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					                                         Harley Owners Group
                                          HARLEY-DAVIDSON                  OF INDIANAPOLIS                     CHAPTER #1238
                                          Northside Harley News                                                        April 2009

Message from Your Director
  It seemed like spring was upon us               kicks off the activities, as it is Interna-
at last for the April chapter meeting             tional Female Riders Day. Also on
but it came grudgingly. It was well               that day, Tammy Burke is leading a
beyond brisk on the ride into the deal-           ride for women that will include a
ership for Saturday’s meeting, as the             stop for lunch. The day culminates
thermometer had slipped into near                 with the Garage Party at the dealer-
freezing. Had I bothered to take a                ship that evening. The Chapter meet-
hard look at the thermometer before               ing for May is the following day
heading out the door, I might have                (Saturday) and the Chapter Breakout
made some very different choices                  Ride is on Sunday. All this just to get
about selecting gear for the ride. In             the month of May started!
spite of the cold, the frost, and the                In addition to dealership and chap-
fog, it was still a good ride; and given          ter events every weekend in May, the          anapolis Indians. Our goal is to sell
the number of people that also rode to            chapter is also participating in Ride to      at least 100 tickets to chapter mem-
the meeting, many others attested to              The Wall with Rolling Thunder; this           bers and their guests to get the best
this as well.                                     annual event departs from the dealer-         pricing and the most H.O.G. presence
  It has been a very busy month since             ship on May 21. In addition to this           at the park. Be sure to wear your
our last chapter meeting. Multiple                event, Mike Boudreau had more to              H.O.G. Indianapolis Chapter #1
activities are picking up steam and               share regarding the Flags for Heroes          logos! An escorted ride from the
May will kick off a fun and active                Ride on May 23. This event contin-            dealership is available for those that
season for our chapter and our dealer-            ues to grow and gain in momentum;             are riding their bikes to the game and
ship. The first day of May (Friday)               Mike has confirmed that mayor Greg            to reserved parking at the Govern-
                                                  Ballard will be joining the dedication        ment Center. For those of us that are
                                                  ceremony at the Indiana War Memo-             bringing our own tribe, plenty of
        Volume 22, Issue 4                        rial. Please make plans to participate        parking is available for the family ve-
           In This Issue                          in these great rides. If you can’t            hicle and we will regroup at our seats
                                                  make the rides, bring your family and         in the park.
 ‘09 Chapter Sponsors & Officers . 4              friends to the Indiana War Memorial
 Apparel Order Form . . . . . . . . . 13                                                           As you can tell, there has been a lot
                                                  for the dedication ceremony at                going on behind the scenes with the
 Birthdays - April . . . . . . . . . . . 12       4:00PM and start a new Memorial
 Bulletin Board . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14                                                    dealership and your chapter officers
                                                  Day tradition.                                as they prepare for a full riding sea-
 Business Directory . . . . . . . 15–18              To cap off this spectacular month,
 Director’s Comments . . . . . . . . . 1                                                        son. Make your plans now to be a
                                                  Charlie has done an outstanding job           part of these activities. Sign-up
 Event Calendar . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8
                                                  in securing box seats for our chapter         sheets are available for most events.
 Flags4Heroes . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10
                                                  at Victory Field on Friday evening,           Feel free to contact the lead person
 HOG Talk . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7
                                                  May 29. This is a Chapter Family              for an event if you have a specific
 Loop for Life . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11
                                                  Event, so bring the kids, the grand-          question. As always, you can contact
 Meet Fellow Members . . . . . . . . 3
 Meeting Minutes - April . . . . . . 2-3
                                                  kids, and those special people in your        any of the chapter officers for addi-
 Miscellaneous News . . . 3, 5, 9, 11
                                                  life to have a fun evening at the ball-       tional information or direction. I look
 New Members . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12         park. Charlie has worked with the             forward to seeing everyone in the
 Primary Officer Training . . . . . . . . 6       management at Victory Field to get us         wind this coming season!
 Ride Guidelines . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4      a great price on the tickets; in addi-                  Ride far, Be Safe, and Enjoy!
 Ride Opportunities . . . . . 3, 5, 7, 9          tion, the chapter is also covering part                                           Ken
 Signs of the Day . . . . . . . . . . . . 10      of the ticket price to make this a fun
 Victory Field Outing . . . . . . . . . . . 5     and economic evening with the Indi-
                                                                                                                    VOLUME 22, ISSUE 4
Northside Harley NEWS                                                                                            APRIL 2009

Indianapolis Chapter No. 1                                       3. May 1 is also International Female Riding Day. There
                                                                    will be a ride for women to go to lunch. We will meet
Saturday, April 4, 2009                                             at the dealership @ 11:00 a.m.
Chapter Meeting Minutes
                                                                Treasurer, Carolyn James:
                               Submitted by                     We have name tags in. Please pick yours up. We have
                               Mistee Rushton                   $1600 in our charity fund & $7000 in our checking/savings
                                                                account. We donated $350 from our Mar. 50/50 back to the
                                                                Flags for Heroes ride.

                               Ken White called meeting to      Secretary, Mistee Rushton:
                               order at 9:00 a.m.               Please be sure to sign in at each meeting. This helps us to
                                                                track attendance, how many chairs are needed, & the
                               The sign in sheet indicated      amount of food for breakfast. Also thanks to all of you for
                               149 members present.             your participation in making our meetings a success!!

