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									    School Strategies and

Announces an Exceptional Leadership
          Opportunity for

           Head of School


     An International Baccalaureate School
         Spartanburg, South Carolina

      Spartanburg Day School

         A 470 student, coeducational day school for Grades PK-12

                         Position commences on July 1, 2012

School Strategies and Solutions (S/3), consultants to the search, invites candidates and
nominations for this highly respected PK-12 school of exceptional quality in the Southeast.

Applications are requested by October 1 to ensure full consideration. The school desires to appoint
the next Head of School by December 2011, with a starting date of July 1, 2012.

The Leadership Opportunity: Consultant’s Notes

School Strategies and Solution’s consultant has worked with Spartanburg Day School for almost two
years at this writing. Initially we led a full-day Trustee/Administration Pre-Planning Retreat, which
was followed by an exciting eighteen-month involvement in which we provided, first, strategic
planning guidance and facilitation, and subsequently, an advisory role to action plan implementation
committees for the 2010-11 school year.

During this extended span of involvement, S/3 has gained a deep awareness not only of the
wonderful and committed people who make up the school community, but also an understanding
and appreciation of the factors that make Spartanburg Day School a “jewel” among the finest mid-
sized PK-12 schools in the Southeast.

Many individuals, from the founders to the current day, had a role in setting SDS on the ambitious
and successful course it has followed for over 50 years. Since 2001, Headmaster Chris Dorrance, has
both inspired and empowered others in realizing the programmatic changes outlined in this
document and on the SDS website. Working with an exemplary board, Chris has also had a key role
in fundraising with results that have elevated SDS to the highest NAIS percentiles in the Southeast
and nationally for schools in its enrollment cohort. With his recent decision to retire in 2012 after a
job well done, he will pass on to his successor a school that, although not without the financial and
enrollment challenges similar to those facing many other fine independent schools, has the program,
spaces and people to meet the needs of this community in the 21st Century.

For an insightful perspective, check this blog by a trustee parent in the spring of 2011 -

Prospective applicants to Spartanburg Day are encouraged to reflect on the following questions in
evaluating the information provided in this Position Profile and from other sources in deciding if
Spartanburg Day School might be the ‘right fit’ for you:

    1. Does my educational and leadership philosophy match with Spartanburg Day’s, a PK-12
       school that aims to serve the “whole child” with an innovative, world-standard curriculum?
    2. Do my personality, skills and innate talents match the qualities sought in this Profile?
    3. Would Spartanburg Day’s primary challenges align with my strengths and interests?
    4. Can I make a difference in leading Spartanburg Day?
    5. Is Spartanburg Day a school where I would want my children enrolled?
    6. Is the Spartanburg area a compatible location for my family?

If your answers encourage you to move forward, please let us know in an introductory email with
your resume included so that we may do a preliminary evaluation.

Note: We strongly encourage all interested candidates to tour the school’s website – - in
addition to reviewing the information provided herein.

Mission and Philosophy:

Spartanburg Day School is a college-preparatory, co-educational day school for students in grades pre-
kindergarten through twelve. Our mission is to shape the intellectual, physical and moral development of our
students in an environment that challenges, yet supports and nurtures young people. We strive to guide
students in their quest for self-understanding, to foster an awareness of human worth and respect for all
peoples, and to instill an ethic of service as members of the global community.

Philosophic Objectives
Focusing on a core curriculum, the school sets high academic standards while developing intellectual
curiosity and independence of thought. Beyond academics, the school seeks to develop in each
student a maturity of judgment, self-discipline, moral character, a commitment towards community
service, and good citizenship.
Believing in the importance of athletics, the arts, and extra-curricular activities, the school provides
those opportunities to promote teamwork and respect for a healthy body, to develop an appreciation
for the arts, and to broaden our students’ horizons.
The Spartanburg Day School recognizes that there are differences among people, which add value to
education. We promote a school culture that nurtures unity, tolerance, and respect in its diversity in
order to equip its students to meet the challenges and opportunities of leading and contributing to an
increasingly global society.
Through all these endeavors, the school seeks to develop in each student a positive attitude, a high
self-esteem, and leadership skills as their foundation for the future. The success of the Spartanburg
Day School mission requires the commitment and combined efforts of the faculty, students, parents,
supporters, administration and board.

