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Queen’s Theatre Barnstaple Landmark Theatre Ilfracombe North Devon Museum Barnstaple
    Events diary
                               DRAMA                             FAMILY                           COMEDY
    One Man, Two Guvnors                 Sea Ilfracombe                    Stand-Up@TheStudio
    THURS 15 Sept                 p7     FRI 2 to SUN 4 Sept         p5    THURS 8 Sept                   p6
    Put That Light Out,                  Meet, Greet, Sing & Play          Reginald D Hunter
    It’s Murder                          SUN 18 Sept                 p8    SAT 17 Sept                    p8
    FRI 16 Sept                   p8     Those Magnificent Men             Ed Byrne
    Kisses on a Postcard                 FRI 7 Oct                   p12   TUES 11 Oct                    p12
    FRI 23 to SUN 25 &                   Bob The Builder                   Fascinating Aida
    FRI 30 Sept to SUN 2 Oct      p10    MON 24 Oct                  p16   THURS 13 Oct                   p13
    Those Magnificent Men                High School Rocks                 Jethro
    FRI 7 Oct                     p12    WED 26 Oct                  p16   SUN 16 Oct                     p14
    Studio Theatre in the                The Lion Tamer                    Tom Stade Live
    Pavilion                             SAT 29 Oct                  p18   TUES 22 Nov                    p24
    FRI 14 Oct                    p14
                                         Snow White and the                Mark Watson
    Equus                                Seven Dwarfs                      SUN 27 Nov                     p25
    FRI 4 & SAT 5 Nov             p19    TUES 13 Dec to MON 2 Jan    p28   Jerry Sadowitz
    National Theatre Live                Chinese State Circus              FRI 2 Dec               p27
    THURS 17 Nov                  p36    SUN 5 & MON 6 Feb 2012      www Charlie Baker & Josh Widdicombe
    A Merry Christmas in                                                 SAT 28 Jan 2012           www
    Kilham Hall                                              EXHIBITIONS
    FRI 2 & 9 Dec                 p27                                    Omid Djalili
                                         Kisses on a Postcard            TUES 31 Jan 2012          www
    National Theatre Live                                                WED 1 Feb 2012            www
    THURS 8 Dec                   p36    10 Sept to 15 Oct           p31
    Sense & Sensibility                  Pamela Dearing
    FRI 3 Feb 2012                www 26 Sept to 7 Nov               p30
    Bound                                Tanja Marx                        Fusion
    TUES 28 Feb 2012              www 26 Sept to 6 Nov               p30   FRI 21 & SAT 22 Oct            p14
                                         Olympic Dreams                    Sleeping Beauty - Moscow Ballet
                                         22 Oct to 19 Nov            p31   FRI 28 & SAT 29 Oct            p17
                                         Mike Bernard                      Candoco Dance Company
    Polarbear                            7 Nov to 8 Jan              p30   FRI 11 Nov                     p21
    TUES 6 Sept                   p7     Simeon Chami                      The Christmas Collection
    An Audience with                     7 Nov to 12 Dec             p30   FRI 25 & SAT 26 Nov            p24
    Evelyn Glennie                       Leonardo da Vinci                 Beauty and the Beast
    FRI 9 Sept                    p7     TUES 8 Nov                  p20   THURS 1 Dec                    p26
    Everest Needs You, Mr Irvine                                           Ballet Boyz
                                         North Devon in Photographs
    SUN 9 Oct                     p12                                      THURS 8 Mar 2012               www
                                         26 Nov to 14 Jan 2012       p31
    Charley Boorman                                                        Swan Lake - Moscow Ballet
                                         Snow White
    SAT 19 Nov                    p23                                      FRI 30 & SAT 31 Mar 2012       www
                                         12 Dec to 12 Jan 2012       p30

2   tickets: www.northdevontheatres.org.uk - 01271 32 42 42
Music events diary
The Searchers                        The Wurzels                           One Night of Queen
THURS 1 Sept                   p6    THURS 10 Nov                    p20   SAT 28 Jan 202              www
oasish                               That'll Be The Day                    Fleetwood Bac
FRI 2 Sept                     p6    SAT 12 Nov                      p20   SAT 4 Feb 2012              www
Sondheim on Sunday                   La La Voices                          The Conmitments
SUN 18 Sept                    p9    SAT 12 Nov                      p22   SAT 11 Feb 2012             www
The Sex Pistols Experience           The Sound of Music                    Joseph and His Amazing
FRI 7 Oct                      p11   WED 16 to SAT 19 Nov            p22   Technicolor Dreamcoat
The Bon Jovi Experience              Joe Brown                             TUES 20 to SUN 25 Mar 2012 www
FRI 14 Oct                     p14   FRI 18 Nov                      p22   Talon
Zamba                                The Magic of Motown                   SAT 31 Mar 2012             www
SAT 22 Oct                     p14   SUN 20 Nov                      p24   Thank You for the Music
The New Squadronaires                Abba Mania                            SAT 7 Apr 2012              www
SUN 23 Oct                     p16   FRI 25 Nov                      p24   The Cavern Beatles
Charlie Landsborough                 Thom Kirkpatrick                      FRI 13 Apr 2012             www
THURS 27 Oct                   p16   SAT 10 Dec                      p27
Festival of Remembrance              Robin Hood
Concert                              FRI 16 & SAT 17 Dec             p27
SUN 6 Nov                      p20

                       JAZZ-BLUES                              CLASSICAL                        FOLK / WORLD
Jay Tamkin                           An Audience with                      Kimber’s Men
FRI 23 Sept                    p9    Evelyn Glennie                        SAT 3 Sept                  p5
Gilad Atzmon                         FRI 9 Sept                      p7    Annabelle Chvostek
WED 12 Oct                     p13   The Celtic Tenors                     WED 7 Sept                  p6
Alexey Kruglov &                     THURS 22 Sept                   p9    Ralph McTell
Carolyn Hume                         Lunchtime Classical Concert           FRI 30 Sept                 p11
TUES 25 Oct                    p16   WED 5 Oct                       p11   Phil Beer
Claire Martin & Richard              Czech National Symphony               WED 5 Oct                   p11
Rodney Bennett                       Orchestra                             Douglas E Powell
THURS 3 Nov                    p18   TUES 18 Oct                     p15   SAT 12 Nov                  p22
Arun Ghosh                           Badke Quartet                         Martin Simpson
WED 9 Nov                      p20   FRI 4 Nov                       p18   WED 23 Nov                  p24
                                     Imogen Cooper                         Show of Hands
                                     THURS 24 Nov                    p25   SAT 26 Nov                  p25

www: see website for details                               A 60p Love Arts payment is added to each seat sold 3
    Scene from inside
    W      ith Queen’s
           Theatre in
    Barnstaple, Landmark
                                  O    ne of our more
                                       recent and popular
                                  innovations is
    Theatre in Ilfracombe,        studio@QT, a small-scale
    North Devon Museum            space within the Queen’s
    and the nationally            Theatre, perfect for
    acclaimed annual North        affordable and accessible
    Devon Festival, you
    could say we’re at the
    heart of North Devon’s
                                  performances. This
                                  compliments the
                                                             B  ookmarking our
                                                            website is a must, it’s
                                                                                         W     e work in
                                                                                               partnership with
                                                                                         Arts Council England,
    cultural life. We take this   successful cabaret-style  where you find all the       North Devon Council
    responsibility seriously      Gallery Sessions.I        up-to-date information.      and hundreds of
    and we’re constantly                                    New quick links in this      professional artists and
    looking at new ways to                                  brochure will allow you      cultural organisations.
    engage, inspire and                                     instant access to            We are a registered
    entertain, as well as                                   performances you may         charity, and we’re proud
    promote the best of the                                 wish to book for online.     of our staff, supporters
    region and help develop                                 Sign up for our eNews        and volunteers, whose
    lively communities.                                     and miss nothing.            enthusiasm and hard
                                                                                         work enable us to
    Exhibitions, community and coffee                        Education                   provide cultural events

    W     e programme a
          fantastic variety of
    events, but it’s not all
                                  beautiful region through
                                  our exhibitions,
                                  community projects and
                                                             W     e have a
                                                             Education Programme
                                                                                         and projects of the
                                                                                         highest standard.

    about the shows. We           even the food we serve     which gives participants,   Contact us
                                                             young and old, the
    reflect the culture of our    in our Gallery and
                                  Rendezvous Cafes,
                                  which is sourced
                                                             chance to learn from top
                                                             professionals. Last year
                                                                                         W     e’re always
                                                                                               delighted to hear
                                                                                         from anyone wishing to
                                  through local suppliers.   alone there were over       support or get involved
                                                             24,000 places on our        with our efforts to
                                                             education courses and       champion the arts in
                                                             we’re committed to          North Devon. Why not
                                                             extending our provision     give us a call, book a
                                                             further and realising yet   tour of either of the
                                                             more young artistic         venues or the North
                                                             talent within the region.   Devon Museum, we’d be
                                                                                         pleased to meet you.

