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									                      Kern County Homeless Collaborative

                           Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Attendance: Kim Albers, Luis Medina, David Press, Stephen Pelz, Jim Wheeler, Louis
Gill, Della Hodson, Bertha Jimenez, Ryan D’Amato, Sylvia Petite, Lisa English, Andy
Castaneda, Mike Starr, Imelda Burkiekz, Aaron Neida, Vince Zaragoza, Sandra
Gutierrez, Steve Peterson, Carlos Baldovinos, and Neda Mashayekhi

Minutes for 01/18/2011 and 02/02/2011 were approved. Motion made by Lisa
and seconded by Andy.

Homeless Census Report: Gene Saint-Amand was absent for a family emergency.
Luis Medina reported that the census went well. Everyone cooperated well. There
was positive feedback. The feedback from volunteer surveying will be discussed at
Census Meeting. Dr. Freeman was hoping to get surveys from Gene by February 20,
2011. However, that meeting has been postponed because the unsheltered surveys
are with Gene and the sheltered surveys are back in Ridgecrest. They will probably
be obtained by March 1, 2011.

Based on observations of the census, Kim believes the unsheltered numbers will be
down. Hopefully, HPRP, Esparanza and other vouchers are having an impact on the

Service Provider Committee Chair: Linda Riggle retired from DHS this past week so
now there is an opening at the service provider committee chair position. Linda
expressed to Kim that she hopes that Sandra Gutierrez would step up. Imelda
stated that she would be interested in chair. The committee is supposed to make a
recommendation to Steering Committee. Jim Wheeler will contact Imelda to discuss
it in more details. Kim encourages people to contact Linda via her personal email or
facebook and let her know what a great part of the collaborative.

Homeless Prevention & Re-Housing Program Update: Louis Gill reported that the
City contract is going and they will have no problem exhausting the contract in June.
The county continues at a slower pace but there is still significant spending. They
had some conversation with the county about what they can do to get the money to
community as quickly as possible. Hopefully, they will make changes soon. Kim
reported that Flood has had a three month waiting for HP and it’s not helping
prevention by that date. But if you have quality referrals there is no waiting today.

They are trying to process clients within a week. Right now is good time for HP. But
they are seeing low income levels inmost of the referrals. Generally, they are getting
referrals with too low incomes to sustain ie mother making $500 cash, which is not

Success Stories: Bakersfield Rescue Mission’s new leadership is present. Luis Gill
reported that Alliance against Family Violence and Sexual Assault is signing a new
lease for childcare. Mothers could continue to use free childcare up to kindergarten
as long as they continue their program. Stephen Pelz reported that Flood is now a
referring agency for Shelter Plus Care and CVAF is also going to be a referring
agency. Green Gardens is almost close to full.

Vince Zaragoza asked about NSP. David Press reported with the County: 5.2 million
and proposing 4.5 in previous NSP one project and about 400k with golden empire
affordable housing for scattered single family rehab rentals. The hearing at the
board is scheduled for 02/22/11 and applications must be in to HUD by March 1st. It
could take as long as 60 days.

Mike Starr from reported that one of their planners is working on it, but he would
need to gather more information to give a fuller report. Stephen Pelz stated that he
read the proposal and reported that they are targeting towards single, rehab, multi
families one target is around is around the east, another off Oswell and Oak Ridge
park, and the third is Pacheco and east of 99. These are the initial target areas and
they are subject to change. They are not doing down payment assistant program, but
mainly acquisition with rehab, rental, etc

Kim Albers reported that Flood is working with HACK from NSP money and they
have a fourplex and they are moving flood participants in there. They love it there
because they are brand new units with energy efficient appliances.

Imelda inquired about housing options for emancipated foster youth because she
spoke to a nurse who is in foster care unit at DHS who explained that their housing
ends at age 21. Then they typically become homeless or go with family. They should
have some kind of housing for emancipated kids.

Ryan D’Amato reported that Future Focus partners with KCMH to provide
transitional housing. But they have space for only 14 individuals and its only 90
days. They do some sub abuse counseling, and their main goals are to help residents
find employment, housing, etc. It fills up quickly. Stephen Pelz reported that the
Housing Authority has two programs. They also have “family reunification
program” which is specific for homeless emancipated foster youth. Those referrals
come directly from DHS. There is 100 vouchers total. There is a resource and about
half is being used. They are applying for another grant in March.

Carlos Baldovinos reported that he became the executive director of Bakersfield
Rescue Mission about 3 months ago today. He used to work with at Billy graham
Association. Steve resigned last Friday after 25 yrs of service. They had two
graduations. Two gals go into apt and man got a job the next day. They are not
equipped to have people who are graduating to stay on the campus. They need
transitional housing. They need ideas for transitional housing and would love to
work with others. They look forward to working as a collaborative and working
toward the future and not based on the past.

