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                    The Monroe Doctrine
              April/ May 2011
                                                          Notes from the Principal
                                                 As we proceed to the end of the year, it gives us time to reflect on the school
                Calendar                        year and plan for next year with James Monroe in its seventh year of existence.
                                                We have had a successful year thus far. The students and staff have been
    5/9       Talent Show 7:00pm Gym            focused on academics throughout the year.

    5/16-20   Finals Week                       The energy and enthusiasm that was at the beginning of the year has carried
                                                over throughout the year. Students continue to work hard related to their
    5/17      Orchesta Concert 7:00pm
              Gym                               academics and hopefully this will be reflective in the results of this semester
               th                               when grades are mailed to all parents at the end of the year. This hard work
    5/18      6 Grade Textbook Check In
                                                was evident in the 59% of the student body attaining the honor roll first
    5/19      7 Grade Textbook Check In         semester, and we anticipate the same approximate percentage for the second
              Band Concert 7:00pm Gym           semester. The high percentage reflects student effort, parental support and
               th                               teachers and staff working hard to provide a safe and quality educational
    5/20      8 Grade Textbook Check In
               th                               environment for the children of this community. We will continue to strive
              8 Grade Dance in Cafeteria
                                                toward the emphasis that academics is Priority #1 at James Monroe and
    5/24      Music Assemblies (special         everything revolves around this premise.
              schedule –am)
              Character Counts Assembly         There are a number of incentive activities planned for the end of the year and
              during 4 period                   participation in these activities is dependent on whether a student has been
    5/25      Awards Assembly                   consequenced with a suspension or not. If a student has been or is suspended
               th  st
              6 - 1 period                      to TIPS or home during the fourth quarter (which began March 28, 2011),
               th   nd
              7 - 2 period                      he/she will not be attending these extra-curricular activities. There will be no
               th   rd
              8 - 4 period.                     exceptions. This requirement has been communicated to students prior to the
                                                start of the fourth quarter and several times during the fourth quarter so they
    5/26      Grade level Field Trips / AM
                                                are fully aware of this requirement. Extra-curricular activities are a privilege,
              Yearbook Signing Party / PM
                                                not a right; therefore, students can be withheld from participation based on
    5/27      Regular School Day                criteria identified and by the discretion of the Principal.
    5/31      Last Day of School for all
              three Grades                     We look forward to a productive end of year and hope students continue to
              12:15 dismissal                  show that they have their academics as a priority with all other aspects of
              No Lunch Served                  school secondary. A constant focus regarding appropriate behavior will be
                                               emphasized as well. We appreciate the parents and community of James
                                             Monroe and all their cooperation and support throughout the year.

                                             We look forward to next year!!


                                             Vernon Martinez , Principal

Testing Of Our Students Is Completed
Testing/assessment of all students have been completed. Thank you to all of our staff, students, and the parents for
making this year’s battery of tests a successful one here at James Monroe. For the past five to six weeks, our school has
been involved with some type of national, state, or district level testing/assessment of our students. These tests impacted
all three-grade levels, especially the eighth grade class. Just a quick snapshot so that you can put this is perspective.
Most schools in the district are happy if they can test eight or nine out of every ten kids, or around eighty to ninety
percent of their school. This year, there were four test components; our student test completion rate was 99 %! That
means that for each of the different tests that were given to our student’s, nine out of ten students completed all of their
tests. That is unheard of as testing goes. The district feels that if a school can reach a 95% test completion rate, they
have done a great job. So, you can see that we tested nearly every student in every test battery in all four testing
mandates. That is nothing less than amazing. These students were asked day after day to come prepared and not to be
absent. They not only showed up, they demonstrated that Monroe kids reach a little higher and work a lot harder. We
hope that our scores, which will be coming back later this school year, will reflect all of these student’s hard work. You
all need to pat your children on the back for a job well done. I would also like to thank our testing committee for all of
their help. They oversaw four separate testing entities here at our school. This committee spent numerous days,
weekends, and countless hours before and after school so that your children would have the best testing environment
available to them. I am again reminded on how fortunate this community is to have such dedicated individuals working
at this school. Thank you testing committee!

Let’s All Stay Focused
As we get closer to the end of this semester, just a few reminders in regard to finishing on a positive note. For our
students, please remember that you still need to make academics the number one priority here at Monroe. We all get a
little tired this time of year, days are literally getting longer, and it’s sometimes hard to complete that homework when
your friends are wanting you to play outside. Hang in there everyone; you’ll get through this. Here are a few pointers
for the rest of the year.

         • Don’t put off homework or projects that you know have a deadline. Do them
           early, and get them off your plate.
         • Start using your agenda on a regular basis. Communicate with your teachers
           regularly, i.e. you take the initiative to go to them and find out what assignments
           are due.
         • Stay organized- go through your backpack and or locker and clean out the junk.
                  First see if there is any old class work lying around in there before you discard.
         • Get plenty of rest. With day light saving time comes a change in your
           biological clock. Don’t stay up too late.
         • Stay focused on the objective. Don’t have an attitude that school is over. It’s
           NOT! Do your very best every day. You are number one here at James Monroe.

Let’s make the end of this school year a great finish. As always, I am proud
to be serving your community and this organization as your assistant principal.


