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					Curriculum Vitae of SAP FI CO Consultant October 2009

Languages: Fluent: English, French and German. Working knowledge of Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Arabic, Russian and

SAP R/3 FI, CO, TR Design and Configuration / Customizing Expert in English, French and German.
SAP R/3 Business Analyst / System Designer / Business Reengineering Consultant
SAP R/3 Management Consultant / Senior Consultant
SAP R/3 System implementation Project Manager

SAP R/3 Experience: FI, (FI-GL, FI-SL, FI-AA, FI-AR and FI-AP sub-modules) TR, CO (CO-CCA, CO-PA, CO-PC,
CO-PCA), IM, PS, some knowledge of SD, MM, PP, mySAP etc. up to Release ECC 6.0.

SAP Tools used: ABAPs, Screen Painter, Menu Painter, Report Writer, Report Painter, Customizing (IMG), Transport
system, Batch input, CATT, LSMW, Variants. SapGui, Business Connector, iDoc, ALE, BIW, Solution Manager.

Systems: MS-DOS, MS Windows up to Vista, NT, Novell, Linux, UNIX. Other software: MS Office, Lotus SmartSuite,
Lotus Notes.

Brief Profile: After 29 years of very varied and international accounting and finance experience, I moved into SAP FI-
CO Consulting and now have over 12 years’ experience in the field. I am an excellent communicator in the 3 main
European languages, English, French and German. I am a published writer and acknowledged as an SAP Financials
Expert. I have published articles in SAP professional publication.

SAP Experience

October 2008 to end 2009, Major petrol company, Essen & Hamburg. All FI configuration and customizing in ECC
6.0, assistance to a more junior CO consultant, testing, user training, IS-Oil & Gas.

February 2008 to October 2008 - Energy solutions. Working as FI-CO consultant in the Competency Centre for
Europe on special projects, solution design, error and bug fixes and rolling out SAP to various European countries (e.g.
Bulgaria), responsible for 6 FI-CO consultants and 2 internal auditors. We have already upgraded from ECC 5.0 to
ECC 6.0. Migration to New GL. In the interim used FI-SL (Special Purpose Ledger) to meet legal requirements in
Bulgaria and other countries in a solution I designed.

April 2007 to January 2008 - Trading company, . Responsible for FI-CO blueprint and all FI-CO configuration,
documentation, user training, testing and data migration in a trading company.

July 2006 to April 2007 - Tobacco company, Regional Business Consultant, Europe. Responsible for design issues
and assessment phase for new projects in the European rollout of the Project, reporting to Programme Manager.
Active in Hamburg, Prague, Athens, London, Southampton and Warsaw.

March 2006 to June 2006 – Cement manufacturer, UK. Accounts Receivable Team. FI-AR Customizing,
Functional Specifications for developments and interfaces, Testing, Training support etc. in SAP R/3 Enterprise (ECC

October 2005 to March 2006 – Veterinary supplies, Amsterdam. Designing and implementing a fixed assets
solution (FI-AA) for 16 European subsidiaries in various European countries in SAP R/3 4.7.

September 2005 to March 2006 – Auto parts manufacturer, France. Advising on specific French issues such as
Bills of Exchange, payment methods, bank interfaces, Chart of Accounts, VAT and other accounting and tax matters in
an SAP context for the French subsidiary of this German group, in SAP R/3 4.7

July 2005 – founded, a consulting company. We provide general IT consulting services including SAP R/3, SAP
Business One, programming support in Delphi, Visual Basic, C++ and C#, project management and web design,
software and hardware development and sales.

July 2005 to March 2006 – Packaging company, Cologne, Germany, Troubleshooting a running SAP system which
has problems in the areas of payment terms and methods, product costing, budgeting, closing processes, CO-PA, US
GAAP, IFRS. Designing and implementing Product Costing, Actual Costing and Material Ledger on the pilot site in
Cologne, in SAP R/3 4.6c.

May 2005 to March 2006 – Electonics company, France. Advising on specific French issues such as Bills of
Exchange, payment methods, bank interfaces, Chart of Accounts, VAT and other accounting and tax matters in an
SAP context for the French subsidiary of this German group, in SAP R/3 4.6c.