                                                             S ign up for our eNews or get a glimpse behind the
                                                               scenes by following our Backstage Blog:

4   tickets: www.northdevontheatres.org.uk - 01271 32 42 42
                          FRI 2, SAT 3 & SUN 4 Sept, 10am to 11pm                                   FAMILY
                          THROUGHOUT ILFRACOMBE

                          Sea Ilfracombe Maritime Festival
                          Sea Ilfracombe Maritime Festival          the Pilot Gig Club or join in the
                          enters its third annual celebration       tug-of-war competitions; explore
                          of all things maritime over the           the coast on cliff top walks or, for
                          first weekend in September.               the really fit, have a go at the Sea
                          It promises an eclectic mix of            Ilfracombe Triathlon. There will
                          more than 50 events, staged               also be rock pool rambles and a
                          during the three days.                    chance to dress up.
                          There will be entertainment for           The Landmark Theatre will be
                          young and old scallywags alike.           hosting a ceilidh where you can
                          Walk and eat your way around              reel the night away as well as a
                          the town with historical guided           night with Kimber’s Men as they
                          tours as well as restaurant and           serve up a storm of harmonious
                          gourmet trails, marvel at a               sea shanties or meet up on the
                          re-enactment of Napoleon                  MV Oldenburg for your own
                          Bonaparte’s failed attempt to             sing-a-long with professional
                          capture Ilfracombe, be enthralled         acts.....We'll see you there!.
                          with many street acts and relax
                          at various art exhibitions. Or, why
                          not try a gig-taster session with

                          SAT 3 Sept, 7.30pm LANDMARK THEATRE            10 £11.40 (£10.00), yp £5.00

                          Kimber’s Men Support act: Tom & Barbara Brown                                 FOLK
                          Britain’s foremost shanty group,          Founder member, Joe Stead, who
                          recently featured in the BBCTV            is renowned his own right, is a
                          production of Sea Songs, have             friend of the legendary American
                          released five CDs and a 50 minute         singer Pete Seeger.
                          DVD featuring them Singing Up a           Expect to laugh, sing and be
                          Storm in concert with Show of             generally entertained.
                          Hands.                                    Running time approx 2hrs 50 mins

                                                    A 60p Love Arts payment is added to each seat sold 5
                                      THURS 1 Sept, 7.30pm LANDMARK THEATRE            12 £18.00, (£16.00)           MUSIC

                                      The Searchers John McNally, Frank Allen, Spencer James, Scott Ottaway
                                      This show will include a back                interspersed with hilarious
                                      catalogue of all The Searchers               anecdotes and reminiscences.
                                      greatest hits from a career that             Running time approx 2hrs
                                      has spanned five decades. Great
                                      music and well-loved songs
                                      FRI 2 Sept, 8.15pm LANDMARK THEATRE           12 £16.50, (£15.00), stu £12.50, yp £9.50

                                      oasish                                                                         MUSIC
                                      Ok, so it’s not Liam and Noel                detail can be seen in the look, the
                                      coming to the Landmark Theatre               attitude but most importantly the
                                      but hey, its oasish, Europe’s                music.
                                      leading tribute to oasis.                    ‘oasish – better than the real oasis’
                                      This 5 piece-band’s attention to             The BBC
                                                                                   Running time approx 2hrs
                                      TUES 6 Sept, 8pm studio@QT            14 £9.00, stu/yp £5.00                  POETRY

                                      Polarbear Presents Return - Performance poetry from Apples and Snakes
                                      studio@QT is the perfect setting             Noah, a man trying to figure
                                      to enjoy a return visit from this            out where he fits.
                                      charismatic Brummie, Polarbear.              ‘One of the most exciting spoken
                                      Last time he brought his new                 word artists in the UK… he draws
                                      one-man show to us it was the                audiences into incredible worlds
                                      talk of the Theatre staff; it comes          that are conjured up on the stage’
                                      highly recommended.                          BAC
                                      Combining storytelling with a                Doors open 7pm for a
                                      distinctive lighting and projection          performance in Foyer by hip hop
                                      design, Return tells the story of            band Breaks Collective.

                                      WED 7 Sept, 8pm GALLERY CAFÉ            12 £10.00, yp £5.00                 FOLK/WORLD

                                      Annabelle Chvostek
                                      This former Wailin’ Jennys member            ‘A contemporary urban folk
                                      is a formidable songwriter and               alchemist … a persuasive vocalist
                                      versatile multi-instrumentalist; she         and multi instrumentalist, with a
                                      is known for her rich singing voice,         natural style unpolluted by
                                      compelling lyrics and genre-                 attention seeking postures.’
                                      spanning musicality.                         Musicworkz, UK


6   tickets: www.northdevontheatres.org.uk - 01271 32 42 42
                                                 THURS 8 Sept, 8pm studio@QT              16 £10.50, stu £5.00                   COMEDY

                                                 Jo Enright, Sally-Anne Hayward,                 Enright is ‘in the same league as
                                                 Carly Smallman, Barbara Nice                    Julie Walters.’ Peter Kay;
                                                                                                 ‘Hayward is a bubbly stream of
                                                                                                 comedy anecdotes’ Chortle;
                                                                                                 Smallman recently sung her funny
                                                                                                 songs on The Rob Brydon Show
                                                                                                 and Nice is a ‘A cross between
                                                                                                 Victoria Wood and Janis Joplin’
                                                                                                 The Stage
                                                                                                 Running time approx 2hrs 20mins
                                                 FRI 9 Sept, 7.45pm QUEEN’S THEATRE           12 £17.50 (£16.00), stu/yp £9.50    TALK

                                                 An Audience with Evelyn Glennie In conversation
                                                 Breaking boundaries is the key to               Now, for the first time, Evelyn will
                                                 Evelyn Glennie’s success. Her                   talk to theatre audiences about her
                                                 profound deafness has never                     career and influences and illustrate
                          Photo: Jim Callaghan

                                                 stopped this full-time solo                     her talk by playing a small selection
                                                 percussionist, jewellery designer               of her percussion instruments. As
                                                 and motivational speaker from                   usual, there will be an opportunity
                                                 reaching her status as the world’s              to ask questions during the event.
                                                 most celebrated percussionist.                  Running time approx 2hrs
                                                 THURS 15 Sept, 7pm LANDMARK THEATRE                12 £10.40, yp £5.40          DRAMA

                                                 One Man, Two Guvnors by Richard Bean
                                                 based on The Servant of Two Masters by Carlo Goldoni, songs by Grant Olding
                                                 In Richard Bean’s English version               ‘Slapstick, satire
                                                 of Goldoni’s classic Italian                    and gags galore: a
                                                 comedy, sex, food and money are                 classic comedy.'
                                                 high on the agenda. James                       The Times
                                                 Corden returns to the National for              ‘One Man, Two
                                                 the first time since The History                Guvnors, one
                                                 Boys to play Francis.                           massive hit.' Independent
                                                 Showing on the Big Screen at the                ‘An instant National Theatre hit.
                                                 Landmark Theatre, National                      Terrifically bouncy and often
                                                 Theatre Live is a groundbreaking                howlingly funny.'
                                                 initiative to broadcast the best of             Independent on Sunday
                                                 British theatre to cinemas around               ‘The single funniest production
                                                 the world. Please turn to our back              I've ever seen.'
                                                 cover for more information.                     Mark Lawson, BBC Radio 4


                                                                           A 60p Love Arts payment is added to each seat sold 7
                                               FRI 16 Sept, 7pm LANDMARK PAVILION     £22.50 to include supper    DRAMA

                                               Put That Light Out, It’s Murder
                                               A Foul Players Murder-Mystery Dinner
                                               A concert party in aid of War             mysteriously disappeared. A body
                                               Weapons Week has been arranged            has been found in the wood but…
                                               by Lady Manders. Her nephew               the show must go on.
                                               Gerry Manders is the MC but has           Dressing up is optional.

                                               SAT 17 Sept, 8pm LANDMARK THEATRE          16 £15.00               COMEDY

                                               Reginald D Hunter plus support - Steve Hughes
                                               ‘His presence and intelligence            He has been nominated for the
                                               make him one of the most                  highly coveted main Perrier
                                               brilliantly unpredictable comics in       Award in three consecutive years
                                               the country’ Sunday Times                 and has become a well-known
                                               In just over a decade, Reginald D         face on television shows such as
                                               Hunter has become one of the UK           Live At The Apollo, QI and Have I
                                               comedy industry’s best-known              Got News For You.
                                               and most distinctive performers.          Running time approx 1hr 35mins
                                               His work is often brutally honest,
                                               frequently controversial, but
                                               always meticulously measured
                                               and thought out.


