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									                               This is not to be cons trued as legal ad(d) vice.

1 Corinthians 14

4. Love is patient and kind. Love is not jealous or boastful or proud or rude. Love does not de-man-d its
own way. Love is not irritable, and it keeps no record of when it has been wronged. It is never glad
about injustice (in Just us) but rejoices whenever the truth wins out. Love never gives up, never loses
faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance.

13. There are three things that “Will” endure-faith, hope, and love—and the greatest of these is love.

There seems to be plenty of misunderstanding concerning by laws, rules, regulations, statutes, acts,
common law (rule of law), and the law.

So now, do note that there is only one true and perfected claim of law, and it is this. It is the bible.

Now, many people might go, ahh, this is just sheer and utter bullshit. And yes, there is some truth to
that as well. But, let’s take a look at things for a moment, and let s put things into perspective, and it
works like this.

There is a thing called the 10 commandments, and I am sure that we have all heard of this, which is of
course, unless you are from another planet.

So here we go, and it goes like this…

Exodus 20:2–17           Deuteronomy 5:6–21

I am the Lord your God, who brought you up out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of slavery;

You shall have no other gods before me.

You shall not make for yourself an idol (maybe money), whether in the form of anything that is in
heaven above, or that is on the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth.

You shall not bow down to them or worship them; for I the Lord your God am a jealous God, punishing
children for the iniquity of parents, to the third and the fourth generation of those who reject me, but
showing steadfast love to the thousandth generation of those who love me and keep my

You shall not make wrongful use of the name of the Lord your God, for the Lord will not acquit anyone
who misuses his name.
Remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy.

For six days you shall labour and do all your work.

But the seventh day is a Sabbath to the Lord your God; you shall not do any work—you, your son or your
daughter, your male or female slave, your livestock, or the alien resident in your towns.

For in six days the Lord made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that is in them, but rested the seventh
day; therefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day and consecrated it.

Observe the Sabbath day and keep it holy, as the Lord your God commanded you.

Remember that you were a slave in the land of Egypt, and the Lord your God brought you out from
there with a mighty hand and an outstretched arm; therefore the Lord your God commanded you to
keep the Sabbath day.

Honour your father and your mother, as the Lord your God commanded you, so that your days may be
long and that it may go well with you in the land that the Lord your God is giving you.

You shall not kill/murder.

You shall not commit adultery.

You shall not steal.

You shall not bear false witness against your neighbour.

You shall not covet your neighbour’s house; you shall not covet your neighbour’s wife, or male or female
slave, or ox, or donkey, or anything that belongs to your neighbour.

So basically folks, we have all heard the term Allah. And there is a reason why the Muslims amongst
many other religions called Yahweh, Allah, and the reason for this, is that Allah stands for All Law, and, it
is this simple. And it is for these reasons, that the bible is the only true and perfected claim of Law, and
not these frivolous by-laws, rules, regulations, statutes and acts which the government claims to be
Legal which are all fraud u lent (lent to some fraud did you?).

So now, we are going to address common law, and it can get rather quite complex, but, all in all, is
rather quiet simple, and it goes like this. Back in the day, if you owned a piece of land, that was called
your sovereignty, and, by sovereignty, it worked like this. You would farm your land, grow your wheat,
vegetables, chafe and anything else that your pretty little heart might desire. Then you would take your
crops, whatever it is that you would need to sustain yourself during the course of the winter months,
and you would sell or barter the rest to your adjoining neighbours so as to facilitate trade, and that
would be about it.

There was no getting up at 6.30 am in the morning so that you could drive to work, work for 40 hours or
so a week, so that you could buy groceries to feed your family, pay for your rent, mortgage, car
insurance, internet (all part of the web of deceipt lol) and phone connections or whatever else it is that
you may or may not have needed. It was all rather quite simple.

You would simply base your life from the very d.n.a. of the land/soil which is your very existence and
your own d n a I might add, and, you would grow your crops to feed your selves and your cattle.

There was no such complex thing as time, as the universe (one verse) knows no time. All the universe
knows is that when the sun comes up, you would start planting your seeds and that you would sow
whatever it is that you would reap, and it was that simple. And if there were some bad months due to
some weather elements not participating on your side, we would all come together to help feed and to
distribute food to our neighbours.

There was no separation or division. We are all one (as in, We the People).

There was no buying a vehicle, registering your vehicle, putting air in your tires, making sure that you
had gas in your tank, had paid for your car insurance, made it to work for 40 or so plus hours a week,
and, this would just all be in order to feed yourselves and to just simply buy a roll of toilet paper.

See how things have just gotten so overly convoluted for such a simple thing as buying shit tickets. It‘s
just preposterous.

You would go till/plow the earth, and you would grow. You would wake up before the ever so glorious
morning (mourning, not a good term, but will use here) sunrise and would go to bed before dusk. It was
just that simple because the universe knows no time. All it knows is that when a blade of grass is ready
to grow, it will grow. The trees will grow, your garden will grow.

We have gotten so far besides ourselves that we have forgotten that you cannot tell a blade of grass
when to grow, as the blade of grass has intelligence built into it. It does not do as it is told, as it will grow
when it wants.

So why are we constantly fighting and trying to dictate to the universe when our gardens should grow,
our blades of grass should grow, and when the trees should grow. It is just preposterous.

The universe will unfold as it should in a trusting manner because the universe is full of abundance.

And, remember the old native proverb that no tree has branches so foolish as to grow that they would
intertwine as to choke and to strangle each other out.

So, why are we con stant (lie) ly trying to do this to ourselves?

All we have to do is to look around, and the universe will feed us and supply us. It goes on for days,
months, and years to to other star systems, galaxies, planets, so on and so forth. Is just that simple, so
why we have all lost our common law rights to our land, is beside me.

Just make no sense.
As the years have passed by, we have lost our common law sovereigncy to a de-facto government which
now calls itself sovereigns (so we reign) because they have taken the ownership and control of our land.
It’s just not good.

And, once we have lost this land, we now go to work as opposed to farming and tilling this beautiful
universe which Yahweh has undoubtedly given to us for our use, out of love.

The universe knows no time, knows no boundaries, so why have we allowed a government to remove
this from us?

We have just simply broken away from the 10 commandments which is all law (hence Allah), and as a
con-sequence, we are now living in S I N.

And getting back to sin. Did not the bible tell us to avoid and to not live in SIN? So what is the first thing
that we do? We go out and apply for a social insurance number. And would this not be violating our very
own selves and Yahweh s Law? I think so.

So anyhow guys, am going to start things like this off so as to put these good things into perspective for
you. And, it goes like this.

We live our day to day lives on a ship, and, this ship is known as the citizenship (cited as zen as being on
a ship). So one might ask themselves, what exactly is this ship that you are talking about? And, it goes
like this. This ship is called the Admiralty ship, or maritime ship/law which are the Laws of the water and
oceans. And, imagine yourself on a boat or a ship, a float out on the sea, and the judge/captain/court
clerk comes up to you, and says, “ hey mate, I think that you should be swabbing the decks.”, and, you
say, “ well sir, I am not a member of this ship, nor am I a crew member to this ship.” And, the
captain/judge/admiral says,” listen mate, I don’t think that you quite understand. You are on the ship,
and, if you don’t start swabbing the decks, well, we are going to throw you overboard. Do you
understand this?” And, you say, “well listen sir, I am just but a simple guy on a cruise line.” And, the
judge/captain/court clerk or admiral says, ”listen, I don’t care if you think that you are on a cruise or not,
you can start swabbing the decks, or, we will throw you overboard, or, you can bail and throw yourself
overboard. Do you understand this?”

Then you might turn around and say, well, sir, I am claiming common law jurisdiction, as I am just but a
passenger on this ship. And, the judge/admiral, court clerk, captain says, “listen mate, I don’t think that
you quite understand. Look around. Do you see any land around you?” And, you say, “No Sir.” And he
says, “Well there you have it. You can either swab the deck, or, we will throw you into the whosegale
(gale of wind which is jail) or, you can bail from the ship and or yarrr, you ll be walking the plank their

See where I am going with this folks. Is just rather all quite that simple.

So when you are on the ship, aka, the citizenship, you have to do as you are told. Is just that simple.
Otherwise, you will go overboard and will be left for dead and can fend for yourselves in the high ocean
waters with the sharks, barracudas, and the waves of the high sea rolling over on top your heads
drowning you.

So as you can see, you have no rights whatsoever on the ship, aka, also known as the citizenship.

So how can you have any rights when you are on the ship? You can’t. The captain/judge, and trust me,
he’ll be the judge of that ship, has a gun pointed to your head, you will soon find out that you are out to
sea (see) with no land around you whatsoever, and that you had better do as you are told.

So, I think by now that all you good people should be grasping at what it is that I am saying. And, this is
called Democracy. And, what is a democracy, well, let’s just take a second to look at the words. Demo
means to demolish or to destroy. And cratic, (also known as critique), will be to critique whatever it is
that you are doing, and, to demolish your ship or whatever else it is that you may own, as, on the aka,
citizenship, you can’t own anything. And nor can you have any rights.

And remember folks, your rights come from God, not anyone or anything who claims that you have
rights or who claims to bestow these upon you, that you have rights.

So please, stop going into their courts claiming that you have rights, as these rights come from God, and
not people.

So, let’s take another look at a word called Freedom. Now, let’s take a simple look at this word for a
second. For starters, Dom in Africa means dumb. And, so basically what they are saying is, is that you are
free to be dumb. Are you people catching this? Even the word freedom, sounds like you are free to be
dumb (dom). See where I am going with this folks. So why would you, or your children like to be dumb?
Would you guys like to be free to be dumb? I think not.

