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Bat Facts


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Bats The Way To
Issue 23
                                                                                                                                                                  THE PRIDE OF
                                                                                                                                                                  SUNDERLAND p19
Aug/Sept 2008

                              ••• The Colliery Chronicle is produced by Colliery Media Community Interest Company.
                                         Colliery Media CIC is part of the Community Media Partnership.

Do It
                                                                                                                                                    Bat Facts
                                                                                                                                                    • There are 17 species of bat in the
                                                                                                                                                    • Bats are the only true flying
                                                                                                                                                      mammal and are a crucial part of
                                                                                                                                                      the UK’s delicately balanced
National project raises                                                                                                                             • Bats and their roosts are
awareness of Hylton                                                                                                                                   protected by national and
Castle’s least understood                                                                                                                             European law due to their
                                                                                                                                                      dramatic decrease in numbers.
residents                                                                                                                                           • Operating at the top of the food
                          by Gareth Brazier                                                                                                           chain, bats keep in check the
A fun day was held at Sunderland North                                                                                                                numbers of insects active
Family Zone to help raise awareness of the                                                                                                            between the hours of dusk and
current plight of bats, one of the regions                                                                                                            darkness when birds are largely
most misunderstood animals.                                                                                                                           absent.
   Visitors to the fun day, held within Hylton                                                                                                      • Bats can only have one baby at a
Castle’s former library building on Cranleigh                                                                                                         time and can live for up to 30
Road, were involved in various activities
including face painting, making bat boxes,
                                                                                                                                                    • The term “blind as a bat” is
various bat arts and crafts as well as meeting
                                                                                                                                                      inaccurate - bats can see but
a real life bat!
              CITY COUNCIL
                                                                                                                                                      mainly use a sonar system called
   The day marked the launch of the Count                                                                                                             echolocation.This system is
Bat project by the Bat Conservation Trust                                                                                                             above the range of human
(BCT) in partnership with Sunderland City                                                                                                             hearing, but can be heard using a
Council, Durham Wildlife Trust and the                                                                                                                bat detector.
Durham Bat Group.
   Count Bat is a nationwide scheme,
supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund, and
it aims to encourage and involve a wider
spectrum of people in bat conservation.
   Diana Hughes, Count Bat regional officer,
said: “We are trying to raise awareness of bats
because people have a misunderstanding of          Back - Diana Hagues and Michelle Appleby of Count Bat Project together with SNFZ
them. Bats are fascinating creatures, but just        Project Worker Eileen Cassley and youngsters from Hylton Castle at the fun day.
because they fly at night people know very         the Heritage Lottery Fund, together with           • London and the South East
little about them. Bats are in decline across      Natural England and City Bridge Trust,             • North and East of England
the country, but in the north there is a fear of   provided funding for a FOUR year project           • South West and West Midlands
bats which we are hoping to overcome.”             looking at engaging new audiences in bat           During the next four years, the Count Bat
                    PILOT                          conservation.                                    team will be working with local bat groups as
   The England Count Bat project was                 The project is being rolled out across         well as community groups and partner
developed through a pilot programme that           England. Its aim is to introduce new people to   organisations to produce new resources and
started in September 2005, supported by a          bat conservation and develop links between       run similar events to involve communities
Heritage Lottery Fund Project Planning grant.      bat groups, voluntary organisations and local    with their local bat populations.
This programme included a thorough                 communities.                                       For more information about the project
consultation process and four pilot projects.        Regional Officers will oversee the project     head to
   Following the results of the pilot projects,    covering the following three regions:


     ••• colliery media cic                                     elcome to issue twenty
                                                                three of the Colliery
                                                       Chronicle, the community
     advertising • graphic design • print • training

                                                       newspaper for Sunderland North.
    The Punchline Project                                 Over the past two years we have
                                            Page 3     followed the boxing exploits of Tony
    ‘The WORD’s’ New Single                            Jeffries.We have reported on Tony’s success
                                                       at the Amateur Boxing Association final
                                           Pages 4     triumph of 2006, his Olympic qualification
    National Volunteers Week                           in Chicago and now have the joy of
                                            Page 5     reporting on his Olympic dream.
    Sunderland North Family Zone                          As many of you will know Tony touched
                                                       down at Heathrow airport aboard a
                                            Page 7     specially decorated jumbo jet adorned with
    Digital Challenge                                  a gold nose, as part of the most successful
                                            Page 9     Great Britain Olympic squad in 100 years.
    Memories Revisited                                    We have kept in touch with Tony
                                                       throughout the tournament and have an
    NHS Competition                                    article on Tony’s Olympic adventure on
                                           Page 11     page 19, as well as some great personal
    Directory of Community and                         photos that the boxing bronze medallist has
    Voluntary Organisations                            allowed Colliery Chronicle readers to
                                           Page 12        Staying with sport we bring news of
    Sunderland History Forum                           Warren Baister (p18), who hopes to take
                                           Page 13     the batton from Tony and represent Great
    Down’s Syndrome Awareness                          Britain at the London games of 2012. A
                                                       stable mate of Jeffries at Sunderland
                                           Page 14     Amateur Boxing Club, Baister learnt the
    The Southwick Hacks                                ropes boxing for Marley Potts Boxing Club
                                           Page 15     and has lived in the area all of his life. Now
    Kids Fun                                           working as a joiner for Sunderland based           Local charity Sunderland North Family           place throughout the wards of Castle,
                                                       Gentoo,Warren hopes to have similar              Zone are able to continue their ever              Redhill, Southwick, Fulwell and St Peter’s.
                                           Page 16     success in the Heavyweight division in four      popular disco for adults with disabilities and      Please get in touch to tell us what you
    The Music Review                                   years time.                                      we take a peek inside the party on page 14.       think of issue 23 using the contact details
                                           Page 17        We also bring news of regeneration plans        You will also find news on Sunderland           on this page.
    Sport                                              for both Castletown and Southwick.Turn to        City Council’s Digital Challenge project as                                    Enjoy your read
                                                       page 8 to see an artists impression of           well as our usual round up of community                                       Craig Richardson
                                           Page 18     Gentoo’s Leafeild develepment.                   organisations and the great projects taking                                Colliery Media CIC

