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									                                       New York State Department of Taxation and Finance

                                       Instructions for Form DTF-727                                                    DTF-727-I
                                       Report of Show
Who must file                                                             Part C — Show information
A promoter who has been issued a Form DTF-724, Permit to                   7 Enter the name of the show.
Operate a Show, must file Form DTF-727, Report of Show, for each
show listed on the permit. If a permit was issued to more than one         8 Enter the date(s) the show was held.
promoter for a particular show, each promoter (co-promoter) must
                                                                           9 Enter the total number of vendors who participated in the show.
file Form DTF-727.
                                                                             Include vendors who are claiming tax exempt sales.

What to report                                                            10 Enter the complete address of the location where the show was
                                                                             held. Include the facility name if applicable.
Use this form to list all vendors participating in the show. Include
vendors selling items subject to New York State sales tax and             11 Enter the name of the promoter responsible for providing
those vendors claiming sales that are tax exempt.                            information on participating vendors (Part D on Form DTF-727).
                                                                          12 Enter the telephone number of the promoter named in item 11.
When to file
This report is due on the 20th day of the month following the month       13 If the show was not held, check the box and state the reason.
in which the show was held. If a show begins in one month and             14 Sign and date the form.
ends in the next month, the report may be filed on the 20th day of
the month following the month in which the show ended.                    Part D
                                                                          Print or type the information requested for all vendors who
Examples:       Show dates                              Report due
                                                                          participated in the show. Include vendors who claim that their sales
                September 16 and 17                     October 20        are tax exempt. If you attach additional sheets, make sure the
                September 30 and October 1              November 20       promoter’s name, show permit number, dates of the show, and
                October 7 and 8                         November 20       location of show are written at the top of each sheet.

Cancelled Shows — This report must be filed even if the show              If there are two promoters, the promoter named on Line 11 must
was not held. All questions must be answered except for Part D.           answer Part D. The other promoter may omit answering Part D.
                                                                          Form DTF-724, Permit to Operate a Show, must be returned
Where to file — Mail your report to:                                      with the Form DTF-727, Report of Show, that covers the last
                                                                          show date indicated on the permit.
                  NYS TAX DEPARTMENT
                  SALES TAX REGISTRATIONS UNIT                                                         Privacy notification
                  BUILDING 8 ROOM 331                                     The Commissioner of Taxation and Finance may collect and maintain
                  W A HARRIMAN CAMPUS                                     personal information pursuant to the New York State Tax Law, including but
                  ALBANY NY 12227                                         not limited to, sections 171, 171-a, 287, 308, 429, 475, 505, 697, 1096,
                                                                          1142, and 1415 of that Law; and may require disclosure of social security
See Publication 750, A Guide to Sales Tax in New York State, for          numbers pursuant to 42 USC 405(c)(2)(C)(i).
more information on show promoters.                                       This information will be used to determine and administer tax liabilities and,
                                                                          when authorized by law, for certain tax offset and exchange of tax
Line instructions                                                         information programs as well as for any other lawful purpose.
                                                                          Information concerning quarterly wages paid to employees is provided to
Enter in the box in the upper left corner, the month and year for         certain state agencies for purposes of fraud prevention, support
which this report is being filed.                                         enforcement, evaluation of the effectiveness of certain employment and
                                                                          training programs and other purposes authorized by law.
Enter in the box in the upper right corner, the show permit number
issued to the promoter filing this report. Enter the number as it         Failure to provide the required information may subject you to civil or
appears on Form DTF-724.                                                  criminal penalties, or both, under the Tax Law.
                                                                          This information is maintained by the Director of the Registration and Data
                                                                          Services Bureau, NYS Tax Department, Building 8, Room 338,
Part A Promoter information — This part pertains to the                   W A Harriman Campus, Albany NY 12227; telephone 1 800 225-5829. From
promoter who is filing this report.                                       areas outside the United States and Canada, call (518) 485-6800.
 1 Enter your name.                                                       Need help?
 2 Enter your complete address.                                                Telephone assistance is available from 8:30 a.m. to 4:25 p.m.
                                                                               (eastern time), Monday through Friday.
 3 If you answer Yes to this question, you must provide the               Business Tax information: 1 800 972-1233
   information requested in Part B for the other promoter. Attach         Forms and publications: 1 800 462-8100
   additional sheets if you operated this show with more than one         From outside the U.S. and outside Canada: (518) 485-6800
   co-promoter.                                                           Fax-on-demand forms: 1 800 748-3676
                                                                          Hearing and speech impaired (telecommunications device for the
Part B Co-Promoter information — This part pertains to the                  deaf (TDD) callers only): 1 800 634-2110 (8:30 a.m. to 4:25 p.m.,
promoter with whom you operated the show. If you were the only              eastern time)
promoter operating this show, skip this part and continue with Part
C below.                                                                       Internet access:

 4 Enter the name of the promoter (co-promoter) with whom you                 Persons with disabilities: In compliance with the Americans with
   operated this show.                                                         Disabilities Act, we will ensure that our lobbies, offices, meeting
                                                                          rooms, and other facilities are accessible to persons with disabilities. If you
 5 Enter the co-promoter’s permit number as it appears on                 have questions about special accommodations for persons with disabilities,
   Form DTF-724.                                                          please call 1 800 225-5829.

 6 Enter the complete address of the co-promoter.                             If you need to write, address your letter to: NYS Tax Department,
                                                                          Taxpayer Assistance Bureau, W A Harriman Campus, Albany NY 12227.

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