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									Louisiana State Employees

     Guide to Travel

• Review the State of Louisiana Travel Regulations. A complete copy of
  the travel regulations can be obtained at
            This form can be obtained in the Office of Human Resources.
All travel must be authorized and approved in writing by the head of the
department from whose funds the traveler is paid. All travelers must
then submit this completed and signed form to HR within seven to ten
business days prior to travel. Supporting documentation such as
justification of travel, confirmation of registration fee, agenda, etc. must
be attached to the Request for Authorization to Travel Form.

   •   All fields pertaining to your travel must be completed. Please take
       note of the following fields which require detailed responses:
       -Departure and Return: When are you leaving and returning?
       (specify the date and time)
       -Budget Code: What department is sponsoring your trip? Please do
       not send to HR with this item blank. (include fund, organization,
       object, and program codes)
-Purpose of Travel – Why are you
-Estimated Expenses: What were you
quoted for hotel, airline, registration
-Special Approval Requested: Check
items that apply and provide justification
in the designated area.
-Advance Requested: Select yes to
request that registration be paid on your
behalf prior to your travel; an advance
of travel funds for individuals
pending/denied a Bank of America
Corporate Travel Card and/or airfare to
be paid on your behalf.
-Signatures: Provide all signatures as
         Single Day Travel
Meals are not eligible for reimbursements on
 single day travel. This means that when an
 authorized traveler of the State is in travel
                  status where no overnight
                  stay is required, no meals are
                  eligible for reimbursement.
     Travel with Over Night Stay
Travelers may be reimbursed for meals according to the following

Breakfast: When travel begins at/or before 6:00 am of the first day of
   travel and extends beyond 9:00 am on the last day of travel, and for
   any intervening days.
Lunch: When travel begins at/or before 10:00 am of the first day of
   travel and extends beyond 2:00 pm on the last day of travel, and for
   any intervening days.
Dinner: When travel begins at/or before 4:00 pm of the first
   day of travel and extends beyond 8:00 pm on the
   last day of travel, and for any intervening days.
Meals Allowance – Including Tax and Tips

                    Receipts are not required for
                      routine meals within these
                      allowances. Partial meals
                      such as continental
                      breakfasts or airline meals
                      are not considered meals.
   Employees will be reimbursed lodging rates, plus tax. Receipts
                            are required.
The State Travel Office does not enter into contracts with any hotel properties.

Specific hotel properties where a traveler must stay are not mandated. The
   State Travel Office only states the maximum dollar allowance a traveler can
   be reimbursed for lodging.

The important thing to note when making travel arrangements is to seek hotel
   reservations as early as possible. That will increase the opportunities to find
   a rate at or below state contract. Be sure and write down the reservation
   number as well as their cancellation policy. If travel plans have to be
   changed or cancelled, then you must cancel your reservation within the
   allowable time frame.
Tips for Making Hotel Reservations
     and Checking into Hotels:
1.   When making reservations at a hotel please ask for a State
     Government Rate.
2.   Remember to bring a tax exempt form to avoid paying sales tax
     (available at An administrator
     or your Travel Coordinator must sign the tax exempt form. You
     should present this form to the hotel upon arrival.
3.   Make sure that you know the cancellation policy. (If you do not
     cancel a reservation you may be charged the first night’s stay).
4.   Be sure you know what your booked rate includes (breakfast, free
     local phone calls, etc.) to make sure you
     are getting the best rate.
5.   Confirmation numbers are proof of
     reservation. Provide this number to the
     front desk clerk.
Reimbursement from official domicile to area
 of travel based on most direct route.
 (Mileage is not reimbursable in domicile.)
 Mileage shall be computed on the basis of
 odometer readings from point of origin to
 point of return.
  Do I Qualify for an Advance?

• All travelers must apply for a Bank of America
  Corporate Travel Card. Forms are available in the
  Office of Human Resources.
• Completed applications must be submitted to HR.
• A travel advance will be given if you are denied a
  Bank of America Corporate Travel Card and
  denial is on file.

 **Some employees are eligible for advances, based on salary.**
      Things you need to acquire during your trip:
•   Parking receipts
•   Transportation receipts
•   Original hotel receipt
•   Navigant Official Airline Ticket Receipt
•   Odometer readings for departure and arrival
•   Time of departure and arrival
•   Receipts for all official business communications (phone, fax,
    internet use, postal services)
This form is available in the Office of Human Resources.

All travelers seeking reimbursement must submit this
   form to HR within 30 days of their return.

All fields pertaining to your travel must be completed.
• All reimbursement checks will be available for pickup in the
  Business Office, upon notification.
• If an advance was issued and it exceeds your allowable travel
  expenses, you will receive notification of the amount that is to be
  returned to the Business Office, along with an audited copy of the
  Travel Expense Account Form.
                                      Travel Tips

1.   Plan ahead. If you are unsure of the method to handle
     something, call your Travel Coordinator and ask.
2.   Submit Travel Authorization and request special approvals
     prior to travel taking place.
3.   Obtain all necessary signatures before submitting the
     expense account for processing.
4.   Attach all required receipts to the expense account.
5.   Turn in Travel Expense Account immediately upon returning
     from trip to ensure timely reimbursement.
Where You Can Obtain
 Further Information

 • Online at

   Further questions: call Barbara Bordelon,
   Travel Coordinator, 337/491-2642

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