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					                                                          FROM THE PREZ
                                        Well daylight savings has come and gone! The days are getting shorter
                                        and nights longer. Apart from this, the time is great for bike riding with
                                        nice warm days and cool nights, especially for those of us with new
                                        bikes. No not me, but I was just looking at some pictures of Craig
                                        Sickerdick’s new Storm on his Facebook site. Craig has handed his old
                                        bike (now called Ruby) to his wife Ally so it stays in the family. That is
      Contact Information               what riding a Triumph is all about, this belonging to a family and
              Address                   having your bike as part of this family. Riding with like-minded people
      Triumph Riders Club Inc.          and enjoying each other’s company.
            PO Box 598
          Glenelg SA 5045               Depending on when you are reading this, 20 of us have either set off
                                        for the Triumph RAT Raid at Albury or have had the adventure and
                                        come back. I have been in touch with a few people from a new
                                        Web/Forum site, and there are about 10
            Committee                   members from that site going down to the Raid as well. All up there are
              President                 about 200 bikes from all over OZ going to Albury for the event. Pictures
              Shane Ince                and the full story of this event will be in next month’s newsletter.
              Secretary                 The committee is discussing ideas for the AGM coming up in July. Yep
           Brian Campbell               nearly that time of the year again, where does the time go? We are   looking at having a BBQ with drinks and music at either a member’s
              Treasurer                 house or an unwary volunteer. So if you have an area on a Saturday
               Gary Vial                night where 70 odd people could fit, during winter, let one of the   committee know.
             Gary Vial                 Another new site we have added to our Links page is a local OZ site with parts at
             Merchandise               competitive prices. They have been good enough to offer TRC members
        Jim “Butcher” Brierton         free shipping on parts ordered so check them out. It is good to see companies support the Club and hopefully we can repay the favour.
          Chris Roberts                 Well safe riding and hopefully I will have a few interesting stories to    tell you about the RAT raid trip next time I see you? Safe riding.
             Ride Leader
             Kevin Jones                Shane Ince
          Newsletter Editor                                     CLUB NEWS
            Theresa Jones                                 Annual Fees
     Other Committee Members
                                        Just a reminder that annual membership fees are due to be paid NO
            Daryl Rosser
            Greg Songer                 LATER than 30 June 2011 for the 2011-2012 year. This year invoices
           Phil Woodham                 will be EMAILED [unless you only have a snail-mail address] in early
          Peter Koszewski               June. PLEASE don't be late with your payment.
       Triumph Riders Club Inc   Newsletter   April 2011

                                                            CHARLIE. By this I mean do not leave the corner if
           CLUB NEWS cont.                                  you think the Tail End Charlie is coming or you can
We'll also include a new membership form which              see them in the distance. WAIT UNTIL THEY GET
we would ask you to complete, as it has more                TO YOUR POSITION AND INDICATE FOR YOU TO
comprehensive information than most have                    REJOIN THE GROUP. (Figure 2) The Tail End
completed. And for your membership card, we'd               Charlie / Corner Marshal system works really well
like a passport-style photo emailed [preferably] -          if all these rules are followed. One mistake and the
or by post if that isn't possible.                          system fails miserably and the group is split up.
                                                                                 Figure 1
If you have any questions, please contact the

                   New Stickers
We now have a stock of die-cut vinyl TRC stickers
[adhesive on the back] These look great on your
bike, helmet, leathers or car and are available for
$2 each. Contact the Treasurer.

Yep we still have a few left. And while they still
$10 each, we will throw in postage for free.
Contact the Treasurer.
         Ride Etiquette during TRC rides
On some of the rides lately I have had a couple of
comments from some riders about letting people
know of the best way to ride in a group.
Firstly STAGGERED FORMATION. This is about
riding diagonally opposite the rider in front of you.
If the pack stops suddenly you have that bit of extra                            Figure 2
time to brake before running up the back of the
rider in front of you. So next time you are on a ride
keep that in mind so that you are not the one to run
up the back of the rider in front of you.
Next point is the CORNER MARSHALL system we
use on our rides. The Ride Leader will always wear
a bright vest with the Tail End Charlie wearing a
different colored vest. The Ride Leader is always at
the front and Tail End Charlie is always at the back
(Figure 1), simple so far. During the ride, the Ride
Leader, when coming up to any change of
directions or wishing to highlight a distinct route,
will point to a safe spot for the rider directly
behind them to pull over with their indicator on
showing the direction the group should go. If
possible, they should also use their arm to further
highlight the direction of travel.
Now the next point is very important. The CORNER

       Triumph Riders Club Inc   Newsletter   April 2011

                                                            in a series of smooth, but tight, bends. It was then
          RIDE REPORTS                                      that I regretted wearing a well-ventilated summer
             Sunday, 27 March 2011                          jacket. It was bloody cold for a March morning,
                                                            which I only noticed it on account of my violent
On my first ever TRC ride I arrived at the Cafe Next        shivering – I was too focussed riding to really
Door, met by more Triumphs than I have ever seen            worry about numb fingertips.
in one place. It was great to see the aggressive
high-pitched sports bikes, thumping-mean cruisers
and the proudly humming classics. After
awkwardly and cautiously parking my brand-new
Bonney, I was warmly greeted by a few of the
blokes I met at the last committee meeting (my
introduction to the club).

