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					Looking forward
to the day you
join us...

…because looking forward is what we do best.

Established in 1825, Standard Life is a leading provider of long
term savings and investments to over 6 million customers
worldwide. Headquartered in Edinburgh, Standard Life has
around 10,000 employees across the UK, Canada, Ireland,
Germany, Austria, India, USA, Hong Kong and mainland China.

The Standard Life group includes savings and investments
businesses, operating across the UK, Canadian and European
markets; corporate pensions and benefits businesses in the
UK and Canada; Standard Life Investments, which currently
manages assets of over £145.8bn globally; and Chinese and
Indian Joint Venture businesses. At the end of March 2010 the
Group had total assets under administration of £181.5bn.

On 10 July 2006, after 80 years as a mutual company, Standard
Life Assurance Company demutualised and Standard Life plc
was listed on the London Stock Exchange. Standard Life now
has approximately 1.5 million individual shareholders in over
50 countries around the world.

                                2             All figures as at 31 March 2010

The aim of this introductory pack is to give you a general overview
of the company and some practical tips on what to expect from
our selection process.

You can find out more details on our group website:


Working                                                           Diversity and
with us                                                           inclusion
Our UK life and pensions business has achieved Investors          Strong, successful companies require a wide range of
in People status (IiP) since 1994 and we were one of the          people with different skills and talents. That’s why
first companies in our sector – and the first in Scotland –       diversity and inclusion, in the broadest sense, is good
to achieve this recognition.                                      for people and good for business. We aim to provide an
                                                                  environment where people know that they are valued for
                                                                  their contribution, abilities and skills – regardless of age
Thinking holistically: taking a whole view of the person,         (Standard Life does not have a compulsory retirement age),
their needs and how these can be met                              race, gender, sexual orientation, religion or disability.
Being flexible: developing innovative products, services          We believe that a positive reputation for managing
and solutions that allow for change and evolve with               diversity helps us to attract, retain and develop the best
people’s needs                                                    and most talented people.

Delivering performance: being a better place to grow
and protect assets
Acting with integrity: ensuring each and every one of
us does the right thing


 There are special recognition events taking place
 throughout the year that you may be nominated
 for by colleagues or managers to recognise your
 contribution to Standard Life or to team and
 volunteer activities outwith work.

 For example, The Chairman's Awards recognise
 and celebrate the outstanding efforts of our people
 in their communities. There are six award categories.

 Education in the Community
 Environment Award
 Fundraising Award – Individual and Team
 Volunteering Award – Individual and Team

 Winners receive an award and a £1,000 donation to
 their charity or community group. One runner-up
 and one highly commended nominee for each
 category will receive a framed certificate and a
 £500 donation to their charity or community group.
 In 2009, we received 125 nominations across six
 Award categories and donated £12,000 to charities
 and community groups chosen by winners and

Each year our employees are asked to help select charity
partners. For 2010, the two most popular causes that
employees voted for in the UK were cancer research and
vulnerable children. In 2010 we are supporting projects with
the Institute of Cancer Research and Barnardo’s.
The company matches staff fundraising up to a cumulative value of £25 per employee. For example, if there are 10,000
employees, the company will match up to 10,000 x £25 = £250,000. Which means if we raise £250,000 and the company
matches that with another £250,000, then we'll be donating an incredible £500,000 to our 2010 charity partners!

Also each Friday is Casual Dress Friday and we all enjoy coming into work in our casual clothes. It’s great – but did you
know that Casual Dress Friday is also a way of every member of staff raising funds for our Charity Partners?

