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					Venture Capital Survey, Second Quarter 2011

This is a listing of many of the Bay Area firms that received venture capital financing between
April 1 to June 30, 2011. Most of the data was compiled from a survey conducted by
PricewaterhouseCoopers, Thomson Venture Economics and the National Venture Capital Association in
conjunction with the Mercury News.

In the case of some investments there may have been other participants in the round who are not
credited. Also, the amounts listed may not include all venture funding the company received during
the quarter.

* Indicates this is a seed or first-round infusion of money from venture capitalists. These
companies may have received money previously from other investors and aren't necessarily startups.

         Name                      City         Stage         Amount               Investors           Product

                                                                           Morningside Venture
                                                                           Investments, undisclosed    Clinical research
Aduro Biotech*               Berkeley        Later Stage     $2,229,000    firm                        services

                                                                           Column Group, SV Life
Cyterix Pharmaceuticals*     San Francisco   Early Stage     $9,200,000    Sciences Advisers           Cancer therapeutics

                                                                           Beacon Bioventures,
                                                                           Odlander, Fredrikson AB,
                                                                           Pappas Ventures, TPG        Therapeutics for rare
Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical*   Novato          Early Stage     $18,664,000   Growth                      diseases

                                                                           Angels' Forum & the Halo    Manufactures
                                                                           Fund, Halo Fund,            pharmaceutical
Theron Pharmaceuticals       Sunnyvale       Early Stage     $1,000,000    undisclosed firm            products

                                                                           Domain Assoc., Third Rock Medicines to treat
Afferent Pharmaceuticals     San Mateo       Early Stage     $2,000,000    Ventures, undisclosed firm chronic pain

                                                                           InterWest Partners, Vivo    Biopharmaceutical
Eiger BioPharmaceuticals     Palo Alto       Early Stage     $3,550,000    Ventures                    services

                                                                           5AM Ventures, Versant       Chemicals from
Rennovia                     Menlo Park      Early Stage     $4,302,900    Ventures                    renewable feedstock

                                                                           Aeris Capital AG, Kleiner   Molecular
                             South San                                     Perkins Caufield & Byers,   diagnostics tools
Crescendo Bioscience         Francisco       Later Stage     $31,020,000   Mohr Davidow Ventures       developer

                                                                           Coates Myer Pty, GBS
                                                                           Venture Partners Pty,       Pharmaceutical
Pathway Therapeutics         San Francisco   Early Stage     $7,500,000    undisclosed firm            company

                                                                           ARCH Venture Partners,
                                                                           CMEA Capital, GeneChem
                                                                           Financial, Novartis Venture Biopharmaceutical
Sorbent Therapeutics         Sunnyvale       Early Stage     $11,235,000   Funds, Sofinnova Ventures company

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Venture Capital Survey, Second Quarter 2011

                                                                          Gabriel Venture Partners,
                                                                          Noventi,Oak Investment        Algae-based
Aurora Algae             Hayward        Expansion          $5,000,000     Partners, undisclosed firm    products

                                                                          Argonaut Private Equity,
                                                                          CID Group, China
                                                                          Development Financial
                                                                          Holding, China
                                                                          Renaissance Capital
                                                                          Investment, IBT Ventures,
                                                                          OrbiMed Advisors, Qiming      Contract research
Crown Bioscience         Santa Clara    Expansion          $28,800,100    Venture Partners              service

                                                                          Artiman Ventures, Asset
                                                                          Management Company,
                                                                          Duff Ackerman & Goodrich,
                                                                          General Electric Venture
                                                                          Capital, Intel Capital,
                                                                          Kleiner Perkins Caufield &
                                                                          Byers, Longitude Capital
                                                                          Management Company,
                                                                          Mohr Davidow Ventures,     Cardiovascular
                                                                          Pappas Ventures, TPG       genomic diagnostics
CardioDx                 Palo Alto      Expansion          $2,509,000     Growth, undisclosed firm   company

                                                                          Allen & Company, Camelot Therapy for cancer
Cellerant Therapeutics   San Carlos     Later Stage          2,023,200.00 Ventures, undisclosed firms treatment

                                                                          CNF Investments, Essex
                                                                          Woodlands Health
                                                                          Ventures, NovaQuest
                                                                          Capital Management, Pac-
                                                                          Link Management, Palo Alto
                                                                          Investors, Shepherd
                                                                          Ventures, Technology        Produces
                                                                          Partners, undisclosed firm, biopharmaceutical
Revance Therapeutics     Newark         Later Stage        $29,999,700    Vivo Ventures               products

                                        Startup /                                                       Tools for patient
Niveus Medical*          Palo Alto      Seed               $1,500,000     Undisclosed firms             interventions
                                        Startup /
Spark Diagnostics*       Menlo Park     Seed                $750,000      Versant Ventures              Diagnostic services

                                                                          Alloy Ventures, Covidien      Commercializes
AEGEA Medical            Redwood City   Early Stage        $13,365,900    Ventures, Delphi Ventures     medical devices

                                                                          Angels' Forum & the Halo
                                                                          Fund, Band of Angels,
                                                                          Emergent Medical
                                                                          Ventures, Sand Hill Angels,
                                                                          Tech Coast Angels,            Women's health
                                                                          undisclosed firm,             through diagnostic
                                                                          Wilmington Investor           testing and
OncoHealth               Fremont        Early Stage         $100,000      Network                       screening

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Venture Capital Survey, Second Quarter 2011

                                                                       Domain Assoc., Essex      Medical device
Kona Medical             Palo Alto       Early Stage     $2,903,000    Woodlands Health Ventures company

                                                                       Frazier Healthcare and
                                                                       Technology Ventures, GBS
                                                                       Venture Partners Pty, Gilde
                                                                       Healthcare Partners BV,
                                                                       Morgenthaler Ventures,
Moximed                  Hayward         Early Stage     $43,269,900   New Enterprise Assoc.       Medical devices

                                                                       Aperture Venture Partners,
                                                                       Ascent Biomedical
                                                                       Ventures, Charter Life
                                                                       Sciences, Prism
                                                                       VentureWorks, Western      Therapeutic
XLumena                  Mountain View   Expansion       $7,000,000    Technology Investment      endoscopy products

                                                                       California Technology
                                                                       Ventures, Jerusalem Global
                                                                       Ventures, Pelion Venture
                                                                       Partners, Psilos Group
                                                                       Managers, QuestMark
                                                                       Partners, Saints Ventures, Angioplasty
AngioScore               Fremont         Later Stage     $12,000,100   Telegraph Hill Partners    catheters

                                                                       New Enterprise Assoc.,       Medical device
Minerva Surgical         Cupertino       Early Stage     $26,172,000   Versant Ventures             company

                                                                       Aisling Capital, Cross Creek Manufactures
                                                                       Capital, Domain Assoc.,      medical devices for
Miramar Labs             Sunnyvale       Early Stage     $35,846,000   Morgenthaler Ventures        aesthetic indications

                                                                       Emergent Medical
                                                                       Ventures, InterWest          Miniaturized,
                                                                       Partners, U.S. Venture       leadless cardiac
Nanostim                 Milpitas        Early Stage     $12,500,100   Partners                     pacemakers

                                                                       Undisclosed firm, Vertical   Research of medical
Silk Road Medical        Sunnyvale       Early Stage     $8,226,000    Group                        devices