January 2005 to May 2005 – Steel company, France, Acting as Chef de Déploiement running a small team of
consultants (internal and external) on a pilot site for an implementation of SAP R/3 4.6C, working entirely in the French
language, on FI, CO and French accounting requirements, all FI, CO-CCA, CO-PA, Co-PCA.

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Curriculum Vitae of SAP FI CO Consultant October 2009
October 2004 to December 2004 – Tobacco company, Turkey, I was contracted to design a strategy to handle the
Turkish currency change to the new Lira due on January 01, 2005, including issue resolution and testing of the

August 2004 to September 2004 – Power generation, Lincoln, UK, Product Costing (CO-PC) of 400,000+ products
and Product Cost Variance reporting in SAP R/3 4.6c.

January 2004 to June 2004 – Flavours & fragrances manufacturer, Germany and USA, Putting Product Costing
into their American subsidiary and bringing them from R/2 to R/3. Symrise is using both Special Ledger and Material

October 2003 to January 2004 – Chemicals group.
Troubleshooting the Italian subsidiary. Specific issues relating to Italian Fiscal and Accounting legal requirements
following upgrade to 4.6c. RCI is a previous client of mine. Specifically, advising on the use of Special Ledger and
Material Ledger and Actual Costing with multiple valuation methods, CO-CCA, CO-PA, Co-PCA.

June 2003 to September 2003 – The contracting market being very poor, I took time out to work on some personal
projects such as writing an article for the respected magazine FI/CO Expert on European VAT in connection with SAP
R/3 and writing a novel both of which have now been published. I also did some work for an International hardware
manufacturer, advising their internal SAP team and external consultants on French and German accounting and legal
requirements, which involved trips to Ireland, Berlin and Paris.

October 2002 to May 2003 - Pharma, Global Business Integration Project - 4.6c
Major international pharmaceutical group which has production and distribution facilities in many countries.
Implementation of SAP R/3 4.6c. Most countries also retained some external (legacy) systems which had to be
integrated with SAP. I was engaged to work at a large manufacturing location in Italy, because I have specialised
knowledge of Italian accounting law and practices and fiscal regulations. I also know US GAAP from my days as
international auditor and Finance Director of a multinational group and from previous projects. I first had to attend the
GBIP Academy in the USA to obtain certification by the US Foods and Drugs Administration (FDA) who are closely
overseeing the project to ensure that it meets their high standards.

The Solution Delivery Team for Valuation & Control, Financial Planning & Reporting was located at headquarters in the
USA. My position as “Applications Engineer” placed me between the US Solution Delivery Team and the local Italian
Team. I acted as adviser to both teams on all matters relating to Financial Accounting & Reporting. I also acted as
adviser to Applications Engineers working on other modules within the Valuation & Control, Financial Planning &
Reporting areas, such as Fixed Asset Accounting, Accounts Receivable (Order-to-Cash) and Accounts Payable
(Purchase-to-Pay) and Controlling, as well as to the Data Migration Team who were responsible for loading of master
data, transaction data and transaction history into SAP. GBIP involves SAP R/3 modules IM – Investment
Management, PS – Project System, HR – Human Resources and BW – Business Information Warehouse. The
company also uses several Special Ledgers for management accounting and local statutory reporting, CO-CCA, CO-
PA, Co-PCA. A particular challenge was “triangular deals” which the company uses very frequently. I had to analyse
these and advise on the correct VAT treatment for each case.

When the Italian Team identified a business process or other requirement, my first task was to ascertain whether this
was a legal, regulatory or fiscal obligation, a business-critical process, or simply a “Nice-to-have”. I did this by
discussion with the local Italian Team and with local professional advisers if necessary, by analysis of the process, and
in some cases by referring to the appropriate text of Italian law. My objectives as defined by GBIP management were:
“To adhere to the global process model and to minimize local changes or additions. The only changes must be those
that are required due to legal, regulatory, fiscal or business critical requirements. To provide the Italian business with a
system that meets all legal, regulatory, fiscal or business critical requirements.”

After I had determined that the requirement was a necessary development, I had to draw up a written specification of
the requirement and communicate this to the US Solution Delivery Team. They and the local Italian Team expected me
to use my extensive and specialised knowledge of accounting, law and SAP and EDP systems to propose a solution
which would be acceptable to all parties, including the Italian fiscal authorities and external auditors in accordance with
my objectives as stated above.