    SUN 18 Sept, 11am & 2pm LANDMARK THEATRE          2 £7.00, yp £6.00                                           FAMILY

    Meet, Greet, Sing & Play with CBeebies Katy Ashworth
    Oh boy, this is a huge treat for the       road show exudes warmth,
    children. Bring them along to see          likeability and humour;
    CBeebies presenter Katy                    a fantastic giggle-filled
    Ashworth in her one-woman                  way to spend
    show. Join her for an afternoon of         an hour of
    simple fun and play. Learn the             your day,
    raisin face, explore the magic             followed by
    suitcase, join in with the story           an after
    making and help do some giant              show meet
    make-believe baking.                       and greet.
    Packed with all your favourite             Running time
    nursery rhymes including Old               approx 1hr
    MacDonald and The Wheels on
    the Bus, Katy’s interactive live

8   tickets: www.northdevontheatres.org.uk - 01271 32 42 42
                                          SUN 18 Sept, 7.30pm LANDMARK PAVILION             6 £7.90, stu £5.00       MUSIC

                                          Sondheim on Sunday
                                          Small Pond Productions would                   in the intimate surroundings of
                                          like to invite you to come along               The Pavilion. Devised and
                                          for a wonderfully relaxing                     Directed by Lee Baxendale,
                                          evening listening to a revue of                accompanied by Paul Moulton.
                                          some of Sondheim’s finest shows                Running time approx 1hr 40mins
                                          FRI 23 Sept, 7.30pm LANDMARK PAVILION 16 £3.00 in advance, £5.00 doors   JAZZ/BLUES

                                          Jay Tamkin plus support - Live @The Landmark
                                          One of the most exciting up and                already played alongside such
                                          coming musicians on the electric               heavyweights as Jools Holland
                                          blues scene and a Festival Fringe              and Dennis Rollins. Jay, along with
                                          favourite, Jay Tamkin, despite                 his band, are a blues powerhouse.
                                          only being 22 years old, has
THURS 22 Sept, 8pm LANDMARK THEATRE          8 £16.00 (£15.00), yp £9.00 family £44.00                             CLASSICAL

The Celtic Tenors
The Celtic Tenors have established
themselves as the most successful
classical crossover artists ever to
emerge from Ireland. They have
been touring the world at the
highest level since they formed in
2000 and were initially rocketed
onto the world stage after a
sensational worldwide signing with
EMI Classics.
Their live show is an aural
experience, overflowing with vitality
and variety from start to finish. Their
unique voices, charm and wit are
combined to make this an emotive
journey and a thoroughly uplifting
experience. Equally at home
performing to large festival crowds
or intimate concert halls and
theatres, their voices and
personalities always shine
through alongside their undeniable
Celtic charm.
Running time approx 2hrs
                                                                  A 60p Love Arts payment is added to each seat sold 9
     FRI 23 to SUN 25 & FRI 30 Sept to SUN 2 Oct FRI 1.30pm (schls) & 7.30pm, SAT 2.30pm & 7.30pm, SUN 3pm                             8       DRAMA
     QUEEN’S THEATRE stalls/dress circle £18.00 (£17.00), upper circle £16.50 (£15.50), Matinee £12, Friends £12, yp £8, family £50, schools £6.50

     A tale of wartime childhood                      unique musical which was                          brings together over 50
     Kisses on a Postcard is the                      originally staged at the Queen's                  performers, a mix of professional
     unforgettable true story of one                  Theatre in 2004 as Just Remember                  actors, musicians and the best of
     ordinary boy and his brother,                    Two Things. This updated                          North Devon’s community
     packed off to a small west country               production features popular                       performers.
     village from war torn London.                    music from WW2, hymns,                            In 2004 Just Remember Two
     Inspired by his own childhood                    children’s and folk songs, weaving                Things played to sell-out
     experiences as an evacuee to the                 a pattern that is utterly redolent                audiences who were
     west country, award-winning                      of the period, bringing to life this              overwhelmed and delighted with
     playwright Terence Frisby's                      heart-warming, funny and                          the show - Kisses on a Postcard
     hugely successful                                evocative tale in a beautifully-                  promises to follow boldly in its
     and well-praised                                 staged production.                                footsteps. Don’t miss this warm
     book is brought                                  Directed by Jeremy James Taylor,                  hearted and moving show packed
     vividly to life in this                          from National Youth                               full of adventures, memorable
                                                      Music Theatre, this                               characters and great musical
                                                      unique production                                 numbers.

10   tickets: www.northdevontheatres.org.uk - 01271 32 42 42
                          FRI 30 Sept, 8pm LANDMARK THEATRE         12 £18.00                         FOLK

                          Ralph McTell Somewhere Down The Road ... continues
                          Award winning singer-                     McTell's extensive back catalogue
                          songwriter-guitarist Ralph McTell,        of over 350 songs, including his
                          will be touring the UK this               worldwide, Ivor Novello award
                          autumn. Performing material               winning hit Streets of London.
                          from his recent album                     'The voice is deep and tuneful
                          Somewhere Down The Road,                  with never much more than an
                          McTell will also be playing several       acoustic guitar to trouble it and
                          songs from his new Bob Dylan              the songs are every bit as literate
                          birthday tribute download Don't           as you would expect. Welcome
                          Think Twice It's Alright. A weaver        back, sir.'
                          of narratives that are both               The Daily Express (Somewhere
                          significant and poignant, concerts        Down the Road)
                          will, of course, feature songs from
                                                                    Running time approx 1hr 30mins
                          WED 5 Oct, 8pm GALLERY CAFE         12 £10.00, stu/yp £5.00                 FOLK

                          Phil Beer
                          One half of Britain’s most                and shows the amazing diversity
                          successful acoustic duo Show of           of this talented musician and
                          Hands and former Albion Band              instrumental wizard. Secure a
                          member, Phil’s solo gigs draw on          seat soon… his last Gallery
                          the music that touches his heart          Session sold out.
                          WED 5 Oct, 1.05pm QUEEN’S THEATRE     8 £5.00                             CLASSICAL

                          Lunchtime Classical Concert
                          Hilary Boxer cello                        Hilary Boxer, in three contrasting
                          Susan Steele piano                        works for cello and piano.
                          Susan Steele returns to the               Bach: Sonata in D BWV 1028
                          Queen's, after her performance            Boccherini: Sonata in C
                          of Beethoven's Concerto No. 4,            Beethoven: Sonata in A Op. 69
                          with another Devon musician,              Running time 50mins
www.ndtt.org.uk/steele                                              Raising funds for Young Musicians' Support

                          FRI 7 Oct, 8pm LANDMARK THEATRE         14 £16.50, stu £12.50, yp £9.50    MUSIC

                          The Sex Pistols Experience
                          Support Act - Ed Ten-Pole-Tudor           unbelievably authentic show.
                          (former singer with The Sex Pistols).     ‘They really are The Sex Pistols.
                          The Sex Pistols Experience is a           Superb’. - Steve Jones (Sex Pistols
                          punktastic chance to experience           Guitarist).
                          what the Sex Pistols were really          Warning: strong language
                          like, in this relentless, raw, and        Running time approx 2hrs 20mins
                                                 A 60p Love Arts payment is added to each seat sold 11
                                       FRI 7 Oct, 7.30pm studio@QT           7 £9.40, yp £5.00                  FAMILY

                                       Those Magnificent Men Scamp Theatre
                                       A truly wonderful piece of family            entirely of wood and canvas.
                                       theatre written by Brian Mitchell &          The story of the race to conquer
                                       Joseph Nixon.                                the skies over the Atlantic has
                                       Chocks away for the hilarious,               been turned into a fast and furious
                                       heart-stopping story of Alcock and           comic tour-de-force. Thrill to the
                                       Brown and the first ever non-stop            sheer adventuring spirit of our
                                       transatlantic flight.                        unlikely heroes, marvel at their
                                       By any standards, it’s a classic tale        daredevil aerial antics, and wonder
                                       of plucky British pioneers, Captain          at how the whole bally thing is
                                       John Alcock, dashing WW1 fighter             told with just two actors and a
                                       pilot, and Lieutenant Arthur                 crate full of funny props.
                                       Whittam Brown, navigational                  ‘Wonderfully entertaining – has
                                       genius with a gammy leg, huddled             the making of a West End hit’
                                       together against the elements in             The Times ****
                                       the tiny cockpit of their converted          Running time approx 1hr 50mins
       www.ndtt.org.uk/those           Vickers Vimy biplane, made almost

                                       SUN 9 Oct, 7pm LANDMARK THEATRE                10 £13.50, yp £9.00        TALK

                                       Everest Needs You, Mr Irvine
                                       Writer, broadcaster and historian            ‘This is a truly wonderful lecture
                                       Julie Summers, Irvine’s great niece          full of fascinating insights into the
                                       and biographer, brings alive one             character and background
                                       of the greatest unsolved                     of Irvine, told with verve
                                       mountaineering mysteries of all              and humour and superbly
                                       times, the disappearance of                  illustrated with historic
                                       Mallory and Irvine on their                  pictures taken at the
                                       journey to conquer Mount                     time.’ Sir Chris Bonington
                                       Everest.                                     Running time approx 2hrs 15mins
                                       TUES 11 Oct, 7.45pm QUEEN’S THEATRE          16 £20.00                   COMEDY

                                       Ed Byrne Crowd Pleaser
                                       After the massive success of his             Ed’s life. Continuing his quest to
                                       last show, Different Class, master           turn into a grumpy old man,
                                       of observational comedy and star             whether he is talking about his
                                       of Mock The Week and Have I Got              cat, cake, religion or potential
                                       News For You, Ed Byrne is back               fatherhood, Ed is always certain to
                                       with his new show, Crowd                     deliver the laughs in abundance.
                                       Pleaser. Exploring the subjects               ‘Jokes come so fast that hecklers
                                       and situations Ed finds                      don’t have a chance to get a word
                                       frustratingly maddening, Crowd               in edgeways’ The Times
                                       Pleaser is a hilarious insight into          Running time approx 1hr 50 mins
12   tickets: www.northdevontheatres.org.uk - 01271 32 42 42
                                       WED 12 Oct, 8pm GALLERY CAFE      12 £9.40, stu/yp £5.00          JAZZ