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  Journalism Project

  Hopes For Knock
  Out Success
  A brand new magazine is set to hit the       group’s skills in both design and journalism
  streets in October and is sure to pack a     while using these skills practically to
  punch with readers thanks to features        produce a professional product.
  and reports on Sunderland’s amateur                        VOLUNTEERS
  boxing scene.                                  Craig Richardson, Colliery Media CIC
    Sunderland based social enterprise         General Manager, said: “Our volunteers
  Colliery Media Community Interest            have been working on another of our                Malcolm Hassan speaks to Sunderland ABC’s Tony Jeffries before about his prospects in Beijing.
  Company (CIC), part of the Community         publications, The Colliery Chronicle, for       up really well. After studying journalism I      producing three to five national champions
  Media Partnership, is working with boxing    some time. Throughout that period it has        have found it tough getting into the             every season over the last couple of years at
  clubs across the city and local area to      become apparent that there is a lack of         profession, but the experience of this           our club and having a tailor made
  produce a full colour magazine promoting     coverage on the amateur boxing scene in         project and the practical experiences I am       Sunderland boxing magazine can only be a
  the work of local organisations and the      the area. The aim of ‘The Punchline’ project    gaining should stand me in good stead for        positive thing that will enable the citys
  accomplishments of young people in the       is to develop the volunteers existing skills    the future. It has also given me the             boxers to gain the recognition they
  area.                                        while also promoting the great work carried     opportunity to report on a subject I have a      deserve.” Issue one of the magazine will be
            THE PUNCHLINE                      out in boys and girls clubs in the area.”       great interest in.”                              available in October within community
    The magazine will be produced by             Issue 1 of the magazine is well under way                     PUBLICITY                        buildings, local gyms and sporting goods
  volunteers working within ‘The Punchline’    and will include news on Sunderland             The project has proven an instant hit with       stores in the Sunderland area.
  design and journalism project, under the     Amateur Boxing Club’s Tony Jeffries’            the city’s boxing coaches who are looking          If you would like to be part of the project
  guidance of Colliery Media CIC. The          Olympic adventure as well as news on            forward to their youngsters receiving the        or have an idea for an article contact
  project, which began in August this year,    Plains Farm , Hylton Castle and Town End        publicity that their achievements warrant,       Malcolm Hassan or Craig Richardson on
  has received funding from the national       boys and girls boxing clubs and much more.      Sunderland ABC coach Joe Purvis said:            0792 122 4607 or (0191) 549 5037 or
  Lottery’s Awards for All program.              Volunteer Malcolm Hassan said: “The           “Young people, as well as boxing as a sport,     email
    The aim of the project is to develop the   project is great and the magazine is shaping    often receive a bad press. We have been

 Friends Of                                                                                                                                          meet the

                                                                                                                                                     colliery chronicle team

 Dene Set
                                                                                                                                                      Gareth Brazier
                                                                                                                                                      is looking for
                                                                                                                                                      stories in

                                                                                                                                                      Redhill and
                                                                                                                                                      Castle wards.


                                                                                                                                                      Contact Fraser
                                                                                                                                                      with your stories
                                                                                                                                                      from St. Peters,
                                                                                                                                                      Southwick and
                                                                                                                                                      Fulwell wards.

                   By Fraser McClennan                                                                                                          
A community group from Hylton Castle
will travel to London having made it
through to the grand final of a national       group finalists in the heritage category.       and look set to make the trip to London in             If you have a
                                                                                                                                                      sport piece or a
award.                                           Each national winner will win £500 worth      the autumn.
                                                                                                                                                      story from
  Friends of Hylton Dene have been             of vouchers as well as £2000 for a charity of     Doris MacKnight said she was                         Castle ward
selected to represent the North-East in the    their choosing.                                 ‘gobsmacked’ and added: “We didn’t think               email Malcolm
heritage category of the Nationwide                    REGIONAL CEREMONY                       we’d get through to the final.”                        Hassan.
Community and Heritage Awards.                   Friends of Hylton Dene were chosen as           Friends of Hylton Dene formed in 1999
  Having been crowned one of three             finalists at the regional ceremony at The       with the aim of improving and maintaining     
winners for the region, Friends of Hylton      Tyneside Cinema on July 16th, receiving a       the dene around Sunderland’s second oldest
Dene were then picked to be finalists at the   £100 dining out voucher for being regional      building, Hylton Castle (pictured).
London awards on the 11th of November.         winners, and £250 worth of vouchers for           This year the awards marked ten years of             You can also contact Colliery
  The grand final will take place at The       being chosen as national finalists.             supporting work in the community by                    Media General Manager Craig
Tower of London, where 72 finalists will be      Group Treasurer Doris MacKnight,              incorporating a heritage element alongside             Richardson on 0792 122 4607 or
whittled down to six national winners.         Chairman John Coulthard and Member              the existing community element.                        email
Friends of Hylton Dene will be one of 12       Dianne Northway attended the ceremony

                                                         Council Funding Boost
                                                         For Community Projects
         in partnership with Sunderland City Council

    A number of projects have received

                                                          development on
    funding support agreed by local
    councillors at a recent meeting of
    Sunderland City Council’s North
    Area Committee.

                                                          the Kickz project
       In total £121,119 of funding was approved
    by the North Area Committee in the latest
    round of awards from the Strategic
    Initiatives Budget (SIB), which helps projects
    and organisations that benefit local
    communities and neighbourhoods with a
    variety of activities or services.                    The SAFC Foundation has                be effectively used to steer
       On this page we take a peek inside three           been awarded £23,500 in SIB            young people away from the
    projects that have received funding in the            funding to develop its Kickz           risks of anti-social behaviour.
    past twelve months and the great work that            project which offers positive             The project will engage
    they are doing in the area.                           opportunities       for     self-      young people through leisure
                                                          improvement to young people            opportunities and encourage
    North Area Committee Meetings                         in North Sunderland.                   them into learning and
    The North Area Committee                                Leslie      Spuhler,     Chief       accreditation schemes such as              Sunderland Chairman Naill Quinn with two young
    Meetings are attended by                                                                                                                     members of a Kickz Football Friday session
                                                          Executive Officer for the SAFC         the Junior Sports Leaders
    councillors from the Castle, Fulwell,
                                                          Foundation said: “This is              Award. In addition it will offer     The funding will help the       range of needs related to the
    Redhill, Southwick and St. Peter’s
                                                          excellent news for the                 multi-sports activities as well    Foundation develop a centre       development of young people
       Members of the public are welcome to               foundation in supporting our           as football, run programmes        based at the Seaburn Centre       in the area, and will encourage
    attend to find out more about the role of             aims to inspire young people to        that can help them integrate       where young people can do         the youngsters to develop
    the committee and some of the projects it             achieve and raise aspirations          into the community and             accreditation work linked to      themselves and fulfil their
    supports.                                             and become an integral part of         develop their employability and    sports such as Sports Leaders,    potential       within      the
       The Area Committee is always looking for           the local community. As a              social skills.                     coaching courses and first aid.   community.”
    innovative schemes that benefit local                 natural progression from our              “Kickz offers a range of          Cllr Richard Bell, Chair of       SAFC Foundation not only
    neighbourhoods and provide support, help,             regular      Friday     Football       sporting and educational           the North Area Committee          contributes to educational
    opportunities and leisure facilities for local                                                                                  which approved the funding        development but also makes an
                                                          programme, the Kickz project           activities in a safe, familiar
    people. If you think your organisation could
                                                          is being developed into a              environment where participants     said: “We are delighted to        impact on issues such as health,
    benefit from SIB funding, find out if you’re
                                                          satellite provision in the North       will feel comfortable to           provide support for the Kickz     regeneration, crime, cohesion

