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									                                                                                                        Application for Visa Certificate
INSTRUCTIONS: Submit this Application for Visa Certificate (AVC) DIRECTLY to the Office of International Services (OIS) AFTER
you have been admitted to a full-time program of study at Teachers College, and only if you need TC sponsorship for an F-1 or J-1 student
visa. After receiving this AVC form and all required supporting documents (see Checklist, below) the OIS will review your application. If
approved, we will issue an I-20 visa certificate for F-1 status or DS-2019 for J-1 status. Please keep in mind that F-1 / J-1 status requires you
to pursue, and have sufficient financial resources for, a full-time program of study. You may submit materials to the OIS by mail, courier, or

__ I AM REQUESTING (check one):               FORM I-20 (F-1 Visa)         FORM DS-2019 (J-1 Visa)
The I-20 is issued for F-1 student status.The DS-2019 certificate of eligibility for J-1 exchange visitor (student) status can be issued to
students who receive substantial funding support from TC, their government or home country university, or other organizations.

   CHECK ALL OF THE BELOW. All of the following must be received before your AVC can be processed and
   I-20 / DS-2019 issued:

   ___ Certified financial documentation (see section III-A)                      ___ Financial plan (see Section III-B)
   ___ Copy of the identity and expiration page of your passport                  ___ Address in your country of permanent legal residence
   ___ Copy of Teachers College admission letter                                  ___ Optional: Express service delivery fee (see section II)

   • New students: The Office of Admissions must also receive your Admission Response Form and tuition deposit
   • If you are already in the United States: please indicate your current immigration status (F-1, J-1, G-4, H-1, etc.):
   ____________. If you are already in F-1 or J-1 status, you must also submit copies of all previous I-20s/DS20s, I-94 card
   and OPT EAD (if applicable). F-1 students transferring sponsorship from another school to TC must submit a completed
   F-1 Transfer Form (downloadable from http://www.tc.edu/international/newstudents).

SECTION I: PERSONAL & DEPENDENT INFORMATION                                       ________________________                ______________________
                                                                                  Your TC ID Number                       Your TC Program Code

Name (as on your passport)                ________________________________________________________________________________________
                                          Last / Family Name               First / Given Name           Middle Name(s)

Title:        Ms.       Mr.               Email: __________________________Tel: ________________________Fax: _________________

Mailing Address:                          _________________                                   __
                                                              ________________________________ _ ______________________________
                                          House / Building Number            Street                    Apt. / Suite Number

                                          City                           State / Province         Country        Postal Code

                                          IMPORTANT: Please provide (on a separate sheet of paper) your address in your country of
                                          permanent legal residence, if different from the address above.

City and Country of Birth __________________________________                           Country of Citizenship_____________________________

Country of Permanent Legal Residence _________________________                                                                            ___
                                                                                       Date of Birth (mo / day / yr ): _____________________

Occupation in Home Country _________________________________                           Employer _____________________________________
DEPENDENTS. Please list below any dependents who will accompany you to the U.S. in F-2 or J-2 status. Attach a copy of the
passport identification page to this AVC. Use a separate sheet if necessary.
    Passport Name                 Relationship               Citizenship         Place of Birth           Country of Legal               Date of Birth
                                                                               (City and Country)           Residence                   (mo / day / year)