                                       Gilad Atzmon The Tide has Changed
                                       The Orient House Ensemble is:          groups. Drawing on the music of
                                       Gilad Atzmon (sax & clar);             Coltrane and Bird, as well as the
                                       Frank Harrison (pi);                   beautiful music of the Middle East,
                                       Yaron Stavi (db); Eddie Hick (dr)      the Ensemble has recorded six
                                       Led by fiery saxophonist and           albums to date, won many
                                       award-winning composer Gilad           awards and received constant
                                       Atzmon, The OHE was founded in         worldwide critical acclaim.
                                       London in 2000 and is renowned             Running time
                                       as one of the world’s most                 approx 2hrs 20mins
    www.ndtt.org.uk/gilad              brilliant and inspirational jazz

THURS 13 Oct, 7.45pm QUEEN’S THEATRE       16 £19.00                                                    COMEDY

Fascinating Aida The Cheap Flights Tour
Three times Olivier Award
nominated and now a world-wide
internet sensation, Fascinating
Aida are still Britain’s best comedy
cabaret trio, once you’ve seen
them you won’t be able to
stay away.
This brand-new show will
include their infamous
anthem to budget travel
Cheap Flights (which has had
over seven million hits on
YouTube), as well as The
Dogging Song ‘…the dirtiest &
funniest song of the century so
far’ Times**** plus brand-new
‘See them before you die
otherwise your life will have
been meaningless’
Mail on Sunday.

                                                              A 60p Love Arts payment is added to each seat sold 13
                                       FRI 14 Oct, 8pm LANDMARK THEATRE              11 £17.50, stu £13.00, yp £10.00   MUSIC

                                       The Bon Jovi Experience
                                       After an amazing concert at The                 an actual performance from Jon
                                       Landmark last year, we’ve re-                   Bon Jovi himself.
                                       booked The Bon Jovi Experience.                 This is one lot of Bad Medicine
                                       This outstanding rock act really                you will want to take.
                                       left us feeling we had witnessed                Running time approx 2hrs 20mins
                                       FRI 14 Oct, 7.30pm LANDMARK PAVILION         12 £7.90                            DRAMA

                                       Studio Theatre in the Pavilion
                                       Tonight is a night to forget about              chip supper. A fund-raiser for
                                       the current recession, a time to                Studio Theatre, members will be
                                       get together and enjoy an                       performing a one-act play plus
                                       evening of entertainment whilst                 other entertainment.
                                       tucking in to a delicious fish and              Price includes supper.
                                       SUN 16 Oct, 7.30pm QUEEN’S THEATRE             18 £18.00                         COMEDY

                                       Whenever he comes to North                      isn’t it about time you came and
                                       Devon, Jethro’s shows always sell               experienced some serious
                                       out; people keep coming back to                 nonsensical Cornish twaddle?
                                       see him time and time again. With               Contains adult material.
                                       DVD sales in excess of four million,            Running time approx 2hrs
                                       FRI 21 & SAT 22 Oct, 7pm, Sat Mat 2pm QUEEN’S THEATRE          5 £9.40 (£8.40), Mat £8.40

                                       Fusion                                                                           DANCE
                                       Dancing Feet Academy of Dance                   classical ballet and jazz to
                                       are back with an explosive mix of               contemporary, tap and street
                                       song and dance encompassing                     dance, with a healthy dose of
                                       every creative corner of the                    musical theatre for good measure.
                                       Academy’s teachings. From                       In aid of the Teenage Cancer Trust.
                                       SAT 22 Oct, 7.30pm LANDMARK PAVILION 16 £2.00                                    MUSIC

                                       Zamba plus support - Live @The Landmark
                                       Local favourites Zamba are back                 and ska style music taking
                                       again to get everyone up and                    influence from artists such as Bob
                                       dancing with their unique reggae                Marley, Sublime, Hendrix, and
                                       sound. Formed in 2000, Zamba                    The Specials.
                                       play a mix of Reggae, Carnival

14   tickets: www.northdevontheatres.org.uk - 01271 32 42 42
QUEEN’S THEATRE, BARNSTAPLE                          6                                                                            CLASSICAL

International Classical Concert Series 2011-12
Be a part of something truly special               will save money on ticket prices,                  to help celebrate the start of the
and become a Classical Circle                      you will receive a free programme                  season at the first concert. For full
member. As well as enjoying the                    for each concert and be invited to                 programme information please
classical series, as a subscriber you              join us for a complimentary drink                  visit our website.

TUES 18 Oct, 2011, 7.30pm stalls/dress circle £24.00 (22.50), front stalls/upper circle £22.50 (£21.00), yp £5.00

Czech National Symphony Orchestra
Libor Pešek Conductor, Nicola Benedetti Violin, Leonard Elschenbroich Cello
The brilliance of Benedetti with
rising star Elschenbroich, plus the
world-class Czech National
Orchestra conducted by the
legendary Pešek, launches the new
season in this irresistible, top-
quality programme, which
includes the rarely performed
Brahms double concerto.
Beethoven: Overture Egmont
Brahms: Double Concerto for
violin & cello
Dvorak: Symphony No.9 New

Following concerts all stalls/dress circle £18.00 (£16.50), front stalls/upper circle £16.50 (£15.00), yp £5.00
                                                   FRI 4 Nov 2011, 7.30pm                             THURS 24 Nov 2011, 7.30pm

                                                   Badke Quartet                                      Imogen Cooper piano
                                                   One of Britain’s finest string                     A world-class pianist and
                                                   quartets, highly acclaimed for its                 interpreter of the classical
                                                   energetic and vibrant                              repertoire. (see p25)
                                                   performances. (see p18)
FRI 20 Jan 2012, 7.30pm                            SUN 4 Mar 2012, 7.30pm                             WED 11 Apr 2012, 7.30pm

Smetana Piano Trio Sinfonia Classica Sinfonia Classica
There is no doubting the                           Alexander Sitkovetksy, violin                      Catrin Finch, harp
exceptional musicianship of this                   Crispian Steele-Perkins, trumpet                   Fiona Slominska, flute
trio of virtuosos, from Prague.                    Renowned trumpet soloist joined                    ‘The Queen of Harps’ is joined by
                                                   by young, confident chamber                        this flawless flautist.
    www.ndtt.org.uk/classic                        musician.

                                                                              A 60p Love Arts payment is added to each seat sold 15
                                       SUN 23 Oct, 7.30pm QUEEN’S THEATRE                      12                            MUSIC
                                       stalls/dress circle £16.00 (£15.00), front stalls/upper circle £14.50 (£13.50)

                                       The New Squadronaires
                                       Playing the music of the great                     to the original wartime orchestra.
                                       swing bands: Glenn Miller, Tommy                   Singing some smooth vocals
                                       Dorsey, Harry James, Benny                         along the way, the present day
                                       Goodman, Artie Shaw and others,                    bandleader is ex Syd Lawrence
       www.ndtt.org.uk/newsquad        the New Squadronaires pay tribute                  Orchestra vocalist Mark Porter.

                                       MON 24 Oct, 1pm & 3.30pm QUEEN’S THEATRE                   3 £14.00, yp £12.00, family £46.00

                                       Bob The Builder                                                                      FAMILY
                                       This favourite modern-day                          time? What’s Spud up to?
                                       children’s character is needed to                  With well-known songs,
                                       help The Fixham Theatre prepare                    join Bob and help him fix
                                       for its grand re-opening, Can He                   it in his big theatre build.
                                       Fix It? Will the Theatre be ready in               Running time approx 1hr 30mins
                                       TUES 25 Oct, 8pm GALLERY CAFE                12 £9.40, stu/yp £5.00                JAZZ/BLUES

                                       Alexey Kruglov & Carolyn Hume
                                       Alexey Kruglov (Russia); Jaak                      hard-to-ignore guitarist Sooaar,
                                       Sooaar (Estonia); Carolyn Hume                     plus the quiet, introspection of
                                       (GB) and Katja Cruz (Austria)                      pianist Hume with the ethereal
                                       Two contrasting international duos                 voice of Cruz.
                                       from Leo Records. The dazzling                     ‘Kruglov...might just be a genius’
       www.ndtt.org.uk/alexey          saxophonist Kruglov, with the                      Jazzwise

                                       WED 26 Oct, 3pm QUEEN’S THEATRE                  4 £13.50                            FAMILY

                                       High School Rocks
                                       A high energy, foot stomping,                      Join this superb cast at the
                                       interactive production featuring all               ultimate party to celebrate all
                                       the very best hits from High School                these awesome teen sensations in
                                       Musical 1, 2, & 3, Hannah Montana,                 one fantastic concert.
                                       Camp Rock and Glee.                                Running time approx 2hrs
                                       THURS 27 Oct, 7.45pm QUEEN’S THEATRE                  8 £18.00                        MUSIC

                                       Charlie Landsborough
                                       A consummate live performer,                       he is as entertaining as he is
                                       Charlie Landsborough and his five-                 melodic, while his musicality,
                                       piece band are well known for                      which ranges from inspirational to
                                       keeping concertgoers enthralled.                   country, from ballad to anthem, is
                                       His anecdotes captivate audiences;                 unquestionably superb.