I was excited. I’d been on social rides before, but
not with this many bikes, nor with guys who have
mileage under their belts like the TRC’s faithful do.
It was a great feeling to put my bike in a pack of          First stop was at Balhannah for a coffee –
Triumphs, where it belongs. The pressure was on             something else I forgot to fill-up on before the ride.
though – the whole ride was being filmed, with              It was a good chance to say “g’day” to a few more of
cameras strategically strapped to bikes and even            the guys and even traded stories of good buys
one in the back of a ute that would stalk us                available online (there are some great deals on
throughout the ride.                                        Triumph bits-and-pieces ordered overseas).
                                                            Looking around, I really felt like the young bloke
                                                            (of all my 28 years). I was asked how I found the
                                                            riding so far and whether I kept up – I guess the
                                                            ‘young upstart’ has some friendly ‘proving’ to do
                                                            amongst the veterans...

                                                            As we moved through the twists and turns on the
                                                            road to Lobethal, the air temperature gradually
                                                            rose and made for very comfortable riding. For
                                                            most of the ride, I had my head locked onto the
                                                            next wheel and I lost all sense of location – it was
The Prez, kicked off the morning, letting us know           follow-the-leader and I couldn’t tell you what
where we were heading for the day. As the new               towns we rode through – it was nicely flowing
wheel, I raised my hand to query the role of corner         bend after bend.
marshal. It was explained to me, but in my
confusion, I decided then-and-there that I’ll be
keeping well-clear of the front for a few rides.
Gypsy (a nickname I later gathered is attributed to
Brian being a bit of a wanderer...) volunteered for
Tail-End Charlie and we were good to go. True-to-
form as the new guy, I realised I didn’t have enough
fuel, so I scuttled ahead to fill the tank before
meeting the pack en-route down Greenhill Road.

The first excitement came as we barrelled up the
Princes Highway and suddenly had to turn off onto           My attention however, was demanded when we
the windy old Mount Barker Road. With aggressive            pulled a right after Palmer, onto the Palmer-
caution, I slipped my bike in between the others            Murray Bridge Road. This long and largely straight
getting into the exit lane. We wound up the mount           stretch of road proved once-and-for all that the

      Triumph Riders Club Inc   Newsletter   April 2011

Rocket has a bit more power than the Bonneville –          circumnavigates the country, taking Geoff and
quite a deal more power, in fact. I also would have        Colin through major cities, busy holiday resorts,
appreciated some more ballast as we overtook a             dramatic coastlines, tropical forests, scrublands
runaway milk truck (fastest milk truck I ever saw          and across the arid Nullarbor Desert, to come full
take a bend!) and a bus, which caused my light-            circle and end up in Adelaide ...exactly where they
framed Twin to wiggle and shudder in its wake.             started.

We stopped for lunch at the Callington Hotel,              But this is not just the story of their inspiring and
where the sun finally broke through the clouds into        hilarious journey, this is the extraordinary story of
the beer garden as we enjoyed a good feed and a            Australia itself, told through a motley cast that
drink. Twenty minutes later, our trusty ‘wandering         includes Captain James Cook, Crocodile Dundee,
Charlie’ arrived at the pub after making a sight-          folk hero Ned Kelly, legendary explorers Robert
seeing detour through Mannum – such are the                Burke and William Wills, countless immigrants and
Gypsy ways that we will never understand.                  settlers and an unreliable camper van called

                                                           So crack open a tinny, mate - we`re off on a trip
                                                           Down Under!

                                                           `It makes Ewan and Charley look like George and

                                                                          TECH TIPS
                                                              Fighting Fatigue on Long Motorcycle Rides
The final leg of the ride took us to the picturesque
Stanley Bridge Hotel at Verdun, ending a great
Sunday ride of the TRC.

Andrew Noble

       Oz: Around Australia on a Triumph

`Cliffs, sudden death and                                  Motorcycling is more physically demanding than
sharks on the right;                                       driving a car and exposes you to the environment,
poisonous snakes, spiders,                                 which can lead to fatigue. To avoid becoming tired
lethal kangaroos, dingoes                                  on long motorcycle rides, you need to get adequate
and, of course, the killer                                 rest, plan and prepare, consume the right food and
wombats, on the left.`                                     drink.

These are just some of the                                 Experts say that fatigue contributes to between a
challenges that face Geoff                                 fifth and a sixth of all car accidents. That may not
Hill and Colin O`Carroll as                                be true in motorcycle accidents across the board,
they mount their trusty                                    but fatigue is definitely an issue for riders on trips
Triumphs and set off on an                                 of two days or more. It is something that you need
epic adventure around                                      to consider and prepare for. If you are riding with
Australia`s legendary Highway One.                         other people, it is an issue that you should discuss
                                                           and accommodate as you plan your trip. Different
Over fifteen thousand miles long, the road                 riders will have different requirements for rest,