Research Says (taken from

       All students experience learning losses when they do not engage in educational activities during the
       On average, students lose approximately 2.6 months of grade level equivalency in mathematical
computation skills during the summer months.
       Students may not have the same structured meal schedule and access to nutritious meals during the
       Studies show that out-of-school time is a dangerous time for unsupervised children and youth.
       Only about 10 percent of students nationwide participate in summer school or attend schools with
non-traditional calendars.
       A majority of students (56 percent) want to be involved in a summer program that ―helps kids keep up
with schoolwork or prepare for the next grade‖.
       Research shows that teachers typically spend between 4 to 6 weeks re-teaching material that
students have forgotten over the summer.
       At least 11 percent of children between the ages of 6 and 12 care for themselves over the summer
months (unsupervised).

Help keep up your academic skills over the summer. Here are some tips from the experts:

1. Set aside at least 20 minutes each day for reading.

2. To keep writing skills fresh, buy a notebook and decorate the cover. Let it become your vacation journal
and write down three things that happen each day.

3. To keep up math skills, buy books of number puzzles (found at any bookstore). Also consider investing in
math-related computer games.

4. Find ways to make hobbies educational. A child who loves to collect baseball cards, for instance, could
practice penmanship by writing fan letters to players. He could also work on math skills by tracking players'
statistics and sharpen up on reading by taking out books on baseball from the library.

5. If you're taking a family vacation, bring home brochures that describe the history and culture of the places
you'll be visiting. Try plotting out the trip on a map with your parents.

6. Learn to love your local library (and librarian!). It’s a wonderful place to promote the love of reading, and
the librarian can suggest grade-level as well as pure recreational books that will keep your neurons clicking.

7. Check out safe, parent-approved Internet sites. There are many that offer a ―summer camp‖ theme — a
daily craft activity to do alone or with a parent each day, some brain teasers, video streaming of important
world events (volcanoes erupting, the Martin Luther King ―I have a dream‖ speech), and tons of grade-related
math, reading and science work to be checked out in a fun way.
8. Consider your local newspaper — many have summer writing camps. Your performing-arts center has
summer camps that involve singing, dancing and set décor as well as script reading (notice the reading
9. Even if you attend a public school during the year, many private schools offer summer programs for all
students that involve academics as well as sports, crafts and field trips. Learning academics is more fun when
interspersed with active movement and game-like activities.
10. The summer months are an excellent time for you to fill in learning gaps or zoom ahead with enrichment
activities at supplemental learning centers, or via tutors or last year’s teacher. Your teacher is an excellent
resource to give you ideas for summer books to read and math workbooks to complete in between play and
television watching.
11. Sleep-away camps can be specialized for leaning opportunities, especially for niche fields such as
computers, science and even math camps. Lots of other activities are interspersed to keep it an active
experience for all. (website with more activities for the summer)

What can you do before summer begins?

Before this school year ends, be sure to check with this year’s teacher(s) to get suggestions for summer
workbooks and pleasure books, science activities, etc. He or she will know what will be helpful for next year.
Also, you may be able to check with next year’s teacher to get his or her advice on interesting summer

The Counseling Department would like to wish all of our students a safe and happy
summer. Here is a website that lists fun, healthy and safe activities to do during the
summer months.

Don’t forget to be safe when you are on the internet. The following is a list of internet
safety tips:

      Look into safeguarding programs or options your online service provider might
       offer. These may include monitoring or filtering capabilities.
      Always read a website's privacy policy before giving any personal information. Also
       make sure that a website offers a secure connection before giving credit card
      Websites for children are not permitted to request personal information without a
       parent's permission. Talk to children about what personal information is and why
       you should never give it to people online. If children use chat or e-mail, talk to them
       about never meeting in person with anyone they first "met" online.
      Talk to children about not responding to offensive or dangerous e-mail, chat, or
       other communications. Report any such communication to local law enforcement.
       Do not delete the offensive or dangerous e-mail; turn off the monitor, and contact
       local law enforcement.
      Keep the computer in the family room or another open area of your home.
      Get informed about computers and the Internet.
      Let children show you what they can do online, and visit their favorite sites.
      Have children use child-friendly search engines when completing homework.
      Know who your children are exchanging e-mail with, and only let them use chat
       areas when you can supervise. Be aware of any other computers your child may
       be using.
      Internet accounts should be in the parent's name with parents having the primary
       screen name, controlling passwords, and using blocking and/or filtering devices.
      Children should not complete a profile for a service provider and children's screen
       names should be nondescript so as not to identify that the user is a child.
      Talk to children about what to do if they see something that makes them feel
       scared, uncomfortable, or confused. Show them how to turn off the monitor and
       emphasize that it's not their fault if they see something upsetting. Remind children
       to tell a trusted adult if they see something that bothers them online.

      Consider using filtering or monitoring software for your computer. Filtering products
       that use whitelisting, which only allows a child access to a preapproved list of sites,
       are recommended for children in this age group.

