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									                      ‘NVivo 2.0’, 12 month ‘Time Limited’ Group Site License

                                          for Students and Faculty of

                                           Columbia University

Columbia University and QSR International have developed a program under which individual students and
faculty of the Columbia University can participate in the cost and support benefits of a campus wide Site License
Agreement for ‘NVivo 2.0’, Qualitative Data Analysis Software.

The annual license fee under this program, payable directly to QSR International, is $128.00 and will be charged
by QSR International, Pty. Ltd., to the Visa or MasterCard listed on the Application Form.

The program will be supplied on a diskette and will not include user manuals other than, “Introducing NVivo, A
Workshop Handbook”, which is a free download from This web site also includes a
wealth of other information to support both beginners and experienced users

Manuals, if required, can be ordered separately, online at

At the end of the initial 12 month License Period, at the option of QSR International, the software can be reactivated
by inserting a new serial number, „key‟, available direct from QSR International upon completion of a new
„Application‟ by fax or e-mail. Contact


    1. This „Application‟ has been supplied to you, via e-mail, from the „Reference Contact‟ below. To confirm that
       you are a member of Columbia University and authorized to participate in this program, a copy has also
       been sent to and will be matched with your completed application upon receipt.

    2. Print out and complete the „Application‟ clearly in block letters. If we cannot interpret your e-mail address
       it will be difficult for QSR to respond to your request.

    3. Fax the completed Application to QSR in Australia, fax number 011 61 3 9840 1500.

    4. If you have the capability you can scan the document and E-Mai it to Alternatively
       you could simply supply all the requested information via e-mail, ensuring clear reference is made to
       Columbia University.

Reference Contact

Bob Scott
Head, Electronic Text Service
Columbia University Libraries
535 West 114th Street
New York, NY 10033
                              ‘NVivo 2.0’, 12 month ‘Time Limited’ Group Site License
                                                APPLICATION FORM
                                                Columbia University

To:      QSR International                                                      FAX To - 011 61 3 9840 1500
         651 Doncaster Rd.                                                      [This is an international fax number]
         Doncaster, Victoria 3108
         Australia                                                              E-Mail < >

 Date:     __ / __ / __                                          University           Columbia University
 Name: _________________________________                         Student I.D.            ___________________________

 E-mail:_________________________________                        Faculty position ___________________________

 Phone: [              ] _ _ _          -   _ _ _ _                                      ___________________________

 Address _______________________________                         Credit Card             Visa               MasterCard

              _______________________________                    Card Number _ _ _ _ - _ _ _ _ _ - _ _ _ _ - _ _ _ _

              _______________________________                    Name on Card ____________________________

                                                                 Expiration Date            Month____________, 20__ __

 Original Order □                Renewal □ [Current Serial Number _____________________________________ ]

 No. of copies of ‘NVivo 2.0’ _____ @ $128 each                  Total charged to the above card $____________

 Signature _______________________________

 Note: By completing and signing this application, you acknowledge and agree to be bound by the standard Terms
 and Conditions of QSR‟s Site License Agreement a copy of which can be view on the company‟s web site at

 [For use by QSR International]

 QSR: ________________________ Date: _______________                        Ref:     _________________________________

 Serial Number(s) Issued

 -------------------------------------------------------------   -------------------------------------------------------------

 -------------------------------------------------------------   -------------------------------------------------------------

 -------------------------------------------------------------   -------------------------------------------------------------

 -------------------------------------------------------------   -------------------------------------------------------------
                                                                                                                                 Nov. 2003

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