                                                                       Angels' Forum & the Halo
                                                                       Fund, DFJ InCube
                                                                       Ventures, De Novo
                                                                       Ventures, Draper Fisher
                                                                       Jurvetson, ePlanet Capital,
                                                                       Halo Fund, Johnson &
                                                                       Johnson Development,
                                                                       Kleiner Perkins Caufield &
                                                                       Byers, MedVenture Assoc., Spinal cord
Spinal Modulation        Menlo Park      Later Stage     $31,999,700   Medtronic, undisclosed firm stimulator system

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Venture Capital Survey, Second Quarter 2011

                                                                        Mohr Davidow Ventures,
                                                                        New Leaf Venture Partners, And markets
                                                                        Synergy Life Science        diagnostic monitoring
iRhythm Technologies      San Francisco   Expansion       $6,670,200    Partners, undisclosed firms solutions

                                                                        Domain Assoc., Essex
                                                                        Woodlands Health
                                                                        Ventures, New Leaf Venture
                                                                        Partners, Scale Venture    Non-invasive
                                                                        Partners, Synergy Life     treatments for the
Oraya Therapeutics        Newark          Early Stage     $15,875,000   Science Partners           eyes

                                                                        Canaan Partners, HLM
                                                                        Venture Partners, Investor
                                                                        Growth Capital, Kaiser
                                                                        Permanente Ventures,
                                                                        Morgenthaler Ventures,
                                                                        Split Rock Partners,         Medical devices for
                                                                        Technology Partners,         the treatment of
Transcend Medical         Menlo Park      Early Stage     $27,571,000   undisclosed firm             glaucoma

                                                                        Amkey Ventures, Galen
                                                                        Assoc., PTV Sciences,        Medical device
Cardiva Medical           Sunnyvale       Later Stage     $7,448,100    Sycamore Ventures Pte.       company

                                                                        Alloy Ventures, Emergent
                                                                        Medical Ventures, Three      Pulmonary embolism
Crux Biomedical           Menlo Park      Early Stage     $12,000,000   Arch Partners                prevention

                                                                        Montreux Equity Partners,    Medical device
Avantis Medical Systems   Sunnyvale       Later Stage     $18,366,000   undisclosed firm             company

                                                                        De Novo Ventures, Domain Medical solutions
                                                                        Assoc., Technology         and biomaterials for
Benvenue Medical          Santa Clara     Expansion       $23,091,000   Partners, Versant Ventures spine repair

                                                                        DFJ InCube Ventures, L
                                                                        Capital Partners, Oxford     Implantable system
Intrapace                 Mountain View   Later Stage     $60,939,000   Bioscience Partners          to treat obesity

                                                                        Advanced Technology
                                                                        Ventures, Frazier
                                                                        Healthcare and Technology
                                                                        Ventures, Panorama        Medical device
PowerVision               Belmont         Later Stage     $4,188,900    Capital                   company

                                                                        Lumira Capital, Radius
                                                                        Ventures Pte, undisclosed    Ultrasound imaging
U-Systems                 Sunnyvale       Later Stage     $6,500,000    firm, iD Ventures America    systems

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Venture Capital Survey, Second Quarter 2011

                                                                             Canaan Partners, Frazier
                                                                             Healthcare and Technology
                                                                             Ventures, Intersouth
                                                                             Partners, Three Arch      Medical devices and
Calibra Medical             Redwood City    Later Stage        $8,110,000    Partners                  technologies

                                                                             DFJ InCube Ventures,          Medical devices for
Nfocus Neuromedical         Palo Alto       Later Stage        $4,227,000    Technology Partners           brain aneurysms
          Name                    City         Stage            Amount                Investors            Product

                                            Startup /                        Learn Capital Venture         Business and
Formative Learning*         San Francisco   Seed               $1,999,000    Partners, undisclosed firm    services

                                            Startup /                        Longworth Venture             Products and
ioRevolution*               San Francisco   Seed               $1,350,000    Partners, undisclosed firm    services
                                                                                                           Digital marketing
NetShelter Technology Media San Francisco   Later Stage        $6,567,000    Rho Capital Partners          services

                                                                                                           Online compliance
                                                                             Draper Fisher Jurvetson,      information
iCiX                        San Mateo       Later Stage        $3,000,000    undisclosed firm              exchange

                                                                             August Capital
                                                                             Management, Bessemer
                                                                             Venture Partners, JAFCO
                                                                             Ventures, Kleiner Perkins     Online reputation
                                                                             Caufield & Byers,             management              Redwood City    Expansion          $40,999,000   undisclosed firm              solutions

                                                                             Camelot Ventures, DCM,        Online retailer of                Mountain View   Later Stage        $6,099,900    Menlo Ventures                promotional items

                                                                             Opus Capital, Pinnacle
                                                                             Ventures, Redpoint
                                            Startup /                        Ventures, Sutter Hill
FreeMonee Network*          San Mateo       Seed               $11,000,000   Ventures, undisclosed firm    National gift network

                                                                                                        Prepaid card
                                                                                                        solutions for
                                                                             Granite Ventures, Greylock merchants and
Marqeta                     Oakland         Early Stage        $5,568,000    Partners                   consumers

                                                                             Kleiner Perkins Caufield &    Real-estate related
Home Value Protection       San Francisco   Early Stage        $13,100,000   Byers                         financial services

                                                                             Citi Venture Capital, Polaris
                                                                             Venture Partners,             Online financial
ReadyForZero                San Francisco   Early Stage        $4,715,000    undisclosed firm              software

                                                                             StarVest Partners,            On demand financial
Xignite                     San Mateo       Later Stage        $12,000,000   undisclosed firm              web services

                                                                                                           graphic design
99Designs*                  San Francisco   Expansion          $35,000,000   Accel Partners, Individuals   services

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Venture Capital Survey, Second Quarter 2011

                                         Startup /
CardSpring Networks*     Palo Alto       Seed                $100,000    Felicis Ventures             Advertising services

                                                                         Founder Collective,          Design community*             San Francisco   Early Stage        $1,100,100   Individuals, Y Combinator    for paper goods

Concurrent*              San Francisco   Early Stage         $900,000    Undisclosed firm             Software provider

                                         Startup /                                                    Web and mobile
DoGoodLabs*              San Francisco   Seed               $2,229,000   Undisclosed firm             services

                                                                         BlueRun Ventures, Charles
                                         Startup /                       River Ventures, SV Angel, Mobile phones
EggCartel*               San Francisco   Seed               $1,000,000   Trinity Ventures          application

                                         Startup /                       Crosslink Capital,            Social e-commerce
Giftiki*                 San Francisco   Seed                $920,000    Individuals, undisclosed firm platform

                                                                         Accelerator Ventures,
                                                                         Founder Collective,         Connects
                                         Startup /                       Greylock Partners, Harrison businesses to a
Gigwalk*                 Mountain View   Seed               $1,700,000   Metal Capital, SoftTech VC mobile workforce

                                                                         Draper Fisher Jurvetson,     Data platform
GOTO Metrics-1           Mountain View   Early Stage        $3,000,000   EPIC Ventures                solutions

                                                                                                      Online retail
                                                                         Idinvest Partners Tugboat    promotion software
Ifeelgoods*              Menlo Park      Early Stage        $6,500,000   Ventures                     solutions
                                                                         Clearstone Venture
                                                                         Partners, Ignition Partners,
                                                                         Individuals, New Enterprise
                                                                         Assoc., Southern Cross
                                                                         Venture Partners,
                                         Startup /                       undisclosed firms, Y         E-commerce
Inporia*                 San Francisco   Seed               $1,250,100   Combinator                   company

