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									HMD 425
Industry Computer Applications for Hospitality &
Tourism                                                              Department of Tourism and
Survey of computer systems used by the hospitality industry.
Review of both hardware and software with emphasis on the            Convention Administration
latter. Prerequisite: HMD 225 or IS 101. 3 credits.
                                                                     Purpose and Focus
HMD 440                                                              The Department of Tourism and Convention Administration
Strategic Planning in Timeshare and Vacation Ownership               offers diverse course work in tourism, convention, exposition
Industry                                                             and meeting planning, hospitality, marketing, entertainment and
Examination of the skills, tools and techniques needed for           events, club management, hospitality accounting and catering.
successful strategic management of timeshare and vacation            The department focuses on the primary markets of the hospitality
ownership industry organizations. Prerequisites: HMD 240,            industry — group travel for pleasure and/or business. Classroom
HMD 340. 3 credits.                                                  activities are supplemented by guest lectures, field trips, and
                                                                     internships. Students have the opportunity to attend national
HMD 450                                                              conventions of related trade associations.
Hospitality Internship                                                    In addition to the Bachelor of Science in Hotel Administration
Internships that either rotate through various hotel departments     degree, the department also administers the Leisure Studies
or focus on specific areas such as human resources, facility         program offering the Bachelor of Science in Recreation, which
management, and gaming. Seminars and reports required.               prepares students to work in the expanding leisure service
Lab fee required. Corequisites: Minimum UNLV GPA of 2.50 or          industry. The Leisure Studies program is described after the
recommendation of the faculty, and recreation/leisure studies        Hotel Administration degree.
majors only. Prerequisite: TCA 201. 3 credits.
HMD 453                                                              Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities
Management of Hospitality Service Delivery Systems
Evaluation, design, and management of service delivery               Undergraduate Major
systems through operations management topics from a service          Meetings and Events Management
perspective. Included are other related topics such as customer
satisfaction and managing organizational change. Prerequisites:      Work Experience Requirement: In addition to general
TCA 380, HMD 407. 3 credits.                                         academic requirements, the Harrah College of Hotel
                                                                     Administration requires 1,000 hours of acceptable employment.
HMD 454                                                              Students majoring in the Department of Tourism and Convention
Lodging Operations and Strategic Management                          Administration must obtain work consistent with their field of
Organization and operation of hotels/hotel companies,                study, e.g., meeting and event planning, trade show operations,
emphasizing the techniques and tools of strategic management.        convention, etc. Upon completion of the work hours and
Introduces models, methods, and techniques which can be used         verification, students must enroll in TCA 295 to receive a passing
to identify strategic issues, generate future-oriented action        grade.
plans to address those issues, and implement change. Explores             The internship must also be consistent with the student’s
the manager’s role as a strategic thinker and leader of change.      major and must be approved by an internship instructor. Students
Prerequisites: HMD 407, TCA 321, TCA 380, and FIN 301 or TCA         majoring within the department register for TCA 450 or 451.
420, senior standing, 2.50 GPA. 3 credits.
HMD 455                                                              Entertainment Management (18 credits)
Hotel Administration Seminar                                         Includes TCA 344, TCA 373, TCA 396, TCA 496, TCA 497, and TCA
Study and discussion of current problems in the hospitality          498. All courses must be completed with a C (2.0) or better.
industry using case studies, individual research, and guests.
3 credits.
                                                                     Degree Requirements
HMD 456                                                              Meetings and Events Management
Employee Development                                                 1) English Composition ........................................... 6 credits
Stresses the techniques in planning, developing, and conducting         ENG 101 and ENG 102
training programs in food service and lodging firms. Prerequisite:   2) English Literature ............................................... 3 credits
HMD 259, senior standing. 3 credits.                                    ENG 231 or 232
                                                                     3) Constitutions ....................................................... 4 credits
HMD 474                                                                 HIST 100 or PSC 101
Independent Study in Hotel Management                                4) Mathematics ....................................................... 3 credits
Research in an area of concern to the management of hotels and          MATH 124
related industries. May be repeated to a maximum of six credits.     5) Distribution Requirement (Social Science)
Prerequisite: Consent of instructor. 1-3 credits.                       Humanities and Fine Arts .................................... 9 credits

                                                                                                       College of Hotel Administration • 281
   COM 101 and three additional Humanities elective credits                                 TCA 141
   in the appropriate field.                                                                Travel and Tourism I
   Life & Physical Sciences & Analytical Thinking...9-10 credits                            Survey of travel and tourism; focus on concepts, terminology,
   PHIL 102, and two courses from life & physical sciences                                  demographics, financial significance, and trends. 3 credits.
   category; at least one must be a lab.