Spartanburg Day School Profile, History and Governance:

Spartanburg Day Thumbnail Profile:
 Founded in1957
 Total Enrollment: 470
 FTE Teachers: 54
 Average Class Size: 12
 Student: Teacher Ratio 9:1
 Racial/Ethnic Diversity 11% of student body
 Full time Faculty with Advanced Degrees 71%
 Average Experience of an SDS Teacher 18 Years
 Breakdown of Teaching Experience:
       o 37% of faculty has taught for 21+ years
       o 15% of faculty has taught for 16-20 years
       o 17% of faculty has taught for 11-15 years
       o 12% of faculty has taught for 6-10 years
       o 19% of faculty has taught for 1-5 years
   Higher Education Partners:
        o Converse College
        o Wofford College
        o University of South Carolina Upstate
        o Spartanburg Community College
        o Limestone College
   100% of Graduates attending a 4-year College or University
        o 5 National Merit Finalists, 2008-2010
        o 2 Semi-Finalists, 2008-2010
        o 4 Commended Scholars, 2008-2010
   Advanced Placement Courses: 15
   Mean SAT Scores, Class of 2010: Verbal – 585; Math – 604; Writing – 607
        o Middle 50% Verbal: 530-650; Middle 50% Math: 550-660
   Languages offered Latin, Spanish, French, Chinese (Lower School)
   Student Participation in Athletic Programs: PE for all LS grades 4 days per week; MS and US
    100% - No-cut policy.
   Number of Athletic Teams: 23
   Academic Citations:
        o First SACS-accredited school in SC (Southern Association of Colleges and Schools)
        o First Cum Laude Society Chapter in SC (Established in 1969)
        o International Baccalaureate School
   Accreditations:
        o Southern Association of Colleges and Schools
        o Southern Association of Independent Schools
   Memberships:
        o National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS)
        o Palmetto Association of Independent Schools (PAIS)
        o Southern Association of Independent Schools (SAIS)
        o The College Board (CEEB)
        o National Business Officers Association (NBOA)
        o National Association of College Admission Counseling (NACAC)

History and Campus:
Spartanburg Day School opened its doors on September 12, 1957 as the first independent school in
the Upstate of South Carolina, with 35 students attending grades one through five. A local
newspaper column the next year wrote, “The Day School was begun last year by a group of energetic
Spartanburg citizens who wanted a private school with small classes for their children…. The school
is marked by rigorous, old-fashioned drilling in such fundamentals as English, mathematics, science,
history and spelling... The Spartanburg Day School is a place where the future of Spartanburg, and
indeed America, is being determined.”

“The Day School” has come a long way since then. In the fall of 2011, an exceptional new Upper
School building will open. In the summer of 2010, all of the original 1962 academic and
administrative buildings on the school’s 20-acre campus on Skylyn Drive received a total interior
makeover that brought them up to LEED standards (new double-pane fenestration, new HVAC
systems, new insulation, new ceiling tiles, and new lighting). Ninety-six geothermal wells were dug
and now provide an ecological and cost-effective energy source for all seasons to all core academic

An attractive and well-equipped new Athletic Center was dedicated in August of 2010. Also new
within the past decade are the Susan A. Bridges Dining Commons; the Mildred Harrison Dent Fine
Arts Center and Gallery; installation of a new traffic light at the school’s entrance; reconfigured
parking areas and internal roads; re-landscaping of the entire campus under the direction of a
nationally renowned landscape architect; fifteen acres of upgraded playing fields that include a
Baseball field, regulation track, exhibition and multi-sport practice fields, which were put into use in
2010; refurbishing of the tennis courts has also been recently completed.

