometimes caught work            2001. I was working for a mining com-         Correction Notice
colleagues by surprise. At such times,       pany where the telephone started ring-        In the “Contamination Cleanup” sub-
with his face creased into an enormous       ing at 7:30 am and rang continuously          mission on p. 47 of Innovation, July/
grin and his eyes twinkling brightly,        until 5 pm, often two and three incom-        August 2006, the photograph was
you realized that he was undoubtedly         ing calls at a time. Nine out of ten calls    provided courtesy of McCue Environ-
quite a character.                           were people looking for work or trying        mental Contracting.
    I am particularly indebted to Vladi-     to sell goods and services. Courtesy or
mir for his steadfast encouragement in       not, we simply didn’t have the time or
1990 when I was a recently landed im-
migrant. Having over 20 years’ experi-
ence as a chartered civil engineer reg-
istered in the UK, I was initially daunted
by the APEGBC process of establishing
credibility for registration. However,
through his mentorship and support, I
persevered in applying and gaining full
membership in February 1992.
    Vladimir has surely left large engi-
neering footprints in Northern BC and
will be remembered with great affec-
tion by many. His legacy is his loyal
and dedicated service to all the orga-
nizations he represented, including his
noteworthy committee service with
APEGBC. He had a profound effect on
many engineers in British Columbia and
we will all miss him greatly.
                        Wilfred A Fry PEng
                               Burnaby, BC

Recruiting Success
Fred West’s article boils down to one
word: courtesy. Employers are rediscov-
ering what some have forgotten; that

                                                                                                  I NNOVATION   N OVEMBER /D ECEMBER 2006   5

Urban Stormwater Management                        There are proven engineering solu-       explains, the engineering profession
and Pollutant Control                          tions available to mitigate pollutants,      is at a crossroads. How will we apply a
Jim Dumont’s stormwater manage-                even in urban neighbourhoods already         science based understanding to truly
ment article (September/October issue)         fully developed (Minton 2005 Storm-          achieve integrated solutions for pro-
presents two approaches for designing          water Treatment 2nd edition). However,       tecting life, property and the aquatic
stormwater systems: runoff-based and           guidelines such as Stormwater Plan-          environment? To help practitioners
rainfall-based. From a broader view it         ning: A Guidebook for BC and tools like      move beyond the guidebook, Storm-
can be argued these two paths are re-          the Water Balance Model as applied           water Planning: A Guidebook for British
ally one; a volume-based approach. This        in urban design largely favour volume        Columbia, the Inter-Governmental Part-
approach largely neglects the control of       control. Jim’s article discusses regu-       nership (IGP) developed the Water Bal-
pollutants in stormwater discharge, ex-        lations, but in reality, regulations to      ance Model (WBM). The IGP is now add-
cept where pollutants are reduced as a         protect ecosystem and human health           ing the QUALHYMO module to facilitate
side effect of volume control.                 in Canada lag behind other devel-            implementation of the runoff-based ap-
    The health of receiving water, which       oped countries by decades (Boyd 2003         proach pioneered by Jim Dumont and
includes more than just streams, and the       Unnatural Law UBC Press).                    piloted by the City of Surrey with the
organisms that depend on these eco-                I agree that as engineers we should “…   Fergus Creek watershed plan.
systems, including humans, depend on           engage in the integration of knowledge,          When it was published in 2002, the
volume control and pollutant control.          and to seek the best results for society     guidebook took a new approach to
    Even though research is sparse on the      and environment.” To put this abstract       stormwater management. It formal-
chronic impacts of stormwater pollution,       principle into action in stormwater man-     ized a science-based understanding
there is still ample evidence of anthropo-     agement, engineers need to use health        for setting performance targets to
genic impacts of stormwater pollutants to      and environmental science knowledge          reduce rainwater runoff volumes and
warrant action. For example, monitoring        and make the effort to address pollutant     rates. It also introduced an approach
shows that pollutant levels in typical urban   control along with volume, even if regula-   to constant improvement through
runoff in the GVRD exceed natural levels by    tions do not specify this and our clients    adaptive management i.e., learning
a factor of 6-100 for 10 important metrics:    are not aware of the problem. Fix it!        by doing. These targets represent the
arsenic, lead, chromium, fecal coliform,                                  Eric Mazzi PEng   synthesis of biological and hydrologi-
etc. (University of British Columbia Storm-                                 Vancouver, BC   cal understanding.
water Monitoring Program: August 2001 to                                                        The guidebook’s premise that land
September 2002 Summary). Research con-         From Stormwater Management to                development and watershed protec-
tinues to show the significance of acute       Rainwater Management – Beyond                tion can be compatible represented
human health and economic impacts from         the Guidebook                                a radical shift in thinking in 2002.
stormwater outfall pollution (Given et al      Jim Dumont’s article (September/             The concepts and methodologies in-
2006 Environ. Sci. Technol. vol 40 p 4851).    October issue) is timely. As he clearly      troduced in the guidebook were in-
                                                                                            tended to stimulate a change in the
                                                                                            mindset of practitioners and others,
                                                                                            rather than cast in stone a set of pre-
                                                                                            scriptive rules.
                                                                                                The Water Balance Model was devel-
                                                                                            oped by the IGP in 2003 as an extension
                                                                                            of the guidebook. This decision support
                                                                                            tool enables users to wrap their minds
                                                                                            around on-the-ground implications of
                                                                                            performance targets. Building on this
                                                                                            experience, a runoff-based module
                                                                                            is being added to the Water Balance
                                                                                            Model. This enhancement takes the
                                                                                            guidebook innovation to the next level
                                                                                            of evolution, and will continue the proc-
                                                                                            ess of learning by doing.
                                                                                                Part and parcel with moving beyond
                                                                                            the guidebook is changing the language
                                                                                            that practitioners use from stormwater
                                                                                            management to rainwater manage-
                                                                                            ment, because stormwater equals bad
                                                                                            (it is a problem) whereas rainwater
                                                                                            equals good (it is a resource).
                                                                                                                 Kim A Stephens PEng
                                                                                                                  Project Coordinator,
                                                                                                    Inter-Governmental Partnership


Announcements regarding appointments,
awards and other information on APEGBC
member activities are encouraged. Brief con-
tributions (including a photo if possible) can
be emailed to

APEGBC Grants Honorary
Hiromi Matsui received an Honorary
Membership in APEGBC at the Asso-
ciation’s Annual Conference and AGM
in Victoria this October. APEGBC has
bestowed only three Honorary Mem-
berships in the Association’s history,
with Ms Matsui being the first woman
ever to be a recipient. Honorary mem-

                                                                                                                                            DIANA NETHERCOTT
berships are granted at Council’s dis-
cretion to non-members who have
made outstanding contributions to
the professions of engineering and/
or geoscience.                                   Past President Bob Ito PEng PhD presents Hiromi Matsui with her Honorary Membership
   Ms Matsui was honoured for her
exceptional contributions of service,            of BC Order in Council in 1998, Ms Mat-      including Communications, Registration,
leadership and unparalleled dedica-              sui served three additional terms. She       Strategic Planning, Sustainability, Profes-
tion to APEGBC and the professions of            also served as chair of the Registration     sional Practice, Executive, and the Gover-
engineering and geoscience. First ap-            and Sustainability Committees and as         nance Task Force. Her unique view, and
pointed to Council through a Province            a member of several other committees         thorough and insightful understanding
                                                                                              on issues related to the professions were
                                                                                              of enormous benefit to APEGBC and
                                                                                              its membership.

                                                                                                                                            DIANA NETHERCOTT
                                                                                                  Of special interest to Ms Matsui are
                                                                                              the issues of sustainability, the challenge
                                                                                              for women in the professions and the
                                                                                              Association’s responsibility to protect
                                                                                              the public interest. Her passion, dedi-
                                                                                              cation, professionalism and complete
                                                                                              involvement in every aspect of her work
                                                                                              is inspiring to all those she works with,
                                                                                              motivating her colleagues to be increas-
                                                                                              ingly thoughtful and thorough when
                                                                                              making critical decisions.
                                                                                                  In her acceptance speech, Ms Matsui
                                                                                              stated that she was honoured to receive
                                                                                              membership in the Association and was
                                                                                              encouraged and pleased by the prog-
                                                                                              ress APEGBC has made. Ms Matsui joins
                                                                                              APEGBC’s honorary members: Wilfred
                                                                                              (Bae) Wallace QC (1982) and Jack Croll
                                                                                              FCA (2002).


Two BC Engineers Win CCPE Scholarships
Two BC residents are among six Cana-           at UBC, and delivering presentations at
dian engineers who recently shared             industry and professional association
$52,500 as the 2006 recipients of the          events. Mr Wood has also been involved
Canadian Council of Professional En-           with APEGBC’s Municipal Engineering
gineers (CCPE) national scholarships,          Division.
which provide financial support to pro-             Conor Reynolds PEng was the re-
fessional engineers pursuing advanced          cipient of a $7,500 CCPE-TD Meloche
studies and research.                          Monnex Scholarship to further his
   Andrew Wood PEng was awarded a              studies as a PhD candidate at UBC. He

$10,000 CCPE-Manulife Financial Schol-         is applying his mechanical engineering
arship to further his PhD studies in civil     background to identify ways to reduce         Anne Garrett PEng, APEGBC’s past Executive
engineering. His doctorate research will       the negative impacts of transportation        Director and Registrar, with scholarship
focus on asset management of munici-           emissions on public health and the en-        recipients Conor Reynolds PEng (l) and
pal water infrastructure.                      vironment in urban centres.                   Andrew Wood PEng (r).
   Mr Wood’s contributions to the pro-             Following the completion of his PhD,
fession of engineering are already note-       Mr Reynolds hopes to undertake an en-         tion as a professor at a Canadian univer-
worthy. A published author, he has giv-        gineering position that will allow him to     sity. In keeping with his dedication to a
en back to the engineering community           apply his interdisciplinary skills in engi-   sustainable future, Mr Reynolds is also
by teaching environmental engineering          neering, policy, and health. Ultimately,      an active member of APEGBC’s Sustain-
courses at BCIT, acting as a guest lecturer    he hopes to make a valuable contribu-         ability Committee.

Editorial Board Award Honours Treetops Article
The 2006 APEGBC Editorial Board Award was awarded to                  article entitled “Treetops Adventure: Engineering Innovation
Chris Newcomb PEng and Art Williams PEng for their                    Deep in the Rainforest,” which appeared in the November/
                                                                      December 2005 issue of Innovation. This article described the
                                                                      technically innovative Treetops Adventure project at Capilano
                                                                      Suspension Bridge, an elevated walkway through old growth
                                                                      canopy that provides visitors with a unique experience of the
                                                                      Westcoast rainforest.
                                                                          The award was presented at the Annual Conference and
                                                                      AGM Recognition Luncheon on October 14. Accepting the
                                                                      Editorial Board award on behalf of his grandfather, Art Wil-
                                                                      liams, was 11-year old Chris Fenje, and article co-author,
                                                                      Chris Newcomb.

                                                                      It is with regret that the Association notes the passing of Art
                                                                      Williams PEng on October 28, 2006.

                                                                                                                                          DIANA NETHERCOTT

                                                                      Chris Newcomb PEng and Chris Fenje are presented with the
                                                                      Editorial Board Award by Chair Bob Gill PEng.

Annual Fee Deadline is December 31, 2006
Under the Engineers and Geoscientists Act, the annual fee         A:   Please refer to the insert on “2007 Fee Information and
payment deadline is December 31 and anyone who has not                 Payment Options” in your fee renewal package sent by
paid the annual fee before March 1 is struck from the register.        email and/or mail starting in late October.

A $50 late fee is levied on any annual fee received after         Q4: Can I apply for reinstatement if I am removed
December 31 without exception, including payments                     for non-payment?
made by employers. Due to the decrease in the GST, the            A.  Anyone who is struck will have to apply for, and meet the
reinstatement fee is now $198.14.                                     conditions for, reinstatement. Before being reinstated
                                                                      you will have to pay the annual fee, the $50 late fee and
QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS                                                 the $198.14 reinstatement fee.

Q1: Why do I have to be registered with APEGBC?                   Q5: Who can I contact for help?
A:  To practise engineering or geoscience in BC you must be       A:  Please contact the appropriate staff member for
    registered. If you practise without being registered              assistance:
    you are not only breaking the law, you are not legally
    entitled to your fees or salary.                              Billing amounts and balance outstanding:
                                                                  Kristina Borovic                         (604) 412-4873
Q2: What do I need to do to renew my membership?                                             
A:  Members may remit their payment online, by mail or
    by fax. Members may also submit their 2007 annual fee         Online payment support:
    invoice to their employer for payment.                        Andrew Korvin                          (604) 412-4887
        Online payment is the fastest and most convenient                  
    way to renew your membership, update your contact
                                                                  Changes in status or registration:
    and demographic information, make a contribution to
                                                                  Registration Information                          (604) 412-4856
    the APEGBC Foundation and/or Benevolent Fund, and
    print an official income tax receipt(s). The 2007 online
    fee payment website can be accessed at www.apeg.              Policies, procedures and deadlines:                                         Peter So                                          (604) 412-4867
        For employer payments, please submit your 2007                                                   
    annual fee invoice for payment as soon as possible,
    and inform your employer that payments remitted                            Association of Professional Engineers and
    or postmarked after December 31, 2006 cannot be                            Geoscientists of BC
    processed without payment of the late fee.                                 200 – 4010 Regent Street, Burnaby, BC V5C 6N2

Q3: Where can I get more information on the                                    Tel: (604) 430-8035 Toll Free: 1-888-430-8035
    renewal process?                                                           Fax: (604) 430-8085

                                                                                             I NNOVATION   N OVEMBER /D ECEMBER 2006   11

APEGBC Election Results – 2006/2007 Council
The results of the APEGBC Council
election ballot were announced
at the Annual General Meet-
ing held on October 14, 2006 in
Victoria. The 2006/2007 Council
consists of the following elected
members and appointees:

President (by acclamation)
T M (Timothy) Smith PGeo, EngL

                                                                                                                                      DIANA NETHERCOTT
Vice President
D S (Steve) Graham PEng/PGeo PhD

                                               Front (l-r): Janet Benjamin PEng, Bob Ito PEng PhD, Timothy Smith PGeo EngL, Steve
Elected for two years
                                               Graham PEng/PGeo PhD, Margaret Li PEng PhD. Centre (l-r): Philippe Kruchten PEng
L R (Lindsay) Bottomer PGeo                    PhD, Lee Failing PEng, Kevin Turner PEng, Marilyn Pattison PhD, Emily Cheung PEng.
E A (Emily) Cheung PEng                        Back (l-r): Russ Kinghorn PEng, Lindsay Bottomer PGeo, Guy Lemieux PEng, Lawrence
M K (Margaret) Li PEng PhD                     Woo CA, Jeff Holm PEng. (Absent: Joan Hansen OD)
G B (Guy) Lemieux PEng
K P (Kevin) Turner PEng
                                               Past President                              Ballots mailed                   18,245
Continuing for one year                        M R (Bob) Ito PEng PhD
J L (Janet) Benjamin PEng                                                                  Ballots received                  3221
L A (Lee) Failing PEng                         Government Appointees
J H (Jeff) Holm PEng                           J (Joan) Hansen OD                          Ballots spoiled/unidentified        16
R H (Russ) Kinghorn PEng                       M (Marilyn) Pattison PhD
                                                                                           Return rate                      17.6%
P B (Philippe) Kruchten PEng PhD               L (Lawrence) Woo CA

2006 Annual General Meeting — New Business Session Motions
The following motions from the floor were made by APEGBC members during the New Business Session
of the Annual General Meeting held on October 14, 2006 in Victoria:

Motion 1. It is moved that Council give           Moved by Ralph Watts PEng, second-       branches to enable them to meet expec-
consideration to changing the designa-         ed by Charlotte-Ann (Sharlie) Huffman       tations of image enhancement in keep-
tion of Designated Structural Engineer to      PEng. The motion was defeated.              ing with the future-oriented strategy of
Designated Building Structural Engineer.                                                   the Association.
   Moved by Ralph Watts PEng, sec-             Motion 3. It is moved that Council give         Moved by Mohammed Afsar PEng,
onded by Charlotte-Ann (Sharlie) Huff-         consideration to amend, include and re-     seconded by Balbir (Bob) Gill PEng. The
man PEng. The motion was carried.              instate in the Oath of Office of incoming   motion was carried.
                                               officers, the concluding phrase “So Help
Motion 2. It is moved that Council give con-   Me God.”                                    Motion 5. It is moved that Council give
sideration to making it clear when promoting       Moved by Jesus (Jess) Gonzalez          consideration to publishing all commit-
the Designated Structural Engineer designa-    PEng, seconded by David Jackson PEng.       tee reports at least one month prior to
tion that many engineers specializing in the   The motion was defeated.                    the AGM.
areas not requiring a Designated Structural                                                   Moved by Russell Fraser PEng, sec-
Engineer are not eligible for the Designated   Motion 4. It is moved that Council give     onded by Roy Bartholomew PEng. The
Structural Engineer designation.               consideration to increasing grants to       motion was carried.