                                                                Activities Coordinator, Charles Burke:
Opening General Discussion:                                      1. Our ride schedule is out. YEAH!!!!
• A big “thank you” to H-D of Indianapolis for breakfast.        2. The ride to Victory Field is May 29. $5 per ticket & $5
                                                                    reserved parking. The ride will be police escorted for
Introduction/Welcome of New Members/Guests:                         the bikes. Sign up will continue thru May. Please see
• There was an introduction of new members. Welcome                 me. The last day to sign up will be the May meeting.
  back recently joined members. Welcome to all! Please           3. Break-out Ride will be on Sun. May 3. Leaving the
  participate in HOG Chapter rides and events.                      dealership @ 9:30a.m.
  Get involved! Have fun and ride!                               4. Ride Line is up & running. 815-2584. We have sign up
                                                                    sheets for specific rides & events at each meeting.
Officer’s Report:
• Director, Ken White. Chaired the meeting.                     Safety Director, Ted Rossell:
  1. What a GREAT turnout today!                                Get accustomed to using your front brake. The group riding
     Thanks for coming out today.                               orientation has been changed to April 19 @ 12:00 p.m. It
  2. Alot of events are gearing up & coming together nicely.    will be here at the dealership. It is important if you are rid-
     The riding season is almost upon us. There are are         ing with us that you attend. It is also Hot Dogs & Hot Deals
     plenty of events available that will fit everyone.         that day. ABATE course is May 10. If you are signed up,
     Please get involved. The more the merrier!!!!!!            you’ll be receiving info in the next couple of weeks.
  3. Let us recognize our friends & family in the armed
     forces. WE SHALL NEVER FORGET!!!                           Road Captain, Jim Brown:
  4. We also had some of our chapter members working on         Thanks to all for volunteering for the Road Captain slots.
     the home for the EXTREME HOME MAKEOVER
     project. We are proud & thankful for your service to       Publicity, Mark Bowman:
     our community.                                             Ads in our newsletter run $60 per year or $5 per month.
  5. Primary Officer Training was excellent this year. There    Please see me. We have 1/2 page or full page ads available.
     were 5 officers that attended in Milwaukee. They were
     Ken White, Mistee Rushton, Denise Benn, Mark Bow-          Historian, Chip Sandleben:
     man & Cyndi Bradshaw. After exchanging stories with        Not present. Bill Rushton is standing in for Chip today as
     our brothers & sisters from around the country, we real-   our photographer.
     ized how fortunate we are to have a dealership that
     wholeheartedly supports us.                                Sergeant at Arms, Ken Whisman:
                                                                Mystery Ride will be June 12-14. Destination is Metropo-
Assistant Director, Tammy Burke:                                lis, IL. Superman convention.
 1. The Indiana State H.O.G. Rally is June 26-28. It starts
    in Evansville & will end in Columbus. You must pre-         Awards Chairperson, Denise Benn:
    register for this event.                                    We have started the mileage program. It will continue thru
 2. REMINDER: Women’s garage party is May 1. It will            the riding season. Please sign in your mileage each month.
    be held here at the Dealership @ 5:30 p.m. It is for        The top prize will be a new tire for your bike. Please get
    women riders, passengers, & to those who are thinking       involved. No matter how many miles you ride per month,
    about riding.                                               we’d like you to keep track & let us know.          continued pg 3

2                                                                                                             VOLUME 22, ISSUE 4
Northside Harley NEWS                                                                                          APRIL 2009

Meeting Minutes Continued from page 2                            Getting to Know Our Members. . .
Charity Fund, Patti Boudreau:
50/50 raffle of $259 went to Mike Kennniff. The other half       My wife
of the 50/50 will go to the Flags for Heroes fund. Gift card     Chris and
were awarded to Steve Hartshorne, Bruce Hall & Cindy             I live in
Hensley. Two tickets were donated by the Indianapolis            Greenfield
Indians & the winner of that was Bernie Shaw. Denise             and we
Benn also donated $50 gift certificate for her services at her   have been
hair salon & the winner of that was LarryBowmer, Jr.             married
                                                                 since 1968.
Membership, Cyndi Bradshaw:                                      We have 3
Glad you all came out today. What a great crowd. I will be       sons and 5
teaching everyone a few basics in sign language at each          grandsons.
meeting. Be sure to renew your membership.                       Our oldest
                                                                 son was killed in an auto accident in 1993.
Newsletter Editor, Sherry Shipley:                                  In 1968 shortly before Chris and I were married, I bought
If you are a chapter member, be sure your email informa-         a 1959 XLCH Sportster from a coworker of mine. Chris al-
tion is current. Also if you have something you would like       ways rode with me until our first son was born in 1972. By
printed in the newsletter, please contact me.                    this time I had made a chopper from the Sportster and it
                                                                 wasn't a very comfortable ride anyway.
Dealership News:                                                      After our second son was born in 1973 we decided that
 1. David Dellen – May is celebrating women riders. The          it was time to sell the Sportster with the thought that we
    dealership is going to award a $100 gift card the person     would get another motorcycle after the kids were grown
    getting the most people to come to our garage party.         and on their own.
    Tentatively set for May. Get involved on our blog.                 Fast forward to 2002, when I came home unannounced
                                                                 with a 1999 Low Rider (it reminded me of the Sportster).
    2. Sherri Hammer – April is helmet month. If yours is 3-        Chris took one look at it and said you don't expect me to
       4 yrs old. It is time to replace it. Or if it has been    ride on that thing with you do you!!!!!! The next spring we
       dropped it is void & no good. Also Moto GP tickets        got a Road King Classic that we rode 28,000 miles. Next
       can be ordered. This is a Harley Davidson event, there-   was a new Ultra that we rode about 45,000 miles before we
       fore anyone can come. Also this years Loop for Life       got the 2008 Ultra that we now ride.
       Ride will be a memorial ride for Russ Dellen. I would        Our favorite ride is to be with friends on a nice smooth,
       appreciate it if the Chapter really stepped up & became   curvy road with a blue sky over head and in no rush to get
       more involved than ever before. Let’s have a huge         anywhere except to lunch.
       turnout & really represent!!!!!!                             I joined the Chapter in 2004.
                                                                    Well thats my story and I'm sticken to it!!!!!!!!!!
UPCOMING EVENTS:                                                                                                     Ted Rossell
      April 19-Group Rider Orientation
      May 1-Garage Party for WOMEN ONLY!                         HOG Chapter Parade of Flags
      May 2-H.O.G chapter meeting                                2009 National Annual HOG Rally
      May 3-Chapter Break-Out Ride                               Saturday Morning, June 27, 2009
      May 9-Chapter Ride                                         Oklahoma City
                                                                 Anyone interested in carrying the Indianapolis Chapter #1
Meeting adjourned at 10:00 a.m.                                  HOG 3 x 5 flag in this parade, please contact Ken White or
                                                                 Tammy Burke by May 2. One Harley-Davidson motor-
                                                                 cycle per HOG chapter with two current HOG members
Family Matters                                                   from our chapter(passenger will hold flagpole) are allowed
  A note from Barbara Elliott expresses her sincere grati-       to participate. Zip ties and flagpole will be provided on-site
tude to the chapter for the wonderful flowers sent upon the      at the staging area.
recent passing of her mother in March. Thanks to Carolyn
James for taking care to send the flowers.                                      Remember . . .
  Just before the newsletter was set to go to print, we            Please do NOT park in the Service Lane (against the
received news of the death of chapter member Greg Ches-             building) during the meetings, event rides, and/or
ney. Greg worked in the field of medicine and lived in             activities. This is for the Service department and the
McCordsville. Our deepest condolences go out to Greg’s               customers waiting to be served for Bike Service.
family in this time of loss.
3                                                                                                           VOLUME 22, ISSUE 4
Northside Harley NEWS                                                                                                        APRIL 2009

