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									Club Venim

        7802 South “L” Street
    Tacoma, Washington 98408
          (253) 475-0341
            March 2007
   AAU Group Exemption #1155
Dear Club Venim Member,

My name is Lucious Brown and I am the coach of an AAU Basketball
Club which has teams of both boys and girls in grades from 3/4 th
combine all the way to 8th grade. Over the past years we have
struggled at competing at the high level of AAU Basketball
competition. This year our 5th grade boys team made a great
commitment to come together and focus to do whatever it took to
become a top ranking AAU team. With that commitment came better
grades in school, increased positive behavior in their community and
school, harder work in practice and effective communication with each
other as a team, with the result of accomplishing their goal to attend
and hopefully win the National Tournament in Coco Beach, Florida in
July this summer.

In winter quarter of AAU League Club Venim became the 5th grade
boys team to beat, with only two losses during the season and placing
2nd in the championship game. As a team they were dissatisfied with
2nd place which increased their efforts and drive towards Nationals,
with an increase in work during practice as well as voluntary extra
practice time.

On March 10, 2007 Club Venim entered the Northwest Regional
Qualifiers to go to the AAU National Tournament in Coco Beach, Florida
which was a double elimination tournament where we had to place in
the top 3 to qualify.

As true underdogs, Club Venim lost their first game by 6 points. As
tough as that defeat was initially after all of their hard work and
dedication, it only inspired them to work that much harder and they
promised to leave everything on the court after every game like it
would be their last.

The second game was versus the Tacoma Mustangs, and they came
out with passion and fire in their eyes in their game. Club Venim had
beaten the Mustangs by 25 points. Our third game was against the
Tacoma Dream Team and was victorious by 20 points. This made their
spot at the Northwest Regional Qualifier championship guaranteed.
ranked team in Washington State, which resulted in a 20 point victory
and a number one slot from the Northwest Region to attend the AAU
National Championship in Coco Beach, Florida. With their story told,
and adding that I am a father of 4 children and between me and my
wife shouldering a majority of the costs for this non-profit basketball
club, we cannot afford to pay for the team to get to Florida.

In addition to the fundraisers that we are running and various other
means in attempts raise money. We are always seeking donations and
possibly sponsors for this great team and in great need of help from
the community.

If we are blessed with donations, and enough funds raised we will be
able to meet our goal and go to Florida for Nationals.

If you have any questions, concerns, or are interested in making a
donation, sponsoring, or offers of any other resource leads, please do
not hesitate to contact me at (253) 573-0915 or (253) 475-0341.
Make checks or money orders payable to:

                              Club Venim

                        7802 South “L” Street

                     Tacoma, Washington 98408

We look forward to hearing from you or a representative of your
organization or establishment in the near future.

Thank you in advance for your time and possible consideration.

Our Visions as an
Athletic Division
is to actively
promote, and
sustain an
environment in
which each
participant is
challenged and
supported in
pursuit of
personal growth
in the areas of
sports, wellness
and recreational
   The Mission of the
 Venim Basketball Club
 To provide a positive and educational
  sport experience for youth in as many
  communities as possible in Pierce
 To enhance the development of youth
  through sport in character building skills
  related to self-esteem, self-respect,
  and respect for others.
 To utilize effective programs to
  develop both technical skills and
  personal skills which will benefit youth
  for a lifetime.
      A Venim Basketball
 Is aware that playing
  AAU basketball is a
  privilege and not a
  right. As a student
  athlete, he or she
  prioritizes their
  academics first and
  basketball second.
 The player is
  responsible for his or
  her actions and
  realizes that their life is
  about decisions and
 Embraces a
  commitment to
  excellence and strives
  to be the positive,
  overachiever that his
  coaches continually
  push them to be.
 The player possesses a
  genuine love for a
  hard battle, pushing
  his body physically,
  mentally and
      Team Venim History
• Team Venim was founded in 2001 by Lucious Brown.
  The team consisted of a co-ed team of 4-5 year olds.
  Although only a few players remain from that initial
  team, it has continued to thrive with the support and
  encouragement of parents and friends. In order to
  continually challenge and push the youth, the boy’s
  team participated in numerous local tournaments as
  well as in Oregon. Due to the popularity and positive
  results of those participating in the program, it was
  decided that the program would be expanded to
  accommodate young females as well. In 2006 the
  Venim Basketball Club includes a team in 5th and 6th
  grade Boys division as well as a team in the Girl’s
  Division. Support for the children and the program is
  evident in the fact that though very few of the children
  are from affluent neighborhoods, all start-up costs,
  league and tournament fees as well as travel expenses
  have been shouldered by the players parents.
• The return on that investment has been an environment
  that provides youth with a positive and fulfilling outlet
  for the use of their time. It has allowed them to
  cultivate and improve their social skills. The diversity of
  the team has taught them to accept, trust and
  appreciate people from all walks of life. Club Venim
  Basketball staff of coaches strives to provide youth with
  not only skills that will bring them success on the court,
  but also success in life itself.
      Personnel and
Club Venim is a nonprofit club. It
is run entirely by volunteers. All
coaches and players are
registered Amateur Athletic
Union Members. The staffs consist
of four non-paid coaches, a
treasurer and administrative
person. Administration gathers
and disseminates team news,
league information, upcoming
events and coordinating parent
meetings. Parents will be kept
abreast of financial status of the
team, expenditures, as well as
anticipated costs of upcoming
events. Parent’s meetings will be
held once a month at an
agreeable time and date. A
dedicated account will be
made available for team
finances. All proposed
expenditures require two-thirds
approval of the parents.
In the past, to help offset
costs associated with team
activities, team members
have held events such as
dances, candy sales etc.
During the 2006 season
Team Venim had obtained
tickets for car washes that
were sold for a fundraiser.
Currently the team is
collecting old cellular
phones from parents and
friends in order to generate
funds, and also runs a
concession stand at a
local community center.
The organization has
assembled a team to
contact and engage with
merchants and local
businesses regarding
   Potential Donors/
All donations will be greatly
appreciated and
acknowledged on our website
and possibly on shirts and
maybe our jerseys which will
be worn not only during
Nationals but also at all games
played here in the community
and surrounding areas. And as
always with our organization
being a non-profit you will be
provided with a tax write-off
  Proposed Budget For
    Trip to Nationals
• Entry Fee: 700.00 (due by
  June 28th)
• Transportation: 2,000.00
• Accommodations: 7,100.00
• Airfare: 7,000.00
• Food: 3,200.00 ( 8 days)
• Total: 20,000.00

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