The solution might be (or might be a combination of):
A customising solution creating country-specific configuration or a custom ABAP program or report within SAP
Use of standard SAP functionality, using variants to existing programs, report layouts or screen layouts, validation
rules, substitutions or user exits
A modification to an existing legacy system or modification to an interface with a legacy system
A download of data from SAP to an external system or reporting module
A manual “workaround” within or outside any of the various systems
A request to the company’s external fiscal advisers to negotiate a dispensation from the Italian fiscal authorities in
respect of a minor deviation from the strict legal requirements

The Solution Delivery Team or local Italian Team would take care of the implementation of the solution after it had
been agreed. I had to work with programmers who programmed the legacy systems or SAP and the interfaces

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Curriculum Vitae of SAP FI CO Consultant October 2009
between them to prepare a functional or technical specification for the development. I worked with the Solution
Delivery Team to ensure that the solution was correctly understood, was feasible and was properly documented.

I updated the requirements database (issue tracker), giving details of the agreed solution and changing the issue’s
status so that the solution could be signed off as approved by a decision-maker. I recorded all requirements and their
solutions in an important document to be submitted by the company’s senior management to the company’s external
fiscal advisers and external auditors for formal approval before the system is finally accepted by management as
meeting all legal, regulatory, fiscal or business critical requirements.

I was responsible for overseeing Informal Integration Testing. My task was to ensure that the Power Users carried out
the tests properly and in the correct sequence and to work on solutions to any test defects which showed up during
testing. In order to do this I had to obtain certification in the use of “Test Director” which is used to collect and control
test scripts and to track their execution and any defects. Certification in Test Director is a project requirement because
of the very high quality standards imposed by the US Foods and Drugs Administration (FDA). Before testing could
commence I had to carry out a process of Knowledge Transfer with the Power Users using the test scripts from Test
Director and modifying them to take account of country-specific requirements such as the solutions I had already
proposed for regulatory, fiscal or business critical requirements, as described above.

This rôle and my previous one were more in the nature of pure consulting than configuration, involving using my
expertise in SAP and other areas to devise solutions and guide others in their implementation. My communications
skills and my understanding of both American and European mentalities and language skills were critical to success in
both of these recent projects. Being able to translate business and legal requirements in both directions is one
of my major skills.

August / September 2002 - Soft drinks manufacturer - 4.6c, UK and France
The company had recently taken over another soft drinks manufacturer, in France. In addition they were implementing
4.6c. The integration of the takeover target company into the French group company (already using 4.5) and the
upgrade to 4.6c required specialist knowledge of French accounting and tax laws and practices, specifically with
regard to the Plan Comptable Général and mapping this to the Group Chart of Accounts, French VAT, payment
methods, banking practices, etc. and I was called in to advise on these aspects and to design a European VAT model.
The group is using Special Ledger to accommodate fiscal years other than the Group accounting year.

June 2001 to end July 2002 – Home and personal care products manufacturer – European Rollout of 4.6c
The company was formed by a merger and the project harmonised systems on a common platform with common
processes as far as individual country requirements allowed, starting with the UK and rolling out across Europe. I was
recruited to work with the internal team to provide my specialist expertise in configuring and customizing European
fiscal and accounting requirements and solutions, a harmonised VAT scheme for Europe, withholding tax, payment
methods, payment terms, electronic banking, bill of exchange processing, RiBa and RiD, etc. This also involved
knowledge transfer to the younger members of the internal team and to the Application Support Group as well as some
user training and documentation of my configuration.

I worked on the UK implementation (Go-Live 02 January 2002) and at the same time was appointed as the main
contact for Italy (Go-Live 03 June 2002). After the UK Go-Live we had one month of “intensive care”. I was given
additional responsibility for interfaces and SAPscripts for the UK and for ABAP developments, BW reports, interfaces
and SAPscripts and LIFO fiscal stock valuation for Italy, which involved working closely with IT people and
programmers on specifications and test scenarios. The interfaces with the Italian Treasury system made extensive use
of iDocs and ALE. The company also implemented FI-AA (Asset Accounting) together with PS (Project System), IM
(Investment Management) and BW (Business Information Warehouse) and I was involved with all these. Frequent trips
to Milan also improved my knowledge of the Italian language.