6) Multicultural ....................................................(see notes)            TCA 201
   International ....................................................(see notes)            Hospitality Career Development
7) Degree Requirements:                                                                     Prepares students for fulfilling balanced careers as hospitality
   Social Science ..................................................... 3 credits           professionals. Takes a strategic orientation to career planning
   PSY 101 or SOC 101                                                                       (3 to 5 years) by facilitating students developing a personal
                                                                                            mission statement and relevant strategies for designing and
      Business Core Requirements ............................. 12 credits                   living a satisfying whole life. Prerequisites: HMD 101 and ENG
      IS 101, HMD 225 or CS 115, ECON 261, ENG 407A and                                     101. 2 credits.
      three-credit economics elective
                                                                                            TCA 221
      Hotel College Core Requirements ...................... 48 credits                     Hospitality Accounting I
      HMD 101, 103, 259, 395, 401, 402, 407, FAB 101, 150,                                  Hospitality accounting principles and practices pursuant to the
      160, 461, TCA 201, 221, 321, 380, 420, 422                                            industry’s uniform systems of accounts. Prerequisites: MATH
                                                                                            124, sophomore standing. 3 credits.
      Meetings & Events Management Requirements .... 21 credits
      TCA 110, 295, 383. 450, 476, 488, 489, 490                                            TCA 241
                                                                                            Travel and Tourism II
     Open Electives .................................................... 9 credits          Evaluates the economic, social, and political impact of tourism
Total: ...................................................................... 128 credits   and travel, including markets, transportation, media, destination
                                                                                            development, and the interrelationship of cooperating agencies.
Notes:                                                                                      Prerequisite: TCA 141. 3 credits.
1. Pre-major core must be completed prior to enrolling in
   upper-division degree requirements.                                                      TCA 242
2. HMD 101 is prerequisite to all 300- and 400-level classes                                Travel Agency Operations
   unless consent of the instructor is received to the contrary.                            Examination of the services and functions of retail and wholesale
   HMD 101 may be replaced with an upper-division hotel                                     travel agencies. Agency administration, procedures, ticketing,
   elective by petition on the basis of experience or other                                 accounting, promotion, and travel counseling. Prerequisites: TCA
   academic preparation.                                                                    101 and TCA 141. 3 credits.
3. Every student must complete a three-credit multicultural
   course and a three-credit international course. Courses                                  TCA 251
   satisfying other requirements may simultaneously satisfy                                 Hospitality Externship
   the multicultural and international requirements except                                  Internship experience with no classroom component. Lab
   one course cannot satisfy both the multicultural and the                                 fee required. Internships in the following areas: meetings,
   international requirements.                                                              conventions, expositions, destination management/marketing,
                                                                                            hospitality/casino marketing or accounting/finance, club, hotel
Tourism and Convention Administration                                                       catering, entertainment, theme parks or tourism. S/F grading
                                                                                            only. Prerequisites: TCA 201, minimum UNLV GPA of 2.50 or
TCA 103                                                                                     recommendation of faculty, Hospitality, Recreation/Leisure
Educational Career and Personal Development                                                 Studies, or Culinary Arts degrees only. 3 credits.
Provides students with skills, information, and experiences to
improve their academic performance, assist in adapting to life’s                            TCA 295
vicissitudes, and help in the development of realistic academic and                         Work Experience in Tourism and Convention Industry
career planning. Major areas of focus include time management,                              Required 1,000 hours of approved industry-related work
study and learning skills, career and decision making. Open only                            experience. S/F grading only. Prerequisites: Hotel, culinary arts
to freshman and returning students. 2 credits.                                              management, or recreation and leisure studies majors only. 0
TCA 110
Introduction to the Convention Industry                                                     TCA 311
Overview of the convention industry, including meetings, trade                              Destination Management Company Administration
shows, conferences and incentive travel. Roles of the suppliers                             Role of the destination management company in the tourism
to the industry also covered. 3 credits.                                                    and convention industries. Includes markets, suppliers,
                                                                                            transportation, staffing, tours, computers, events, equipment,
                                                                                            accounting, sales, and marketing. Prerequisites: HMD 101. 3

282 • College of Hotel Administration
TCA 321                                                                 TCA 378L
Hospitality Accounting II                                               Club Food and Beverage Management Practicum
Analysis of departmental operating statements for use by                On-site practicum in a commercial food and beverage operation.
department heads and general management. Prerequisite: TCA              Emphasis on application of knowledge and skills to actual job
221. 3 credits.                                                         roles and responsibilities. Must be taken concurrently with TCA
                                                                        378. 1 credit.
