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									                             MACUL/UM-Flint Project
                             UNIT PLAN TEMPLATE
                                   May, 2006

Complete a first page with the following information:

   1. Unit Title:
   2. Created by:
   3. Subject Area(s):
   4. Grade Level:
   5. Unit General Goals:
   6. Unit Abstract:

This should be followed by a minimum of three integrated lesson plans: use the
integrated lesson plan template. If you have chosen to develop integrated lesson
plans for other credits in this program, the same lesson plans may be used as part of
this unit but three additional new lesson plans must also be included.

Finally, a unit assessment plan should be included as the last part of the unit. This
should be followed by teacher reactions: if you have had a chance to teach the unit,
the reactions should be based on your experience. If not, the reactions should be
based on your experiences in developing this unit.
Michigan Department of Education
     Technology-Enhanced Lesson Plan

Lesson Title:
Created by:
Lesson Abstract:
Subject Area:
Grade Level:
Unit Title:

Michigan Educational Technology Standards Connection:

Michigan Grade Level Content Expectations Connection:

Michigan Curriculum Framework Connection:

Estimated time required to complete lesson or unit:

Instructional resources:

Prior required technology skills:

Sequence of Activities:

    Pre-Assessment:
          o Scoring Criteria:
    Post-Assessment:
          o Scoring Criteria:

Technology (hardware/software):

Key Vocabulary:

Application Beyond School:

Teacher Reflection and Notes:

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