So now, we are going to take a look at this beautiful thing called common law, and, I will put this into
perspective for you.

And, it goes like this. You Re side on a beautiful thing called the land and in your body (not a ship, and I
don’t mean a body of water neither lol), and you are not on a ship out to sea where you can have
absolutely no rights as these can come only from God and the universe. Not from a
Judge/Captain/Admiral of the ship.

So basically, as a commoner to the land via your d n a and via standing in the light, you only have rights
when you are on the land, and this is your land. Gods land. Not a governments land. And, this land is
common to all individuals as we all have to live on the land. So hence, the words Common or Common
Law. It’s like gravity and this just simply put, is called Natural Law/Common Law as it is Common to us

So now, let’s put this Common Law into perspective for you good people, and, it goes like this. We are
both farmers, and, you have your square mile of land, and I have mine. So, basically, I have the right to
do whatever it is that I like when I am on my land so long as I don’t infringe upon your rights, or your
So, basically, if I want to get drunk, and start driving around with my pickup truck and firing off my
shotgun while tearing through my flower bed, well, this is cool because I have not harmed anybody. See
the 10 commandments up above, but, if I decide to start travelling around and firing off my shot gun on
your land, while tearing up your flower beds or garden, well, then I have just violated your common law
rights and have trespassed onto your land, which is or would also be known as a tort (tort law).

Hence, refer to the 10 Commandments up above. Is really just all that simple.

So now, I believe that you guys are starting to wake up (and I don’t mean another water term as in a
wake), and that you guys are starting to see how really easy that this all is, and, how this can all really
avoid all of this nonsensical (cents i c all) confusion (con fusion) about the Common Law, and the By-
Laws of the oceans and water ways which is known as Admiralty Law, Maritime Law, or Military Law
which is Government Law, and, not the laws of Allah or Yahweh ;).

So, as you can see, wouldn’t the world just be a better place if we all just got off the ship, stopped taking
orders from a democratic society, and started to keep all of our hard earned saved dollars and kept/put
all of these marbles into our pockets.

Why someone else’s? Wouldn’t that just make more sense (cents)?

It’s like I said earlier, these fraudulent governments have corrupted us so bad, that we can’t even see
the light of day, and, like I have said earlier, that, I don’t know, maybe we just need a simple roll of shit
tickets to wipe our butts, but, unfortunately, the grocery store is 20 blocks away.

So now we have to buy a vehicle, get this vehicle registered, buy gas, buy insurance, maybe fix this
vehicle, pickup little Johnny after school, get it safetied for the road, pay the mechanic, and then maybe,
just after all this, we can afford to go to the local convenience store/grocery store just to buy our simple
roll of shit tickets which would maybe cost a buck at the most. So why would we work so hard to spend
up and utilize the precious currency (ways of the water flow) of our lives when things could be so simple.
Now, does any of this make sense to you? I think not. Sure as hell doesn’t make any Cents to me lol.
That’s for sure ;)

Especially when all of this stuff comes from, or, off this great land of ours.

So, why are we buying this stuff. Again, this just makes no sense (cents) lol. The natives had this right.
And, like they had said earlier, we cannot sell you this land, as this is not our land to sell. This is
everybody’s land.

So, it is time to start waking up people. The shift is now. The frequency is now, and, it is time to rip
yourself up out from this thing called normalcy. It doesn’t serve you anymore. Love does.

So get off the ship, and come back to dry land where God and universe (one verse) loves you. Not a
bunch of pirates and their corrupt judges and officials.
                                                 Court Stuff

A notary public (or notary or public notary) in the common law world is a public officer constituted by
law to serve the public in non-contentious matters usually concerned with estates, deeds, powers-of-
attorney, and foreign and international business. A notary's main functions are to administer oaths and
affirmations, take affidavits and statutory declarations, witness and authenticate the execution of
certain classes of documents, take acknowledgments of deeds and other conveyances, protest notes
and bills of exchange, provide notice of foreign drafts, prepare marine or ship's protests in cases of
damage, provide exemplifications and notarial copies, and perform certain other official acts depending
on the jurisdiction.[1] Any such act is known as a notarization. The term “notary public” only refers to
common-law notaries and should not be confused with civil-law notaries.

With the exceptions of Louisiana, Puerto Rico, Quebec, whose private law is based on civil law, and
British Columbia, whose notarial tradition stems from scrivener notary practice, a notary public in the
rest of the United States and most of Canada has powers that are far more limited than those of civil-
law or other common-law notaries, both of whom are qualified lawyers admitted to the bar: such
notaries may be referred to as notaries-at-law or lawyer notaries. Therefore, at common law, notarial
service is distinct from the practice of law, and giving legal advice and preparing legal instruments is
forbidden to lay notaries such as those appointed throughout most of the United States of America.

An affidavit is a formal sworn statement of fact, signed by the author, who is called the affiant or
deponent, and witnessed as to the authenticity of the affiant's signature by a taker of oaths, such as a
notary public or commissioner of oaths. The name is Medieval Latin for he has declared upon oath. An
affidavit is a type of verified statement or showing, or in other words, it contains a verification meaning
it is under oath or penalty of perjury, and this serves as evidence to its veracity and is required for court
proceedings. Not all affidavits require a notary public for execution.

Uses of affidavits include:

To allow evidence to be gathered from witnesses or participants who may not be available to testify in
person before the court, or who may otherwise fear for their safety if their true identities are revealed
in court.

To obtain a declaration on a legal document, such as an application for voter registration, that the
information provided by the applicant is truthful to the best of the applicant's knowledge. If, after
signing such a declaration, the information is found to be deliberately untrue with the intent to deceive,
the applicant may face perjury charges.

Affidavits/Asseverations may be written in the first or third person, depending on who drafted the
document. If in the first person, the document's component parts are:

a commencement which identifies the affiant

 the individual averments, almost always numbered as mandated by law, each one making a separate
a statement of truth generally stating that everything is true, under penalty of perjury, fine, or

an attestation clause, usually a jurat, at the end certifying the affiant made oath and the date; and
signatures of the author and witness.

If an affidavit is notarized or authenticated, it will also include a caption with a venue and title in
reference to judicial proceedings. In some cases, an introductory clause, called a preamble, is added
attesting that the affiant personally appeared before the authenticating authority.

A statutory declaration is a legal document defined under the law of certain Commonwealth nations. It
is similar to a statement made under oath, however, it is not sworn.

Statutory declarations are commonly used to allow a person to affirm something to be true for the
purposes of satisfying some legal requirement or regulation when no other “evidence” is available. They
are thus similar to affidavits (which are made on oath).

Depending on jurisdiction, statutory declarations can be used for:

Declarations of identity, nationality, marital status, etc. when documentary evidence is unavailable.

Declaring the intention to change one's name.

Affirming the provenance and nature of goods for export or import.

Statements of originality for patent applications.



PROVE THAT YOU ARE NOW A LIVE WILL AND TESTAMENT (Amen to a Test that U R Alive) by sub mitt in
g an affidavit (Always underline Affidavit and use the word “Asseveration”.

Just like Jesus did. He had resurrected himself from the book of the dead into the live in g.

SURRENDER THE DEFENDANT/BIRTH CERTIFICATE (Bonded Promissory Note or any other Government
licenses/treatises that you may have/Money-Note means Money/Bill of Exchange ;) via an
affidavit/Asseveration – So UNVOLUNTEER Yourself. You are no longer dead as the Govern men t would
have you be lie ve lol.

You would include all of these Questions into an affidavit/Asseveration as in the Bible. And, more to
come on affidavits/Asseverations in a bit ;).

Asking (as King) you are always asking the Questions ;)
So all these Questions would then be put into an affidavit/Asseveration which is notarized by a notary
public/apostille which is the Federal Government on the Private side.

1.       What is your first and last name(s) for the record?

2.       Who is the real party in interest?

3.       Who is the real party in fact?

4.       Who is the presiding judge?

5.       Who do you all work for?

6.       Whose best interest is this in?

7.       And, can I get a fair trial?

include this in your affidavit/Asseveration ;)

Now, once you have sub mitted a notarized/apostilled court affidavit/Asseveration/doc u men t, these
would be the Questions that you would ask them in court.

As well, the Court can no longer run an Ex parte on you, which means that this is a failure to appear
(Dead Will and Testament), because the person/affidavit/Asseveration has been sub mitted for you (the
live WILL and TESAMENT), through the Courts ad ministrative pro cess.

So now, when the Judge, Pro Say, or Court Clerk asks you your name, you now state that “I am that I

And, if the Court says that they will run an Ex parte on you, which is a failure to appear, you state to the
Court that on and for the record, that, “I be lie ve that you have the affidavit/person/Asseveration on
your desk Sir!” And, you would say this to the Judge.