    Limited Licence Task Force Report
    The findings of APEGBC’s most recent Limited Licence          a limited licence. A revised application process providing
    Task Force were presented to Council in September. A          for greater applicant involvement in determining licence
    comprehensive review of the Limited License program           scope was approved. Also ratified was a new model
    was completed by a knowledgeable and experienced              for making minor amendments to a licensee’s existing
    task force and included input from key stakeholders.          scope, something for which there has been a long-
       The final report made 17 recommendations, 16 of            standing requirement. In addition, clearer guidelines
    which were approved by Council. The one exception             regarding providing professional advice and how to
    that was not approved related to limited licensee             represent oneself to clients and the public were endorsed
    voting rights and eligibility for office and was referred     for licensees.
    for further study. Some of the recommendations                    Further recommendations related to the issues of
    can be implemented immediately, while others will             direct supervision, provincial mobility of licensees,
    require further study or changes to the Engineers and         practice review requirements for limited licensees, and
    Geoscientists Act.                                            initiatives regarding the promotion of the Limited Licence
       Noteworthy recommendations included the cre-               program – both to those who use the services of licensees
    ation of new titles for limited license holders: Engin-       as well as those who need to become licensees.
    eering Licensee (EngL) and Geoscience Licensee (GeoL) as          Printed reports are available at the Association office,
    well as the approval of a new certificate for those holding   or online at


2006 BC Building Code Now Available
The 2006 BC Building Code and BC Fire        officials’ associations have been work-    addition, a detailed guide covering the
Code are now available to the public.        ing with the BC Building Policy Branch     changes in the 2006 BC Codes is being
The BC Building Code includes Part 7         to develop comprehensive Code edu-         developed. This guide will include a
— BC Plumbing Services.                      cation for the building industry profes-   table outlining all changes, as well as
    As noted by the BC Building Policy       sions in BC. Code practitioners and con-   diagrams and explanations for the sub-
Branch (          sulting specialists who have undertaken    stantive changes.
ing/code/), the new 2006 Code re-            a line-by-line review and comparative          For additional information on the
quirements will apply to all buildings       analysis of the existing BC Codes, the     Code change seminars, please con-
constructed on or after December 15,         proposed 2006 BC Codes and the 2005        tact the Steering Committee Chair
2006, except those buildings for which       National Codes are developing material or the
a permit application has been accepted       outlining the Code changes.                Building Officials’ Association of BC
prior to December 15, 2006.                      Code change seminars are being         Executive Director, Richard Bushey at
    The new BC Building Code and Fire        planned for delivery within jurisdic-
Code are based on the 2005 National          tions across British Columbia in early         For information on ordering the
Building Code of Canada and the 2005         2007, when it is expected that Code        2006 BC Building Code and Fire Code,
National Fire Code of Canada, and es-        users will have had the opportunity to     visit the Government Publication
tablish minimum standards for health,        better familiarize themselves with the     Services Building Codes website at
safety, accessibility, fire and structural   new Code structure and content. In or call 1-800-663-6105.
protection of buildings in BC, and pro-
tection of buildings from water and
sewer damage. The 2006 edition of the
Codes use a new objective-based for-
                                               Council Resignation
mat. The objectives describe the overall       Order in Council Government Appointee Roy Emperingham MPA CHRP resigned
goals that the Codes’ provisions are in-       from council on October 12, 2006. Appointed in July 2004, Mr. Emperingham is
tended to achieve, and all requirements        a recognized leader in human resources and labour relations. During his time on
in the Codes are linked to one or more         Council, Roy served on the Audit and Registration Committees.
main objectives.
    Volunteers from engineering, archi-        The Association thanks Mr. Emperingham for his numerous contributions to
tectural, fire, plumbing and building          Council over the past two years.

                                                                                              I NNOVATION   N OVEMBER /D ECEMBER 2006   13

SEPTEMBER 8, 2006                              stood down the Limited Licence Task

CPD Guideline
                                               Force with thanks.
Council approved the release of the CPD
Guideline (see page 15 of this issue). Coun-
                                               Emerging Disciplines Task Force
                                               Council received the final report of the
cil also approved the following Statement      Emerging Disciplines Task Force and         SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2006
of Compliance for release with the 2008        stood down the task force with thanks.
Annual Dues: “I have met the CPD require-      More information is available at www.       APEGBC
ments as outlined in the CPD Guideline.”
     Council defeated a motion to rescind      Report.pdf.                                 Consulting Practice Bob Gerath
the following motion carried in Novem-                                                     PGeo, Rolf Schmitt PGeo
ber 2004: Motion that the Continuing           Career Awareness                            Discipline Ernest Portfors PEng,
Professional Development Committee be          Council defeated a motion from the
                                                                                           Bob Martin PEng, Herb Hawson
directed to complete an implementation         Branch Representatives requesting
                                                                                           PEng, John Rapson PEng, William
plan for mandatory CPD and submit it for       that Council direct staff to work with
Council’s decision by March 15th, 2005.        teaching professionals to prepare           Malcolm PEng, Colin Smith PEng
Council concluded that, since Manda-           lesson plans at the junior, intermedi-      Investigation Tony Mikes PEng,
tory CPD is already a requirement un-          ate and senior grade levels for teach-      Clint Low PEng Struct Eng,
der the Code of Ethics, and since the          ing during National Engineering and         Surrendar Menrai PEng, Mark
motion does not refer to “mandatory            Geoscience Week. Council decided to         Roozbahani PEng, John Robertson
reporting,” the November 2004 motion           support existing initiatives instead of     PEng, Neil Nyberg PEng, Jeff
should stand and not be rescinded.             creating new programs that the exist-       Corbett PEng, George Cavey PGeo,
                                               ing budget and resources would not be       Brian Nakai PEng
PNWER Resolution on Reciprocity for            able to fully support.                      Nominating Committee Claudio
Senior Engineers
                                                                                           Arato PEng, Peter Navratil PEng,
Council ratified the 2006 Pacific North-         Experience in Canadian
                                                                                           Brent Ward PGeo PhD
West Economic Region (PNWER) Resolu-           Environment Policy
tion on Reciprocity for Senior Engineers       Council approved a revised policy for       Practice Review Mark Emanuel
(               the requirement for candidates for pro-     PEng, Sharlie Huffman PEng,
uments/PNWER_Res06.pdf).                       fessional engineer membership to gain       Bob Gerath PGeo
                                               satisfactory experience in a Canadian       Registration Philippe Kruchten
Professional Reliance                          Environment requirement. The revised        PEng PhD (Chair), Lindsay Bot-
Council approved the Professional              policy clarifies the experience, direct      tomer PGeo, Jeff Holm PEng, Guy
Reliance Position Statement and Posi-          supervision and supporting references       Lemieux PEng, George Prince PEng,
tion Paper. More information is avail-         required. See        Kevin Turner PEng
able at           uments/CanadianEnvironmentExp.pdf
                                                                                           Standards of Practice Improve-
govt.html.                                     for more information.
                                                                                           ment Task Force Russ Kinghorn
Council Work Plan                              Retiring the Pupil Grade                    PEng (Chair), Lindsay Bottomer
The Executive Director provided a mid-         of Membership                               PGeo, Lee Failing PEng,
year update to the Council Work Plan,          Council agreed to retire the Pupil grade    George Prince PEng
showing progress to date on the Coun-          of membership by ceasing to accept          Sustainability Mike Blackman PEng
cil-directed tasks. More information           future applications for membership
is available at           to this grade of membership and by          EXTERNAL
minutes.html.                                  retiring Bylaw s.11(b) Pupils (subject
                                               to member ratification in September         Fire Suppression Sprinklers Work-
IAMA for CCPG                                  2007); Council also agreed that the As-     ing Group (Building Policy Branch)
Council ratified the extension of the           sociation adopt a “grandfather clause”
                                                                                           Murray Johnson PEng
CCPG Inter-Association Mobility Agree-         to retain the pupils who are currently
                                                                                           CCPG Director for APEGBC
ment (IAMA) for two years up to May            enrolled and active.
2008. More information is available at                                                     James Moors PGeo                                   Looking to Exempt Interviews                CEBC Rep for APEGBC
                                               for Internationally Trained                 Lee Failing PEng
Limited Licence Task Force Report              Engineering Applicants
Council received the report of the             Council approved reducing the thresh-      cil also directed that the seven-year
Limited Licence Task Force and ap-             old for access to the Looking to Exempt    threshold be reviewed in one year.
proved all 17 recommendations but              interview evaluation process. Candi-
one, Recommendation 14, which was              dates will now be required to have 7       Approval of Designated
referred to staff for further study (see       years of relevant experience instead of    Structural Engineers
page 13 of this issue). Council also           the 10 years previously required. Coun-    Council approved revising the Terms of

Reference of the Registration Commit-        on behalf of Council; the appointment
tee to delegate approval of Designated       of PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, Char-          icies.pdf.
Structural Engineers to the Registra-        tered Accountants as the Association’s
tion Committee.                              external auditors for the fiscal year         OCTOBER 14, 2006
                                             ending June 30, 2007, to be ratified by
Audit Committee                              members at the AGM.                           A brief first meeting of the 2006/2007 Coun-
Council approved the appropriation                                                         cil was held following the Annual General
of $300,528 from the unrestricted re-        Scrutineers                                   Meeting in Victoria on October 14.
serve to the property and equipment          Dan Lambert PEng, Phil Sunderland
replacement reserve; the appropria-          PEng and John Watson PEng were ap-            Staff Appointments
tion of $40,000 from the unrestricted        pointed as scrutineers for the 2006/2007      Anne Garrett PEng resigned her posi-
reserve to the legal and insurance re-       Council election ballot count.                tion as Executive Director and Regis-
serve; the audited APEGBC Financial                                                        trar effective October 15, 2006. While
Statements for the 2005/2006 fiscal          Governance Committee                          undertaking the search for a new Ex-
year ending June 30, 2006; authoriza-        Council approved the following poli-          ecutive Director and Registrar, Council
tion for the President and Executive         cies: Council Governance Policy CG-7          appointed Gillian Pichler PEng as inter-
Director and Registrar to sign the fis-      Committee Structure and the HR Policy.        im Registrar and Fred Wylie CGA CMA
cal 2005/2006 Financial Statements           More information is available at www.         CHRP as interim Executive Director.


APEGBC Council Launches New Program To Recognize Members’
Continuing Professional Development Activities
Over the past year, APEGBC Council           important to note that under the Code         seminars, technical fi eld trips, trade
and the CPD Committee have sought            of Ethics, members who choose not to          shows), Participation (e.g., mentoring,
feedback on the implementation of a          report that they have met the require-        committee meetings), and Presenta-
formal CPD program. During this time,        ments of the                                                     tions and Contribu-
members provided input on their pro-         CPD Guideline                                                    tions to Knowledge
fessional development activities and         are still required                                               (e.g., presentations,
the proposed structure of the program.       to keep up to                                                    writing papers, de-
The feedback received was considered         date and to prac-                                                veloping codes and
in the development of the new CPD Gui-       tice only in those                                               standards). Mem-
deline, which was approved by Council        fields where their                                                bers are required to
at their September 8, 2006 meeting.          knowledge is                                                     complete activities
     The new CPD Guideline outlines the      current.                                                         from at least two of
types of activities and the amount of            To meet the                                                  the four categories
professional development that practi-        requirements of                                                  and a maximum
cing members should be undertaking.          the CPD Guide-                                                   of 20 PDH can be
Developed after extensive benchmar-          line, members                                                    claimed in any one
king of programs from other Canadian         must complete                                                    category in a calen-
jurisdictions and other professions, it is   an average of                                                    dar year.
designed to provide flexibility to meet       30 hours per                                                        To help keep
members’ unique requirements.                year (90 hours                                                   track of their CPD
    Compliance with the CPD Guideline is     on a three-year                                                  activities, members
recommended but not mandatory. Mem-          rolling average).                                                may use the On-
bers will be asked to indicate whether       Hours are ac-                                                    line CPD Reporting
they have met the requirements of the        crued as Profes-                                                 Centre, though use
CPD Guideline for the 2007 calendar year     sional Development Hours (PDH) where          of this system is not necessary to
by signing a statement on their 2008 An-     1 PDH = 1 hour of relevant professional       meet the requirements of the CPD
nual Dues form. To recognize members         development activity. The four catego-        Guideline.
who participate in the program, a note       ries of eligible CPD activities are: Formal      For more detailed information on
will be placed in the public On-line Mem-    Methods (e.g. structured courses, pro-        the CPD program or for a copy of the
ber Directory identifying that the mem-      grams or seminars that are at least four      CPD Guideline, please visit the APEGBC
ber has declared that they have met the      hours in length), Informal Methods (e.g.,     website at
requirements of the CPD Guideline. It is     self-directed study, journal reading,         main.html.

                                                                                                 I NNOVATION   N OVEMBER /D ECEMBER 2006   15
Timothy Smith PGeo EngL
Strategy, Teamwork and Vision for the Professions
Andria Ink

T     imothy Smith PGeo EngL began his 2006/2007 term on
      October 14 at the Annual Conference and AGM in Victoria.
A member of Council for three terms (2001/2002, 2002/2003 and
                                                                                     tion of the governance policies and entrenching them in the
                                                                                     system is also necessary.
                                                                                          A communications strategy is also vital. This needs
2005/2006) and with extensive APEGBC experience through sev-                         to focus on our primary mandate to all stakehold-
eral committees, boards, and task forces, Tim’s service to the Asso-                 ers, but not at the expense of public safety.
ciation has brought him to a place where he hopes to effect posi-                    Part of this strategy is a focused govern-
tive, strategic change. Winner of the APEGBC Professional Service                    ment relations component. APEGBC
Award in 2004 and a former director of the Canadian Council of                       is in a good place with govern-
Professional Geoscientists, Tim is familiar with issues facing both                  ment and we should continue
the geoscience and engineering professions. Strengthening the                        to build on this.
protection of the public and the environment will be key areas of                        I believe that we need
focus during his presidency. Tim recently shared his priorities with                 to look at the role of the
Innovation for his upcoming year as president.                                       branches and develop a
                                                                                     sound succession plan
In your election statement, you said that these were                                 for Council and our As-
challenging and prosperous times for the professions.                                sociation committees.
What is your primary focus for the Association in the                                The work of our vol-
2006/2007 term?                                                                      unteers is very im-
                                                                                     portant and we
The issue of continually improving our focus on public safety                        need to seek out
is paramount for me. With all of the activity in BC, economi-                        the right people
cally it’s a very prosperous time for the professions. While                         for the right s
members are busy meeting the demands of their practice,                              roles.
it is important to remember that our responsibilities to the
public are a priority.