TCA 330
World Culture and Hospitality Management                                TCA 379
Differences in multicultural customs and behaviors in the               Catering Operations and Sales
hospitality industry. Focuses on cultural differences and the           Study of hotel catering including operation, sales, and
needs of international tourists. Differences in age, gender, social     relationships with other departments and outside vendors.
rank, religious requirements, and attitudes towards people with         Emphasis on logistical operations and seeking and servicing
disabilities. Prerequisites: ENG 101 or three credits social            various market segments. Prerequisite: HMD 101. 3 credits.
sciences. 3 credits.
                                                                        TCA 380
TCA 331                                                                 Hospitality Marketing I
Asian Travel and Tourism Development                                    Organization of hospitality marketing functions: Primary focus
Study of Asian travel and tourism industries. Focuses on                on marketing programs and their role in the management of
China, Korea, Japan, and several Pacific Rim countries on their         successful hospitality organizations. 3 credits.
sustainable tourism development. Students research and study
issues in the regions, such as travel safety, terrorism, eco-           TCA 381
tourism, and cultural considerations in tourism development and         Sales Blitz
management. Note: this course is offered as a distance education        Study of sales techniques, preparation, and presentation for an
course. Prerequisite: HMD 101. 3 credits.                               on-site and selling practicum. Instruction includes preparing for
                                                                        the sale, making the sales call, overcoming objections, closing
TCA 342                                                                 the sale, and follow up. Prerequisite: HMD 101, TCA 380 and
The Recreation Industry                                                 concurrent enrollment in TCA 381L. 1 credit.
Study of leisure and the recreation industry, their interrelationship
to American lifestyles, and their implications for the hospitality      TCA 381L
industry. 3 credits.                                                    Sales Blitz Practicum
                                                                        Opportunity to develop sales experience in an on-site class and
TCA 344                                                                 selling practicum. May be repeated to a maximum of two credits.
Media in Entertainment                                                  S/F grading only. Prerequisites: HMD 101, TCA 380, and TCA
Media-based entertainment, including history and business               381 or concurrent enrollment in TCA 381. 1 credit.
structures. 3 credits.
                                                                        TCA 382
TCA 373                                                                 Incentive Travel
Hotel Entertainment                                                     Study of the use of travel as an incentive to help meet marketing
Study of entertainment’s relationship to the management of              objectives. Includes the organization and marketing of
resorts and hotels—large and small—in Nevada and elsewhere.             transportation, hotels, restaurants, tour and ground operators,
Contracts and contacts with performers, unions, agents, and             destination, and other creative services. Prerequisites: HMD
managers included. 3 credits.                                           101 and TCA 141. 3 credits.

TCA 376                                                                 TCA 383
Special Topics in Tourism and Convention Administration                 Meeting Planning
Series of special courses designed by faculty from academe and          Role of the association and corporate meeting planner, including
industry. Separate units treat topics in a) Accounting, finance,        setting objectives and format, site selection, negotiations,
computer, b) Marketing, c) Convention, meetings, d) Clubs, e)           program design, speaker selection, budgeting, contracts,
Entertainment, f) Travel and tourism, g) Sports, h) Professional        marketing, registration, on-site logistics, and evaluation.
development. May be repeated to a maximum of six credits; nine          Prerequisite: HMD 101. 3 credits.
on petition. Prerequisite: Junior standing. 1-9 credits.
                                                                        TCA 384
TCA 378                                                                 Destination Marketing
Club Food and Beverage Management                                       Role of the Convention and Visitors Bureau, including economic
Unique aspects of providing food and beverage services to the           impact of visitor markets, structure, governance, membership,
membership of private clubs. Lectures, case studies and field           and advertising. Prerequisites: HMD 101 and TCA 380 or MKT
trips used to cover management, organization, facility design,          301. 3 credits.
menu development, budgeting, marketing, production, service and
trends. Formal and informal dining, athletic food and beverage
facilities, member functions and catering included. 3 credits.