So now, the dead affidavit/dead person/Asseveration has in deed (a deed of trust) made an appear
ance, and you, as the driver of the vehicle/ship/car, have now come to life. Just like Jesus. ;)

And these Questions that are on your affidavit/Asseveration, would be the same exact Questions in
court that you would ask, plus a few more ;)

     1. On and For the Record, what is your FIRST and LAST NAME On and For the Record? Say this to
        the Prosecutor (pro say). What you are really doing by saying “on and for the record”, is that you
      are attaching yourself to their Lie ability (liability) which will re duce their ability to re lie again.
      (hence, reliability).
2.    Who is the real party in interest? What you are act u ally saying is this. Who is the real party in
      interest to the fraud? Without saying the fraud part.
3.    Who is the real party in fact? To the Fraud without saying the Fraud part.
4.    So usually, by this point, the Judge will jump up and say, “that we are not here on those matters,
      so you can just pro seed (proceed) by answering (an swear in g) to those questions. So, then,
      you say, “Sir, are you not the presiding Judge?” And, the Judge will say, (angrily of course), “Yes,
      I am the presiding judge.”
5.    So you will then say, well then, “Sir, if you are the pre siding judge, would this not be prejudicial
      if you have already pre side-d sir? Would this not be correct?”
6.    And then, if the Judge mumbles something, you would say,” who do you work for sir?”
7.    And he’ll probably say the government.
8.    And then you say, “So who does everybody else in this court work for here sir?
9.    And, he’ll, or they’ll, probably say the government.
10.   So if you all work for the government, how can I get a fair trial (try all) with this if you all work
      for the government? And this is part of their Cons titutuion/Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Not
11.   And then you say,” well, who’s best interest is this in sir if everybody works for the government?
      And he is definitely not going to say your best interest, or his best interest for that matter as this
      would be prejudicial.
12.   Is there any Corpus Delecti here?
13.    May I see the Court Records and Certificates please?
14.    Need to see these Court Records (Sir or Maam), if there is going to be a Contract.
15.    So is it the Arresting (Arrest In) Officer (office r-Our Office) who is the one who is charging
      (Charge In-In Charge) me?
16.   They’ll say Yes or No (Doesn’t Matter).
17.   So if the Arresting Officer isn’t Charging me, Who is?
18.    So why then, is the CROWN proceeding (Seed like a Pro) with these charges if there has been no
      damage (Age of the Damned - this Damn Age that we live in) to this Arresting Officer, or, to the
      Crown for that Matter (Sir or Mam)?
19.    Wouldn’t this be an Offence? (Off the Fence-They are ripping you off the Fence or out of your
      office-and would you take this Per son ally lol. I think not ;);):)
20.    And, so now, it’s, “We The People” suing me? (the arrest in officer can not sue you, and this is
      why he gives the Fraudulent Charge(s) to the Crown - who is “We the People”. Only “We The
      People” can Sue We The People. And it is this/here where all the fraud starts ;);)
21.    Is this correct?
22.    So why would “We The People” be suing me?
23.    When we haven’t caused or done any damage to “We The People?”
24.    If they say that it is the Queen that is suing me, You say, “Does the Queen know about this?”
      (Sir or Mam)?
25.     Shouldn’t the Queen be here to bring forth these Charges! (to Bring Life To these charges)
    26. Then maybe (Will-Be), perhaps, we should inform this lovely lady of what is going on here!
    27. 27. Otherwise, wouldn’t this be Civil (C I Will or Vill) Contempt or Criminal Contempt of Court
        (Sir or Mam)!
    28. 24. So is there any Corpus Delecti? (is there an Injured Party here, and if so…May-means Will-
        may I see the Court Certificates to see if there has been any fraud added to the Court
        documents here is what you are really saying ;);)-Hence, to see if the Court Documents have
        been Altered/Certificated without your approval-Hence, @ the Alter (of Yahweh), or Mhens
        Rheas here ( Element or Body to the Crime- and must be a Knowing Act of Criminal Intent) and
        this must be Proven;) or there is no Crime.
    29. Are you a CORPORATION (Corpse-Dead Entity-Hence, A Dead Will and Testament-Amen to a
        Test-crossing from the Public to the Private (Pri v Ate)-Looking for a Civil-C I Will &
        Tesament/Equity Law Suit?
    30. So who does the Arresting Officer work for?
    31. So… if he or she isn’t charging me, who is?
    32. Who is the Real Party in Fact or in Interest (to the Fraud is what you are really Saying)!!!
    33. So who is the Real Party in Interest? (to the Fraud is what you are really Saying)!!!
    34. So…if there is no Real Party in Interest (to the Fraud ), or Real Party in Fact (to the Fraud), what
        are we doing here?
    35. So this is a Mis-trial! Try All ( missed by All )
    36. So if this is just for a trial (Try All) hearing (here in or hear in), and there is No Real Party in Fact
        (to the Fraud), or Real Party in Interest (to the Fraud), what are we doing here?
    37. So then this is a mis trial (Mis Try All).
    38. Are You willing (will and testament-In a Will) to SWEAR this Under (to Stand Under-as in, Stand
        Under a Statute which stands on a pedestal above you (also known as Overhead)-which means
        Overhead-they will Bill You. And a Statute is a Bill/Charge) Full Oath and Full Commercial
        Liability (Lie Ability-Ability to Lie- Under the Penalty of Perjury (Per Jury) Under God so help you
    39. So then these accusations are not very Reliable (Reduces one’s ability to Re Lie)
    40. Wouldn’t these charges be considered (Con Side d) fraudulent, harassment (to Harass Men t),
        vexatious and Prejudicial (Pre Judge Dicial-the Judge has Pre-Sided, means he has already taking
        Sides and Pre Judged you).
    41. Isn’t The Maker of the Bill/Instrument the one who is responsible for this and isn’t the Onus
        (On-Us which should be On-Them) upon them to provide the Remedy, being that they are the
    42. So if the Government of Canada is Bankrupt, and has filed a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, wouldn’t it
        be safe to say that there is No Money. And that these Bonds would indemnify both the Plaintiff
        and the Accused in this Matter! (Cant pay for Deb(i)t with a Credit lol ;);) That would be Illegal!
    43. See where I am going with this folks. This just totally blows there whole cover/scheme through
        the roof.

So basically, It’s not what you are saying, but, is what you are not saying in Court, and this goes without
    So use this in court guys and do make sure that u guys have Lots of Witness’s or THEY will throw
    your butt in jail. I can almost promise you that. And never, and I do mean NEVERRRR, CROSS THE
    BAR and never UNDERSTAND. ;)

So all these Questions would then be put into an affidavit/Asseveration which is notarized (which is a
security) by a notary public/apostille and stamps would be placed on the back of each page in the lower
right hand bottom corner on the back of the affidavit (which is the creditor side of the account) with a
line through the stamp from the bottom left hand corner to the top right hand corner of the stamp with
your thumb print in “red ink” touching the right hand bottom of the stamp. And, this would de note
(money) that you are indeed the pri v ate post master. ;)

This would now mean that you are indeed the ships master of your own vessel/ship (hence owner/ship).
And your stamp now becomes your flag that you are indeed the “private postmaster” which means that
you do not man a military post which is an address.


Affirm and Say That: (Never Swear)

1. Asseverant herein, waives none of his “unalienable rights”.

2. Asseverant herein, am hereby competent and being of the age of majority affirm that my "yes" be
"yes" and my "no" be "no" and that the following facts are true, certain, correct, and not misleading
under the penalty of the “Creator's Law” of bearing false witness, and,

3. Asseverant herein, has not seen or been provided any evidence that Indemnifies, commonly known as
(Put Your Name Here) with an asset money bond for the damages you will create by enforcement of any
liens and/or levies nor does Asseverant believe any such evidence exists, and,

4. Asseverant has not seen or been provided any evidence that certificate proof of claim setting forth
essential facts for said alleged claim, and,

5. Asseverant has not seen or been provided any evidence that his conditional acceptance of your offer,
does not prove he agrees to discharge any liability associated therewith, as set forth in the Notice of
Conditional Acceptance, and,

6. Asseverant has not seen or been provided any evidence that you have or can produce a signed record
of assessment nor does Asseverant believe any such evidence exists, and,

7. Asseverant has not seen or been provided any evidence that Affiant established an account for
goods\services receivable with you which makes Asseverant liable for your claim nor does Asseverant
believe any such evidence exists, and,
8. Asseverant has not seen or been provided any evidence that Asseverant received a benefit, gain, or
advantage that made Asseverant liable for your claim nor does Asseverant believe any such evidence
exists, and,

9. Asseverant has not seen or been provided any evidence that you may lawfully interfere with private
contracts made with others, and,

10. Asseverant has not seen or been provided any evidence that you are not still bound by our original
contract to send all correspondence to my third party witness by stipulation of the parties, and,

11. Asseverant has not seen or been provided any evidence that you have a delegation of authority to
attach levies against without cause nor does Asseverant believe any such evidence exists, and,

12. Asseverant has not seen or been provided any evidence that you have a delegation of authority to
attempt to unlawfully convert Commonly Known As (Put Your Name Here)s property, and,

13. Asseverant has not seen or been provided any evidence that you did not know or cannot discover
that primary liability rests upon the maker of an instrument, unless the other party refuses to pay or
perform, and that Asseverant has “never” refused to pay or perform nor does Asseverant believe any
such evidence exists, and,

14. Asseverant has not seen or been provided any evidence that this offer is “not evidence” that
Asseverant offered to discharge liability conditioned upon proof of claim nor does Asseverant believe
any such evidence exists, and,

15. Asseverant has not seen or been provided any evidence that you are not liable for the amount you
are seeking by refusing to provide a certificate of proof of claim, and,

16. Asseverant has not seen or been provided any evidence that this matter has not been settled by
stipulation of the parties of prior agreements and that you are not in dishonour to the first conditional
acceptance leaving you with no standing to make additional offers, and,

17. Asseverant has not seen or been provided any evidence that an offer tendered in discharge of a
claim and refused, does NOT discharge any liability associated with the claim nor does Asseverant
believe any such evidence exists, and,

18. Asseverant has not seen or been provided any evidence that you did not have prior knowledge that
this matter was already settled by stipulation of the parties, and,

19. Asseverant has not seen or been provided any evidence that you have standing to make a new offer
when you have had prior knowledge that you have gone into commercial dishonour by stipulation of the
parties, and,

 20. Asseverant has not seen or been provided any evidence that if you endorse your new claim with
your signature with advance notice claims and defenses against your claim and you go into commercial
dishonour, you do not become personally liable on the instrument, and,
21. Asseverant has not seen or been provided any evidence that you or the Government of Canada, or
it's Agency is going to provide proof of claim which will keep you in dishonour, and,

22. Asseverant has not seen or been provided any evidence that since you are in dishonour and will not
provide proof of claim you are stipulating that you are responsible for any amount you allege.

