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					                 Course Mapping Overview
Course mapping is not a term that is commonly used by faculty who design
their courses, but it is worth bringing to the forefront because it is a powerful
concept and tool for instructional design. Another way to think of course
mapping would be a “storyboard” or “blueprint” for instruction. You don’t
have to use the term “course map,” of course, you could simply call it a
course calendar or schedule of events, anything you like, but the term course
map seems to encompass the main idea.

The concept of “mapping” is not foreign to faculty; most faculty already
employ some or all of the elements of a course map:

      Goals and objectives to be met for the course or program
      Class schedule for meeting times and/or activities
      Testing dates
      List of resources to be used (links, etc.)
      List of tasks or learning activities
      Others…

A course map simply combines all of these elements (and more) into a
coherent, sequenced timeline of instruction. The following example is just
one of many ways a course map could be constructed. If you view the
“Additional Resources” information, you will see other examples.

Bottom line: Course maps visually, explicitly organize class activities for
students. This is especially useful in completely online classes.

Example of a Course Map (Horizontal: left-to-right)

                 Task and/or                                                Assess
Date     Topic                              Activities       Resources
                   Objective                                                 ment
Jan    Overview Students will               Welcome           Books      Online
8      of course demonstrate                Overview          Links      quiz
                 an                         Requirements      Handouts over
                 understanding              Introductions                 topics
                 of course                                                 covered
                 requirements                                              in class
                 and location                                              (5
                 of resources                                              points
                                                                           of total
Jan    Chapter     Read pp 20-              Take quiz     Class text book Online
9      1           26 before                 before class                  quiz due
                   class                    In-class                      before
                                             discussion                    class
                                             about                         date

                Course Mapping Overview
Alternate Course Map Design (Vertical: top to bottom)

If you find the left-to-right flow of the table matrix too confining as in the
above example, you may also create a top-to-bottom matrix. This format
allows for more text in the right column. An example follows.

January 8
Topic                          Overview of Course
Task and/or Objective          Students will demonstrate an understanding of
                               course requirements and location of resources
Activities                         Welcome
                                   Overview
                                   Requirements
                                   Introductions
Resources                          Books
                                   Links
                                   Handouts
Assessment                     Online quiz over topics covered in class (5
                               points of total grade)
January 9
Topic                          Partial reading of Chapter 1
Task and/or Objective          Read pp 20-26 before class
Activities                         Take quiz before class
                                   In-class discussion about material
Resources                      Class text book
Assessment                     Online quiz due before class date
Task and/or Objective

Benefits of a Course Map for the Instructor

      Helps the instructor to organize thoughts about how the course will be
      Shows flow and sequence of activities
      Serves as a checklist of activities in planning stage
      Helps the instructor align goal and objectives with outcome
       expectations (accreditation)
      Centralizes activities in one document

              Course Mapping Overview

Benefits of a Course Map for the Students

     Explicitly presents a logical sequence of events for activities,
      assignments, readings, assessment and more in one document for the
      entire course
     Visually organized for visual learners
     Keeps students on task
     Reduces the number of documents with important information