ipod app list Jan2010 by cuiliqing


									Title                          Subject Area
Love Art: Natl Geographic      Art
Yahoo Finance                  Business
Driver's Ed Lite               Drivers Ed
Drivers Ed                     Drivers Ed
Audiobooks                     English
Blanks                         English
BookShelf LT                   English
Dictionary.com                 English
ESPN Spelling Bee Lite         English
Essay Writing Wizard           English
Free Exam Vocab Builder        English
Free Grammar Up                English
Free Word Warp                 English
Grammar 2                      English
iDebate                        English
iThesaurus                     English
iVerb                          English
Journals: Middle School Love   English
Miss Spell's Class             English
Phonics Jr                     English
Poetik                         English
RAG-Random Activity            English
Romeo and Juliet               English
Romeo and Juliet by            English
Shake and Spell                English
Shakespeare                    English
Stanza                         English
Story Kit                      English
Words Homonyms                 English
Add Numbers                    Math
Algebra Level 1                Math
Algebra Prep: Equations        Math
Algebra Prep; Exponents        Math
Algebra Prep: Factoring        Math
Algebra Prep: Graphing         Math
Algebra Prep: Rationals        Math
Algebra Prep: Roots &          Math
Algebra Prep: Real Numbers     Math
BallParkIt                     Math
Basic Math Deluxe              Math
BellCurve                      Math
Candy Dice Free                Math
Coin Crazy                     Math
Convert ~The Unit Calculator   Math
DiaMath                        Math
Dice Bag                       Math
Equation Solver                Math
Falling Algebra 1              Math
Feed Me                        Math
Formul8 Lite                   Math
Formulas Free                  Math
FracCalc Pro                   Math
Fraction Factory               Math
Freddy Fraction                Math
FunMath                        Math
Geometry Stash             Math
Geometry Stash             Math
Grafunc                    Math
Graphing Calculator        Math
HiCalc Free                Math
iHandy Carpenter           Math
iSchool                    Math
iTrig                      Math
Just Fractions             Math
Lemonade Tycoon Free       Math
Make Num Lite              Math
Math Drills                Math
Math Formulas Solver       Math
Math Pad 4-Word Problems   Math
Math Races Lite            Math
Math Ref Free              Math
Math Stacker               Math
Mathogen                   Math
MathTables                 Math
MotionX Dice               Math
Number Line                Math
PCalc Lite Calculator      Math
PopMath Basic Math         Math
Quick Graph                Math
Robo Logic                 Math
Simple Loan Calculator     Math
Statistics A+              Math
TouchCalc                  Math
Visualize Risk             Math
6500 Cool Facts            Misc
BPM Graph                  Music
BMI Calculator             PE
BMI+Body Fat Calc          PE
CPR Choking                PE
iFitness                   PE
iTriage                    PE
Lose It!                   PE
Max Calculator             PE
Restaurant Nutrition       PE
Tap & Track Calorie        PE
WikiHow                    Producitivity
9 Toolbox                  Productivity
Answers powered by Yahoo   Productivity
App Box Pro                Productivity
Battery Status             Productivity
Bento                      Productivity
Cardflow                   Productivity
Comic Touch Lite           Productivity
Files Lite                 Productivity
Flashlight                 Productivity
Flip It Lite               Productivity
Flipbook Lite              Productivity
GFlash+ Flashcards         Productivity
Google Mobile              Productivity
Instapaper Free            Productivity
iSwap Faces Lite           Productivity
Mover                       Productivity
MyPlanet                    Productivity
Open Culture                Productivity
People                      Productivity
Pocket Express              Productivity
Price Tracker               Productivity
SimpleMindX                 Productivity
Touchcards Free             Productivity
UHear                       Productivity
Wapedia                     Productivity
Whiteboard: Collaborative   Productivity
WikiPanion                  Productivity
WikiTap                     Productivity
AccuWeather.com             Science
Brain Tutor 3D              Science
BumpyRide Free              Science
Chemical Touch              Science
Distant Suns Lite           Science
Electrical ToolKit          Science
iBird Explorer 15           Science
iSeismometer                Science
LabCal                      Science
Mild EleMints               Science
PlanetFacts                 Science
Science Glossary            Science
Weather Channel             Science
WeatherEye                  Science
WebMD Mobile                Science
AllTheCountries             Soc Studies
Constitution for iPhone     Soc Studies
Countries of the World      Soc Studies
Declaration for iPhone      Soc Studies
Expedition Africa           Soc Studies
Google Earth                Soc Studies
History:Maps of the World   Soc Studies
iAmerica                    Soc Studies
InFact USA Free             Soc Studies
MapQuest 4 Mobile           Soc Studies
MyGovernment                Soc Studies
Oregon Trail Free           Soc Studies
State Capitals for Kids     Soc Studies
State Capitals Quiz         Soc Studies
States & Capitals Free      Soc Studies
The States                  Soc Studies
US Historical Documents     Soc Studies
US National Debt            Soc Studies
US States                   Soc Studies
USA Factbook Free           Soc Studies
USA Presidents              Soc Studies
USA State Capitals          Soc Studies
World Wide Capitals         Soc Studies
Enigma Machine Lite         Social Studies
Feed Me (Spanish)           Spanish
Free Spanish Essentials     Spanish
iSpeak Spanish              Spanish
iTranslate                  Spanish
ITranslate Ultimate          Spanish
Language Translator          Spanish
Memorize Words for Spanish   Spanish
Spanish Word of the Day      Spanish
Spanish!                     Spanish
BargainBin                   xxxxxx
eBay Mobile                  xxxxxx
Evernote                     xxxxxx
Pandora Box                  xxxxxx
Paypal                       xxxxxx
Snood                        xxxxxx
Toobz                        xxxxxx
Wallpaper Labeler Free       xxxxxx
Trigonomics                  Math
iMuscle                      PE
TweetDeck                    xxxxxx
Hot Seat                     Productivity
Pi Cubed Lite                Math
Statistics I                 Math
3D Brain                     Science
MacMost                      xxxxxx
Polar Sweep                  Math
Algebra Solver               Math
Audio and video study of famous paintings.
Track stocks and other investments.
Driver's ed multiple choice questions.
Driver's ed multiple choice questions.
Listen to books, requires internet.
Vocabulary practice. Cannot be customized.
Download and read ebooks.
Look up words. No internet required.
Spelling bee practice.
Tools for writing essays.