2009 Chapter
Sponsor and

Dealer Sponsor
Harley-Davidson of Indianapolis                                            Road Captain                Jim Brown
4146 E 96th Street • Indpls IN 46240                                       317-576-0126      
317.815.1800 • 888.743.3123                                                Historian                   Chip Sandleben
Nick Dellen (O) 317.815.7040                                               317-770-9822      
                                                                           Charity Fund Chair          Patti Boudreau
Director                       Ken White                                   317-273-8390      
317-877-2195                                       Awards Chair                Denise Benn
Assistant Director             Tammy Burke                                 317-575-0040      
317-549-3874                                     Activities                  Charlie Burke
Treasurer                      Carolyn James
317-462-9558                                   Safety Director             Ted Rossell
Secretary                      Mistee Rushton
317-898-0039                              Newsletter Editor           Sherry Shipley
Publicity Chair                Mark Bowman                                 Membership Officer            Cyndi Bradshaw
317-846-5476                                 317-846-3367        
Sergeant at Arms               Ken Whisman                                 H-D Indianapolis            Sherri Hammer
317-896-5694                                    317-815-2537      

                                    Fun-damental Ride Information
    All rides leave from the dealership unless otherwise specified.         EVENT TYPES
    The time shown is the time the ride will leave, so arrive 30            • Closed (most of our events) – closed to the public, partici-
    minutes early and attend the pre-ride safety and communication            pation is limited to chapter members and one guest each.
    briefing. All chapter events are closed; all rides end at the desti-      Guests do not outnumber members. Members with current
    nation point unless otherwise noted. Closed events are those              annual release forms on file are not required to sign release
    chapter events which are open to chapter members and one                  forms. Guests are required to sign release forms.
    guest per member only. Your help to maintain these require-
                                                                            • Open – advertised to the public or where guests outnumber
    ments is appreciated. As a sanctioned chapter under National
                                                                              members. Everyone signs release forms the day of the event.
    H.O.G. we are required to adhere to these rules (see right).
    Your guest is always welcome!                                           • Members Only – participation is limited to National HO.G.
                                                                              members only. Everyone signs day-of-event release forms.
    Chapter Alcohol Policy: the consumption of alcohol before
                                                                            • Non Chapter – open to any rider and might not be Road
    or during a ride will not be permitted. The ride ends at the
                                                                              Caption lead.
    destination or the first stop of a multiple stop ride.

4                                                                                                                        VOLUME 22, ISSUE 4
Northside Harley NEWS                                                                                               APRIL 2009

The Secret
is Out                                                                              Ride Board
   “I am flying to                                              This section is for members that are looking to link up with other
Metropolis and I hope                                           members for impromptu rides. Some are looking for like-minded
                                                                bikers to do a lunch ride or a day ride for an upcoming week-end or
you’ll join me.” Now                                            during the week. A variety of work schedules and retirement status
is the time to plan for                                         for many of our members create multiple opportunities for assem-
a fun filled weekend.                                           bling a group, large or small, for an impromptu outing. While these
June 12, 2009 we will                                           would not be considered official chapter events, we would like to
depart for Metropolis,                                          assist members in making connections with each other by posting
                                                                their requests, ideas, or availability for rides.
IL, for their annual
Superman Celebration. Celebrities’ such as        Starting Tuesday March 17 and Wednesday March 18, I
Noel Neill (the original Lois Lane), Allison Mack, & Ned        will be at Harley North around 9:30am for rides, and
Beatty regularly attend this event. Saturday June 13, will be   every Tuesday and Wednesday thereafter, weather
a free day to rub elbows with super heroes. If that’s not       allowing. Over 50º, less than 50% rain late in day. Hope
enough, you could attend the Kentucky State HOG Rally           to see some other riders and make a few new friends. We
that will be going on in Paducah, KY (right across the river)   can discuss where and how far each day when we meet.
or you can spend your time at Harrah’s where you can hone       Ride Black 09 Ultra classic. I will post Monday and
your gambling skills. We will then return to the Indy area      Wednesday evening and early morning on H.D. Blog
on June 14. Please let me know if you’re interested so I can    site in future, any days I cannot make it, but if we get a
try to block some rooms. This is an open event and I hope       good group together, then we can all miss a few but still
to have a nice sized group… capes optional. Ken Whisman         have enough to make it worth the effort. Here is the                                              blog website address. See weekday rides.
                                                       Thanks Bill
HOGs Brave
Cold Weather
for Ride to                                                     HOGS’ Family
Berne, Indiana                                                  Night at
  Fifteen brave souls
mounted up following                                            Victory
the HOG Chapter meet-                                           Field
ing, and rode to Berne,                                            Come watch your
Indiana for lunch on Saturday, April 4th. The temperature       Indianapolis Indians
was chilly, but the sun was bright, and any day on your         play the Pawtucket
Harley is a good day. Charlie Burke, our Activities Chair,      Red Sox, and join
lead the group north, and some said he should have gone         your fellow HOG
south! Jim Brown, our Road Captain, rode sweep, and en-         members, and their
sured no one got lost along the way.                            families at Victory
                                                                Field Friday, May
  The group traveled up I-69. At the intersection of IN-28
                                                                29th. Game time is 7:15 p.m.
& IN-67, the group took a break to thaw out. On the road           Tickets are $5.00 each and you can sign-up/purchase tickets at
again, the group of twelve Harleys traveled IN-67 to IN-27      the Indianapolis HOG Chapter meeting Saturday, May 2nd. All
to Berne. Several horse drawn carriages were spotted along      seats are reserved box seats behind 3rd base. Tickets will be dis-
IN-27 as the group neared Berne. It is always nice to see,      tributed at the dealership on Saturday, May 9th and Saturday,
and hear the clip, clop, clip, clop of, a one horse powered     May 16th from 10:00 to 12:00 each of those days.
vehicle sharing the roadways. Travel time to Berne was             Those members choosing to ride their bikes to Victory Field
two hours, 15 minutes, and the group arrived early for a        can meet at the dealership on Friday, May 29th at 5:30 p.m. with
1:00 p.m. lunch reservation at the Palmer House. The            kickstands up at 6:00 p.m. Those riding from the dealership will
Palmer House is a small “Mom & Pop” restaurant serving          be escorted by the Indianapolis Police Department to reserved
home cooked meals in a friendly atmosphere. All the meals       motorcycle parking across the street from Victory Field in the
                                                                State Government Parking Garage. Parking for motorcycles
were served quickly and the wait staff treated everyone like
                                                                will be an additional $5.00 for each bike and payable the
part of the family.                                             day of the game.
  Join the group for the next Chapter ride scheduled Sun-          If you have any questions, please contact Charlie Burke at
day, April 19th at noon. Meet at the dealership with a full or 317-549-3874.
tank of gas and an empty bladder. Hope to see everyone.
5                                                                                                               VOLUME 22, ISSUE 4
Northside Harley NEWS                                                                                                APRIL 2009