                                         Startup /                                                    Scalable, memory-
MemSQL*                  San Francisco   Seed               $1,565,000   First Round Capital          optimized database

                                                                         Individuals, Mohr Davidow    Instant loyalty
PunchTab*                Menlo Park      Early Stage         $849,900    Ventures, undisclosed firm   platform

                                                                                                    Digital marketing
                                                                         Blumberg Capital Ventures, through online video
VideoGenie*              Menlo Park      Early Stage        $2,000,000   undisclosed firm           compilations

                                                                                                    Social media
                                                                         Mayfield Fund, undisclosed monitoring and
Viralheat*               San Jose        Early Stage        $4,334,000   firm                       analytics solutions

                                                                         Draper Fisher Jurvetson,
                                                                         Physic Ventures, Sand Hill   Water utilities
WaterSmart Software*     Tiburon         Early Stage         $900,000    Angels, undisclosed firm     platform

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Venture Capital Survey, Second Quarter 2011

                                                                          Accel Partners, Meritech     Payment processing
Yapstone*                San Francisco   Later Stage        $50,000,000   Capital Partners             services

                                                                          Correlation Ventures,
                                                                          Granite Ventures, Northport
                                                                          Private Equity, undisclosed Online gamification
Bunchball                San Jose        Expansion          $6,500,000    firm                        service provider

                                                                                                       Mobile media
GoldSpot Media           Sunnyvale       Expansion          $12,050,000   Undisclosed firms            technology company

                                                                          IA Ventures, Individuals,
                                                                          True Ventures, Village       Real-time pricing
Metamarkets Group        San Francisco   Early Stage        $6,000,000    Ventures                     data services

                                                                                                       Manages and
                                                                          Morgenthaler Ventures,       financial and
PageOnce                 Palo Alto       Expansion          $15,000,000   Pitango Venture Capital      transaction solution

                                                                          DCM, Floodgate Fund,
                                                                          Individuals, Lightspeed
                                         Startup /                        Venture Partners,            Online shopping
Project Slice            Palo Alto       Seed               $9,400,000    undisclosed firm             platform

                                                                          Accel Partners, Ignition     System management
ScaleXtreme              Palo Alto       Early Stage        $11,000,000   Partners                     solutions

                                                                          Bain Capital, Greylock       Predictive customers
TellApart                Burlingame      Early Stage        $13,000,000   Partners                     analytics platform

                                                                          Contour Venture Partners,
                                                                          High Peaks Venture          Web-based ticketing
                                                                          Partners, Individuals, Mohr and social marketing
Ticketfly                San Francisco   Early Stage        $12,000,000   Davidow Ventures            platform

                                                                                                       Buysight website and
                                                                          ONSET Ventures,              applications
BuySight                 Palo Alto       Early Stage        $4,000,000    undisclosed firm             promotional services

                                                                          Adobe Systems, Altos
                                                                          Ventures, Sigma Partners,    Software as a
Demandbase               San Francisco   Expansion          $10,000,000   Sutter Hill Ventures         service

                                                                                                       Online event
                                                                          Tiger Global Management,     management and
Eventbrite               San Francisco   Later Stage        $50,000,000   undisclosed firm             ticketing services

                                                                          Kleiner Perkins Caufield &
                                                                          Byers, Tiger Global          Mobile payment
Square                   San Francisco   Expansion         $100,000,000   Management                   services

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Venture Capital Survey, Second Quarter 2011

                                                                       D. E. Shaw+L22, InterWest   Monetization
                                                                       Partners, North Bridge      services for social
                                                                       Venture Partners, Rho       and mobile gaming
Tapjoy                   San Francisco   Expansion       $30,000,100   Capital Partners            applications

                                                                       Adams Capital               On-demand service
                                                                       Management, Bridgescale     for marketing and
                                                                       Partners, Individuals,      communications
BuzzLogic                San Francisco   Expansion       $7,800,000    undisclosed firm            practitioners

                                                                       Castile Ventures, Formative
                                                                       Ventures, RB Webber &       Inbound marketing
Eightfold Logic          San Francisco   Expansion       $1,999,900    Co., Rho Capital Partners platform

                                                                                                   Customer review
                                                                       Four Rivers Partners, Menlo technology for
                                                                       Ventures, Tenaya Capital, retailers and e-
PowerReviews             San Francisco   Expansion       $10,000,000   Woodside Fund               commerce sites

                                                                       Comcast Ventures, DFJ
                                                                       Frontier, Draper Fisher
                                                                       Jurvetson, Norwest Venture
                                                                       Partners, Panorama         Mobile audience
JiWire                   San Francisco   Later Stage     $20,000,000   Capital, Trident Capital   media company

BlackArrow               San Jose        Later Stage     $7,000,000    Undisclosed firm            technology company

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Venture Capital Survey, Second Quarter 2011
         Name                     City      Stage            Amount               Investors             Product

                                                                          Zenshin Capital
Curebit*                 San Francisco   Early Stage         $25,000      Management                    Platform technology

                                                                                                        Food delivery
EAT Club*                Sunnyvale       Expansion          $1,310,000    First Round Capital           services

                                                                          Felicis Ventures, Founder
                                                                          Collective, Greylock
                                                                          Partners, Individuals,
                                                                          Morado Venture                Online marketplace
                                                                          Management, SV Angel,         for home-cooked
Gobble*                  Palo Alto       Early Stage        $1,200,000    undisclosed firm              food

                                                                          Individuals, NewSchools
                                                                          Venture Fund, undisclosed K-5 hybrid charter
Rocketship Education*    Palo Alto       Early Stage        $3,000,000    firm                      school network

                                                                          BlackBerry Partners Fund,
                                         Startup /                        Foundation Capital, Google Consumer internet
Utah Street Labs*        San Francisco   Seed               $2,000,000    Ventures, Individuals      company

                                                                                                        Online marketplace
Foodzie                  San Francisco   Early Stage         $100,000     Felicis Ventures              for food

                                                                          500 Startups, Baseline
                                                                          Ventures, First Round
                                                                          Capital, Floodgate Fund,
                                                                          Shasta Ventures               An online service
                                                                          Management, undisclosed       which outsources
TaskRabbit               San Francisco   Early Stage        $4,999,800    firm                          tasks and deliveries

                                                                          Individuals, Redpoint         Online exchange for
thredUP                  San Francisco   Early Stage        $6,999,900    Ventures, Trinity Ventures    children's clothes

                                                                                                      As an online
                                                                          Accel Partners, First Round accessories, and
ModCloth                 San Francisco   Early Stage        $13,271,100   Capital, Floodgate Fund     decor retailer

                                                                          Aisling Capital, De Novo
                                                                          Ventures, Morgan Stanley
                                                                          Alternative Investment
                                                                          Partners, Technology          Over the counter
                                                                          Partners, undisclosed firm,   cosmetic medical
TRIA Beauty              Dublin          Later Stage         $729,000     Vivo Ventures                 devices

                                                                          FirstMark Capital, Harrison
                                                                          Metal Capital, Menlo
                                                                          Ventures, Norwest Venture Web-based brain
Lumos Labs               San Francisco   Expansion          $32,500,000   Partners                    training games

