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					                               BUDGET JUSTIFICATION

Principal Investigator: Dr. Y will devote 75% of her annual effort to the activities
described in the application. Calculations on the budget are based on an annualized
institutional base salary of $xxxx in effect as of September 1, 2002. A 10% raise is
calculated for year 2 of the project, in anticipation of an expected promotion.

Research Associates: The four individuals listed in the budget have worked with PI in
the past on projects similar to those described in the proposal. Each of the 4 research
assistants will devote 50% effort to the project.

A 4% cost of living increase consistent with Teachers College policy is calculated for
each year of the project on all positions.

Fringe Benefits: Benefits for full time faculty and staff at Teachers College are currently
charged at 37%. The benefit charge for Dr. Yeh is prorated in year one of the project to
reflect this increase. Fringe benefits for student employees of Teachers College are
charged at 9.4%. Individuals appointed to the title of RA are entitled to 6 points of
tuition remission per year.

$4000 per year in years 2-5 is requested for consultants to the project. Consultants will
be engaged to perform advanced statistical analysis and for evaluation work on the

Funds are requested in year 1 to purchase two Pentium IV computers with at least
128m ram for the four ½ time research associates to perform data entry and analysis
and other tasks related to the project.

Funds are requested for local travel for PI and research team between Teachers
College and research sites. The PI expects to travel to at least one major professional
conference per year. Travel funds are requested at a higher level in years 1 and 2 to
accommodate additional travel to conferences in RCR, human subjects protections and
other professional development activities.

Funds are requested each year to provide food, transportation and small stipends for
focus groups and other project participants.

Effective September 1, 2004, Teachers College’s federally negotiated indirect cost rate
is 64% of salaries.