Team Challenge                                                   Volunteering
Departments in Standard Life can build team skills through       We consider ourselves to be good corporate citizens and as
taking on a challenge at a local community group or              such believe that we in turn should encourage our employees
charity. The tasks have ranged from painting railings            to be involved in the communities that they work and live in.
and clearing playgrounds to creating a reminiscence              In Standard Life we promote volunteering to our employees
room for the long-stay dementia ward at Edenhall                 both on an individual basis and in teams. For us, volunteering
Hospital in Musselburgh. It's all about helping people           is when you offer your services of your own free will, at no
in need and at the same time providing a team-building           charge. We offer paid time off of up to one hour per week,
opportunity for employees. The partnership theme is              provided you do as much again in your own time.
very much part of our make-up and we work with key
organisations to promote best practice for partnership
work in the private and voluntary sectors.


What’s on offer
At Standard Life we believe in total reward. We have designed
a package of salary and benefits that is flexible and allows
employees to select the benefits that they want, to suit their
individual needs.

salary and
benefits package
We provide an annual salary review with performance
related increases based on how well the company does,
and how much you contribute to that success.


Examples of Total Reward
Example 1
 £20,000 Salary
 Notional salary                                        £20,000
 Annual bonus                                             £1,600 (standard bonus pot, 8% on target performance)
 Employer's pension contributions (GPP)                   £1,800 (9% of notional salary)
 Private medical insurance                                  £342
 Restaurant subsidy                                         £233

 In electing the following benefits, an additional £1,825 of value is generated through tax and NI savings, discounts and employer enhancements

 Childcare vouchers                                         £904 (represents annual tax and NI saving on £243 of vouchers p/month)
 Car parking (Morrisons Goods car park)                     £390 (represents tax and NI saving on annual season ticket costing £104.83 p/month)
 Personal Accident Insurance                                 £26 (represents NI saving on £250,000 of family cover costing £20 p/month)
 Language training (French)                                  £60 (represents tax and NI saving on course of 30 lessons)
 Retail vouchers                                            £144 (represents annual saving through 8% discount on £150 vouchers p/month)
 Standard Life (Employee) Share Plan                        £300 (matching element of up to £25 p/month provided by company if contribute
                                                                 £25 p/month into the plan)

 This represents a small selection of the flexible and voluntary benefits available to Standard Life employees
 The above calculation does not include the following, also provided by the company:
 Life assurance equal to 4x insurable salary
 28 days holidays plus 3.5 days fixed holidays
 Flex-time and opportunity to take up to 12 days flex leave (in some areas only)
 The above figures are subject to change on an annual basis.

Example 2
 £50,000 Salary
 Notional salary                                        £50,000
 Annual bonus                                             £8,000 (higher bonus pot, 16% on target performance)
 Employer's pension contributions (GPP)                   £4,500 (9% of notional salary)
 Private medical insurance                                  £342
 Restaurant subsidy                                         £233
 Payment of professional fees (if applicable)               £690

 In electing the following benefits, an additional £2,454 of value is generated through tax and NI savings, discounts and employer enhancements

 Employee contribution to pension (GPP)                   £1,275 (represents tax and NI saving on 5% contribution plus 10% enhancement by the company)
 Cycle to work                                              £448 (represents tax and NI saving on £800 bike plus value of additional free accessories)
 Health assessment                                          £159 (represents tax and NI saving on vi5 assessment)
 Language training (Italian)                                 £80 (represents tax and NI saving on course of 30 lessons)
 Retail vouchers                                            £192 (represents typical annual saving on £200 vouchers p/month)
 Standard Life (Employee) Share Plan                        £300 (matching element of up to £25 p/month provided by company if contribute
                                                                 £25 p/month into the plan)
 This represents a small selection of the flexible and voluntary benefits available to Standard Life employees
 The above calculation does not include the following also paid for by the company:
 Life assurance equal to 4x insurable salary
 28 days holidays plus 3.5 days fixed holidays plus additional 3 days holiday as not eligible for flex-time
 The above figures are subject to change on an annual basis.