       Triumph Riders Club Inc    Newsletter   April 2011

and if the trip is to be a safe one, all members of the       Calm:
group should be willing to accommodate each                   Extended exposure to wind and sun dehydrates
other.                                                        and fatigues you much more than your routine
                                                              two-hour weekend jaunt. Riding in a tanktop and
Before you head out on the highway looking for                open-face helmet may seem like the best way to
adventure, consider a few steps that you can take             deal with the heat, but will actually wear you out
and plans you can make to avoid having one of                 and heat you up much faster than if you wear a
your adventures involve falling asleep on your                vented or mesh jacket and a helmet that protects
motorcycle.                                                   your face from the wind. Perspiration gets a chance
                                                              to stay on and cool your skin if the wind flow is
Rest:                                                         reduced but not eliminated. You will sharply
Adequate sleep can be a bit hard to come by before            reduce sunburn and windburn and their fatiguing
and during a multi-day ride. I am always thinking             effects by covering yourself fully. A windshield also
of things I want to do or remember to bring as I try          reduces the amount of wind that's tearing at you
to get to sleep on the night before I depart. I also          but leaves enough to cool you.
have trouble getting to sleep while travelling. Many
people also have trouble getting a full night's sleep         Quiet:
as they get older. If I combine that with early               Wind noise (and exhaust noise if you have loud
departures, I quickly have a sleep deficit. For that          pipes) will not only permanently damage your
reason, I like to plan to allow myself to sleep late          hearing, it will fatigue you quickly. Both noise
every two or three days, setting no departure time.           sources are at their worst if you don't wear a
Don't use alcohol as a sleep aid; it actually tends to        helmet, but even a full-face helmet that seals your
reduce both the quantity and quality of sleep. You            ears well won't attenuate these noise sources
might think that you can't fall asleep on a                   sufficiently on an extended ride, so you should
motorcycle, but I have known riders who simply                wear earplugs as well. If nothing else, you'll
fell asleep while riding, waking up as they bounced           appreciate them when you try to go to sleep at
through a ditch —or in the hospital. Riders who               night and the roaring in your ears isn't as loud. A
experienced these sorts of adventures often said              windshield can also reduce wind noise.
they didn't even realize they were tired.
Experts say that you'll have "tired times" during             Vision clarity can be an issue on extended rides too.
every 12-hour cycle, most often between 3:00 and              About 15 years ago we did a comparison test
5:00 (a.m. and p.m., you local time). You may want            where one bike had significant distortion in the top
to plan to arrive by that point or stop for an early          of its windshield. Several riders said riding it made
dinner. If you can or need to, take a day off just to         them feel disoriented or tired or gave them
relax and catch up on your sleep.                             headaches. If your windshield creates this problem,
                                                              or if you have a faceshield or sunglasses that are
Physical Preparation:                                         optically imperfect, you should find a replacement
Unless you ride your motorcycle almost every day              or eliminate the problem, perhaps by trimming the
or take rides of three hours or more almost every             top of your windshield. If your vision has changed
weekend, you may not be completely adapted to                 so that your prescription is no longer adequate,
your bike. After a full day or two of riding, you will        update it before you leave.
become acutely aware of muscles that you are
using full-time to ride. You may be able to                   Caffeine and Alcohol:
overcome some of this discomfort by properly                  A coffee or cola can briefly boost your alertness,
setting up your bike and fitting components, such             but is not a substitute for adequate rest. Having a
as a good aftermarket saddle, that make it more               beer before or during a ride is a bad idea for many
comfortable. However, you also need to give your              reasons, but especially if you are slightly tired or
body a chance to adapt. Taking breaks every hour              fatigued. Discouraging your riding companions
or two, especially during the first few days of a long        from having one also does both of you a favour.
ride, will help this adjustment.

       Triumph Riders Club Inc    Newsletter   April 2011

Good Habits:                                                  wasted no time getting stuck into the build. “I
Those boring admonitions about diet and exercise              fancied doing a naked 675 Daytona for some time
also apply to fighting fatigue. They increase your            as I have done plenty of big brother Daytona
energy level, which makes you stronger and more               Triples,” admits Steve. “The bike was in pretty
alert. Of course, drinking adequate water is                  good shape when I got it and I had a few goodies
important too, especially considering that you are            lying around the workshop that I wanted to fit,
being dehydrated more rapidly because of your                 including a nice set of Gixer forks.” Not that the
exposure to the wind. I don't hold with the theory            stock Daytona’s are too shabby in the stopping and
that you aren't drinking enough if you don't have to          turning department but it just shows the
urinate every 30 minutes though.                              determination of Steve to create something ‘one-
                                                              off’ and special.      The Gixer chosen for the
Fighting fatigue provides benefits that go beyond             transplant was in fact the mighty GSX-R1000K3;
safety. If you are alert and refreshed, the ride itself       with fully adjustable suspension and powerful
is more enjoyable, and you'll get more out of the             four-pot Nissin callipers. The new front-end would
sights and experiences that you came to enjoy.                be more than up to the task of coping with any
                                                              abuse the Daytona’s power or rough roads could
                                                              throw at it.
      TWEAKED NITROUS 675 DAYTONA                             The suspension was straightforward job for Steve,
                                                              no stranger to throwing the odd spanner around.

                                                              A set of top and bottom tapered bearings were
                                                              installed to take the new front-end and Steve used
                                                              the standard 675 triple-clamps with a set of
                                                              custom-made risers to grab hold of the gold
                                                              Yamaha GYTR fat bars. A pair of neat teardrop
                                                              mirrors has been used to add some class. Then to
                                                              finish off the front area nicely, Steve has fitted a set
                                                              of big brother’s headlights from a 1050 Speed