16   tickets: www.northdevontheatres.org.uk - 01271 32 42 42
FRI 28 Oct, 7.45pm & SAT 29, 2.30pm QUEEN’S THEATRE                         5                                                      DANCE
Evening: stalls/dress circle £21.00 (£20.00), front stalls/upper circle £19.50 (£18.50)
Matinee: stalls/dress circle £19.50 (£18.50), front stalls/upper circle £18.00 (£17.00). yp £15.50, family ticket £64.00

Sleeping Beauty Moscow Ballet - La Classique

Enter the beautiful world of                        Devon by bringing first-class                       Carrying on the tradition, this
fairytales with Moscow Ballet –                     productions to regional theatre,                    exceptionally talented company
La Classique.                                       making classical ballet accessible                  comprises dancers from the
                                                    to everyone.                                        Bolshoi, Kirov and Ballet Theatres
Moscow Ballet – La Classique,                       Classical ballet is undoubtedly one                 of Kiev and Odessa.
whose previous productions                          of the greatest successes of                        A classic ballet in three acts, with
include: Coppelia, Swan Lake and                    Russian Theatre, an area in which                   prologue.
The Nutcracker, has built up a                      Russian dancers have reigned                        Music by Tchaikovsky
tremendous following in North                       supreme since the 1820s.                            Running time approx 2hrs 45mins


                                                                               A 60p Love Arts payment is added to each seat sold 17
                                       SAT 29 Oct, 3pm LANDMARK THEATRE                   5 £9.50 (£8.50), stu/yp £5.00, family £25.00

                                       The Lion Tamer                                                                             FAMILY
                                       Bash Street Theatre presents a                     Inspired by the comic genius of
                                       silent-movie circus show for all                   Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin,
                                       ages.                                              Bash Street Theatre Company
                                       A melodrama full of action, pathos                 produce inventive and fast-moving
                                       and silent comedy from a bygone                    comic-strip shows.
                                       era, The Lion Tamer combines                       ‘A great show. Classic characters,
                                       circus skills, slapstick and live music            funny and full of surprises.’ Tim
                                       to bring you a silent-movie style                  Smithies, Carn to Cove rural
                                       show from the golden age of the                    touring scheme
                                       silver screen.                                     Running time approx 1hr 30mins

                                       THURS 3 Nov, 7.45pm QUEEN’S THEATRE                      11 £17.50, yp £9.40                JAZZ

                                       Claire Martin & Richard
                                       Rodney Bennett A Couple of Swells
                                       The Irving Berlin Songbook                         with classy arrangements by
                                       This 11-year partnership of one of                 Richard, will include Berlin’s
                                       the foremost jazz singers of her                   classics, all delivered with the style
                                       generation, Claire Martin, and the                 and panache that you would
                                       legendary classical and screen                     expect from these two great
                                       composer Richard Rodney                            friends and world-class artists.
                                       Bennett has received rave                          Claire performs regularly with her
                                       reviews world wide.                                own ensemble and the Laurence
                                       Claire and Richard both share a                    Cottle Big Band. Claire’s superb
       www.ndtt.org.uk/swells                                                             vocals sublimely complement
                                       great love of the American
                                       composer and lyricist Irving                       Richard’s skills as a pianist.
                                       Berlin, widely considered to be                    ’World-class’ The Times
                                       one of the greatest songwriters of                 Running time approx 2hrs
                                       all time. This brand-new show,

                                       FRI 4 Nov, 7.30pm QUEEN’S THEATRE                            6
                                       stalls/dress circle £18.00 (£16.50), front stalls/upper circle £16.50 (£15.00), yp £5.00

                                       Badke Quartet                                                                         CLASSICAL
                                       Lana Trotovsek violin, Emma                        famous festivals and in most of
                                       Parker violin, Jon Thorne viola,                   the UK’s prestigious chamber
                                       Jonathan Byers cello,                              music venues.
                                       Winners of the First Prize and the                 Haydn: String Quartet Op. 76, No.
       www.ndtt.org.uk/badke           Audience Prize at Melbourne                        2 - D minor Fifths
                                       International Chamber Music                        Mozart: No, 23 in F K.590
                                       Competition, the superb Badke                      Beethoven: Quartet in F minor
                                       Quartet have appeared in many                      Op. 95 Serioso

18   tickets: www.northdevontheatres.org.uk - 01271 32 42 42
FRI 4 & SAT 5 Nov, Eves 7.30pm, Fri Mat 1.30pm LANDMARK THEATRE             14 £14.00 (£12.50), Friend £10.00, stu/yp £8.00


Equus By Peter Shaffer - London Classic Theatre
From the company that brought                Convicted of this appalling crime,      digs deeper, he begins to win
us The Caretaker and Ghosts,                 seventeen-year-old Alan Strang is       Alan’s trust and the truth
London Classic Theatre returns               sent to a secure psychiatric            gradually emerges. Finally, as
with this ground-breaking                    hospital. Martin Dysart, the child      Alan struggles to be free of his
theatrical spectacle.                        psychiatrist assigned to him,           demons, he must relive the
In a Hampshire stable, a                     begins to probe Alan’s past in an       events of that terrible night.
youth blinds six horses with a               attempt to understand his               Inspired by a true story, Peter
metal spike.                                 motives. Initially the boy is silent    Shaffer's unique psychological
                                             and uncooperative, but as Dysart        thriller explores the complex
                                                                                     relationships between worship,
                                                                                     myth and sexuality.
                                                                                     Equus was originally staged in
                                                                                      1973 at the Royal National
                                                                                          Theatre, London. In 1977, a
                                                                                           film adaptation of the play
                                                                                             was released starring
                                                                                              Richard Burton and Peter
                                                                                              Firth. In 2007, the play was
                                                                                              revived in the West End
                                                                                               for the first time since its
                                                                                               première, in a critically-
                                                                                              acclaimed production
                                                                                              starring Daniel Radcliffe
                                                                                             and Richard Griffiths.
                                                                                         Peter Shaffer was born in
                                                                                       1926. His award-winning plays
                                                                                     include The Royal Hunt of the
                                                                                     Sun (1964), Black Comedy (1965)
                                                                                     and Amadeus (1979). Equus won
                                                                                     the Tony Award and New York
                                                                                     Critics Circle Award for Best New
                                                                                     Play in 1977.
                                                                                     Equus contains strong language,
                                                                                     adult themes and nudity.
                                                                                     approx 2hrs 30mins


                                                                  A 60p Love Arts payment is added to each seat sold 19
                                       SUN 6 Nov, 2.30pm QUEEN’S THEATRE                        6                         MUSIC
                                       stalls/dress circle £12.00 (£11.00), front stalls/upper circle £11.00 (£10.00)

                                       Festival of Remembrance Concert
                                       In aid of ABF the Soldiers' Charity                 Drums and Barnstaple Youth
                                       and the Royal British Legion, the                   Marching Band play Military,
                                       combined Military Bands of the                      Highland and choral music. Service
                                       Royal Corps of Signals & the Light                  and act of remembrance plus
                                       Cavalry, North Devon Pipes &                        North Devon's own Last Night.
                                       TUES 8 Nov, 7pm to 8.20pm LANDMARK THEATRE                     5 £6.00           EXHIBITION

                                       Leonardo da Vinci Exhibition comes to Ilfracombe
                                       In association with the National                    Painter at the Court of Milan.
                                       Gallery, we would be thrilled if you                This live walk-through of the
                                       could join us for a special screened                exhibition will be transmitted on
                                       preview of the opening night of                     the cinema screen at in the
                                       the National Gallery’s landmark                     Landmark Theatre’s auditorium.
                                       exhibition Leonardo da Vinci:                       Price includes a glass of wine.
                                       WED 9 Nov, 8pm GALLERY CAFE                            12 £9.40, stu/yp £5.00      JAZZ

                                       Arun Ghosh
                                       Arun’s engaging Indo-Jazz Quintet                   is reflected in the timeless melodies
                                       returns with top UK musicians                       created by this appealing mix of
                                       including BBC New Generations                       South Asian music, contemporary
                                       Artist Shabaka Hutchings and Led                    jazz and rocking urban beats.
                                       Bib bassist Liran Donin. His rich                   ‘Extraordinary charisma and
                                       geographical and musical heritage                   musicianship’ Jazzwise
                                       THURS 10 Nov, 7.45pm QUEEN’S THEATRE                   8 £12.50                    MUSIC

                                       The Wurzels taste their latest album, A Load More Bullocks
                                       This world-renowned Scrumpy                         Rockstar, Pulp’s Common People
                                       and Western band have                               and The Stranglers’ Golden Brown.
                                       Wurzelised a collection of classic                  These, plus all their greatest hits,
                                       contemporary hits including: Take                   mean it’s Wurzeltime.
                                       That’s Up All Night, Nickelback’s                   Running time approx 2hrs 50mins
                                       SAT 12 Nov, 7.45pm QUEEN’S THEATRE                      12 £20.50                  MUSIC