23. All documents on which you base your claim that the Asseverant commonly known as (Put Your
Name Here), has any obligation to you or your Service or The Government of Canada and that
Asseverant is required to produce books and records for your examination.

24. Certified copies of all documents that identify how Asseverant came into purview of the statutes
which you claim obligate him to produce personal documents and to answer any questions for your
examination or cross examination.

25. All documents of determination that indicates Asseverant is the one who is liable or subject to any
statute that you or your Service claim to have authority to enforce.

26. Certified copies of all documents that identify the facts on which those determinations have or were
ever made.

27. Certified copies of all statutes on which those facts were applied to make any of the determinations
that Asseverant is the one who is liable or subject.

28. Certified copies of the Notices sent or served upon Asseverant prior to making those determinations

29. Certified copies of your document of appointment to the position which you now hold and copies of
the documents that identify by name title, position, G.S No. , bond number, office, and each party who
participated in any aspect of the above determinations and these are all to be “Sworn.”

30. The document that describes the procedural format for expungement of alleged determinations,
improperly or unlawfully made within your Service.

33. Everyone who is in peaceable possession of personal property under a claim of right, and every one
acting under his authority, is protected from criminal responsibility for defending that possession, even
against a person entitled by law to possession of it, if he uses no more force than is necessary.

(a) a person is deemed to be born in Canada if the person is born on a Canadian vessel as defined in
section 2 of the Canada Shipping Act, 2001, or on an aircraft registered in Canada under the Aeronautics
Act and regulations made under that Act;

1. Persons who are citizens:
2. 3. (1) Subject to this Act, a person is a citizen if
3. (a) the person was born in Canada after February 14, 1977;
4. (b) the person was born outside Canada after February 14, 1977 and at the time of his birth one of
   his parents, other than a parent who adopted him, was a citizen;
5. (8) With respect to any period before the coming into force of this subsection,
6. (a) subsection (7) does not have the effect of conferring on a person any rights, powers or privileges,
   or imposing on a person any obligations, duties or liabilities, under any Act of Parliament other than
   this Act or any other law; and
7. 62. Asseverant is not a “Canadian Citizen” as defined in the Citizenship Act C-29.

8. 70. Where a bill or note, presented for acceptance, or payable outside Canada, is protested for non-
   acceptance or non-payment, a notarial copy of the protest and of the notice of dishonour, and a
   notarial certificate of the service of the notice, shall be received in all courts as evidence of the
   protest, notice and service.
9. R.S., c. B-5, s. 12.

What they gave us is a slave’s language, full of magic words. Common words that have very different
meanings depending on the venue. Here is one of my favorites.

The “Legal” definition of Lie: TO LIE. That which is proper, is fit; as, an action on the case lies for an
injury committed without force; corporeal hereditaments lie in livery, that is, they pass by livery;
incorporeal hereditaments lie in grant, that is, pass by the force of the grant, and without any livery.
Vide Lying in grant.

Tell a prosecutor, “that’s a lie”, bingo… magic word, you just agreed that what he said was proper.
However words have many meanings, the first part is what it means in an inferior “legal” setting, and
the last part of Lie has to do with the common law definition.

And as you can all see, it is impossible to get a fair trial. They will always look for your voluntary con sent
to throw you into prison. So do not Con Sent and Never UNDERSTAND which means to STAND UNDER
their Statutes, Acts, by-laws, Rules and Regulations as this is called overhead and they will Bill you which
means to charge you/serve you a Summ Ons (summons). So never ever sign anything. Or, sign it with All
Rights and Powers Reserved Now and in the Future and put your name in brackets ( Your Name goes
Here ), which means that ur name is dead and that this is basically a refusal to con tract. But don’t put
that you are reserving all rights and powers now, and, in the future in brackets!!! Very Im Port ant!

of the marred - LICENSES) TO THE JUDGE OR THE CLERK OF THE COURT, and (Not You) the flesh,


A “law Suit”-is like a game of cards - Whoever has the Best Suit will win - and usually the one with the
Most Chips has the most Lie Ability. (hence ability to lie or bluff their way through this game of cards ;);)
So who do you think WILL (Will and Testament) lose and who do you think WILL (Will and Testament)
win? - The guys with the most chips / lie-abilty) to lie at the end of the Game Will (Will and Testament)
win of course. And this usually refers to the court as these guys will usually have the most chips ;)
corporate fiction, and not yours, which they have insidiously led you to be lie ve all of your life. So let the
Courts discharge this bologne!

And something else that I would like to di s cuss is this. People are always willing to go to court and to
try and to scrap it out with the Judges and the courts (and never do this folks as fighting or arguing will
put you into dis honour as this is very un god like, so please don’t do this to yourselves) (so just learn
how to re/present the facts), and to maybe sue the banks, doctors, lawyers, judges, etc…

And the only problem that I have with this is this. People are under the assumption that they will take
the banks to court, and that they will win.

And, it, works like this. These judges, banks, and courts are the banks and all these players work for the

In fact, the court is a bank, and they are all banks, even including the government.

So, it works like this. When you go to court, and I don’t care what the decision is, or what the charges
are, these courts and banks are all fraudulent. And, unless you can make the judge want to avoid the lie
ability of you suing or charging him, they will win.

So, unless say, you act u ally get a judge that is honest (which is very rare in a world full of corrupt
judge’s, courts and banks), you will lose.

And, then you will say, but your honour (and please, never call the judge your honour, as this guy is not
your h-on-our), where is my remedy, and the judge will usually say, well, you can make an appeal to the
next higher court for this, as this is my de cision and my decision still stands. But, these higher level
courts cost money. And, I even heard these judges say, well, whether I am right or wrong in my final
decision, this is a decision for the next court to de-ter-mine whether or not I have erred in my ways
while making my decision/judgement, so this will be up to the next court to decide.

So, see where I am going with this folks. And another fact that I would like to make is this, and it goes
like this.

Too many people are going to court, and are trying to fight with the courts, and, they are not even
following the Alberta Rules of Court (this is our federal court jurisdiction), which is just plain, sheer, and,
utter stupidity, because you must follow the rules of court. So, unless you are following the rules of
court, you will lose, and, that’s where I’ve seen most people lose, is because they are not following
these rules.

I’ve even seen lawyers lose, because they did not follow these respective rules, and the fact that they
did not submit the proper files/affidavits and motions to strike, or to dis miss, when the rules dictated
that they should do so.

So, hopefully, you guys can see where I am going with this.
And, in all honesty, would you go to the casino to play a game of cards/poker if you did not know what
these rules are. Of course you wouldn’t. So why would you want to go into court and try to fight or win
all of these cases when you don’t even know how to play the game. Just makes no sense, and, you
would lose your shirt. So, if you are going to jump into the game of life, and would like to win, I suggest
that you study and read all these rules, otherwise, you will lose!

It’s like me, when I wanted to become an electrician, I had started a job, had gotten some experience
(hands on) and then had went to school. I had bought some tools, had read the code books, had gotten
some hands on experience, then had went to school, had stu-died, and then had written some final
exams. Then I had become an electrician.

So, basically in a nut shell, how could you become a mechanic or a lawyer, if you have never bought the
tools, had never bought or read the books, and had never even bought a motor to work on, as, it is all
these cumulative actions that make for a great mechanic/lawyer/electrician.

So, unless you are willing to dedicate yourself to this kind of painstaking knowledge, you will lose. And,
remember that genius is one percent inspiration, and 99 percent perspiration. So it is by trial and error,
learning and mis-take(s) that you will learn and that you will become better people in your future act I
on s and endeavours.

So do note (money) that there is a great big difference between knowledge and wisdom. And when to
put the 2 of these together and that wisdom can come from the know ledge e (ledger) and
understanding that brings about wisdom. So learn what to do and when to do it, or just simply don’t do
it. And this is where the government has taken over, is because everybody wants something, but, are
not willing to go and to learn how to do this. So, of course, you can see why these people make the
ultimate baby sitters lol.

And something else folks, if you go to court, make sure that you know what it is that you are doing,
because courts cost money. For example, just to file a court action claim, i.e a state men t of claim, that
this could cost $ 200.00 or more, and upwards, and that just to file a certificate of readiness costs $
600.00 plus all your time and your other court filing fees and cost fees.

 And, that should you lose your case, that you could incur (in cure) the other parties damages and court
cost fees (their lawyer fees, what not and what have you) as all this stuff is time con sum(m) ing and
expensive. So, unless, these are the risks that you are will in g to take, don’t bother.

                                        THE GREATEST SCAM EVER

The greatest scam ever to hit the universe is the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the U.S
Constitution, and it goes like this. With a Democratic (to demo/demolish) GOVERNMENT, there can be
no such thing as ownership (except for their ownership to own and to con trol(l) everything).Which
basically means that you can’t own anything.
Now, you can have the Right to the Enjoyment of Pro per tie (property which is a rental agree men t),
but, you cannot own anything. So, if you can never own anything, and can only have the right to the
enjoyment of property, why buy property or anything else for that matter. Or, go to work for the rest of
your life so that you can pay your mortgage (mort-as in moratorium/death/age of death/rental agree(d)
men t). The whole thing is absurd and preposterous and makes no cents (sense) as then, only a frivolous
and fraudulent government can own all of your wealth and assets (as set) by their Constitution and
Charter. Which basically is a license to rob you.

See where I am going with this folks!