The Day School has consistently had the ability to raise funds without borrowing for capital
improvement and/or additions projects. The campus is both highly attractive and functional and
strongly supports the program and School mission.

A self-perpetuating, highly supportive Board of Trustees, that understands and reflects NAIS best
practices in their endeavors, provides strategic vision and direction to Spartanburg Day School with
24 members elected for up to two successive three-year terms.

The Board has a slight majority of parents and also includes alumni, former parents, area business
leaders, and leaders of other educational institutions. They are a hard working and extremely
generous group of committed volunteers.

The Educational Program:

SDS has become a forerunner in the establishment of a global curriculum through the
implementation of the International Baccalaureate Programme (IB), the integration of Chinese into
the foreign language program, and the adoption of the Singapore Math Program, which is itself
ranked first internationally.
SDS has also taken the initiative in creating partnerships with five area colleges/universities –
Converse College, Wofford College, the University of South Carolina – Upstate, Spartanburg
Community College and Limestone College which provide opportunities for students and staff
including access to resources, research, and professional development.
“Taking the lead” is hard-wired into the culture of Spartanburg Day School and stems from the work
and vision of the school’s founders.

For comprehensive overviews of the educational program at each division/age level, please use the
following links:

Lower School:
Middle School:
Upper School:


        Note: A fascinating glimpse into the school’s enthusiastic commitment to and the high value
        accorded the arts at SDS can be found at:


The School Community:

In 2010-11 Lower School (PS-4) enrolled 185 students; Middle School (5-8) enrolled 140 students;
and Upper School enrolled 145 students.
The student body comes mainly from Spartanburg County, but includes, as well, a wide range,
generally along the axis of Interstate 85, which connects Charlotte, Spartanburg, Greenville and
Atlanta. SDS has several families from North Carolina communities that are about 30 miles from the

Spartanburg Day employed 94 staff in 2010-11. 71% of SDS teachers hold doctoral or masters

The following staff report directly to the Head of School:
 Lower School Head
 Middle School Head
 Upper School Head
 Business Manager
 Director of Admissions
 Director of Institutional Advancement
 Director of Athletics
 Director of IT, Facilities and Construction

The Class of 2011 had 44 graduates (18% students of color). They made 214 applications to 110
colleges. Of these, 146 were accepted; 50 denied; and 17 on wait-lists. Half will attend a college in
South Carolina – Clemson, U. of South Carolina, Wofford, Furman and Converse. Twelve others
will attend colleges in the Southeast – Vanderbilt, Wake Forest, Washington and Lee, Davidson,
Georgia Tech and Elon. Ten graduates will attend colleges across the rest of the country – Stanford,
Eastman School of Music, and Northeastern, among others. The geographic distribution of college
selections varies from class to class. This year a much higher percentage than normal chose SC

Six will study engineering and technology; three will attend art or music colleges; seven will play
intercollegiate sports.

The Headmaster, Upper School Head and Upper School counselor were the college consulting team
in 2010-11.

 Service learning is given high priority at SDS, and programs such as Humanitas, ASTRA and
INTERACT offer students multiple opportunities to give back to the community.

A week of independent study “Special Studies Week” is an important component of the US program.
Offerings are diverse and will typically include national and international travel options as well as
local opportunities for students.

Admissions, Finance and Advancement:

Admissions/Enrollment/Financial Aid:

The admissions director reports to the Headmaster and has one administrative assistant. The school
receptionist forwards calls about admission/financial aid, re-enrollment to this office.