Primary Officer Training                      It seemed to me the two most preva-        doors to their chapter for all that want
                                           lent themes were Mentoring and Di-            to be a part.
(P.O.T.):                                  versity. H.O.G. places much effort               Lastly, and very prominently, the
   Each year, National H.O.G. con-         and emphasis on informal and formal           Diversity topic of age was also dis-
ducts Primary Officer Training             mentoring programs in chapters. Sev-          cussed repeatedly of youth and how
(P.O.T.), inviting H.O.G. chapters and     eral chapters spoke of their own suc-         they are brought into the H-D fold
dealerships from across the nation         cessful mentor programs already in            and the H.O.G. family. This has been
and around the world. Four training        place around the country. The goal of         a topic of growing interest is being
events are offered at the start of the     mentor programs is to provide new             addressed head-on. A few chapters
new riding season, spread across the       riders with an opportunity to learn the       spoke of efforts to include younger
four corners of the country: Milwau-       ropes from a seasoned chapter mem-            riders in the chapter even if it meant
kee, Atlantic City, Orlando, and Las       ber. Programs vary from chapter to            having separate rides and activities to
Vegas. These sessions are top-notch        chapter and from the unique needs of          support a younger group. In many
professional events done with the          the individual rider. Some programs           cases the younger groups are looking
same flash and attention to detail that    are much like our Group Orientation           for events that ride harder and faster
is seen at all H.O.G. and Harley-          ride that provide new riders (and rid-        and offer different venues such as
Davidson events. And if the economy        ers new to group riding) opportunities        Ultimate Wrestling and rock bands.
is on the skids, it wasn’t to be seen at   to learn tips and tricks to riding with a        As you can tell, P.O.T. offered a lot
the kick-off event, as the Milwaukee       large group and then an opportunity to        to think about and was an excellent
P.O.T. was a sold-out crowd with over      go on an actual ride in a learning en-        opportunity to participate in interac-
800 in attendance from around the          vironment. Other programs pair vol-           tive discussion groups to share what
country, Canada, Latin America, and        unteer mentors from the chapter with          worked and what didn’t. In compar-
several European nations.                  new riders that are looking to improve        ing our chapter to others, I will say
   I was joined by Mistee Ruston,          his or her riding ability, safety, or         for the record that I am very im-
Denise Benn, Mark Bowman, and              specific riding skills (i.e.; city traffic,   pressed with what Indianapolis Chap-
Cyndi Bradshaw as we represented           interstate travel, group riding, etc.)        ter #1 has accomplished. And I am
Indianapolis Chapter #1 at the Mil-           The topic of Diversity covered a           very thankful for the blessings that
waukee P.O.T. Bill Rushton drove a         wide variety of sub-topics with an            this chapter has received as well.
second vehicle and later took in the       emphasis on gender, race, and age.            After hearing many of the aches and
sights of Milwaukee and surrounding        The issue of gender is being met              pains of other chapters, I realize that
area while the rest of us were in class.   head-on with the drive to engage              we are very lucky to have a large and
Everyone had a good time. The event        more women riders looking to ride             strong membership supported by
began Friday morning as lights             their own H-D motorcycles. This is a          many that participate in our chapter
dimmed in the main hall, the rumble        successful program and continues to           events. I realize how lucky we are to
of a large V-twin rumbled through the      grow as more women choose to ride             have willing officers and to have our
speakers, and then rock music belted       their own bikes. The Garage Party at          financials in such good hands as
out a classic road song while excel-       the dealership is an excellent example        Carolyn James has done with our
lent video played highlights of the        of the support that the H-D dealership        treasury. Above all, we are most for-
2008-riding season and gave glimpses       and H.O.G. community are leading to           tunate to have a dealership that sup-
into the new 2009 bikes.                   involve more women in biking.                 ports and partners with our chapter! I
   Highlights of two full days of train-      One might think that the topic of          was proud to go to P.O.T. to represent
ing and H.O.G. camaraderie included        Diversity and race would be a sensi-          our chapter; and I am even more
hearing Benny Suggs speak at his first     tive subject; the truth is actually the       proud of what we have accomplished,
H.O.G. P.O.T. A 30-year Navy vet,          opposite. Harley-Davidson and                 what we will accomplish in this new
our new Gen’l Mgr of H.O.G. is a           H.O.G. recognize a growing audience           season, and the potential that we have
former Rear Admiral with the stories       and market in minority consumer               to accomplish in our future.
to back it up. Jim Ziemer, the Presi-      groups and meet them with open                          Ride Far, Be Safe, and Enjoy!
dent and CEO of H-D, followed              arms. I spoke with chapter directors                                               Ken
Benny on the speaker’s dais. The           and members from across the nation
training was top-notch as well; it was     who are building bridges and finding
professionally presented and skillfully    new members to welcome into the               P.S. Thanks to all of the officers that attended
taught by selected H.O.G. personnel        chapter from a variety of ethnic              P.O.T. and to Bill for going along for the
and Regional Managers. Each chapter        groups riding H-D bikes. I was                drive. I appreciate all of you taking the time
met as a team at the first and last ses-   encouraged and inspired by the                out of your busy lives to make the most of this
sion to plan and then act upon an                                                        event and for shouldering the expenses to
                                           concerted efforts of individuals who          make this happen.
action plan for the training courses.      broke down barriers and opened
6                                                                                                                VOLUME 22, ISSUE 4
Northside Harley NEWS                                                                                            APRIL 2009

                                     H-D of Indy HOG Talk
    Harley-Davidson and Honda of Indianapolis Family,            If you have any questions, please come by and see me
      I'm sure you have heard about the newly created blog/ or shoot me an email.
    discussion forum for our HOG Chapter. If not, get out                                    Thanks, David, Internet Sales
    from under the rock you live under; just kidding. Hehe.                                            Store 317-815-1800
      There has been great interest in the past month or two                                            Cell 317-340-1109
    and doing well. But I don't want you all to
    think you aren't invited to the party. That
    would be just mean.
                                                    Join me on H-D of Indy Hog Talk
      This forum is intended not just for chap-     Ride with your friends 24/7 on Hog Talk!
    ter members but for whomever wants to
    join. The forum is a place to share ideas,      David        Hello gents - please check this out and let me know
    stories, events, upcoming rides, pictures,      Kain         your thoughts.
    videos, etc. For the most part, they relate
    to Harley and riding motorcycles.                            Best, David
      I encourage you all to get involved. To
    be honest, it's kind of a mini-version of
      It's really easy to use and a lot of fun.                  About H-D of Indy Hog Talk
      If you would like to join, paste this URL                  H-D of Indy Hog Talk is a community of Harley riders and
    and click the link "Click to Join" to join                   fans where you can share stories, videos, photos when
    our discussion forum "H-D of Indy Hog                        you are not riding. Enjoy!
    Talk" at it's new location. Please feel free                      Blogs               Groups          Discussions
    to participate as much as you would like,                         Events              Photos          Videos
    the more the merrier.