November 2000 to June 2001 - Specialist manufacturer – European Rollout 4.0b, France and Germany
The company is a specialist manufacturer and solutions provider in the fields of high performance polymeric sealing
components and engineered plastics especially to the aerospace industry. I was recruited to provide my specialist
expertise in the FI, CO-CCA, CO-PA, and EC-PCA modules in France and Germany.

Responsible for all country-specific FI/CO customizing, e.g. VAT processing and payment methods for automatic
production of Bills of Exchange Receivable and Payable, cheques and bank transfers, including close collaboration
with Developers to specify, develop and test SAPscript layout sets for cheques, bills of exchange, dunning letters and
DME (DTA) files for use in electronic banking. I was also called upon to advise on French and German business
practices and accounting law, principles and methods and implementing the French legal Chart of Accounts and to
develop financial statement versions and variants of standard reports for reporting under US GAAP and French and
German statutory rules. French-speaking Belgian consultants and German consultants were recruited for the SD and
MM modules and I worked with them on a number of issues. We moved from standard price to moving average price.
Euro conversion from French Francs and German Marks.

Worked with the Group Controller on developing a monthly closing schedule. Advised him on aspects of SAP which
were not included in the rollout but were possible future developments such as asset accounting (FI-AA) and other
SAP functionality. Also worked with external accountants, auditors and advisers on various accounting, legal and tax
aspects of the implementation and balances takeover. Responsible for documentation of all country-specific

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Curriculum Vitae of SAP FI CO Consultant October 2009
configuration, for writing business procedures in English, French and German, for delivery of training to end users in
the French and German languages and for support after Go-Live.

June 2000 to October 2000 - Chemicals manufacturer – European Implementation of 3.1i
A major US chemicals company active in the fields of enamels, colourings and coatings, in a world-wide
implementation of SAP R/3 3.1i. Recruited to provide specialist assistance in the FI, TR, CO and EC-PCA modules in
France. The implementation was being carried out by consultants from the USA and by the in-house team The team
had little knowledge of the French language or culture and this lack was felt particularly keenly by the FI-CO Leader on
the team, who was responsible for the FI, TR and CO modules. French-speaking Belgian consultants were also
recruited for the SD, MM and PP modules and I worked with them on a number of issues. We used 3.1i for Euro
conversion from French Francs.

All country-specific configuration, e.g. translations into French, VAT processing, payment methods for automatic
production of Bills of Exchange Receivable and Payable, cheques and virements (bank transfers), close collaboration
with Developers to specify, develop and test SAPscript layout sets for cheques, bills of exchange, dunning letters and
DME files for use in electronic banking. Also called upon to advise on French business practices and accounting law,
principles and methods and implementing the French legal Chart of Accounts using alternative account numbers, to
develop financial statement versions for reporting under both US GAAP and French statutory rules. Developed an
interface for downloading the trial balance into the “liasse fiscale” for tax reporting. A great deal of liaison with the Site
Controller and his staff and the reconciliation of French accounting practices with the requirements of the Group and
with what was available and feasible within SAP.

Documentation of all country-specific configuration, writing business procedures in English and French and delivery of
training to end users in the French language. Acting as consultant to the FI-CO Leader I also had to transfer
knowledge to him and the power users and became very much involved in job realignment and change management.
After Go-Live on October 01 the SAP Team provided support during the first month.

01 April 1998 to August 2000 - Chemicals manufacturer – European rollout of 3.1h
The company produces composite materials. I was recruited to assist external consultants with Customizing the FI
Module on the French pilot site. With an assistant, I was responsible for the entire FI (FI-GL, FI-AR, FI-AP) and TR
configuration as well as CO-PA, Costing, Budgets, CO-CCA. The work was carried out in French language and
translated into English. I was responsible for the solution to the problem of producing French statutory accounts in
accordance with French law and the Plan Comptable Général and management accounts conforming to US GAAP
from the same General Ledger. I also designed a schema of VAT codes that was adopted as the European model.
When the pilot site went live on September 01, 1998, the external consultants rolled off the project and returned to their
previous rôle of systems support, and the internal SAP Consulting Team (the SAPCT) took over to carry out the
European Rollout. I was asked to stay on and to become a member of the SAPCT so as to give the Team the benefit
of my European experience and perspective and an extra resource because the SAPCT still had responsibility for sites
across the USA, Canada and Central and South America. With the aid of a junior consultant in the Scandinavian
countries and 2 Italian consultants who assisted with specific “Italianisation” issues, I worked on sites across Europe, in
Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden and the UK, and in the
Shared Service Centre in Breda, NL.

