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                                West Tennessee Vocal Music Educators Association
                                                                    c/o Christi Nichols, Treasurer
                                                    668 Landing Party Lane, Collierville, TN 38017

                                                                                     July 24, 2010

To: All Principals and Vocal Music Teachers
From: Dian Eddleman, President of WTVMEA
Re: Participation in West Tennessee Vocal Music Educators Association Events
Meeting Announcement with Map
Proposed Calendar of Events

Dear Administrator and Teacher,

The West Tennessee Vocal Music Educators Association is pleased to invite the participation of
your school, music teacher(s) and students (grades 7-12) in the activities of our association during
the 2010-2011 school year. The educational and musical experiences for vocal and general music
students are various and we hope your school will participate in many or all of the events.

For some of you, this may be the first time you have received this type of communication. As an
Executive Board, we are attempting to encourage as much participation from schools in West
Tennessee as possible. If your school educates students in grades 7-12, we hope that you will
consider participation in this organization. Schools do not need a full time music specialist or
choral instructor to participate. If your school has a teacher led ensemble that meets on a regular
basis (daily, bi-weekly, or weekly), your students may participate in the events sponsored by this
organization. As an administrator or teacher, I believe that your students will find the events
sponsored by WTVMEA rewarding for you and your students. Please carefully consider your
initial participation in this organization.

As stated in our constitution, there are some requirements that must be met for participation.
Briefly, they are as follows:

    •   Fees (may be paid now or with All-West Audition Fees in September, but no later than
        November 1st)
            o Annual School Fee ($50.00) - Entitles your students to full participation for the
                 entire year if other requirements are met. Invoice available online.
            o Teacher(s) Fees:
                      $5.00 WTVMEA dues for each teacher. Invoice available online.
                      $101.00 MENC and TMEA dues for each teacher – should be paid
                          directly to MENC. WTVMEA does not process this fee.
            o Student Fee(s)
                      $5.00 entry fee for each student in each event.
    •   Teacher Attendance: The final requirement is that the teacher(s) of the student(s) wishing
        to participate in WTVMEA sponsored events [or a representative] must attend all
        meetings of the Association prior to any event. There are two (2) business meetings of
        WTVMEA during the school year.
    More detailed information can be found on our Web site – www.wtvmea.org.

Our first and most important meeting will be held on Saturday, August 21, 2010, 9:30 am, at
Colonial Middle School in Memphis, TN. The School is located at 4778 Sea Isle, Memphis, TN
38117. Attendance by your vocal music teacher is required for your students to be able to
participate in the All West Tennessee Honor Choir Auditions in October (Sr. High) and
November (Junior High); Solo and Ensemble Festival in February; TMEA All-State, Senior High
and Swing/Show Choir Festivals in April; the State Choral Festival also held in April; and Junior
High Choir Festival in May. A calendar of events and scheduled business meetings will be issued.
New members will be paired with “veteran members” to serve as a mentor through the many
WTVMEA procedures and events during the school year.

All members are to bring a completed Member Information Sheet (enclosed) to this
meeting. A completed form must be returned by all directors at the first meeting. Each member
must also bring a photocopy of his/her MENC membership card to the meeting.

Meeting Agenda:

        9:00 – 9:30 am          Visit the vendors.
        9:30 – 12:00 noon*:     Business Meeting

        * Plans are to end the meeting at 12 noon.

We hope that you, your teacher(s) and students will, by participating fully in these events, take
full advantage of the unique and invaluable musical opportunities and experiences offered by our
association. I also hope you, as the administrator of your school, will support and encourage your
music teacher to attend this most important first business meeting.

Let me extend a personal invitation to you to attend our events and meeting. Thank you for your

Dian Eddleman
President, WTVMEA
       Map and directions to Colonial Middle School in Memphis, TN. Vendors will be
       available at 9:00 am. Meeting time is 9:30 am until 12 noon on Saturday, August
       21, 2010. Please do not be late. Members are required to arrive at the meetings by
       the time it is called to order and remain until adjournment, no later than 12:00
       noon. Failure to do so may result in the school’s disqualification of its eligibility
       to participate in WTVMEA events for the remainder of the school year or a fine.
       The fine shall be $50 for each member who arrives before the second roll call
       taken at 10:00 a.m. For each person arriving after this time, the fine shall be $250.
       Determination of disqualification or the assessment of a fine will be determined
       by the Executive Committee.

       Member Information Sheet – All members need to bring this completed to the
       first meeting.

       Proposed Calendar of Events for 2010-2011 (to be voted upon at the meeting)

Colonial Middle School:

These are the directions as posted online at our website.

Colonial's new building sits directly east (to the right) of the old building.
If you know where the old location was--you will not get lost.

Google or MapQuest probably still use the old address--4778 Sea Isle Road.
The new address is actually 1370 Colonial Road, Memphis, 38117, but again, it is
directly adjacent to the old site.

For first-timers:
From East Memphis/Jackson, TN
Take I-40 until it merges with 240 West (headed toward Jackson, MS)
Exit on Mt. Moriah Road, veer right
Pass two red lights--Willow Rd/S. White Station and Quince Road
Turn LEFT on Sea Isle Road--Colonial is about 3/4 mile down on the right

From West Memphis, Downtown/Southaven
From I-40 or I-55, travel until you get to 240 East
Exit on Mt. Moriah Road, turn left
Pass two red lights--Willow Rd/S. White Station and Quince Road
Turn LEFT on Sea Isle Road--Colonial is about 3/4 mile down on the right

Please follow the signs to the meeting.

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