Annual leave                                                       Bonus scheme
Full time employees are entitled to 28 days’ holiday a             Most employees are entitled to participate in one of the
year, with additional days based on length of service.             Standard Life bonus schemes. The bonus pool available
Part time employees have the same entitlement pro-rata             to employees is based on company performance during
to reflect their working pattern. Offices are usually closed       the business year, and is not guaranteed. The maximum
for designated company holidays over the Christmas                 bonus pool available ranges from 12-45% of total basic
period, in addition to the basic holiday entitlement.              salary for qualifying staff with on target bonus pools
Employees who do not participate in the flex-time scheme           around 8/16/30% based on employee level and terms
are provided with three additional days’ holiday. Offices          and conditions.
are open on most bank holidays so you can choose to
take your holidays when it suits you.

Work-life balance                                                  Flexible benefits
Our Flexible Working policy is ahead of the legislation            Our award winning flexible benefits package has been
as it offers everyone the right to request to work flexibly,       designed to give you much more choice and to help you
not just those with children.                                      make your money go further. Everyone has different
                                                                   needs and flexible benefits lets you decide what you
We offer a flex-time scheme to allow eligible employees
                                                                   want, rather than someone else deciding for you.
some degree of personal choice over their working hours.
                                                                   Everyone starts off with a ‘default’ package and they can
This scheme is offered at the company's discretion and is
                                                                   choose to trade between benefits or they can opt to buy
subject to meeting business needs. If you work a full-time,
                                                                   additional benefits. In most cases, this is done via salary
standard work pattern (usually 35 hours over 5 days
                                                                   sacrifice which allows tax and/or national insurance
per week) you are expected to work during core time,
                                                                   savings to be made. Examples of our flexible benefits are
i.e. between 10.00am and 11.45am and between 2.30pm
                                                                   illustrated on the next page.
and 3.30pm. In addition, you will be expected to work a
regular pattern around these core times. You are allowed
to use your flex credit to take a maximum of 1.5 days
flex-time leave per flex period, subject to a maximum
of 12 days per year.


 Childcare Vouchers
 Holiday Banks
 Holiday Buy/Sell
 Language Training
 Lifestyle Management
 Retail Vouchers
                        Health and
 Service Awards
                        Credit Expert
                        Dental Insurance
                        Health Assessments
                        Life Assurance
                        Personal Accident
                        Private Medical

                                                  Car Parking
                                                  Cycle to Work
                                                  Parking Discounts   Savings
                                                                      Group Personal
                                                                      Account Plan
                                                                      Employee Share
                                                                      Purchase Scheme


Features of the                                               Other rewards/
Standard Life                                                 benefits
Group Personal                                                The Employee Discount List provides exclusive access
                                                              to great savings on a wide range of products and services

Pension                                                       from well known retailers. Through an online portal
                                                              you can browse the hundreds of deals available. Some
                                                              of these are valuable ‘everyday discounts’ such as free
                                                              delivery or up to 15% off the things you buy day to day,
The company will make a 9% monthly contribution
                                                              whilst others offer 'premium savings' which are exclusive
into the plan on your behalf. You can join and make
                                                              time limited savings of 20% or more
no payments from your salary and still benefit from
employer only contributions of 9%                             Subsidised catering to staff in Edinburgh. A lunch
                                                              allowance is paid to staff outside Edinburgh
You will make savings on tax and national insurance
(if you choose to join)                                       Interest-free season ticket loan

You have complete freedom and control over how the            Enhanced paternity pay benefit
payments are invested                                         Enhanced maternity pay benefit
You can pay additional lump sums into this at any time        Company holiday cottages/flats in Peebles are
(subject to Inland Revenue maximum limits and the             available to rent at a charge
plan’s minimum limits)
                                                              An Employee Assistance Programme offering confidential
The level of payments made by the company into the            counselling and guidance to you and your family
pension plan can change at any time
                                                              Death in service protection provides benefits to your
                                                              dependants in the event of your death whilst
                                                              employed by the company
                                                              SLOTTO: For as little as £1 per month you can take part
                                                              in the SLOTTO draw. Half of the money raised goes into
                                                              the Standard Life Charity Fund and the other half is used
                                                              as prize money for three lucky members of staff
                                                              Sports and Social Clubs: Over 20 clubs to choose from,
                                                              from mountain climbing to cycling, movies to the Sci-fi Club
                                                              If you qualify for a relocation package and are moving
                                                              to join us, you will benefit from a specialist advice service
                                                              to guide you through your move. This includes contribution
                                                              towards travel costs, legal costs, valuation fees,
                                                              disturbance allowance.

