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					oct 2009                                                                      Olga Otero; CV page 1

                                                                                 Olga Otero

Office and Lab address

iPHEP – UMR 6046 du CNRS
Université de Poitiers – faculté SFA
40 avenue du Recteur Pineau
F-86 022 Poitiers cedex
00 33 (0) 549 453 757

born November 6, 1970
French citizen

                           Current position and research

Docteur HDR
Maître de Conférences des Universités (Associate professor) since september 2001
           IUFM Graduate School of Poitou-Charentes (University of Poitiers, France)
           iPHEP - UMR 6046 du CNRS (University of Poitiers, France)


My research project concerns the freshwater fish and fish faunas with the aim of reconstructing their
evolution during the Late Cretaceous and the Tertiary particularly in continental Africa. Implications
deal with the aquatic paleoenvironments and hydrographical paleogeography.

Tools and Methods

Ichthyotaxa, bony anatomy of modern and fossil fish (including the use of 3D CTscan images),
systematics, cladistics, fossil assemblage analysis, and biogeochemistry (stable isotopes).

Areas and taxa of interest
Most of the ichthyofaunas are studied in the frame of my active collaboration to national and
international projects. It is collected in many outcrops in Africa (Abu Dhabi, Algeria, Chad, Egypt,
Ethiopia, Kenya, Libya, Malawi, Morocco, and Tunisia) and also from Brazil and Peru.
Moreover, some systematic and phylogenetic studies are dedicated to given taxa. These are the
characiform and the siluriform ostariophysan fishes, and stem acanthomorphs such as perciforms.
oct 2009                                                                          Olga Otero; CV page 2

                                     Research activities

                                   Publications and communications

• 30 papers in international scientific journals (indexed SCI). 23 since 2001, with 11 as prime author.
• 10 papers in memoirs, special volumes, congress volume and co-edition activity.
• 32 congress communications.

                                          Co-editor of Cybium

                     Refereed manuscripts and grant applications (since 2001)

Cybium (2), Palaeontology (3), Contributions in Science LA USA (1), Comptes-Rendus Palévol (1),
Comptes-Rendus Biologie (1), Belgian Journal of Zoology (3), Journal of Human Evolution (1), Journal of
Paleontology (1), Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology (3), Geobios (1), Géodiversitas (1) AND the
Deutsche Forschungsgemainschaft.

                                            Student advisor

PhD thesis - 2007/2010 – Diogo de Mayrinck. Relações Filogenéticas dos Othophysi (Actinopterygii,
     Teleostei), com ênfase nas formas Mesozóicas de Characiformes (CO-TUTELLE: thèse de Doctorat de
     l'Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro et de l’Université de Poitiers)
                Co-direction P. Brito (Université de Rio, Brésil) and O. OTERO.

PhD thesis - 2004/2008 (inclus congé maternité) – Aurélie Pinton. Phylogeny and diversity of Miocene to
     Recent mochokid fish (Teleostei, Siluriformes): paleobiogeographical implications for the knowledge of
     ancient hominids dispersion in Africa (thèse de l’Université de Poitiers)
                Co-direction O. OTERO, J.-F Agnèse (IRD, UMR 5000), D. Paugy (IRD MNHN, Paris)

Graduate - 2009/2010 – Ludovic Lux. Tooth Ultrastructure and weathering in fossil dipnoan fishes from the
     Eocene of Algeria (M2 Université de Lille).
               Co-direction C. Derycke and O. OTERO

Graduate - 2003/2004 - Aurélie Pinton. Anatomy of extant mochokid (Teleostei, Siluriformes) fin spines,
     application to the fossils from Toros-Menalla (M2 Université de Poitiers)
               Co-direction O. OTERO and E. Fara (CNRS, Université de Poitiers)

Others (Master 1): since 2001, I advise or co-advise at least one research memoir (M1) each year: 7 as
     advisor, 5 as co-advisor. In 2008, I advised a collective professional research project of 8 new
     school teachers of Natural Sciences.

                                         Congress organization

• Co-organization (with M. Gayet, CNRS, Lyon) of the international symposium Paleodiversifications,
   land and sea compared (University Lyon I, july 6-8, 1998).
• Member of the Scientific committee of RIF 2009 (Rencontres de l’Ichtyologie Française)

                                Field/Museum/Lab missions (>1 week)

• 10 field missions (Bolivia, Lebanon, Chad, Egypt), 6 since 2001: fossil material sampling, prospect
   paleontological field missions, and sampling of extant material.
• 12 visits (Belgium, Chad, England, France, Germany, Italy, Spain) in museums and labs, 8 since 2001.
• 8 months (1996) & 6 weeks (2000) in the Natural History Museum, London, as long term visitor.
oct 2009                                                                      Olga Otero; CV page 3

                      Current institutional responsibilities

Member of the “Conseil National des Universités”, section 36 (Sciences de la Terre), since 2008.

