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                                                                                                         Spring 2007

         N EWSLETTER

The TESOL Certificate Program
is jointly sponsored by the
                                  OF MICE        A N D M E N : W O R K I N G W I T H D AY
Teachers College TESOL
Graduate Program and the
                                  L A B O R E R S IN W E S T C H E S T E R , N E W YO R K
Center for Educational Outreach
(CEO&I) at Teachers College.      By Maria Fisher (2006)

For more information on the       At 49, I am a mother, former
TESOL Certificate Program,        journalist, and alumna of the
contact:                          TESOL Certificate Program
                                  seeking the intellectual chal-
Linda Wine, Director              lenge and rich personal inter-
TESOL Certificate Program         action that teaching English
525 West 120th St., Box 66        brings. The Certificate Pro-
422-O Thompson                    gram opened a new, reward-
New York, NY 10027                ing world to me and, upon
                                  completion, I applied and was
wine@tc.edu                       accepted into the TESOL MA
                                  Before beginning my MA in
For information on the graduate
program, call 212-678-3795 or
                                  January, I began volunteering
visit the graduate program        as an English teacher at the
website at www.tc.edu/tesol       Neighbors Link community
                                  center in Mount Kisco. While
                                  many Central and South           Fisher teaching in the clean, well-lit, multipurpose space at Neighbors
For information on year-round                                      Link where day laborers attend basic classes while awaiting employment.
TESOL workshops, visit the        American immigrants have
CEO&I website:                    been marginalized and dis-
www.tc.edu/ceoi                   criminated against by metro-     ment through classes in ESL,          morning “Job English” classes
                                  politan area communities, Mt,    computer literacy, sewing,            where I assist a more experi-
                                  Kisco is committed to partner-   employment basics, and citi-          enced teacher provided by
                                  ing with local government, law   zenship. The facility houses          the County’s Board of Coop-
                                  enforcement, and volunteers      the local Head Start program,         erative Education (BOCES).
                                  to make a positive difference    welcoming community café,             Male day laborers attend
                                  in day laborers’ lives.          and recreation room. Family,          classes while awaiting em-
                                                                   legal, and medical services           ployment. The women tend to
                                  Neighbors Link is a one-stop     are also available.                   be mothers with young chil-
                                  center providing education,                                            dren, or have day jobs in
                                  employment, and empower-         My work has been in the               (Continues on Page 2)

The TESOL Certificate Pro-
gram is a non-credit, non-
degree program preparing
people to teach English as a
Second or Foreign Language,
primarily to adults. It does
not prepare for state public
school certification.
                                  Shimrit Maoz (2006) with         Andres Querijero (2005) with         Gloria Galindo (2005) with
                                  student, Itay, in Israel.        students in Vietnam.                 students in China.
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                                WORKING                        WITH            D AY          LABORERS
                                either childcare or cleaning         me the conceptual framework       sometimes must) numbers in
                                services. Employers come to          and tools to work with these      English, the learner response
                                the center and request work-         learners. The topics and          can be tepid. But when I ask
                                ers. Skilled workers are as-         tasks I bring to the classroom    questions about numbers in
                                signed by the job bank coordi-       are tailored to their lives and   context, say, what the men
                                nator; general laborers are          needs. Vocabulary often fo-       pay for rent, or what percent-
                                                                     cuses on employment situa-        age Western Union charges
                                selected through a fair lottery.
                                                                     tions, such as often-used         for money transfer back to
                                This is a challenging teaching       tools. Hands-on learning          Guatemala, interest is in-
                                environment. Many of the             about possible workplace          tense.
                                workers have had little formal       injuries includes actual ban-
                                education in their native            dages and advice on when          I, the teacher, have learned
                                                                            and how to seek emer-      that local landlords and West-
                                                                            gency care. A reading      ern Union take advantage of
                                                                            and comprehension          these immigrants. On their
                                                                            exercise for more ad-      way to writing and pronounc-
                                                                            vanced learners in-        ing numbers in English, the
                                                                            cluded an adaptation       students learn that I under-
                                                                            of Steinbeck’s Of Mice     stand and care about their
                                                                            and Men, a classic         daily challenges. Our subse-
                                                                            story of agricultural      quent conversation practice is
                                                                            workers from the           animated and engaged, with
                                                                            1930s suggested by         even the least fluent students
                                                                            my fellow volunteer,       participating.
                                Maria Fisher and her student Luis Mendez, Therese Stolze. This
    “When real information      a day laborer from Ecuador.                 story of downtrodden,      When I complete my MA at
                                                                            hardworking men cling-     TC, I hope to continue to work
   flows between teacher and    Spanish, and class participa-
                                                                     ing to a dream was immedi-        with Neighbors Link, or at a
                                tion fluctuates according to
  students, both can learn so   the availability of employ-          ately understood.                 similar program. I plan to mix
                                ment. So, despite strong                                               my teaching between univer-
            much.”              student motivation, progress         Perhaps the most important        sity students and basic ESL
                                is interrupted. Additionally,        idea I retained from my sum-      classes. I’ve found that when
                                many different ability levels        mer at Teachers College was       real information flows be-
         Maria Fisher           are present in each class, so        that real language learning       tween teacher and student,
                                lessons must be structured to        occurs when teacher and           both can learn so much.
                                include and engage all partici-      student exchange real infor-
                                pants.                               mation. I’ll give you an exam-    Maria Fisher: MAF172@columbia.edu
                                                                     ple from my “Job English”                www.neighborslink.org
                                                                     class. When we drill (as we
                                The Certificate Program gave