                                                              Note – these are some of the current benefits and rewards on offer
                                                              and are subject to change. Terms and Conditions apply.

Personal and Career

Your progression matters
We believe everyone should be given the opportunity to make
the most of their career and fully encourage all employees
to develop their personal potential. We have created an
environment that allows you to develop new skills, try new
ideas and aim for new goals – to develop yourself, as well
as your career. We encourage you to think differently and
foster an environment where your ideas and contribution
are allowed to bloom.

As individuals we all think differently, what is essential in
our competitive business world is the power and potential
of that thinking when we work as a team.

Using a talent discovery tool, we give each individual an
insight into their talents and how they can use this increased
awareness to continually enhance their performance.
By actively helping you to understand and leverage your
talents, you are enabled to do your best which will ultimately
lead to superior business performance.

Personal and Career

                           Getting the right welcome to Standard Life, and learning
                           a bit more about us is very important. Your line manager
                           will produce an induction plan for you to help you
                           gain confidence and learn about your new role, your
                           new colleagues, and work. You’ll start by attending a
                           90-minute Day One Welcome where you’ll meet some
                           other new starters, as well as a member of the Executive
                           team. By the end of the first month, you usually attend
                           a half day Group Introduction Session to learn about the
                           wider business, as well as a 90-minute Benefits Session.

                           Our performance
                           one | two | three: is designed to help you give
                           your best and realise your full potential by playing to your
                           strengths, while at the same time giving focus to delivering
                           our strategic business goals.
                           This framework helps individuals understand their strengths
                           and aspirations, ensures that they know what is expected
                           of them, provides ongoing opportunities to give and
                           receive meaningful feedback and to review and recognise
                           successes and outcomes.

Personal and Career

How we help you develop
How your career develops is largely down to you, your attitude and skills. We will however, support you at every stage,
providing the relevant training, helping you identify development opportunities and encouraging you to develop your
career to its maximum potential. You can expect internal training, as well as on-the-job experience and in some areas,
work assignments, as a matter of course.

Qualifications Centre                                              Open Access Development Centre
Standard Life’s Qualifications Centre is our answer to the         Standard Life is committed to life long learning. To help
concept of an in-house college. The potential range of             you become fully competent in your current role and
qualifications relevant to a business as diverse as ours is        to help you prepare for your future career challenges,
staggering. So whatever career path you take with                  you will work with your manager to prepare a personal
Standard Life you can expect the Qualifications Centre to          development plan.
help you with your professional aspirations, from one of
                                                                   To help support you with your learning activities, we
the dozens of relevant certificates, diplomas or NVQ’s on
                                                                   have established the Open Access Development Centre.
offer to qualifying as a ‘Finance Professional’.
                                                                   Here you will have access to over 3,000 on-line courses,
                                                                   over 2,500 books, CD’s and DVD’s, as well as the latest
                                                                   business publications and language courses. You will also
                                                                   have access to study booths, which are ideal places away
                                                                   from the office to quietly learn, read, surf the net or even
                                                                   check your email.

                                                                   Study leave and study for
                                                                   professional qualifications
                                                                   We may provide financial help and study leave to study
                                                                   for professional qualifications and for your continued
                                                                   benefit we may even pay membership subscriptions
                                                                   relevant to your job role.