What are your goals for Council in the 2006/2007 term?

Through consensus-building and hard work, I hope to lead a
Council that has a productive year. I intend on encouraging
this group to implement many of the initiatives that we’ve
[Council] been talking about for the last several years.
    As self-regulating professions, we have a collective respon-
sibility to ensure that public safety and welfare, and protection
of the environment are paramount. Council needs to focus on
the role of the Association in these areas when assessing which
policies, systems or functions need to be improved or put into
place. Unfortunately, we must manage for the small number of
members who don’t respect the public trust.
    The implementation of a formal Continuing Professional
Development (CPD) program is something that Council must
move forward on. Where should we be with regard to prac-
tice standards and ensuring that members practice within
their area of expertise? Do we need to be looking at special-
                                                                       DIANA NETHERCOTT

ization in high-risk practice areas?
    Right now, our strategic plan is a work in progress. We
must update and implement this document for this and fu-
ture Councils to govern and guide the professions. Comple-

          Finally, with the support of Council,
      I would like to encourage the continued
       progress of the Sustainability and Envi-        Meet the President
         ronment Committees. The work that
           these groups promote is important           Professional Practice
             to both short and long term pub-
                                                       Tim received his Bachelor of Science in Applied Ge-
             lic safety. Our professions have
             the ability to be leaders in society      ology from the University of New South Wales in
            in these areas.                            1987 and a Graduate Diploma in Advanced Forest
                                                       Engineering from the University of British Columbia
           Is an Act change of importance
                                                       in 2000. He also holds an APEGBC limited licence
           to your strategic direction?
                                                       in engineering for terrain stability and is licensed in
           The Engineers and Geoscientists Act         Alberta as a professional geologist and Washington
          does need to be re-written to allow          State as a licensed engineering geologist. With 17
          us to govern effectively and con-            years of experience, Tim is a consultant to resource
          tinue to protect the public in the
         future. I believe that our minister           and transportation industries, mining companies,
         (Murray Coell, Advanced Education)            government, engineering and legal firms in Canada,
         is committed to working with us to            the United States, Scotland and Australia. His ar-
         get this done.                                eas of expertise are in geotechnical investigations,
                                                       slope hazard assessment and risk analysis.
        You’ve said that inter-provincial
        mobility is an important issue to
         you. Could you elaborate on this?             Professional Philosophy:
                                                       “I believe in maintaining competency and only doing
              Mobility is an issue that Council
                                                       the work that one is capable of doing. The public has
               and our national bodies really
                need to improve. I was pleased         granted us an exclusive right to practice and with
                 to hear Ministers Colin Hansen        that comes an obligation on the part of the profes-
                 and Kevin Falcon speak of the         sions to ensure that the public is protected.”
                 Trade, Investment, Labour and
               Mobility Agreement (TILMA)
              between Alberta and BC at the            Personally Speaking:
             recent APEGBC Annual Conference           Tim is an outdoor enthusiast with an affinity for ski-
            and AGM. The governments of both           ing, mountain biking and hiking. Tim feels strongly
           provinces have recognized mobility          about maintaining a work-life balance, and cites his
          to be an issue for continued economic
         expansion. At the same time we can-           relationship with his partner, Natalie, as one of the
        not compromise public safety.                  most important things in his life.
           Mobility is only part of the equation.
      Increased enforcement activities must
     dovetail with this initiative. I have seen     a corresponding increase in geoscientist registration. I think
    first-hand that there are a lot of people        we need to examine why this is.
   practicing geoscience in BC who are not
  registered with APEGBC. In particular, there      With your professional experience in the forestry sector,
 has been a large increase in geoscience activ-     do you plan on strengthening APEGBC’s ties with ABCFP
ity in the North East but APEGBC has not seen       and other related associations?

                                                                               I NNOVATION   N OVEMBER /D ECEMBER 2006   17
Yes. I was chair of the APEGBC/ABCFP           tween our organisations. This is critical   year for me, but I plan to balance it well.
Joint Practice Board and I really en-          to the success of a results-based regime.   I currently have several trusted and re-
joyed working with this group and saw          The end goal however, must be that the      spected colleagues with whom I work
the benefits of sound teamwork. I also          public is protected.                        with on certain projects. This will allow
work with some very competent tech-                                                        me to devote time to the Association’s
nologists, biologists and agrologists          As a practicing professional geosci-        important activities.
who understand and support this ap-            entist, how do you plan on managing             There are 15 other members on
proach. I’m not big fan of protection-         your time between the Association           Council and it will be a matter of mak-
ism; there is overlap in the legislative       and your own practice?                      ing sure that we are all supporting each
acts of these associations and I have                                                      other. I plan to ensure that the workload
seen the product of solid teamwork be-         It will be a challenge and a very busy      of governing the Association is shared
                                                                                           equally amongst us.

                                                                                           Where do you want to see the Asso-
                                                                                           ciation in one year’s time?

                                                                                           Council will be developing a work plan
                                                                                           for 2006/2007 in November. In the next
                                                                                           issue of Innovation, I will report to the
                                                                                           members what we as a group have de-
                                                                                           cided is our focus, and then I would like

                                                                                               As self-regulating
                                                                                                professions, we
                                                                                               have a collective
                                                                                                 to ensure that
                                                                                                  public safety
                                                                                               and welfare, and
                                                                                               protection of the
                                                                                                environment are

                                                                                           to report to the membership at the next
                                                                                           AGM what we have accomplished on
                                                                                           their behalf in these areas.
                                                                                               At the end of my term, I would per-
                                                                                           sonally like to see that the framework
                                                                                           for continually improving practice stan-
                                                                                           dards is in place. The strategic plan and
                                                                                           governance polices will be completed
                                                                                           and implemented so that the Associa-
                                                                                           tion can govern more effectively. We
                                                                                           will be seen as leaders in sustainability
                                                                                           and our government relations strategy
                                                                                           will be fully implemented so that gov-
                                                                                           ernment continues to see us as a long-
                                                                                           term partner in public safety and pro-
                                                                                           tection of the environment.


Engineers vs. Architects: A Blueprint for a Future Without Hunger
If engineering is truly a blend of crea-        its fifth year, Canstruction® is an inter-
tivity, technology and science, then            national design/build competition that
Canstruction® is a worthy event that can        brings together engineers, architects,
display all the profession has to offer. In     students and other designers to create
                                                                 structures entirely out
                                                                 of non-perishable food
                                                                 that is later donated to
                                                                 local food banks. The

                                                                                                                                            MARINA DODIS
                                                                 theme for the 2007
                                                                 Canstruction® competi-
                                                                 tion is Favourite Things,
                                                                 a broad category that
                                                                                              A monster truck, created completely from
                                                                 will allow entrants artis-
                                                                                              non-perishable canned food.
                                                                 tic licence. From March
                                                                 4 – 11, 2007, the public
                                                                 will view and vote on
                                                                 the best structure at        to the association with the highest mem-
                                                                 the Cruise Ship Ter-         ber participation. APEGBC is soliciting
                                                                 minal at Canada Place        member participation by way of corpo-
                                                                 in Vancouver.                rate teams or member teams to compete
                                                                     This year APEGBC has     in this event to raise food for the Vancou-
                                                                 issued a challenge to the    ver Food Bank.
                                                                 Architectural Institute of       The Association will also be confir-
                                                                 British Columbia. APEG-      ming opportunities for branches outside
                                                                 BC has thrown down the       of the Lower Mainland to participate.
                                                                 gauntlet to determine,           Team details and more information
APEGBC Member Jay Drew PEng displays a
“canstructed” UBC Engineering Cairn at the 2006
                                                                 by popular vote, whose       will be available soon on the APEGBC
Annual Conference in Victoria. Using 105 cans of                 membership can build         website. Find inspiration by viewing as-
tomato soup, Drew built the structure to raise member            the best structure out       tounding structures built entirely from
awareness of APEGBC’s Canstruction® challenge:                   of non-perishable food.      non-perishable food at www.canstruc
A blueprint for a future without hunger.                         Prizes will also be given

National Engineering and Geoscience Week:
February 24 – March 4, 2007
With the 2006 Annual Conference and          principles of engineering and geoscience
AGM behind us, we look ahead to upco-        while engaging the public and encoura-
ming Association activities, including the   ging them to learn more about the pro-
much-anticipated National Engineering        fessions. However, to ensure success,
and Geoscience Week (NEGW) to be held        these events require lots of energy, ad-
February 24 to March 4, 2007.                vance planning and volunteers — so it’s
    Events across the country provide        important to get started now!              Popsicle stick bridges constructed by school
                                                                                        aged children during the 2006 National
excellent opportunities to raise public          NEGW newspaper supplements will
                                                                                        Engineering and Geoscience Week (NEGW).
awareness of the signifi cant contri-         appear in publications in some of the
butions made by engineering and              major centres and engineering and          contact Tracy Frazer at (604) 412-4879
geoscience professionals, and high-          geoscience companies are encoura-          or if you are inte-
light the exciting career opportunities      ged to support these special features      rested in advertising.
available to young Canadians. APEGBC         by purchasing an advertisement. Last           Every year, the enthusiasm and
is adopting this year’s theme inviting       year a 10-page information supple-         participation of hundreds of APEGBC
the public to “Discover the Engineer or      ment, promoting the contributions of       members have made NEGW an annual
Geoscientist in You.”                        BC’s engineers and geoscientists, was      highlight. Join your colleagues across
    APEGBC Branches typically host uni-      published in the Vancouver Sun thanks      the country in celebrating excellence
que NEGW celebrations — including            to the generous support of our mem-        in the professions by volunteering to
Popsicle and spaghetti bridge building       bers’ companies. The final size of this     help organize activities in your local
contests, MathChallengers contests and       year’s information supplements will        area by contacting your branch. For
E-Fest — at local malls and libraries. Po-   be determined by the support recei-        a listing of Branches see www.apeg.
pular events like these demonstrate some     ved from companies like yours. Please

                                                                                              I NNOVATION   N OVEMBER /D ECEMBER 2006   21
APEGBC                                                          Professional Development Seminars
Be sure to check for current events.
Law & Ethics Seminar                                      Expedited Communications for                               IStructE Exam Preparation Seminar
December 11 & 12, 2006 – Vancouver, BC                    Dispersed Teams                                            & Workshop
Learn about different aspects of law and ethics as they   January 25, 2007 – Vancouver, BC                           February 2 & 3, 2007 – Vancouver, BC
relate to your practice as an Engineer or Geoscientist.   Getting effective communications in place has              Are you a structural engineer who is considering
Valuable information on health and safety regulations,    always been a priority for project teams. The trend        pursuing the Struct. Eng. designation? This two-day
employment law, basic contracts, RFPs, tenders, and       toward geographically dispersed teams has added            session will provide an opportunity for you to learn
tort law is provided. Separate breakout sessions on       a new dimension to the communication challenge.            the ins and outs of the IStructE exam, allowing you
National Instrument 43-101, Intellectual Property and     This presentation will offer strategies to expedite        to determine whether this is the route you wish to
Construction Law are offered.                             communications in dispersed teams.                         pursue. If you are already signed up to challenge
                                                                                                                     the exam, this seminar and workshop will give
Business Development Group                                Seismic Upgrade of GVRD Water                              you insight into the exam contents and provide
December 12, 2006 — Burnaby, BC                           Reservoirs and Pump Stations                               tips for success. The seminar and workshop will be
January 9, 2007 — Burnaby, BC                                                                                        presented by past candidates who have successfully
                                                          January 29, 2007 – Vancouver, BC
Designed for new business owners, this group                                                                         completed the IStructE Exam.
consists of members with new businesses who want          Following the seismic hazard assessment study of the
                                                          1990s, the GVRD embarked on a program of seismic
to fast-track their business growth after laying a                                                                   High Voltage Circuit Breakers
solid foundation.                                         evaluation and upgrade of the water utility structures.
                                                          This presentation will provide an overview of the          February 8, 2007 – Vancouver, BC
                                                          reservoir and pump station upgrade program and             This seminar will include a brief history of circuit
Successful Strategies for
                                                          highlight a few of the prominent projects.                 breakers and a review of the theory of current
Effective Presentations                                                                                              interruption. Switching duties, terminal faults,
December 13, 2006 – Vancouver, BC                         EMC, Safety, and Environmental                             short-line faults, out-of-phase switching, capacitive
This workshop will provide you with skills to             Regulatory Engineering                                     current switching and inductive load switching
deliver a well-prepared presentation before an            January 30, 2007 – Vancouver, BC                           will be discussed in detail. Parallel switching will
audience of any size. Learn how to make                                                                              be explained. Circuit breakers failures will be
                                                          EMC, safety and environmental regulatory                   discussed and, in conclusion, the specification of
effective introductions, do appropriate thank
                                                          requirements deal with complex legal matters               circuit breakers will be addressed.
yous, structure, research and refine a program,
                                                          that all electronics-related manufacturers need
as well as prepare for and read your audience
                                                          to know. This seminar is aimed at putting the              Managing in an R&D Environment
to ensure a well received result. You will have
                                                          requirements in context with the increasingly
the option to try out what you’ve learned with                                                                       February 20, 2007 – Vancouver, BC
                                                          complex global regulatory climate, and changes in
feedback and assistance in a “user friendly”              expectations in the supply chain and market place.         Research and development is one of the key
environment. Also included will be helpful hints          Attendees will better understand how regulatory            aspects of any technology-based engineering
on how to overcome the most common concerns               matters including safety, electromagnetic                  business. The specific skills required to successfully
encountered in public speaking.                           compatibility (EMC), and the new electronics-              manage an R&D department are not inherent to all
                                                          related environmental standards, impact their              who are given this task. This seminar will provide
Better Business Group                                     roles and their companies.                                 key tips on how to excel in your role as a manager.
December 13, 2006 – Burnaby, BC
January 17, 2007 – Burnaby, BC
                                                            Distance Education
This group is oriented towards small firm owners
                                                            Performance Based Seismic Assessment                    Geoscientist. Valuable information on health and
or sole proprietors who are ready to expand and
refine their businesses. The focus will be on using         and Retrofit Design Concepts CD-Rom                     safety regulations, employment law, basic contracts,
best practices and successful growth strategies.            This CD-Rom contains the contents from the July         RFPs, tenders, and tort law is provided.
                                                            14, 2005 seminar of the same name, and provides         Non-Structural Seismic Restraints CD-Rom
Fluvial Geomorphology                                       training on the interim seismic retrofit strategies     What is the best way to properly restrain equipment
January 16, 2007 – Victoria, BC                             for the first group of BC schools to be seismically     in buildings where seismic issues must be considered?
                                                            upgraded. In addition, an introduction to the           Guidelines, techniques, costs and consequences are
Major governing conditions of river behaviour,
                                                            UBC-100 methodology for the carrying out of             examined and discussed by experts in the field.
channel equilibrium, implementation of the
                                                            Performance Based Seismic Risk Assessment of
governing conditions in a regime model of                                                                           Don’t forget the On-line Recording Centre:
                                                            Buildings is given. Presented in collaboration with
channel form, and issues in mitigation and river                                                                    This web-based program is a great place to keep
                                                            the BC Ministry of Education.
restoration will be reviewed in this seminar. It is                                                                 track of your professional development activities.
designed for professionals working in the fields of         Law and Ethics CD-Rom                                   Visit to assess,
environmental geology or engineering, hydrology,            Learn about different aspects of law and ethics         plan and record your professional development.
river engineering, water resources, geotechnics,            as they relate to your practice as an Engineer or
forestry, land development and construction.

