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a copy of the APS - APS Online by huanghengdong


									                                   APS Online High School
                                    Aurora Public Schools
                                     Student Handbook

                                          2011 - 2012

                                       (303) 326 - 1100

                                       Vision Statement
           Graduate every student with the choice to attend college without remediation.

                                      Mission Statement
 Teach every student within a safe environment the knowledge, skills and values necessary to enter
college or a career and become a contributing member of society who flourishes in a diverse, dynamic

                                                                     APS ONLINE            Page 1
                                                Core Values

RESPECT           Each person has equal, intrinsic worth and deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.

INTEGRITY         Integrity is based on trust, honesty and accepting accountability for all words and actions.

COMPASSION        Every individual should be willing to give time and energy to act in the best interest of others.

EQUITY           Through practice, passion and persistence, APS will provide an equitable education for all
students demonstrated by closing racial, ethnic and economic achievement gaps.

EXCELLENCE          High achievement requires high expectations focused on challenging instruction and engaged
learners willing to work hard for success.

                                       Letter from the Principal

Welcome students and families! It is a joy to provide students a choice to be successful in their high
school careers with APS Online High School. Blended and Online learning is not for everybody, but for
students who have the stamina to set and achieve goals, the flexibility and personalization of APS
Online High School may be just what you are looking for in a high school education. While the
technology of online education can certainly help motivate and engage students, it is important to
remember that the ultimate success of a student rests on the student him or herself. With the
support of families and the dedicated APS Online High School staff I know our students will thrive.

                                                                                                    Randy Wood

                                                                                                 August 8th, 2011

                                                                               APS ONLINE               Page 3
                          School Schedules and Campus Locations

                                         11th Ave Campus
                                Located at Aurora Central High School

                                          11700 E. 11th Ave.

                                           Aurora, Co 80011

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday…..                                        11:00am to 3:30pm

Monday and Wednesday Nights…                                                   3:30pm to 7:00pm

Friday Mornings…                                                               8:00am to 12:00pm

                                            Iliff Campus
                                Located at Rangeview High School Site

                                          17599 E. Iliff Ave.

                                          Aurora, CO 80013

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday…                                          11:00am to 3:30pm

Tuesday and Thursday Nights…                                                   3:30pm to 7:00pm

Friday Mornings…                                                               8:00am to 12:00pm

*** All school days for In-class attendance are set in accordance with the Aurora Public Schools 2011-
2012 Conventional Calendar. In the event that school will be cancelled due to weather, special
circumstances, or Staff Professional Development Meetings outside the Campus Sites, students and
parents will be notified of class cancellation.

                                                                        APS ONLINE           Page 4
*** Both Campus Site Locations will be open for student attendance on calendar scheduled
teacher workdays and staff in-service days.

                                                              APS ONLINE          Page 5
 All parents and prospective students wishing to enroll in APS Online, at either the 11th Ave. Campus or
 the Iliff Campus, are required to complete the online application at: After
 submitting the application, call the main APS Online telephone number at (303) 326–1100 to schedule
 an admissions appointment.

                                          APS Online Staff
 Upon enrollment each student will be assigned a Mentor. The mentor will monitor student progress,
 Online and On-campus attendance, acceptable academic progress towards course load completion, and
 progress made on the student’s Individualized Academic Plan. The Student Mentor will also provide
 academic counseling, supplemental course work, direct instruction and subject specific remediation,
 along with tutoring students who need assistance.

                                  APS Online High School Staff
        Name                        Position                Phone Number               District email

Randy Wood               APS Online Principal,             303-437-9792
                         Coordinator of Online Learning

Mary Orbee               APS Online,                       303-326-1100
                         Department Secretary

Jan Andersen             APS Online,                       720-670-8079
                         Special Education

Matthew Ashlock          APS Online Literacy Instructor,   720-670-9658
                         Site Coordinator
                         11th Ave Campus

Shannon Boutwell         APS Online Science Instructor,    303-917-7708
                         11th Ave Campus

David Brysh              APS Online Social Studies         720-475-0775
                         Iliff Campus

Melisa Roberts-Brysh     APS Online Math Instructor,       720-670-9658        maroberts-
                         Site Coordinator                            
                         Iliff Campus

                                                                          APS ONLINE            Page 6
Documents Required for Admissions, Enrollment, and Registration
Each student wishing to enroll must complete the appropriate registration forms. Students must also
provide a copy of the following.