Personal and Career

Developing leaders to support
our aspirations

We are continually seeking to        'What Matters Most' has been developed to set out our
                                     leadership aspirations and to support the development
                                     of our leaders. At the heart of 'What Matters Most' is
create an environment which          ‘being real’. This is about really knowing yourself, being
                                     true to who you are and your beliefs, and playing to your
challenges and develops the          strengths in a way that makes a genuine and meaningful
                                     impact on others.
aspirations and capabilities         Our approach to development is one based upon enabling
                                     an individual leader to play to their strengths in the
of our leaders.                      context of our strategic agenda.
Personal and Career

                           VIVO is the Standard Life employee
                           representative body in the UK (excluding
                           Standard Life Investments).
                           We're here to represent your views and ensure
                           there is open communication through all levels
                           of the company. VIVO means 'to sustain and
                           support': we believe people are the life blood
                           of any company and chose the name to reflect
                           this. We believe in the value of people. We are
                           committed to improving the working environment
                           by representing the collective aspirations of
                           employees on a range of issues that affect them.

Preparing for the
Selection Process

This section offers helpful hints to you so that you get the
best out of your interview and assessment. At Standard Life,
we use a range of selection tools to help identify the best
candidate for the job. These tools include structured Gallup
interviews (which take place over the telephone), competency
based interviews (face-to-face or over the telephone),
ability tests, role play exercises, group exercises and more.
You could be asked to do one or more of these exercises as
part of your selection process.

When you are invited to take part in our selection process
we will be clear about what you are asked to do and if any
preparatory work is required. If you are unsure please contact
us to ask for clarity so that you are as well prepared as possible.

Preparing for the
Selection Process

Application Process

                                               You may apply directly or your CV may be
     CV Submitted For Vacancy                     submitted via a recruitment agency

      Invited to participate in
                                           Only some vacancies require telephone interviews
     Gallup Telephone Interview                         or ability assessments
           or ability tests

                                            When you come for your face to face interview,
  Face-to-Face Interviews/Role Play
                                             please remember to bring your passport and
       or Group Assessments                              proof of address

                                           It may take several weeks following interview before
        Offer of Employment                  an offer is made. Offers are subject to satisfactory
                                              reference and pre-employment screening checks

                                            You will be contacted by our screening partner,
  Screening and Reference Checking          The Security Watchdog, and asked to complete
                                                    an online screening application

Preparing for the
Selection Process

Interview Preparation

Find out more about Standard Life
The Standard Life Group website ( provides details about our products and services and other
facts and figures relating to our businesses. Use our website and other websites to find out more about our culture,
market environment, competitors, recent press announcements, goals and business challenges.

Find out more about the job                                       Dress smartly and comfortably
• If you have not received a job description, phone               • First impressions really do count
  the recruitment team or your agency for                         • If in doubt, always go for a classic plain business suit
  additional information
                                                                  • Feeling good about your appearance helps you to be
• Speak to someone who does a similar job                           more confident
• Use the internet to find out about this type of work
• It will be obvious to the interviewer whether you did
  your research or not. Many interviewers will focus              What should you take with
  questions on finding out how much preparation you
  did for the interview
                                                                  you to the interview?
                                                                  • Take the letter inviting you to the interview: it will have
                                                                    the name of the interviewer on it and their address and
Preparing for telephone interviews                                  telephone number
                                                                  • Bring an up to date copy of your CV
• Arrange to take the call where you will not be disturbed
                                                                  • Any additional information that you are asked to bring
• Have a copy of your CV, and the job description near
                                                                    (passport, proof of address) or information you think is
  to hand
                                                                    relevant to your application
• Switch off the television, radio, etc
                                                                  • Your list of questions, a pen and paper so that you can
• Think about your answers to the questions as if it                take notes. If you have prepared notes to help you in
  was a face-to-face interview                                      the interview you can bring them too
• Take the time you need to formulate a good answer
  before speaking
• Watch your language: speak slowly and clearly. Don’t            Arrive on time
  use slang or other informal language
                                                                  • On time for an interview means 5 minutes early
                                                                  • Leave early in case of traffic, late bus, etc
                                                                  • Know where you are going, where to park, local
                                                                    train or bus stations, etc
                                                                  • Interviewers will often be seeing more than one
                                                                    person and will have a tight schedule. If you are late,
                                                                    you might end up losing your interview slot!