For more information, see our professional development web page at
              or contact APEGBC Professional Development at (604) 430-8035, 1-888-430-8035.

22     I nnovatIon    n ovember /D ecember 2006

 At Risk: Earthquakes and Tsunamis on the West Coast
 John Clague PGeo, Chris Yorath, Richard Franklin, and Bob Turner
 (2006; 200 pages; Tricouni Press; $34 CDN; paperback)

 At Risk is written for the interested public            suggests it will be. The convergent plate      “seismic”event
 and deals with earthquake risks and haz-                tectonic regime in Puget Sound, Washing-       in Port Alberni
 ards from northern California to Alaska                 ton, has been active during the last 10,000    that a few readers may find is alone worth
 — the region defined as Cascadia by                     years, and has generated recently discov-      the book’s modest price.
 the authors. This region is seismically                 ered, and alarming, surface ruptures.              Chapter headings are graced with
 active; the Juan de Fuca tectonic plate is                  Introductory chapters highlight plate      pertinent epigrams and it is refresh-
 subducting beneath the North American                   tectonics, seismology, large earthquakes       ing to see photographs of seismic haz-
 Plate along most of the coastal margins.                of the world during the 20th century, and      ard specialists. The book explores the
 Since 1918, five magnitude 7 quakes                     geophysical evidence relating to the great     nature of hazards and risks and the
 have caused damage on Vancouver Is-                     Cascadian quakes — including the likeli-       writing is clear, direct, and sometimes
 land and in the Seattle region, and seven               hood of the next “Big One.” The conclud-       pointed. As a result, readers will clearly
 immense subduction zone earthquakes                     ing chapters cover earthquakes and cit-        understand reasons for concern over
 have occurred in the last 1500 years.                   ies, characteristics of earthquake damage,     Cascadian seismic hazards and a need
 The last one, measuring magnitude 9 or                  prediction, and seismic preparedness. At       for improved states of emergency pre-
 greater, is dated by geologic evidence                  Risk is complete with annotated refer-         paredness. At Risk should be read by
 and back-analysis from a Japanese tsu-                  ences, website referrals, and a glossary.      anyone interested in learning about the
 nami record to 9:00 am, January 26,                     The authors resolve complex subject ma-        tectonic dynamics that have made the
 1700. A remarkable First Nations account                terial in a readable way, while describing     Cascadia region what it is today, and
 of this earthquake is given.                            the best of geoscience detective work.         how these processes may affect those
     The Vancouver area has not yet been                 There are some humourous touches, in-          living in the area in the future.
 damaged by a major quake, but evidence                  cluding a description of a most unusual                    Reviewed by Bob Gerath PGeo

  Containment Services                                    Surface Preparation Services                      Application Services
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    Planning & Execution                                  • SSPC-SP2,3-hand and mechanical tooling          • All paints, coatings and lining materials
  • SSPC-C3 Lead Abatement                                • SSPC-SP5,6,7,10,14- Abrasive Blasting           • Plural Component Urethanes & Ureas
  • Scaffolding                                           • SSPC-SP 12-Ultra-High Water Jetting             • Insulating Foams
  • Temporary Containment Buildings                                                                         • Fire Retardants

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Innovative Water Reuse Initiative Creates
Sustainable Future for University of Victoria
2006 Sustainability Award Winner — University of Victoria
Tracy Frazer

W     hen construction demands
      presented an increasing strain on
operating costs and the environment,
                                             piped over to storage tanks at individual
                                             buildings. With the assistance of booster
                                             pumps and a dual plumbing system, wa-
                                                                                               Planning for the Future
                                                                                               Now moving into the third phase of the
                                                                                               project, the University, in partnership
the University of Victoria (UVic) was tas-   ter is sent directly to flushing fixtures.          with Hirschfield Williams Timmins, has
ked with finding a sustainable solution.          The system is tied into the existing          recently completed the designs for a
The result was the groundbreaking Wa-        campus automation system and was                  campus-wide system to hook up to new
ter Reuse Initiative. This leading edge      designed in such a way that if for some           buildings and facilities. Three dormitory
project has allowed UVic to dramatically     reason the quantity of treated wastewa-           buildings and one academic building,
reduce their potable water consump-          ter is insufficient, or water quality is not       which were constructed in 2003, as well
tion, while at the same time avoiding        up to standard, city water would auto-            as three new building projects currently
the costly expansion of municipal sani-      matically be available to supplement
tary sewer lines.                            short-term needs.                                Fred Bjork PEng Chair of the Sustainability
   Completed in January 2005, the Wa-            Special controls are in place to pre-        Committee (r), presents Gerald Robson
ter Reuse Initiative is a unique project     vent back-flow into potable water sour-           PEng, of the University of Victoria with the
that turns wastewater into water for do-     ces and regular water quality sampling           Sustainability Award at the APEGBC Annual
                                                                                              Conference and AGM in Victoria, BC.
mestic use. Wastewater from the cam-         takes place to ensure that the system is
pus Outdoor Aquatic Facility is treated,     running smoothly at all times.
and then circulated through toilets and          In addition to a number of professio-
urinals in the Medical Sciences Building     nal engineers on staff at UVic, the project
and Engineering Computer Sciences            team included professional engineers
Building, saving over 4 million litres of    from the mechanical consulting firm
potable water each year. Through this        Hirschfield Williams Timmins. Several
project, UVic has demonstrated com-          levels of government partnership were
mitment towards environmental sus-           involved, requiring the team to work
tainability and leadership in innovation     closely with these stakeholders to over-
and technology.                              come a number of regulatory hurdles.

                                                                                                                                                    DIANA NETHERCOTT
Background                                   Further Benefits
The concept behind the Water Reuse Ini-      The second phase of the pro-
tiative was sparked by the construction      ject was completed in the
of the Medical Sciences Building, the        spring of 2006. The University’s
first LEED building on campus. Because        Engineering Computer Science                                        Inset: The University of
                                                                                                                 Victoria’s Medical Sciences
of its physical location, it was recogni-    Building is also using the trea-
                                                                                                                 Building, the first struc-
zed that the building would add to the       ted wastewater system, saving                                       ture to accommodate the
demand on municipal sanitary sewer           an estimated 2.7 million litres                                     groundbreaking dual
lines, creating a need to expand them        of water annually.                                                  plumbed system.
– an expensive undertaking for both the          In addition, the wastewa-          CHERNOFF-THOMPSON ARCHITECTS

university and the municipality.             ter is also supplementing the building’s under construction, will be added into
    After numerous brainstorming ses-        energy requirements for heating and the system by 2010.
sions, the team realized that a solution     cooling through a water-to-water heat               In addition, the University is currently
was right in their own backyard.             pump, saving an estimated 350,000 kWh working with two municipalities and the
                                             – an avoided cost of $14,000 annually. Capital Regional District to obtain appro-
Project Concept                              This renewable energy application was vals for using the treated wastewater for
The base of the project lay in the           met with enthusiasm by BC Hydro since irrigation and landscaping purposes.
Outdoor Aquatic Facility, a research         the savings translated into supplying the           The APEGBC Sustainability Commit-
laboratory housed in the Department          equivalent energy to 35 homes on Van- tee felt this project was truly deserving
of Biology. This freshwater and marine       couver Island for one full year, every year. of the APEGBC Sustainability Award. It
research facility requires a constant            Another key element of the project exemplifies both creativity and coope-
supply of water. After use, wastewater       has been its educational aspect, which ration among APEGBC professionals
is discharged into the sanitary sewer.       has included not only a learning process and demonstrates environmental, eco-
    The designed system treats the was-      for the UVic operations staff, but educa- nomic and social benefits for both the
tewater from the outdoor aquatic faci-       tional opportunities for plumbing stu- university and the region.
lity through a series of sand and char-      dents from the local college, as well as               Content for this article courtesy of the
coal filters and ozone. The water is then     other interested parties.                                                  University of Victoria

                                                                                                     I NNOVATION   N OVEMBER /D ECEMBER 2006   27
                   Convention Centre Expansion
                   Project Creates Sustainable
                   Marine Life Habitat
                   Andria Ink

                   T    he next time you pass by the Van-
                        couver Convention Centre, think
                   twice about the structure’s inhabitants.
                                                                  and water on 1,000 piles, VCCEP will be
                                                                  complete in late 2008 and will feature
                                                                  unique environmental and sustainable
                                                                                                              and horizontal ecological connectivity,
                                                                                                              the fish skirt will create a habitat for a
                                                                                                              mix of intertidal marine life. Exposure
                   Blending expertise, skill and the existing     design features.                            of the benched skirt to natural light
                   environmental features surrounding the             In addition to its unique design, the   is expected to facilitate rapid coloni-
                   conference centre, collaborators EBA           VCCEP is an example of a collaborative      zation by diverse marine life. The fish
                   Engineering Consultants Ltd and West-          team-based design process, “It is a si-     skirt will also serve as an important
                   mar Consultants Ltd have linked marine         gnificant example of how innovation          connection to the other marine habitat
                   habit design into an innovative envi-          occurs as a result of the combined ef-      features including the under-the-deck
                   ronmental solution for marine life and         forts of a dedicated team of enginee-       marine habitat.
                   future users of the expanded Vancouver         ring and environmental professionals,”          About half of the VCCEP footprint is
                   Conference Centre alike. The Vancouver         said Richard Sims RP Bio PhD, principal     perched over shallow tidal waters moving
                   Convention Centre Expansion Project            scientist of the project from EBA Engi-     in and out under the deck of the building.
                   (VCCEP) is APEGBC’s 2006 Environmen-           neering Consultants Ltd.                    A system of drainage swales and diverse
                   tal Award winner in the category of                The VCCEP’s marine habitat com-         microtopographic features has been desi-
                   Concept and Assessment.                        ponent includes an innovative series        gned for areas under the building that will
                       VCCEP’s marine habitat features will       of features that were designed around       be subject to tidal waters. Upon construc-
                   be an enduring and prominent example           and under the facility. The fish skirt      tion completion, the under-the-deck ma-
                   as to how specific design requirements          was bioengineered for the northern,         rine habitat will create a range of new,
                   for large convention facilities can be         eastern and western marine faces,           shaded marine habitats that will support
                   met while concurrently addressing the          consisting of a series of sloped, pre-      a wide variety of marine life.
                   surrounding environment. Upon com-             cast aggregate concrete benches with            Unique habitat enhancements were
                   pletion, the project will add 1.1 million      naturally rough surface features atta-      designed for each corner of the VCCEP.
                   square feet of floor space to the exis-         ched to a specially designed perimeter      The northeast corner of the Convention
                   ting conference centre. Built over land        beam. Designed to maximize vertical         Centre’s footprint will feature boulder
                                                                                                              surface treatments to encourage marine
                                                                                                              life habitat, a new rockfish shoal feature,
                                                                                                              and diverse habitat niches to cover and
                                                                                                              protect marine life. In the southwest cor-
                                                                                                              ner, additional new marine habitats will
                                                                                                              be adjacent to the pedestrian concourse
                                                                                                              and will feature a shallow marine shoal,
                                                                                                              unique glass block deck surfaces that
                                                                                                              allow light to transmit to marine habi-
                                                                                                              tats beneath the building and a public
                                                                                                              space for marine habitat viewing. The
                                                                                                              project also includes artificial reef habi-
                                                                                                              tat additions at various locations on the

                                                                                                              perimeter of the footprint.
                                                                                                                  The project itself has a strong focus
                                                                                                              on the environment. In particular, a De-
                                                                                                              partment of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO)
                   From left: Environment Award Winners Colin Smith PEng, Richard Hoos RP Bio, Richard Sims   approved silt curtain was placed around
                   RP Bio PhD, Ryan McPherson PEng and Harold Kullman PEng with Environment Committee         the perimeter of the construction site.
                   Chair John Holland PEng and APEGBC President Bob Ito PEng PhD.                             A bubble curtain, containing bubble

                   28   I NNOVATION   N OVEMBER /D ECEMBER 2006
                                                                Overview of ongoing
                                                              work on VCCEP, located
                                                                in Coal Harbour. The
                                                               expansion is slated to   Silt Curtain surrounding VCCEP to control
                                                                      open in 2008.     sediment.

                                                                                        New shoreline habitat at southeast corner
                                                                                        for VCCEP.

EBA Engineering Consultants
& Westmar Consultants
Concept and Assessment Category
                                                                                        An artist’s rendition of the finished project
                                                                                        includes many undersea inhabitants.
                                                                                        Photos: EBA Engineering Consultants

                                                                                        lity, including of course, the innovated
                                                                                        marine habitat features, but also a ‘li-
                                                                                        ving roof,’ environmentally responsible
                                                                                        construction practices and the incorpo-
                                                                                        ration of many green building technolo-
                                                                                        gies,” said Sims.
                                                                                            Upon completion, the VCCEP will
                                                                                        create a highly productive, diverse and
                                                                                        sustainable marine habitat and replace
                                                                                        contaminated sediments with clean,
                                                                                        rocky substrates. The expansion will
                                                                                        enhance and expand the Centre’s featu-
                                                                                        res for beings within, below and above.
                                                                                        APEGBC is proud to award the 2006 En-
   Schematic drawing.                                                                   vironmental Award in the concept and
                                                                                        assessment category to the VCCEP. For
                                                                                        EBA, Westmar and VCCEP Ltd, Sims said
  rings, was installed around each in-        tality to nearby fish were avoided.        that the award is an honour and a testa-
  water pile prior to driving. The bubble         “When the Vancouver Convention        ment to the hard work and skills of the
  rings effectively dissipated the in-water   Centre Expansion Project opens in 2008,   whole team that has been involved in
  shock waves generated by pile driving,      it will feature a number of examples of   the planning, design and construction
  and, as a result, disturbances and mor-     environmental design and sustainabi-      of VCCEP.