Enjoy your summer and we look forward to next school year.
Sheila Barbour and Angel Ortega

                             Health Room Newsletter
      Attention parents and guardians of 6th graders. Please don’t wait! Your child will
       need the Tdap immunization prior to entry into the 7th grade. Avoid the long lines at
       registration in August and have it done early. Bring proof of the immunization to the
       Health Office to update your child’s record. If insurance is a problem, immunizations
       are done free of charge through the Public Health Department. For locations and
       phone numbers go to or contact
       JMMS Health Office at 897-0101, ext. 5.
      If your child has borrowed an item of clothing during the year from the Health Office,
       please be sure to return it by the end of the school year. Our policy is to keep an
       item of their clothing until the borrowed item is washed and returned. Don’t know
       which item they borrowed? We will gladly take an item of clothing that meets the
       school dress code. All items of clothing left in Health Office at the end of the school
       year will be donated. Donations of gently worn clothing that meets school dress
       code are also greatly appreciated.
      If you brought any medication, over-the-counter or prescription, to the Health Office
       for your child this school year it must be picked up by 12:00 on Tuesday, May 31st or
       it will be destroyed. Unfortunately, only emergency medications can be sent home
       with the student. Other medications can only be picked up by a parent or guardian.

   Please don’t hesitate to contact the Health Office at 897-0101, extension 5 with any

Library News                     She is expecting a little girl
                                 this summer. We all wish
                                                                  The Special Education
                                                                  Department has been very
Several students in our          her well. The good news:         busy finishing student IEPs
Battle of the Books Club         James Monroe has been            for the year and making
participated in the District     lucky to get Donna Woods         sure students receive the
Battle of the Books              to fill in for the rest of the   services they need in order
competition. They are            year. She is a seasoned          to help them be successful
Michelle Eyink, Emily            teacher who has been in          in school. In addition to
Renegar, Shalom                  the field since 1994. She is     their regular studies,
Engstrum, Kenny Diaz, and        very happy to be here and        students participated with
Diego Padilla. To participate    is looking forward to a          the rest of the school in
in this contest these            productive time. Welcome         their grade level theme
students had to read ten         Donna!                           days. Sixth graders
books from a pre-selected        Mrs. Stephanz’s Language         enjoyed Greek and Roman
list of twenty books.            Arts classes are currently       Day, seventh graders
Michelle and Emily won first     writing and illustrating         participated in New Mexico
prize in the competition. We     children’s books, which they     History Day and eighth
are very proud of these          plan to read to kindergarten     graders took part in Civil
students.                        classes at Sunset View           War Day. One highlight of
                                 Elementary. It should be a       the day for the eighth
Also, two of our students        fun and rewarding                graders was getting to see
will participate in the state    experience for both the          Civil War Re-enactors fire a
wide Battle of the Books         middle school and the            cannon. Some of the
Competition on May 7th in        kindergarten students.           Language Arts classes
Artesia, NM. They are            Ms. Green’s 6th grade gifted     have been working on novel
Emily Renegar, and               class finished up a unit on      units. Classes have read
Michelle Eyink. Good luck!       Science Fiction a few            books like Louis Sachar’s
                                 weeks ago and they are           Holes, Jerry Spinelli’s
Finally, as the library year     now working hard to fit          Crash, Gennifer
comes to a close, it is time     everything in before the end     Choldenko’s Al Capone
to return all library books.     of the year! The students        Does My Shirts , Paul
Every book needs to be           studied the Middle Ages          Fleishman’s Seedfolks and
returned by May 10th.            and the Arthurian legends        S.E. Hinton’s The
Remember, students will          while following the              Outsiders. Novel units give
not be able to register in the   adventures of Catherine,         students the chance to put
fall for classes until all       Called Birdy. The students       the skills they have been
books are returned, and/or       are excited about finally        learning in the intervention
books fines are paid.            getting to do the Star Wars      curriculums to work, and
                                 unit the first of May. They      allows them the chance to
                                 are, however, less excited       read books with the class
                                 about the 500 point essay        which they might not be
                                 that is included!                able to access on their own.
                                 If there is time, the students
                                 will be talking about Utopian
                                 and dystopian societies
The bad news (for us): the       while making models of
Language arts Department         what they think the future
has lost a fantastic teachers    will look like. Ms. Green is
for the rest of the year.        hoping they can fit this in,
Diana Switaj has taken a         as the models handed in
maternity leave of absence.      last year were amazing!