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Venture Capital Survey, Second Quarter 2011

                                                                            Andreessen Horowitz,
                                                                            Morado Venture               Marketing platform
                                           Startup /                        Management, Sutter Hill      and personalization
Clover Network*            Mountain View   Seed                $5,450,100   Ventures                     services

CollabRx*                  Palo Alto       Early Stage         $1,565,000   NeoCarta Ventures            technology

                                           Startup /                                                  Online car insurance
CoverHound*                San Francisco   Seed                $750,000     Blumberg Capital Ventures services

                                                                                                       Zozicom as a
                                                                            500 Startups, Individuals, website that focuses
                                                                            LaunchCapital, undisclosed on deals for local
ekoVenture*                San Francisco   Early Stage         $7,000,000   firms                      activities

                                                                                                        Educational courses
                                           Startup /                        Granite Ventures, InterWest and certificates for
Encore Career Institute*   Los Gatos       Seed               $15,000,000   Partners                    professionals

                                                                                                         Online social
                                                                            Band of Angels, Individuals, platform for kids
Everloop*                  Danville        Early Stage         $3,100,000   undisclosed firms            under 13

                                                                                                       Online marketing
Fliptop*                   San Francisco   Early Stage         $250,000     Longworth Venture Partners platform services

                                                                            Accel Partners, Battery
                                                                            Ventures, First Round        Mobile hotel booking
Hotel Tonight*             San Francisco   Early Stage         $3,250,000   Capital, Individuals         application

                                                                            Sequoia Capital,             Video games
Humble Bundle*             San Francisco   Early Stage         $4,476,000   undisclosed firm             through online

InhaleDigital*             San Francisco   Early Stage         $1,000,000   Canaan Partners              Social retail site

                                                                            Tandem Entrepreneurs
                                                                            Management Services,
Juice in the City*         San Mateo       Early Stage         $6,000,000   undisclosed firm             Daily deals company

                                                                            Blumberg Capital Ventures, As a platform that
                                           Startup /                        LaunchCapital, Quest       delivers exclusive
Mobile Spinach*            San Mateo       Seed                $999,900     Venture Partners           discounts

                                                                                                         Online child medical
                                                                                                         information for
MotherKnows*               Menlo Park      Early Stage         $500,000     Undisclosed firm             parents

NextDigest*                Palo Alto       Early Stage         $190,000     500 Startups, Individuals    information services

                                                                            Felicis Ventures, SV Angel, Offers an online
                                           Startup /                        Sequoia Capital,            collaboration
Piazza Technologies*       Menlo Park      Seed                $1,500,000   undisclosed firm            platform

                                                                            August Capital
                                                                            Management, undisclosed      Mobile and desktop
Pixelpipe*                 San Francisco   Early Stage         $2,330,000   firm                         applications

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Venture Capital Survey, Second Quarter 2011

                                                                                                       Free, open and
                                                                          Bullpen Capital, Floodgate   independent
Proformative*            Campbell        Early Stage         $1,100,000   Fund                         community

                                                                          Individuals, Seraph Group,   Corporate wellness
Vive Solutions*          Menlo Park      Expansion           $1,500,000   undisclosed firm             challenge application

                                         Startup /                        Northern Light Venture       Products and
Weaver Mobile*           Los Altos       Seed                $1,000,000   Capital                      services

                                         Startup /                        Rembrandt Venture            Products and
Yoink Games*             Redwood City    Seed                $3,250,000   Partners, undisclosed firm   services

                                                                          BlueRun Ventures,           entertainment and
                                                                          Founders Fund, Individuals, social networking
140 Proof                San Francisco   Early Stage         $2,500,000   SV Angel                    services

                                                                          Accel Partners, Floodgate
                                                                          Fund, Norwest Venture
                                                                          Partners, Redpoint           Application for career
BranchOut                San Francisco   Early Stage        $17,999,900   Ventures                     networking

                                                                                                       Media and
                                         Startup /                        Rembrandt Venture            entertainment
Chug                     San Francisco   Seed                $235,000     Partners                     company

                                                                          North Bridge Venture
                                                                          Partners, Union Square       Online web-blog
Disqus                   San Francisco   Expansion          $10,000,000   Ventures                     system

                                                                          Draper Fisher Jurvetson,     Online video-sharing
EatLime                  Sunnyvale       Early Stage         $800,000     undisclosed firm             company

                                                                                                       Web log publishing
                                                                                                       and community
                                                                          Armada Investment Group      management
GoingOn Networks         San Francisco   Expansion           $6,435,000   AG, Granite Ventures         services

                                         Startup /                        Floodgate Fund, Shasta       Location-based
LiquidSpace              Palo Alto       Seed                $3,600,000   Ventures Management          mobile applications

                                                                          Investment Group of Santa Online employee
Mindflash Technologies   Palo Alto       Early Stage         $4,000,000   Barbara                   training software

                                                                                                       English language
                                                                          TL Ventures, undisclosed     learning services for
Moonshoot                Palo Alto       Early Stage         $1,950,000   firm                         children

                                                                          Altos Ventures, First Round Online gaming
Roblox                   Redwood City    Early Stage         $4,000,000   Capital                     website for kids

                                                                          D. E. Shaw, Floodgate        Online community for
Experience Project       San Francisco   Expansion           $1,684,000   Fund                         sharing experiences

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Venture Capital Survey, Second Quarter 2011

                                                                       Comcast Ventures, Index
                                                                       Ventures, Individuals,
                                                                       Insight Venture Partners,     Social magazine
                                                                       Kleiner Perkins Caufield &    application designed
Flipboard                Palo Alto       Early Stage    $50,000,000    Byers                         for ipad

                                                                                                     Online website for
                                                                       Draper Fisher Jurvetson,      personalized
Redux                    Berkeley        Expansion       $500,000      undisclosed firm              entertainment

                                                                       Allegis Capital, Catamount
DriverSide               San Francisco   Early Stage     $308,000      Ventures                      Online car portal

                                                                       Alloy Ventures, Reed
                                                                       Elsevier Ventures, True
Giga Omni Media          San Francisco   Expansion       $6,000,000    Ventures                      Multiple online blogs

                                                                                                     Information on the
                                                                                                     impact of products
GoodGuide                San Francisco   Expansion       $2,387,000    New Enterprise Assoc.         and companies

                                                                       Institutional Venture
Sugar                    San Francisco   Later Stage    $15,000,000    Partners, Sequoia Capital     Blog publisher

                                                                       Accel Partners, Crosslink
                                                                       Capital, Draper Fisher
                                                                       Jurvetson, Fidelity
                                                                       Ventures, Omidyar
                                                                       undisclosed firms, Volition   People-to-people
Prosper Marketplace      San Francisco   Later Stage    $17,199,900    Capital                       lending marketplace              Mountain View   Later Stage    $100,000,000   Undisclosed firm              Online coupons

                                                                       Balderton Capital
                                                                       Management, Menlo             Music media
MOG                      Berkeley        Expansion       $3,041,000    Ventures                      company

                                                                                                     Delivers digital
                                                                       Crosslink Capital, DCM,       entertainment media
Ecast                    San Francisco   Later Stage     $999,900      Escalate Capital              to consumers

                                                                       Blumberg Capital Ventures, Online social
Six Times Seven*         Redwood City    Early Stage     $3,365,000    undisclosed firm           shopping company