                                                                                                   College of Hotel Administration • 283
TCA 385
Convention Sales and Service Management                                 TCA 420
Practical insights into the different kinds of meetings and             Hospitality Financial Management
conventions, the types of organizations that stage such events,         Introduces students to the financial management function in
and the people who hold the key to site selection. Includes how         the hospitality organization. Focuses on the process of value
to reach, sell, and service these important groups and people.          creation. Other topics include financial markets, valuation
Prerequisite: HMD 101. 3 credits.                                       criteria and hospitality feasibility and appraisal. Prerequisites:
                                                                        ECON 261 or RLS 310, TCA 221. 3 credits.
TCA 386
Convention Facility Management                                          TCA 421
Operations of convention and conference centers, including              Market and Feasibility Studies
organizational structure, design, and booking. Prerequisite:            Examination of the structure and techniques used to compile
HMD 101. 3 credits.                                                     standard market and feasibility studies for hospitality properties,
                                                                        particularly hotels. Analysis includes supply, demand, site
TCA 387                                                                 evaluation, and projected operating statistics. Each student
Fairs and Amusement Park Administration                                 required to prepare market and feasibility studies. Prerequisites:
Management and marketing of fairs and amusement parks,                  TCA 221 and any ECON course. 3 credits.
including crowd control, concessions, security, and contract
negotiations. Prerequisite: HMD 101. 3 credits.                         TCA 422
                                                                        Operational Analysis for the Hospitality Industry
TCA 389                                                                 Major management models applicable to the tourism, lodging,
Exposition Service Contracting                                          restaurant, and gaming industries enhances ability to problem
Logistical support systems of conventions, including the design         solve and make decisions in hospitality operations. Prerequisites:
of floor plans, exhibit design, installation and dismantling, freight   TCA 321 and TCA 420 or FIN 301. 3 credits.
and drayage, utilities, contracting labor, and working with unions.
Prerequisite: HMD 101. 3 credits.                                       TCA 445
                                                                        Strategic Hospitality Marketing
TCA 390                                                                 Linking marketing and other functional strategies to the hotel’s
Exhibit Marketing and Management                                        overall corporate strategy. Prerequisite: TCA 380. 3 credits.
Role of the corporate exhibit manager, including setting
objectives, commissioning booth design, logistics of shipping           TCA 448
and installation, and staffing and training of booth personnel.         Cruise Ship Administration and Marketing
Prerequisite: HMD 101 or MKT 301. 3 credits.                            In-depth discussion of the growth, direction, organization
                                                                        structure, and marketing concepts relating to the cruise
TCA 392                                                                 industry. All aspects of the cruise industry including philosophy,
International Exhibiting and Exposition Management                      management, staffing, operations, and marketing strategies.
Production and management of exhibits and pavilions outside             Prerequisite: Consent of instructor. 3 credits.
the United States and organizing expositions in foreign venues.
Prerequisite: TCA 388. 3 credits.                                       TCA 449
                                                                        International Tourism
TCA 396                                                                 Study of international travel and tourism. Focuses on the
Entertainment and Event Marketing                                       economic, social, political, and environmental considerations
Revise and develop marketing concepts as they relate to the             of international tourism management and development.
success of any entertainment product. Emphasis on identifying           Prerequisite: Upper-division standing. 3 credits.
the marketing and promotional strategies, creative use of public
relations, cost-effective media buying techniques, and advertising      TCA 450
and promotion scheduling. Prerequisites: TCA 380 or RLS 300.            Tourism & Convention Internship
3 credits.                                                              Customized internships in or outside Las Vegas in the following
                                                                        areas: meetings, conventions, expositions, destination
TCA 405                                                                 management/marketing, hospitality/casino marketing or
Legal Environment of Meetings and Events                                accounting/finance, club, hotel catering, entertainment, theme
Introduction to legal issues that most commonly impact the              parks or tourism. Seminars and/or reports required. Lab
planning and managing of meetings and events. Contracts                 fee required. Prerequisites: TCA 201, minimum GPA 2.50 or
between meeting organizers and venues, vendors, and suppliers           recommendation of faculty. Hospitality, culinary arts, and
will be explored in depth. Trademark, copyright, alcohol liability,     recreation/leisure studies majors only. 3 credits.
