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									Contracts I – Professor Albert – Fall 2009
[1L day class] 1705 A

Texts: Assignments are from Ayres & Spiedel, Studies In Contract Law (7th Ed. 2008);
statutory provisions are from Burton & Eisenberg, Contract Law: Selected Source
Materials (2009)

Class web page: You are required to register on the TWEN site for this class with an
email address that you check regularly; go to and select
“TWEN” from the menu of items along the top of the page next to the current date. You
will then be asked for your Westlaw password and for registration information (including
your email address – this need not be the address issued by the Law School). To
maximize the effectiveness of the TWEN system, please be sure to provide all requested
information. You will then be given the opportunity to register for the TWEN website
dedicated to this course (by choosing “Drop/Add a Course”). The website facilitates the
exchange of ideas and provides interested students with an opportunity to participate in
online discussions. Registration and participation are an essential part of this course.
Students should check the website regularly throughout the semester.

Please read the following for our first week of classes:

The Importance of Promise

   Introduction 1-13
   Editors’ Introduction, Contract Law: Selected Source Materials iii-ix
   Restatement (Second) of Contracts, §§ 1-5
   Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) §§ 1-201(3) & (11); § 2-106(1)

What Is a Promise?
 Bailey v. West (1969) 13-18
 Bolin Farms v. American Cotton Shippers Association (1974) 18-21

Theories of Promissory Liability
 Formalism v. Realism 21-24
 What Promises Ought to Be Legally Binding? 24-27

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