                                                              To get the Daytona wheel to fit into the Gixer forks,
                                                              Steve installed his own RaceComp axle spacer kit
                                                              then to improve braking power even more he fitted
                                                              a RaceComp 320mm conversion with a set of S3
To the uneducated you may be forgiven for                     Performance wave rotors. The new rotors not only
thinking that this bike is a highly modified Street           look good, they also do an amazing job of pulling
Triple but you’d be wrong – it’s a true Streetfighter,        the super light Daytona to a standstill.
being that it started life as a 2007 model, fully
faired Triumph 675 Daytona. Nowadays the word                 At the rear of the bike the suspension is stock
‘streetfighter’ gets bandied around for just about            Triumph but being a Daytona, it came with full
anything that hasn’t got a fairing attached to it,            adjustability. Rear braking is by way of the
even some manufacturers are using the term on                 standard Triumph single-pot calliper but the rotor
their new bikes – much to the dislike of the                  has been replaced with an S3 Performance one to
hardcore ‘fighter’ fans… But to be a true                     match the front.
streetfighter, a bike has to have been stripped of its
original clothes.                                             To help take the extra power, a tough gold Super
                                                              Sprox sprocket has been used on the rear, driven
The owner of this bike (or I should say former                by a DID 525 gold link chain.
owner) Pommie Steve, proprietor of RaceComp in
Adelaide, bought the bike with some minor fairing             Talking of extra power, which is something that
damage and a scuffed fork leg two years ago and               Steve seems to be addicted to – he has fitted

       Triumph Riders Club Inc    Newsletter   April 2011

nitrous oxide to give the Trumpy a healthy kick in            ones, which hug the newly painted front and rear
the guts. The nitrous oxide system Steve has fitted           gold wheels.
is quite unusual in the way it works. The system is
basically a standard dry one, which delivers a 25hp           Steve has since sold the bike to his good mate Peter
shot into the airbox from the gas bottle that hangs           Mackenzie who was determined to have it. This
under the seat area. When the horn is pressed it              has made way for Steve’s two new builds, a
activates a solenoid that releases the gas, nothing           supercharged 1050 and a turbocharged 1050
really clever there… but with the help of a special           Speed Triple. “What can I say, he got me at the
Wayne McDonald (TuneBoy) program, the fuelling                right time…”
has been cleverly altered. For example, normally
when the button is pressed on a dry system, the
nitrous would go into the airbox/inlet manifold
and that would be it. With the TuneBoy program,
when the horn is pressed and all the other safety
parameters are ticked to go, like 100 per cent TPS
via the map tables in the ECU (not a mechanical
switch like the old style systems) and the minimum
rpm target is reached, the bikes ECU recognises it
and automatically feed in extra fuel and retards the
ignition at the same time – more like a wet system.
This has the benefit of making extra power through
correct fuelling plus it’s a much safer option as dry
systems tend to make the bike run a bit lean
(depending on the amount of nitrous that’s being
used). Another bonus of this program is that you
don’t need to spend extra money on a piggyback
ignition/fuel module, plus it can be set so you can’t
activate the nitrous in the first two gears, as in this
case – so you are not going to flip yourself over the
back of the bike by mistake and go home crying to

Apart from the nitrous, the only other engine mods            This article was featured in ‘Rapid Bikes’ and sent in
are a set of cam wheels to redial the cams to                 by Peter Mackenzie.
improve low down grunt, plus a K&N airfilter and a                    •••••••••••••••••••••••••••
gutted standard Triumph muffler. “I didn’t want to               GOING MY OWN WAY – EVENTUALLY!
go overboard on this bike with loads of bling,” said           Gavin Sanderson’s story continued from the March
Steve. “It’s an absolute beast now and power                                      newsletter...
wheelies in the first three gears with no problems
and that’s without hitting the nitrous but once you           Crash no. 1
hit the gas it goes mental. It’s a real laugh – excuse        Although I fell off a number of times in the
the pun…”                                                     motorbike riding days in Broken Hill, there are
                                                              three occasions in particular that are vividly etched
The bodywork has been deliberately kept plain, it             in my memory. One could have badly injured or
was originally yellow but Steve had it painted black          killed me outright and the other two were more
by Tony at Lake RaceFace. The panels have been                related to death-by-embarrassment than anything
given a beautiful two-pack mirror finish and really           else. I'm not sure which is worse. Anyway, this
do look good. To finish them off and add a bit of             story describes the near-death experience and
contrast a set of bright red Triumph graphics were            those that follow will relate the death-by-
fitted. Lastly, the front and rear guards have been           embarrassment tales.
replaced in favour of RaceComp’s own carbon-fibre