dispute resolution and more will be discussed in the context
of meetings and events. Prerequisites: TCA 110, TCA 383. 3

284 • College of Hotel Administration
TCA 457                                                              TCA 483
Club Management Operations                                           Hotel Marketing II
General administrative procedures in private clubs. Provides         Analysis, synthesis, and evaluation of past, current, and
the hospitality student with the unique sensitivities required       predicted trends in international hospitality marketing in a global
in managing and operating in the increasingly lucrative club         market place. Specific attention directed toward an evaluation
management market. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor. 3            of the contemporary international marketing strategies of major
credits.                                                             hospitality corporations. Prerequisites: TCA 380 and consent of
                                                                     instructor. 3 credits.
TCA 458
Visiting Professor’s Seminar                                         TCA 487
Series of professional papers and discussions with the faculty.      Association Management
Opened to a limited number of senior students. S/F grading only.     Management of trade associations and their relationship to
Prerequisite: Consent of the dean. 0 credit.                         hospitality management. Focuses on structure and processes
                                                                     with attention to finances, taxation, and the management and
TCA 464                                                              operation of conventions and trade shows. 3 credits.
Sport and Concert Arena Management
Operations of arenas, stadiums, performing arts centers, or          TCA 488
ampitheaters. Incorporates logistical considerations of booking      Special Events Management
events, contract negotiations, ticket sales, maintenance and         Management and operational activities of special events,
production. 3 credits.                                               including fairs, festivals, sporting events, and grand openings.
                                                                     Prerequisite: Consent of instructor. 3 credit
TCA 470
Hospitality Realty                                                   TCA 489
Considers real estate investment opportunities in the hotel,         Meetings and Events Coordination
motel, and restaurant industries. Emphasis on location analysis,     Provides scope of competencies required to be a professional
property appraisal, and financing alternatives. 3 credits.           meeting/event coordinator. Analyzes essential services that provide
                                                                     the necessary infrastructure for the event. Examines creative as well
TCA 471                                                              as practical aspects of coordinating the meeting/event environment
Practicum in Hotel Education                                         through theme design, decor, and numerous other staging
In-class experience that allows the student to work with the hotel   considerations. Prerequisites: TCA 383 and TCA 488. 3 credits.
faculty in daily teaching and course assignments. 3 credits.
                                                                     TCA 490
TCA 474                                                              Festival and Event Management
Independent Study in Tourism and Convention                          Application of established standards, techniques, and practices
Management                                                           of festival and event management. Research, design, planning,
Research in an area of concern to the management of convention,      coordination and evaluation stages of festival and event
tourism, entertainment, clubs, hospitality/casino marketing and      management. May be repeated for a maximum of six credits.
accounting/finance, or related industries. May be repeated to        Prerequisites: Senior in good standing (minimum GPA of 2.5),
a maximum of six credits. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.       TCA 321, 380, and 488. (Recreation and Leisure Studies Majors):
1-3 credits.                                                         RLS 300, 450, and TCA 488.

TCA 476                                                              TCA 496
Trade Show Operations                                                Entertainment on the Road
Management problems of trade shows, including design,                Performance tour management logistics, including booking,
construction, customs, and regulations. Prerequisite: TCA 383.       scheduling, shipping, movement of equipment and artist management
3 credits.                                                           challenges. Prerequisites: TCA 373 or HMD 401. 3 credits.

TCA 481                                                              TCA 497
Hotel Advertising and Sales Promotions                               Performing Artist Representation and Management
Practical approach to contemporary advertising for hotels,           Artist representation in the entertainment and convention
restaurants, and tourist destinations. Focuses on the distinctive    industry. Role of artist, agent, manager, and buyer explored.
aspects of hospitality advertising principles, strategies,           Includes negotiation, contracting, booking, scheduling, and
techniques and their application to industry situations. Emphasis    marketing. Prerequisites: TCA 380. 3 credits.
on providing the hospitality manager with a working knowledge
in the areas of planning, developing and implementing effective      TCA 498
advertising campaigns. Prerequisite: HMD 101. 3 credits.             Entertainment Production and Operations Management
                                                                     Logistics of maintaining, operating, and managing a permanent
                                                                     entertainment production or attraction. Marketing, operations
                                                                     management, administration management, and stage management
                                                                     included. Prerequisites: TCA 380 and TCA 373. 3 credits.

                                                                                                 College of Hotel Administration • 285

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