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									                                             Town of Olds Job Description

JOB TITLE:      Operations Foreman

DEPARTMENT: Operational Services                                 JOB REPORTS TO: Manager of Public Works
                                                                 and Utilities
FUNCTION/PURPOSE: This position is responsible for the implementation and management of both preventative and
remedial maintenance within Operations and is required to operate a variety of large automotive and heavy construction
equipment that will be used in all areas of Operations; coordinate the location and moving of utilities; assist with ordering
all required maintenance and repair materials; ensure that standards are met at worksites; and train new and existing
employees in the proper use of care of all related equipment. The Public Works & Utilities Foreman assumes all aspects
of daily operations in the absence of the Manager of Utilities & Public Works. Perform preventative maintenance repairs
and emergency activities for all municipal infrastructures, and ensures compliance with the Town’s safety policies.
         KEY RESPONSIBILITIES                                                                                         (% time)
         Leadership and Supervision
    1.                                                                                                                 45 %
         • Provides strategic leadership and supports the effectiveness & efficiency of the Public Works and
           Utilities Divisions.
         • Provides for staff development through regular feedback on performance, coaching and training
           opportunities, enhance skill, knowledge and to build service potential.
         • Completes staff performance and evaluation reviews in accordance with municipal policy, culture
           and standards as well as applicable legislation.
         • Takes lead in reviewing projects and workloads and makes recommendations on prioritizing
           projects aligning the Strategic Plan and departmental service plan, including costing, personnel
           required and resource allocation.
         • Directs all subordinate staff within appropriate management practices, approved personnel policies
           and legislation
         • Allocates appropriate resources for staff training, priorities and delegates work activities.
         • Recommends to the Manger of Public Works & Utilities & Director on hiring, promotion and
           disciplinary matters.
         • Recommends to the Manager of Public Works & Utilities & Director, new positions, salary
           adjustments and working conditions within the section.
         Budget & Administrative Management                                                                            10 %
    2.   • Assists with the development and implementation of a multi-year strategic plan/ budget guidelines
           and assumptions and departmental service plans.
         • Develops, monitors and reports on annual Development forecasts
         • Provide assistance in the preparation of budget, preliminary budget documents for Manager of
           Public Works and Utilities and Director of Operational Services for review/approval.
         • Identify operating and capital budget information in connection with special projects.
         • Participate in the development and implementation of program goals, objectives, measures,
           outcomes and prepares related reports.
         • Ensures section work programs can accommodate a limited number of emerging issues.
         • Identifies, determines and brings forward needs, opportunities and recommendations related to
           operational projects.
         • Advocates organizational culture to be supportive, fun and filled with passion to continually improve
           and provide excellent service.
         • Decides on timing and allocation of approved budgets to policy limits in coordination with the
           Manager of Public Works & Utilities.
         Technical & Other
    3.   • Responsible for the implementation and management of both preventative and remedial                         15 %
           maintenance within Operations
         • Required to operate a variety of large automotive and heavy construction equipment in support of
         • Supervises maintenance of roads, lanes, sidewalks, curbs, and gutters including snow removal,
           sanding, street sweeping and line painting.
         • Ensures water and wastewater approvals are compliant with Alberta Environmental Standards
         • Arranges/Performs regular safety-oriented work site Inspections – accident/incident investigations.
         • Authority to stop Municipal and Contractual work in the event that inefficient, ineffective, possible
            damage or safety related situations occur.
         • Provides guidance and assistance for preventative maintenance.
         Customer Service
    4.   • Develops, implements, and maintains high standards of excellence in customer service to meet                  10 %
            and exceed customer expectations.
         • Promotes, facilitates and maintains positive relationships with all Town departments,
            partner/neighbouring municipalities, related provincial government departments and other identified
         • Establishes a culture of positive and responsive customer service for the Public Works and Utilities
    5.   • The ability to communicate effectively with public, supervisors, and other staff, and to foster positive      5%
            work relationships.
         • Utilize business and political acumen, relationship building, net working as part of the workplace
         • Represent the municipality at meetings and on committees as assigned
            Approves department communication and work plans
         Risk Management & Safety:
    6.   It is the responsibility of the Town of Olds employees to take care to ensure their own safety and the          15 %
         safety of others, to know and follow all safety and health instructions, rules, regulations and safe work
         procedures and to report any unsafe or substandard condition or act as soon as possible to the
         • Manages the development of risk management and safety standards which are consistent with
            Town standards and policy, including provincial and federal legislation, for employees working in
            the department, contractors and for members of the public.
         • Ensuring that operations with public works and utilities are performed with the utmost regard for the
            safety and health of all personnel, and for promoting proper attitudes towards safety and health in
            themselves and in those they supervise.
         • Arranges appropriate Safety Training.
         • Arranges/Performs regular safety-oriented work site inspections – accident/incident investigations.
         Hazard Assessment and Risk Assessment for Roads, Solid Waste, Water, Wastewater, Stormwater
         Management, Developer Requirements, are contained in the Operational Services Department
         Manual – Hazard Assessments.

1. Completion of Grade 12 or Equivalent.
2. Level I (Level II is an asset) Certification in wastewater collection, wastewater treatment and water distribution.
3. Possession of or willing to obtain Level II Public Works Supervisor Certification.
4. Valid class 3 Alberta Drivers License, Q Air endorsement and a clear driving record

1. Three or more years of supervisory/foreman experience in public works, operations, maintenance or utility operations.

1. The ability to operate safely and efficiently, loaders, tandem trucks, backhoes, snow ploughs, sanders, graders, and
   other related department equipment.
2. Ability to work in outside conditions, be in good physical condition, and be able to operate equipment over an
   extended period of time.
3. Above-average leadership and project management skills.
4. Ability to make sound judgments.
5. Demonstrated proficiency in Microsoft Office applications.
6. Technical training in land development, facilities, maintaining equipment for Operational Services.
Direct reports are: Public Works Operator (4), Public Works Equipment Operator (1), Utility Operators (4), Summer
Students (4).
• Incur operations and maintenance expenses up to $1000.00
• Safety Documentation of Incident/Accident reports and Hazard Assessments
• Intense/visual listening concentration e.g. Visual/mental; analysing extensive volume of complex data
• Ongoing interruptions, traffic/driving, noise, adverse weather conditions, long periods of sitting/office environment
• Extended hours based on operational demands ie: snow removal

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