A new marketing plan emerged from the Strategic Planning process. A significant increase in
outreach initiatives, the use of various social media, an upgrade to the website, marketing and press
relations efforts, internal/external communication using electronic media, press releases, media
advertising, and other targeted ad placement have resulted this past year.
Spartanburg Day enrolled 470 students during the 2010-11 school year, and expects to begin the
2011-12 school year with an enrollment in the same range. Annual attrition has recently been kept
under 10% (8% this past year) due to strong re-enrollment efforts, including individualized contract
renewal letters. The admissions challenge is primarily to attract new applicants/enrollees. To that
end, SDS has taken the following initiatives:

   College Partnerships: Worked to develop new college partnerships with: Spartanburg Methodist
    College, Limestone College, and the College of Osteopathic Medicine (VCOM)
   Open House Events - Email blasts to individuals, and the college partners were found to be very
    effective in reaching out to people and attracting prospective families.
   15 applicants applied/tested for the Ben Stone Fellows merit scholarships; SDS offered four
    students this scholarship; all were accepted. SDS also offered four Headmaster scholarships to
    this applicant group, three of which were accepted. One Milliken Science scholarship was also
    awarded. A scholarship luncheon was held honoring the recipients and their parents.
   School is working on the completion of a new view book.
   The Financial Aid process was even more streamlined and efficient this year with most awards
    completed and returned in a timely manner.
   SDS continues to work with several international companies representing students all over the


The Business Manager reports to the Headmaster and to the Finance Committee of the Board, and
has a staff of three others. The School annually benchmarks to SC, Southeastern and national NAIS
statistics to monitor its finances.

A summary of the 2010-11 operating budget reveals the following highest percentage allocations:

Income:           Gross Tuition    82%
                  Financial Aid    12%
                  Net Tuition      70%
                  Gifts            23%
                  Investments       4%
                  Endowment         3%

Expenses (as % of Income:
               Salaries/Benefits    73%
               Plant                11%
               Instruction          4%
               Student Services     4%

Unlike many independent schools, Spartanburg Day School has no debt. A by-law mandate, its
founders believed in funding projects fully before starting them, a policy that too few schools

Several Milliken trusts and other foundations continue to provide annual support for school
operations, as well as financial operating requirements the School must abide by to qualify for this


    •     The school has a $4.9 million endowment.
    •     There are nine endowment funds and five endowed scholarship funds in place
    •     Approximately 30% of the school’s annual budget is comprised of gifts; an extremely high
          percentage among NAIS schools.
    •   The school’s Raiser’s Edge database is comprised of approximately 5,000 constituents
        including 1,200 alumni, an average of 350 current families, faculty/staff, major donors,
        former parents, former and current Board members, and businesses.
    •   A forward-funded Annual Fund was established in 1964. The school is mandated to utilize
        funds raised in any given year over the following three years. Annual Fund proceeds have
        represented 7% to 8% of the school’s operating budget in recent years. The Annual Fund
        has benefitted from a $.50 cents on the dollar match since the 80’s.
    •   Under strong school leadership in the past decade, the financial strength of the institution
        has been bolstered by gifts totaling $37.5 million, including a successful capital campaign
        with a stated goal of $20 million.
    •   Most recently a formalized Planned Giving program was announced to the community, with
        a total of 11 known participants already in place.
    •   The Parents’ Club represents a very strong group of fundraising volunteers who orchestrate
        countless efforts, with their Annual Gala Auction as their most prominent event. Proceeds
        from their efforts are disbursed in consultation with the Headmaster, with a substantial
        portion allocated to the Annual Fund as well as recent capital improvements.
    •   There are no booster or special interest clubs allowed to do fundraising, with the exception
        of the Alumni Association whose current goals include becoming self-supporting.
        (Restricted gifts have financed their events over the past six years)

The Spartanburg Community:

The City of Spartanburg is located in the county of the same name in the Piedmont area of SC. The
city’s population is around 40,000, and the county’s is 300,000. It is the second largest city in what is
known as the Upstate region of the state.

Geographically, Spartanburg is around 180 miles northeast of Atlanta, 75 miles southwest of
Charlotte, and just less than 100 miles northwest of Columbia, the state capital. Popular with
vacationers and tourists from the entire country, the beautiful mountain areas of SC and NC are
within an hour’s drive of the city.