                                                                                                            Kool Kids dance
    eligible by contacting Sunderland City
    Council on (0191) 553 1162.                           Sunderland area, particularly          challenge       and     develop    project – a scheme which          and employment.
                                                          along the sea front where it can       themselves.”                       addresses a comprehensive

      SIB invests in

                                                                                                            their way to SIB
      Community Media

                                                                                                            funding success
      Over the past twelve months the City
      of Sunderland’s North and East Area
      Committees have been helping to
      support the groundbreaking co-
      operative work of two community
      publications in Sunderland.
        £40,000 from the Strategic Initiatives
      Fund (SIB), administered by the                     Craig Richardson, General Manager of              IN addition to funding received from             Deloris Martin, Director of Sunderland
      Committees, has been invested in the             Colliery Media CIC, the organisation                 other Area Committees in the city,            Dance Community Interest Company
      development of the Community Media               behind the Colliery Chronicle newspaper              Sunderland Dance Community Interest           says: “Streetdance and Breakdance are
      Partnership LLP, a unique partnership            said: “SIB funding has been crucial in               Company has been awarded £15,920 in           part of today’s youth culture and a major
      between the Colliery Chronicle and               enabling ourselves and Eastwise to                   SIB funding from the North Area               way to engage with young people is to
      Eastwise magazine south of the Wear.             develop a self sustainable product.
                                                                                                            Committee to support its innovative           offer relative and meaningful activities
        The aim of the project was to establish           Both ourselves and the team at
      the Media Partnership and to explore the         Eastwise were very pleased that                      Kool Kids urban dance project.                which reflect their own culture. One of
      opportunities for joint working,                 Councillors were so supportive of the                  The organisation works in schools           our main objectives through the Kool
      particularly in terms of the publications        Community Media Partnership, and                     providing workshops to support cross-         Kids programme is to offer opportunities
      becoming self supporting through                 recgonised the potential benefits for their          curricular activities, and has provided a     to unlock talent, increase fitness levels
      advertising revenue.                             communities in helping the partnership,              successful project involving urban dance      and self-esteem, and develop creativity.
        The money has paid for the                     which is unique to the city.                         skills for boys aged 5 – 15 years. The new    The classes are a fun and exciting way to
      recruitment of advertising sales staff, and         The impact of SIB has not only aided
                                                                                                            Kool Kids project will offer the classes to   promote these areas of development in
      part funded production, print and                the publication financially but has also
      distribution costs during the cross over         raised our profile with local Councilllors           girls as well as boys, and extend the age     young people who would otherwise not
      period from partial grant funding to the         worked together with our staff and                   range from 5 – 18 years so that more          want to take part in traditional sport and
      new business model.                              volunteers to inform the community of                young people, including teenagers, are        fitness activities such as team games or
                                                       what is happening in the local area.”                able to benefit. Sessions will be divided     organised sport. Building on such skills
                                                                                                            with the first hour for younger children      contributes towards a feeling of well-
                                                                                                            and the second hour for older youngsters      being and a positive outlook on life.”
                                                                                                            and teenagers.

Threat Of

Church Closure
Spirit    by Gareth Brazier         day, however the concerns          building holds a lot of memories           Church committee members Doris MacKnight and Cathleen Youern enjoy the fun day with local children.

                                                                                                             Church of England Facts In 2008
A local community has pulled        proved to be unfounded as the      for me and my family and it
together in an attempt to save      locals turned up in numbers to     would be a disaster for the local
their Church from possible          show their support                 community if it closed. When
closure due to lack of funds.          Among the activities enjoyed    you look at the turn out today, it
                                                                                                             • 1.7 million People take part in a Church of       space. Both these proportions are increases
   Residents of Redhouse estate     by the crowds were tombolas,       proves everyone wrong who
                                                                                                             England service each month, a level that has        on thirty seven per cent and nineteen per
sprang into action when they        penalty shootouts and bouncy       thinks it’s inevitable the church
                                                                                                             been maintained since the turn of the               cent respectively in 2003 and twenty nine per
learned that St Cuthbert’s church   castles. The day was also helped   will close and that days like this
                                                                                                             millennium. Around one million participate          cent and twelve per cent respectively in 2001
could possibly close, quickly       by local companies donating        are not worthwhile. Hopefully
forming an action group to see      time and manpower. Gentoo,         this is the catalyst for St           each Sunday.                                        • 86 per cent of the population visit a church
how they could help.                Little Tiggers and Southwick       Cuthbert’s to go on to bigger and     • More than 2.8 million participate in a            or place of worship in the course of a year,
   After a few well attended        Health and Community Forum         better things.”                       Church of England service on Christmas Day          for reasons ranging from participating in
meetings in the Church Hall it      all helped out and their efforts      The day was a massive              or Christmas Eve. Forty three per cent of the       worship to attending social events or simply
was decided that a fun day          were massively appreciated.        success raising £460 and more         population attend church at Christmas, rising       wanting a quiet space.
would be organised at the                   GREAT CAUSE                events are planned for the future.    to 48 per cent in London and, nationally, 22        • Every year, around 12.5 million people visit
Church with the help of local          Local resident Jordan Hughes       What do you think about the        per cent among those of non-Christian faiths.       Church of England cathedrals, including
organisations.                      17, volunteered to help out by     possible closure? Does St             • In 2005 forty seven per cent of adults            300,000 pupils on school visits.Three of
   Taking place on a soaking        running a penalty shootout         Cuthberts hold memories for           attended a church or place of worship for a         England’s top five historic ‘visitor attractions’
August day, there were worries      competition, he said:              you? Email your views to              memorial service for someone who has died           are York Minster, Canterbury Cathedral and
that the weather would ruin the        “It’s a great cause. The          and twenty one per cent were seeking a quiet        Westminster Abbey.

