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									                                             2007 TLPA
                             Paratransit & Contracting Driver of the Year

        James W. E. Robinson, a contract driver of an accessible
  mobility van for the Mobility Plus Program, Denver Yellow
  Cab, Denver, Colorado, has been selected as the TLPA 2007
  Paratransit & Contracting Driver of the Year.
        Ross Alexander, President of Denver Yellow Cab
  nominated James Robinson for this award and upon
  being told that James had been selected as the Paratransit
  & Contracting Driver of the Year wrote the following
  testimony. “James is a paragon of what customer service
  can and must be—not just in the taxi industry, but in any
  industry. He exudes passion for his work, and compassion
  for his clients. His growing list of customers with physical                             James W. E. Robinson, Denver Yellow Cab,
                                                                                                       Denver, Colorado
  challenges is impressive, as are the consistently glowing
  comments we receive every week about his excellent work.            regular cab fare. Denver Yellow Cab set up a whole Mobility
  We at Veolia Transportation on Demand and Denver                    Plus division including in-house PASS certified trainers and
  Yellow Cab are extremely proud that James is being                  I wanted to be a part of that. I enjoy the fact that at Yellow
  recognized for this prestigious award.”                             Cab, management listens to the drivers.”
        Alexander noted two outstanding examples of the                     James states, “...I have had the pleasure of saving a few
  trust, affection and loyalty that customers give to James.          of my clients’ lives. I have built a personal clientele that I run
  “James carries a massive ring of keys on his belt—the keys          on a regular basis, by getting to know them, and their illness.
  to dozens of homes in the Denver area. To ease the ability          There have been times when I went to pick up a person and
  of James’ customers to leave their home, these men and              noticed something strange about the situation and took that
  women have trusted him with their house keys. That’s a              person to the hospital. I was informed by hospital staff that
  testament to James’ character and his reliability. When             by my bringing them to the hospital, and not taking them
  James was confined to the hospital after a car accident             where they wanted to go, I saved their lives.”
  in May 2006, more than 20 of his entire clientele found                   James says that the biggest change he has seen in
  a way to trek to his bedside to express their concern and           the paratransit industry is the growth of the fleet and
  gratitude—a demonstration of the deep affection that James          the amount of business. He says, “The best change of
  has established with his customers. He credits the support          all is the notification from the company that specialized
  of his clients with helping him through hospitalization,            transportation is different from just regular taxi service—
  rehab and learning to walk again. Turn around was fair play,        that our calls, the vehicles, and drivers must operate and
  for James’ concern for his passengers; his diligence in his         be managed in a different manner, outside the scope of a
  job performance and his reliability which made many lives           regular taxi. However, at the same time, the worst change
  ‘normal’ again. James says he feels blessed for the job he has.     I’ve seen has been the quality of drivers. Too many drivers
  His customers feel blessed for the job he does as well.”            are driving mobility vans for the money, not for the service.
        James was born in 1971 in Omaha, Nebraska. He                 It takes a unique person to handle the issues that can come
  worked for a mortgage company while working toward an               up when driving a mobility van.
  Associate degree in Computer Science. After graduating,                   James has two sons and a daughter. He loves
  he worked as a contracted Computer System Development               computers, books, relaxing and enjoying music.
  Consultant. He says, “After 6 years of looking at thousands               James states, “A paratransit driver must truly love
  of lines of code, I was taking a cab home from the airport          his or her job. Caring and customer service is tops,
  listening to the story of an old school taxi driver’s interesting   but believing in what you do is number one. Have the
  day. I started asking questions about how much money he             understanding that your client or customer needs you and
  made, and how it all worked. I thought about it for about           that you make a difference.” He notes, “Over my 6 years
  a week and then decided to give it a try. I started driving         of driving, I’ve received several awards for Outstanding
  a taxicab with Metro Taxi. Shortly, the Medicaid account            Customer Service and a few Safe Driving Awards.”
  manager came to me stating that I had received several              Regarding receiving this award from TLPA, James said,
  compliments about how well I serviced a few disabled calls.         “I am very pleased to be noticed. It makes me feel that the
  After running special-request Medicaid calls, one of the            people I work with see all the hard work I put into what
  managers asked if I would consider driving an accessible            I do. I want to say to all the paratransit drivers, continue
  mobility van. The manager felt my attitude towards                  making a difference in someone’s life.”
  customer service was a perfect match for the program.”                    In honor of his dedication to his profession and
        In 2004 James switched to Denver Yellow Cab. He               his family and his sensitivity to his clients, the Taxicab,
  says, “I saw that Yellow Cab was working sincerely in the           Limousine & Paratransit Association is proud to recognize
  paratransit market place to provide not only medically-             James W. E. Robinson, as the TLPA 2007 Paratransit &
  related trips to the disabled community, but were also taking       Contracting Driver of the Year. n
  that non-ambulatory person to dinner and the movies for

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