                                 classes are finishing ―Planet    persuasion techniques and
                                 for sale‖ presentations and      analyzing existing
                                 beginning Earth and plate        commercials, students will
                                 tectonics. Seventh grade         create a new product,
                                 students will be finishing up    develop a marketing
                                 on plants and will end the       campaign for this product,
On April 21st the students of    year by learning about           and produce their own
James Monroe Middle              Arthropods, Mollusks, and        commercials. This is done
School participated in the       Echinoderms. Their last          in groups and students
annual thematic unit day.        project will be to dissect       always approach this unit
This year the focus of the       starfish. Eighth grade           with great enthusiasm and
thematic units was Social        students will work on labs       interest.
Studies based for all three      involving Newton’s laws of        Sixth grade is an adventure
grade levels.                    motion. They will also work          for both teachers and
6th grades learned about the     on a problem based                students. Now, as the year
Roman Civilization through       learning unit where they             draws to a close, sixth
music, art, and other great      engineer and build towers          graders can reflect on all
activities. 7th grades           and bridges to withstand            that they’ve learned this
focused on New Mexico by         weight tests .                      year and look forward to
watching a video about                                                 becoming successful
Santa Fe, learning about                                           seventh graders next year.
the Zia symbol, created
postcards, and watched
Flamenco dancing as well.
8th grades got a taste of life
during the Civil War by
looking at photos, learning
about etiquette, music, and
                                   Sixth Graders are Writing
much more.
Overall, the students had
                                         Ms. Muldawer’s               With only 4 weeks left of
great time and learned
                                 classes are practicing           school, the Math Goal
information that will support
                                 writing skills through writing   Team would like to remind
the content that they are
                                 children’s books. The            you or a few important
learning in Social Studies
                                 books, which are hand-           things. First, the Final DBA
                                 printed and illustrated, will    test will happen the week of
                                 be bound and sent to either      May 2-6. Please encourage
                                 Nicaragua or Guatemala.          your students to do their
                                 There, native children will      best and ensure they get a
                                 be able to enjoy these           good night’s sleep and a
                                 stories for years to come.       good      breakfast    before
Science Department (May)
                                 The books range in topic         school.       Second, with
The science department will
                                 from a young boy’s first         school coming to a close,
be wrapping up the school
                                 airplane ride to animals who     we want to encourage
year with some exciting and
                                 escape their cages every
fun units. Mr. Clark’s sixth                                      parents and students to
                                 night to have parties at the     continue the learning over
grade students are finishing
                                 zoo.                             the summer. Here is a list
Astronomy and moving into
                                         After the books are      of websites that you can
how living organisms adapt
                                 completed, students will         use to help keep those
and interact within their
                                 move on to their advertising     math facts churning inside
environment. Ms.
                                 unit. After studying
Hawkinson’s sixth grade                                           your young ones brain.

1)                 Windfall, where a            the year and we’ll see you
2)                 child can run an             back in August.
   site allows students             imaginary business
   to    complete       20          and      BuyLo/SellHi,
   problems every day               where children can
   for free. The topics             play      the       stock
   are arranged by                  market.        Students
   grade level from                 can sign up as an
   kindergarten through             individual or as part
   Algebra II. For a                of an elementary
   small fee, you can               school team.
   sign up for the entire       6)
   year to access all               umbers.html.         This    One of the responsibilities
   the questions all                site includes 17             of the EEO goal team is
   day, every day.                  original          games      coordinating the New
3)              based on soccer,             Mexico Standard Based
   Created      by     the          car racing and more.         Assessment test held each
   National Council of              Math          Baseball-      spring. The state requires
                                                                 that 95% of all students are
   Teachers             of          where a child can
                                                                 tested at the school, and we
   Mathematics,       this          score      runs      with    are proud to report that that
   site helps families              correct answers and          goal was achieved. Thanks
   enjoy mathematics                Operation         Order-     to the parents and students
   outside         school           where students can           for working and planning
   through a series of              build pyramids with          around testing dates and
                                                                 making an effort to attend
   fun and engaging                 their knowledge of
                                                                 the NMSBA dates, as well
   challenges.                      algebra.                     as your positive attitude
4)            7) www.mathplaygroun             towards such a stressful
   Math Cats provides                   Action    situation. Thank you to all
   playful explorations             packed        site     for   the staff for preparing the
   of important math                elementary-middle            students to reach their
   concepts      through            school kids featuring        maximum potential on the
                                                                 exam, as well as
   games, crafts and                games,          puzzles,
                                                                 administering the exam in a
   interactive projects.            worksheets            and    professional manner. We
   Includes a magic                 more.                        are happy to report that no
   chalkboard and an            8) www.coolmath4kids             tests were invalidated due
   art gallery                      .com-       flashcards,      to error. Thanks to all for
5)               games, prealgebra            making the 2010-2011
   FleetKids       games            lessons and more             NMSBA a success!
   teach      elementary        9)
   children       several       10) www.gamequarium.
   different aspects of             com
   management.               Have fun this summer
                             exploring these options and
   Games          include
                             more. Have a great end of

                                 school wide supply list that     activities such as
                                 will be sent home during the     Archery, Foot
                                 summer months. This list         Races, Mosiacs,
                                 will include: math,              Latin Music, and
                                 language arts & literature,      Roman Jeopardy.
                                 Science, and social studies      7th grade centered
                                 classes. We would also like      their activities on
For the month of April the       to remind and encourage 8th      New Mexico history.
staff were given a snack         grade parents to attend          Students connected
survival kit for testing week.   their students promotion         standards in the
The kit included:                ceremony in May. This is a       different content
Chips Ahoy cookies               special time of transition for   areas to their state’s
because you're always            students. Certificates of        history and were
willing to chip in with a        achievement from individual      able to enjoy a
helping hand,                    teachers will be presented       performance of
Laffy Taffy because you are      to the students with a           flamenco dancing.
fun to work with,                reception following.             8th graders studied
Mint Gum because you help                                         about the Civil War.
when we need to stick                                             They learned games
together,                                                         and dances from
popcorn because we are                                            that time period,
bursting with gratitude for                                       while also learning
you,                                                              from the many
fruit snacks because you                                          visitors who came to
are peachy keen,                                                  teach about the war.
and TWIX because                 We have been one busy
                                                                     May 20th: 8th
chocolate is the cure for        goal team this 9-weeks!
                                 We have been working             Grade Dance
This goal team provides          diligently to plan and carry
                                 out several big events:          8th grade students
incentives to the staff to
                                                                  will enjoy an evening
make their job a little
easier.                                    April 21st:            in paradise here at
                                        Thematic Unit Day         James Monroe! The
We have a wonderful,
                                                                  goal team members,
dedicated staff at JMMS.
                                        Our thematic units        student volunteers,
                                        turned out to be          and teacher
                                        wonderfully               volunteers will be
                                        educational for the       decorating the
                                        students and staff at     cafeteria for this
                                        our school! Each          exciting event.
                                        grade level chose to      Teacher volunteers
                                        rotate students           and administration
                                        through various           will also chaperone
The parent involvement                  learning stations         the dance.
group continues to take on              located on or near
a number of issues with the                                           May 26th: Field
                                        campus. 6th grade
purpose of improving parent             focused on Rome.          Trip Day
participation in school                 Students were able
activities and academic                 to experience             Our 8th graders will
goals. We are concluding                Roman culture by          be going to Cliff’s
the year by producing a                 participating in          Amusement Park for