                                                                                                              M ore T han
                                                                                                              J u st Vol un te ers. . .
                                                                                                              J u st Volun te ers...
                                                                                                              M ore T ha n

                                                                                                            WEARSIDE Community                appreciated by myself and            Council for Voluntary
                                                                                                            Development Trust                 the staff at WCDT”, said             Action (WCVA), Volunteer
THE latest ride organised for the Social            to follow the Hadrian’s Way                             (WCDT) and More Than              June Robinson, WCDT                  Development Agency
Cycling Project was a visit                         cycle path towards Wallsend, soon passing               Insurance Group                   Project Director.                    (based in Belfast), Volunteer
to Gateshead/Newcastle Quayside and                 Swan Hunters Shipyard.                                  celebrated National                 Volunteers’ Week began             Development Scotland
Millennium Bridge.                                    Taking the lower riverside path, the group            Volunteers Week recently          in 1985. Initially it was run        (VDS) and Volunteering
  On a misty Tuesday morning in late July           rode to the Newcastle Quayside.                         with More Than                    on a local level but in order        England work together to
nine members of the group set                       Crossing the Millennium Bridge to                       employees carrying out            to raise greater awareness of        shape the major themes for
off from Fulwell Methodist Church.                  Gateshead Quayside and the Baltic                       painting and decorating           the importance of volunteers         the Week.
  Taking the road to East Boldon via                Centre, the riders made for a lunch stop at             within WCDT’s Swan                the National Centre for                Each year more and more
Boldon Flats, the riders passed the Tile            the Bridge End Café.                                    Street Centre.                    Volunteering took the lead           organisations get involved
Sheds then turned onto Linnet Way, before             After lunch the group picked up the                     Staff from More Than            in promoting the Week.               in the Week and participants
skirting around Biddick Hall and Brockley           Keelmens Way cycle path and headed down                 painted the main reception          The planning and                   take part in various events
Whins to briefly follow Bedes Way.                  the south side of the Tyne via Friars Goose,            area of WCDT before               development of Volunteers’           throughout the UK. These
  The group then headed over the A194               Bill Quay and over Monkton                              showing their green fingers       Week in England is now led           range from award
footbridge to Low Simonside and through             Fell. They then headed for home via                     by tending to the garden.         by the Volunteers’ Week              presentations to setting-up
the River Don Park to the morning coffee            Brockley Whins and East Boldon. The team                  “More Than provided all         team at Volunteering                 information booths or
stop at Bedes World/Jarrow Hall Café.               covered 32 miles.                                       materials to carry out the        England.                             sponsored walks and team
Suitably refreshed seven members of the               If you would like to know more about the              work, as well as new                The volunteer                      challenge events with
group then rode through the Tyne                    project call (0191) 548 9941 or email                   flowers for the gardens, all      development agencies                 everything in between!
Pedestrian/Cycle Tunnel to Willington Quay                             of which are much                 across the UK (Wales

Tutors Score

Top Grades At
North Family
THE end of the academic year has
                                       The usual suspects - Left to right, John Crombie, Paul Jasper, Judith Potelle,
                                     Craig Boyes, Christine Longford and Craig Richardson. Inset is Steve Procopis

                                                   (outstanding) and six received grade 2 for                           has been with the organisation for six            with long time colleague Christine
brought about mixed blessings at                   their skills and professionalism in teaching.                        years.”                                           Longford and Craig Boyes taking on the
Sunderland North Family Zone (SNFZ).                 The centre runs several courses as a part                             The recent positive assessments come at        reigns and heading the learning side of the
  The centre has seen the development of           of the service, including Digital                                    the same time as Tutor Support Co-                organisation.
their tutors reach standards that few              Photography, PC Maintenance, Basic IT,                               ordinator Steve Procopis leaves SNFZ to             The tutors assessments come alongside
organisations learning team’s could match.         Card Craft and Driving Awareness and                                 take up a new post in Newcastle with              other qualifications being gained by tutors
  The tutors at Sunderland North Family            Theory. The courses last on average 10                               Zennos IT training academy. Steve has             at SNFZ. Tutor Craig Boyes recently
Zone (SNFZ) have been awarded high                 weeks.                                                               spent six years at SNFZ, teaching on a            finished a post-graduate certificate in
marks across the board in a recent series of         Organisation Chair Ruth Crowe said: “We                            range of courses. Ruth added: “Steve has          education (PGCE) in July after two years of
assessments.                                       have seen the development of our team of                             encouraged colleagues and learners alike          study.
  All tutors at the centre have been assessed      tutors reach standards few tutors working in                         with his inspirational teaching, which has          Craig has shadowed Steve over the past
as good or outstanding in their teaching and       one team achieve. This has been due to the                           over the years had the power to change the        four years and will continue to develop the
paperwork by assessors from Sunderland             dedication and personal development of the                           lives of both learners and colleagues, so it is   learning service along with John Crombie,
City Council's Family, Adult and                   tutors themselves, and also because of the                           with sadness we say good bye and good             the organisations latest apprentice who has
Community Learning service.                        enthusiasm and support given by our Tutor                            luck.”                                            recently his attained 7303 teaching
  Two tutors have received grade 1                 Support Co-ordinator Steve Procopis who                                 Steve will leave the centre in good hands      qualification.

                                                   THE playmates club at Sunderland North
                                                   Family Zone is to hold a party to say goodbye
                                                   to those children moving on to nursery. Joe,
                                                   Isabel and Curtis (pictured left to right) are
                                                   looking for new friends to join them in
                                                      Past and present members are welcome to
                                                   come along to the party on Friday the 29th of
                                                   August, which will see children and adults dress
                                                   up in their favourite nursery rhythm or fairy tale
     COURSES BEGINNING IN                          costumes.
      SEPTEMBER INCLUDE:                              Friends of members are encouraged to come
                                                   along too, and those interested should ring 549
      journalism and Marketing                     5037 to book tickets or find out more
                                                      The Playmates club will re-start with messy
             Family History                        play on Tuesday 9 September. Tuesday classes
                                                   will start at 9.30am. Thursday classes will begin
        Drive Your Car Safely                      at 1.00pm and will be made up of Time for
            (Theory Test)                          Rhyme, Soft Play and structured activities.