The city was incorporated in 1831, and became renowned as a mill center, especially for cotton and
related products, due its numerous rivers and streams that provided sources of power. Milliken &
Company established its world headquarters in Spartanburg, and family members were among
Spartanburg Day School’s founders. The company is the world’s largest privately held textile and
chemical company.
More recently, BMW built a huge (4 million square feet) manufacturing facility in the western end of
Spartanburg County. The jobs that resulted have had a tremendous impact on the economy of the

Access to the area is facilitated by the nearby Greenville/Spartanburg Airport, Amtrak station in the
city, and proximate Interstate highway options.

Spartanburg is a college town, with six institutions of higher learning:
        • The University of South Carolina Upstate (formerly known as University of South
            Carolina Spartanburg, or USCS).
        • Converse College – Founded in 1889, Converse is a comprehensive masters institution
            with a co-ed graduate school and an undergraduate women's liberal arts college.
        • Spartanburg Methodist College – The only 2-year, private, residential college in the state.
        • Spartanburg Community College
        • Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic – South Carolina's only chiropractic college
       •   Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine (VCOM) - Carolinas Campus. Will open
           in Fall 2011.
       •   Virginia College - Private Career College opened in January 2011
       •   Wofford College – Founded in 1854, Wofford is a Phi Beta Kappa liberal arts college
           with an enrollment of approximately 1,450 students.

Other links to sites of interest in the Spartanburg area are listed below:

The Head of School Position’s Responsibilities and Challenges Facing the Next Head

   Responsibilities: Organizational Leadership, Management and Development
      ♦ Carry responsibility for the overall operation of the school program, human resources
          and facilities
      ♦ Maintain constant, open, and positive communication with the Board, administrative
          team, faculty, parents, students and community; know the students and their families
      ♦ Oversee the financial affairs of the School and work closely with the Board in following
          a sustainable funding plan; take the initiative in working with the Advancement team
          and Board in identifying, cultivating, soliciting and maintaining essential gift support for
          the school
      ♦ Keep a high profile within the different school divisions each day, attend school events;
          delegate administrative responsibilities to fellow staff with confidence to ensure time in
          the daily schedule for such interactions
      ♦ Involve oneself to the fullest extent in the greater Spartanburg community to convince
          families who can afford SDS that the school offers great value for the tuition; constantly
          articulate the SDS program outside the school to community groups, the business
          community and prospective families; partner with Trustees, parents and staff in
          strengthening community relations and encouraging support of the School
      ♦ Work with the Admissions/Marketing team to achieve success in attracting and
          enrolling students to increase enrollment to target and sustainable levels; prioritize and
          engage in efforts to reaffirm relationships with current families to optimize re-
          enrollment each year
      ♦ Maintain essential relationships with professional associations and accrediting

   Responsibilities: Educational Leadership
      ♦ Provide clear educational leadership that aligns with Spartanburg Day’s mission and
          vision and accomplishes the school’s strategic plan
      ♦ Inspire, encourage, guide, listen to and collaborate with the faculty on issues related to
          teaching and the educational program; provide consistent, supportive leadership to build
          consensus on future direction; and develop programs that will stimulate the faculty and
          assure their continuous growth as educators; “Is a cheerleader for the faculty.”
      ♦ Oversee all administrative, academic and student life programs to sustain and further a
          complete educational experience; be a confident, inclusive decision-maker when
          challenging issues/disagreements occur
      ♦ Be involved in the daily life of the students by teaching or leading a student activity;
          commit to finding ways to maintain/expand the economic and social diversity of the
          student body
        ♦ Recruit teachers and administrative personnel whose philosophies match Spartanburg
          Day’s and who are committed to the successful academic and personal development of
          its students
        ♦ Lead the development and application of strategies to continuously improve faculty
          salaries and benefits to ensure an academic program consistent with the mission
        ♦ Know current trends and technology, but do not keep the faculty jumping through
          hoops with every new technology; use current technologies effectively in creating and
          maintaining positive communication with constituents
        ♦ Constantly focus on educating parents and the community about “The Spartanburg Day