I was responsible for all FI and TR configuration and customizing including specific solutions in such areas as Bill of
Exchange processing, asset accounting, country-specific tax schemes and financial statement versions, reporting
requirements, electronic banking, payment methods, payment terms, setting up CO-CCA, CO-PA, CO-PC, training
users in monthly closing, product costing and costing runs. I worked closely together with the team members
responsible for SD and MM. In addition I acted as the last resort for Helpdesk problems and provided direct support to
users for month-end processing or technical questions. I had a great deal of independence to get the job done in the
most effective way possible. Asset accounting (FI-AA) was rolled out as a separate exercise after the completion of the
rollout proper and this involved revisiting many sites, sometimes accompanied by an accountant from the Shared
Services Centre in Breda, NL, whom I was training in asset accounting in SAP.

By the end of 1999 I was advising the European IT Director on creating a European SAP Consulting Team and a
European Helpdesk to replace the external Helpdesk and I employed a specialist consultant in this field to design and
construct the Helpdesk. This project ran from January 03 until August 03, 2000 and “Go-Live” on July 03 2000 was
very successful.

I was also responsible for documenting the configuration carried out in Europe so that the Americans and the new
European SAPC Team and European Helpdesk could understand it and support it in the future.

January 1996 to March 1998 - Chemicals Trading, Hamburg, Germany – SAP R/3 Implementation
I put my accounting, financial and general business knowledge and my command of the German language to use in
assisting the Project Team with the implementation of SAP R/3, FI, CO, SD & MM Modules. I acted as liaison between
the Project Team and local management and staff, translating user requirements into specifications for configuration
and explaining the system to the users and the business to the consultants. I was involved in training users before
"Go-Live". It was also necessary to ensure the reliability of the FI and CO data input to SAP at "Go-Live" on May 01,
1996 and I was responsible for this aspect. There was no parallel running. The project team rolled off at the end of May

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Curriculum Vitae of SAP FI CO Consultant October 2009

From June 1996 onwards I was solely responsible for settling down and troubleshooting the SAP system as well as for
ongoing user training and support and advice and assistance to management and staff. I took over from the Project
Manager as the on-site SAP expert. A lot of this work involved identifying configuration shortcomings and finding
solutions and coping with an upgrade from R/3 2.1 to 3.1G. I took over the duties of Financial Controller when the
former controller left. This involved all financial management of the company including relations with bankers and
auditors, the production of monthly management accounts to very strict timetables, reconciling results between FI and
CO-PA and CO-CCA. Responsibility for 3 accounting staff and 1 ITS specialist, assistance of an ABAP Programmer
and various external consultants who were called in for specific tasks such as consignment stocks and a solution for
Goods in Transit. Left on March 31, 1998 to take up a contract in France because the group was selling the company.

Other Experience:

1992 to      Director – Consulting company, UK, Management Consulting, software consulting, accounting systems
 1997        and solutions.

             Group Financial Director, Privately-held multinational group., international holding company
             Based in Paris, France. All financial management of diversified, privately owned group of companies (Total
             assets of $115 million.) The group carried out large property developments in London including one as a
1985 to
             joint venture with a major investment bank, and had interests in software companies and other property
             companies. I was also responsible for consolidated accounts, group restructuring, taxation matters and
             liaison with auditors, lawyers and international bankers, reporting monthly to the Joint Venture Board, and
             daily to the Group President, who was based in California.

