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                                       LIQUOR LIABILITY POLICY

                                                  David P. Goch

I.      SUBJECT: Association policy for the consumption and use of alcohol at Association sponsored

II.      GENERAL: Every reasonable precaution will be taken to avoid finding the Association as the
negligent contributor in liquor related accidents. It is noted that the key issue in litigation of liquor liability
cases is often who has the control of the Function, who is the server, and who is supervising.

III.     LIQUOR LIABILITY INSURANCE: Whenever possible, liquor liability insurance coverage will be
a part of the hotel or facility agreement wherever liquor is supplied at an Association social event. Individuals
making arrangement for the scheduling of events will request to see the hotel or facility insurance
indemnification clause prior to the event. All contracts entered into for use of a premise will specify:

        a.       That a current license exists to dispense alcoholic beverages.

        b.       That the owner assumes control of alcohol sales and service.

        c.      That bartenders will be trained and instructed to identify and
        refuse service to intoxicated guests.

IV.      SAMPLE LIQUOR LIABILITY CLAUSE: The hotel/facility agrees to carry a minimum of one
million dollars in liquor liability insurance and further agrees that all of its employees and agents performing
services under this agreement shall at all times comply with all federal, state, and local laws pertaining to the
sale, service or furnishing of alcoholic beverages.

       Hotel/facility employees and agents shall not sell or serve alcoholic beverages to anyone attending the
meeting who is under twenty-one years of age or to anyone, regardless of age, who is visibly intoxicated.

         Hotel/facility agrees to indemnify and hold ____________________ harmless with respect to any and
all claims, losses, damages, liabilities, judgments, or settlements, including reasonable attorney’s fees, costs,
and other expenses incurred by ____________________ on account of any liquor related activities conducted
by the hotel/facility pursuant to this agreement.

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