Rumble Through the Plain’s                                         Rolling Thunder
WHEN: 8/1 THRU 8/15-16                                             WHAT:    Ride to the Wall
                                                                                                                   RIDE LINE
FROM: H.D. INDY                                                    WHERE:   H-D of Indy                  815-2548
TO: #1 YELLOWSTONE AND BEYOND                                               Leave time 10 a.m.
Two weeks of pure joy on wheels. We’re off to Yellowstone!         WHEN:    May 21-May 26 (Thurs.- Tue)
Then to Wyoming, Utah or Colorado (all open for discus-                     Memorial Day Weekend
sion) through the Rockies, out through Colorado Springs,           WHY:     Because it's FUN!!!!!
Kansas, Mo, Kentucky and Back Home in Indiana. Plan to             CONTACT: Steve Kaler @ 897.5902
ride 300-500 miles a day, with many side trips, and stay each      REGISTRATION: Mar, Apr, May Chapter meetings
night where we can (no camping). No precise destinations.          ORIENTATION: Mar, Apr, May Chapter meetings

H.O.G. Pony Express Ride                                           Smokey Mountains
WHEN: 9/12-9/25??
                                                                   WHEN: June 20 – June 27
                                                                   FROM: H.D. INDY
National HOG Pony Express run from St. Joseph, MO to
                                                                   Join us for a ride to the beautiful Smokey Mtns!
Sacramento, CA, with something special on the way home.
                                                                   We have a special rate of $40 per night at Lazy Bear Inn at
Registration open until 5/20, limited to 750 bikes. It’s not too
                                                                   Pigeon Forge (recently re-modeled). Different planned daily
early to plan as rooms usually books full in just a few days,
                                                                   excursions, along with “free” time.
please contact me, info is listed above. Or I will gladly join
                                                                     We will leave approx. 9am on Saturday. The trip there is
any other group planning a similar ride. Planning meetings
                                                                   scenic highway with rest stops along the way, arriving at
will be scheduled as when I have number of interested.
                                                                   Lazy Bear Inn around 3pm. Trolleys run daily in the area for
    Appreciate contact soon by anyone seriously interested.        evening activities.
CONTACT: BILL KEESLING                                               Stay for the week, for even just a few days. Design the trip                                to fit your needs. Contact Jack Sch Schoettle at
         317-388-9239 -OR- 317-919-9236                            765.676.5242 for more information.
7                                                                                                            VOLUME 22, ISSUE 4
Northside Harley NEWS                                                                                                      APRIL 2009

                                                          EVENT CALENDAR
Categories: Gen’l Events; H.O.G. Indianapolis Chapter No. 1 Member Events; H-D of Indpls Events

 APRIL       Description                                       Location                    LV Time   Contact Person         Contact #’s
15 Wed       Income Taxes Due
19 Sat       Hot Deals and Hot Dogs                            HD of Indpls                11:00 AM                         815-1800
             H.O.G. Indianapolis Chapter No. 1 Group Rider Orientation                     Noon     Ted Rossell             326-4133
22 Wed       Earth Day
24 Fri       Arbor Day
25 Sat       Rolling Thunder Poker Run to “Support Our         HD of Indpls                10:00 AM Steve Kaler             897-5902
               Troops” Breakfast at 8:30 am; Registration 9-9:45 am
             H.O.G. Indianapolis Chapter No. 1 officer’s meeting                           8:00 AM   Ken White              877-2195
 MAY         Description                                         Location             LV Time        Contact Person         Contact #’s
1 Fri        Garage Party – Women ONLY                           HD of Indpls         5:30 PM        David Dellen           815-1800
             International Female Ride Day
             Women’s Only Ride                                   HD of Indpls         11:00 AM       Tammy Burke            440-5480
2 Sat        H.O.G. Indianapolis Chapter No. 1
             Monthly Meeting (Breakfast @ 8:30 am)               HD of Indpls         9:00 AM        Ken White              877-2195
             “Ride for the Son” – Christian Motorcycle           HD of Indpls         10:00 AM       Mark Loveless          698-7549
               Breakfast & Registration 8:30-9:30am
3 Sun        H.O.G. Chapter Break-Out Ride to                    HD of Indpls         9:30 AM        Charlie Burke          549-3874
               Belterra, Vevay, IN
5 Tues       Cinco de Mayo
9 Sat        Demo Rides – Test Ride your new motorcycle          HD of Indpls         11:00 AM       Jeff Heck              815-1800
             Mother’s Day Sale                                                        All Day
             Hot Deals and Hot Dogs                              HD of Indpls         11:00 AM                              815-1800
             H.O.G. Chapter Ride - Grays Bros. Mooresville IN HD of Indpls            1:30 PM        Charlie Burke          549-3874
             Semper Fi Ride – Marine Corps. ride to benefit Toys for Tots
                Registration & Breakfast 8:30-10:30 am           HD of Indpls         11:00 AM       Shawn Haiship          341-5902
10 Sun       Mother’s Day
             H.O.G. Indianapolis Chapter No 1 Experienced Riders Course               TBD            Ted Rossell            326-4133
16 Sat       Armed Forces Day - come in uniform or show your Military, Police or Firefighter ID
               and receive a special discount!                   HD of Indpls         All Day                               815-1800
17 Sun       H.O.G. Chapter Ride to Hagerstown IN                HD of Indpls         9:30 AM        Charlie Burke          549-3874
20 Wed       H.O.G. Chapter Dinner Ride Thorntown IN             HD of Indpls         6:30 PM        Steve Cross            997-0940
21 Sun       Rolling Thunder POW/MIA Ride to Washington DC HD of Indpls               10:00 AM       Steve Kaler            897-5902
23 Sat       Pre-Memorial Day Sale                               HD of Indpls         All Day                               815-1800
             Flags for Heroes Ride to Louisville KY              HD of Indpls         7:00 AM        Michael Boudreau       727-6714
               (Ride arrives back in Indianapolis for formal ceremony to place flags at 4pm)
             Indianapolis 500 Parade                             Downtown Indy
24 Sun       91st Running of Indianapolis 500                    Motor Speedway
25 Mon       Memorial Day                                        HD of Indpls         CLOSED
27 Wed       Hoosier Burn Camp Ride, Carmel Firefighters
                Carmel Fire HQ, 2 Civic Center                 9:30 AM                               571-2600
29 Fri       HOG Chapter Escorted Ride to Indians Game HD of Indpls                   6:00 PM        Charlie Burke          549-3874
30 Sat       Miracle Ride for Riley Hospital Poker Run
31 Sun       Miracle Ride Riley Hospital Parade & Ride Around Indpls Motor Speedway        
8                                                                                                                       VOLUME 22, ISSUE 4
Northside Harley NEWS                                                                                            APRIL 2009