             Digital Imaging                       THE Twilight disco for people with learning
                                                   difficulties at Sunderland North Family Zone
                                                   has had its future secured having been
          French and German                        granted funding to keep it running.
             For Beginners                            The disco has been awarded a £500 aspire
                                                   grant from Gentoo, as well as Sunderland North
        Messy Play For Adults                      Community and Business Centre (SNCBC)
                                                   putting forward the money to pay for one session
            Creative Crafts                        a month for a year.
                                                      Having run since February this year, the
               Card Craft                          sessions have seen as many as 55 people and
                                                   their carers attend.
                                                      The disco runs every Friday, 6.30-9.00pm, and
              Money Magic                          there is a two pounds entry fee. Snacks and
                                                   refreshments are available.
    there is also a full program of                   The nearest similar event is held in
        LearnDirect courses                        Washington, so this disco is particularly
                                                   important for people with learning difficulties
         enrolments start                          living in Sunderland.
        Monday 1 September
                                                          Call SNFZ for more information about anything on this page on (0191) 549 5037

                                                                                                 Members and volunteers enjoy the
                                                                                                 beach themed family fun day...

                                                                                                                                                      Southwick Health and
                                                                                                                                                        Community Forum

  Summer Fun
                                                                                                                                                       192 Southwick Road

  Summer Fun
                                                                                                                                                         (0191) 548 5844

                                                                                                 Meals My Mother Made
                                                                                                 A Group of ladies from Southwick Health          Vera Callaghan and Jean West were the first
                                                                                                 and Community Forum decided they                 to take up the cookery challenge
                         By Gareth Brazier
                                                                                                 would like to go back in time and recreate       and made up a picnic as it would have been
SOUTHWICK Health and Community                    A range of arts and crafts were provided
                                                                                                 some of the ‘Meals my mother made’.              when they were children. On the
Forum (SHACF) held a Beach Party for            for children of all ages to enjoy with lots of
                                                                                                 Their idea is to bring along a favorite recipe   menu there were rock buns, scones, paste
local children over the summer at               goodies and free give aways. For the adults
                                                                                                 from years gone by and share                     sandwiches and meat pie.
Southwick Community Association, with           there were a number of stalls offering
                                                                                                 it, along with the memories behind it, with        After the food was eaten the group turned
the event proving a huge success with local     tombolas, raffles, bric-a-brac and table top
                                                                                                 the rest of the group.                           their attention to playing rounders and even
families.                                       sales.
                                                                                                    With the help of funding from Gentoo the      managed to lose the ball! Skipping was next
   Events included a free disco with party        A great time was had by all who attended
                                                                                                 first project was to be an old fashioned         and all the ladies had a turn with the rope,
games along with prizes for children in a       with activities to suit all ages.
                                                                                                 Sunday School Treat. The group discussed         remembering some of the old rhymes they
fancy dress competition. The beach theme          SHACF would like to acknowledge the
                                                                                                 where they would have gone on a picnic,          used to sing.
continued with other seaside activities, such   support received from the following
                                                                                                 such as the beach and Cox Green; some even         Although the weather was not at its best
as ‘hook a duck’, ‘roll a penny’, ‘tin can      organisations in assisting with the funding,
                                                                                                 remembered climbing Penshaw hill.                the ladies agreed that the food was
alley’, ‘trick shot’ and a coconut shie. Ice    planning and delivery of this event:
                                                                                                 Eventually Herrington Park was chosen as         great and the trip down memory lane even
cream and hot dogs went down a treat            Play Together, Little Tiggers, Volunteers in
                                                                                                 the venue for this day out.                      better.
throughout the day.                             Action and Southwick Gingerbread.

  What’s going on at Southwick Health and Community Forum?
WALKS                                                                                                                                             We are now settled into our new premises
                                                                                                                                                  at 192 Southwick Road, Southwick with
Fancy a stroll, meet new friends;                                                                                                                 our clubs and activities programmes back
Southwick Health and Community                                                                                                                    in full swing.
Forum have started a new walking
project for the more mature                                                                                                                       CHILDREN’S CLUBS
residents of Greater Southwick.                                                                                                                   Tuesdays and Wednesdays                 £1.50
All walks are planned and checked for                                                                                                             Smart Club (3.30pm -5.20 pm)
suitability for the group prior to the event.                                                                                                     Smart Club (3.30pm-5.20pm)
Regular rest stops will be made with time                                                                                                         Wednesday                               £1.50
for a cuppa!                                                                                                                                      Parent and Toddler ( -2.30pm)
                                                                                                                                                  Tuesday £1.00
If you would like to get out and about,
make new friends and improve your health                                                                                                          ADULTS ACTIVITIES
at the same time get your walking boots on                                                                                                        Wednesday – weather permitting
and give us a ring.                                                                                                                               Healthy Walks (12.00pm)

                                                NEED A
                                                                                                                                                  Thursday                            £2
                                                                                                                                                  Seated Chair Exercise ( 11am)

As you will have read above a

                                                                                                                                                  A cooking club has just started with menus/meals
cooking club with menus andmeals                                                                                                                  from the 1940s to 1960s, prepared and cooked
from the 1940s to 60s is proving a
great success.
                                                                                                 SHOP                                             by members. Anyone interested in joining this
                                                                                                                                                  group should contact Elizabeth (0191) 584 5844
We have already had a lot of enquiries                                                           Due to the continued success of our
about joining this club, numbers are limited                                                     Community Shop, at 247 Southwick                 A new card making class, delivered by a
                                                                                                 Road Southwick, new volunteers are               qualified and experienced tutor is due to start
so get in touch soon to reserve you place. COMMUNITY CARAVANS                                                                                     early September costing £2 per session, Please
                                                                                                 needed so we can extend our opening

                                                PRICES FROM AS LITTLE AS                         hours and continue to provide a popular
                                                                                                                                                  contact office for further details (0191) 548 5844
                                                £275.00 per WEEK!                                service to the local area.
                                                                                                                                                  Are you interested in sugar craft, a new class will
                                                                                                 If you are interested in volunteering please     be starting soon, £2 per session. Contact
                                                There are still some dates available this        contact our office tel (0191) 548 5844 or        Elizabeth for details (0191) 548 5844
We are hoping to start a new                    season to hire one of our Community              call into shop and speak to Lillian
mother and toddler group very                   Caravans at BUTLINS SKEGNESS, they               Donations of clothing, bric a brac, toys,        ROOM FOR HIRE
soon in response to local requests.             sleep up to 8 people, all passes to              books and kidswear are urgently needed.          You can hire the Forums meeting/ activities
The session will be based at our new            BUTLINS entertainment, gas and electric is       (Sorry no electricals or furniture)              room for only £15.00 per hour for your
premises on Southwick Road.                     included in the price.                           Please telephone (0191) 549 2361 or 0794         private meetings or activities. Tea/coffee
For further details please contact Elizabeth    These Caravans are available to all, you DO      820 3476 to arrange collection or drop off at    facilities available. Contact office (0191)
Simmons on (0191) 548 5844.                     NOT have to be a member of the Forum.            shop                                             548 5844 for details.