So basically, it works like this. The Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the U.S Constitution is a Contract
(Con-Tract, and a tract means a piece of land, or your physical Body, and I don’t mean a body of water
such as the ocean (even though our bodies are mainly comprised of water), so you can Sea the
correlation here lol), and, this is not your contract, it is the GOVERNMENT’s.

And for this reason, it is like this. Basically, when the Sea (see) faring people with their
administrative/Maritime/Admiralty and Military Courts have taken over our Common Law court(s)
system/Land system, they had to acknowledge in their contract that they would not violate the
Common Law Rule of the land/Magna Charta, which was to remove your rights.

So they have basically acknowledged the fact that they must respect these Common Law Rights/land
rights, as your rights can only come from you and God, and from the very land as well that gives us life.
Not the Admiralty/Maritime/Military By-Laws, which can give you no rights as you are out to sea on a
ship where you can have no rights (and, they call this democracy), and, you WILL have to do whatever it
is that the Judge/Captain/Admiral of the ship tells you to do. (Refer to up above where we talk about the
ship and where we talk about the land/sovereigncy which are your only true rights).

And it is for this reason that the Charter of Rights and Freedoms acknowledges the fact that your Rights
can only come from the Rule of God, and nobody else. So, in other words, it is up to these fraud u lent ly
(lie) admiral/maritime/military courts, that they have to acknowledge your Land Loving Rights, and, for
these reasons, they have to respect this, and to protect this, and, if they don’t, “We The People” can
remove them from office (hence, an offence).

So, basically, their Charter was to pro tect us so that they would not in vade (think of Darth Vader in Star
Wars) our land, and try to steal and to remove our Rights.

And, it is for these reasons, that the GOVERNMENT had created all these rules, by-laws, regulations/acts
and statutes which were designed to protect you (us) in case they had violated our rights. And, that,
should they have violated our rights and freedoms as land loving creatures, we could have the re course
and rights by suing and removing these fraudulent people/actors from their courts.

See, in the Magna Charta, should any of these Justices/Barons of the Admiralty Courts infringe up on our
Rights, “We The People” were en title (d) to remove them from their land and homes (offices), and to
take everything it is that these people/Barons owned should they violate our most basic common law
rights. And, this was designed to protect us, “We The People!” And this was designed by estoppel!

But, over the years, people had started to waive their rights by accepting GOVERNMENT LICENSES,
Losing their land/Common Law Rights, and had started to accept GOVERNMENT Benefits, Services (serv
us) / Priviledges (priviledge us’s), and so on and so forth.

So, basically, why would anyone in their right frame of mind, want to sign up, and waive their common
law rights to accept services, benefits and priviledges from a government that is now stating that you
are a GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEE who now works for the GOVERNMENT and must pay TAXES.

 So now, you are basically (and technically), a government employee/slave, even though you don’t
(technically) work for the GOVERNMENT. But yet, you must pay your taxes as you are now basically an
employee to this government.

Just absolutely makes no sense, and, this is where the whole scam begins.

I remember a while back, as I am a child (means that you are insane) of the eighties, once listening to
PRESIDENT RONALD REGAN, and, this woman had once asked good old Ronnie, why we paid taxes, and
his exact words were, “I am not sure why you pay taxes and sign up to pay taxes when you don’t even
work for the government or, for that matter, even have a government job.”

Even though you have signed up and had elected for a job as to state that you do work for the
GOVERNMENT (and that you are now a government employee even though you still don’t have a
GOVERNMENT JOB), and to pay taxes.”

Although, albeit, absurd as it may be.

So you guys can totally see where I am going with this.

And we all know how this scam/scheme had started.

It had started with a birth certificate (which means money and is a bonded promissory note - a promise
to pay) and an application for a social security number/SIN card.

And this where the whole scam has started, but, basically what happened was, was that, in the sea of
commerce, the government had to give you the Right to operate in this sea of commerce because they
had now claimed that the whole COUNTRY was bankrupt and the fact that they had removed our whole
system of gold and silver. And it is for these reasons, that the GOVERNMENT had created the ALL CAPS
assemblage of say, “YOUR NAME,” (Which is a CORPORATION).

And, it is for these reasons of removing our gold and silver, that the government had to create a birth
certificate/social insurance number which meant that you were already basically insured, and, it is for
these reasons that the government had created a bond for you/birth certificate.
Which basically meant that, no matter what you had did, or what the GOVERNMENT had did, that you
were basically insured/indemnified, and, works like this.

Say for i.e, that, you were driving in your car, and that you had hit somebody, well, you were
automatically covered/insured by your birth certificate/social insurance because the Government is
bankrupt/broke. And, this was to protect you, and the Person that you hit.

And, this would be known as the security of the person in their Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

And, little did the government tell you, that this Corporation/Corpsoration (a dead entity/ALL CAPS
assemblage) was designed to protect you and the government (the Queen’s subjects) in case of in-juries
(damage caused due to neglect) that you or someone else may have caused to you, or to the Queen’s

And, as well, little did the government tell you, that by the time that you had turned 18 years of age, or
21 years of age, that you could reclaim this corpsoration as being your own, or that you could cash in the
birth certificate (which means money) and reclaim your sovereigncy and be done with the
Government/Governments con-tract.

So now, back to a little bit of basic account in g principals. And, it goes like this. What did Jesus die on?
He died on a cross. And what exactly is this cross. It is a T ledger in accounting and works like this.

When you pur chase, say, I don’t know, a house, what the banks do is this. They act like they are lending
you, or / loaning you the money. But, what they are failing to tell you, is that it is illegal for the banks to
lend/loan you money because money doesn’t exist (remember that these people are bankrupt). And
what these banks are failing to tell you as well, is that, you already have a pre-paid common stock
account which is actually geared and designed to pay for this house/pro-per-tie as well (being that they
are bankrupt and don’t act u ally have anything to give you), and they fail to tell you that it is this money
that comes from your social insurance #/ birth certificate (certificate means money), and that this house
is already pre-paid for you.

Instead, what they are doing is, is making it look like they are loaning you some money, but they are not.

Technically, what they are doing is, is charging you for their services (serv us), by access in g in your birth
certificate/social insurance account number.

So, now of course, you can totally see where the total and utter complete fraud is kicking in.

And, getting back to the a(c)count (maybe the duke, count ess or count of buck in (g) ham pal ace) in g
lol, so you will clearly see that on the left side of the T ledger, is the accounts payable side (as this is your
outgoing expenses side/Public Side), and, on the right side of the T ledger, is the in come in g side lol
which is known as your Credit/creditor (private Side) accounts receivable side. And the left side of the T
ledger is the Deb(i)t side/accounts payable lol.
And it works like this. Say for i.e, a cop pulls you over for doing 60 km’s in hour in a 50 km zone.
Technically what he is doing is this.

He is charging (charge in) your corpsoration/vehicle, as he cannot charge you (the flesh) which is on the
pri v ate side as he is nothing but an agent to the government/Public Side (as this would be a con flict of
in te (to) rest/money to the Magna Charta). And being that he is an agent to the government, he will
certify (means money) that you were indeed doing 60 km’s an hour in a 50 km zone, so what he will do
is this.

He will certify this charge (as act u ally being $200.00 dollars), and because he is an agent to the
government, and cannot legally bring charges forth against you (the flesh, he can only do this to a
corpsoration), he thus has to give these charges to the prosecutor who has immunity (who works for We
The People), and only he / We The People can sue We The People which is the flesh and not a
corpsoration ;)

And, basically what this cop will do/rookie blue (always the colors of the ocean) lol, is he will gives these
certified charges to the Crown, and the crown/prosecutor (who is a trustee to the crown) will debit the
left hand side of the T ledger, and will state that you, the flesh, on the left hand side of the debtor T
ledger, will now owe - $200.00. And, then, you will now make a payment of + $200.00 to the court and
this will get applied to the right hand creditor side of the T ledger, and now, the accounts will be
complete in the cents (sense) that, the cop had stated that you had owed $200.00, and, then, you will
give the court(s) $200.00 and now in basic account in principals (means money), the account will get
Zeroed out. Hence, zeroing out the account.

So minus - 200.00 on the debit side (accounts payable) sub tract (a piece of land maybe ;);) ) plus (+)
200.00 dollars on the creditor side (accounts receiveable side) will now = zero and now the basic
principals of accounting have been simplified, and full filled, and will add up.

So the math will go like this. -$200.00 + (+$200.00) = 0.

Is just that simple and this is known as zeroing out the account.

But, what is really happening is this, and, it is this. The cop had already certified + $200.00 (on paper),
and now, you will or are going to give the court(s) + $200.00, the court has now made $400.00. And,
clearly, you can now all see where the fraud is taking place. ;)

So this, basically, in a nut shell, is the greatest scheme/scam to hit the uni verse (one verse).lol.

Now, something else that I would like to dis cuss, is this. It’s called trusts, and I am getting really sick and
tired of hearing people talk about trusts, and, how we should learn all about trusts, and who’s the
Executor, and who’s the Trustee, and who’s the beneficiary, and how the rabbit had climbed down the
rabbit hole, and how the cheesecake had something to do with it, and how the cow had jumped over
the moon.
And, it works like this. Draw a Pyramid. And, at the top of the pyramid, Put, the COURT CLERK, and, on
the bottom left hand side of the pyramid, put the PROSECUTOR/PRO-SAY, and, on the bottom right
hand side of the pyramid, put you!

Now, do you guys see a Judge in this trust? I think not. And, it is for these reasons that the Judge has
immunity, is because he is not even basically a part of this trust. He is just a 4th par tie (party) interloper
who is trying to jump in (basically, he is a home wrecker), and, make money off of you, or from “your
voluntary” con sent.

