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									Enrichment   Unique HK_genes                    Unique for Tu data set                   Unique for Tsyganskaya data Unique for Levanon data set
    by       (threshold 10)                                                              set
             Ligand-dependent                   Spindle        assembly           and    Oxidative phosphorylation           Antigen presentation by MHC
             transcription of retinoid-target chromosome separation                                                          class I
             GTP-XTP metabolism                 IGF-RI signaling                         Cytoskeleton remodeling             Mitochondrial     ketone       bodies
                                                                                                                             biosynthesis and metabolism
             TCA                                Antigen presentation by MHC              Integrin-madiated cell adhesion     Phenylalanine metabolism
                                                class I
             CDC42 in cellular processes        MIF-JAB1 signaling                       ECM remodelling                     Neurophilaments

             Formation      of   Sin3A    and IL4 signaling pathway                      Plasminogen biosynthesis            Transcription     regulation       of
             NuRD complexes and their                                                                                        granulocyte development
             role in transcription regulation
             CTP/UTP metabolism                 CREB pathway                             Mitochondrial unsaturated fatty Propionate metabolism p.2
                                                                                         acid beta-oxidation
             ATP/ITP metabolism                 PIP3      signaling   in      cardiac    Regulation of actin cytoskeleton Ligand-dependent transcription of
                                                myocytes                                 by Rho GTPases                      retinoid-target genes
             TGF, WNT and cytoskeletal Cross-talk                  VEGF           and    Glucocorticoid receptor signaling Tyrosine metabolism
             remodeling                         angiopoietin1 signaling
             Cadherin-mediated            cell IP3 signaling                             Mitochondrial long chain fatty Receptor-mediated axon growth
             adhesion                                                                    acid beta-oxidation                 repulson
             Role SCF complex in cell Role of Akt in hypoxia induced                     Endothelial cell contacts by non-
             cycle regulation                   HIF1 activation                          junctional mechanisms
             Transcription_Nuclear              Transcription_Chromatin                  Muscle contraction                  Immune_Phagosome in          antigen
             receptors       transcriptional    modification                                                                 presentation
             Transcription_Transcription        Inflammation_IL-12.15.18                 Cell           adhesion_Platelet Reproduction_GnRH             signaling
             by RNA polymerase II               signaling                                aggregation                         pathway
             Translation_Translation      in    Transcription_Nuclear        receptors   Protein    folding_Folding        in Immune_Antigen presentation
             mitochondria                       transcriptional regulation               normal condition
             Proteolysis_Ubiquitin-             Inflammation_IL-6 signaling              Cell cycle_G2-M                     Transmission of nerve impulse
             proteasomal proteolysis
             Transcription_Chromatin            Inflammation_Amphoterin                  Cell adhesion_Integrin-mediated Signal transduction_ESR1-nuclear
             modification                       signaling                                cell-matrix adhesion                pathway
             Protein      folding_ER     and    Cytoskeleton_Regulation            of    Protein folding_Protein folding Cytoskeleton_Regulation                of
             cytoplasm                          cytoskeleton rearrangement               nucleus                             cytoskeleton rearrangement
             Cell cycle_Mitosis                 Cell cycle_Mitosis                       Transcription_Transcription    by Cytoskeleton_Cytoplasmic
                                                                                         RNA polymerase II                   microtubules
             Cell cycle_G1-S                    Inflammation_Inflammasome                Development_Heart                   Development_Regulation             of
                                                                                         development                         angiogenesis
             Protein folding_Folding in         Cytoskeleton_Actin filaments             Development_Cartilage               Transcription_Transcription       by
             normal condition                                                            development                         RNA polymerase II
             Cell cycle_S phase                 Inflammation_IL-2 signaling              Reproduction_Feeding          and Cytoskeleton_Intermediate
                                                                                         Neurohormones signaling             filaments
            Macromolecule            metabolic   Organelle       organization       and    Inositol     phosphate-mediated Negative regulation of synaptic
            process                              biogenesis                                signaling                            transmission
            Primary metabolic process            Cellular component organization           Ventricular system development       Negative         regulation        of
                                                 and biogenesis                                                                 transmission of nerve impulse
            Cellular metabolic process           Establishment        of        cellular   Cardiac muscle cell development Gamma-aminobutyric                    acid
                                                 localization                                                                   secretion
            Metabolic process                    Negative regulation of interleukin-       Cardiac myofibril assembly           Negative regulation of nucleotide
                                                 12 biosynthetic process                                                        metabolic process
            Biopolymer               metabolic   Cellular localization                     Third ventricular development        Protein retention in ER
  GO        Nucleobase,         nucleoside,      Intracellular transport                   Lateral ventricular development      Protein localization
processes   nucleotide amd nucleic acid
            metabolic process
            Leading           adge        cell   Antibacterial humoral response            Fourth ventricle development         Negative         regulation        of
            differentiation                      (sense Vertebrata)                                                             neurological process
            Cell cycle                           Intracellular protein transport           Serotonin    receptor   signaling Receptor clustering
            Positive      regulation        of   Antibacterial humoral response            Serotonin                 receptor, Intracellular protein transport
            transcroption                                                                  phospholipase      C    activating
            Transcription      from      RNA     Protein transport                         Adult heart development              Synaptic               transmission,
            polymerase II promoter                                                                                              glutamatergic
            Papilloma                            Hyaline membrane disease                  Classic Migraine                     Sleep disorders, Circadian rhythm

            Breast neoplasms                     Respiratory     distress   syndrome,      Emotions                             Chronobiology disorders
            Breast diseases                      Incontinentia pigmenti                    Anxiety                              Delirium

            Adenocarcinoma                       Multiple trauma                           Disorders    of    environmental Medulloblastoma
            Leukemia,           Monocytic<       DNA damage                                Heart diseases                       Confusion
            Skin diseases                        Epiretinal membrane                       Depressive disorder                  Occulopational diseases

            Neoplasms by site                    Spondylitis                               Colonic diseases, functional         Alcohol withdrawl delirium

            Neoplasms, glandular and             Spondylitis, Ankylosing                   Irritable Bowel syndrome             Pregnancy, Tubal
            Endocrine gland neoplasms            Ankylosis                                 Depressive disorder, Major           Cluster headache

            Lung neoplasms                       Bone diseases, Infectious                 Aneurysm                             Alcohol-induced           disorders,
                                                                                                                                Nervous system

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