    Estate Set To
                                                                                                                  Castletown Aviary Estate

    Take Flight
    THE Aviary estate, so named because all             the small cluster of traditional bungalows on
    of the streets are named after birds, was           the estate who wished to remain in their
    built back in the 1960s and at the time was         homes. It was therefore agreed not to
    constructed using non traditional                   demolish these properties and these are
    methods including timber frames,                    scheduled in to be modernised soon.
    hanging tiles and flat roofs.                          As part of the City Council’s overall
       Over the years the estate has become             Masterplan for Castletown, it is working
    increasingly unpopular and difficult to let         with Gentoo and English Partnerships on a
    and as such, Gentoo has carefully considered        joint venture agreement for a major
    the best options available to ensure the long       regeneration scheme on this site.
    term sustainability of this part of the village.           DRAFT DEVELOPMENT
       The City Council’s decision to demolish a           Although still in its early stages, Gentoo is
    number of old colliery houses to the South of       now working up a draft development brief
    the estate and the purchase of the adjoining        for the site which will include around 150
    allotment site by Gentoo, presents a great          new homes for both sale and rent. In
    opportunity for the area. It enables Gentoo to      addition, the Group is also in discussion with
    work with the City Council and English              representatives from the Grace House
    Partnerships on a larger scale regeneration         Appeal with a view to the new hospice being
    project which will completely transform the         part of the development.
    whole area. It also allows Gentoo to                   Given the complexities of the scheme and
    continue the renewal of properties, that            to ensure the site is developed in the best
    began with the replacement of ageing                way, it is not anticipated that rebuilding will
    bungalows in 2005 at Brabant Gardens and            start until late next year. However, the
                                                                                                                          Gentoo                      Council to acquire                     Allotments
    Conyers Close.                                      intention is to build new homes for rent first
                CONSULTATION                            and then move people from the Aviary estate
       Following a number of consultation               into the new properties. (The rental               demolishing a small number of properties to            been completed Gentoo and our partners will
    sessions with residents from the Aviary and         properties will be pepper potted throughout        the East side of the estate, a necessity               carry out further consultation exercises with
    the support of the local residents, Gentoo          the new build) As such, the Aviary estate will     because they had been severely vandalised.             local residents”, said Andrew Griffits, Head
    agreed to the future clearance of the estate.       remain until these properties are ready,             “This is a really exciting time for                  of Neighbourhoods, Gentoo Sunderland.

Leafields Development
    The only exception is those people living in        although the Group is in the process of            Castletown and once initial draft plans have

Well Underway
GENTOO Sunderland has released new                     home, and a series of ‘Home Zones’ will be
homes for rent on the next phase of one of it’s        created to slow traffic to a minimum and
largest regeneration projects, in the                  encourage use of the streets for play. Leafields
Southwick area of Sunderland.                          will meet Secured by Design standards and all
   Last year, Gentoo began their £45 million           rented homes will meet Housing Corporation
rejuvenation of Southwick (see artists                 Scheme Development standards.
impression). The newly named ‘Leafields’                               SUSTAINABLE
development will include around 300 brand new            All of the properties in phase two have been
properties, including a retirement village, and        designed to meet the new Code for Sustainable
will be built over the next four years.                Homes standards. The Code measures the
   A range of two, three and four bedroom              sustainability of a home against key design
houses, bungalows and apartments will be               categories, rating the ‘whole home’ as a
delivered in four phases with residents being          complete package. The key design categories
offered the choice to buy or rent their home.          included within the Code are energy and water       water butts will be installed in the gardens for       development taking shape and we’re looking
Plans also include improvements to pedestrian,         use, specified materials, surface water run-off,    re-use of rain water with an aim to cut fuel bills.    forward to our first residents moving in to Phase
cycle and vehicle routes.                              minimisation of waste both in the construction         Ian Porter, Managing Director of Gentoo             1 soon.”
   A boulevard will be created along Faber Road        and in the ongoing use of the home, pollution,      Sunderland said: “We are really keen to offer             The Leafields development has four Phases in
and a large linear park will run through the           health & well-being of residents, management        our customers homes that are not only built to         total and Gentoo are well under way with the
development, acting not only as amenity open           of the site and local ecology.                      last well into the future and that meet all of their   build of phase two which comprises 121
space but as a safe and attractive pedestrian            In order to achieve these standards, the          expectations, but that are also energy efficient       properties, with a range of 2, 3 and 4 bedroom
route to local facilities. These new homes and         properties have been designed with increased        and will enable them to save money on                  homes for sale and for rent. The homes on
amenities alongside a new school, will combine         levels of insulation and a higher glazing           household bills. This is especially important in       Phase 2 are now being advertised and
to create a thriving community in this area.           specification. Each will have solar panels fitted   today’s current financial climate.                     prospective renters are being advised to express
   Resident parking will be provided at each           which will provide hot water in the homes and          “It’s really great to see the whole                 their interest with Gentoo Sunderland.
Council Project

Aims To Connect
The City
AUGUST saw Baroness Kay Andrews,
                                                                      by Gareth Brazier