                                       That'll Be The Day Brand-New 2012 Show
                                       It’s party time as the legendary                    This entertaining rock ‘n’ roll
                                       That’ll Be The Day, the nation’s                    spectacular features a new line up of
                                       favourite rock ‘n’ roll variety show,               hits from the 1950s, 60s and 70s, plus
                                       returns with a brand-new show.                      loads of new zany comedy routines.
        www.ndtt.org.uk/that                                                               Running time approx 3hrs
20   tickets: www.northdevontheatres.org.uk - 01271 32 42 42
FRI 11 Nov, 8pm LANDMARK THEATRE      6 £12.50, stu £9.40, yp £5.00                                          DANCE

Candoco Dance Company Turning 20
Candoco Dance Company is               programme is Matthias Sperling’s         ‘…a real pleasure to watch’
travelling to the past, present and    lighthearted solo. This intimate         The Guardian
future to celebrate 20 years of        encounter with one of Candoco’s          ‘Delicious and very funny’
bold and unexpected dance              dancers shows us what the future         The Observer
works.                                 might hold.                              Set and Reset/ Reset has been
From 1983, we have the restaging       These works herald their next 20         commissioned by Dance Umbrella, London
project, Set and Reset/Reset by        years by celebrating dance
Trisha Brown Dance Company in          through time, presenting
collaboration with Candoco.            different ways of making dance
Using the original concepts from       and building on their rich
Trisha Brown’s playful                 experience as the
choreography, Laurie Anderson’s        company of
contagious score and Robert            disabled and non-
Rauschenberg’s beautiful designs,      disabled dancers.
Candoco will reconstruct a new
version of this audience favourite.
Confronting us with the present is
French choreographer Rachid
Ouramdane in a new company
work that reveals private portraits
of life in an atmospheric, visually
striking work. Rounding off the

                                                                A 60p Love Arts payment is added to each seat sold 21
                                       SAT 12 Nov, 7.30pm LANDMARK THEATRE            5 £5.00                            MUSIC

                                       La La Voices North Devon Theatres’ Community Choir and Friends
                                       Following their performances                    where it all began with a concert
                                       with Dana and Blake, plus                       of popular classics that all ages
                                       numerous concerts across the                    will enjoy.
                                       county, La La Voices returns to                 Running time approx 1hr 50mins
                                       SAT 12 Nov, 7.30pm LANDMARK PAVILION 16 £2.00                                     FOLK

                                       Douglas E Powell Live @The Landmark
                                       Support Act: The Hippy Cowboys.                 country and Americana with
                                       Douglas E Powell is a songwriter,               music influences ranging from Bill
                                       lyricist and performer now living               Fay, Pentangle and Iron & Wine to
                                       in Devon. His music has been                    Sonic Youth, Dead Meadow and
                                       described as: folk, alt-folk, alt-              Black Sabbath.
                                       WED 16 - SAT 19 Nov, Eves 7pm, Sat Mat 2pm QUEEN’S THEATRE                   6    MUSIC
                                       £12.50 (£9.50*), yp £8.00 (£5.00*), Over 60s, Mat only £9.50 (*restricted view)

                                       The Sound of Music Barnstaple Musical Comedy Society
                                       The company that brought Beauty classic makes a long-overdue return
                                       and the Beast to town, returns   and promises to be a fantastic
                                       with another musical spectacle.  experience for all the family.
                                       Following its extended West End  An amateur production by arrangement
       www.ndtt.org.uk/sound           success, Rodgers & Hammerstein’s with Josef Weinberger Ltd.

                                       FRI 18 Nov, 8pm LANDMARK THEATRE                   12 £20.00                      MUSIC

                                       Joe Brown
                                       This country’s premier rock                     Outstanding Contribution To
                                       legend, Joe Brown, comes to us                  Music Award and an MBE and in
                                       after another remarkable year                   2010 he toured arenas with Status
                                       even by his own high standards.                 Quo. Come and meet the legend.
                                       The year 2008 marked Joe’s 50th                 Joe, with his five piece band
                                       year as a professional entertainer              incorporating his son and record
                                       and he truly is one of this country’s           producer Pete Brown, will be on
                                       best loved, enduring, and most                  stage all evening and the musical
                                       acclaimed musicians. Joe, along                 styles incorporated into his show
                                       with his band, is back with us for a            are as unique as the man himself.
                                       two-hour musical celebration.                   Expect timeless classics, rockabilly,
                                       In 2008, Joe’s 50th Anniversary                 gospel, country, folk, electric rock
                                       Concert sold out The Royal Albert               'n' roll all to be interwoven with
                                       Hall; in 2009 he received the                   Joe’s effervescent delivery and
                                       coveted MOJO magazine’s                         humorous reminiscences.
       www.ndtt.org.uk/brown                                                           Running time approx 2hrs 20mins

22   tickets: www.northdevontheatres.org.uk - 01271 32 42 42
SAT 19 Nov, 8pm LANDMARK THEATRE       16 £17.50 (£16.00), stu/yp £10.00                              TALK

Charley Boorman
Actor, adventurer and author         the questions; be doubly shocked       and By Any Means. Charley was
Charley Boorman takes a break        at some of the answers.                recently the outright winner on
from travelling the world to bring   Charley is well known for his          Channel 4’s Famous and Fearless,
us his hugely entertaining show.     hugely successful TV shows, books      hosted by Chris Evans, which
This is Boorman close up as he       and DVDs of the Long Way Round,        raised over £100k for charity.
indulges us with an evening of       Race to Dakar, Long Way Down           Running time approx 1hr 50min
personal stories, Hollywood
anecdotes and tales of adventure
from his world-wide
escapades. With big video
screens and some amazing
clips of his
adventures, some
of which have never
been made public,
this night will also
give you the
opportunity to ask
questions and chat to
Charley after the show.
All of this is being pulled
together with one of the
few people who’d dare to
ask those awkward
questions, Billy Biketruck.
Billy will be your host for
the show, interviewing
Charley and getting to the
nitty gritty. Be shocked at

                                                            A 60p Love Arts payment is added to each seat sold 23
                                       SUN 20 Nov, 7.30pm QUEEN’S THEATRE                      10 £19.50 (£18.50), yp £17.50        MUSIC

                                       The Magic of Motown
                                       Get ready for the smash hit show                    A talented cast perform hits from
                                       from the States that authentically                  The Supremes, Temptations, Four
                                       recreates the harmonies, slick                      Tops, Jackson 5, Stevie Wonder,
                                       moves, stylish looks and                            Marvin Gaye, Martha Reeves,
                                       musicianship that were the                          Lionel Richie. . .
       www.ndtt.org.uk/motown          making of Motown.                                   Running time approx 2hrs 30mins
                                       TUES 22 Nov, 8pm studio@QT                16 £12.50 (£10.50)                               COMEDY

                                       Tom Stade Live
                                       Co-star and co-writer of Frankie                    irrepressible charm and first-class
                                       Boyle’s Tramadol Nights and a                       story-telling have made him one of
                                       regular on Michael McIntyre’s                       the most sought after performers
                                       Comedy Roadshow, this talented                      on the comedy circuit.
                                       Canadian émigré shows us why his                    ‘Sublime…it's a rich comic
       www.ndtt.org.uk/stade           magnetic stage presence,                            experience.' Rhod Gilbert
                                       WED 23 Nov, 8pm GALLERY CAFÉ                  12 £10.00, stu/yp £5.00                       FOLK

                                       Martin Simpson
                                       BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards 2008                        masterpieces of storytelling. His
                                       winner of Best Album for Prodigal                   solo shows are intense, eclectic
                                       Son. One of the finest acoustic                     and deeply moving.
                                       and slide guitar players in the                     ‘His performances elicit powerful
                                       world, Simpson’s interpretations                    emotions and subtle, understated
       www.ndtt.org.uk/martin          of traditional songs are                            beauty’ Guitar Player
                                       THURS 24 Nov, 7.30pm QUEEN’S THEATRE                             6
                                       stalls/dress circle £18.00 (£16.50), front stalls/upper circle £16.50 (£15.00), yp £5.00

                                       Imogen Cooper                                                                         CLASSICAL
                                       One of Britain’s great pianists                    Beethoven: Sonata in D minor
                                       performs a programme of romantic                   Op. 31/2 (Tempest)
                                       keyboard masterpieces.                             Brahms: Theme and Variations
                                       Haydn: Sonata in E flat major                      from String Sextet Op. 18*
       www.ndtt.org.uk/imogen          Hob XVI/52                                         Schumann: Fantasiestucke Op. 12
                                       FRI 25 & SAT 26 Nov, Fri 7.30pm, Sat 5pm LANDMARK THEATRE                    5
                                       £8.50 (£6.50), yp £6.50
                                       The Christmas Collection
                                       This year, the Rebecca Varley                       festive period, including a variation
                                       Dance Academy’s annual charity                      of Tchaikovsky’s ballet the
                                       performance has a festive feel.                     Nutcracker plus plenty of modern,
                                       The Academy’s dancers perform a                     street and tap dance numbers.
       www.ndtt.org.uk/varley          variety of dance, inspired by the                   All proceeds from the show will be going to
24   tickets: www.northdevontheatres.org.uk - 01271 32 42 42
                                     FRI 25 Nov, 7.45pm QUEEN’S THEATRE        8 £16.50 (£15.50), yp £10.00, family £50.00