Women’s Motorcycle Safety
Memorial Dedication
Sunday, June 7, 1p.m.
Lawrence County Park, Lawrency County, IN.
The memorial is a symbol of dedication to the
safety of all lady riders and will be the first of its
kind in the United States. This is sponsored by
the Muncie LOH Chapter 1277. The Lawrence
County Park is located at 99 Moore Lane,
Springville, IN. This is 12 miles south of Bloom-
ington, west of State Road 37 at the CITGO
Station (follow the signs). Take the first left
behind the station. POC is Jennifer at
765-288-1817. Rain date is June 14.

International Female Ride Day
Friday, May 1
The day celebrates women of all ages who take
life by the handlebars by encouraging them to
ride. In honor of this day, a ride is being planned
for women who ride their own to meet at H-D of
Indianapolis at 11:00 a.m. and ride to lunch.
If interested, email Tammy Burke at

              NEXT MEETING
              Saturday, May 2, 2009
    Breakfast @ 8:30 am • Meeting @ 9:00am
        Harley-Davidson of Indianapolis

H-D Share Your Spark
Mentoring Program for Women
   This program is for current experienced women         Indiana State HOG Rally
riders (mentors) and aspiring or new women               June 26–28, 2009
riders (mentees). It is an informal program where           This will be Indiana's first ever touring rally! The rally will start
mentors are available to answer mentees ques-            in Evansville and end in Columbus, with an over-night stay at each
tions, and encourage and guide them in aspects of        location. Pre-registration is a must as there will be no on-site reg-
riding and owning a motorcycle. If you would             istration. Information on the rally can be found at www.instate-
like to be a mentor or mentee, email Tammy      or call the rally hotline at 317-242-9990.
Burke at Make sure to indicate
whether you want to be a mentor or mentee and
include your telephone number.
      Now is the time to share your spark with others

                                                         Indpls H.O.G. Chapter 1 Breakout Ride
Race for the Cure!                                       WHEN: Sunday, May 3
  Date: April 18                                         FROM: H.D. INDY, kickstands up at 9:30 a.m.
  Contact: Veva Shugert, 317-902-8275                    CONTACT: Charlie Burke 549-3874
  Cost: $23                                    
  Join Veva's Harley's Angels and walk that day to
                                                         Ride to Belterra – Velvay, IN. See website for details.
raise money for Susan G. Komen for the Cure
Visit for more information.
9                                                                                                            VOLUME 22, ISSUE 4
Northside Harley NEWS                                                                                        APRIL 2009

Flags4Heroes Ride                                                 Signs of the Day
May 23rd, 2009                                                      Hello! I'm am so excited
                                                                  and appreciative for the
   This event is to honor all our fallen Veterans, Law En-
                                                                  many of you who have
forcement, Firefighters and EMS during Memorial Day
                                                                  have shared with me what
weekend. This will be our second annual ride. This year’s
                                                                  fun you are having learning
event will also honor the heroes from flight 93 that gave
                                                                  basic signs. If you haven't
their lives to ensure that terrorist would not be successful in
                                                                  attended our Chapter meet-
crashing their airplane in a heavy populated area causing
                                                                  ings for the last couple of
massive damage. We again have partnered with the
                                                                  months, you can check out
Advanced K9 Search & Rescue group. See below for the
                                                                  last month's newsletter for
days events:
                                                                  the signs we have learned
• We will leave Indianapolis Harley-Davidson at 7:00 am           so far.
  and proceed to Southside Harley to pick up riders from            April's new signs were
  that chapter. At approx. 7:30 we will proceed to Louisville     How are you? and I'm fine,
  picking up an escort at the last southbound rest stop on I-     which in ASL (American Sign Language) is signed HOW-
  65. At approx. 9:45 we will arrive in Louisville and pro-       YOU? and FINE. Because ASL is a visual language, the
  ceed to take part in their ceremonies.                          “state of being verbs” also known as “to-be verbs” (am,
• At 12:30 we will start our ride back to Indianapolis for a      are, is, was, were ...) are not necessary for conceptual
  4:00 ceremony and flag placing event at the War Memo-           meaning. ASL signs are formed with various hand shapes;
  rial on Meridian and Michigan. Everyone is welcomed             the CURVED and ONE handshapes are used for HOW
  and encouraged to attend. The ceremony will last about 25       and YOU the FIVE handshape for FINE.
  minutes. Currently we have IMPD Chief Spears and IFD            HOW: Hold the right and left CURVED hands together
  Chief Sanford as our guest speakers. Each will talk for         with the knuckles touching and fingertips pointing down;
  about 3-5 minutes. We also have a color guard to present        then turn the hands upward so the palms are facing up.
  and retire the colors at the beginning and the end of the
  ceremony. IMPD Officer Christopher Wilburn will sing            YOU: Is the ONE handshape; point it at the person you
  our national anthem. We are hoping to get a bugler to play      are signing to with a questioning look on your face.
  Taps at the end of the ceremony. We have some Boy and
  Girl scouts that will assist with the placement of 500          FINE: Is the FIVE handshape; tap the thumb of an open
  flags. We would also like to get someone to conduct an          hand on your chest a few times palm facing chest, with an
  opening and closing prayer.                                     affirmative head nod.
   We are looking for a couple of volunteers that will
assist the K9 group in setting up some chairs, the audio sys-        Many signs with identical handshapes for both left and
tem and an overhead covering. These individuals would             right hands, can be done with just one hand if the meaning
need to be at the War Memorial at 2:30.                           is clear. So HOW-YOU can be one smooth movement
   Sherri Hammer is looking into getting us a police escort       with just your dominate hand executing the HOW sign and
into Indianapolis and also confirming if the drill team is in-    then immediately changed to a ONE handshape pointed at
terested.                                                         the person you are signing to.
   We have sent several emails to the Mayor and the Gover-
nor to see if they are interested in being present and speak-       I look forward to seeing you in May where we will be
ing. I have also extended an invitation to Governor Daniels       learning how to introduce yourselves. You will need to
to see if he would like to ride into Indianapolis with us.        know the Manual Alphabet which are handshapes that
   As I continue to get more details I ensure the word will       represent each of the 26 letters of the English alphabet.
                            get out. I will also have the sign                                              There are many
                            up sheet at the next meeting. If                                                good resources
                            you have any questions you can                                                  available;
                            contact me at 727-6714 or send                                                  I personally like
                            me an email at                                                        
                                                                         which is a great
                                                                                                            free website for
                                                 Thank you,                                                 beginner signers.
                                           Michael Boudreau
                                                                                                            Cyndi Bradshaw