So…avoid the judge at all costs and deal with the Prosecutor/Court Clerk as the Pro say is the Trustee,
and the court clerk is the Executor as she is the holder of the deed, or/ Title. So forget the judge He is
just a smoke screen so that he can protect the court clerk/prosecutor. Remember, hasn’t the Judge has
already Pre-sided lol.

So, being that this all CAPS NAME assemblage is their responsibility to deal with, let then handle it, and,
don’t you go offer in g to become the Trustee to this account as this is the Prosecutor(s)/Court Clerk(s)

So, let them deal with the a c count in g. It is their duty (do tie) to re solve these/their issues, so you just
learn how to be the guide and instruct them on how to settle, set-off and zero out this account ( as the
Administrator/Heir/Beneficiary to the Trust and be done with it ), and, as, I have also shown you above,
now that you know how simple this really all is, and where the Fraud lies, you can now set yourself free.

And, isn’t this what the bible had told us? Is that the truth shall set you free (as is good as Gold lol).

Now, onto a little thing called immunity, and, it goes like this. Immunity comes from the fact that these
bums have insurance, and, works like this. Should you de-cide that a Court Clerk, or, a Judge for that
matter, has violated your most basic rights (and refer to up above if you are a sovereign with rights, or,
that you are on a ship, hence, the citizen ship without rights), you will have the right to lien them, or sue

And, because you cannot sue them per son ally, you will have to sue their corporation/insurance. And,
basically, because you cannot attach yourself to them per son ally, you would have to sue their
insurance, and this is basically known as their immunity. And it is this insurance that will pro tect them,
and stop them from losing their houses, cars, and whatever else it is that they may own, because if the
insurance/corporation folds, it is their insurance that will be held re sponse i(a)ble, and, “not them.”

So now, basically what I had done is this. Being that the Fraud u lent government had created a
corpsoration for me (which was to be for my pro tect I on/insurance/indemnification and benefit, should
anything happen to me (otherwise, this would be all fraud, and that’s why it’s not), or to the
government(s)/Queens Sub jects and remember, that sub means be-low, lol, or, below the Queen), I had
basically reclaimed this corpsoration for myself as originally, this had been created for my benefit.
So, I WILL (see will and testament that I am now alive) include my Exemption pro cess for all to see, as I
have now re-claimed this lost vessel/ALL CAPITAL assemblages as my own salvage, which is basically to
say that this is now my own corpsoration, and not the governments.

And, this now brings forth the fact that I am alive and well, thank you very much, and now that the court
is no longer in Charge of my dead will and testament as I am now alive and well (see live will and test a
man like Jesus).

So, basically, the ship with my ALL CAPS NAME on it, has been re-claimed as my own, and now I will tell
the court(s) what to do (on and in an International Court of Law), as, this is my own CORPORATION now
and the fact they can no longer operate in my absence as I am no longer am a dead entity/per

And, this is why I have had all my court doc-u-men-ts “certified” and “apostilled” as I have now claimed
my most basic of rights (through the Canadian Criminal Code under section 29.1), and this will become
my insurance/indemnification that should anything happen to the government/Queen’s sub-jects, that I
am now bonded, and now have the insurance money to pay for any and all damages that I may incur (in

As well, what I have done is, I have drawn up/created my own Power of Attorney over the ALL CAPS
assemblage NAME, so that now, I have the power to attorney (which means to turn over), and not them
(the courts).

From there, with some simple reading, you will soon come to under-stand what it is, that I stand under.

Now, I could go into great detail (to de tail something), but I won’t as this “WILL” just con fuse (to fuse
yourself with a con) all of you, so I don’t be lie (ve) that this is necessary as I am a firm believer that less
is more.

So unto this, may you all go in peace, and to see the Light that the uni (one) verse so boldy wants you to
see. And, remember folks, keep it simple stupid (the old KISS philosophy).

So, do note that, if I ever go miss-in-g for devulgeing the truth, as we all know that these polic(e)
enforcers are known for plant-in-g drugs on people, or charging people with false frauds and claims that
I have hurt somebody, or threatened anybody (including their government workers), or that I have hurt
somebody, do know that I come with clean hands in peace, and that will never hurt anybody, and that I
will have served my bit as Yahweh would have co man ded me to do. ;)

Now, let’s talk about banks some more, and it goes like this. People are always getting greedy (a greed ;)
trying to chase after the ever so illusive buck $), and it works like this. You will always here the banks
talk in g about smart investments, what not, and what have you.

And, it works like this. Why buy stocks, bonds and shares when you truly don’t even know what you are
buying, and, the reason why I say this, is this. Chase (are they chase ing after your money? You bet they
are.) Manhattan bank was formerly known for sell in g shares and stocks for the silver that they don’t
even have. So, basically, would this not be con side red fraud to sell you something that I state that I
have, but yet I don’t? Would this not be fraud? And, this is called a shortfall. And, a short fall is/means to
sell you something that I don’t even have enough of? So who in their right frame of minds, would want
to buy something of nothing, when there is nothing. Just makes ab solute cents.

And, these are called derivatives, which basically means that I am going to sell you more of something
which is really nothing, as I technically don’t even have anything to sell you in the first place.

Works like this. I have1 pillow for sale, but am going to state that I have a second pillow to sell you
(which is a derivative, which is derived from the first pillow, but, I only have one pillow to sell you, so
this is basically what a derivative is.

Selling something from nothing that doesn’t even exist. So who in their right frame of minds, wants to
chase (Chase Manhattan or Watchovia lol) after a fake/fiat currency that is only worth some more debt?

And, it is for these reasons that Wall Street (Law Street) is nothing but a sheer and total, and utter scam
from the beginning. Would you dare buy something in life, to never / not receive anything. Why shit,
that would be absurd, and, as u can always see, the fake bubbles from WALL STREET will always
collapse. Always!

So now, we are going to get into commodities, which is the only true thing in life worth pur chase in(g)
(refer back to Chase Man Hat tan bank lol).

And, goes it like this. I had bought some silver a while back (which is a commodity (tie) because I have
the physical silver in my hand).

And, remember folks, one bird in the hand is basically worth 2 in the bush lmao! So, because I physically
had this silver in my hands, when it came time to sell this silver, nobody could steal this from me, as now
I have this in my hand. So whether the bank markets/stock markets would collapse or not, it didn’t really
matter because I had never bought into any of these derivatives/fake shares or stocks in derivatives
(something out of nothing, or from nothing-back to bonds in a second). And, when it had finally come
time to part with this, I had sold my shares of physical stock (com mod I ties) in my hand, and had
doubled my money. And even if the silver market would have collapsed, I could still do something with
my silver, which was to make silver eating utensils, computer/electronic chip boards, heck, you name it.
The list could go on and on.

So no matter what would happen, as you could see, I was able to do something with this stuff, irre
ga(u)rd less (maybe you had put ur guard down lol). So I had come out victorious. Lol

Now, onto government certified bonds. Did you guys know that when you pur chase government
certified bonds, that the government just literally draws up these bonds with a flick of the pen, and then
they sell these bonds back to you with a rate of return ( hence a promise to pay/a promissory note).

So now, let’s put this bullshit into per spect ive (spectacles, test a cles , wallet and watch), and, it works
like this.
The government draws up these bonds/ money from the flick of a pen, so, if being that they are creating
money out of thin air, why is that you would go to work for 40 hours a week, and buy shares in these
bonds with your hard labour (hence that is why this is, or you are called human resources), when they
just simply create these with the flick of a blue pen.

They didn’t have to go to work for this. Shit, I had created some bonds with the flick of a pen, so why
would I, or you, in our right frame of mind(s), dare go to work for days and months on end to buy

Just makes no sense (cents) and doesn’t make any dollars neither lol, as this is all just a fiat/fake
currency. Sea where I am going with this people?

Is time to start waking up. And, these bonds that I have drawn up, is my assurance/insurance, that on
the road of life (in the sea of commerce) that should anything happen to me financially, or to you
(maybe we were in a car accident), that this would be known as my immunity.

So, the government and these banks may have you be lie veing that money is complex, and all that other
good GOVERNMENT bullshit, but, trust me folks, money is not complex, as it is all rather quite simple,
and it is as simple as drawing up bonds, going to your notary public using your pen(n) - think of jail -, and
having these certified which means money.

And didn’t the bible tell us not to idolize fake dogmas and currency (money - think back to the golden
calf)? I cert ain ly (lie) be lie ve so.

                                        Words and their name play.

Judgemental. Would you like to be the Judge of things? Are you mental? Judge/mental? So why would
you want to be the judge of this. See where I am going with this folks. Wouldn’t this be just sheer
stupidity? (Judge of all men t), hence/judge men t. Would this not be prejudicial? Lol

Always con cent rate ing on what is right, and what is wrong. Did the bible not tell us not to idolize
dogma (money), and not to be the judge of thy neighbour, or to covet thy neighbour? So why would we
want to be the Judge of that?

Did the bible not tell us not to be greedy? Would this not be agreed? A-greed ?

And would this maybe not be a conspiracy? Cons piracy? Maybe this would be judgemental lol. Are you
con s pirating against your neighbour? Lmao.

Con verse, con test, cons trued, census (cents us), con text, considered (con side (d) Red) - maybe, just
maybe, you ‘ll be seeing red when they are through with you, con vex, con tract (a piece of land), con (t-
o) act, con cept (to intercept), con tem plate (a tem plate for a con), cons piracy. Are these people not all
pirates, and after they have taken your land and stuff, think that you will be (p)irate?

Consume - cons u & me, con fuse (hence all the con fusion/to fuse yourself with a con or vice versa).