                                                                                               I NNOVATION   N OVEMBER /D ECEMBER 2006   29
Collaborative Approach Yields
State of the Art Treatment Plant
Andria Ink

M       ost people take fresh air for granted, but odour control
        was top of mind for Roger Warren PEng and his proj-
ect team at Dayton & Knight in their Stage IIIB upgrade to the
                                                                       Societal concerns about odour were also paramount for
                                                                   this particular project as the treatment plant is close to a
                                                                   commercial area that includes a fast food restaurant. “Odour
City of Salmon Arm’s Water Pollution Control Centre (WPCC).        issues have always prevailed and we were really motivated to
In partnership with the City of Salmon Arm, the Stage IIIB up-     reduce them. We first used this innovation in a project in Col-
grade to the city’s water pollution control is now complete        orado and were pleased to design and build on this technol-
and is APEGBC’s winner of the 2006 Environmental Award in          ogy,” said Harlan Kelly PEng, Consultants Principal-in-charge
the Design, Construction and Monitoring Phase Category.            and CEO of Dayton & Knight.
    The WPCC provides the city with environmental, eco-                While all of the Environmental Award nominations were
nomic and social sustainability benefits through a unique          of high quality, the collaborative aspect of this project made
integration of a new framework for management of envi-             it stand out. “This project won because of its innovative,
ronmental solutions in engineering science. “The City of           cost-effective approach that included many stakeholders
Salmon Arm has a state of the art plant that they should           in the community,” said John Holland PEng, Environment
proud of,” said Roger Warren PEng, Team Leader and Proj-           Committee Chair.
ect Engineer, “and they should be complimented on their                The public’s needs were continually addressed through
project management.”                                               stakeholder engagement, with many public consultations
    As part of the initial hazards and operations evaluation       to collaborate on the development of wastewater solutions
investigative stages, Warren and his team utilized the Natu-       that would be supported by community, government and
ral StepTM framework to define appropriate goals for the            regulatory agencies. “The Liquid Waste Management Plan
WPCC project. Founded in 1989 in Sweden by Dr. Karl-Henrik         Committee was a cross section of the community and we
Robèrt, the Natural StepTM framework established four key          were grateful for their participation,” said Al Gibb PEng PhD,
components that all processes should consider when carry-          Process Specialist.
ing out change. The four components include minimization               The community played a large part of the project’s devel-
and reuse of natural and synthetic materials to reduce con-        opment through the Liquid Waste Management Plan. Kelly
centrations of pollutants, preferential use of natural systems     emphasizes that community involvement will continue to be
to avoid increase in synthetic waste products, reuse and re-       important to the success of the project by way of odour man-
covery of resources for beneficial improvement to the envi-         agement and continued monitoring of plant performance.
ronment, avoidance of overuse of natural systems, and devel-           The cost for the Stage IIIB upgrade was $7.36 million, with
opment of partnerships to secure societal goals and improve        $2.8 million provided by a Federal/Provincial infrastructure
the welfare of all others. The fourth component includes the       grant. The advanced wastewater treatment has an operating
triple bottom line, a business-reporting framework referring       cost of less than $0.28 per cubic metre, funded from sewer
to economical, environmental and social benefits.                   utility revenue-making the WPCC an economically sustain-
    Environmental benefits of the WPCC include the pro-            able operation. The project finished on time and under bud-
tection of Shuswap Lake, surrounding wildlife and fragile          get, largely through project evolution, Kelly said.
ecosystems. The WPCC provides reclamation and recycling
opportunities for the treated wastewater and for solid by-
products of treatment (Class A pasteurized biosolids). Pas-
teurized biosolids are separated and then reused in topsoil.
The enhanced quality of the WPCC discharge — with the
effluent and biosolid qualities in treated water — surpasses
the requirements of Federal and Provincial guidelines for
public health.

From left, holding plaques: Award Winners Al Gibb PEng PhD,
Roger Warren PEng and Harlan Kelly PEng receive their plaques
from Environment Committee Chair John Holland PEng. (Missing
from the photo is Dale McTaggart PEng.)

                                                                                                Left: Working with a collaborative ap-
                                                                                                proach led to solutions for community
                                                                                                concerns such as odour; the Stage IIIB up-
                                                                                                grade to the City of Salmon Arm’s Water
                                                                                                Pollution Control Centre includes multi-
                                                                                                stage odour treatment.

                                                                                                Below: View of Autothermophilic Aerobic
                                                                                                Digester (ATAD). This digestion process has
                                                                                                low energy use compared to other sludge
                                                                                                digestion technologies, and produces an
                                                                                                exceptional quality, nutrient-rich pasteur-
                                                                                                ized biosolids (Class A) product that is a
                                                                                                highly desirable fertilizer used for local
                                                                                                topsoil manufacture.

Dayton & Knight
Design, Construction and Monitoring
Phase Category

      Since 1976, Dayton & Knight has provided the City of
  Salmon Arm with wastewater consultation and with previ-
  ous upgrades to wastewater systems in 1986 (Stage II) and
  in 1999 (Stage IIIA). The trickling filter enhanced biological
  phosphorus removal (EBPR) train is unique. The concept is
  referenced in a standard North American wastewater text
  and the team was invited to present to the IWA (International
  Water Association) Nutrient Removal Conference in Poland               UV disinfection with the addition of disk filtration.
  in September of 2005. To Kelly, the APEGBC Environmental                   Looking ahead, the project team hopes to continue to
  Award represents the culmination of 20 years in the industry           build on its collaborative approach, which recognizes the
  and innovation of three environmental solutions: trickling fil-         impact of future projects on the broader community as well
  ter, autothermal thermophilic aerobic digestion (ATAD) and             as the client.

  Left: Seen here are the generator set, Train B Odour Control, and the filtration building that are a part of the new tertiary treatment
  and odour control facilities; Center: effluent disk filters provide enhanced removal of residual suspended solids in the treated
  wastewater; Right: new final settling tank. Photos: Dayton & Knight.

                                                                                                       I NNOVATION   N OVEMBER /D ECEMBER 2006   31
2006 Conference Highlights
Real World Solutions
Andria Ink                                eautiful weather accentuated APEGBC’s 2006 Annual Con-
                                          ference and AGM held October 12-14, 2006 at the Fairmont
                                          Empress Hotel and Victoria Conference Centre. Over 680
conference delegates attended the 2006 Annual Conference for professional development, networking, a
two-day trade show and the Association’s 87th Annual General Meeting.

    Pre-conference activities included          for the Annual Conference. Keynote
the Division of Engineers and Geoscien-         speakers included government rep-
tists in the Forest Sector (DEGIFS) tour        resentatives Ministers Colin Hansen
of the Capital Regional Watershed. A            (Economic Development), Kevin Falcon
favourite with delegates was the Exhibi-        (Transportation) and Murray Coell (Ad-
tors Wine and Beer Tasting Reception            vanced Education). All three ministers
held on the first evening of the confer-         emphasized how integral the profes-
ence. The event drew over 200 delegates         sions of engineering and geoscience
to taste local BC spirits while mingling        are to the quality of life in BC. Dr Bob Ito
with colleagues in the exhibit hall.            PEng noted that the increase in govern-
    Victoria Branch Chair, Andy Jani            ment representation at the Annual Con-
PEng, acted as master of ceremonies             ference indicates the success of APEGBC
                                                government relations efforts and the
                                                Association’s move toward increased
  Sponsors                                      visibility with government.
  Platinum                                     DIANA NETHERCOTT

  Park Insurance
  Jardine Lloyd Thompson

  Business in Vancouver
  Group Retirement Services
  Metrix Professional Insurance                                                                        Above: Lina Bowser, APEGBC
   Brokers/XL Design                                                                                   Practice Review Coordinator
   Professional                                                                                        and Past President Bob Martin
                                                                                                       PEng smile for the camera while
  Silver                                                                                               sampling local BC beer and wine
  AMEC                                                                                                 at the Exhibitor Reception.
  Aplin & Martin Consultants                                                                           Left: Award winners David
  Bull, Housser & Tupper LLP                                                                           Jackson PEng and Carlos Ventura
                                                                                                       PEng PhD savour their evening at
  Einblau & Associates
                                                                                                       President’s Award Dinner at the
  Manulife Financial                                                                                   Victoria Conference Centre.
  Singleton Urquhart LLP
  Vancouver International Airport
    Authority                                       Thursday lunch saw members warm-           Engineering for BC Hydro, entered into
                                                ly receive Peter Legge of Canada Wide          an insightful dialogue with conference
                                                Magazines’ inspirational keynote address       delegates on the challenges BC Hydro
                                                with his book, Making Your Life a Master-      is facing both from an engineering and
  Mitchell Press
                                                piece being completely sold out follow-        human resource perspective.
  Pomeroy Consulting Engineers
                                                ing his speech. At the Friday morning key-         The 2006 Conference offered seven
  R F Binnie & Associates
                                                note Bruce Ripley PEng, Vice President of      professional development streams, each

                                               DIANA NETHERCOTT

  We Want to Hear
  From You — Member                                                                                          Conference Master of
  Input Sought                                                                                               Ceremonies Andy Jani
                                                                                                             PEng with Transportation
  For Association staff, January marks                                                                       Minister Kevin Falcon,
  the initial planning stages of the APEG-                                                                   Past President Bob Ito
  BC Annual Conference for the upco-                                                                         PEng PhD and President
                                                                                                             Tim Smith PGeo, EngL
  ming autumn. The conference planning
                                                                                                             pause for a photo
  team is seeking member input for the                                                                       following Minister
  2007 Annual Conference in Whistler                                                                         Falcon’s luncheon
  from October 25-27th 2007.                                                                                 address on Oct 13.
      In particular, the team is soliciting
  feedback for professional develop-
  ment streams, desired seminars and
  topics of interest to the membership.
  Ideas, feedback and suggestions for          community service, Patrick McAndless      Below Left: Patrick McAndless PGeo and
  the social events during the confer-         PGeo was awarded the C J Westerman        daughter Kali McAndless kick up their heels
  ence are also welcome. The confer-           Memorial Award, APEGBC’s top geosci-      to the sounds of March Hare.
  ence team’s goal is to make each An-         ence award. Rabab Ward PEng PhD won       Below: R A McLachlan Award Winner Rabab
  nual Conference the most relevant,                                                     Ward PEng PhD and Councillor Margaret Li
                                               APEGBC’s highest engineering award,
  meaningful and beneficial event our                                                     PEng PhD enjoy the reception prior to the
                                               the R A McLachlan Memorial Award, for
  members will attend all year. Please                                                   President’s Awards.
                                               her extraordinary accomplishments in
  send your suggestions to ac2007@             several fields and selfless dedication to                                  mentoring women in the professions.

co-ordinated by an APEGBC member: En-
gineering and Geoscience in the Forest
Sector by Dave Wilford PEng and Bruce
Thomson PEng, Municipal Engineering
by Scott Groves PEng and Paul Archibald

                                                                                                                                                DIANA NETHERCOTT
PEng, Project Management by Sharlie
Huffman PEng, Professional Responsibili-
ties and Structural Engineering Streams
by Thor Tandy PEng, Environment by Peter
Reid PEng and Better Business by Monica
Feng PEng. New to the conference this
year was the Professional Responsibilities
stream which allowed members to get up-            Robin Lapointe PEng accepting his
to-date information on what their obliga-          Community Service Award at the
tions are for field review and letters of as-       President’s Awards Dinner.
surance and what to do when issues arise
with their professional expectations. Over-
all attendance at each of the professional
development sessions was excellent.
    The President’s Awards Dinner on
Friday, October 13 celebrated the profes-
sional, technical and community contribu-
tions of the 11 winners for 2006. Honours
were awarded for teaching excellence
(Sheldon Green PEng PhD), community
service (Robin Lapointe PEng and John
Nunn PEng), professional service (Jenna
Hardy PGeo, David Jackson PEng and
Douglas Watts PEng MAIBC), and meri-
torious achievement (Bob Cowan PEng,
David Halliday PEng, Carlos Ventura PEng
PhD). For his work behind the resurgence
of mineral exploration and dedication to
                                                                                                                    DIANA NETHERCOTT

                                                                                               I NNOVATION     N OVEMBER /D ECEMBER 2006   33
   Andy Mill PEng StructEng was the             at
master of ceremonies for the evening            winner.html.
and Bob Ito made the formal award pre-              Over 140 members attended the            Exhibitors
sentations. Each winner was profiled in         87th AGM on October 14 and five mo-          (in Alphabetical order):
a short video vignette that showcased           tions were debated from the floor. New
their accomplishments. Following the            President Tim Smith PGeo EngL and the        ABC Pre-Kast
formal presentations, guests enjoyed            2006/2007 Council were inducted.             AE Concrete Precast Products
musical entertainment of March Hare,                The awards luncheon following the        Armtec
a versatile dance and show band from            AGM acknowledged the contributions of
                                                                                             Atlantic Industries
Vancouver until after midnight. The             APEGBC’s many volunteers and featured
                                                                                             Basalite Concrete Products
President’s Awards evening was a spe-           APEGBC’s Editorial Board, Sustainability
cial one for the award recipients, as           and Environment Awards (For more in-         BC Institute of Technology
noted by the words of Patrick McAnd-            formation on these awards please see         Bell Canada
less PGeo, “We absolutely hated to              pages 10, 27-31). As part of the luncheon,   Bionest Technologies
leave and had such a wonderful, won-            Hiromi Matsui also received an honor-        Butler Survey Equipment
derful evening,” said McAndless. “The           ary membership to the Association (see       Canada Revenue Agency
word that comes to mind is magical,”            page 8 for further details).                 Canadian Wood Council —Wood
   Short profiles on this year’s and                To conclude the luncheon, Bob Ito          Works!
past award winners can be viewed                received the APEGBC gold foil and a          Cantest
                                                miniature version of a talking stick to      Checkmate Geosynthetics
New president Tim Smith PGeo EngL warmly        signify his year as President. The lun-      Curaflo
thanks Minister Murray Coell for his address    cheon also marked the departure of
at the Volunteer Recognition Luncheon.
                                                                                             Division of Structural Engineers
                                                APEGBC’s Executive Director and Reg-
                                                                                             Dowco Consultants/Canadian
                                                istrar, Anne Garrett PEng. On behalf of
                                                Council and the Association member-            Institute of Steel Construction
                                                ship, incoming President Tim Smith           DYWIDAG-Systems International
                                                PGeo EngL formally thanked Anne for            Canada
                                                her dedication, leadership and hard          Eagle Mapping
                                                work.                                        Global CADD Systems
                                                    Many thanks to our sponsors (see         Government Publication Services
                                                side bars), exhibitors, speakers and         Great West Life-London
                                                conference delegates for their partici-        Life-Canada Life
                                                pation in making this year’s conference      Ipex
                                                a resounding success! Next year’s con-       Jardine Lloyd Thompson Canada
                                                ference will be at the Telus Conference
                                                                                             Klohn Crippen Berger
                                                Centre in Whistler, BC from October 25-
                                                                                             Langley Concrete Group
                                                October 27. See you there!
DIANA NETHERCOTT                                                                             Levelton Consultants
                                                                                             McElhanney Consulting Services
                                                                                             Municipal Engineers Division
  Call for 2007 Annual Conference Presenters                                                 Nilex
  APEGBC is currently seeking presenters for technical, business, managerial                 Park Insurance Agency
  and personal development topics at the Annual Conference and AGM, Telus                    Rainwater Management - CDS
  Conference Centre, Whistler, BC, October 25 – 27, 2007.                                      Technologies
      Presentations should be 1 hour and 15 minutes in length; presentations of              Royal Pipe Systems
  35 minutes in length will also be considered. Presentations must include time              Scotiabank
  for questions and answers.                                                                 Terra Remote Sensing
      If you would like to present your topic at the Conference, please indicate             United Lock-Block
  your interest by emailing the following information to                  University of British Columbia
  · Presentation abstract: maximum 400 words outlining the content of your                     Engineering Co-op Program
                                                                                             University of Victoria Engineering,
  · Presentation length: 1 hour 15 minutes or 35 minutes                                       Computer Science & Math Co-op
  · Target audience: include discipline and level (introductory, intermediate,                 Programs
  · Speaker information: credentials and curriculum vitae                                    University of Victoria Executive
     Submissions are due by February 1, 2007. Abstracts will be peer-reviewed                Vancouver International Airport
  and selected for their expected interest to participants. All those who express              Authority Parking (YVR Parking)
  interest will be contacted by March 30, 2007. Although no honoraria will be paid           XL Design Professional/Metrix
  for presentations, reasonable travel expenses may be reimbursed. For further
                                                                                               Professional Insurance Brokers
  information, please contact


