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									The EV Island, fully integrated renewable energy system with the
Charge Point charging station and V100 Energy Ball (UL

For charging stations at a business, multi family, or agricultural
zoned locations, where the business owns the equipment.

The IRS Code giving authority for the credits and grants are as

Section 179 A. (d)
IRC 48(c)(1)(B), 48(c)(2)(B), 48(c)(3)(B)
IRC 48(a)(5)(D)
IRC 45(d)

Apply online for Section 1603

IRS Forms 8911 lines 1-9, for Business (assuming LLC)

If owned by a partnership or LLC, the partner(s) would receive a
K-1 for the pass through of this credit, which the individual would
file on their personal tax return using form 3800, Line S.

If total installation cost was $28,000, the following credits would

$8,400        30% Federal Credit under Section 1603 ARRA
$9,800        Section 179 Deduction
$9,100        Form 8911 Credit, IRC 30C

$27,300       Total credits for adding a refueling station integrated
with your wind turbine (energy ball). No other turbine is UL listed
for this application.

$700.00          Total net cost for after receiving all credits.

Disclaimer: Please consult with your own tax professional regarding the                888-712-8088
applicability of all the credits described above. Northwest Windpower is a
supplier and developer for small wind technology and products, and not able
to give legal or tax advice.

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