       their field trip again    We are proud of our                  Erica Gutierrez
       this year. This is an     students with their                 Savannah Lujan
       annual event, and         performances and their              Raven Martinez
       one that students         representation of JMMS.            Chelsea Montano
       look forward to each      Their final concerts will be        Alyssa Montoya
       year! The 6th and 7th     May 17th at 7:00 p.m. for           Leila Omidvaran
       graders will be           Orchestra and May 19th at             Janae Padilla
       enjoying a carnival-      7:00 pm for the Band.              Estevan Rodriguez
       themed field day on       The student body will get to        Mariah Sanchez
       campus. They will         hear the performances by             Eleazar Torres
       get to participate in     the Band and Orchestra at           Victoria Tortorici
       a variety of              the Music Assembly May               Harley Tucker
       activities, including     24th.                                Paulina Wilson
       volleyball, rock          Thank you to the hard word          Maddison Wong
       climbing, karaoke,        of Chris Smith and Gloria
       and more! Students        Velasco. We appreciate all     The current members
       will be earning           you do for our Music           presented a member quality
       tickets based on          Program at JMMS.               Scholarship was presented
       good behavior and                                        by Emily Renegar,
       grades May 2nd                                           Secretary,
       through May 20th.                                        Service by Kali Antram,
       Student will get to                                      Historian,
       use these tickets on                                     Leadership by Terran
       activities. Some          James Monroe Middle            Molina, Vice President,
       activities will not       School held it’s annual        Citizenship by Taylor
       require tickets.          induction ceremony April       VanBergen, Treasurer
                                 28th at 6:30 in the gym.       And Character by Katie
As usual, we will also have      The ceremony was a             Valencia, Parliamentarian.
dress-down days for the          candlelight ceremony
Spring DBA. Students will        inducting the following        Amanda Luna, President
earn these incentives by         members:                       swore the new inductees
having good attendance                                          into membership with the
and by reaching their                                           pledge.
                                       Taylor Armenta
performance-based on the
                                         Alexis Baca
DBA. Students will receive             Justin Benegas           The current members were
dress-down day tickets                  Olivia Barber           commended on their
when they earn them.                  Andrew Barreras           service projects throughout
                                          Laurel Britt          the year.
                                       Michelle Burke           Some of the projects
                                          Sarah Carr            included: collecting pull
                                      Leticia Chadwick          tabs for the Ronald
                                     Samantha Chavez            McDonald House, Guides
                                        Ainsley Cotter          for Open House, Student
                                         Zoe Creese             Success Night presenters,
                                        Maya Dawson             donations of food to the
The directors of our fine arts        Hannah Duckett            food bank, donations of
have been busy with                     Jordan Deen             money to Leukemia
concerts and competitions            Shyanne Freeman            foundation, work at the
this last semester.                      Siera Gilmer           district-wide Battle of
                                        Alysa Gomez             Books, 5th grade visitation
                                      Catalina Griego

guides, and mentors for               The administrators were                      She is intelligent,
Rachel’s Challenge.                   given a plague for their                      but also cares for
                                      continuous support of                         her students
The following teachers were           NJHS. Mr. Martinez and                        progress
selected by the JMMS                  Mr. Torres have supported
National Junior Honor                 the works of honor society                   We are engaged in
Society for their high                for ten years.                                our learning – I
expectations, caring and                                                            have learned a lot
dedication to the students            The ceremony concluded                        from her
they teach.                           with refreshments in the
Janelle Andre, Pearl Armijo,          cafeteria.                                   She gives us a
Rachael Button, Amanda                                                              second change to
Cain, Cindy Dennis, Bron                                                            do our work
Green, Anna Mondragon,                                                              correctly and
Debbie Muldawer, Denise                                                             improve our
Mullen, Randy Nyberg,                                                               scores
Shelley O’Connor, B. J.               This teacher:
Pacheco, Pat Raborn,                      Works hard daily,                       She brings
Lynne Stapp, Bronwyn                                                                international
Stephanz, and Tuija Tobar.                  She helps with                         culture to the
The 2010-2011 Teacher of                     learning and is                        classroom
the Year was announced by                    respectful of
Mr. Vernon Martinez,                         students,                      This year’s teacher of the
Principal.                                                                  year is Denise Mullen
This year’s winner is Denise                She is kind and
Mullen.                                      has discipline in
                                             the classroom