Primary Challenges Facing the N ext Head:
       ♦ Developing and applying marketing and recruitment strategies that are successful in
          increasing school enrollment to levels necessary to maintain financial equilibrium
       ♦ Recognizing that, with both the physical plant and the academic program in robust
          condition, it is time to refocus on and prioritize the “People” side of that triangle
                        o Retaining and developing “the best group of young teachers in my 25
                             years at SDS”
                        o Listening to and respecting the faculty’s “voice” on matters that affect
                             them; and valuing their contributions to the school on a daily basis
                        o Ensuring that faculty can continue to afford to have their children
                             attend SDS
       ♦ Finding ways to link the three school divisions more closely and collaboratively, both on
          program articulation and in bonding as a “one school” team
       ♦ Working with the Board and Finance/Advancement teams in refining and applying a
          sustainable school funding strategy
       ♦ Continuing to find ways to successfully identify, recruit, employ, adequately compensate,
          recognize and retain teachers and administrative leaders who match the school’s ethos
          and culture

Candidate Qualifications:

        Personal Qualities Sought (Quotes from stakeholders noted):
        ♦ A uniquely energetic, enthusiastic and engaging personality; a true “people person”
        ♦ An individual who sees this SDS leadership opportunity as a positive and rewarding step
            forward in his/her educational career
        ♦ A person who is consistently fair and clear in mediating and/or resolving personnel
            disagreements, parent issues and student discipline
        ♦ “Understands, appreciates and respects the Southern culture.”
        ♦ Someone who is well read, especially on independent school culture, trends and models;
            is “connected” to the community of independent school leaders
        ♦ “Has the courage to make the tough calls.”
        ♦ A personal commitment to, and talent and love for guiding the academic and individual
            development of each student; an educator who has a proven commitment to, and
            success in leading each student to achieve to his/her full ability
        ♦ A person who can visualize alternatives in problem-solving, who is able to think
            expansively and creatively in building a school for the 21st century
        ♦ Proven strength in human resource management; comfort with people representing a
            diversity of backgrounds
        ♦ Someone who exudes confidence balanced by humility; willing to let others take credit
            but also comfortable in a leadership role
        Professional Background and Experience Sought:
        ♦ A master’s or doctoral degree; professional training or workshop experience in best
            practices in school leadership and human resource management will be a plus
        ♦ A minimum of seven (7) years of recent school leadership experience as a school head,
            division head, or senior-level administrator; prior teaching and curriculum development
            experience; experience in an independent school is strongly preferred; previous
            experience in student recruitment/admissions will be a plus
        ♦ Familiarity with and commitment to the creative uses of technology in a PK-12 school;
            experience and comfort in using technology in the administration of a PK-12 school

The Search Process:

A complete application will include the following information for the Search Committee:
       1. Cover letter expressing interest in this position and explaining why the candidate
           believes his/her qualifications match those sought by Spartanburg Day School
       2. Current resume (include email address)
       3. List of at least five references with current phone numbers. References should
           encompass the present position and most recent previous position. We will not call
           references listed without candidate approval.
       4. Statement of educational philosophy or personal statement

The application process includes the following steps:

1. Send your materials by email attachment in PDF or MS Word to
2. When adding subsequent materials to your file, such as reference letters, please scan and email
   them to the same address.
3. Your application will be acknowledged to your sending email address (use personal email address
   if your application is confidential)
4. School Strategies and Solutions will notify you of your status after your materials are complete
   and have been reviewed by the Search Committee.
5. Questions not answered above should be directed to either the email addresses or phone
   numbers shown.

Nominations for this position and questions from candidates should be directed to:

        Ted Lingenheld

Application Deadline: October 1, 2011
First Round Interviews will begin in early October
Target Date for Appointment of Head: December 2011

Spartanburg Day School is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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