                IN MEMORIAM                                       NEW MEMBERS                      J D Barnard PEng Civil (Waterloo ‘99)
                                                                                                   P A J Bastow PEng Mechanical (Memorial U
The Association announces with regret the           PROFESSIONAL ENGINEERS                            of Newfoundland ‘85)
passing of the following members:                   B W Abeysundara PEng Electrical                W J G Bayless PEng Civil (Toronto ‘01, MASc
                                                       (Essex ‘85, PhD Alberta ‘91)                   Toronto ‘03)
G H Abou-Rached PEng Mechanical (Cairo ‘48)         E A C Ahlgren PEng Civil (Queen’s ‘02)         S Behrouzi-Noubar PEng Civil (Alberta ‘02)
R B Amero PEng Environmental                        M Alimadadi PEng Electrical (Iran U of Sci &   D C S Bishop PEng Civil (Georgian College of
   (Dalhousie ‘80, MEng New Brunswick ‘82)             Tech (Elm-Va-Sanat) ‘89, MASc UBC ‘00)         Applied Arts & Tech ‘73)
M P Beddoes PEng Electrical (Glasgow ‘45,           M S G Baker PEng Mechanical (UVic ‘00)         N J Blackadar PEng Metallurgical (UBC ‘00)
   PhD City U, London ‘56)                          R D Baldwin PEng Geological (UBC ‘93)          D M Boich PEng Civil (McMaster ‘93)
T R Buckham PEng Mining (UBC ‘38)                   L Bao P Eng Electrical (Huazhong U of Sci &
D I Cameron PEng Electrical (UBC ‘49, BASc             Tech ‘90, MSc Yunnan Polytechnic ‘97, PhD
   UBC ‘55)                                            Huazhong ’00)                                                      Continued on page 37
L A Challis PEng Mechanical (UBC ‘50)
D H Charles PEng Civil (California, Berkeley ‘76,
   MS California, Berkeley ‘77)
Y C Chung PEng Electrical (Manitoba ‘77)
A J Cowell PEng Structural (Kingston ‘58,
   HNC Portsmouth ‘65)
W L Creighton PEng Mechanical (Indiana Inst
   of Tech ‘50, BS Indiana Inst of Tech ‘51)
L G R Crouch PEng Mining (Utah ‘38)
Q V Dang PEng Mechanical (Laval ‘72)
L F Dreger PEng Structural (Sask ‘67)
C Felter PEng Electrical (Budapest U of Tech
   & Econ ‘39)
J G Ford PEng Civil (UBC ‘50)
R A Freberg PEng Geological (Toronto ‘50,
   MASc Toronto ‘51)
R Gamble PEng Civil (U College Cork ‘78, Dipl
   U College Cork ‘83)
C W Gibson PEng Mechanical
   (Manitoba ‘70)
J L Green PEng Civil (UBC ‘31)
A A Hayman PEng Civil (Manitoba ‘50)
P J J Hemphill PEng Civil (UBC ‘50)
M Hsu PEng Civil (Queen’s U of Belfast ‘61,
   PhD Queen’s U of Belfast ‘66)
B A Hudson PEng Mechanical (City U,
   London ‘50)
J A W Izard PEng Mechanical (McGill,
   Montreal ‘46, MASc UBC ‘63)
A Jack PEng Civil (Glasgow ‘51)
W P Johnson PEng Civil (UBC ‘55)
W J Johnson PEng Mechanical (UBC ‘42,
   MASc UBC ‘49)
Y Looper PEng Civil (Royal Military College of
   Canada ‘63)
M Lucieer PEng Mechanical (Higher Tech
   School, Netherlands ’37)
C F Medhurst PEng Mining (Alberta ‘40)
J A Merchant PEng Civil (St Francis Xavier ‘39,
   BSc St Francis Xavier ‘41, BETech U of Nova
   Scotia ‘44)
D Y Morrison Chemical (UBC ‘60)
J R O’Brien PEng Civil (Alberta ‘49, MASc
   Toronto ‘59)
R F Oehlerking PEng Mechanical (UBC ‘47)
G V Parkinson PEng Mechanical (UBC ‘46,
   MS California Inst of Tech ‘48, PhD
   California Inst of Tech ‘51)
V Pasicnyk PEng Forest (Czech Tech U of
   Prague ‘55, MF UBC ‘76)
F W Patterson PEng Civil (Toronto ‘45)
R P Ross EIT (UBC ‘93)
L Shector PEng Structural (McGill, Montreal ‘37)
J H Shumka PEng Chemical (UBC ‘50)
J E Snowball PEng Civil (UBC ‘50)
R A Spence PEng Civil (Alberta ‘48, MS
   Harvard ‘49)
W B Stuart PEng Mechanical (UBC ‘52)
K Sturm PEng Civil
J U Sunell PEng Civil (UBC ‘53, MBA SFU ‘73)
C R Sworder PEng Forest (UBC ‘49)
A Tomasevic PEng Structural (Belgrade ‘84)
A L J Verhiel PEng Electrical (Middelbare
   Tech School, Netherlands ’53)
R J Wreford PEng Mechanical (Royal Military Col-
   lege of Canada ‘62, BESc Western Ontario ‘69)

                                                                                                         I NNOVATION   N OVEMBER /D ECEMBER 2006   35

Supplemental Determination —
Anthony A Salway PGeo PhD, Nelson, BC
A Discipline Committee of the Associa-             Dr Salway was notified on March 9,             by the Registrar of the Association
tion, under authority of the Engineers         2006 of the appointment of his general            for a period of 12 months, com-
and Geoscientists Act (the Act) offered a      reviewer for the practice review. A mu-           mencing November 1, 2006;
Stipulated Order to Dr Anthony Salway          tually agreed upon date was set for the      2.   The peer reviews are to be con-
in lieu of proceeding to an inquiry, fol-      general reviewer and Dr Salway to meet            ducted in accordance with the
lowing the investigation of a complaint        for the review. Just prior to the review,         Association’s Discipline Commit-
concerning reports he had prepared for         Dr Salway cancelled the review. The               tee Ordered Peer Review Policy of
the Kootenay Lake District office of the        Association referred the matter to the            December 2005;
Ministry of Forests in 2002. Dr Salway         Reviewing Member pursuant to section         3.   The cost of these peer reviews
accepted the Stipulated Order on No-           34 of the Act, alleging that Dr Salway            shall be borne by Dr Salway;
vember 14, 2005. The penalty accepted          had not complied with the peer review        4.   The period for completion of the
by Dr Salway included that his work be         and practice review requirements of the           practice reviews is extended to
peer reviewed for a period of 12 months        Stipulated Order.                                 March 31, 2007; and
from the date of the Stipulated Order              On August 28, 2006 the Reviewing         5.   Dr Salway is to pay to the Associa-
and that he undergo a general and tech-        Member determined that Dr Salway’s                tion $1,882.02, being the costs of
nical practice review.                         membership in APEGBC should be sus-               the general reviewer’s cancelled
    Dr Salway obtained an acceptable           pended until he obtains an acceptable             practice review visit, on or before
peer reviewer in January 2006. In April        peer reviewer and has had the practice            November 17, 2006, failing which
2006, this peer reviewer declined to           review completed; pays all costs associ-          his membership in the Associa-
continue and Dr Salway presented sev-          ated with the cancellation of the gener-          tion shall be suspended until such
eral alternate names of potential peer         al reviewer’s visit; and pays the Associa-        time as the Association receives
reviewers to the Association. None were        tion a fine in the amount of $3000.00.             these monies.
acceptable to the Registrar with respect           On September 4, 2006, the Review-
to experience in relation to work scope.       ing Member received detailed submis-            A copy of the Stipulated Order and
The Association gave Dr Salway until the       sions and supporting documentation           the Supplemental Determination can
middle of June 2006 to obtain a suitable       from Dr Salway’s counsel. On September       be found on the Association’s website
peer reviewer. Dr Salway failed to ob-         8 and 14, 2006 the Registrar approved        at
tain a suitable peer reviewer within the       two peer reviewers with acceptable ex-       disciplinelist.html.
given time and the Association referred        perience to undertake peer reviews as
the matter to the Reviewing Member of          contemplated in the Stipulated Order.
the Discipline Committee pursuant to               In a Supplemental Determination          Complete copies of decisions on penalty
page 5, paragraph (b)(2) and (4) of the        dated October 20, 2006, the Review-          and liability, as well as Stipulated Orders,
Stipulated Order.                              ing Member directed that Dr Sal-             are posted at under
    On July 31, 2006, the Reviewing            way’s continued membership in the            Enforcement and Discipline, which also
Member determined that Dr Salway was           Association be subject to the follow-        provides general information on the com-
in contravention of the Stipulated Order       ing conditions:                              plaint procedure and the investigation
and proposed that he be given until the                                                     and discipline processes.
end of August 2006 to obtain an ac-            1. Dr Salway’s professional services             For any other enquiries please con-
ceptable peer reviewer, failing which             shall be peer reviewed by profes-         tact Bev Mitovic, Compliance Officer at
his membership in APEGBC would be                 sional geoscientists or engineers, (604) 412-4869 or
suspended until such time as he did.              approved in writing and in advance        toll free 1-888-430-8035 ext 272.

Stipulated Order — Dennis TY Shiu PEng, Burnaby, BC
Information was received by the Association regarding defi-              In lieu of proceeding to an inquiry, Mr Shiu accepted a
ciencies in the mechanical and plumbing systems for a mixed          Stipulated Order admitting that he was in breach of the En-
use, multi-tenant building in Delta, BC. Mr Shiu had failed to       gineers and Geoscientists Act, and accepted as his penalty:
identify the deficiencies during his field reviews and had pro-        1. A reprimand;
vided a Schedule C-B to the municipality. The matter was re-         2. That he take a course on field reviews within 6
ferred to the Investigation Committee, which conducted an               months;
investigation and eventually recommended that an inquiry             3. A practice review (general and technical) at his own
be held.                                                                expense;
    A Notice of Inquiry was issued by the Association alleging          and
that Mr Shiu demonstrated unprofessional conduct in his con-         4. Payment of the legal costs for the investigation of this
ducting of the field reviews and provision of the Schedule C-B.          matter in the amount of $3,105.00

Stipulated Order — J Blair Evans, Vancouver, BC
A complaint was made to the Association by Mr Evans’ former              Order that he was in breach of the Engineers and Geosci-
employer alleging that Mr Evans had solicited and secured a              entists Act, and accepted as his penalty:
contract to provide professional engineering services in the
name of his own company. The former employer also provid-                1. A three (3) month suspension commencing November
ed to the Association a large number of blank sheets of paper               1, 2006;
bearing the seal and signature of Mr Evans, which the former             2. That he write and pass the Professional Practice Exam
employer allegedly found in Mr Evans’ desk. The matter was                  during the period of suspension;
investigated by the designated reviewer and was referred to              3. That if he fails to write and pass the Professional Prac-
the Investigation Committee, which conducted an investiga-                  tice Exam before March 1, 2007 his suspension will
tion and eventually recommended that an inquiry be held.                    continue until that condition is met;
   A Notice of Inquiry was issued by the Association alleging               and
that Mr Evans demonstrated unprofessional conduct in his                 4. Payment of the legal and expert costs for the investi-
signing and sealing blank sheets of paper and in soliciting                 gation of this matter in the amount of $2,800.00.
and securing a contract to provide engineering services in
competition with his employer.                                              As a suspended member, Mr Evans may not use the title
                                                                         “PEng” or “professional engineer” or any other title implying
In lieu of proceeding to an inquiry, Mr Evans accepted an                he is a professional engineer.