       Triumph Riders Club Inc    Newsletter   April 2011

Crash no. 1 was when I lost control of my mate                the next lane at about 60kph. At that stage it felt as
Pete's new Kawasaki 125, a nice, new, clean street            if I was just hanging onto the bike by its handlebar
bike. Pete was an industrious young bloke and had             whilst my body trailed off like Superman in full
a local paper round for the Barrier Miner                     flight! Then, at some point into the next
(the Broken Hill rag). Each day he'd diligently roll          neighbourhood I really lost control and dropped
up the papers (an art in itself) and ride his bicycle         the bike.
around the extended neighbourhood, chucking
papers into peoples' yards and yelling out "Miner!"           I don't remember the crash. What I do remember,
to announce their arrival. Yep, Pete had worked his           however, is Pete running after me and exclaiming,
butt off for a few years with the paper round to              "Jeez, me bike. Me brand new bike! Jeez." I was
save money for his very own nice, new motorbike.              sitting on the ground pretty shaken up but
(You can tell where this is going, can't you?)                apparently uninjured. All the limbs were intact.
                                                              Pete ran straight past me muttering, "Jeez, me
Pete only had the Kwaka for a few days when I                 bike." The Kwaka was a bit worse for wear but,
popped up to his place to have a look. I don't think          surprisingly, not too bent out of shape ... unlike
either of us even had our L plates then. Before long          Pete! He couldn't get it kick started (it had no
we'd taken the bike into the lane behind his house            electric ignition) so he slowly wheeled it back to
and were riding it conservatively to and fro. A lot of        his place, all the while lamenting, "Jeez, me bike.
houses in Broken Hill (still) have unpaved lanes              Me brand new bike!" I followed sheepishly behind.
behind them as a legacy of the pre-sewage days.               Conversation was sparse. It was a long walk back. I
The 'shit cart' used to come down the lane and the            can't remember much after that. All I know is that
'shit bloke' would come into each yard, take out the          Pete never let me ride his bike again (and I never
used 'shit can' from the outhouse and leave a fresh           asked). Fair enough. Somewhat later I reflected
one (can there really be such a thing?) in its place.         that if a car had been travelling its merry way at
Ah sweet memories; the sound of 'slosh, slosh,                60kph along the bitumen road when I zapped
slosh'. You really had to be there! Anyway, the               across from one lane to the next, it would probably
lanes remained long after the town was plumbed                have been 'goodnight' for me. I mean, it's the sort
and they were good places for young boys without              of thing you read about in the paper; "Unlicenced
licences to ride motorbikes.                                  motorcyclist killed in collision with car." It
                                                              happens, eh? I figure it just wasn't my time to go.
Pete knew I had been riding trail bikes and I guess
he felt pretty comfortable with me having a go.               Anyway, if you think I might have learned a lesson
Well, after a while we became more adventurous                from that experience, you'll need to read about my
and our forays took us further and further down               second memorable motorbike prang in Crash no. 2.
the lane towards the end of the block, where the
bitumen road dividing the blocks of houses ran                Crash no. 2
perpendicular across the lane. Pete came back from
about his sixth ride and gave me a go. I set off
towards the end of the block, hundreds of metres
away. All I know is that at some point the bike just
kept going faster and faster when I actually wanted
it to SLOW DOWN before the bitumen road! I figure
I simply got confused and instead of throttling off ...
I throttled on and never released my grip! Well, it
all happened real fast but in slow motion ... if you
know what I mean. I was thinking, "Bloody hell" as
I approached the intersecting bitumen road; "Jeez, I
think I'm gonna prang Pete's new bike!" In slow
motion: "What am I doing wrong? Which foot for
the brake? Or is that one for the gears? Which hand
for the brake? Or is that the throttle?" In fast
motion: ZOOM ... over the bitumen road and into               Right. Here we are again. "How to fall off
                                                              motorbikes in one easy lesson." To digress

       Triumph Riders Club Inc     Newsletter    April 2011

momentarily, the bloke I bought my Triumph from                 The rider he could aspire to become, given many
in 2006 said to me, "Gav, if motorbikes had not                 years of training under my expert tutelage.
existed to this point and instead were 'suddenly'               Anyway, same old story ... at some point I got
invented in 2007, they'd be immediately declared                confused and - you guessed it - the bike went faster
illegal because they would be deemed to be too                  and faster ... and faster! Over one jump ... not in
dangerous!" Fair call? I'm not sure. Anyway, back in            control ... hit the next jump ... out of control ... SHIT
the mid-to-late 1970s in Broken Hill, my good mate              ... "Which foot is the brake? Which hand is the
Col got himself a brand new Honda 125 trail bike.               throttle?" DEJA VU ... too late for corrective action ...
Hmm, this story is starting off just like the one               supine on the bike ... at speed ... big clump of old
about my mate Pete's brand new Kwaka (cue                       man saltbush up ahead ... SPLAT! The bike splutters
soundtrack of the Twilight Zone ... de de de de ... de          and fails ... silence. Even the twittering birds shut
de de de.)                                                      up as if to say, "Jeez. Did you see that? He's bloody
                                                                well gone and done it again!"
Col was a really good friend and I still bump into
him from time to time when I go back to Broken                  I’m physically intact (again) but the ego needs
Hill. He's a top bloke with a heart of gold. We were            immediate CPR. Actually, it's probably beyond
out on the rim of a big earthen dam just off the                saving. It's fast approaching the bright light at the
Pinnacles Mine Road one day with his brand                      end of the dark tunnel, saying, "Take me. I offer no
spankin' new bike and its lovely red petrol tank                resistance. I'm yours to do with what you will.
(hint hint). The dam was empty, but we were way                 Please don't send me back!" I'm sitting next to Col's
up there 12m from ground level, riding around                   bike, which is sort of on its side. The front wheel's
its rims, which were about 100m in length per side.             spinning in an ungainly elliptical orbit at a hundred
The place had clearly become a haunt for trail bike             revs per minute … wicka-wacka, wicka-wacka,
riders. Dirt mounds had been created along the rim              wicka-wacka ... I look at the red petrol tank and
trails so people could do cool jumps. Col did a few             there's a BIG DENT in it in the shape of my right
'quiet' rounds of the rim. After all, he was on his             knee. I groan. Col groans. The bike groans. The
brand new Honda 125 trail bike and he was fairly                saltbush groans. Indeed, the whole landscape for
new to riding. Unlike me, of course! The voices                 250sq km around us groans and whispers "Gav,
inside my head had told me that I was a legend! So              you are such a prat!" The ghost of Confucius chimes
I was quite happy to give Col a few tips about the              in, "See? Your kung fu is not strong! You are not the
finer points of riding trail bikes. "Col, do it like this       Grasshopper. You are the Dung Beetle!" Col ... he's
... lean this way ... distribute your weight evenly ...         such a good mate ... says, "You OK? No worries. I
no, not like that ... like this." Confucius eat your            think they can pump the tank full of air to the point
heart out. My kung fu is stronger than yours! Then,             that the dent will just POP out. She'll be right."
it came time for his good mate and motorbike                    Bless your cotton socks Col. You'll go to Heaven for
riding exemplar Gav to have a spin. Look, to save               sure. Me? I never rode Col's bike again. He didn't
time and space, just go back to the previous story              ban me but I wouldn't have blamed him if he did.
and read it from the point where I took off on
Pete's bike! Oh, the shame and embarrassment of it              I sort of retreated into a pubescent haze and
all.                                                            thought, "Gee, I've really got to sort out this throttle
                                                                thingy! It's not much chop to continue on like this."
Ok, Ok. I'll continue. I took off, slowly at first. You         And I did! Indeed, the next time I pranged a bike
know, getting a feel for the bike and also                      didn't have anything at all to do with the throttle
demonstrating to Col that I was being prudent,                  thingy. As a matter of fact, it all happened at about
conservative, and careful on his new trusty steed. I            3kph, with a pillion on the back! Oh the shame and
mean, in the mid-1970s a brand new bike like that               embarrassment of it all (again). But that's the next
would've cost all of $1,500 which was nothing to                story.
sneeze at! After a few rounds of the rim of the dam
I thought it was time to go over some jumps to                  More of Gavin’s story in May’s newsletter…
show Col that I was indeed the Masked Avenger of                         •••••••••••••••••••••••••••
trail bike riding and someone who could both talk
the talk and walk the walk. A rare breed indeed!