                                                                       Amadeus Capital Partners,
                                                                       Balderton Capital
                                                                       Management LLP,
                                                                       Benchmark Capital, Duff
                                                                       Ackerman & Goodrich,
                                                                       Generation Investment
                                                                       Management, Virgin Green Driver safety
GreenRoad Technologies   Redwood City    Later Stage    $13,000,200    Fund                      technologies

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Venture Capital Survey, Second Quarter 2011
        Name                       City         Stage         Amount               Investors           Product

                                                                          Blumberg Capital Ventures, Converged compute
                                                                          Lightspeed Venture         and storage
Nutanix*                     San Jose        Early Stage    $13,200,000   Partners                   appliance

                                                                          Alsop Louie Partners,
Resilient Network Systems*   San Francisco   Early Stage     $5,000,000   Individuals                  Internet servers

                                                                          Crosslink Capital, Draper
                                                                          Fisher Jurvetson, Khosla
SeaMicro                     Sunnyvale       Expansion      $20,000,000   Ventures                     Data centers

                                                                          Advanced Equities, New
                                                                          Enterprise Assoc.,           Communication
Alien Technology             Morgan Hill     Later Stage    $10,352,100   SunBridge Partners           equipment

                                                                          Schlumberger,                Station-keeping data
                                                                          VantagePoint Capital         buoy for monitoring
Liquid Robotics              Sunnyvale       Early Stage     $2,000,000   Partners                     humpback whales

                                                                          GSR Ventures, Khosla
Seeo                         Berkeley        Early Stage    $15,055,000   Ventures                     Battery technologies

                                                                          City Light Capital,
                                                                          Claremont Creek Ventures,
                                                                          Labrador Ventures, Lauder
                                                                          Partners, Levensohn       Acoustic surveillance
                                                                          Venture Partners, Westly  systems for gunfire
ShotSpotter                  Mountain View   Later Stage     $6,937,800   Group                     and explosive events
         Name                      City         Stage         Amount               Investors           Product

                                                                          TriplePoint Capital, U.S.
KAIAM                        Newark          Early Stage     $5,000,000   Venture Partners             Optical components

                                                                          Charles River Ventures,
                                                                          Matrix Partners, Opus        Wireless
SpiderCloud Wireless         Santa Clara     Early Stage    $16,899,900   Capital                      technologies

                                                                          Alloy Ventures, North
                                                                          Bridge Venture Partners,     Network
                                                                          Rembrandt Venture            infrastructure
Infineta Systems             San Jose        Early Stage    $14,999,900   Partners                     technology

                                                                          Azure Capital Partners,      Systems for
                                                                          Norwest Venture Partners,    communications
Cyan Optics                  Petaluma        Expansion       $500,100     Tenaya Capital               service providers

                                                                          North Bridge Venture        virtualization
Xsigo Systems                San Jose        Later Stage    $23,000,000   Partners, undisclosed firms technology

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Venture Capital Survey, Second Quarter 2011

                                                                          Novak Biddle Venture        automation and
Infoblox                 Santa Clara     Later Stage         $340,000     Partners                    control solutions

                                                                          Black Diamond Ventures,
                                                                          Formative Ventures,
                                                                          Levensohn Venture
                                                                          Partners, Lucas Venture
                                                                          Group, Rustic Canyon
                                                                          Partners, SingTel Innov8    Wavelength selective
Capella Photonics        San Jose        Later Stage        $13,267,200   Pte.                        switch modules

Impact Dialing*          San Francisco   Early Stage          $75,000     Band of Angels              Auto dialer products

                                         Startup /                        Draper Fisher Jurvetson,    Web-based video
supyo*                   San Francisco   Seed                $2,760,000   undisclosed firm            chat service

                                                                          Accel Partners, New
                                                                          Enterprise Assoc., Norwest Cloud-based
Blue Jeans Network       Santa Clara     Early Stage        $20,862,000   Venture Partners           conferencing service

                                                                                                      Creates open source
                                                                          Intel Capital, Quest        platforms for web
WSO2                     Mountain View   Expansion           $6,500,000   Software                    services

                                                                                                      Solutions for
                                                                          Artiman Ventures, Startup   multimedia
Dyyno                    Palo Alto       Expansion           $2,889,000   Capital Ventures            communication

                                                                          Avanti Partners, EDB
                                                                          Investments Pte, Norwest
                                                                          Equity Partners, Novus
                                                                          Ventures, Scale Venture     Mobile transaction
mBlox                    Sunnyvale       Later Stage        $13,843,200   Partners, Trident Capital   network

                                                                                                      Wireless technology
                                                                                                      for wireless internet
IPWireless               San Francisco   Later Stage         $6,080,000   Spark Capital               access
         Name                  City         Stage             Amount               Investors          Product

                                                                          Northern Light Venture      Products and
Directouch Holdings*                     Expansion           $1,700,000   Capital                     services

                                                                                                      Solar hot water and
                                                                                                      steam generator for
                                         Startup /                        Band of Angels,             industrial
Focal Point Energy*      San Jose        Seed                $500,000     undisclosed firm            applications

Nitinol Devices &                                                                                     research and support
Components*              Fremont         Later Stage        $20,000,000   Ampersand Ventures          for medical devices

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Venture Capital Survey, Second Quarter 2011

                                                                                                   High gain solar
Skyline Solar*           Mountain View   Early Stage     $7,000,000   New Enterprise Assoc.        silicon cells

                                                                                                   renewable power
Agile Energy             San Bruno       Early Stage    $24,000,000   Good Energies                generating projects

                                                                      Duff Ackerman & Goodrich,
                                                                      Sequoia Capital,
Alion                    Richmond        Early Stage     $5,000,000   undisclosed firm          Renewable energy

                                                                                                   Electric motors and
                                                                                                   engineering design
NovaTorque               Sunnyvale       Expansion       $1,000,000   Birchmere Ventures           services

                                                                                                   Engine engineering
Pinnacle Engines         San Carlos      Early Stage     $1,000,000   New Enterprise Assoc.        services

                                                                      Chrysalix Energy, DBL
                                                                      Investors ,I2BF Global
                                                                      Ventures, Kleiner Perkins    Energy storage with
Primus Power             Hayward         Early Stage    $11,000,000   Caufield & Byers             battery technology

                                                                      Draper Fisher Jurvetson,     Energy solutions for
Enlighted                Mountain View   Early Stage    $11,400,000   undisclosed firm             commercial buildings

                                                                                                   Delivers wholesale-
GreenVolts               Fremont         Expansion      $16,618,000   Oak Investment Partners      generation solutions

                                                                      August Capital               Offers neighbor to
                                                                      Management, Google           neighbor carsharing
RelayRides               San Francisco   Early Stage     $673,000     Ventures                     service

Array Converter          Sunnyvale       Early Stage     $1,573,000   Trident Capital              Solar power systems

                                                                                                   Commercial building
Redwood Systems          Fremont         Expansion       $3,500,000   Mitsui Global Investment     energy solutions

                                                                                                   Recharging solutions
Coulomb Technologies     Campbell        Expansion       $1,750,000   Rho Capital Partners         for electric cars

                                                                      Bay Partners, Kleiner
                                                                      Perkins Caufield & Byers,    Solar energy
                                                                      Rockport Capital Partners,   management
Enphase Energy           Petaluma        Later Stage    $14,000,000   undisclosed firms            systems