Continued from page 35                          S S Gill PEng Mechanical (UBC ‘97)                B T Lee PEng Mechanical (UBC ‘02, DiplTech
                                                R Goldberg PEng Electrical (Lviv                      UNBC ‘98)
M W Bond PEng Mechanical (UVic ‘00, MASc            Polytechnical National Inst ‘86)              P A S Leite PEng Electrical (Federal U of
   UVic ‘04)                                    S C Goodridge PEng Mechanical                         Paraiba ‘83)
J B Bowden PEng Mechanical (Camosun                 (Birmingham ‘89)                              Z Y Li PEng Structural (Tianjin ‘93, MEng
   College ‘00, BASc UBC ‘02)                   R V Grier PEng Chemical (Calgary ‘76)                 McGill, Montreal ‘04)
A Branzan PEng Electrical (Polytechnical U of   L Griffiths PEng Electrical (U of Wales            S Lin PEng Chemical (Tsing Hua ‘93)
   Bucharest ‘92)                                   College, Newport ‘02)                         H Liu PEng Environmental (Zhengzhou
S B Bridger PEng Mechanical (UVic ‘98)          G W Haynes PEng Electrical (Carleton ‘93)             Inst U of Tech ‘90, MEng Alberta ‘02)
E R Broughton PEng Mechanical (Carlisle         S S Hemenway PEng Civil (Ottawa ‘91)              T B Lynch-Staunton PEng Electrical (UVic ‘02)
   College ‘66)                                 B B Henry PEng Civil (Queen’s ‘83)                A C MacLean PEng Civil (Lakehead ‘01)
J Brown PEng Metallurgical (Queen’s ‘85, MSc    R M Hewko PEng Chemical (Waterloo ‘90)            Y A M Maiangowi PEng Electrical
   Alberta ‘88)                                 D J Higgs PEng Mechanical (Huddersfield ‘94)           (Queen’s ‘90)
Y Q Cai PEng Marine (Harbin U of Sci and Tech   T H Ho PEng Mechanical (UBC ‘85)                  L L Mao PEng Mechanical (Tianjin ‘95)
   ‘81, MEng Harbin U of Sci and Tech ‘87)      G H Horeczy PEng Civil (Manitoba ‘99)             B M McCandlish PEng Chemical (UBC ‘01)
L W Carey PEng Civil (Alberta ‘72)              C D Hrabchuk PEng Civil (Alberta ‘01)             W J McCulloch PEng Civil (Manitoba ‘72)
R Ceglarski PEng Civil (Tech U of Warsaw ‘76)   W J Hulsker PEng Civil (Delft U of Tech ‘66)      I W McElmoyle PEng Mechanical (UVic ‘00)
R P Chase PEng Industrial (Regina ‘96)          Q Iqbal PEng Electrical (U of Eng & Tech (UET),   D C Mewdell PEng Electrical (Toronto ‘83)
W K Chen PEng Structural (UNBC ‘96, BEng            Lahore ‘86, MEng Asian Inst of Tech ‘89)      A R Mir-Salehi PEng Electrical (Sharif U of
   Carleton ‘99, MEng UBC ‘01)                  I Isbasescu PEng Electrical (Iasi ‘77,                Tech ‘92)
S A Chernoff PEng Mechanical (UBC ‘97)              PhD Iasi ‘99)                                 A Mollaj PEng Civil (Tirana Polytechnic
J D Chiasson PEng Mining (Dalhousie ‘97)        J Jatskevich PEng Electrical (Ukrainian               U ‘88)
K J Chicquen PEng Chemical (Queen’s ‘80)            Agricultural Academy ‘94, MSc Purdue,         S Muller PEng Chemical (McGill,
B E Chow PEng Mechanical (UVic ‘03)                 West Lafayette ‘97, PhD Purdue, West              Montreal ‘95)
M D Cichy PEng Mechanical (UBC ‘00)                 Lafayette ‘99)                                Y Namkung PEng Electrical (Seoul National
K J Coffey PEng Chemical (Calgary ‘87)          A Jawara PEng Civil (Manitoba ‘96, MSc                Polytechnic ‘81)
S P Currie PEng Civil (McMaster ‘93)                Manitoba ‘99)                                 R S F Ng PEng Geological (UBC ‘95)
D S Da Silva PEng Mechanical (Manitoba ‘93)     K K W Jay PEng Mechanical (UBC ‘02)               A G Nicholson PEng Civil (UBC ‘02)
R P de Lhorbe PEng Electrical (Queen’s ‘76)     A Jo P Eng Civil (San Carlos of Guatemala ‘96,    D N Olsen PEng Agriculture (Alberta ‘92)
L Delisle PEng Mechanical (Calgary ‘95)             MIng Mariano Galvez ‘99, MEng                 O L Orlovskyy PEng Mechanical (Donetsk
H Deng PEng Civil (Central South Inst of Tech       UBC ‘03)                                          Tech U ‘85)
   ‘84, MSc China U of Geosciences, Beijing     J Kansky PEng Electrical (Alberta ‘99)            V D A Pedrosa-Gossen PEng Civil (Federal U
   ‘87, MSc Manitoba ‘00)                       A Kariminejad-Mazleghani PEng                         of Pernambuco ‘86, MEng Sao Paulo, Sao
R C Denton PEng Chemical (Alberta ‘93)              Mechanical (Sharif U of Tech ‘89)                 Paulo (Eng School) ‘94)
B Diallo PEng Electrical (UVic ‘02)             R J Kazakoff PEng Mechanical (Sask ‘01)           S Pienaar PEng Structural (Johannesburg ‘86,
B V Dong PEng Civil (Toronto ‘00, MASc          S C Kenyon PEng Structural (Michigan                  MEng Pretoria ‘91)
   Toronto ‘02)                                     Tech U ‘98)                                   G Pieszko PEng Chemical (Calgary ‘96)
L C Douglas PEng Mechanical (Western            M K Khoshons PEng Civil (Tehran ‘91, MSc          J J Pineda PEng Mechanical (America
   Ontario ‘95, MASc Waterloo ‘01)                  Iran U of Sci & Tech (Elm-Va-Sanat) ‘94,          (American U Foundation) ‘96, MSc Royal
D E Edwards PEng Civil (Regina ‘86)                 MASc UBC ‘05)                                     Inst of Tech ‘02)
S C Edwards PEng Electrical                     I M Kirkland PEng Electrical (Waterloo ‘80)       L I Popescu PEng Civil (Bucharest Tech U of
   (Simon Fraser ‘95, MASc Simon Fraser ‘97)    J F Koch PEng Civil (Waterloo ‘03)                    Civ Eng ‘78)
M S Elliott PEng Chemical (Dalhousie ‘76)       Y Koycheva PEng Civil (Architecture, Civil        A G Porra PEng Civil (Lakehead ‘01)
B S Fichot PEng Civil (McGill, Macdonald            Eng and Geodesy ‘96, MASc Toronto ‘03)        G A Razvi PEng Civil (NW Frontier Prov U of
   College ‘98)                                 D Krayzlyakh PEng Structural (Lviv                    Eng & Tech ‘90, MSc NW Frontier Prov U of
D B Forbes PEng Civil (Saskatchewan ‘99)            Polytechnical National Inst ‘81, MEng             Eng & Tech ‘97)
T R Frith PEng Mechanical (Lakehead ‘00)            UBC ‘01)                                      J E Redstone PEng Chemical (Waikato ‘99,
D T Gates PEng Mechanical (UVic ‘98)            A K Lau PEng Computer (Alberta ‘02)                   BE(Hons) Canterbury ‘00)
F Ghaffari PEng Chemical (UBC ‘02, BScEng       T J Lawy PEng Mechanical (UBC ‘01, MEng           J D Reid PEng Civil (Memorial U of
   City U, London ‘74, PhD Brunel ‘78)              UBC ‘01)                                          Newfoundland ‘89)

                                                                                                        I NNOVATION   N OVEMBER /D ECEMBER 2006   37

C M Robin PEng Mechanical (UBC ‘97, MEng       P Singh PEng Structural (Indian Inst of Tech,      M D Turner PEng Electrical (Regina ‘85)
   UBC ‘97)                                       Delhi ‘97, MS Massachusetts, Amherst ‘01)       Y Vachon PEng Civil (Sherbrooke ‘81)
S P Seneviratne PEng Electrical                C A Somodi PEng Mechanical (Waterloo ‘67)          P J Vaidya PEng Electrical (Gujarat ‘86, MSc
   (Moratuwa ‘95)                              G W Stark PEng Metallurgical (UBC ‘99)                Maharaja Sayajirao U of Baroda ‘88)
R A Severini PEng Mechanical (Queen’s ‘86)     T B Steman PEng Mechanical (Alberta ‘97)           A J G Van Dyk PEng Civil (Western Ontario ‘03)
S Shahangyan PEng Structural (Tehran ‘85,      P Sudlow PEng Mechanical (Waterloo ‘95)            V E Veresiu PEng Civil (Bucharest Tech U of
   MScEng Tehran ‘89)                          R A Syjuco PEng Structural (Mapua Inst of             Civil Eng ‘85)
C J Shank PEng Mechanical (Alberta ‘97)           Tech ‘77)                                       A Walji PEng Civil (UBC ‘99, MBA Western
G A B Shehata PEng Electrical (SFU ‘97)        W L Tang PEng Mechanical (UBC ‘99, MEng UBC ‘99)      Ontario ‘05)
F M Shushtarian PEng Structural (Indian Inst   J J F S Tremblay PEng Civil (Laval ‘94)            G R Walker PEng Civil (Alberta ‘81)
   of Tech, Delhi ‘85)                         G G Trinchero PEng Mechanical (National            B D Wallace PEng Civil (UBC ‘97)
T L Simpson PEng Electrical (Lakehead ‘02)        Tech U, Buenos Aires ‘87)                       C B Wei PEng Electrical (Wuhan U of
                                                                                                     Hydraulic and Elec Eng ‘87, MSc Southeast
                                                                                                     (Nanjing Inst of Tech) ’90, MEng UBC ‘03)
                                                                                                  T White PEng Civil (Waterloo ‘97, MASc
                                                                                                     Waterloo ‘99, PhD UBC ‘04)
                                                                                                  C Willerton PEng Civil (Alberta ‘00)
                                                                                                  A M Windsor PEng Environmental (London,
                                                                                                     King’s College ‘97, MSc Portsmouth ‘99)
                                                                                                  T Woeste PEng Mechanical (UVic ‘01)
                                                                                                  W S V Wong PEng Electrical (Manitoba ‘94,
                                                                                                     MASc Waterloo ‘96, PhD UBC ‘00)
                                                                                                  J B Wood PEng Electrical (Sask ‘95)
                                                                                                  R K Wood PEng Civil (UBC ‘99, MSc
                                                                                                     Alberta ‘03)
                                                                                                  G V Woulfe PEng Mechanical (Auckland ‘77)
                                                                                                  P Yazdani Esfehani PEng Civil (Sharif U of
                                                                                                     Tech ‘93, MSc Sharif U of Tech ‘96)
                                                                                                  A S L Yip PEng Mechanical (Ryerson ‘01)
                                                                                                  A P Young PEng Chemical (Waterloo ‘01)
                                                                                                  D W Yu PEng Electrical (Wuhan U of Tech ‘94)
                                                                                                  Y M Yung PEng Civil (Alberta ‘86)
                                                                                                  B J Zehr PEng Mechanical (Waterloo ‘00)
                                                                                                  S Zhang PEng Electrical (Chongqing ‘94)
                                                                                                  Y C Zhang PEng Electrical (Jilin Inst of
                                                                                                     Chemical Tech ‘90, MEng Harbin Inst of
                                                                                                     Tech ‘93)
                                                                                                  J G Zhang PEng Civil (Tianjin ‘95, MEng
                                                                                                     Carleton ‘04)
                                                                                                  H J Zhao PEng Electrical (Shandong Inst of
                                                                                                     Engineering ‘83, MEng Beijing Electric
                                                                                                     Power Research Inst ’91)
                                                                                                  R S Ziemer PEng Electrical (UBC ‘02)
                                                                                                  M Zou PEng Electrical (Huazhong U of Sci &
                                                                                                     Tech ‘96, MASc Concordia, Quebec ‘02)

                                                                                                  PROFESSIONAL GEOSCIENTISTS
                                                                                                  W R Archer PGeo Geology (Carleton ‘80)
                                                                                                  M C Baumgartner PGeo Geochemistry (Cape
                                                                                                     Town ‘90, BSc Cape Town ‘91, MSc Cape
                                                                                                     Town ‘94)
                                                                                                  L E Deibert PGeo Geology (UBC ‘88, MS
                                                                                                     Queen’s ‘95)
                                                                                                  B S McDonough PGeo Geology (McMaster ‘86)
                                                                                                  T E Nowicki PGeo Geology (Cape Town ‘86,
                                                                                                     MSc Rhodes ‘91, PhD Cape Town ‘98)
                                                                                                  D L Peters PGeo Environmental Geoscience
                                                                                                     (Concordia, Quebec ‘90)
                                                                                                  J R Pickell PGeo Geology (Brandon ‘71)
                                                                                                  H U Rehman PGeo Geophysics (Punjab ‘87,
                                                                                                     MSc Quaid-i-Azam ‘91, MASc New South
                                                                                                     Wales ‘95)
                                                                                                  T J St-George PGeo Geology (St Francis
                                                                                                     Xavier ‘80)
                                                                                                  M S Stone PGeo Geology (McMaster ‘94, MS
                                                                                                     Alabama ‘96, PhD Curtin U of Tech ‘05)
                                                                                                  B G Watson PGeo Environmental Geoscience
                                                                                                     (UVic ‘01)
                                                                                                  B C Weston PGeo Geology (UBC ‘02)
                                                                                                  Y Yin PGeo Environmental Geoscience (East
                                                                                                     China Inst of Geology ‘84, MSc Tongji ‘87,
                                                                                                     PhD East China Inst of Geology ‘93)

                                                                                                  NON-RESIDENT LICENSEES
                                                                                                  D E Crockett P Eng Electrical (Pennsylvania
                                                                                                    ‘95, MSc George Washington ‘98)

                                                                                                                        Continued on page 42


Efficient solutions since 1988.
611 St. Andrews Rd., West Van, BC V7S 1V5
 Tel: (604) 925-1731 • Fax: (604) 925-1780
       E-mail: m&

                     OMNI ENGINEERING INC.
                      Consulting Civil Engineers
                         101 - 1861 Welch Street
                 North Vancouver, B.C. V7P 1B7
Tel: (604) 985-0508         Fax: (604) 985-0536
Municipal Services       ■          Water Works
Pumping & Controls           ■      Wastewater

       VECO Canada Ltd.
 Engineering & Construction:
 • Oil, Gas & Chemicals
 • Power Generation
 • Pulp & Paper
 • Manufacturing
 • Research Facilities
 • Infrastructure

 4599 Tillicum Street, Burnaby BC V5J 3J9
 Tel: (604) 659-3335 Fax: (604) 659-3345
 Contact: Ross Lewis, General Manager


  The Team that Delivers

                                                   I NNOVATION   N OVEMBER /D ECEMBER 2006   39

                                                                     Vancouver: 604.438.5300 – email:
                                                                         Victoria: 250.477.2206 – email:

                                                  For over 50 years, moving technology to the future >>>>>>>>
                                               TRANSPORTATION – INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY – WATER


                                                                                                                    PROTECT YOUR FUTURE
                                                                                                                     Group Life • Long-Term Disability
                                                                                                                   Extended Health • Group Dental Plan
                                                                                                                       CCPE Group Employee Plans
                                                                                                                                     Chuck Lees
                                                                                                                                  Ph: 604-926-4723
                                                                                                                                  Fax: 604-926-8710

                                                                                                                     YOUR APEGBC AGENT

                                                                                                                   CONVEYORS ACCESSORIES
                                                                                                               ◗    Electric Linear Actuators
                                                                                                               ◗    Cable Reels - Hose Reels
                                                                                                               ◗    Festoon Systems
                                                                                                               ◗    Conveyor Belt Misalignment Switches
                                                                                                               ◗    Conveyor Pull-Cord Switches
                                                                                                               ◗    Conveyor Zero-speed switches

                                                                                                                      ELECTRICAL PRODUCTS
                                                                                                               ◗ Foot Switches
Aviation     •   Bridges    •   Highways      •   Port & Harbours        •    Rail & Transit   •   Tunnels
                                                                                                               ◗ Shaft Encoders
                                                                                                               ◗ Rotary Limit Switches

                                                                                                               Industrial Ltd
                                  Award Winning Engineering Consultants in                                             29770 Sangara Ave. Abbotsford BC
                                  Planning, Design, Construction Management                                        604-856-9738 ◗ 1-800-322-5571
                                  and Project / Program Management.