                                 FOOTBALL &                        CARS      = THAT’S AMERICAN!

                                 Understanding American
                                 culture can be hard for
                                 international students, but
                                 Edna Graham (2005) and
                                 her husband Maurice have
                                 smoothed the way for two
                                 of Edna’s students, includ-
                                 ing teaching Jingko from
                                 Korea to drive.
                                 (Above right:) Edna, Luis, Maurice, and Jingko at a St. Louis
                                 Ram’s football game. (Far right) Jingko after he passed his driv-
                                 ing test, with newly acquired drivers license in hand. Jinkgo
                                 thanked Edna and Maurice by preparing a celebratory meal.
T e s o l C e r t i f i c a t e Pr o g r a m                                                                                                  Page 3

  Since graduating from the                    now I’ve established my-
  TESOL Certificate Program in                 self; students come to me
  2003, Daire Coco has spent                   through word of mouth.
  most of her time teaching in                 It’s great to have new cli-
  Guadalajara, Mexico. When                    ents coming to me, instead
  Daire first arrived in Gaudala-              of me having to look for
  jara, she taught in a private                them.”
  school but, after one year,
  decided to go independent.                   ]In addition to teaching,
                                               Daire (who has a back-
  According to Daire, “It’s more               ground in journalism and
  work, but far more rewarding                 international relations) is     Daire Coco (2003) with her “all-time
                                                                               Caption describing picture or graphic.
  and profitable. I work all over              doing copy editing at the       favorite group of students” — waiters in
  the city and have a wide                     local English-language          the upscale seafood restaurant, Cocina
  range of clients: waiters, hotel             newspaper: “I really enjoy 88, in Guadalajara, Mexico.
  employees, students, busi-                   getting back into ‘news’
  ness executives, etc.”                       and think it’s ideal to work
                                               part-time in both fields.               “But for now,” Daire writes,
  “At first, business was slow.                Keeps things interesting. In a          “I’m too busy with my English
  In Mexico, no one will hire you              few months, I’ll start contrib-         clients to take that on!”
  unless they know you. But,                   uting stories to the paper.”

                                                                                                                          “Teaching independently is
  TESOL                   C E R T I F I C AT E FA M I LY A L BU M                                                          more work, but far more
                                                                                                                           rewarding and profitable.
                                                                                                                          I work all over the city and
                                                                                                                             have a wide range of

                                                                                                                               Daire Coco
                                                                                                                            Guadalajara, Mexico
   Evelyn Michelle Gilberg, daugh-             Kerem, son of Pinar Hosgar (2005),    Francesca Medeot’s (2005) new
   ter of Alyson Gilberg (2005).               at home in Turkey.                    son Alexander Oliver Jansen.
   Go Polar Bears!