Standing Committee Report
COC Committee: David Press reported that they are waiting for their grant
application approval. They do not know the time frame. Last month when they
announced the renewals they said Spring, which ends in June. Louis Gill shared that
the USHACH did a synopsis on the Presidents’ budget and how it affects HUD. It
should be on the listerv. It talks specifically about the Hearth Act and SHP funds that
are going forward. Stephen shared that the republicans came out with their current
fiscal year budget proposal with a lot of cuts in places, but the homeless assistance is
the same as 2010. The President asked for more than 2010.

HMIS/Performance Data: Bonita Steele was absent. But Louis Medina who attends
the meetings reported that KCMH is presenting the new Client Track 2010 version.
The demo will be held on 03/02/2011 from 9-12 at Commonwealth building. Users
manuals will be distributed and an opportunity to ask questions. Kim Albers
suggested having someone from your agency present if you use HMIS. She also
reported that we have an ongoing process with KCMH with efficiency and personnel
changes. We are waiting to hear back from them. Stephen Pelz reported that he did
speak to Arnold Sison from HUD about transferring the grant. HUD doesn’t want to
see a downgrade in capacity of provider from existing one to the next one. We need
to convince HUD that we have at least the equal amount ie size of IT department.

Housing: The Committee did not meet in February because of the Holiday. They will
have a meeting on March 14th , the Monday before the steering committee meeting.
Kim Albers stated the housing committee meeting is a good opportunity for
exploring transitional housing and that they discuss housing projects to present
when COC is available.

Discharge Planning: Sylvia Pettit reported that there is nothing new.

Cenus: Gene Saint-Amand is not available, but he did express to Jim Wheeler that the
Steering committee needs to authorize expenditures for pizza and rental space at
CSUB computer lab for data entry. Maybe $100. We are getting free data entry in
exchange for food. Dr Freeman was not sure what the computer lab space is.
Stephen motioned to spend $200-250 and Della and Andy second. The motion was
approved. Gene also expressed that believes his unofficial number count is that it
would be about the same or less as last year.

10-Year Plan: The Committee did not meet. Jim Wheeler would like to start meeting
again. It is a passion for him and he would like to continue to lead those meetings
until a homeless coordinator position is filled.

Stephen Pelz reported that he attended the Downtown Business Association
meeting. They had discussed “no panhandling”. Bob announced it as a BRM
initiative. Bob is the vice chair at the mission. He heads the DBA also. Carlos stated
that Bob approached BRM to help with the “no panhandling”, but it was left open
ended. Kim stated that the Collaborative has been looking at Atlanta’s model and
they approached DBA with it. The 10-Year Plan committee meeting would be good
place to discuss it further. The next meeting is next Tuesday at UW. We need to
have a collaborative effort. Carlos heard the problem is homeless panhandling in
from of business and deterring customers so they want to collaborative.

Fiscal Agent: Della reported that as of January 2011, the bank statement was a little
over $19700. There may still be a couple of small bills out there from the census.
She stated that UW has not transferred $10K until necessary. UW has posted the
position as the “project manager for homelessness.” They have a couple dozen
responses. It is an interesting mix. With difficult economic times people get
creative with how their experience fits the criteria. They could send something out
on the listserv with the job description. They’ve asked people to submit their letter
for interest and resume. Full time position that will be seated here and work closely
with collaborative. A couple of corporate foundation funding applications going this
month because they don’t want to be complete depending on current funding
sources. She has a meeting with KCMH on Thursday to get a better sense of
continued MHSA funding.

Jim Wheeler stated that we need to discuss whether we will have a two part
membership fee for Collaborative. Della stated that people need to think about
ways to encourage non COC funded orgs to become more involved with
collaborative and whether there multiple levels of membership in this body
encouraging other providers to get involved but not at the same responsibilities or
finical level.

Vince Zaragoza asked about the FEMA money/Emergency Food and Shelter
continuation. Della reported that it will be April or May before we see any money.
They wanted to cut it in half for current year. After some advocacy from UW and
other national orgs, they backed off to keep it flat. National wide emergency food
and shelter dropped. UW believes that emergency food and shelter may go in half.
But they are trying for maintenance. Senator Feinstein is on the committee. The
local board decides how to allocate it and the EFS local board need to understand
the other resources available such as HPRP to avoid redundancy.

Good of the Order: Flood launched “Home Teams”. They provide 4-6 individuals to
provide support to families who are transitioning from homelessness to housing.
Not financial assistance, but emotional support. It is volunteer basis on both ends.

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