Grammar practice using mult choice questions.
Spelling game. Also defines missing words at end.
Identify nouns, verbs, more.
Tools for debate prep.

Spelling game with over 10000 words.
Phonics practice.
Poetry writing prompts.
Produces random activities and situations for students to respond to.
Searchable text including chapters, more.
Searchable text including chapters, scrolling, more.
Spelling game using random letters.
Searchable text of all Shakespeare's works.
Download and read ebooks.

Grammar practice with homonyms.
Addition practice using a series of numbers. Can include negatives.
Solving equations-developer Clay Cat Designs.
Solving equations including tutorials.
Exponent samples and tutorials.
Factoring samples and tutorials.
Graphing samples and tutorials.
Rational number samples and tutorials.
Radical samples and tutorials.
Real number samples and tutorials.
Uses trig to find missing parts of triangle.
Practice basic facts including right to left mode.
Bell curve and normal distribution.
Dice simulator including 4,6,8, more sided dice.
Counting coins.
Unit conversions.
Practice math facts including negatives.
Roll multi-sided dice. No animation.
Solves equations but does not show steps.
Math game requiring solving basic equations.
Math facts.
Math formulas.
Math formulas.
Fraction calculator.
Approximate fraction-decimal values.
Find equivalent fraction, decimal, percent values.
Math drills including negatives.
Geometry theorems, postulates, and definitions with search.
Graph functions.
Graph functions.
Scientific calculator.
5 tools including levels, plumb bob, protractor, ruler.