10                                                                                                        VOLUME 22, ISSUE 4
Northside Harley NEWS                                                                    APRIL 2009

                                              Susan Brutus spoke at the March H.O.G. chapter meeting
                                              regarding the Wauseon National Antique Motorcycle Swap
                                              Meet this coming July. It is a very large annual event that
                                              draws antique motorcycle lovers from around the nation.
                                              For more information, visit the website at:


                                              Susan also included an address for the website for the An-
                                              tique Automobile Club of America (AACA). This mu-
                                              seum, based in Hershey, PA has partnered with the Antique
                                              Motorcycle Club of America to create an exhibition of rare
                                              antique motorcycles ranging from 1884 through 1973. The
              NEXT MEETING                    exhibit opens on Sunday, June 8, 2009. You can find more
                                              information at:
               Saturday, May 2, 2009
     Breakfast @ 8:30 am • Meeting @ 9:00am
         Harley-Davidson of Indianapolis
11                                                                                    VOLUME 22, ISSUE 4
Northside Harley NEWS                                                                APRIL 2009

Kip D. Anderson          Tim Harrison              LaVergue B. Rensing
Kerry Arthur             Hank Helms                Tyler Shears
Michael Bene             Bob Hines                 Ron Shelley
Larry R. Bennett         John Janes                Tina Shelley
Brad Blaylock            Mark Kaufman              Bob Strasen
Mark Bousman             Deta Lasley               William Tomlinson
Christopher Burton       Ken Maddix                Justin Treadway
Jeryl M. Cross           Tracy R. Martin           Rick Walker
Michael B. Evernham      Patricia Moran            Mark E. Walsh
Ray A. Fanger            Mark Nelson               Randy C. Winters
Rick Ford                David W. Pagel
Scott Green              Richard Pennington
John Guajardo            Ron Pleiss

             Celebrating April Birthdays . . .
                      Jerry W. Baker          Phillip E. Frazier         Richard Pennington
                      Lorna Berry             Alan Garrett               Joseph F. "Pesek, II"
                      Jesse W. Biddle         Brent T. Gresh             John K. Peters
                      David C. Bridges        Richard Hack               Steven L. Ray
                      Levy L. Burrough        Frederick N. Hadley        Brad Rossell
                      Stephen Carder          Mark Hancock               Andrew Ruddy
                      Marietta L. Carlton     Victor Hancock             Gary Rundle
                      Randall J. Childers     Timothy A. Hare            John Siblisk
                      Robert L. Christensen   Mickey R. Holt             David A. Smith
                      Dennis L. Crabtree      Bruce Jones                Barry Stacy
                      Paul "Craft, Jr."       David Kincaid              Dave Tester
                      Stephen Creech          J. Denise Kinney           Jason T. Thomas
                      Nora Day                Jon Klassen                Vicky Thompson
                      Justin C. Demaree       Steven Knickerbocker       Kevin Via
                      Brian Denney            Michael C. Mascari         Larry Whitehead
                      Diana Eaton             Patricia McGee             Randy C. Winters
                      Mark Eckstein           Timohty J. Meyerrose       Steve Wurster
                      David J. Emerick        Keith Millier              Bernardo Zavalza
                      Celeste C. English      Butch Orr
                      David M. Ford           Kevin Paul
12                                                                                VOLUME 22, ISSUE 4
Northside Harley NEWS                                                                           APRIL 2009

        FOR SALE
       ORDER BY
       APRIL 15
     MARCH 19TH

     Phone:______________________________                    E-Mail:_____________________________________

     Item Description:___________________________________Item #:________________________Color:_____________

     Size: S_____M_____L_____XL_____2XL_____(add $2) 3 XL_____(add $3)Quantity:________Cost:$_____________

     Item Description:___________________________________Item #:________________________Color:_____________

     Size: S_____M_____L_____XL_____2XL_____(add $2) 3 XL_____(add $3)Quantity:________Cost:$_____________

     Contact Sherri via e-mail @ or 317.815.2537 to order
13                                                                                           VOLUME 22, ISSUE 4
Northside Harley NEWS                                                                              APRIL 2009