   Evelina Galaczi, Classroom Practices instructor                Carol Crehan, director in 2002, with students in
   (2003), with young sons Daniel and Adrian. Ev-                 Doha, Qatar. Since leaving TC, Carol has taught
   elina is working for Cambridge in England on                   English and done teacher training in Sri Lanka,
   ESOL Research and Test Validation.                             Dubai, Cypress, and now Qatar.
T e s o l C e r t i f i c a t e Pr o g r a m N e w s l e t t er                                                                                      Page 4

Bill Zimmerman’s (2005) new                       John Choi (2006) Talks about         grade. What makes these kids       always the sadistic pleasure of
website for creating comic books                  His Life Teaching in Korea           special is they’ve had English     giving tons of homework!
is up and generating a lot of                                                          language experience at some
traffic among educators teach-                                                         point. Most have lived in an
ing English language, reading,                                                         English-speaking country for a
and writing skills to natives and                                                      brief time and come to POLY to
non-natives:                                                                           keep their English language
www/makebeliefscomix.com                                                               skills alive.
His new book, Doodles & Day-
dreams: Your Passport to Be-                                                           Being Korean-American, I first
coming an Escape Artist, is                                                            thought I might come across
available now and will be fea-                                                         harsh criticism, but people have
tured by Borders this spring.                                                          been more than welcoming and
                                                                                       I’ve enjoyed my experience so      In spite of John’s ‘sadistic’ home-
                                                   John with Jenny and Christine in
                                                                                                                          work load, his students appear to
                                                   the library/computer lab.           far.                               be having a really great time!

                                                  John writes:                         Well, the constant clamoring of
                                                                                       ‘John Teacher! John Teacher!’      For information on teaching at
                                                  I teach these cute little trouble-
                                                                                       can get a little annoying at       one of POLY campuses in Ko-
                                                  makers at the POLY Returnee
                                                                                       times, to be honest. But, over-    rea, go to:
                                                  Education Institute. POLY has
                                                                                       all, I truly enjoy what I do and
                                                  campuses throughout Korea,                                              http://is.koreapolyschool.com
                                                                                       wake up every day with a re-
                                                  and I teach in Daewon. The                                              To reach John:
                                                                                       newed desire to see the kids
                                                  kids range from Pre-K to 5th
Bill Zimmerman & Brooke Toomey.                                                        again. And, of course, there’s     johnchoix@gmail.com

Brooke (2005) is the new coordi-
nator at Brittin College in Bos-
ton. Brittin specializes in prepar-                FALL OPEN HOUSE FEATURES TIPS FOR
ing students for academics in
English-speaking countries.
                                                   W O R K I N G W I T H L OW L I T E R AC Y E S L A D U LT S
Brooke is also expecting her first
child this fall. Kudos to Brooke!                  More than 40 former stu-
                                                   dents, prospective students,
                                                   and staff gathered at the fall
                                                   TESOL Certificate Program
                                                   Open House to have a chance
                                                   to catch up with old friends,
                                                   network for jobs, and find out
                                                   more about the program.

                                                   After a brief program overview                                         Marina Lin (2006) on piano.
                                                   from director, Linda Wine,
                                                   Trisha Powell (2005) dis-                                              ing our Children’. She also
Grace Cho in Iraq. Since com-                      cussed her work with low-                                              discussed the advantages of
pleting the program in 2004,                       literacy level adult ESL stu-                                          using manipulatives in activi-
Grace has taught in a Kurdish                      dents at a community-based          Trisha Powell (2005) presenting    ties such as “Put Away the
                                                                                       tips at fall open house.           Clothes” and “Put Away the
NGO in Iraq (see neighborhood                      literacy program in Brooklyn.
children below), completed her                                                                                            Groceries.” Finally, Powell
MA in Int’l Ed at TC, and found                    Powell, who had been an             In addition to explaining what     reviewed job and professional
time to get married! You go girl!                  Americorps volunteer at a           to look out for when choosing      development resources (e.g.,
                                                   similar community-based             and adapting materials for         Literacy Assistance Center)
                                                   organization in Pittsburgh          low-literacy level ESL adults      and took questions from the
                                                   before doing the Certificate        and how to incorporate             group.
                                                   Program, discussed what             Google images into materials
                                                   such organizations are like,        you design, Powell illustrated     Heartfelt thanks to Powell for
                                                   who the students tend to be,        some successful projects she       her practical, on point presen-
                                                   why she enjoys working with         had implemented with her           tation and to Marina Lin
                                                   this type of student popula-        students, including a Photo        (2006) for entertaining us
                                                   tion, and what some of the          Conversation Project and the       throughout the refreshment
                                                   challenges are.                     writing project ‘We’re Watch-      hour on the piano.

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