Solve right triangle problems.
Adds fractions including explanation of steps required.
Lemonade stand simulation.
Addition practice game.
Basic math facts including tutorials.
Includes formulas and calculators including quadratic solver.
Basic word problems.
Basic math facts.
Math properties, formulas, more.
Arrange fractions, decimals, percents in order.
Math facts practice.
Math facts including negatives, sq roots, more.
Dice simulator similar to yahtzee.
Place fractions, decimals, percents in order.
Scientific calculator.
Math facts practice.
Graph functions.
Logic puzzles similar to computer programming.
Calculates interest, monthly payment, etc.
Normal distribution, histogram, regression.
Scientific calculator.
Graphically shows fraction of a group.
Interesting cool facts.
Measure beats per minute.
Calculate BMI. Includes adjustment for age.
Calcullate BMI.
How-to first aid videos for CPR and choking.
Weightlifting tools including workouts, weight monitor, more.
Database of health conditions.
Log calorie intake, nutrition, exercise, more over several days.
Determine max and reps for certain lifts.
Nutritional info about restaurant food items.
Track calories, exercise, more.
Search how-to wiki.
Levels, calculators, converters, more.
Search for info online.
19 tools including calculators, level, converters, more.
Check battery status.
Database application.
Create or download flashcards. Customizable.
Create comic books using photos.
Transfer files to and from the ipod.
Creates a bright light.
Create flipbooks and slideshows.
Create flipbooks and slideshows.
Download or create your own flashcards including photo & sound.
Access google search, docs, and more.
Save web articles for later, offline reading.
Swap two faces on a photo.
Move images, text, etc from one ipod to another.
Tool for looking at Promethean Planet.
Collection of audio books, podcast, videos, educ stuff.
White pages listings.
News, weather, sports, more.
Shopping search engine.
Mind mapping software.
Download or create your own flashcards.
Hearing test.
Search wikipedia.
Shared whiteboard for drawing.
Search wikipedia.
Search wikipedia.
Weather forecast.
3D views of brain.
Measures g-force, angles, more while driving.
Periodic table.
Astronomy guide including stars, planets, more.
Reference and calculators for electrical circuits.
Database of birds including photos, bird calls, more.
Monitors x,y, & z axis for movement.
Chemistry calculator including molarity.
Periodic table.
Almanac facts about planets.
List of science terms.
Weather forecast.
Weather forecast.
Database of health conditions.
Database with almanac info.
Text and notes about the Constitution.

Text and notes about the Declaration of Independence.
Game that simulates a trip across Africa.
Similar to Google Earth on computer.
History maps.
Guide to presidents.
Multiple choice quiz about states. Not customizable.
Acquire mapquest maps, directions, more.
Info about all representatives, senators, more.
Oregon trail simulation similar to classic game.
Helps kids learn the state capitals.
Flashcards, multiple choice, matching, more.
Timed multiple choice quiz.
States and capitals including shapes.
Full searchable texts for famous documents and speeches
Tracks the US national debt each minute.
Information about all 50 states.
Almanac of facts including documents, states, maps, more.
Flashcards, quiz, more.
Flashcards, quiz, more (called 'Capitals').
Flashcards, quiz, more (called 'WW Capitals').
Puzzle game that simulates the WWII Nazi enigma code machine.
Elementary spanish words.

Spanish translator with full audio.
Translate words and phrases including english, spanish, more.
Translate words and phrases. Includes audio.
Translate words and phrases including english, spanish, more.
Spanish vocab flashcards, dictionary, games, more w/ audio.
Spanish word every day.
Spanish study tool with full audio.
Search engine for bargain apps.

Search engine for bargain apps.

Trig applications.
Shows muscle groups and associated lifts.

Teacher tool for selecting students randomly.

Statistics lessons.
3D model of brain.
Mac and iPod news and reviews.
Rectangular and polar coordinates.

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