             Audit Manager / Consultant, International Accounting firm, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
             Recruited by senior partner to put some management into new audit department, auditing industrial
             companies, holding companies, banks and financial institutions. Started management consulting function.
1982 to
             Worked in French, English and German languages. My team of auditors consistently achieved 90%
             productivity and good profitability. Audited major banks, a large steel producer, and the liquidation of a
             failed international bank. Took specialised courses in bank auditing, advanced auditing and management

             Head of Accounts Department dealing with Subsidiaries, Brewery Group, GD Luxembourg
1981 to      Accounting and company secretarial functions of 12 subsidiary manufacturing and distribution companies,
 1982        with a staff of 6. Oversaw the computerisation of the accounting function. Worked almost entirely in French

             Cost Analyst, Head of Department, Hydraulics manufacturer, Luxembourg.
             With a staff of 6, responsible for standard costing, budgetary control and management accounting for 4
1979 to
             divisions of the Group, reporting to local and to US management. Divisions were engaged in steel
             fabrication work, steel-framed buildings, Armco barriers, etc. Worked in French, English and German

             Chief Accountant / Administration Manager, manufacturer, Burntwood, UK,. All financial and cost
1977 to      accounting with staff of 4, reporting to head office and liaising with local auditors. Set standard costs for the
 1979        Luxatrak range of curtain rails and accessories and the Luxaflex range of window blinds. Also responsible
             for personnel management, property, and shipping to export markets.

             Consultant / Administration Manager, Construction company (UK and Saudi Arabia).
1976 to      Troubleshooting a crisis in the Group's Saudi Arabian operation. Took over all accounting, costing and
 1977        administrative functions in Saudi Arabia including recruitment, training, supervision and payroll of local
             staff, until an accountant was recruited and sent out, then trained him.

             Chief Accountant, UK subsidiary of a German industrial group (Leamington Spa),
1972 to
             All accounting and job costing, payroll, liaison with local auditors and Head Office, preparation and
             submission of budgets, forecasts, management and annual accounts.

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Curriculum Vitae of SAP FI CO Consultant October 2009

          Assistant Financial Accountant , Screws & Fasteners Sub-Group of a UK manufacturer.
1970 to
          Production of monthly management accounts and annual accounts and capital expenditure budget and

          Accounts Assistant, Internal Auditor, Building Society, (now a Bank).
1967 to
          Worked first on branch accounts, then on migration to a mainframe computer. Also acted as a floating
          relief manager troubleshooting branches with problems after “Go-Live”.

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Curriculum Vitae of SAP FI CO Consultant October 2009

Skills and Experience

              I have gained SAP R/3 expertise in an international environment over more than 10 years.

              I have a very professional approach with great communication skills and good presentation.
              I am multi-lingual, fluent in English, French and German, with a working knowledge of other
              languages and understanding of different cultures. I am well-travelled and at ease in many

              I am a highly motivated, well-organised self-starter with great powers of concentration and creativity,
              and am an effective manager of time and resources.

              I am goal-orientated and capable of motivating and leading others, and setting and achieving
              I am continually extending my knowledge base through research and study and continually adding
              to my SAP know-how databases.

              I am very strong in finance and accounting, costing and management accounting, and auditing
              (including bank auditing) in three languages.

              I am a published author of technical articles on taxation, the use of offshore tax havens, software,
              and establishing businesses in European countries. I contribute expert advice in SAP forums. I am a
              contributor to the magazine SAP Financials Expert (formerly FI/CO Expert).

              I am very computer literate and familiar with modern technology. I have built and repaired PCs and
              installed all my own hardware and software. I travel with a state-of-the-art laptop with all my know-
              how files on it and indexed.

              I am an experienced adviser to businessmen/women at all levels up to Group Board level.

              I have prepared accounts up to published accounts and statutory audit levels, including carrying out
              multi-company, multi-currency consolidations under FAS, GAAP, and IAS.

              I have experience of US GAAP, GAAS and FAS, British, French, German, Austrian, Dutch, Italian,
              Spanish, Scandinavian and Turkish accounting laws and practices in an SAP R/3 context. I have
              also studied IFRS (successor to IAS).

              I have managed Accounts and Audit departments, with up to 12 staff.
              I have managed and liaised with other consultants in SAP and other disciplines.

              I have carried out audits of banks, financial institutions, large and small businesses and
              consolidations to US GAAP/GAAS, UK SAAP and international standards (IFRS/IAS).

              I have managed relationships with bankers, lawyers, auditors, tax consultants, quantity surveyors,
              real estate agents and other advisers.

              I have vast experience of business planning, finance raising, start-up situations, Inland Revenue
              investigations, taxation, the use of offshore tax havens, etc.

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