                                                                      Crosslink Capital, Hudson    Thin-film photovoltaic
SoloPower                San Jose        Expansion      $15,000,000   Capital Management           cells and modules

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Venture Capital Survey, Second Quarter 2011

                                                                         Burrill & Company,
                                                                         @Ventures, Harris & Harris
                                                                         Group, Life Sciences
                                                                         Partners BV, Malaysian
                                                                         Technology Development,
                                                                         Pinnacle Ventures,
                                                                         undisclosed firm,
                                                                         VantagePoint Capital       Renewable
Cobalt Technologies         Mountain View   Expansion      $22,004,800   Partners                   biobutanol

                                                                         Monitor Venture              Irrigation
                                                                         Management, Rockport         management
HydroPoint Data Systems     Petaluma        Later Stage     $720,000     Capital Partners             solutions

                                                                         DBL Investors, Draper
                                                                         Fisher Jurvetson, Mayfield   Solar power system
SolarCity                   San Mateo       Expansion      $20,000,000   Fund                         installation services

                                                                                                      Electronic materials
                                                                         ARCH Venture Partners,       for the display
Cambrios Technologies       Sunnyvale       Later Stage     $9,378,000   Alloy Ventures               industry
         Name                      City        Stage         Amount              Investors            Product

                                                                         Khosla Ventures, Opus        Integrated circuit
Touchstone Semiconductor*   Milpitas        Early Stage    $12,000,000   Capital, undisclosed firm    solutions

                                                                         Greylock Partners,
                                                                         Redpoint Ventures, Sutter    Enterprise storage
Pure Storage                Mountain View   Early Stage    $27,222,900   Hill Ventures                solutions

                                                                         Quicksilver Ventures,        semiconductor
Alta Analog                 San Jose        Later Stage     $1,700,000   undisclosed firm             company

                                                                         New Venture Partners,        Wi-fi semiconductor
                                                                         Opus Capital, Sigma          and software
GainSpan                    San Jose        Expansion       $5,075,100   Partners                     solutions

                                                                         Greylock Partners, JAFCO     Analog
                                                                         Ventures, New Enterprise     semiconductor
SiTime                      Sunnyvale       Later Stage    $17,835,200   Assoc., undisclosed firm     company

                                                                                                    Scalable flash
                                                                         Juniper Networks, Toshiba, memory array for
Violin Memory               Mountain View   Expansion      $39,999,900   undisclosed firm           data center storage

                                                                         Apex Venture Partners,
                                                                         Atlantic Bridge, BlueRun
                                                                         Ventures, Crosslink Capital, Custom mobile
SiliconBlue Technologies    Santa Clara     Expansion      $18,000,000   New Enterprise Assoc.        device solutions

                                                                         Greylock Partners,
                                                                         Lightspeed Venture
                                                                         Partners, New Enterprise
                                                                         Assoc., Pinnacle Ventures, Ethernet connectivity
Aquantia                    Milpitas        Expansion      $22,000,000   undisclosed firms          services developer

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Venture Capital Survey, Second Quarter 2011

                                                                       U.S. Venture Partners,       Electrical connectors
Neoconix                  Sunnyvale       Later Stage     $840,000     undisclosed firm             and interconnects

                                                                                                    Led lighting
                                                                                                    technologies and
BridgeLux                 Livermore       Later Stage    $66,600,000   DCM, undisclosed firm        solutions

                                                                       Convexa AS, Firsthand        Silicon-on-insulator
                                                                       Capital Management, H&Q      (soi) wafer
                                                                       Asia Pacific, Lake Street    fabrication
Silicon Genesis           San Jose        Later Stage     $2,600,000   Capital                      technology

                                                                       Bessemer Venture
                                                                       Partners, CID Group, HLM
                                                                       Venture Partners, Nokia
                                                                       Growth Partners, Norwest     Power management
Summit Microelectronics   Sunnyvale       Later Stage     $3,309,000   Venture Partners             products

                                                                       Duff Ackerman & Goodrich,
                                                                       Flagship Ventures, Harris &
                                                                       Harris Group, Kleiner
                                                                       Perkins Caufield & Byers,
                                                                       Northgate Capital Group,    Semiconductor
                                                                       Pangaea Ventures,           products using
Kovio                     Milpitas        Later Stage    $15,000,300   undisclosed firm            printed electronics

                                                                       TL Ventures, undisclosed     Process matching
Pivotal Systems           Pleasanton      Expansion       $1,500,000   firm                         solutions
              Name               City        Stage         Amount               Investors           Product

                                                                       Mission Ventures, Sierra
                                                                       Ventures, Sumitomo           Solution for big data
Alpine Data Labs*         San Mateo       Early Stage     $7,500,000   Corporation Equity Asia      predictive insight

                                                                       Andreessen Horowitz,
                                                                       Helion Venture Partners,
                                                                       Ignition Partners, Radar
                                                                       Partners, Redpoint           Windows-based
BlueStacks*               Campbell        Early Stage     $7,600,200   Ventures                     android applications

                                                                       August Capital               Business intelligence
                                                                       Management, undisclosed      solutions for the
BVI Networks*             San Jose        Expansion       $8,026,000   firm                         retail industry

                                                                                                    Social intelligence
Claritics*                Mountain View   Early Stage     $1,500,000   Undisclosed firms            company

                                                                       Benchmark Capital,           Server security
CloudPassage*             San Francisco   Early Stage     $6,500,000   undisclosed firm             products

                                                                       500 Startups, Ignition
                                                                       Partners, Individuals, Trinity Social networking
Connected*                San Francisco   Early Stage     $500,000     Ventures                       services

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Venture Capital Survey, Second Quarter 2011

                                                                          Quantica SGR SpA,            Crowdsourcing
CrowdEngineering*        Sunnyvale       Early Stage         $4,000,000   undisclosed firm             services

                                                                                                       Creates mobile
                                         Startup /                        Band of Angels,              application for
CrowdOptic*              San Francisco   Seed                $500,000     undisclosed firm             sharing live events

                                                                          Intel Capital, The9, Time
                                                                          Warner Investments,
CrowdStar*               Burlingame      Expansion          $23,000,000   undisclosed firm             Social games

Danville Group*          San Ramon       Early Stage         $2,250,000   Cross Atlantic Partners      Enterprise software

                                                                          Accelerator Ventures,
                                                                          Charles River Ventures,     As an enterprise
                                                                          Individuals, LaunchCapital, mobile social
DoubleDutch*             San Francisco   Early Stage         $1,200,000   undisclosed firms           business

                                                                                                       Technology for
                                         Startup /                                                     computing
Expect Labs*             San Francisco   Seed                $500,000     IDG Ventures SF              applications

                                         Startup /                                                     Online accelerator
Firespotter Labs*        Mountain View   Seed                $3,000,000   Google Ventures              engine provider

                                                                          Accelerator Ventures,
                                                                          Bullpen Capital, Divergent
                                                                          Ventures, Thomvest           Flash virtualization
FlashSoft*               Mountain View   Early Stage         $3,000,000   Ventures                     software developer

                                                                          IDG Capital Partners, IDG
                                                                          Ventures SF, Signia
Funzio*                  San Francisco   Early Stage        $20,100,000   Ventures                     Social games

                                                                          Halo Fund, undisclosed
Hive Media*              Palo Alto       Early Stage         $1,500,000   firms                        Social media games