                                     ICC MEETING
                                        March 9, 2011

JMMS                                   Meeting Title: ICC
                                       Meeting Date: March 9, 2011            Meeting Time: 7:30 AM
                                       Meeting Location: Admin. Conference Room

Meeting called by: Vernon Martinez     Type of Meeting: ICC
Facilitator:Christin Johnson           Recorder: Debbie Muldawer
Attendees:Vernon Martinez, Michael Clark, Christin Johnson, Alicia Duran, Mandy Cain, Jamie Thurgood,
Cindy Dennis, Rey Torres, Debbie Muldawer, Linda McAllister, Bronwyn Stephanz

Agenda Topic: Budget                           Presenter: Vernon Martinez

Discussion: Half of the discretionary fund has been cut. That means that there will be 7 million dollars instead of 14
million dollars available district-wide. Monroe uses discretionary money to pay for Michael Clarke, Rachel, and fo an
EA for TIPS.

The district will pay for Michael's position, which helps Monroe. The remaining discretionary money must be used for
educational needs, not for supplies or secretarial positions.

Monroe's teacher allocation has been cut by 4.9%. This will probably affect two to two and a half teachers. One teacher
will be resigning this year. In terms of the other position, programmatic need comes first.

 Anyone with a full time position will have a job somewhere.Only short term people will lose their jobs.

It is important to make the current schedule work without 40 kids in the class. The current schedule has been approved.
There will be no need to go to a pilot program.

 These decisions are still ambiguous because the state hasn't given the district its budget yet. There may not be a
concrete number until late in the game. However, the schools must plan ahead for next year.
 The principals will get a budget call on March 28th to finalize numbers.
The furlough days will still be continued. Pending union agreement, teachers won't be paid for and won't have to attend
the 184th day.

Custodians will now be off on March 18th in lieu of the Vernal Holiday on April .22nd. .

Conclusions: None
Action items: None
Person(s) responsible: None          Deadline: None

Agenda Topic: Make Up Snow Days                                          Presenter: Vernon Martinez

Discussion: The teachers owe the district four make up days. One will be made up on the Vernal Holiday. The second
will either be waived by the state or will occur on May 31 st. To make up the remaining two days, teachers have been
asked to hold conferences on their own time.

Monroe will send out a blast at the end of March and let parents know that they can set up parent conferences during a
two-three week period in April. The letter, with details about the conferences, will come out after testing.

Conferences can occur over the phone and during prep. They do not have to happen before or after school.

Since all of the advisory folders have already been sent home, it is not productive to repeat these conferences. Parents
will be given the option of calling their own child's teacher or teachers to set up a conference. These conferences will
take place from April 18th-29th. Each conference should last no longer than 20 minutes, and teachers are asked to keep a
log of the calls and the conferences.

The Next Step conferences will probably be done as a large group. The students and parents will be asked to come and
hard copies of the Next Step forms will be distributed. Many people have already done the advisory paperwork with the
students and sent home the forms. Still, there should be parent involvement for the Next Step conferences beyond a
signed piece of paper.
This information will be shared with the staff at the staff meeting on March 31 st.
Conclusions: None
Action items: None
Person(s) responsible: None                            Deadline: None

Agenda Topic: DBA Scores                               Presenter: Christin Johnson

Discussion: Teachers are not supposed to be using DBA scores as a grade. This is an assessment tool, not a grade. It's a
formative assessment, not a summative assessment.

It's reasonable to use Short Cycle Assessments as grades.

Christin Johnson will send out a memo saying that DBA scores should not be part of the grade.
Conclusions: None
Action items: None
Person(s) responsible: NoneDeadline: None

Agenda Topic: Once Upon A Theater Presenter: Mandy Cain
Discussion: Mandy Cain would like Once Upon a Theater to come here in May. If the school pays for one performance,
they'll get a second performance free. It will be about $7.50 per kid.

The dates aren't set yet, but the plays would be during the last week or two of school. First and second periods would be
the best times, if they're available. They would not occur during finals week.
Patti said it was fine to sell tickets as long as Mandy Cain was the only one handling the money. The kids with the top
GPAs will have the chance to buy tickets for the second play for $2.00.
Conclusions: None
Action items: None
Person(s) responsible: NoneDeadline: None

Agenda Topic: 8               th
                                   grade dance Presenter: Alicia Duran

Discussion: The theme will be Paradise.
Conclusions: None
Action items: None
Person(s) responsible: NoneDeadline: None

Agenda Topic: Parent Involvement Presenter: Michael Clark
Discussion: There will be treats in the lounge on Friday.
 The Parent Involvement Goal team will be collecting surveys turned in the conference folders and tallying the results
for EPSS. They are also looking at school supply lists.
Conclusions: None
Action items: None
Person(s) responsible: NoneDeadline: None

Agenda Topic: Elections Presenter: Vernon Martinez
Discussion: .All department heads will be up for election. People can decide if they want to run again. The heads are
also in charge of facilitating their goal teams. Vernon will send out a memo in a few weeks. Team leaders were just
selected last year.
Conclusions: New Department Heads wil be elected
Action items: Submit a letter of intent if interested.
Person(s) responsible: NoneDeadline: None

Agenda Topic: Staff Satisfaction Presenter: Cindy Dennis
Discussion: Today is EA day. Cindy made some gifts for all of the EAs.
Rey Torres will make an announcement to show appreciation.

