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									                                  Florida Department of Education
                     District Policies for Supplemental Educational Services
                                             2008 - 2009

It is recommended that all applicants interested in becoming a state approved SES
provider contact the District NCLB School Choice Coordinator in each district in which they
wish to serve students to obtain basic information to assist them in applying for state
approval. District Coordinators may wish to complete this form to provide district policies
related to specific topics.

District: Pinellas

District NCLB School Choice Coordinator: Nancy Nole

Phone Number: 727.893.2307                      E-Mail Address: noeln@pcsb.org

Facility Management:

   Yes         No        Contracted vendors may use district facilities. If yes, what are the
                         procedures for facility rental? Details for Facility Use are explained
in our contract and the first meeting of the school year, usually in July.
                         Facility rental fee: $4.00 per hour with a two hour per day minimum.
                (Monday- Friday) Facilities are available on the weekend at a considerable
                higher amount.
   Yes         No        School facilities are available on weekends

Assessment Data:

What types of assessment data will be shared with approved SES providers? Common
assessment administered by the classroom teachers will be available after October 15th.
The assessments available before that will be from the previous school year.

   Yes         No        Can SES providers use district provided diagnostic data to develop
                         student learning plans? If yes, when will the student data be
                         available for providers for 2008-2009? Diagnostic data is not
                         available until after October 15th . So, providers can not use it to
                         write Student Learning Plans.

   Yes         No        Are post-assessments required by the contract?


Indicate the average student and teacher release times of your schools.
Average Elementary School          Student release time: Three tier schedule: 1st -
          nd            rd
1:45p.m. 2 - 2:40p.m. 3 - 3:15p.m.
Teacher and paraprofessional contract hours: varies according to school
Average Middle School              Student release time: n/a
Teacher and paraprofessional contract hours: n/a
Average High School                Student release time: n/a
Teacher and paraprofessional contract hours: n/a
Marketing and Outreach:

   Yes       No        Does the district have specific policies regarding marketing and
                       outreach for SES? If yes, explain: Guidelines are covered in the
SES contract that all providers must sign before working in Pinellas County.

   Yes        No      Does the district have a policy regarding approved SES providers
                      employing district employees? If yes, please explain the
                      policy:District employees may not recruit, solicit, or recommend a
                      specific SES provider to parents, even if the teacher works for a
                      company.No district employee may discuss SES issues during the
                      regular school day with parents, other employees or the SES
                      company owner. All SES work must be done by district employees
                      after the employee's regular school day ends. There are written
                      guidelines that will be shared with SES providers at the first meeting
                      (usually in July)

   Yes       No       Does the district plan to have provider fairs? If yes, is attendance
                      mandatory for providers?      Yes        No

  Yes       No        Does the district plan to schedule an employee fair?

Insurance Requirements/Fingerprinting/Background Checks:

Describe the policy related to the district’s insurance requirements: All SES employees
must have a Level II screening done by the district office and badges must ALWAYS be
worn when doing business as an SES provider on school campus. If the badge is not
visible, the person may be asked to leave the premises.

  Yes       No        Does the district require all provider employees to use the district’s
                      approved fingerprint and background check vendor? If yes, what is
                      the cost? $56.25, may change slightly for the upcoming year.


  Yes       No        Does the district hire school site facilitators for SES?

  Yes       No        Does the district require providers to use specific software for
                      invoicing, developing student learning plans, tracking attendance
                      and reporting students? If yes, identify the software?

Eligible Students:

How many students are eligible to participate in SES in the district? 15,000
How many students participated in SES in 2007-2008? 3,200
How many schools are required to offer SES in the district? 35 schools were required to
offer SES this year. We serve 41 schools because we included the schools that were
required to offer choice. We received a waiver from USDE and were not required to offer
choice. We offered SES as an alternative.
District’s Per Pupil Allocation: $1,269.00 per student for 2007-2008.

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