                1.   Student Information Sheet
                2.   Emergency Contact Information Sheet
                3.   Attendance Policy
                4.   Special Services Questionnaire
                5.   Affidavit of State Residency
                6.   APS Registration Information (if new to APS)
                7.   Acceptable Technology Use Policy and Computer Use Agreement

***Students who have previously received special services must provide a copy of their
Individual Education Plan (IEP) or 504 plan and schedule a consultation meeting with the APS Online
Special Education Consultant before admission and enrollment to APS Online High School will be

The fact that a student is referred to APS Online by a counselor does not guarantee acceptance or
enrollment to APS Online High School.

       Students Referred for enrollment as a Result of a Disciplinary Hearing
Admission and enrollment of a student referred to APS Online High School as the result of a disciplinary
hearing is at the discretion of the APS Online Principal and/or the APS Online Campus site supervisor. If
enrollment is approved, the Principal may grant or deny access to either APS Online High School

                              Students Receiving Special Services
Students who are receiving special education services may enroll at APS Online only if APS Online can
provide the educational services recommended or required pursuant to an Individual Education Plan
(IEP). APS Online High School program is not appropriate for all special education students.

                                 Section 504 Accommodations
Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE): The Aurora Public Schools provides a Free Appropriate Public
Education (FAPE) to all students with disabilities who attend the Aurora Public Schools, aged 3 through
21 at no cost to the student or their family. In addition, the Aurora Public Schools is responsible for the
payment of services for those students with disabilities who receive their services from another
administrative unit or facility, but live within the boundaries of the Aurora Public Schools. This means
that special education and related services are provided at public expense, under public supervision and
direction, and without charge. These services meet the standards of the State; and include preschool,
elementary, and secondary school education, and are provided in conformity with an IEP. This also
includes students with disabilities that have been suspended or expelled from school. The District
identifies, locates, and evaluates students that have a suspected disability residing in the Aurora Public

                                                                         APS ONLINE             Page 7
Schools’ attendance area. At no cost means that all specially designed instruction is provided without
charge, but does not preclude incidental fees that are normally charged to non-disabled students or
their parents as a part of the general education program. FAPE must be based on the student's unique
needs and not on the student’s disability.

                    Transfers within the Aurora Public School District
Students enrolling in APS Online will be encouraged to enroll at the beginning or ending of an academic
quarter, however APS Online will accept applications and enroll students on a limited basis throughout
an academic quarter. Students transferring from APS Online to another Aurora Public Schools High
School should do so at academic quarter breaks.

                     Subsequent Continuation of Student Enrollment
Students will be re-enrolled for the subsequent academic quarters based on periodic evaluation of
progress and behavior.

                                  Summer School Enrollment
The Aurora Public Schools District offers summer school to all students. APS Online will announce the
summer school schedule in early May of 2012. All students currently enrolled with APS Online that are
in good academic standing and have continuously met the minimum requirements for acceptable
attendance throughout the previous academic year will be eligible for Summer School Enrollment.

                                 Withdrawal from APS Online
Students who intend to withdraw from APS Online must do so formally. If the student is under the age
of 18, a parent/guardian must complete the withdrawal process with APS Online staff. Students who
have attained age 18 may legally complete this process without a parent or guardian.

                        APS Online Attendance Policy and Contract
 Students who desire to obtain the greatest benefit from public education must recognize that regular
attendance is essential. Furthermore, students enrolled in the Aurora Public Schools are required to
attend classes in accordance with the Colorado Compulsory Attendance Law and Article IX, Section 2 of
the Colorado constitution.

Good attendance is of paramount importance to the success of students. An online high school grants
attendees a unique and flexible way to graduate from high school but students are still required to
attend both online and in the physical online classroom.

APS Online Students and parents will be asked to sign an attendance contract. The contract will specify
the expectations for online and classroom attendance and the consequences of non-attendance.

