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Faculty of 1000 Medicine is authoritative online service that collects and organizes the
knowledge and opinions of global leaders in medical research and clinical practice.

By continuously highlighting and evaluating the most important articles published in
medicine, Faculty of 1000 Medicine provides users with expert interpretation of key medical
research from over 2400 of the world’s leading clinicians and researchers. Unique
customization features, email alerts and sophisticated search facilities then keep users
updated with the latest evaluations of the most important advances in medicine across 18
specialty areas.

Key features include:
    My F1000 Medicine: Customize the site to display article evaluations in your areas of
        interest and receive regular email alerts of new evaluations
    Cross-indexing of articles to highlight articles in adjacent specialty areas
    Tracking of the most-viewed articles and highlighted lists such as ‘Top Tens’ and
        ‘Hidden Jewels’
    Advanced Search: Run and store simple or sophisticated searches
    Linking: Each evaluation links to PubMed and document delivery services such as
        Infotrieve and can be linked to your own library holdings of full text articles using

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