                                                try courtesy of Digital Challenge.
communities and local government                   One of the women, Valerie Dunn, 56, has
minister, visit The Swan Street Centre to       even been in contact with her sister in
learn about the work being carried out by       Australia! She explained:
the City of Sunderland’s Digital                   “Its really opened my eyes as to what
Challenge.                                      computers can do. I had some knowledge of           Southwick ward Councillor Rosalind Copeland is given some pointers on the Nintendo Wii at the Digital Challenge
  Digital Challenge is a programme that         computers before, but not very much.”             event.The Nintendo Wii consoleis used by Swan Street’s Youth Club Oblivion as part of the Digital Challenge project.
aims to re-connect and re-enable those             “Now I’ve been able to talk to my sister     supplied not only the laptop, printer and                      A national Ofcom study shows 66% of
members of the community that are currently     Sheila through email, and we are talking        mobile internet access, but also the technical              households in Sunderland have broadband
classed as socially and digitally excluded.     about getting a webcam so we can have a         advice and help they need to get started.                   connection, compared to a national average
  The programme has received £3.5million        face to face conversation. I have also been     They also have regular visits to make sure                  of 57%, while 96% of households have
of funding from the Department of               able to write letters book a flight to London   they are getting the most out of this new                   digital television compared to a national
Communities and Local Government                and do things I never knew were possible.”      technology.”                                                average of 85%.
(DCLG).                                            Whilst the group from Swan Street are                         IMPRESSED                                     Councillor Paul Watson, leader of
  This £3.5million was granted to the Local     leading the way, others are expected to            Guest of honour Baroness Andrews was                     Sunderland City Council, said:
Strategic Partnership in March 2007, it is      follow, opening up the world of computers to    very impressed with the work being done,                       “We are proud to see the results of the
held by Sunderland City Council.                many more across the city.                      she said:                                                   many initiatives of recent years being
               EXCLUSION                           Southwick Councillor Norma Wright said:         “I think it’s fantastic. Sunderland really is            reflected in the increased take up of digital
  Digital exclusion inhibits people from        “The whole point of the Digital Challenge is    leading the way. It’s great to see that in a                technologies in Sunderland which can only
accessing the full job market, accessing        to use technology to transform lives by         community which hasn’t had a lot of success                 benefit our people and our communities.
information on health, gaining education        removing social barriers, promoting active      in recent years.”                                           Sunderland is keen to promote the smart
material,    accessing      services     from   social participation, and raising aspirations      “The great thing about it is that it’s                   assets of the City as a positive attraction to
government and private sector organisations,    and skills.”                                    reaching people across the generations who                  encourage investment.”
finding good value products and services in        “We wanted to find a diverse range of        may never have used a computer before, but                     In 2005, Sunderland was named as one of
the market place and limiting their right to    people because what we learn in Swan Street     now they can email, book doctors                            the worlds most intelligent cities. The
democracy through limited access to             can be used to help other people in similar     appointments online and do their shopping,                  accolade was given by the Intelligent
government information participation.           situations in other communities across the      all these things are the way forward for the                Community Forum at an awards ceremony in
  A group of local women have benefited         city. With the support of Wearmouth             future.”                                                    New York. It officially recognised the City’s
from the scheme, the ladies, all members of     Community Development Trust based in the           Sunderland is leading the rest of the                    transformation following the demise of the

                                                                                                Mining Project
the Swan Street Centre, Monkwearmouth,          Swan Street Centre, and the Digital             country in embracing digital technology and                 traditional shipbuilding and mining
have been given a laptop to take home and       Challenge engagement team, we have              is the best connected City in the UK!                       industries.

Carnival Fun
at Town End
Farm                                                                                             THE North East England Mining Archive
                                                                                                 and Research Centre (NEEMARC) launch
                                                                                                                                                             • mining and your family history
                                                                                                                                                             • the history of the great northern coalfield
         by Gareth Brazier                                                                       event takes place on 29 September 2008.                     • using the NEEMARC catalogue and
THE annual Town End                                                                                 The aim of the event is to provide                       • the great northern coalfield in pictures
Farm carnival took place                                                                         information about the NEEMARC project                        Workshop leaders already confirmed
last month, and as ever it                                                                       and about the large collection of mining                  include representatives from North of
turned out to be a                                                                               records currently held in the archive at the              England Institute of Mining and Mechanical
massively popular event.                                                                         University of Sunderland’s Murray Library.                Engineers, the Durham Mining Museum and
   The carnival, which is in                                                                        It hoped that the day will prove to be an              the acclaimed author Ken Smith.
its eighth year, is organised   to thank Gentoo, Sunderland    are community-centred, arts-      enjoyable experience for everyone with an                    With a brass band on hand to provide the
by Town End Farm                North Community Business       based organisation that           interest in the history of coal mining in the             entertainment and free lunch and
Residents Association           Centre and the Community       creates, facilitates and          North-East and those passionate about                     refreshments throughout the day, you can be
(TEFRA), and included a         Chest for all their help, we   delivers energetic, emotive       preserving regional heritage.                             assured that the event will be thought
                                                                                                 You will have the chance to have an                       provoking, entertaining, informative and a
parade around the estate, fun   can’t praise them enough.”     and powerful movement and
                                                                                                 exclusive look at the online catalogue of                 great networking opportunity for all in
fair games and a bouncy           Jean explained how the       music projects in local
                                                                                                 records and to find out more information                  attendance.
castle.                         local schools had also been    communities across the            about accessing the records themselves.                      Places are offered to anybody with an
   Chair of the TEFRA Jean      involved:                      North East, for more              A wide range of guest speakers will also be               interest in NEEMARC and the history of the
Bramham was delighted             “The Caribbean dancing       information about the group       attending including Dr. Stuart Howard                     great northern coalfield. The event is
with how the day went and       was put on by the Hands and    go to                             (NEEMARC), Dr. Stuart Halliday                            completely free and as such, limited to a first
was full of praise for the      Feet group who have           (NEEMARC), Colin Fowler (NACODS) and                      come, first served basis.
local community:                worked in the local schools       “With the annual event         others connected with the mining industry                    To book your place at the conference,
   “It’s been an excellent      over the last three months;    continuing to go from             and its history.                                          please e-mail
day, we have had lots of        they provided all the          strength to strength, we are         As part of the day’s events, workshop        
support from everyone and       costumes and were              sure everyone will already        sessions will be delivered on a                           confirming your name, contact address and
the team organising it have     excellent.”                    be looking forward to next        wide range of subjects including:                         telephone number.
been brilliant. We would like     The Hands and Feet group     year!”, Jean added.                 • safety and the miners lamp

 Sir Tom To The

 Rescue For Local
 MEMBERS of Sunderland Volunteer                already in service.
 Life Brigade (SVLB) were celebrating in           “We have now had the stolen vehicle
 August after being handed the key to           replaced thanks to the insurance and this
 their brand new replacement coastal            was officially handed to the group by Sir
 vehicle by city entrepreneur Sir Tom           Tom Cowie.”
 Cowie.                                            “The vehicle is an important asset in
   Four months ago vandals set fire to the      Coastal Search and Rescue as a declared
 group’s specialist 4x4, just as it was about   life saving facility for the coastguard and
 to go into service for the first time.         will help to maintain a good responsive
   Opportunists stole the original vehicle      service to emergencies along the coastal           year round. Secondly, the coast watch        their involvement in the organisation and
 while the driver was nearby, seizing the       areas.”                                            observes the harbour and coastline to look   what money is needed for their work is
 vehicle before speeding off. The new Ford         The new vehicle will carry the                  out for anyone in distress, prevent any      generated through fund raising activities.
 Ranger was later found burnt out at Carly      emergency response team for coastal                dangerous behaviour and communicate          Summing up the ethos of the organisation,
 Hill quarry.                                   search and rescue and their essential life         with the coastguard at Bridlington to deal   Chairman Hall put it:
   However, Chairman Graham Hall                saving equipment.                                  with any emergencies.                          “The members of the brigade do this
 (pictured with Sir Tom Cowie) spoke of            SLVB has a long and proud history.                 From their base at the Roker Watch        work as volunteers to ensure that members
 his delight at receiving the replacement       Founded in 1877, they are well on their            House, the dedicated members of SVLB         of the public can use our coastline safely,
 vehicle and explained the situation the        way to completing their 131st year of work         travel from as far away as South Shields     knowing that services like our own are
 brigade were faced with: “The vehicle was      on Sunderland’s coast. During that period          and Seaham. They include doctors, nurses,    there should they find themselves in
 originally purchased thanks to a donation      it is recorded that over 800 lives have been       oil rig workers, and those from military     trouble.”
 from the Sir Tom Cowie Charitable Trust,       saved.                                             backgrounds, helping to form a unit with       If you are interested in getting involved
 however it was burnt out leaving us to            The SLVB’s first main role is coastal           considerable expertise for the role.         with SVLB contact Graham Hall on 0771