                                     Abba Mania                                                                  MUSIC
                                     Abba Mania’s concert celebrates            If you’re looking for an excuse to
                                     all things ABBA; their music, their        party, reminisce or simply be
                                     style and their collection of              entertained, dig out those
                                     timeless songs reviving those              platforms, dust down those flares
                                     special memories of when ABBA              and thank ABBA for the music.
                                     ruled the airwaves.                        Running time approx 2hrs 15mins
                                     SAT 26 Nov, 7.45pm QUEEN’S THEATRE            10 £18.00 (£17.50), stu/yp £10.50

                                     Show of Hands                                                                FOLK
                                     with Miranda Sykes, support from Richard Shindell
                                     We are absolutely delighted to             ‘One of the great English bands’
                                     welcome back award-winning,                Peter Gabriel
                                     Show of Hands, England’s finest            ‘A fantastic album highlighting
                                     acoustic roots duo. It’s been too          many of the failings of today's
                                     long.                                      world......definitely one of Show
                                     Double award-winners for Best              of Hands’ best albums. So good
                                     Duo and Best Original Song at the          we made it Album of the Week!’
                                     2010 BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards,              Celtic Music Radio, Glasgow
                                     Steve and Phil will be performing          Running time approx 2hrs 30min
                                     songs from their critically
                                     acclaimed new album Arrogance,
                                     Ignorance and Greed and will be
                                     accompanied by the striking
                                     double bass player and vocalist
    www.ndtt.org.uk/showof           Miranda Sykes.

SUN 27 Nov, 7.30pm QUEEN’S THEATRE   16 all seats £15.00            COMEDY

Mark Watson Request Stops
‘Why aren't you coming to            corners of the UK not covered
Berwick?’ ‘Why do you never visit    by his travels. So, as one of the
Shropshire?’ 'Is there a specific    hardest-working and most-
reason for your endless neglect of   constantly-travelling comics
Chorley?'                            around it almost seems as if
Most people aren't troubled by       the only way to ensure
questions of this sort in their      happy gig-goers is if he allow
everyday lives, but Mark Watson      fans to dictate his entire
is. Every time he announces a set    schedule.
of tour dates, there are             Can you guess where this is
disappointed tweets from all         going? He’s coming to

                                                             A 60p Love Arts payment is added to each seat sold 25
     THURS 1 Dec, 7.30pm LANDMARK THEATRE         6 £14.40 (£11.40), yp £6.40, family £32.60, Friends £10.00   DANCE

     Beauty and the Beast
     Ballet Cymru (formerly
     Independent Ballet Wales) present
     a sparkling and refreshing ballet
     based on the eternal fairy tale.
     Ballet Cymru is a young, vital
     group of dancers who are
     pushing back the barriers of
     classical ballet. Using powerful
     and timeless stories the company
     challenges its dancers to interpret
     some of the finest characters in
     Featuring stunning costumes,
     breathtaking choreography and
     heartbreaking passion, this
     production brings to life the
     timeless story using the
     company’s unique blend of
     classical technique and
     storytelling. Beauty and the Beast
     is a brand-new ballet featuring
     choreography by Creative Wales
     Award winner Darius James; the
     sets and costumes are by some of
     the most creative artists in Wales
     and there’s a brand new score by
     Welsh composer David Westcott.
     ‘These young ballet pioneers
     deserve wider support. Catch
     them if you can.’
     The Dancing Times.


     See page 32 for details on education workshops.

26   tickets: www.northdevontheatres.org.uk - 01271 32 42 42
                          FRI 2 Dec, 7.45pm QUEEN’S THEATRE         18 £18.00 (£16.00)            COMEDY

                          Jerry Sadowitz Comedian, magician, psychopath!
                          If you like Pol Pot, you’ll love Jerry      (probably). These shows promise to
                          Sadowitz! With his incorrigible             reduce the contents of your wallet,
                          smile and his propensity to hurl            stir up sh*t about people the
                          his underwear at female                     performer hasn't even met and raise
                          members of the audience, you’ll             money for the starving people of
                          be so helpless with looking for             Israel!!!
                          the police, you’ll forget how               Jerry is also one of the greatest card
                          much you paid to get in! There's            magicians in the world.
                          also a special guest appearance of
                                                                      ‘Funniest comedian in Britain’
                          Ban Ki-moon (maybe), King
                          George VI's secret Tourette's               The Guardian
                          syndrome suffering twin brother             Age Restriction 18+. Adults only
                          Reg (definitely) and Mister Bunny           Running time approx 1hr 40mins
                          FRI 2 & 9 Dec, 7pm LANDMARK PAVILION      £22.50 to include supper      DRAMA

                          A Merry Christmas in Kilham Hall
                          A Foul Player’s Murder-Mystery Dinner
                          Christmas is not usually a joyous           when a body is found, is she
                          occasion at Kilham Hall but this            guilty or one of the residents?
                          year is even worse. Matron Shona            Dressing up is optional.
                          Mercy rules with a rod of iron but
                          SAT 10 Dec, 7.30pm LANDMARK PAVILION 16 £3.00 in advance, £5.00 doors   MUSIC

                          Thom Kirkpatrick plus support - Live @ The Landmark
                          Thom Kirkpatrick AKA This                   audience simultaneously
                          Beautiful Noise is quite literally a        uplifted and spellbound that he
                          21st Century one-man band.                  doesn’t fall.
                          Layering vocals, bass, drum-kit,            Thom has also been a session
                          synth, guitar and cajon, live               musician for Ellie Goulding’s UK
                          performances are a musical                  Headline tour.
                          high-wire balancing act for an
                          FRI 16 & SAT 17 Dec, Eves 7.45pm, Sat Mat 2.30pm            6           MUSIC
                          LANDMARK THEATRE £10.00, stu/yp £8.00, Family £30.00

                          Robin Hood Presented by Small Pond Productions in association with NDT
                          Music and lyrics by Lee Baxendale. musical romp. A brand-new show
                          Come along to Sherwood Forest      that’s full of song, dance and a
                          this Christmas and join Robin Hood quiver full of comedy.
                          and the Merry Men on this riotous

                                                  A 60p Love Arts payment is added to each seat sold 27
     TUES 13 Dec to MON 2 Jan, QUEEN’S THEATRE   3 From £10, see performance schedule   FAMILY

28   tickets: www.northdevontheatres.org.uk - 01271 32 42 42
A 60p Love Arts payment is added to each seat sold 29

     26 Sept to 7 Nov QUEEN’S THEATRE    7 Nov to 8 Jan LANDMARK THEATRE
     Pamela Dearing                      Mike Bernard
     Magically Lost in Time
     A response to Pamela’s move to      The semi-abstract paintings in the    material related directly to the
     Cornwall after 27 years living      exhibition will explore the coastal   locations by sourcing local
     around Exmoor and North             landscape and harbours of North       newspapers, leaflets, tourist
     Devon, her exhibition will be a     Devon, incorporating collage          brochures, etc.
     mix of paintings on canvas and
     watercolour paper and some
     photographic artwork.

                                                                               7 Nov to 12 Dec QUEEN’S THEATRE
                                                                               Simeon Chami
                                                                               Another chance to see this local
                                                                               artist’s dramatic works.

     26 Sept to 6 Nov LANDMARK THEATRE                                         12 Dec to 12 Jan 2012 QUEEN’S THEATRE
     Tanja Marx                                                                Snow White J&A Cameras
     Continents of Mirage                                                      A collection of production shots
     Abstract paintings from the edge                                          taken by J&A Cameras that
     of the world.                                                             capture the essence of this year’s
                                                                               pantomime and illustrate the
                                                                               characters that make the tale of
                                                                               Snow White come to life.

30   tickets: www.northdevontheatres.org.uk - 01271 32 42 42
Museum of Barnstaple and North Devon
Kisses on a Postcard
10 Sept to 15 Oct
The second world war in North
Devon as seen through the eyes
of evacuees. In partnership with
North Devon Theatres.

Olympic Dreams
22 Oct to 19 Nov
Your opportunity to explore the
history of the Games in the run-
up to the 2012 London Olympics

North Devon in
26 Nov to 14 Jan 2012
Selected entries from our
Annual Heritage Photographic
Exhibition.                                  image: Anthony Howells                      image: Robin Tanner

In association with the North Devon Coastal Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and the Exmoor Moorland Landscape Partnership.