Your I-20 or DS-2019 will be sent to your mailing address by air mail (first-class mail for U.S. addresses), free of charge. DHL express
service is available for a fee.To request express service, attach a bank check made payable to “Teachers College” for the appropriate
US dollar amount (see chart below). Payment for express service is non-refundable even if you decide not to attend TC.
Unfortunately, the OIS cannot accept credit cards.
    East Asia, Singapore,        Caribbean, Central &      Western Europe,      Pakistan,Turkey,           Eastern Europe, Russia,     US & Canada
 Thailand, Malaysia, India,   Latin America - $35       Scandinavia - $35    Cyprus, Israel, Middle East Central Asia,Africa - $55 delivery via Federal
 Australia, NZ - $35                                                         - $40                                                 Express - $20
 The estimated cost of study for a single student at TC, including educational and living expenses (but NOT including travel to and
 from your home country), is as follows.
                                                               ACADEMIC YEAR                                       CALENDAR YEAR
 2008-09                                                  9 months Sept. to May (24 credits)                 12 months Sept. to Aug. (32 credits)
 Tuition @ $1080 per credit                                               $25,920                                         $34,560
 College Fee @ $375 per term                                                  750                                           1,125
 Subtotal Tuition and Fees                                               $26,670                                         $35,685
 Health Service/Insurance                                                   2350                                            2,350
 Housing (Dormitory)                                                        8,900                                          11,400
 Food                                                                       4,050                                           5,400
 Books @ $100/course                                                          800                                           1,100
 Personal Expenses                                                          2,025                                           2,700
 Subtotal Living Expenses                                                $18,125                                         $22,950
 TOTAL                                                                   $44,795                                         $58,635
 •     Use the Academic Year budget if you will take more than 1 academic year to complete your degree (the expected time to
       completion is 2 years for the MA, 3-4 for the EdM, and 5-7 for the PhD/EdD). Use the Calendar Year budget only if you will
       complete your program in 12 months.
 •     If you plan to bring your dependent spouse and/or dependent children, additional funds must be certified in the amount of
       $750 per month for one dependent and $600 per month for each additional dependent.
 (A) Attach financial documentation. TC is required to verify that you have adequate financial resources to meet the tuition,
 fees, and living expenses of your full-time program, and the living expenses of your dependents (if any) in the amounts indicated above.
 List below your funding sources and amounts, and provide clear copies of the indicated required documents. You may keep your origi-
 nal documents – you will need to present them to the U.S. consulate when applying for your visa and upon entry to the U.S. All doc-
 uments should be translated into English where necessary.
                                                                                                                            Guaranteed Support
            Sources of Support                                      Required Documents                                     in US Dollars per year
     1. Personal savings                  •    At least 3 months of U.S. bank statements, or a bank letter signed by a
                                               bank official.The letter must indicate the opening date, the average      US$_______________
                                               balance, and the current balance of the account(s).*
     2. Parent or sponsor                 •    Signed affidavit (see below) and bank statements or other documents       US$_______________
                                               verifying the amount available.*
     3. Salary while on leave             •    Validated letter from employer.                                           US$_______________

     4. Scholarships and Assistantships   •    Copy of award letter from TC and/or other sponsoring agencies,
     (including TC awards)                     including home government / university awards                             US$_______________

     5. Other sources: ______________     •    Affidavit from authorized person and bank statements if necessary.        US$_______________

     * Bank statement should be current (not more than 1-3 months old)                                                   TOTAL US$_______________

 (B) Attach a written financial plan. Your financial documents must show that you have access to liquid assets (cash or readily-
 available reserves) for at least the first year of your program, covering the total amounts shown in the table of estimated expenses
 indicated above. If your program will require more than one year of study and you are unable to document funding for your entire
 program, you must also provide, on a separate sheet of paper, a realistic plan indicating how you will meet your expenses after
 your first year (e.g., you will receive parental support, retain your salary while on leave, etc.). Please note that since you will hold
 student visa status, you cannot rely on employment to help you pay your educational and living expenses. Your financial plan should
 show how you will meet future expenses beyond the first year of study, explaining in detail your ability or the ability of your sponsors
 to support you (e.g., outline expected income from salary, business activity, rental property, etc.)
     AFFIDAVIT OF SUPPORT: (To be completed by parent or sponsor of applicant, see #2 above). If more convenient, your sponsor may provide
     an affidavit on a separate sheet of paper.
     I hereby certify that I am willing, able, and do promise to provide the amount of US$ _______________ per year for the educational expenses of
     [NAME OF STUDENT] _______________________________________, who is my [RELATIONSHIP TO YOU] __________________ at
     Teachers College, Columbia University. Bank statements or other proof of my financial resources accompany this affidavit of support.

     Signature: ________________________________               Name (Printed): ___________________________               Date: _____________________

     Sponsor’s Address:___________                                                                            ________

 Section IV: Certification and Signature
 I hereby certify that all information on this application is true and accurate and that the stated funds are available for my educational
 expenses at Teachers College, Columbia University.
 Student’s Signature:________________________________________________________ Date:_______________________

                                                   OFFICE OF INTERNATIONAL SERVICES
Mail: Box 308      •   Phone: (212) 678-3939   •Fax: (212) 678-3681 • Courier: 163 Thorndike Hall, 535 West 120th Street New York, NY 10027
                                               Email: tcintl@tc.edu • Web: http://www.tc.edu/international

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