       Triumph Riders Club Inc    Newsletter   April 2011

           2011 MALLALA Track Days                                                Viagra Dentist
Tuesday 26 April
For more information go to –                                     Guy goes to get a tooth pulled. The Dentist takes                                   out a needle. The man says, "No way"! No needles!
         •••••••••••••••••••••••••••                                               "I hate needles."
                                                               The Dentist starts to hook up the laughing gas and
                    Swap Meets                                 the guy objects. "I can't do the gas thing either; the
April 10th                                                     thought of having the gas mask on suffocates me!"
Polonia Soccer Ground, South Rd Croydon Park. 7                 The Dentist asks the guy if he can take a pill. "No
am Sellers Buyers 8 am till 12 noon. Ken Adams                        problem", he says, "I'm fine with pills".
0419 840 284                              The Dentist then returns with a Viagra tablet. The
April 17th                                                     guy, totally at a loss for words, says in amazement,
Valley Rodders Tanunda Oval. Sellers 6.30am                      "WOW"! "I didn't know Viagra worked as a pain
$10.00. Buyers 7.30am $3.00 ph 0432 653 796                                             killer!"
May 22th                                                        "It doesn't", says the Dentist, "but it will give you
Kapunda at the Trotting Track, Sellers 7am Buyers                 something to hold on to when I pull the tooth."
8am.       Rodney      Whenan       8562      3155
July 24th                                                                           Twisted Art
ALL MAKE at Greyhound Park, Days Road, Angle
Park. Sellers 7.15 am. Buyers 8.10 am to 12.10                 I've always been a patron of the arts...
Sites; $15.00 Buyer $5.00
August 21st
Willunga, Sunday 7.00am-12noon at Willunga Sale
Yards. ph: Graham, 0412 578 188
September 18th
Gawler at showgrounds (Princes Park) sellers 6-
30am $10. Buyers $5 Bob Perry 8396 1007, 0418
821 944
October 2nd
Balhannah Motorcycle only at the oval, 7.00 a.m.,
sites $12, entry $5 contact: Peter Yates after 6.00
pm ph: 8255 8856

           COMEDY CLIPS
 A tough looking group of bikers were riding when
 they saw a girl about to jump off a bridge, so they
 stop. The leader, a big burly man, gets off his bike
           and says, "What are you doing?"
       "I'm going to commit suicide," she says.
   While he did not want to appear insensitive, he
didn't want to miss an opportunity he asked "Well,
  before you jump, why don't you give me a kiss?"
So, she does and it was a long, deep lingering kiss.
After she's finished, the biker says, "Wow! That was
  the best Kiss I have ever had. That's a real talent
you are wasting. You could be famous. Why are you
                 committing suicide?"
  "My parents don't like me dressing like a girl......"

       Triumph Riders Club Inc   Newsletter   April 2011

           How to spot a Meth Lab…                                       The clerk asks, "Are you Irish?"
 As a former law enforcement officer, I have been              The guy, clearly offended, says, "Yes I am. But let
 approached by several people lately wanting to                                me ask you something.
         know how to identify a meth lab.                      "If I had asked for Italian sausage, would you ask
   Following are four photos. I think it's pretty               me if I was Italian? Or If I had asked for German
        obvious which one is the meth lab.                    Bratwurst, would you ask me if I was German? Or
                I hope this helps!!                          if I asked for a kosher hot dog would you ask me if I
 Let me know if I can be of any further service in           was Jewish? Or if I hadAsked for a Taco, would you
                   this matter.                                       ask if I was Mexican? Or if I asked for
                                                                 Polish Sausage, would you ask if I was Polish?"
                                                                    The clerk says, "No, I probably wouldn't."
                                                              The guy says, "Well then, because I asked for Irish
                                                                    sausage, why did you ask me if I'm Irish?"
                                                                The clerk replied, "Because you're in Bunnings!"
                                                                    Check out these motorcycle helmets

                Elton & David's baby
 What really happened when Elton John and David
           Furnish decided to have a baby.
  They had their sperm mixed together and had a
 surrogate mother artificially inseminated with it.
  When the baby was born Elton and David were
 waiting at the hospital. They were ushered into a
ward where a dozen babies were lying in their cots,
 eleven of whom were crying and screaming.. Over
  in the corner, one baby was smiling serenely. A
nurse came over to both of them and indicated that
             the happy child was theirs.
"Isn't it wonderful?" Elton said to David. "All these
  unhappy babies .... and yet our baby is so happy.
    This just proves the superiority of gay love!"
 The nurse said, "Oh sure, he's happy now, but just
watch what happens when I pull the thermometer
                   out of his arse!"
             Political Correctness
 Everyone seems to be in such a hurry to scream
              'racism' these days.
 A customer asked, "In what aisle could I find the
                 Irish sausage?"