                                                                        APS ONLINE            Page 8
APS Online students are expected to both log the minimum number of online hours weekly and
regularly attend classroom sessions.

       The minimum number of online hours is 20 hours/week recorded times are from Sunday
        12:00am to Saturday 11:59pm.
       The minimum number of classroom sessions is two, a minimum of three hours per session is
       Completion of a minimum of 5 assigned courses per quarter of enrollment

Students not logging the minimum hours or sessions in a week will be placed on probationary status.
Once a student is placed on probationary status a parent/guardian meeting is required and the student
will be assigned an individualized intervention plan. Students on probationary status continuing to fail
to meet the outlined interventions may be subject to disenrollment from APS Online High School.

Parents/guardians need to excuse their student for any missed classroom session by written message,
email, or telephone communication with the student’s designated APS Online High School Mentor.

                                             Login Policy
For attendance purposes students must maintain a minimum performance standard at an identified,
satisfactory pace. The Learning Management System (LMS) provides teachers, parents and students with
consistent and current updates of student performance. All student activity is recorded. This includes:
log in and log out times, lessons completed, grades, and information about current status in each
course. Students have a beginning and ending date for each course which requires them to prepare a
weekly work schedule that will lead to student success.

Note: students will be automatically logged off by the system if there is no activity after ten minutes.
Students MUST spend a minimum of 20 hours actively engaged in course work per week to stay on

                                 Course Structure and Progress
Many of the core courses offered at APS Online are four quarter courses, intended to be completed over
the period of a standard academic year. Students may work more quickly but must maintain the
minimum established pace as indicated by the Student’s individualized academic goals and meet a
minimum mastery level established by Aurora Public Schools.

                                        Normal Class Load
For a student to maintain and earn the minimum credit load within the calendar time of a school year a
student must complete a minimum of 24 e2020 classes per academic school year. The normal class
load for a student in Aurora Public School is 3.0 credits per semester. The minimum number of credits a
student should earn per school year is 6.0 credits. In Aurora Public School most classes are worth .25

                                                                         APS ONLINE            Page 9
                                     Testing and Final Exams
APS Online policy regarding cumulative (mid-course and final) examinations is very strict. Unless
otherwise approved by the Principal, all final examinations must be taken at the APS Online campus at
which the student is enrolled. The student must advise a staff member when ready to take a final

                                Grade Level Classification Policy
A student’s grade level classification is determined by the student’s biological age. However, a student
must earn 22 credits by the age of 21 to receive an Aurora Public Schools High School Diploma.

Students in danger of not completing the required 22 credits by the age of 21 will be offered the
opportunity to participate in G.E.D. preparation course work through APS Online High School.

***High school transcripts will be required and evaluated to determine courses and credit necessary
for graduation if a student was previously enrolled in a high school in another school district.

                                   Grade Point Average (GPA)
Grades in all classes will be calculated on a 4.0 scale. There are no weighted grades for courses offered
at APS Online.

                                Transcripts and Grade Reporting
APS Online will issue progress reports quarterly at student/parent conference. Student transcripts are
updated upon the completion of each course. Transcripts will be available for students and
parent/guardians upon request.

                                    Graduation Requirements
The Aurora Public Schools Board of Education sets graduation requirements. Please refer to the Aurora
Public Schools’ website at:
requirements/ for a detailed list of graduation requirements.

                                          Early Graduation
A student completing graduation requirements at mid-year must notify their APS Online Mentor
regarding plans for continued class enrollment. Diplomas are only ordered once a year. Students
completing graduation requirements at mid-year are strongly encouraged to participate in the spring
commencement ceremonies. Diplomas are officially awarded only at the end of the school year.

                                                                          APS ONLINE             Page 10
                                  College Entrance Examinations
It is the responsibility of the student to register for the following tests and attend the APS Online High
School Campus Site on scheduled testing dates:

*This is the National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test.

                                         Standardized Testing

Students who are enrolled as full-time students at APS Online are required to participate in all
standardized testing as required by the Colorado Department of Education or in accordance with the
federal No Child Left Behind Act.

