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					          Understanding 1031 Tax-Free Exchanges
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                 Understanding 1031 Tax-Free Exchanges
                                        Course Syllabus

I. Program Information

      A. Course Description
            This course features the following elements: capital gains taxes (including forms
            for computing capital gain on a real estate transaction); advantages and
            disadvantages of installment sales; detailed descriptions of exchange (from
            simple trade of properties to a multiparty exchange); a guide to the current 1031
            law and regulations; key forms for executing a 1031 transaction.

      B. Course Outline

            1.     Reading Assignment Topics
            2.     Reading Comprehension Quiz
            3.     Interactive Exercises
            4.     Unit Exam

      C. Learning Objectives

            1. To develop an understanding and using the 1031 tax-free exchange law in
               their real estate business.

            2. To distinguish between long and short term capital gains.

            3. To outline the benefits to the buyer and seller of using an installment sale.

            4. To describe what a tax-free exchange is and situations in which the benefits
               of an exchange would be welcome to a taxpayer.

            5. In summary: to understand what a 1031 exchange is, how it works, and
               what to inform buyers and sellers surrounding these laws.

                      389 Plank Road * Vergennes, Vermont 05491 * 802-877-2465                 2
                        Understanding 1031 Tax-Free Exchanges
                                        Course Syllabus - continued

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                     Understanding 1031 Tax-Free Exchanges
                                              Course Outline

 I.   General Discussion of Taxes

          A. Income Taxes
                 1. Taxes on Ordinary/Earned Income
                 2. Taxes on Unearned Income – Four Types
                        a. Interest
                        b. Dividends
                        c. Rental
                        d. Capital Gains/Losses
          B. Depreciation
                 1. Depreciation History
                 2. Straight-Line Depreciation
          C. Computing Capital Gain
          D. Recapturing Depreciation

II. Installment Sales
         A. Overview
         B. What is an Installment Sale?
         C. Advantages of an Installment Sale

          D. Disadvantages of Installment Sales
                  1. What if a Buyer Defaults?
                  2. Prepayment
                  3. Bankruptcy

III. The 1031 Tax-Free Exchange

          A.   Overview
          B.   What is a Tax-Free Exchange?
          C.   History/Evolution of the Tax-Free Exchange
          D.   Why Would a Client Want to Exchange?

          E. IRS Classifies Real Estate
                  1. What May Be Exchanged?
                  2. Ineligible Property

          F. Types of Exchanges
                 1. The Simultaneous Exchange
                 2. 100 Percent Tax-Free Exchanges
                 3. The Two Friends Exchange Scenario
                 4. The T.J. Starker Challenges the IRS
                 5. The Reverse Starker Exchange

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                   Understanding 1031 Tax-Free Exchanges
                                      Course Outline – continued

IV.The Law and the Rules

        A. Overview

        B. Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code – The Law

        C. Section    1031 – The Rules
                1.     Identification Rule: Deferred Exchange
                2.     Three-Property, 200 Percent, and 95 Percent Rules
                3.     180-Day Rule
                4.     Proceeds of Sale of the Relinquished Property
                5.     Safe Harbor/Qualified Intermediary

                  6. Additional 1031 Rules
                        a. Interest-Bearing Account
                        b. Cost Basis
                        c. Depreciation
                        d. Properties Eligible for 1031 Exchanges
                        e. Title Rule
                        f. Reducing Future Tax Liability
                        g. Replacement Property Issues
                        h. Personal Property Tax-Free Exchanges

V. The Paperwork

        A.   Overview
        B.   IRS Form 8824: Like-Kind Exchange
        C.   Suggested Language for Standard Real Estate Contracts
        D.   The Exchange Agreement

        E. Exhibits   to the Exchange Agreement – 3 Exhibits:
                1.     Exhibit A
                2.     Exhibit B
                3.     Exhibit C

        F.   Relinquished Property Assignment
        G.   Replacement Property Assignment
        H.    Addendum to Closing Statement
        I.   Computing Capital Gain (Form)

VI. 5 Case Studies

                           389 Plank Road * Vergennes, Vermont 05491 * 802-877-2465   5

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