Triumph Riders Club Inc   Newsletter   April 2011

                                                            EDITOR’S CORNER

                                                         I have just come across an article saying that
                                                                   swearing is good for you.
                                                     A group of English University colleagues conducted
                                                      an experiment to look at the role of swearing and
                                                                        pain perception.
                                                      67 undergraduate students immersed their hands
                                                      in iced water for as long as they could bear, while
                                                     either swearing or using non-offensive words. They
                                                      found that the foul-mouthed students could keep
                                                         their hands submerged for about 40 seconds
                                                       longer and felt the pain less than the polite guys.

                                                         That proves it – swearing is good for you!!!

                                                      Our bikes are ready for our trip to Albury, the oil
                                                       leak on the bonne has been fixed and hopefully I
                                                       will not have any more trouble with the battery.
                                                     Getting ready for a road trip is without a doubt one
                                                     of the best parts of the entire trip. We will meet up
                                                         with Phil, Dwayne, Peter & Leone tomorrow
                                                        morning and head east to our first stopover at
                                                       Swan Hill and then on to Albury to meet up with
                                                     the rest of the TRC gang. The full report and photos
                                                            will be included in the next newsletter.

                                                     Well, that is about all for now. A big thank you to all
                                                           who have contributed to this newsletter.

                                                         Please get involved and send me photos or
                                                         contributions, events or product reviews.

                                                                         See you soon,

         Triumph Riders Club Inc   Newsletter   April 2011

             Please check the website for updates at

8       Friday Night Meet, Greet & Eat from 7 pm at the Directors Hotel, 247 Gouger Street,
        Adelaide. Call the hotel on 8231-8484 and add your name to the TRC table.
6-13 Rat Rally, Albury – We will be meeting at the BP Service Station, 10 Princes Highway,
     Tailem Bend on Wednesday 6th April at 9:30 am for a 10 am departure to Swan Hill
     (434 km) with an overnight stop there. We will then be going to Albury (390 km) for
     the Rally arriving on the Thursday afternoon. We plan to leave to come back to
     Adelaide on Monday 11th April to arrive home on Wednesday 13th April. The route
     home is yet to be finalized.
8-10 All British Rally, Newstead.
20      Wednesday Night TRC Committee Meeting, all members invited – At the Directors
        Hotel, 247 Gouger Street upstairs at 7pm. Come early for a meal before the meeting.
24      Sunday TRC Monthly ride. Meet at 9:30am Café Next Door, Cnr Glynburn Road and
        Greenhill Road, Burnside for a 10am departure.

7-8     Weekend Trip – more details to follow.
13      Friday Night Meet, Greet & Eat from 7 pm at the Directors Hotel, 247 Gouger Street,
        Adelaide. Call the hotel on 8231-8484 and add your name to the TRC table.
15      Sunday RAT Ride. Meet at 9am at Peter Stevens Motorcycles, Adelaide for a 9:30am
22      Sunday TRC Monthly ride. Meet at 9:30am Café Next Door, Cnr Glynburn Road and
        Greenhill Road, Burnside for a 10am departure.

10      Friday Night Meet, Greet & Eat from 7 pm at the Directors Hotel, 247 Gouger Street,
        Adelaide. Call the hotel on 8231-8484 and add your name to the TRC table.
11-13 Long Weekend Trip – more details to follow.
26    Sunday TRC Monthly ride. Meet at 9:30am Café Next Door, Cnr Glynburn Road and
      Greenhill Road, Burnside for a 10am departure.

8       Friday Night Meet, Greet & Eat from 7 pm at the Directors Hotel, 247 Gouger Street,
        Adelaide. Call the hotel on 8231-8484 and add your name to the TRC table.
10      Sunday RAT Ride. Meet at 9am at Peter Stevens Motorcycles, Adelaide for a 9:30am
24      Sunday TRC Monthly ride. Meet at 9:30am Café Next Door, Cnr Glynburn Road and
        Greenhill Road, Burnside for a 10am departure.
         Triumph Riders Club Inc   Newsletter   April 2011

12    Friday Night Meet, Greet & Eat from 7 pm at the Directors Hotel, 247 Gouger Street,
      Adelaide. Call the hotel on 8231-8484 and add your name to the TRC table.
20-21 Weekend Trip – more details to follow.
28    Sunday TRC Monthly ride. Meet at 9:30am Café Next Door, Cnr Glynburn Road and
      Greenhill Road, Burnside for a 10am departure.

9     Friday Night Meet, Greet & Eat from 7 pm at the Directors Hotel, 247 Gouger Street,
      Adelaide. Call the hotel on 8231-8484 and add your name to the TRC table.
11    Sunday RAT Ride. Meet at 9am at Peter Stevens Motorcycles, Adelaide for a 9:30am
25    Sunday TRC Monthly ride. Meet at 9:30am Café Next Door, Cnr Glynburn Road and
      Greenhill Road, Burnside for a 10am departure.