Participation in these tests is required as a condition of enrollment at APS Online High School.
Students must make the necessary arrangements to be present for the full battery of tests.

                            Supplemental Textbooks and Materials
The student and/or parent/guardian will be liable for the full replacement cost of any supplemental
textbooks, equipment, or supplies damaged or not returned to APS Online.

No transportation will be provided except for special field trips or activities.

                                           Student Activities
Various student activities are scheduled at APS Online throughout the course of the school year. As they
are scheduled they will be included on the APS Online calendar.

Tutoring is available both on-line and in the APS Online classroom, by appointment or through
established small group schedules.

                                   Computer Use at APS Online
APS ONLINE requires that students respect and properly care for all school equipment. All students and
their parents or guardians are required to sign the district’s Rules of Appropriate Use form which details
the rules for using our internal computer network as well as the Internet. Student use of APS Online
High School owned Netbook computer will require a $50 deposit and the signing of a replacement
agreement contract. Any damages occurred to an APS Online Netbook computer while in the

                                                                            APS ONLINE            Page 11
possession of the student will be the responsibility of the student and/or parent for the monetary
                                   Student Network Account
Students must know the following before using their network accounts:

        •   You may only log onto one machine at a time.
        •   Don’t share your user-name or password with anyone.
        •   You are responsible for ALL activity while your account is logged in. If you walk away from a
            computer while logged in, you are still responsible.
        •   APS ONLINE computers, equipment and APS Online Netbook Computers may only be used
            for educational activities. This is a policy of the Aurora Public Schools Board of Education.
            If you use or plan to use technology to do harm, or participate in non-educational
            activities you risk losing your network privileges, the use of Aurora Public Schools
            technology, and possible suspension or expulsion from APS Online High School.
        •   Activities on our school network ARE monitored.
        •   Students and parent/guardians will be responsible to pay for any roaming charges or any
            other additional internet usage charges incurred by the student while an APS Online High
            School Netbook Computer is in a student’s possession.

                                        CODE OF CONDUCT
In order to maintain a safe and positive learning environment, students are required to respect and
follow the Code of Conduct of Aurora Public Schools and adhere to APS ONLINE policies and procedures.

The Aurora Public School Board of Education has adopted a philosophy statement on student discipline
and shared responsibilities. Students and parents are expected to read and adhere to these conduct
codes, giving special attention to policy ADH, ADHA, JK Student Discipline, JKD/JKE Student Suspension
and Expulsion and JICI Weapons.

It is our expectation that students will demonstrate “school appropriate behavior” whenever they are
on school property, during school hours, on the way to or from school. The school will respond to a
student’s behavior if detrimental to the health, safety or welfare of other students or staff, or if it
interferes with the school’s ability to educate other students, or to provide a safe and secure
environment on campus for all students and staff.

                                          Improper Dress
Students at APS Online High School are expected to dress for academic success. All staff members are
requested to strictly enforce the following Campus Site dress code policy:

       No hats, no headgear during the academic day: to include but not limited to, ball caps, stocking
        hats, bandanas, do-rags, hair nets, beanies, sweatbands, and visors. Any exemptions must be
        requested through and granted by the APS Online Principal or Campus Site supervisor.
       Any attire determined by a staff member to be distracting to the academic environment of pupil
        behavior in or about the school will not be permitted regardless of current fashion trends. For

                                                                         APS ONLINE            Page 12
        instance, Halter tops or spaghetti straps, low cut tops, bare midriff or shoulders, excessive
        exposure of skin, pajamas, lingerie, short skirts or short shorts are not permitted.

       Exposed underwear (boxers, bras, thongs, etc.) is not allowed.

       No Gang-related symbols, colors, or other signs intended to affiliate, identify, or represent
        membership or participation in a gang or gang-related activities.

***Whenever there is a disagreement between the school and a student about appearance,
admittance to the campus site will not be permitted. The student may be sent home to correct the
unacceptable attire.