Think that this is a coin sidence (coincidence)? Maybe you live or re (side) on the planet (part of the net
plan) in a thing called the atmosphere. Maybe, you are part of this century. Now, would that makes
sense (cents). Century (cents u r (i) to these people maybe? Do you live in this atmosphere? At most
fear? Maybe some bad things have happened to you over the years, and you live/re side in Missouri
(misery)? Do you live on a street called Gillespie (Gille spie)? Think that maybe this guy may have been a
spie? And maybe, after spying on you, a good buddy of his had offed (murdered) you, and had started a
new street of his own called Killarney (Kill Arney) Street?

Maybe you re side in a place called Barryville Jackson. Think that they maybe a son of Jack may have
buried you there after you had died broke (maybe they had broke you in two) and penniless?

Toronto (tore on to) one did ya lol Pennsylvania (maybe you re -side in Sylvania’s penn)

Would you want to re side on WARMAN ROAD? This can’t be good residing near, or where wars are
being fought for your pro per tie(y).

Buckingham Palace (Buck in Ham one might think. Do you think that there was money to be made in
ham?) You bet your sweet ass that there was. Edmonton (Ed’s man town)

Penn West. Maybe you’ve did time here? Glen Stor Dunn Lodge (maybe glen has stored your stuff, had
charged you for storing your stuff at the lodge, and when you were dunn, he had taken your money)

Maybe you reside on Kinsella Street? - A seller of kin (children) maybe? Now talk about the slaves being
bought and sold here.

Pilsbury (Maybe you have died from ingesting too many synthetic pills - so they had to bury you

Goodyear is another sovereign name. Thing that maybe these sovereigns had a good year lmao!

Billsachs Maybe a sack of bills? Goldman Sachs, A man of gold with a sack of loot to boot.

Maybe you like advice (add vice) and would like to be advised (add vis(c) e d) by your lawyer?

Think that this is a (coincidence)? coin sidence? Now wouldn’t this just all be too sensational (cents at I
on all) at the box office (to office)?

And, maybe, you like to send your children to a public school? And maybe, the school is called Central
(cent r all) public? And why is it that you think that they take head counts at school? Is because they
make money from your children being in school. Hence, wouldn’t this be called at ten/dance?
And, isn’t a school where fish like to con gre gate. And maybe, just maybe, they have gated you all like a
school of fish? And where do fish swim in? A pool maybe?

Maybe they are pool ing (pulling) you in like a bunch of cattle/chattle? And where do these banks house
all their chattle certificates? In a secure(i)-t(y)ies pool? Still think that this is a coincidence?

Maybe your into language (land guage)?

You good people out there had better start to wake up. And maybe to, you had went to school to learn
how to spell? Are you in a spell? Spell in g maybe? Could this be?

Can’t see that happening of course.

Maybe you like to read the dictionary? Maybe Websters Dictionary? Are you entangled in a web? A web
of deceipt? Could this be?

Are you part of this plan net? So you are in the net? Part of the plan? Maybe a net of deceipt such as a
web? Could this be?

I use ally (usually) stands for intent. Or criminal. So would you have criminal intent?

Criminal. Say it backwards, you’re all in crime. And whose all in crime? We are including the Polic(y)e
enforcers. Aren’t they the ones with guns?

A stands for fact. Could this be a fact that you are a criminal? And maybe that you have criminal intent?
Could this be?

D stands for door, or debt. Are you a debtor? Are you in debt?

E stands for estate which is land. Do you go to court to manage (man-age – age of man) your land
because somebody has an issue with you? I sue (i(s)sue). Or, they’ll sue because they WILL & (test amen
t) have an issue with you? Could this be?

L stands for law. Maybe Allah. (All Law)? Could this be? Would the letter A not be a fact for all(ah)?

T stands for Title.

L stands for Letter. When you had went to school, would you write a letter? Wouldn’t it have been much
easier to just write an L?

Maybe, you deal with a business called Dundee wealth? Think that maybe after they take your money
that it might be a (done deal with your deed) ;).

Do you like to watch judge mathis? And who do you think will be doing all this math? Would you bow to
a judge named judge bowron. Maybe this judge bows to stern before he exits/ or / leaves the court.

Maybe you like to watch T.V and maybe you like to watch Piers mor(e)(g)an-d? And where would you tie
your boat up to? May be a pier?
Maybe you like to watch judge pirro (pier (o)?

Think that you might be on a ship? And maybe this ship is called the citizenship (cited as back zen as
being on a ship?

Maybe, you like to watch oprah win frey (free). Think that this woman is a sovereign? Think that this
woman is a winner (cause she is worth billions you know)? Maybe, her new net-work (a web of deceipt),
(maybe like the inter net - maybe you like to surf the web) OWN stands for new world order. Could this

Have you ever seen this woman helping anybody? Honestly? Have you? Ever see her helping starving
children in Palestine? Or women in Afghanistan?

But yet she always has time to ad(d) dress the non cents i c al(l) issues right here in the states. So why is
that people idolize this wo(h) man? Did not the bible tell us not to idolize any one? Woh, heed unto her.
And isn’t her use u ally re fer to a prostitute? Maybe she s a t.v whore? Could this be?

Party (par tie). Maybe you are a party to a court action (act I on).


Signature - say it backwards - YOUR AT SIN - the g is silent as in SIN (sign). And, what is a signature (use
u ally) signed on. Is usually signed on a horizontal line and what is a Horizontal Line? It is a Flat line. And
what does a Flat Line mean when u r in the Hospital - Means that u r Dead - Hence, a Dead Will &

Maybe you work in the military corp (se)?

Do you have an issue? I sue – i(s) sue is to sue if you have an issue.

Liability – The ability to lie.   Reliability – The ability to re lie again.

PERJURY - PER JURY or Per could mean you or them in front of a jury (hence in jury maybe?).

Could it have been possible to injure somebody when you have never been in front of a jury? Could this
be possible?

JUSTICE- JUST US (not you), or just ice. And what will you find yourself on when all these corrupt people
(officials) are done with you? Probably on a bed of ice? Isn’t that where they store dead people? In a
cooler? A corpse maybe? Could this be?

GOD - GOVERNMENT, OIL and DRUGS? And, hey, wasn’t it the C.I.A who was smuggling all that hashish
and drugs into Montreal (Man trial) back in the eighties?

Or maybe, GOVERNMENT ORDINANCE by DESIGN? IN GOD WE TRUST! Shit, is printed Right on their
Just look at the American dollar bills, hence, in “GOD WE TRUST” in ALL CAPITALS assemblages too.
Because we all know that Yahweh wouldn’t dare have his face on a thing called currency/money as he
had told us not to wor(d)ship (war ship) any false idols.

So what do we do? We all go out and whore ourselves out by applying for the jobs with the big bucks
when all in all, we should be farming and tilling the earth (Mother Earth).

Applicant (app ly can’t, app lie cant) So why do we apply? Are we liers? Or maybe, just maybe, we are
not very good liers and that’s why we have become the assurety (ass sure u tie(y) to the debt? Could this

And maybe, this is why we are enemies to the state. Read the Trading With The Enemy Act. Im not the
one making this stuff up.


ALIEN - A LIEN or that u r A LIEN ABLE (and doesn’t the letter A stand for fact) – The fact that you are
alienable? Could this be true?

HUMAN - U A MAN? Are you insane? (of course I am very sane) as opposed to unsane lmfao!            Would
you object to this? So you’re an object? Could this be true?

Individual - to be in divide - and what will they do with you when they divide your duality from THE
DEAD TO THE LIVING (live in) - They WILL throw u in Jail. That’s what. And then they’ll Bill you/ Charge
you for their Services - SERV US - Ben e Fit(s) and Priviliges (priviledge us).

So one might say that these Services, Privileges and Benefits are definitely not something that I am WILL
(in) g to Accept lol

Hence- RES I DENT - YOU have RE SIDED away from the QUEEN and our now an Enemy to the State - and
you have identified yourself as such, as, Re-Siding Away from the QUEEN ;) Think back to the QUEEN
MOM for a second - why is it that you think that she gave your mother a baby bonus cheque each
month? - is because you were her Child, and not your birthing Mothers’ lol. And where does a ship get
built? In its birth. And, when a wo (man) has a child, does it not come out from the mother’s birth canal?
And where do you see ships all the time, us(e)u(as)ally, in a canal.

And IDENT means that u have Ident-i-fied yourself as being a Dead Entity/DEAD CORPORATION ;)

You Re Side in your Body. Not at an Address (Dress has been Added - i.e such as a Skirt – and maybe you
re-side on the Out-Skirts of town lol which is a Military Command Post.

Objection. I object your honour. So you are saying that you are an object. They’ll look at you and laugh.
Maybe, you WILL demand Justice (just us).

And they’ll look at you and WILL probably say, “Well, that might hold true if we were on Land, but, we’re
not.” So, there haha, lol, and, I’ve act u ally heard a judge say that to my friend ;);)
And that is why I re side in my body as the Pri v Ate Post Master- I am the Master. I have no Add Dress. I
am a Devine Being of Light and this is my STANDING and CAPACITY – to cap a city lol

Villein in a Ville/City hence villain PERSONALLY-PER SON ALLY - per ally with a son or to yourself.

PERSON- got your purse on you lol. Cause u r going to need it when the Court(s) are done with you.

And so you think that u r not an American, because maybe you live (evil) in Can a duh? - well, think again
- Does the British North America Act ring a bell? - Is all just an Act you know ;);) can add I an(m)- amer I
can - mex-I can. Well, guess it beats a Mexi-Don’t. lol.

Planet - Do you live u on a Plan Net? Are you part (tie) of a net plan? Maybe you receive a net pay at
the end of the week (weak)? Now how weak is that?

Now, wouldn’t this all be too sensational (cents at I on all). So you do know that if it is going to be
centsational, that you are going to make lots of money.