Preparing for the
Selection Process


                                                                                                                                                                                                                               ny Str


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                                                                                                                                                                                                                               P    lace


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Leith St
Queensferry Road                                                                                                                    w
                                                                                                                       Heri   ot Ro
                                                                                                              n Str                             n St
                                                                                                          Quee dens                       Quee                                             St An

                                                                                                                                                                                                            re                                                                oo P
                                                                                                                                                                                                 Squa                                                            Wate

                                                                                                                                             e St

                                                                                                                                                                      t S
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Calton Road

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                                                     ns                                                                                                          c es St
                                                       fer                                                                                                 Prin                                                                                                                                                      e
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Waverley                                                                           gat

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                                                                 re               Squa                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Can



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                                                                                                                                es Str                                                              Mark
                                                                                                                           Princ rdens

                                                                        ce                                                                                                                                                              Stree



                                                           Sh                                             Ki
                                                                                                                 St               Edinburgh

                                                                                                                                                                                 ce                                               Cowgate
                                                                                                                       s            Castle                              Terr
                                                                                                                           Ro                                ston

                                                                                                                             ad                          John

                                            et                                                                                                                                             t
                                          re                                                                                                                                          arke
                                        St                                                                                                                                        ssm
                                                                                                 n Road




                                                                                                                                           st P


Haymarket Terrace            Morrison Street


                              Ro                                      ridg
                         ch                                        inb

                                                                                                                                                  Head Office, Standard Life House, 30 Lothian Road,
                                                                                                                                                  Edinburgh EH1 2DH
                                                                                                                                                  Interviews are held mainly at our head office in the centre
                                                                                                                                                  of Edinburgh, just 200m from the west end of Princes
                                                                                                                                                  Street, five minutes by taxi from Waverley and Haymarket
                                                                                                                                                  rail stations, and around 30 mins from Edinburgh Airport.
                                                                                                                                                  Our other Edinburgh-based offices are located at:
                                                                                                                                                  Exchange Crescent, Exchange Crescent, Edinburgh EH3 8RA
                                                                                                                                                  Caledonian Exchange, 19a Canning Street, Edinburgh EH3 8EG
                                                                                                                                                  Dundas House, 20 Brandon Street, Edinburgh EH3 5PP
                                                                                                                                                  Data Centre, 8 Glenogle Road, Edinburgh EH3 5HN
                                                                                                                                                  Standard Life Investments, 1 George Street, Edinburgh EH2 2LL
                                                                                                                                                  Annandale Street, 52 Annandale Street, Edinburgh EH7 4AZ
                                                                                                                                                  Baileyfield, 1 Baileyfield Crescent, Baileyfield Industrial Estate,
                                                                                                                                                  Edinburgh EH15 1ET

Preparing for the
Selection Process

Your interview
Many of the questions you will be asked to
answer will be competency based. This means
the interviewer will ask you to describe a
specific situation where you have demonstrated a
particular competency or behaviour. The questions
will usually begin with, “Tell me about a time…”
or “Describe a situation where you have done ‘xyz’…”

The interviewer will be looking for a specific example.                       Be prepared for follow up questions such as, “Tell me
Often the first thought you may have is, “I do that all the                   exactly what steps you took” or “What was the basis
time”, however it is okay to take a moment to think of a                      for that decision?”
specific occasion you can describe to the interviewer.
Sometimes it helps to think last week, last month, last job,
etc., to recall a good example. Use the most recent                           Top tips:
examples you can think of – if you have to go back 5 years
                                                                              1. Remember to focus on what you did, the
to give an example of your planning and organising skills
                                                                                 interviewer will be looking for “I”, even in
it may suggest that it is not something you do very often!
If you cannot think of a work related example, you can                           team-working examples. Be confident!
use an example from your volunteer activities, things you                     2. Listen to the whole question, and answer the
do at home or school, or within other settings like sports                       question that the interviewer asks, not the
teams to help answer the question.                                               question that you wanted them to ask
Your answer should follow the STAR technique:
                                                                              3. Before speaking, consider: "Is what I am about
Situation: Set the scene, describe the situation, what                           to say relevant and will it demonstrate my
are you going to tell us about?                                                  suitability for the role?"
Task: Your role, what were the tasks that had to                              4. Communicate clearly, be concise, avoid
be completed?                                                                    repetition, don’t be negative
Action: What did you do, and how did you do it?                               5. More details about the STAR technique can
Result: What did you achieve? What happened?                                     be found online