1-3   Long Weekend Trip – more details to follow.
14    Friday night Cruise. Meet from 6 pm at the Directors Hotel, 247 Gouger Street,
      Adelaide for a 7:30pm departure. Call the hotel on 8231-8484 and add your name to
      the TRC table.
23    Sunday TRC Monthly ride. Meet at 9:30am Café Next Door, Cnr Glynburn Road and
      Greenhill Road, Burnside for a 10am departure.

6    Sunday RAT Ride. Meet at 9am at Peter Stevens Motorcycles, Adelaide for a 9:30am
11    Friday night Cruise. Meet from 6 pm at the Directors Hotel, 247 Gouger Street,
      Adelaide for a 7:30pm departure. Call the hotel on 8231-8484 and add your name to
      the TRC table.
19-20 Weekend Trip – more details to follow.
27    Sunday TRC Monthly ride. Meet at 9:30am Café Next Door, Cnr Glynburn Road and
      Greenhill Road, Burnside for a 10am departure.

9     Friday night Cruise. Meet from 6 pm at the Directors Hotel, 247 Gouger Street,
      Adelaide for a 7:30pm departure. Call the hotel on 8231-8484 and add your name to
      the TRC table.
Triumph Riders Club Inc   Newsletter   April 2011
Triumph Riders Club Inc   Newsletter   April 2011
        Triumph Riders Club Inc   Newsletter   April 2011

                            CLUB DISCOUNTS

10% off the fun stuff and 22.5% off industrial and footwear all year with your TRC
membership card. Go to to check out their site.

G C Motorcycles
Offer $5 off all tyres to all TRC members. They have a place at 122 Main North Road, Prospect
or 947 South Road, Melrose Park. They also do accessories and brake work.

12 Volt Powerhouse
Batteries for all types of vehicles offer at least 5% of prices for club members, so shop around
and then see what Rob Wiseman can do at 12 Volt Powerhouse.

S A Competition Conversion
For any dyno and tuning work, general workshop jobs and suspension work. Discount for
TRC members, so take a look at or give Kim a
call on (08) 8234 5722, located at Mile End, Adelaide.

Road & Race Motorcycles
Unit 16 543 Churchill Rd, Kilburn ph 8349 6039 for all bike clothes, tyres and bike
performance parts. Speak to Stuart or Jason.

Paul Illingworth
Specializes in servicing Triumphs. All models, including electronic engine management
systems. Service parts at trade prices. Phone (08) 8298 9610, Unit 4/26 Barry Road, Oaklands
Park SA.

Race Bike Services
Specializing in performance accessories and race preparation. Suspension setup and repairs
with discounts for TRC members. They have purchased the electronic diagnostic unit for
Triumph's, BMW's and Ducati's so can perform full service and tune up for our bikes.
Unfortunately they are not able to remap bikes, just make adjustments to some of the
parameters or troubleshoot faults.
Race Bike Services can now make a set of rear shocks that will fit the Rocket 3 if there is
anyone interested they can get in touch and I will let you know a price.
Phone Tony (08) 8384 5220 or email

Triumph Performance Parts
We supply Performance and Custom parts for Triumph owners within Australia. Go to and check out our website. Free shipping for all TRC
Gary Hunter 0412942353
                           SOUTH AUSTRALIA
                       MERCHANDISE ORDER FORM
                                       Triumph Riders Club Inc.
                                      PO Box 598, Glenelg SA 5045


Member Number:                                     Contact Number:

 Code                                                           Member
           Item                                                        Member      Qty     Size    Total
 No                                                              Price
 0001      TRC Number Plate Surround- Plastic                     $10    $12
 0002      TRC Patch                                              $5      $8
 0004      Stubbie Holder                                         $8     $10
 4199      TRC Baseball Cap - Black                              $20     $25
 4046      TRC Signature Caps – Navy/White/Red                   $20     $25
 4289      TRC Sandwich Peak caps – Natural/Navy                 $20     $25
 4067      Bucket hat – Double Sandwich                          $20     $25
 0005      Knitted Beanie                                        $20     $25
 5MPBW     TRC Polo Check collar - mens                          $35     $40
 0007      T-Shirt Large Vinyl Logo L/ or S/S – Black or Navy    $25     $28
           T-Shirt Small Vinyl Logo L/S with TRC down
 0008                                                            $35     $40
           sleeve – Black or Navy
 2LSVW     TRC – JeniB V Neck Spandex Polo – Ladies
                                                                 $40     $45
 G         White/Grey
 2LSVBB    TRC – JeniB V Neck Spandex Polo – Ladies Black        $40     $45
           TRC – JeniB Drop Needle Polo – Ladies
 2LDNN                                                           $40     $45
 3FSB      TRC – American Style Fleece Windcheater - Black       $40     $45
 3FSN      TRC – American Style Fleece Windcheater - Navy        $40     $45
 3FJR      TRC – Jacket Polar Fleece – Full Zip – Royal Blue     $55     $65
           TRC _ Colours of Cotton Spandex Rugby – Long
 S3SRN                                                           $55     $65
           Sleeve - Navy
           TRC - Coffee Mug                                       $8     $10
           TRC 2011 Calendar                                     $10     $10
                                                                Total                    Total
                                                                Items                    Money

Please post order to TRC Merchandise, PO Box 598, Glenelg SA 5045 or call Jim “Butcher” Brierton on mobile
0418 825 349 or email for any queries. Money will have to be
transferred to the Triumph Riders Club account Commonwealth Bank Glenelg BSB 065-108 Account
10266679 prior to collection.
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