So, on this end, must say that I love all of you, even my add verse are ies (is), and may the light from the
Heavens above shine on you. Always!

                                          Other Names and Places

WASHINGTO(W)N Maybe you were a wash(ed) - out- in a town called wash in because you were broke.
Maybe, just maybe, that is where they hang you out to dry after they steal your money and land? Could
this be?

Chancelor Maybe a Lord by chance, but, I highly doubt it.

Penmanship (man in a pen on a ship) Think that it means that you have good writing skills (maybe you
should go back to school and learn how to spell lol)? Maybe you like to write (a writ of enforce men t
maybe) in a certain capacity (cap a city). And what is it that all these sovereigns will do, they will put you
in your capacity if you don’t pay your Bills ;);)

Maybe they will penn you up in a city because you were broke (they have broken your very will to live)
and had needed a job? Or, you had moved to the city because you had needed a job and were broke
(and I don’t mean penniless). Maybe a city like Pennsylvania. Could this be?

Maybe you had went to school to learn how to SPELL. Do you think maybe, that they had put you in a
spell? Maybe you like spell-in-g? Are you in-a-spell and don’t even know it? And would you like to, or
want to go to school. Isn’t this where fish all con-gre-gate together lol. Maybe they are pool-in-g you all
in together as debt slaves, or, maybe gating you like sheep or cattle. May be (chattle)? Could this be?

WARMAN ROAD (maybe a man of war). May be this man of war had stolen (in) your pro-per-tie/land?
Palace (Your Pal with an Ace of cards in his hand). Remember folks, that life is all just a game of cards.
Wonder who has the deck stack ed in their fav(e)our lol.

Maybe you reside (re-side) at an address (add dress) and maybe you like to wear a skirt? Maybe you live
on the out-skirts. And, maybe, you like currency. And where does the current(cy)/money flow? Flows
down by the river bank. And, where do you like to do your bank(in)g? Maybe by the river bank. And,
where do you find most banks? Maybe by the river bank lol. Maybe, your name is Maurice (more rice)
and you like more rice. Thing that maybe this guy could have immunity and that maybe he is a

Because this guy is a lawyer (lieyer) you know ;);) Think that may be this is a coincidence (coin side-
ence)? I think not.

And, maybe, you like to do your banking at the bank of Watchovia? (Think that maybe, they are
watching over you (watchin ova u)? sure as hell think so ;) Hell, maybe they are Italian lol. Ehhh, why
ya always busssin ma balls loI. Maybe you like to bank with CHASE MANHATTAN? Maybe Chase had
chased a man away for his hat, or, had stolen his land because he couldn’t pay his bills?

Like the word Bill? Like the word William? Maybe Prince William (will I am, or I am a Will) & testament
maybe. And as a Will, it will be his will whether or not to Bill you. And what is Bill short for? Is short for

Maybe (Will I am) lives in a place called wind s or Wins lord) castle. Maybe the Prince lives in a place
called Buck in Ham Palace. Think that there was some money in the ham market back in the day when
the peasants were starving. You bet your sweet ass there was.

Control - Con troll (ing) for your wallet when they pull you over? I think so.

Grammarian - a gram or unit of measurement of weight such as in a gram or troy ounce of silver. And
what does Mar mean/ Means to destroy or marr. So would you like to deal with a grammarian? Do you
guys know that the bible had told us not to deal with these grammarians/liers. Oops, I mean Lawyers.

Do you think that all these guys worked for the go vern men t? And that these guys are all sovereign (so
ve (we) reign)?

And who likes to reign supreme, the GOVERNMENT does ;);)

You know, I’ll tell you guys a little story, and, it goes like this…During our mayoral (mayor of all)
candidate/elections, their names were: Mayor Mandel, A fellow by the name of Shipka, a fellow by the
name of Doorward, and a fellow by the name of Lokken, so on and so forth.

So now, let me put this into con Text (in a spell) /perspective for you lol.

Works like this. While on the ship/ka (ka or aka, also known as the ship), there was a gentleman (refers
to a pagan) known as Man-deal (kind of like a game of cards haha), and while on this ship known as the
Shipka, your deal had fell through maybe because you couldn’t afford to pay your bills, and because this
deal had fell through, they had then decided that Locking (Lokken) you up was the right thing to do
(because you were broke and couldn’t afford to pay for your bills). And, after that, maybe a warden to
the door named (Doorward) had came along and had locked (Lokken) you up. Think that these guys are
sovereigns, you bet your sweet asses that they are.

And, guys, stop writing (a writ in - a WRIT as obtained by or from a court) notices (not us) demand ing
(de man in g) shit, as you WILL always want to co man d (command) ur ship/vessel. Always!

Maybe you guys like to be the Author of your own lives, or of your own book. Maybe, when the
Authorites (author I ties) pull you over, they will con script something over your head, and they will bill
you because they have the power to Author I ties you. Lol

A lawyer by the name of hit(e)sman. Now doesn’t this sound like Adolph Hitler? Think that these people
are famous for destroying our lives and ripping us off? Maybe they are murderous with a name like hit?
Could this be?

Judge is a director/referee to a hockey game.

Slave-eval-evil maybe? Could this be?

Liberty (liber # maybe) liber tie. Could you possibly be tied to your freedom (dumb). Are you at Liber
tie(y) to do and to enjoy whatever it is that you want in life? Maybe you have a liber (tie) number to
your slavery, or to your freedom? Could this be? And you don’t even know it! ;);)

Maybe, you worked for a guy, and his last name was McPHEE (McFee). And, maybe this McFee was your
land lord lol. Hmm, Lord of the Land? Makes you think doesn’t it?

Maybe you like reading Websters dictionary. Maybe you are already in a web of deceipt haha, and, did
you guys know that Webster was a mason?

So if you guys all think that this is just a play (an act) on words, well, think again because it is not. I could
go on for days, months, and years with this shit, and it is just the way that it is.

So you guys might want to start looking at who has the money, what their positions are, and what their
NAMES are, because what we’ve got here is a quagmire of paradoxes lol.

So hey, is just like my grandmother had said the other day, which was, “you know, we didn’t all just
happen to fall off the turnip truck last night you know,” lmfao!

So all of you good people had better start to wake up. And with this, I leave you with what I had started
all this with. Which is Corinthians…

1 Corinthians 14

4. Love is patient and kind. Love is not jealous or boastful or proud or rude. Love does not de-man-d its
own way. Love is not irritable, and it keeps no record of when it has been wronged. It is never glad
about injustice (in Just us) but rejoices whenever the truth wins out. Love never gives up, never loses
faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance.

13. There are three things that “Will” endure-faith, hope, and love—and the greatest of these is love.

Anyhow guys, I think that you guys will all catch the drift by now lol.

Till then, keep your heads up and your sticks on the ice. Smiles.

Anyhow, Hollywood has left the Building haha ;);)

Much love, light, blessings, and respect out to all. Always! Cheers!

It says in CFR you can opt out of social security: Treasury Regulation 301.6109-(d) // 26 CFR 301.6109-1
(d)(I)-Identifying Numbers // 20 CFR Ch 111, Section 404.1001 (c)-Requirement of Review // 20 CFR Ch.
111, Section 404.1905-Ability to Terminate.

Can a die I an. indian In die an maybe ur an indying breed. Pre sue me, presume. Hungary / hung are we
imprint im print adhesion add he’s on or I on. Doesn’t really matter. Lie cents us/license. sentsus/cents
us. Mandel House/mayor mandel of our city. Sentence cent us. Plaintiff is always sovereign with im m
uni ty (tie). Independent, to be dependent. Un-dependent would be more like it lol. Mar I time, mar as
in to de stroy! Destroy I (my) time. Waranty war rant tie. Think that maybe you ve tied yourself to a rant
for war. It is no won der (there) that they never seem to re fund your money back. Or look at fund a
men t all just us. Now that cant be good neither.

Republic, who wants to be part tie (party) to the republic. Who wants to be re attached to the public. I
know that I sure as hell don t think so. Ta hell with that!

Important Im port an(d)t- are you an im port? Should learn how to export/ex port yourself haha
Bankrupt/banks r up. t stands for title ;)

Appreciate a price I ate. Now u know that that can t be good! Northgate. Won/der (there) if there s a
tollgate too. And maybe they charge you money at that gate, and, may be, your favourite re port er
(her) is peter mansbridge, and, maybe hes the one who charges you the toll gate on the mansbridge

Moscow mas/my cow / my cow. Duty, do tie. That can t be good neither. judge was called lord,
director, master. But, he is just but a referee un less you give him jury is diction, as in to dic tate (your

Maybe you live in a towne called morinville. Think that there is more money to be made in more in ville(
ville is French for a citi (city)/citation lmfao. Depreciate de priced I ate. No wonder so many bus I ness’s
are out of business. Confuse, to re attach your self with a con. Honour/on our ( you don’t want to be
on theirs) that can never be good! convention con vent I on. Document/doc u men (man). Think that
they have docked you and you now re side at a mil I tare ie prison/pri son. May be, they ve pried your
son away from you? Cause it just might be their plea/sure you know. Plea sure, and I am sure that they
are sure about that lol andy Warhol/war haul. Think that they are hauling for war. I think so. So you
might just want to mine(d) your own (new world order) business lol. Indian ocean in dyin ocean. Maybe
they ll pollute our oceans with oil and dead/toxic waste?! Atlantic ocean /at land I c. Thailand tie land
;) Maybe you like getting tied up there ;);). It just goes on for days and days.

And this goes out to, two of the classiest women that I had ever met in my life, which is my mom, and
my grandmother. I have learned much from them.

Love to both of them from the bottom of my heart, and love out to all. Always! Mark-Randolph: Simser

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