                                            All our PLAY events are free,
                                            just drop-in any time                        Museum of Barnstaple & North Devon
                                            between 11am and 4pm.                        www.northdevonmuseum.org
                                            Wartime Games                                01271 346747
                                            Sat 10 Sep                                   Free admission
                                                                                         Open 10am to 5pm, until 30 Oct,
                                            The Big Draw                                 then 10am to 4pm until Spring.
                                            Sat 8 Oct
                                                                                         Entry Forms for the North Devon
                                            Olympic Warm-up                              Heritage Photographic Competition
                                            Outdoor and indoor games.                    are available from the Museum, also
                                            Wed 26 Oct                                   J&A Cameras, in Barnstaple and
                                                                                         Bideford. Closing date for entries is
                                            Guy Fawkes                                   17th October 2011.
                                            Sat 5 Nov

                                                                    A 60p Love Arts payment is added to each seat sold 31
     Education & Community Projects

     SATS during term time 1pm to 2.30pm LANDMARK PAVILION £1.00 per session or £10.00 per term                                     MUSIC

     LEE Club
     A light-hearted programme for                  favourite chart hits and some       all we ask is that you love to sing.
     singing enthusiasts aged 8 to 18.              pop/rock classics only your mum You will need a folder for your
     This is a great chance to learn,               and dad will have heard of.         music/song words, a pencil and a
     sing and perform all your                      No experience or training necessary bottle of water.

                                                    LANDMARK PAVILION Fee from £3.50 per class                                  PERFORMANCE

                                                    Make the Move
                                                    The North Devon Theatres’ arts                 theatre classes include: ballet, tap,
                                                    learning programme for adults                  modern, jazz, acrobatics, musical
                                                    and young persons age 3                        theatre and drama. Examinations
                                                    upwards. The classes run five                  are available in ISTD Tap, RAD Ballet
                                                    days a week during term time and               and ISTD Modern. Throughout the
                                                    provide excellent access and                   year there will be opportunities to
                                                    development opportunities for                  perform in our own shows, festivals
                                                    everyone. Covering all aspects of              and community events.

                                                    THURS 1 Dec, 4.30pm - 6.00pm LANDMARK PAVILION £5.00 or free with performance ticket

                                                    Ballet Wales Cymru Beauty and the Beast                                         DANCE
                                                    An introduction to the story of                absolute must for every aspiring
                                                    Beauty and The Beast through a                 young dancer.
                                                    practical ballet workshop with the             Age recommendation from 6 to 10.
                                                    Ballet Wales Company, an                       (see page 26 for show information)

                                                    For the full timetable of all our classes visit our website or contact
                                                    Carol Turner, our Education Officer, on 01271 86 92 16 or
                                                    The 29th May 1961 Charitable Trust, the J.Paul Getty Jnr Charitable Trust and the Elmgrant
                                                    Trust are generous supporters of our education programme.

32   tickets: www.northdevontheatres.org.uk - 01271 32 42 42
Booking & Theatre information
3 easy ways to book                 Terms & Conditions                             Access
Online at:                         Tickets cannot be exchanged                         Disabled parking is available
www.northdevontheatres.org.uk or refunded.                                         next to both theatres.
Each transaction carries an
                                   North Devon Theatres reserve                        Both theatres have ramped
additional booking fee.
                              the right to make alterations to the                 access*, accessible toilet facilities
By telephone on:              programme and/or cast. Refunds                       and  wheelchair spaces in the stalls
01271 32 42 42                will not be issued in these
                                                                                       Sound enhancement systems
Lines are open Monday –       circumstances and we cannot be
                                                                                   are available in both theatres.
Saturday, 10am-4pm (later on  responsible for any consequential
                                                                                   Please enquire at time of booking.
performance nights)           loss incurred.
                                                                                       The Theatres’ Minibus Group
In person:                               Concessions are available for
                                                                                   caters for those with mobility
At either:                          some performances for children,
                                                                                   issues.  Please contact Janice Banks
Queen’s Theatre, Boutport Street,   full-time students, over 60s,
                                                                                   on 01271 86 56 55 to register.
Barnstaple EX31 1SY                 registered disabled and those in
Landmark Theatre, Wilder Road,      receipt of Job Seekers allowance.              *First floor Gallery Café at Queen’s
Ilfracombe EX34 9BZ                                                                Theatre accessible by lift.
                                    Please see our website for full
                                    terms and conditions or ask one of             Further access information is
                                    our Box Office staff for details.              available on our website, or please
                                                                                   speak to a member of staff.

Booking key                         Seating Plans
    Group discounts                   Queen’s Theatre stage                            Landmark Theatre stage
    Ticket offers for                    front stalls, rows A to G
    ‘Friends’                                                                                  stalls, rows A to L

    Education project                       stalls, rows H to S
    Free programme
    for ‘Friends’
12 Recommended
                                         dress circle, rows A to E
    minimum age
                                                                                              circle, rows A to G
    Community bus                       upper circle, rows F to M
                                                                                        seats number from the right
                                       seats number from the left
    60p Love Arts
                               The seats have a gradual incline from row H
    payment is added                 and there are steps from row M.
    to each seat sold
                                                  position of wheelchair seating    indicates restricted view

                                                                  A 60p Love Arts payment is added to each seat sold 33
     Supporting your Theatres
     The North Devon Theatres’ Trust is a registered         We are grateful to everyone for their valued support,
     charity and relies on funding from statutory bodies,    without it we would not be able to provide you with
     businesses, sponsors and individual donors.             such a wide range of arts and cultural services.

     Our major funders

                                                                             Supporting studio@QT

     Thanks also to The 29th May 1961 Charitable Trust, the J. Paul Getty Jnr Charitable Trust and the Elmgrant
     Trust for supporting our Education programme and The Aurelius Charitable Trust – for the repair and
     conservation of the bust of John Gay

     Friends of The Theatres                                    love

     Support your Theatres by becoming a Friend and          Please note from January 1st 2012 Love Arts will
     enjoy some fantastic benefits:                          increase to £1.00 per ticket sold and will
     • Exclusive one week priority booking (subject to       automatically be included in the ticket price. Any
     contractual obligations)                                shows from this date will include the increase. To
     • Exclusive ‘meet the cast’ evenings                    date, Love Arts has generated over £80,000 which
     • Priority Enews as soon as a show goes on sale         has gone directly to the maintenance of the
     To join the Friends of North Devon Theatres contact     Queen’s Theatre, Barnstaple and Landmark
     Debbie Cooke on 01271 86 92 12 or email                 Theatre, Ilfracombe.
     debbie.cooke@northdevontheatres.org.uk or
     download a membership form from our website.
     Full Friend membership is £18.50 per annum.
                                                             Coffee & Chat
                                                             Let us tempt your taste buds with our delicious fine
                                                             cakes, pastries, home-made soups, sandwiches,
                                                             panini and a range of freshly
     Add us on Facebook: North Devon Theatres
                                                             home-made hot dishes. Fully licensed, our cafés are
     Tweet us at: www.twitter.com/NDevonTheatres
                                                             family friendly and ideal meeting places.
                                                             The Gallery Café - Queen's Theatre
                                                             Open Mon to Sat 10am to 3pm and
                                                             from 6.30pm on show nights.
                                                             The Rendezvous Café - Landmark Theatre
                                                             Open 7 days a week
                                                             To see our full menu
                                                             visit our website at

34   tickets: www.northdevontheatres.org.uk - 01271 32 42 42
We would like to express thanks to all our Business Associates for their continuing support.
For further information please contact George Hammett on:
07974 834291 or email george.hammett@northdevontheatres.org.uk                                 35
‘If you haven’t experienced NT Live yet, I can’t recommend it too highly.’ Daily Telegraph

The first season of events, which               We will premier our new scheme         Diary note
began in June 2009 with the                     with One Man, Two Guvnors on
                                                                                       Pencil Thursday 17th November
acclaimed production of Phèdre                  Thursday 15th September at 7pm
                                                                                       and Thursday 8th December in
starring Helen Mirren, was seen                 with Richard Bean’s English
                                                                                       your diaries when we be bringing
by over 165,000 people on 320                   version of Goldoni’s classic Italian
                                                                                       you the next two broadcasts.
screens in 22 countries.                        comedy where sex, food and
                                                money are high on the agenda.           At the time of going to print we
“We couldn’t have foreseen that                 The production stars James             don’t have the production details
the experimental National                       Corden who returns to the              but these will be announced via
Theatre Live season would be                    National for the first time since      our website, Box Office and
such a hit with audiences around                The History Boys to play Francis.      Enews as soon as information
the world, who are hungry to see                See p7.                                becomes available.
                                                                                                   ec AR

our work in their local cinema”
                                                The production has received 5
                                                                                                8 D DM

Nicholas Hytner, Director of the
                                                stars from: The Guardian,
                                                                                             v & AN

National Theatre.
                                                Independent, Sunday Times,
                                                                                           No E L

Now entering its second season,                 Daily Mail, Sunday Express, Daily
                                                                                         17 TH

we are thrilled to be offering you              Express and The Sun and has
                                                                                       v, AT

the chance to see the best dramas               received rave reviews including:
                                                                                     No S

from the National Theatre on the
                                                ‘A triumph of visual and verbal
                                                                                  , 8 ST

cinema screen at the Landmark
                                                                                pt CA

                                                comedy. One of the funniest
Theatre in Ilfracombe.
                                                productions in the National's
                                                                              Se AD

                                                history.' The Guardian
                                                                            15 BRO

National Theatre Live is distributed internationally (ex-UK) by

New York-based BY Experience: www.byexperience.net

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