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					                          NEW MILTON CRICKET CLUB
                         Headquarters and Ground, Fernhill Sports Ground, Fernhill Lane
                              New Milton, BH25 5ST, Tel: or Fax: (01425) 616881

President           Chairman                   Secretary                   Treasurer      Club Captain
John Wolfe         Steve Taylor               Richard Dyer-Smith           Ann Taylor     Eric Linge
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MINUTES of Committee Meeting held on Wednesday 26 January 2011
at Fernhill Sports Ground

Present: S.Taylor, A.Beck, D.Crossley, R.Dyer-Smith, N.Gargaro, N.Gossip, V.Hussey,
E.Linge, J.Metcalf, J.Wolfe
Apologies: J.Neal, A.Taylor, R.Thomas, S.Watts
   1. Minutes of the Meeting held on 24 November, 2010
      The minutes were agreed.
   2. Finances
      Steve Taylor reported that there was £4,138 in the ‘Current Account’ and £3,000 in
      the ‘Reserve Account’.
      It was noted that Peter Wakefield had finalized the Club’s Accounts for the year
      ended 30 September 2010. Mr. Ian Southworth had agreed to carry out an
      independent examination of these accounts over the next few weeks.
   3. Kitchen Refurbishment
      It was agreed that the priority for the time being was for the serving hatch working top
      to be lowered to enable people serving teas/drinks etc. to work more easily. Steve
      Taylor said he would quickly check with the Town Council that the work could
      proceed. Nick Gossip agreed to arrange for the work to be carried out as soon as Town
      Council approval had been received.
   4. Spending Priorities for the Club
      It was agreed that whatever expenditure was committed to an amount of around
      £1,000 of Club Funds should always be held in the bank as ‘a rainy day provision’.
      During the current economic climate it was always possible that charges applied by the
      Town Council, such as pitch rentals, utilities, could be increased significantly.
      A number of possible items of expenditure were discussed including – Covers for the
      second square, Sightscreens for the second pitch/outfield, a Bowling Machine.
      It was agreed that the purchase of a Bowling Machine should be first. Before
      purchasing Nick Gargaro agreed to check out a number of issues particularly around
      Health & Safety and Insurance. It was agreed that arrangements and procedures re. the
      use of the machine both by Coaches, Club Members, and other possible users would
      need to be clearly laid down. Steve Taylor said that The Ballard School were
      interested in making use of the bowling machine if it was purchased and were likely to
      make a contribution towards the purchase. ( Subsequent to the meeting Steve
      confirmed that the School had offered a contribution of £600 ).
      It was agreed that the second priority should be sightscreens for the second pitch.
      Victoria Hussey said that it might be possible to involve a local College in designing
      and building these and she would pursue this possibility.
      It was agreed that the third priority should be covers for the second square. Nick
      Gossip said he had some ideas on what could be done and would come forward to the
   Committee with a proposal with costings. Andy Beck cautioned that any covers must
   be able to be taken ‘on and off’ with reasonable ease.
5. Other Items of Expenditure
   Nick Gargaro reported that some new equipment for coaching had been purchased at a
   cost of approx. £300 and it was intended to spend another £200.
   Steve Taylor said that a strong lockable storage container was required to store
   coaching equipment to ensure that coaches always had available to them what they
   needed. He would check what was available and buy what he considered suitable.
   Victoria Hussey said that all the First Aid Boxes needed to be checked and updated. It
   was agreed that whatever was needed should be purchased. Victoria to liaise with
6. Fixture Card
   Jim Metcalfe reported that progress with the fixture card was being made and that he
   was hoping to find some more Sponsors to buy advertisements in the card. At the
   moment he intended to set up the print work himself.
7. Bar Matters
   Some discussion took place around what barrel beer should be provided and how this
   should be sourced. Nick Gossip said he wanted to ensure that the Bar made maximum
   profit for the Club and alternative supply arrangements might be worth pursuing.
   Nick’s approach was accepted as a good one but it was considered that it might be
   sensible to allow the current stocking arrangements to continue for one more full year
   before making changes.
   Nick Gossip raised the question of bar opening arrangements particularly during Colts’
   matches. He proposed that during actual ‘playing time’ the bar should be closed with
   the shutter down. He was concerned that, without this, control over people coming ‘in
   and out’ and getting and paying for drinks was lost. The proposal was agreed and
   Nick was asked to put up a notice on the bar door confirming the opening hours.
   It was also agreed that Nick should draw up a ‘bar rota’ as in previous years.
8. Club Website
   Steve Taylor said the Club still planned to have a website (currently lapsed) but it was
   taking time to arrange.
9. Overseas Player for 2011
   Steve Taylor said he and Eric Linge were discussing/pursuing a number of
   possibilities. Concerns re. being absolutely sure that any Overseas Player taken on fully
   met all the required visa rules, with possible fines if they were not met, were noted.
10. Play Cricket Registration
   Steve Taylor briefly explained the SPCL rule that all Clubs must use the Play Cricket
   National Registration system. All players playing for the First Team must be registered
   online. Also all scorecards for First Team matches had to be entered online by midday
   Sunday following the match. Whilst there was quite a lot of work to be done in setting
   up all the Club’s registrations etc. once this was done ongoing operation of the system
   was quite straightforward. The Committee considered that it would make sense to
   register all playing members of the Club to minimize the chance of an unregistered
   player playing. (It was noted that the procedure for emergency registrations still
   remained.) Dave Crossley volunteered to become the Play Cricket Registration Officer
   for the Club. Steve Taylor said that the First Team Captain was primarily responsible
   for inputting the scorecards. Nick Gargaro said he would be happy to consider taking
   responsibility for this. Steve Taylor said he would arrange to meet with Dave and
   Nick to discuss and explain in more detail the system and to agree who would do what.
   11.Club Constitution
      Steve Taylor said it was time to review the Club’s Constitution to ensure that it fully
      met all the necessary requirements. Richard Dyer-Smith said he was happy to have an
      initial look through the Constitution to establish what changes appeared to be
   12. Broadband at The Clubhouse
      Nick Gargaro suggested it was worth considering having a Broadband facility
      available at the Clubhouse. It was agreed that this was a good idea and Steve Taylor
      said he would check with the Town Council if this would be acceptable and also
      whether the Council might contribute to the installation costs.
   13. Annual Dinner and Dance
      Jim Metcalfe asked whether it might be possible to have an Annual Dinner and Dance.
      It was noted that such an event had come to an end a few years ago due to lack of
      support but in principle there was no reason why it should not be tried again. It was
      agreed that Jim should come forward with a proposal in due course.
   14. 6-A-Side Competitions
      Nick Gargaro raised the possibility of running a 6-a-side competition over The Royal
      Wedding weekend or at other Bank Holiday times. It was agreed that this was worth
      considering although some concern was expressed about having a 6-A-Side too early in
      the season when a damp/very wet square/outfield might suffer damage. Nick Gargaro
      to pursue.
   15. Hampshire Cricket League AGM 17 February
      Richard Dyer-Smith would be representing the Club.
   16. HCL – Collection of Balls/Handbooks from Fleming Park Sunday 24 April 2011
      between 10am and 12.30pm.
      Nick Gargaro agreed to go to Fleming Park and collect.
   17.Date of Next Meeting
      Wednesday 2 March
      Other dates for the year all on Wednesdays. 30 March, 27 April, 25 May, 29 June,
       3 August, 7 September, 5 October, 2 November, 7 December AGM.


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