1066 West Hastings Street, Suite 1010, Oceanic Plaza, Vancouver, BC V6E 3X2    T 604.629.1736 F 604.639.1191


                                                                                                                   Your online resource
                                                                                                                   for engineering and
                                                                                                                       geoscience jobs.
                                                                                                                         Updated daily.
                           Be Sure. It Matters.                                                                All career ads in Innovation are posted on
Environmental Consulting • Experts in Environmental Planning, Permits and Approvals:                           APEGBC’s web page at no additional cost.
      Contaminated Sites, Risk Assessment, Site Remediation, Environmental Assessments,
       Riparian Area Regulations/Assessments, Species at Risk Regulations/Assessments,
                             Environmental Management, Forestry
                                                                                                                       For more information, please call:
                                                                                                                       Gillian Cobban Ph: (604) 929-6733
 Suite 320 - 4400 Dominion Street, Burnaby, BC V5G 4G3 Phone: (604) 430-0671                                                E-mail:
                Fax: (604) 430-0672

                                                                                                                    I NNOVATION    N OVEMBER /D ECEMBER 2006   41
        PROFESSIONAL SERVICES                                                          MEMBERSHIP

                                                                                   Continued from page 38
                                                                                   K W Deter PEng Metallurgical (Missouri,
                                                                                      Rolla ‘70)
                                                                                   J A C Dilay PEng Civil (Batangas ‘78)
                                                                                   B L Gray P Eng (Rensselaer Polytechnic Inst
                                                                                      ‘92, MS California, Davis ‘95, PhD California,
                                                                                      Davis ’01)
                                                                                   D E Hahn PEng Structural (Nebraska-Lincoln ‘78)
                                                                                   S C Strickling PEng Mechanical (Rutgers, The
                                                                                      State U of New Jersey ‘85)
                                                                                   D M Yip-Hoi PEng Mechanical (West Indies
                                                                                      ‘85, MS State U of New York, Buffalo ‘90,
                                                                                      PhD Michigan ‘97)

                                                                                   M A Adams EIT (UBC ‘06)
                                                                                   D M Alway EIT (UNBC ‘99, BSF UBC ‘03)
                                                                                   S D Angus EIT (Liverpool ‘01)
                                                                                   P J Atherton EIT (Camosun College ‘03, BEng
                                                                                      Lakehead ‘06)
                                                                                   G S Aulakh EIT (Baba Banda Singh Bahadur
                                                                                      Eng Coll ‘00, Dipl Punjab Eng College ‘03)
                                                                                   T T N Ball EIT (Ryerson ‘04)
                                                                                   L L Beaton EIT (Waterloo ‘06)
                                                                                   C Beninger EIT (Western Ontario ‘06)
                                                                                   H S Benipal EIT (Baba Banda Singh Bahadur
                                                                                      Eng Coll ‘00)
                                                                                   K E Black EIT (UBC ‘06)
                                                                                   T J Blair EIT (UBC ‘06)
                                                                                   C R Blais EIT (Saskatchewan ‘05)
                                                                                   C D Blouw EIT (Queen’s ‘05)
                                                                                   R F Bouma EIT (Alberta ‘06)
                                                                                   D P Brassard EIT (UNBC ‘00, BEng Lakehead
                                                                                      ‘03, MASc Carleton ‘05)
                                                                                   N W Bright EIT (Lakehead ‘06)
                                                                                   S C C Chang EIT (UBC ‘06)
                                                                                   H W Cheng EIT (Feng Chia ‘88)
                                                                                   J P O Chik EIT (UBC ‘04)
                                                                                   K K Ching EIT (UBC ‘05)
                                                                                   F L Chowdhury EIT (Bangladesh U of Eng and
                                                                                      Tech ‘01, MASc UBC ‘05)
                                                                                   D Chung EIT (UBC ‘06)
                                                                                   J R Clarke EIT (UVic ‘95)
                                                                                   C S M Davidson EIT (UBC ‘06)
                                                                                   R V de Leon EIT (Kwantlen U College ‘03, BEng
                                                                                      Lakehead ‘06)
                                                                                   V E Dioses Garcia EIT (Ricardo Palma ‘84)
                                                                                   M L Duffy EIT (UBC ‘06)
                                                                                   S B Ebrahim EIT (UBC ‘06)
                                                                                   L L Eichhorn EIT (Waterloo ‘06)
                                                                                   K P Fattah EIT (Bangladesh U of Eng and Tech
                                                                                      ‘01, MASc UBC ‘04)
                                                                                   C S Feltin EIT (Alberta ‘02)
                                                                                   C M L Foo EIT (Manitoba ‘99)
                                                                                   A C G Gagnon EIT (Queen’s ‘06)
                                                                                   C E Gallen EIT (UBC ‘06)
                                                                                   C P Garand EIT (UVic ‘06)
                                                                                   C S Gore EIT (UBC ‘06)
                                                                                   A J R Gregg EIT (UVic ‘01, BSc UVic ‘03)
                                                                                   D C Gunn EIT (UBC ‘06)
                                                                                   J L Hardy EIT (Waterloo ‘06)
                                                                                   J D E Harvey EIT (New Brunswick ‘06)
                                                                                   S C H Horsman EIT (Gonzaga ‘06)
                                                                                   S P Huff EIT (UBC ‘06)
                                                                                   S A Hume EIT (Ulster ‘04)
                                                                                   A H Hussain EIT (Wilfred Laurier ‘00, BScEng
                                                                                      Guelph ‘06)
                                                                                   C D Irani EIT (UBC ‘06)
                                                                                   G Kanagalingam EIT (Lakehead ‘05)
                             PITEAU ASSOCIATES                                     A H Kassaian EIT (UBC ‘06)
                                                                                   G W Kennette EIT (Western Ontario ‘06)
                      Geotechnical and Hydrogeological Consultants                 S Kim EIT (Toronto ‘06)
                                                                                   M V Kostadinov EIT (Architecture, Civil Eng
               • Rock Mechanics            • Groundwater     • Forestry               and Geodesy ‘91, PhD Tokyo ‘00)
               • Open Pit Slopes           • Environmental   • Dams                G W Kusnandar EIT (Wisconsin-
               • Mines                     • Geophysics      • Transportation         Madison ‘95)
VANCOUVER Tel: (604) 986-8551 Fax: (604) 985-7286 • Website: LIMA   J K Y Kwong EIT (Waterloo ‘06)

J L N Lavoie EIT (Queen’s ‘04)
G Le Penven EIT (Inst Nat des Sci Appliquees
   de Rouen ‘99)
C S Leung EIT (UBC ‘06)
E W L Lin EIT (UBC ‘99, MASc UBC ‘01)
J C Linseman EIT (Waterloo ‘05)
H S Ma EIT (UBC ‘04)
M M Macgillivray EIT (Queen’s ‘01)
M Malaniuk EIT (Tech U of Warsaw ‘82)
A Malapad EIT (UBC ‘06)
T M Marshall EIT (UVic ‘06)
S D McDougall EIT (Toronto ‘98, PhD UBC ‘06)
L J McGill EIT (New Brunswick ‘03)                              One Team. Infinite Solutions.
C S Meisl EIT (UBC ‘02, MASc UBC ‘06)
S C A Milanovic EIT (Waterloo ‘06)                                   Providing professional services in:
M M Nezam EIT (Shiraz ‘00, MEng Concordia,                           Engineering • Architecture • Planning • Interior Design • Program
   Quebec ‘03)                                                       Management • Environmental Sciences • Transportation, Industrial
S K Ng EIT (Waterloo ‘05)                                            In British Columbia, call (604) 696-8000
N K Nguyen EIT (UBC ‘06)                                             Offices throughout North America and the Caribbean
K J Pasay EIT (Alberta ‘06)
M J Pearson EIT (Carleton ‘06)
C J T Plett EIT (Lakehead ‘06)
S R Puhallo EIT (Ryerson ‘06)
V Raghunathan EIT (Waterloo ‘06)
C J Rice EIT (New Brunswick ‘06)
S D Richardson EIT (New Brunswick ‘02, MSE
   New Brunswick ‘06)
B R D Robertson EIT (UVic ‘05)
T E Sampson EIT (Dalhousie ‘04)
A Sawamoto EIT (UBC ‘6)
J E Schmidt EIT (UVic ‘05)
A C Seddon EIT (UBC ‘06)
G I Sentlinger EIT (UBC ‘01, MASc UBC ‘05)
B S Shahi EIT (Gulbarga ‘97, MEng Punjabi ‘00,
   MEng UBC ‘06)
Y J Shi EIT (Beijing Polytechnical U ‘91, MEng
   UBC ‘04)
R D Short EIT (Queen’s ‘04)
K A Souza EIT (Calgary ‘05)
G R Staples EIT (McGill, Montreal ‘06)
L A Steeves EIT (New Brunswick ‘06)
N H Steglich EIT (McMaster ‘04)
M J Symonds EIT (UBC ‘06)
K L Tang EIT (UBC ‘06)
W R Taylor EIT (Lakehead ‘00)
J K Thiessen EIT (UBC ‘06)
K R Ulmer EIT (UNBC ‘00, BASc UBC ‘04)                                            Productivity Improvement
M L Weitzel EIT (UBC ‘06)
K P Wong EIT (UBC ‘05)
X F Yang EIT (East China Inst of
   Metallurgy ‘84, MEng UBC ‘06)                                                    Technology and Services
Q F Zhang EIT (Fuzhou ‘87)

                                                                                         for Industry
A L Baxter GIT (Edinburgh ‘01, MS Colorado                                   604 214 9248                 
   School of Mines ‘04)

W R Bortz EIT              D Pristach PEng
W Chow EIT                 B G Robb PEng                                                                 130 - 10691 Shellbridge Way
T T T Chu EIT              R C Roque PEng
A M J Jenkins Swan EIT                                                                                      Richmond, BC, V6X 2W8
                           S M Sahota PEng
J L Keen EIT               A I Sherif PEng                                                     Tel: 604-273-6299 Fax: 604-270-3644
D R Lycke EIT              S E Smith PEng                                                                
B W Mossman EIT            D L Steeves PEng                                                           Email:
P Roman EIT                C M Steffler PEng                                                           
V Sadaghiani EIT           P H Wee PEng          WATERLOO   DENVER    RENO        TUCSON        SHREWSBURY            SANTIAGO        LIMA     PERTH
C J Sewell EIT
C D Albrecht PEng          N Del Bel Belluz
R C Benham PEng              PGeo
G W Bishop PEng            T M Naciuk PGeo
W K Cheng PEng
A S Crawford PEng          RESIGNATIONS
R J Fitzgerald PEng        V M Desaulniers
E Hoek PEng                G Hain
G B Jonson PEng            B N Madsen
N Law PEng                 G D Singh
S A McVey PEng
J M Melanson PEng

                                                                                                     I NNOVATION   N OVEMBER /D ECEMBER 2006   43

    All successful applicants for professional
    engineering and geoscience positions in
    British Columbia will require member-
    ship, or eligibility and application for
    membership, with APEGBC.

                            WATERWORKS, IRRIGATION & SEPTIC
 Emco Waterworks is a 100 year old company with branches throughout Canada.
 We are the largest Waterworks distributor in Canada and are at the forefront of
 specialized product development. We are looking for a dedicated professional to
 join our Kelowna team in the following position:
 Business Development Manager – The individual will be respon-
 sible for developing and serving the BC market for complex, special-
 ized Waterworks, Irrigation & Septic products. The target audience
 will be engineering consulting firms and municipalities. The ideal
 candidate will be a Professional Engineer who is a dynamic self
 starter, excellent communicator and exhibits a passion for their work.
 This person has an aptitude for sales and wants to work with a com-
 pany that will encourage professional and personal growth. We offer
 a competitive salary, plus a generous bonus plan and comprehensive
 benefits. This position has excellent growth and earning potential.
    Resumes may be forwarded in confidence to
                   Norman Seed
    103-199 Pinto Road
    Kelowna, B.C.        fax :250-765-3658
    V1V 2G9
Thank you for your interest in Emco. Only those candidates invited to an interview will be contacted.

          44         I NNOVATION              N OVEMBER /D ECEMBER 2006

                                                                     JUNIOR & INTERMEDIATE ENGINEERS –
                                                                     BUILDING SCIENCE
                                                                     JRS Engineering Ltd. is seeking Junior and Intermediate level Engineers,
                                                                     registered or eligible for registration in British Columbia or Washington, to
                                                                     join our expanding practice located in Burnaby, BC and Seattle, WA.
                                                                     JRS provides building science consulting services to private and public
                                                                     sector clients in British Columbia, Washington State and other areas.
                                                                     JRS offers very competitive compensation and benefits with excellent
                                                                     opportunities for advancement and professional development.
                                                                     Please fax or e-mail your resume with a cover letter to:
                                                                     Human Resources
                                                                     JRS Engineering Ltd.
                                                                     202 – 3991 Henning Drive, Burnaby, BC V5C 6N5
                                                                     Fax: (604) 320-1991

                                                                     Hi-Cube Storage Products requires a structural engineer. This position
                                                                     offers a unique, interesting, and challenging career opportunity that would
                                                                     be a good fi t for an engineer in the early stages of their career.
                                                                     If your interests are in problem solving, design work, with a high level of
                                                                     interaction with clients and a sales team, this position will be of interest to you.
                                                                     The position responsibilities are, the design and review of storage system
                                                                     structures for seismic restraint certifi cation, slab and fl oor load analysis.
                                                                     The materials are typically light roll formed sections, with some structural
                                                                     steel as well.
                                                                     A training program to familiarize the person with the specialized knowledge
Design your Future                                                   required for this position will take place over a 6 month period.
                                                                     All applicants must be registered professional engineers licensed in the
at Hatch Energy                                                      Province of British Columbia. This is a requirement as all our work is done
                                                                     under seal.
Hatch Energy is a North-American based power and energy              To familiarize yourself with our company and products please
consulting, engineering and management company with                  visit our website, send resume, along
                                                                     with remuneration expectations to
operations worldwide and a reputation for excellence acquired
over 80 years of service. Our Vancouver office has the following
positions available in the water resources, hydroelectric and wind
power generation areas:

Intermediate Electrical Engineer

Senior Electrical Engineer

Project Manager (Civil)

Senior Geotechnical (Rock) Engineer

Senior Civil/Structural Engineer

Senior Mechanical Engineer

Intermediate Geotechnical (Soils) Engineer
To apply immediately, log onto and click
on careers.
700 – 1066 West Hasting Street
Vancouver, BC
V6E 3X2
Tel: 604 683 9141                                       energy


DEC 6/06. ENCON LOSS CONTROL SEM-                am – 3 pm. Information: Adam Stephen-         top professionals in a variety of related
  INAR. Westin Bayshore Vancouver,               son at                   industries including architects, develo-
  Grand Ballroom, 9 am to noon. Registra-                                                      pers, builders, contractors, engineers,
  tion/information: Kathy Olson at 800-        FEB 14-15/07. BC CONSTRUCTION SHOW &            renovators, building owners, designers,
  267-6684, or           RENOVATOR & HOMEBUILDER EXPO.                 interior decorators and more at the Van-
                                                 The industry’s biggest show of the year,      couver Convention & Exhibition Centre
JAN 26 & 27/07. ANNUAL PENG/PGEO                 BC Construction Show & Renovator &            in Vancouver. Registration/information:
  CURLING BONSPIEL. The 38th annual              Homebuilder Expo will bring together
  bonspiel begins Friday afternoon and
  wraps up Saturday night. $200 per rink
  with a minimum of 2 APEGBC members
  or engineering/geoscience students                                      Fransen Engineering Ltd. specializes in providing
  (1/2 price) per rink. Enter by January 19,                              high quality multi-discipline engineering services
  2007. North Shore Winter Club. Regis-                                   for industrial projects. Fransen Engineering Ltd.
  tration/information: David Desrochers                                   has proudly served its clients across Canada and
  (604) 873-7353, or david.desrochers@                                    the USA for over 25 years.

JAN-APR/07. UNBC GEOTECHNICAL                      We are looking for dynamic engineers and designers
  ENGINEERING AND RESOURCE ROAD                    to help us continue to meet and exceed the needs of
  WORKSHOP. This two-day classroom                 our clients. Experienced, enthusiastic and versatile
  workshop will focus on geotechnical              professionals are encouraged to submit their resume. If
  engineering principles and their appli-
  cation in resource road planning, con-           you are interested in joining our progressive team, please
  struction, and maintenance. Offered in 6         visit the “Careers” section of our webpage.
  locations around BC. Information: www.                 All candidates must possess strong interpersonal and communication skills along
  index.html#GeotechnicalEngineering.             with a commitment to providing superior client service.

FEB 5-7/07. UNBC SEMINAR: COMPU-                  We thank all candidates for their interest, however, only those selected for an inter-
  TER APPLICATIONS IN FOREST ROAD                 view will be contacted. No telephone calls please.
  DESIGN. A three-day course on key ele-
  ments in forest road design including:
  route surveys, design parameters, hori-
  zontal and vertical alignment, earthwork
  volumes, mass haul diagram, construc-
  tion survey and design presentation.

  event brings together students and UBC
  Alumni during Engineering Week. De-
  partment Ball Models will be displayed
  and judged by the Alumni. Cecil Green
  Park House, UBC, Vancouver, 7 – 11
  pm. Information: Adam Stephenson at

  REER. The Engineering Undergraduate
  Society of UBC invites you to partici-
  pate in the annual Engineering Career
  Fair 2007. This is an exciting oppor-
  tunity to showcase your company, its
  activities and people to the enginee-
  ring student community at UBC. Find
  co-op students and graduating stu-
  dents. UBC Student Union Building, 10

                                                                                                  I NNOVATION   N OVEMBER /D ECEMBER 2006   47

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