 continue with the outdated vehicle that was    search and rescue, which operates 24/7 all            None of the SVLB members are paid for     118 4444 or Rose on (0191) 529 2651

 flag marks
 a new
                  by Fraser McClennan
 A special Olympic flag flew above Roker
 this weekend to mark the closure of the
 Olympic games in Beijing and the
 beginning of the run-up to 2012.
   Sunderland Voluntary Life Brigade, based
 at their watch-house in Roker, flew the flag
 to mark the hand-over of the Olympics to
 London after three weeks of competition.
   The flag raising was timed to correspond
 with the closing ceremony in Beijing –
 around 2.30pm UK time.
   Flags were raised across the country, with
 SVLB having to apply to the London
 Olympic Committee to be allowed to raise       that we often provide support and                            The flag is raised and London becomes the official Olympic city!
 their flag.                                    emergency services to many sporting events         watch-house from several organiSations Sunderland Women’s Football Club, the
   The ceremony was attended by                 along the coastal area.”                           from across Sunderland including Suncity Rookie Lifeguards lifesaving club and the
 Sunderland’s Deputy Mayor, Councillor            He added: “As a local community group            Triathlon, who receive defibrillator and first Sunderland station of the RNLI also had
 Dennis Richardson, as well as other invited    and charity, we felt it essential that the local   aid cover from SNLB at their annual stalls at the event.
 guests.                                        community be part of this hand-over                competition, were present at the                 The British Olympic team won 47 medals
   Chairman of SVLB and councillor for St       ceremony.”                                         celebrations.                                  at the games, including a Bronze for local
 Peter’s Ward, Graham Hall said: “We feel         There were also display stalls within the          The Wearside Model Boat Club, lad Tony Jeffries in the men’s light
Camping Of Yesteryear -
                                                                                                                                                                                           Memories Revisited

An In-Tents Experience!
For this edition of Memories Revisited                  open fire using drift wood out of the river. Our        this was before the days of sliced
we spoke to Town End Farm Resident                      only luxury was two Primus Stoves and two               bread. We would collect the food each
George Cheverton about his holidays of                  painter and decorator blow torches. The campsite        day in two large suitcases. Plenty of
yesteryear.                                             was run by two farmers, at Castle Carters Field,        straw out of Mr Crooks barn under the
                                                        Barney Castle; it was on the right hand side as you     ground sheet made life a little more
“IN the late forties and fifties camping was a          crossed over the stone bridge.                          bearable, and unknown to him one of
popular way of spending your summer                        There were no facilities at all apart from a fresh   his milk churns was ideal for boiling a
holidays. On Christmas and New Year people              water from a tap; Crooks farm across the field          stone of potato’s on the open fire.
only had a couple of days off and those days            even had the luxury of a toilet block. It has now       Washing yourself and your clothes
were spent with family.                                 become a large caravan site and very expensive          was done in the river.
   Barnard Castle was preferred by me, my brother       compared to what we had to pay which was about             In mid week the down and out club
and friends, then in later years to places like         five shillings a week (25pence). This was the           in Dame Dorothy St. Monkwearmouth
Frosterly, Richmond, and Knaresborough. The             beginning of Barbary coasters using their               would organise a coach trip to visit us
luxury of today’s modern items seen in visits to        enterprising skills by acquiring old tram cars and      arranged by our parents and friends. A
local Asda stores, such as insulated groundsheets ,     old buses, removing the seats and converting them       local man Arthur Buckley would make
plastic water carriers, camping stoves and wind up      to living accommodation. This for most people           sure he was the one driving the Camping it up - Left to right are Unkown, G Cheverton, A Potts, P Dow, J
torches, light weight tents etc were NOT used.          was the first time they had gone upstairs to bed.       “Durham District Bus Company” bus               Dimmock, N Dodds, J Clarke, F Brown, J Summerside,W Burnell,T Drury
   Coming out of WW2 some things were still                There was always a crowd of us, both boys and        that day and would say those days gave him some decided to play a trick by saying that there was
being rationed, this meant make do and mend, and        girls, and to get there we used to hire the local rag   of the happiest memories of his life time (there someone in one of the tents. The men dove in and
this we had to do in a big way.We scraped together      shop, and scrap metal dealer, Cain’s of Zetland St.     was no such thing as a ‘Stagecoach’ - that was dragged him out, but it was one of our friends who
a variety of small tents and one large bell tent with   wagon, and the driver was a great friend of mine        only in cowboy films).                                  liked his sleep.
the grand address once it was pitched of No1 Belle      called Gordie Robb. Everything went on the                  It was a struggle to get the visitors back on the      I am sure there will be lots of people from
View.                                                   wagon; passengers and gear, which consisted of          bus, after they’d had a few drinks they all wanted Sunderland reading this, with similar camping
   My future wife worked at Speedings Tent              tins of corned beef, tins of sticky milk. Remember      to stay and camp out with us. Many amusing memories, as it was a brilliant way to spend your
Makers and we used the companies scrap material         some food stuffs were still rationed until 1954, if     incidents happened; one involved a nearby Army holidays.
to make dishes and water carriers for the washing       you were lucky you got in the cab with the driver.      camp; I think it is a borstal camp now. Two                There was never any trouble and you could go
up. They might have leaked a little around the             Once the tents were pitched we would place a         redcaps came up to the camp one morning looking out all day and leave your scant possessions lying
stitching but they served the purpose and were          standing order at the local bakers shop for twelve      for a soldier who was AWOL and they asked if we around. It was very rough but never the less very
light weight. Most of the cooking was done on the       loaves sliced on the bacon machine, remember            had seen anyone. At that point one of the lads enjoyable.”

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