                                                                          AOL Ventures, Accel
                                                                          Partners, Charles River
                                                                          Ventures, Freestyle Capital,
                                                                          Greylock Partners, Morado Impermium social
                                         Startup /                        Venture Management,          spam and abuse
Impermium*               Palo Alto       Seed                $1,000,000   undisclosed firms            defense platform

                                                                          Individuals, Lightspeed      Virtualized
                                                                          Venture Partners, Merus      computing software
IO Turbine*              San Jose        Early Stage         $7,749,900   Capital Investment           solutions

                                                                          Andreessen Horowitz,         Social applications
Magnet Systems*          Palo Alto       Early Stage        $20,442,000   undisclosed firm             for enterprises

                                                                          Angel Investors, First
                                                                          Round Capital, Floodgate
                                         Startup /                        Fund, Greylock Partners,
Milk*                    San Francisco   Seed                $1,500,300   Individuals, True Ventures   Mobile applications

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Venture Capital Survey, Second Quarter 2011

                                                                                                        Indoor micro-location
Nearbuy Systems*         Menlo Park      Early Stage         $1,100,000   Undisclosed firms             solutions

                                                                          Baseline Ventures, Foundry
                                                                          Group & Mobius Venture      Software for software
                                         Startup /                        Capital, Freestyle Capital, developers and it
ObjectLabs*              San Francisco   Seed                $3,051,200   GRP Partners, TechStars     professionals

                                                                                                        iPad-based point of
Revel Systems*           San Francisco   Early Stage         $3,700,000   DCM                           sale system

                                                                          Felicis Ventures, General
                                                                          Catalyst Partners,            Hotel search engine
                                                                          Individuals, Sutter Hill      to reveal room-
Room 77*                 Sunnyvale       Early Stage        $10,500,200   Ventures, undisclosed firm    specific details

                                                                          Individuals, Kima Ventures    Software-as-a-
Saygent*                 Mountain View   Early Stage         $1,000,000   SASU, undisclosed firms       service provider

                                                                          Atlas Venture, Index
                                         Startup /                        Ventures, Individuals, SV     Mobile applications
SnapGuide*               San Francisco   Seed                $2,000,000   Angel                         software developer

                                         Startup /                                                      Social commerce
Sneakpeeq*               San Francisco   Seed                $2,675,000   Bain Capital Ventures         game software

                                                                                                        Stream computing
SQLstream*               San Francisco   Later Stage         $6,000,000   Fontinalis Partners           software

                                                                          Baseline Ventures, Harrison Back-end technology
                                                                          Metal Capital, Trinity      stack for mobile
StackMob*                San Francisco   Early Stage         $7,500,000   Ventures                    applications

                                         Startup /                                                  Software solution for
Vasona Networks*         Santa Clara     Seed               $10,000,000   Bessemer Venture Partners mobile networking

                                                                          Pitango Venture Capital,
VideoSurf*               San Mateo       Expansion          $16,000,000   undisclosed firm              Video search engine

                                         Startup /                                                      Software for iPhone,
WayIn*                   Burlingame      Seed                $6,390,000   Alloy Ventures, Individuals   iPad and Android

                                                                          Sequoia Capital,
WhatsApp*                Santa Clara     Early Stage         $8,000,000   undisclosed firm              Software applications

                                                                          Greycroft Partners, Lerer     News reading
                                                                          Ventures, New Enterprise      application on mobile
Alphonso Labs            Palo Alto       Early Stage         $9,000,000   Assoc.                        devices

                                                                                                        Social networking
Atzip                    Menlo Park      Early Stage         $200,000     Tugboat Ventures              website

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Venture Capital Survey, Second Quarter 2011

                                                                          Charles River Ventures,      Virtualization
                                                                          Gemini Israel Funds,         technology to
                                                                          Globespan Capital            simulate an entire it
CloudShare               San Mateo       Expansion          $10,000,000   Partners, Sequoia Capital    environment

                                                                          Kleiner Perkins Caufield &   Data analytics
Datameer                 San Mateo       Early Stage         $9,491,000   Byers, Redpoint Ventures     solutions

                                                                          Individuals, Metamorphic     Online video             San Francisco   Early Stage         $2,000,000   Ventures                     encoding services

                                                                          GGV Capital, Khosla          Hiring management
                                                                          Ventures, Lightspeed         solution for contact
Evolv                    San Francisco   Expansion          $15,750,000   Venture Partners             centers

GridIron Systems         Sunnyvale       Expansion           $2,700,000   Trinity Ventures             systems

Market6                  Walnut Creek    Later Stage         $6,999,000   Rho Capital Partners         solutions

                                         Startup /                        BlackBerry Partners Fund,    Digital publishing
Padopolis                San Francisco   Seed                $300,000     El Dorado Ventures           software

                                                                          Baseline Ventures,
                                                                          Lightspeed Venture
                                                                          Partners, Redpoint           Software for social
Peel Technologies        Santa Clara     Early Stage        $16,700,000   Ventures, undisclosed firm   television

                                                                          Andreessen Horowitz,
                                                                          Leapfrog Ventures, Seraph Fraud prevention
                                                                          Group, Startup Capital    solutions for web
Silver Tail Systems      Palo Alto       Expansion          $20,000,000   Ventures                  sites

                                                                          Lightspeed Venture
                                                                          Partners, New Enterprise     Storage system for
Tintri                   Mountain View   Early Stage        $18,000,000   Assoc.                       virtual machines

                                                                          Accel Partners, Andreessen
Tiny Speck               San Francisco   Early Stage        $10,700,000   Horowitz                   Online game glitch

                                                                          Band of Angels, Golden
                                                                          Seeds, Halo Fund, Sand       Game design
Turpitude                Walnut Creek    Early Stage         $750,000     Hill Angels                  consulting services

                                                                          Battery Ventures, Giza       storage systems
XtremIO                  Cupertino       Early Stage        $14,000,100   Venture Capital, JVP         developer

                                                                          Benchmark Capital, Carmel
                                                                          Ventures, Duff Ackerman & Project management
Clarizen                 San Mateo       Expansion          $12,000,000   Goodrich, Opus Capital    services

                                                                                                       Scalable distributed
Clustrix                 San Francisco   Expansion           $1,500,000   U.S. Venture Partners        products

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Venture Capital Survey, Second Quarter 2011

                                                                                                   Social networking,
                                                                                                   crowdsourcing and
                                                                      El Dorado Ventures,          remote access
CrossLoop                Monterey        Expansion       $1,500,000   Venrock Assoc.               technologies

                                                                                                   Intellectual property
First to File            San Mateo       Later Stage     $2,000,000   Foundation Capital           services

                                                                                                   Online job
                                                                      ATA Ventures, CMEA           networking and hiring
Jobvite                  Burlingame      Expansion      $15,000,000   Capital, Trident Capital     management service

                                                                                                   Publishes digital
                                                                                                   thinking products for
Kabongo                  Emeryville      Early Stage     $100,000     DFJ Mercury                  kids

                                                                      Advance Publications,
                                                                      Andreessen Horowitz, First
                                                                      Round Capital, Floodgate
                                                                      Fund, Intel Capital, SV    Electronic reading
Kno                      Santa Clara     Early Stage    $37,295,000   Angel, undisclosed firm    devices

                                                                      Accel Partners, Andreessen
                                                                      Horowitz, First Round
RockMelt                 Mountain View   Early Stage    $30,000,000   Capital, Khosla Ventures   Internet browser