                                   CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES
Transaction, Possession, using or being under the influence of drugs or alcohol is prohibited and is
grounds for student suspension or explosion from APS Online High School. If a student is suspended or
expelled from one APS Online High School Campus Site he or she will be ineligible for transfer or future
enrollment to any other APS Online High School Campus Site.

Additionally, there are to be no student ‘breaks’ allowed outside the APS Online High School Campus
throughout the duration of a student’s In-Class Attendance. This includes, but is not limited to, cigarette
breaks. If a student is a cigarette smoker they must smoke either before coming onto a schools site
campus or after their required In-class attendance has been met for that attendance day. There is
absolutely no smoking on any Aurora Public School property.

                                         Electronic Devices
The use of CD players, MP3 players, iPods, cell phones, and other electronic devices are NOT permitted
during lecture instructional time except by permission of the instructor and for educational purposes
only. APS Online will not be responsible for loss or damage of any personal electronic device.

For the protection and security of individuals and property on the District’s campuses, School
Board policy authorizes the search of individuals, including students, their personal effects,
lockers, desks and vehicles on school property, as permitted under federal and state law. Such
searches may be conducted without prior parental consent or the presence of a parent. In certain
circumstances, random searches of personal effects, District property (such as lockers and desks) and
vehicles on campus may occur, including random searches with the assistances of canines. Any illegal or
unauthorized objects found in any search are subject to seizure.
[School Board Policy #339]

APS Online is a closed campus with an extensive amount of technological equipment. Students will not
be permitted to bring visitors to school. All parents/guardians to an APS Online High School Campus
must check in with an APS Online High School staff member upon arrival.

                                                                          APS ONLINE             Page 13
                                  Vehicle Registration/Parking
For safety reasons, all students parking on or near a school site campus must register their car and
obtain a parking permit. There is a registration fee for each car. Fees and requirements for car and
parking permit registration will be set in accordance with each governing high school’s sites rules and
policies concerning vehicle registration and parking.

The following information is available at the Aurora Public Schools web site:

    •   Grading Policy
    •   Title IX Amendment
    •   Release of Student Records and Information
    •   Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment
    •   Health and Wellness Policies
    •   Aurora Public Schools Dress Code Policy
    •   Code of Conduct
    •   Discipline on the School Bus
    •   District and Community Resources

The following information is available at APS ONLINE website:

    •   Course Offerings
    •   APS ONLINE’s Calendar
    •   Internet Safety Guidelines
    •   Frequently Asked Questions
    •   Links for plug-ins and updates to your computer to effectively run APS ONLINE’s
    •   Online curriculum
    •   Parent Advisory Information

                                                                         APS ONLINE             Page 14

                         APS Online High School Student Handbook

I understand that it is the obligation of the student and the parents/guardians to be aware of the
prevailing policies of APS Online High School. Both student and parent/guardian understand that the
policies, procedures, rules, and regulations are intended to foster a safe and secure learning
environment, both in-class and online, that promote, encourage, and cultivate success for the student,
parent/guardian, and APS Online High School.

                Changes To and Questions Regarding the APS Online Student Handbook

Additionally, I understand that from time to time, APS Online may change, clarify, modify, amend, add
to, or delete any or all of the outlined policies, procedures, rules, and regulations contained in the APS
Online Student Handbook. The resulting policy changes will be made in the best interests of the
student, the parent, APS Online High School, and the Aurora Public School District. By choosing to
remain enrolled at APS Online High School, after being given reasonable notice of such changes, means
that the changes have been accepted by all parties and that all parties have agreed to abide by the
policy change. If there are any questions or concerns regarding the policies in the APS Online Student
Handbook or how the contained policies apply to student enrollment at APS Online High School, both
student and parent/guardian understand that they have the right to ask a member of the APS Online
High School Staff.

Finally, a refusal of signature of all parties listed below or the non-return of this Receipt of
Acknowledgment may results in the refusal of student enrollment at APS Online High School or may
result in student dismissal from APS Online High School.

____________________________                                      _____________________________

Student Name                                                      Parent/guardian Name

____________________________                                      _____________________________

Student Signature                                                 Parent/guardian Signature

____________________________                                      _____________________________

Date                                                              Date

                                                                          APS ONLINE             Page 15

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