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									                                                                  Document Check List


   Corporate: SIGNED Tax Returns (last 3 fiscal years)        Copy of Real Estate Deed (if applicable)
                        and / or
   Corporate: Accountant Prepared Financial                   Architect's Building Plans & Specifications
              Statements (last 3 fiscal years)                Copy of General Contractor Ageement

   Corporate: Company / Accountant Prepared                   Copy of General Contractor Draw Schedule/Costs
             Interim Financial Statements                     Copies of Building / Site Permits

   Affiliate Corporate Guarantor Financial Information        Copies of Zoning Approvals (if applicable)
   Tax Returns and / or Financial Statements                  Copies of Planning Board Approvals

   Personal: SIGNED Tax Returns (last three years)            Fire/Hazard Insurance

   Personal: Signed Personal Financial                        Builders Risk Insurance
   Statement (blank form available)

   Articles of Incorporation / Partnership Agreement          Flood Insurance
           / LLC-LLP Agreement

   Photocopies of Driver's License                            Business Debt Schedule
   with Picture or Passport (Patriot Act)

   Accounts Receivable Agings

   Accounts Payable Agings                                    Date Received Back from Customer

   Copy of Contract of Sale on Real Estate

   Copy of last Appraisal (if applicable)

   Copy of current Environmental Report (if applicable)       Date Received Complete Package
   Transaction Screen, Phase I, Phase II, Etc.

   Inventory / Equipment Listing

   Copy of Equipment / Vehicle Invoice(s)

   Contracts in Process Summary Report

   Copies of Leases

   Other                                                      Other

                               Please Return This Document Check List With Your Package

   Please return to:

              Bill Mohnacs                      
              Roebling Bank                               Phone:         609.668.6255 x 3414
              P.O. Box 66                                 Fax #:         609.668.6252
              Roebling, NJ 08554                

                                                                                                             Bill Mohnacs
                                                                                                             Commercial Lending
                                                                                                             Phone:   609.668.6255 x 3414
                                                                                                             Fax #:   609.668.6252



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