                                                                      Ignition Partners, Index
                                                                      Ventures, Mayfield Fund,     Cloud storage
StorSimple               Santa Clara     Expansion      $10,500,000   Redpoint Ventures            application provider

                                                                      Fontinalis Partners,
                                                                      Rockport Capital Partners,   Smart parking
Streetline               San Francisco   Expansion      $15,000,000   Sutter Hill Ventures         solutions

                                                                      Granite Ventures, IDG
                                                                      Ventures SF, undisclosed     Publishes
Telltale                 San Rafael      Later Stage     $6,999,900   firm                         videogames

                                                                      ATA Ventures, SK Telecom Push technology
uCirrus                  San Mateo       Expansion       $1,725,000   Ventures                 software

                                                                      Benchmark Capital, Citrix
                                                                      Systems, Juniper Networks, Integrated suite of
                                                                      Sequoia Capital, Tenaya    web and mobile
Cotendo                  Sunnyvale       Expansion      $17,000,000   Capital                    acceleration service

                                                                                                   Project portfolio
Innotas                  San Francisco   Later Stage     $2,000,000   ArrowPath Venture Capital    solutions

                                                                                                   Social networking
                                                                      ATA Ventures, Thomvest       applications for
Milyoni                  Pleasanton      Early Stage     $3,000,000   Ventures                     retailers

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Venture Capital Survey, Second Quarter 2011

                                                                                                    Parallel computing
                                                                                                    software for
                                                                       North Bridge Venture         computational
Revolution Analytics      Palo Alto       Later Stage     $4,770,000   Partners, undisclosed firm   statistics

                                                                                                    Energy efficiency
                                                                       Draper Fisher Jurvetson,     and system
                                                                       undisclosed firms, Westly    optimization software
Scientific Conservation   San Francisco   Expansion       $3,400,000   Group                        solutions

                                                                       Emergence Capital
                                                                       Partners, Mayfield Fund,     Field service
                                                                       Trinity Ventures,            management
ServiceMax                Pleasanton      Later Stage    $14,000,000   undisclosed firm             solutions

                                                                       Galileo Partners Mohr        Software-as-a-
                                                                       Davidow Ventures,            service virtual agents
VirtuOz                   Emeryville      Later Stage     $6,999,900   undisclosed firm             provider

                                                                                                    Media sharing                San Francisco   Early Stage     $978,000     True Ventures                platform for gamers

                                                                       Energy Technology
                                                                       Ventures, Focus Ventures,
                                                                       ITOCHU Technology
                                                                       Ventures, JAFCO Ventures,
                                                                       Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Environmental and
                                                                       Byers, Navitas Capital, Nth energy management
Hara Software             San Mateo       Expansion       $5,000,100   Power                       solutions

                                                                       Charles River Ventures,
                                                                       Cisco Systems, Comcast
                                                                       Ventures, Intel Capital,
                                                                       Kleiner Perkins Caufield &
                                                                       Byers, Rogers                Broadband home
                                                                       Communications,              management service
iControl Networks         Palo Alto       Later Stage    $51,634,400   undisclosed firms            provider

                                                                       Canaan Partners, Google
                                                                       Ventures, Intel Capital,
                                                                       Performance Equity
                                                                       Management, Pinnacle
                                                                       Ventures, Redpoint           Entertainment
                                                                       Ventures, SK Telecom         applications for
Kabam                     Redwood City    Expansion      $84,999,800   Ventures                     social networks

                                                                       Foundation Capital,
                                                                       Norwest Venture Partners,    Data-driven smart
                                                                       Sequoia Capital, Storm       device management
MobileIron                Mountain View   Expansion      $20,000,100   Ventures                     company

                                                                       Draper Fisher Jurvetson,     Multimedia software
Sharpcast                 San Mateo       Expansion       $1,402,000   undisclosed firm             platform

                                                                       Adams Street Partners,       Open source
JasperSoft                San Francisco   Later Stage    $11,000,000   DCM, undisclosed firm        reporting solutions

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Venture Capital Survey, Second Quarter 2011

                                                                                                   Licensing and royalty
                                                                                                   payment platform
LicenseStream            Sausalito       Later Stage      $16,000     Village Ventures             provider

                                                                      Founders Fund,               Data analysis
Palantir Technologies    Palo Alto       Expansion      $50,000,000   undisclosed firm             software
                                                            , Bay Partners,
                                                                      Menlo Ventures, Mohr
                                                                      Davidow Ventures, SVB
                                                                      Capital, undisclosed firm, Data warehousing
ParAccel                 Campbell        Expansion      $10,000,200   Walden                     software

                                                                      Felicis Ventures, Founders
                                                                      Fund, Glynn Capital
                                                                      Management, Morgenthaler Online medical
Practice Fusion          San Francisco   Expansion      $23,000,000   Ventures, undisclosed firm applications

                                                                      Otter Capital, Scale Venture Data processing
Arena Solutions          Foster City     Later Stage     $2,000,000   Partners                     software developer

                                                                      Foundation Capital, Split
                                                                      Rock Partners, Sutter Hill   Online banking
Guardian Analytics       Los Altos       Later Stage     $3,000,000   Ventures                     security solutions

                                                                                                 Mobile device
                                                                      Mayfield Fund, undisclosed management
Zenprise                 Redwood City    Later Stage     $5,000,000   firm                       software provider

                                                                      406 Ventures, Cisco          Application
                                                                      Systems, First Round         programming
                                                                      Capital, Formative           interface
                                                                      Ventures, OpenView           management
Mashery                  San Francisco   Expansion      $11,000,000   Venture Partners             services

                                                                      Draper Fisher Jurvetson,     Scheduling solutions
                                                                      Keating Investments,         for automotive
Xtime                    Redwood City    Later Stage     $3,512,000   undisclosed firm             dealership

                                                                      Bessemer Venture
                                                                      Partners, Emergence
                                                                      Capital Partners, Sigma
                                                                      Partners, Split Rock
                                                                      Partners, Sutter Hill        Cloud software
Intacct                  San Jose        Later Stage    $12,300,000   Ventures                     applications provider

                                                                      Sofinnova Ventures,
                                                                      undisclosed firm, WI Harper
Laszlo Systems           San Mateo       Later Stage     $1,400,000   Group                       Web applications

                                                                                                   Clinically proven
                                                                      Aberdare Ventures,           brain fitness
Posit Science            San Francisco   Later Stage     $955,000     undisclosed firm             programs

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Venture Capital Survey, Second Quarter 2011

                                                                          Alloy Ventures, Citicorp
                                                                          Venture Capital, Draper
                                                                          Fisher Jurvetson, Draper
                                                                          Fisher Jurvetson Gotham
                                                                          Venture Partners ,EDB
                                                                          Investments Pte, First Data,
                                                                          Motorola Mobility Ventures,
                                                                          Motorola Solutions Venture
                                                                          Capital, NCR, Nokia Growth Wireless payment
                                                                          Partners, SingTel Innov8     software and chips
ViVOtech                 Santa Clara   Later Stage      $24,000,000       Pte., undisclosed firm       solutions

                                                                          Seapoint Ventures,Sutter    Broadband access
                                                                          Hill Ventures,Venrock       networks to mobile
Kineto Wireless          Milpitas      Later Stage      $8,940,900        Assoc.                      operators
                                                     $ 2,958,362,100.00

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