The next meeting will be on March 23rd.

                                             ICC MEETING

                                                 March 23, 2011

JMMS                                         Meeting Title: Instructional Council
                                             Meeting Date: 3/23/11                Meeting Time: 7:30 AM – 8:10 AM
                                             Meeting Location: Administration Conference Room

Meeting called by: Vernon Martinez                           Type of Meeting: Instructional Council
Facilitator: Christin Johnson                         Recorder: Debbie Muldawer
Attendees: Bronwyn Stephanz, Michael Clark, Bron Green, Dawn Carmody, Catherine Casaus, Vernon Martinez, Patti
Salaz, Christin Johnson, Debbie Muldawer, Elena Schrader, Christi Bikhazi, Alicia Duran, Rey Torres, Jamie Thurgood,
Bron Green, Cindy Dennis

Agenda Topic: Registration Dates                                Presenter: PattiSalaz

Discussion: New student registration will occur on August 1 st, August 2nd, and August 3rd.
Conclusions: Regular registration will be on August 8th and 9 th. All the fifth graders have been called to confirm
enrollment, and this should greatly reduce the amount of no-show students.

The first official reporting day of school for teachers will be on Wednesday, August 10th.
Action items: None
Person(s) responsible: None         Deadline: None

Agenda Topic: School Pictures                         Presenter: Patti Salaz

School pictures will occur on the 26th. Monroe will now be using Kim Jew instead of Life Touch as prices are
comparable and students can purchase all of their pictures on a CD.
It was suggested that the pictures be done through social studies, but this would be difficult because of the A/B schedule.
All students take math and language arts every day.

This year, math is doing both pictures and registration because language arts is doing textbook assessments and fines.
These duties may be rotated in the future.
Conclusions: Pictures will continue to be taken through the language arts or math classes.
Action items: None

Person(s) responsible: None        Deadline: None

Agenda Topic: Advisory Days                          Presenter: Patti Salaz

Discussion: These will still be on Wednesdays. Patti Salaz and Vernon Martinez will plan these dates.
Conclusions: None
Action items: Mr. Martinez and Ms. Salaz will set these dates.
Person(s) responsible: Patti Salaz, Vernon Martinez Deadline: ASAP

Agenda Topic: General Scheduling                                 Presenter: Patti Salaz

Discussion: There was a request not to make Ramp Up during 4 th period.
Patti Salaz requested that the heads of language arts and math submit the names of students recommended for Enriched
and Remedial classes to her before May 1st, so she can plan course sections for the master schedule next year. The
names of special ed students should also be submitted, so their numbers can be removed from the regular classes when
planning the schedule.

There might be a six spoke wheel instead of a four spoke wheel because lower student numbers will reduce the need for
two separate wheel sections.
Conclusions: Submit student recommendations for Enriched and Remediation.
Action items: Submit student recommendations for Enriched and Remediation.
Person(s) responsible: Goal Team Heads      Deadline: ASAP

Agenda Topic: Staff Meeting                          Presenter: Vernon Martinez

Discussion: This will take place on March 30th, so as not to interfere with scheduling. There will be an emphasis on
data folders and how to do them.
Conclusions: None
Action items: None
Person(s) responsible: None        Deadline: None

Agenda Topic: Testing Schedule                                   Presenter: Carrie Crain

Discussion: 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B, 3A, 3B will be the schedule for afternoon classes during testing. Lunches will match the
students' third period teacher of the day.
Conclusions: None
Action items: None
Person(s) responsible: None             Deadline: None

Agenda Topic: Budget                                            Presenter: Vernon Martinez

Discussion: The budget will be sent to schools on March 28th. There will be a budget workshop on March 30th. The
amount of money received will determine the master schedule, how many sections Monroe will have, and how many
teachers will be needed. Right now, there is an estimated five percent cut for staffing, which will affect two teachers.
Furthermore, discretionary money has been cut in half, which will affect another teacher. Everything is still tenative
because the budget has not yet been confirmed.
Conclusions: None
Action items: None
Person(s) responsible: None                              Deadline: None

Agenda Topic: Last Day of School                                Presenter: Vernon Martinez

Discussion: The state did not approve a waiver for the fourth make up day. Students will return for half a day on May
31st. This is a full day for faculty.
Conclusions: None
Action items: None
Person(s) responsible: NoneDeadline: None

                                             ICC MEETING
                                                   April 13, 2011
JMMS                                           Meeting Title: Instructional Council
                                               Meeting Date: 4/13/11              Meeting Time: 7:30 AM – 8:10 AM
                                               Meeting Location: Administration Conference Room

Meeting called by: Vernon Martinez                            Type of Meeting: Instructional Council
Facilitator: Christin Johnson                            Recorder: Debbie Muldawer

Attendees: Rey Torres, Alicia Duran, Dawn Carmody, Bron Green, Michael Clark, Jamie Thurgood, Lynn McAllister,
Catherine Casaus, Mandy Cain, Cindy Dennis, Debbie Muldawer, Vernon Martinez, Bronwyn Stephanz, Elena Schrader,
Michael Clark, Naomi Clark

Agenda Topic: General Information                                 Presenter: Vernon Martinez

Discussion: The next few sessions of advisory will be focused on Next Steps. This year, there will be a large group
meeting for all eighth graders and their parents to fill out paperwork, hear information, and get questions answered. This
will take place in the evening and the counselors and administration will be facilitating the meeting.