Standard Life is committed to ensuring that all job applicants and employees are treated equally and not discriminated against on the grounds
of gender, colour, race, nationality, marital status, religion or belief, sexual orientation, disability or age. If you require assistance during any
stage of the recruitment process, it is important that you make us aware of your requirements so that appropriate arrangements can be made.

Preparing for the
Selection Process

What do you think the
interviewer will want to know?
• The work experience you have had
• Review your personal goals and be able to speak
  openly and honestly about them and how you plan
  to achieve them                                               You’re not there just to
• What your interests are
                                                                answer questions
• What you enjoy doing
• Why you would be good at the job (relevant skills,            • The interview is about two-way communication
  qualities and qualifications)                                   It’s not just the interviewer who is trying to gain
                                                                  information. You should feel free to ask questions
• They will want to know about you, what you’re good
  at and perhaps not so good at (however, don’t focus           • It’s your chance to find out if Standard Life and the
  on your weaknesses: if asked, mention these as areas            job is right for you. You should be asking questions
  that you wish to develop)                                       as well as answering them

• Be prepared with answers to why you want to work
  for Standard Life, and how you would be the best
  candidate for this position. Understanding our                What do you want to know?
  business and environment will help you with
                                                                • Make a list of the things you want to know before
  these questions
                                                                  the interview and make sure that all your questions
• Interviewers might start with some aspect of your               are answered before the interview ends
  CV and want more details
                                                                • What the job involves, what happens in a typical day
• Look at the advert, if it mentions that you need to
                                                                • An overview of your responsibilities
  be able to work in a team it’s likely that you will be
                                                                • An understanding of the training and development
  asked questions about team-work. Think about times
                                                                  should you be appointed
  you have worked in a team before
                                                                • Career development opportunities within Standard Life
• The job description or role profile will usually
  outline specific competences eg planning and                  • Salary and benefits will be outlined in your interview
  organising, customer service etc. You are likely to             pack but if you need to have anything clarified then
  be asked for examples of times you have displayed               ask. Be clear about your salary expectations
  these competences                                             • It’s really important that you don’t already have the
                                                                  answers to your questions from the information the
                                                                  company has sent you before the interview
If you can’t answer the question
• Think about the question, and if you don’t understand         Keep calm – how?
  it or don’t know how to answer it, say so, and ask
  the interviewer to rephrase the question                      • Preparation helps you to be more in control of
                                                                  the situation
• If you still can’t answer, ask to come back to the
  question at the end, then forget it and focus on              • Give yourself time to get to the interview on time
  the next question you are being asked                         • Take time to think before you answer the questions
• Concentrate on the question you are being asked               • Remember the interviewer will usually do their best to
  and not the question you could not answer                       put you at your ease so try to relax and feel confident

Preparing for the
Selection Process

                         After your
                         When will you hear?
                         • Usually within a week to ten days. Ask the
                           interviewer when they will be making a
                           decision and when you are likely to hear

                         If you aren’t successful:
                         • You can ask for feedback on how you
                           did and how you could improve your
                           performance next time

We hope that you've enjoyed
learning more about what
makes Standard Life such a
great place to work, and that
you've found the information
in this introductory pack
beneficial. If you have any
queries or concerns please
do not hesitate to contact
the Recruitment Team on
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