                    Bulletin Board – Place your for sale items here for free.
 Contact: Sherry • 317.769.4106 • Attn: If Your Item Sells, please contact Sherry ASAP!
For Sale:                                              For Sale:
Harley-Davidson “Rallyrunner” Leather Motorcycle       2007 FLSTF Fatboy – 96 CI, 6-
seat model #54030-04 w/Scorpion Style Stitching.       speed, shotgun pipes, sissybar and
This seat fits 2000 & later Softail Models except:     pad, Stage 1 kit, detachable wind-
FXSTD, FLSTSI & FLSTN. This seat is like brand         shield, custom grips and floor-
new, still wrapped in original plastic and box. New    boards, 800 miles, may part trade??? $23,000
price = $400. Current price = $290. Contact Hog        invested, asking $18,200. Contact Marco 710.9998
Chapter #1 member, Kent Garceau @ 317.679.4626.
Please feel free to leave a message.                   For Sale:
                                                       2003 Softail Deuce Anniversary, original complete
For Sale:                                              exhaust, original seat, original handlebars with risers
Boss Bags Saddlebag Set, model                         and grips, foot pegs. Will sell as a set or separately.
36D, detachable bags for H-D Soft-                     Call Dennis 317.972.7042
ail Deluxe (recommended lower
pipes on cycle), all hardware, pins,                   For Sale:
locks, straps, etc. Very good shape,                   2001 Dodge Dakota SLT,
used 2-months, 8-oz leather. Asking $850.              71,000 miles. V8, 4WD, Velcro
Call Tim 317.379.1483                                  roll back bed cover, bed liner,
                                                       running boards. Extremely clean, not a scratch.
For Sale:                                              $8600. Call Jason at 317.292.8156
2004 Ultra Classic EG, Teal/Silver. Low miles, one
owner. V & H Ovals. Rivco Cooler Carrier. Easy         For Sale: (2) 2007 SeeDoo GTX
clutch, Stage 1, Security Pager, Fairing Bra and       Limited 3-seat watercraft; super-
Mirrors. TC fuel-pack. $15,200.                        charged 215 hp w/onboard Garmin
Contact Ian at 373.2183                                GPS. Less than 300 total hours, stored
                                                       indoors. Incl. 2007 Triton 2-place PWC trailer w/chrome
For Sale:                                              wheels, (2) 5-gal fuel tanks and covers. $17,000. Charlie
2003 Karavan Ultra 8 x 10 aluminum ATV trailer.        Burke, 317-549-3874 or
Asking $850 OBO. Call Steve 317.250.8385
                                                       For Sale:
For Sale:                                              2003 Anniversary CVO Screamin’
Screamin Eagle Slip-On Mufflers Baloney Cut off        Eagle Deuce, 7,000 miles. Stage I.
‘03 Fat Boy $100; Swing Arm off ‘04 Fat Boy $50;       Screamin’ Eagle II mufflers. All
Inner Fairing off ‘06 Ultra Classic $125.              original parts and cover. $16,999 Call 450-3787
Call 902.2323
                                                       For Sale:
For Sale:                                              Mustang tour seat for Heritage Softail, used only on
2008 Harley 1200 black Sportster, only 3000 miles.     trips. In orig. box & plastic. $50 OBO. Küryakyn
$11,600. Jim Snider:              adjustable floorborads for Heritage Softail. $20
                                                       OBO. 6” tinted winshield used once. ‘08 FLHTC.
For Sale:                                              $30 OBO. H-D foot pegs for Engine guard. $20
Two sets (4 total) mufflers. $100 for both sets,       OBO. Call Steve Smith, 317.297.5950
call 765.482.0349
                                                       For Sale:
For Sale:                                              Softtail Deluxe FLSTN with
Set of loud mufflers and stock seat off a 2003 Road    Deluxe windshield, saddlebags,
King; brand new H-D battery still in box with war-     removable back rest and foot
ranty; Set of early leather saddlebags. Make offer.    plates. Deluxe floor jack. Always garaged, 800
Contact Marco 710.9998                                 miles. $15,980. Call 317.507.0773
14                                                                                             VOLUME 22, ISSUE 4
Northside Harley NEWS                                                   APRIL 2009

 Please Support Our Advertisers and
  Remember to Use Their Services
     Advertise here for 12 months for only
             $5.00/month ($60/yr)
      Call Mark Bowman, Publicity Chair
                          JULIE LUCAS
                             Sales Consultant
                           4146 East 96th Street
                        Indianapolis IN 46240-3738
                     317.815.1800 • Fax 317.815.7049

                                       Commercial / Residential

                                     Sales, Installation & Service
                                         Signs, Lot Lighting,
                                           Interior, Exterior
                                        Automation & Energy
                                         Fixtures & Controls
                                         Neon, Incandescent,
                                           HID, Fluorescent

                                             24-Hour Service
                                            Maintenance Plans


15                                                                   VOLUME 22, ISSUE 4
Northside Harley NEWS                                                                                                    APRIL 2009

     As HOG Chapter #1 Members and National HOG Lifetime members, we are more than happy to answer any questions
     you have. You won’t just be a "case" with Sevenish Law Firm. We offer compassion, quality legal advice in plain
     English, we are riders ourselves, we know bikers, we understand motorcycle injury law; bikers have trusted us for years.

     As a veteran motorcycle rider, retired captain & SWAT commander with the Marion County Sheriff's Department, you
     will get the experience you need to help you get the answers and results you deserve. As an attorney, I have over 23
     years of handling motorcycle injury cases, have a solid record of securing settlements, and would be honored to help
     you with your situation as a fellow HOG chapter member.

     As you know, motorcyclists often experience significant personal injuries when involved in a crash. Understanding your
     rights and knowing exactly what to do when involved in an accident isn’t always easy. We are here to tell you what you
     need to know.

     CALL Sevenish Law at (317) 636-7777 or visit our website for:
      •   Free consultation at home, hospital or office
      •   Free legal advice on insurance issues including type of coverage’s
      •   Free Indiana Crash Book – information that is helpful and relevant
      •   Watch as we Update our website to include educational motorcycle videos and
          chances to win a gift card by responding to our quiz question


     Legal Tips & Warnings, April 2009:
     In nearly every crash involving an Indiana motorcyclist, the wrongdoer is almost never adequately insured to fairly
     compensate the biker. Armed with this knowledge, it is not HOGwash that bikers must take matters into their own
     hands by having plenty of UM/UIM coverages. Uninsured motorists (UM) coverage protects YOU when the wrongdoer
     is uninsured and Underinsured motorists (UIM) coverage protects YOU when the wrongdoer is insured but doesn't have
     enough coverage. So YOU get to choose how much you are worth are buying high enough of these coverage's in the
     first place. Consider at least $250K per person/$500K per accident as minimum. Also look into Excess UM/UIM of
     $1M or more. Discuss these coverages with your agent for even more coverage at minimal cost. You may also contact
     me for a free "Motorcycle Insurance Coverage Audit."

     These coverage's just doesn't cost that much and by not protecting yourself, you are gambling with you and your
     family's well-being. Formore specific details, see our handout in the lobby, call us at (317) 636-7777 or visit us online
     at www.SevenishLaw.comto get more of our publications such as the Indiana Crash Book. Ride Right!

                                                                                Randy Sevenish, Esq., Motorcycle Injury Lawyer

                                 We don't get paid unless you do.
                                Find out why we Make it Personal.

16                                                                                                                   VOLUME 22, ISSUE 4
Northside Harley NEWS                               APRIL 2009

                        Ken’s Rare Coins
                              Buy/Sell/Trade Gold Coins

                               Let me help you build
                                 your investment
                                    portfolio of
                                  precious metals

                                     KEN AVERITT
                                  K.R.C. • PO Box 361362
                                   Indianapolis IN 46326

                                   RIDE LINE 815-2548
Northside Harley NEWS                          APRIL 2009

          NEXT MEETING
         Saturday, April 4, 2009       RIDE LINE
          Breakfast @ 8:30 am
           Meeting @ 9:00am
     Harley-Davidson of Indianapolis

18                                          VOLUME 22, ISSUE 4