There will also be a phone blast announcing a two week period in which parents can call their child's teacher/teachers to
set up an individual conference. These conferences can be done before school, after school, or during prep. If a teacher
is overwhelmed with too many conferences, they can tell the parents that their schedule is booked and offer to talk on the
phone instead. If a parent is insistent, refer them to the counselors. This is connected to the cancelled Student-Led
conferences, and this process was approved by I.C. several weeks ago and recorded in the minutes.

Monroe is losing three teachers. One is resigning, one is retiring and the third, based on seniority, will be spoken to
about a transfer.

Winston Brooks is hoping to avoid further cuts to the schools despite a ten million dollar cut to district funds.
Discretionary cuts may be reduced beyond the current 50% hit.

Right now, the district is funding Monroe at 35 per teacher. A 5-10% waiver has been approved. Language Arts classes
may go up to 28.

Monroe's operating budget is $2,950,481 for the year. Student numbers will be about the same as this year. The majority
of Monroe's funding goes to teacher salaries.

Discretionary funds will be used to fund an EA position for TIPS. There is an additional stipend for EAs who work with
kids without a certified teacher present. TIPS is essential. It's the highest priority. $27,000 has been assigned to
supplies. If there are cuts, this will be easier to absorb than an educational position.

Monroe got recognized by America's choice as an excellent math program. Dawn Carmody and Catherine Casaus
exhibit stellar leadership.

Thematic units are part of Monroe's AGP and will occur next Thursday, April 22 nd.

Conclusions: A tentative budget has been established for next year.
Action items: Wait for final budget to come down from the district
Person(s) responsible: Vernon Martinez        Deadline: Ongoing

Agenda Topic: Goal Team Reporting                                  Presenter: Christin Johnson

Discussion: All Goal Team leaders are asked to contribute to EPSS. Goal Team Leaders were given forms to type,
which should be submitted directly into WebX. These forms are due in June and should be submitted by late May.

The EPSS document is a distributive responsibility among the whole staff. If something is working or not working, have
facts to back it up. Don't make reporting a matter of opinion. .
Conclusions: Submit Goal Team reports to WebX
Action items: Submit Goal Team reports to WebX
Person(s) responsible: Goal Team Leaders Deadline: May

Agenda Topic: GoalTeams                                Presenter: Goal Team Leaders

Discussion: Math---Almost all of the teachers have gotten in their nine RACE questions. Improvement has been seen on
RACE and on pre/post tests. Data has been collected.

Language Arts--Regarding data compilation, the data collected in Language Arts is less meaningful than that used in
math because teachers use different questions at different levels. To get a truly accurate test of progress, teachers would
have to give the same question at the same time as everyone else. Data is not true data unless there's consistency. The
Goal Team could come up with language arts questions. It was suggested that Monroe dedicate half a day to looking at
ACE during the professional development days at the beginning of the year. Also, the Language Arts Goal Team is
interested in developing incentives for AR goals, relieving Parent Involvement of this responsibility.

Parent Involvement---Parent Involvement would like to generate a school-wide supply list. By grade level, have teachers
come up with a common list. Agree upon a supply list per content per grade level (math, social studies, science,
language arts, and P.E., which can be sent to students' homes before the tax-free shopping day. This will be due by the
end of April.

When teachers submit their lists, include numbers. For example, say three packs of colored pencils (one for the
classroom, one in the backpack). Not all the teachers will have the same list but there will be commonalities. There will
be a disclaimer saying that additional supplies may be required.

About 400 conference sheets were returned. School-wide events like Student Success Night brought in more people
than small classroom events. The Parent Involvement Goal Team continues to find ways to make data collection more

Staff Satisfaction--People like treats and most teachers were very appreciative of the goody bags received during testing..
May will be ice-cream sundaes.

When the two staff members retire/resign at the end of the year, Staff Satisfaction will do something for them.

 People have forgotten about the issue bin. There's a box in the lounge. Cindy Dennis will check it every day and report
to Vernon Martinez if any issues arise.

Testing--Testing went very smoothly this year. A lot of makeups were done during class. Some kids might be gone for
the next few days while they finish their tests.

Systems Management--Next week on the Thematic Unit Days, there will be a fundraiser at Chick-Fil-A. The money will
be used toward field day and end of the year activities. There will be a phone blast for the fundraiser. Alicia Duran is
also trying to get some things together for the 8th grade promotion ceremony.
Conclusions: None
Action items: None
Person(s) responsible: Goal Team Leaders Deadline: Ongoing

Agenda Topic: Next Meeting                            Presenter: Christin Johnson

Discussion: The next meeting will be on April 27th.
Conclusions: None
Action items: None
Person(s) responsible: None          Deadline: None


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