Education (University of Poitiers)
Head of the “Natural Science Department” at the IUFM Graduate School of Poitou-Charentes,
  University of Poitiers (since 2003).

Course and lecture session
  - Head of the Master2 SVT (prépa Capes/specialisation Natural Sciences for teachers), since 2002
  - Coordinator of the lecture course unit “France Geology” in Master 1 SVT, since 2008
  - Coordinator of the lecture course unit “Geology at school” in Licence 3, since 2008
  - Coordinator of the methodological session "Vertebrates" of the Master 2 PPP (Montpellier/
          Poitiers), since 2003.

Education Committee:
  - President of the committee for the professional memoir of young school teachers (2001/ 2007)
  - Committee member for the Master 2 PPP research memoir (since 2004)
  - Committee member for the Master 2 PPP graduation (since 2004)

Recruitment committee (University of Poitiers)
Selection committee, section 35/36 (and former equivalents), since 2004

Laboratory activity
Member of the Lab Council, since 2005
Coordinator of ERASMUS (European student mobility program) in the lab, since 2004 (end 2009)

In charged of the prospection for the lab research project (2009).

                                      Teaching activity

Most of my teaching activity concerns the Master 2 Natural Sciences for Teacher (IUFM Graduate
School of Poitou-Charentes, University of Poitiers), including all the fields of modern Earth Sciences:
Planetology, Magmatisms, Metamorphisms, Sedimentology, Climates, Palaeontology; and also the
related tools, techniques and methods, such as: petrology, anatomy, geophysics and geochimics. The
knowledge and its practice are taught during lectures, group exercises, lessons, and in the field, to
prepare the students to the French National Contest of National Education (CAPES).
I also teach some of my Research speciality (fish anatomy and phylogeny) at the Research Master 1
and 2 "Palaeontology, phylogeny and palaeobiology ” (Universities of Poitiers & Montpellier).
oct 2009                                                                         Olga Otero; CV page 4


12/2007                      Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches
                             University Poitiers (France)
Project: Milieux de vie et voies de dispersions des hominidés et anthropoïdes anciens : Apports croisés
de l’étude paléontologique des paléoichtyofaunes et de la biogéochimie
Examining board: reviewers: C. LECUYER (Prof. IUF, Dir. UMR CNRS 51 25, Lyon), K. STEWART
(Researcher, Natural History Museum of Canada), L. TAVERNE (Prof., Univ Libre Bruxelles); examinators: C.
LECUYER, L. TAVERNE, and J.-A. AGNESE (DR2, IRD, UMR 50 00, Montpellier), P. BRITO (Prof., Univ. Rio
de Janeiro), M. BRUNET (Prof., Collège de France & UMR 6046, Paris/Poitiers), C. LEVEQUE (DR, IRD,
MNHN, Paris), P. VIGNAUD (MCF, UMR 60 46, Poitiers)

09/1994 - 12/1997            Ph.D. thesis, European label
                             PhD in Earth Sciences, sp. Paleobiology, University Lyon I (France)
Project: Paleoichthyofauna from the Oligocene and the Miocene of the Arabian Plate; phylogenetic,
paleoenvironemental and paleobiogeographic approaches.
Examining board: reviewers: N. BONDE (Prof., Copenhagen), M. CHARDON (Prof., Liège); examinators: R.
Cocks (Head of Dept., NHM, Londres), P. JANVIER (DR, CNRS, MNHN, Paris), H. THOMAS (Collège de
France, MNHN, Paris) et C. GAILLARD (Prof., Lyon).; supervisors: P. FOREY (Prof., NHM, Londres), M.

09/1993 - 08/1994          graduate in Paleontology and Sedimentology
                           DEA Pal&Sed, University Lyon I
Project: Systematics, anatomy and phylogeny of the Fish Family Aipichthyidae.
Examining board of the doctoral school, C. GAILLARD President (Prof., Lyon).
Supervisor: M. GAYET (DR, CNRS, Lyon).

09/1991 - 08/1993            master degree, in Natural Sciences
                             Licence and Maitrise SNE, University Rennes I (France)

09/1999 - 08/1991            college degree, in Biology, Chemics/ Research
                             DEUG PCN BCR, University Rennes I

                                       Post-doc projects

10/1998 – 10/2000           Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon (France)
Project: Radiometric dating of biogenic phosphates (vertebrate bones and teeth).
Collaboration with F. Albarède (Prof) and G. Hoffman Barnhof (PhD student).

01/1998 - 09/1998            University Lyon I (France)
Project: Marine and terrestrial paleodiversifications: the case of ostariophysan fish.
Collaboration with M. Gayet (CNRS).