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									       A Guideline for buying Contact Lenses

By Peter Msn ophthalmologist

Contact lenses are corrective, therapeutic and cosmetic lenses usually serve the purpose of
conventional glasses. It is placed on the cornea of the eye and is virtually invisible. It is very
lightweight and easy to use. There are various types of contact lenses. They are:

- Corrective contact lenses: A corrective contact lens is a lens designed to improve vision. People
using glasses can have a problem of mismatch of the refractive power of the eye and the length
of the eye, which causes a refraction error. A contact lens neutralizes this mismatch and allows
for correct focusing of light onto the retina. Some people, who are suffering from certain color
deficiencies, can use a red-tinted "X-Chrom" contact lens.

- Cosmetic contact lenses: A cosmetic contact lens is designed to change the appearance of the
eye. It can also be used as corrective contact lenses. Cosmetics contact lenses are widely known
as decorative contact lenses.

- Therapeutic contact lenses: Therapeutic contact lenses or soft lenses are often used as a
treatment of non-refractive disorders of the eye. Soft lenses are also used in the treatment of
bullous keratopathy, dry eyes, corneal ulcers and erosion and many other eye problems.

Contact lenses are there for almost 100 years and from that time onwards many advancements
have been made that allow just about everyone to wear contact lenses. Contact lenses are a
delicate thing and needs care to keep it in good health. Caring for your contact lenses, which
includes cleaning, disinfecting and storing them, is much easier than it used to be. Before
considering wearing contact lenses one should make sure to see an optometric physician or an
ophthalmologist, as contact lenses are medical devices and the eyes need to be properly
diagnosed by an expert.

Contact lenses Australia have been developed with different shapes and colors. Now it is a time
for experiment with your look. Contact lenses are not only good for your vision, but also it can
do wonders to your outlook. Wearing a lens make you look younger, smarter and brighter. Even,
now ladies can go with eye make-ups of different types without worrying about the odd look
with spectacles on eyes. A soft contact lens saves your eye and makes you feel great. With
acuvue contact lens you will not feel that you are wearing anything in your eye.

There are various contact lens shops, and you can also search online to choose your appropriate
lens. You can get discount contact lens that will save lots of money. With colorful contact lenses,
you can experiment with your look. But, before going to buy any contact lens, consult with your

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