The 2009 Moore's Family Reunion Planning by pengxiuhui


									                          The 2009 Moore's Family Reunion Planning

Core Organizers
Dennis, 256-665-0288,
Shaquita, 678-264-7940,
Lucy, 601-316-7820
Jennette, 601-922-3260,
Gloria, 769-233-9806,,
Adatisha Williams - 601-874-1994,
Arnita, 601-813-3512, admsprovb356@yahoo
Brenda Evans, 601-209-1671, BE8703@ATT.COM
Brenda Buffington, 773-785-4055,
Pam, 601-613-5954, P. 20MOORE1107@comcast.20Net
Creed, 214-587-9187,

Weekly Meeting
Every Sunday Evening @ 8:00 am CST
We now have a FREE conference call account (Arnita Suggestion). Typically Dennis will start the call but anyone
can use it start the call. See information below:

Your TOTALLY FREE Conference Telephone Number:
(218) 936-7648
Conference ID:

Conference ID must be entered prior to entering Moderator PIN
Moderator Pin:


Finalized - At Aunt Liz. $100 for Expenses

Open - Blocking off the Street

The partition has being signed off, The street will be block from Rundo to Madera, The city will take care.
What time with the city come and set up block. Street will be block from 8 am to 9 pm. Need confirmation

Bathrooms - Porta-pottie, 1 bathrooms, Shequita will check on pricing for 1 porta-pottie, $85, Lucy states the porta-
pottie is ordered

Kids Entertainment
· Water Slide and Space Jump and snowball - $295

JR has a generator. Done
Notify families that towels and change of clothes, will on invitation
Notify families that this is a outdoor event, bring skin protection
Candles and Mosquito protection


Family of 5 people $60 $10 extra per person over 5
Family of less then 5 - $15 per person

Deadline to pay - May 15th
Send fees as a money order or check

Action Items
Account and Collections – see below


Shequita - Need T-Shirts Sizes ASAP

Men T-Shirts - Blue, any size
Women T-shirts - Red, Fitted V-Neck up to 2x. Over 2 x will be a man’s but the color will be RED.
T-Shirts are $10 each, money order or check, deadline 5/15

Please send you’re to order:

        Shequita Moore
        519 Friendly Hills Dr.
        Decatur Ga,30035


Team suggested locating a hotel that all incoming family can be in to be together.

Open Action Item
Lucy will look into places and prices

Need RSVP by April 30th, to determine reserve hotels.

Need a list of hotels
Need to arrange family pickups
Double Beds?

Open Suggestion: Microtel Coliseum, $59 Lucy reserve 5 rooms
Quality Inn, $80

Dennis will reserve rooms and the Residence North Park

Banner, Flyer and Theme

Banner - $170
· There was a Theme statement interjected but I failed to record it. Needs to be corrected at next meeting.
· Invitations and Follow Call to RSVP

Open Action Items
Jeannette will determine final cost and design
Team - Jeannette, Lucinda, Sidney, Adatisha
May 15ht deadline for getting the pictures and names
Find email note on Banner
Brenda will be sending invitation to Chicago and Detroit
Jennette will send Jackson.
Dennis will send a confirmation page to Jennette


Dennis - Email and Web site: (Note: The “H” in Home must be
Jennette and Sidney- Flyer, Invitations and Information Insert

Invitation Packet

Confirmation Information
Hotel Infor
Family Tree Infor
Sunday Morning Family Breakfast, 9 am

Sunday Morning Breakfast

Breakfast at Shoneys
50 people
Reservation are confirmed
Open Action Items
Gloria will chk for accommodations for 50 @ 10 Change time from 10 to 9
Adathisa the By-laws for Family Fund Raiser

Greet and Meet

Friday Night Get Together - Friday Night Get Together, Gloria's Place, Meet and Greet, 7 until, Finger Foots,
Drinks, Happy Hour

All Day Saturday

Dennis will bring stereo equipment for computer,

Action Item
Team - Lucy, Glenise, Nita and Stacy
Pre-Print Name Tags
Wings Wine and Veggie Platter Night at Gloria's.

Standup and Introduce Yourself

  Menu - Lucy, Shaquita, Pam, JR
  BBQ Ribs - JR has got 2 cases of Pork
  BBQ Beef Ribs - Dennis will get BEEF Ribs
  Fish Fry - Lucy and Adatisha will get pricing. $40 for 15 pounds of Cat Trout, $100 @ 40 pounds
  Hot Dogs - 160, Gloria and Lucy
  Chicken - 50 pounds Lucy will get pricing, 62 Case, Hot Dogs 1.39 x 12, Catfish - $54, Whiting - $72
  Grilled corn - Shequita got the corn
  Water melon - Shequita, 3
  Mac and Cheese
  Pastas -
  Salad (more)
  Green and fruit
  Dessert - one big cake , multi-functional, $120, Cake will generic to say, " Welcome to the Moore's 2009 Family
    Three Cakes
    1 - Family Reunion
    1 - Laura Birthday - Gloria
    1 - Graduation Cake - Sidney
  And Pot Luck (optional) - Notify Dennis and Shequita
  Donations are welcome

Cook - Leonard??? TBD

Action Item
Above list is on the table but will be finalized the closer we get to the 5/15th deanline
Cake writing – “Welcome to the 2009 Moore’s Family Reunion
All Food items should be keep outside.

Games, Awards and Presentations

Team - Gloria and Arnita and Jennette and Pam
July 14th award for Lara's 90 Birthday
Recognized all of Elders within Family
Aunt Liz
Lodie May
Tommy Ann
Annie Pearl

Sidney's High School Graduation
Family Members

Action Item
Send presentations TBD


Team - Dennis, JR, Leonard, Billy, Chris (Annatisha)
Cost? Lucy and Leonard
Action Item


Discussion - A third photographer was suggested. However, due to potential cost, Dennis has volunteered. A third
photographer would be better because Dennis will be too involved with family.

Open Item
A photographer has being identified. The show cost is $100 and has being volunteered to paid for outside of the

8X10 1 picture
5X7 1 picture
3x6 6 picture
Price 20.00

Group Picture 20x 30 will cost 75.00

11x14 will cost 30.00

All prints of entire event will be 45.00

If you have any questions please contact Arnett Davis

Package: Adatisha will get pricing to Dennis (Web Site) and Jennette (Invitation)

Family Fund Raiser

Discussion - We will need to properly follow the Roberts Rules of Order.
Discussion - Develop a invitation letter to include in the Invitation. Also, include a nominee voting ballot that will be
sent to all family members

Action Item
Dennis, Jr and Adatisha will have a open door meeting to discuss the official details. Meeting, Thur, 4/2,
Conference Call.

Other Discussion

  Family Internals with businesses that can be promoted
  Fund Raiser for future
  Clean up
  Chaperons - Watch dogs over various functions. TBD
  Outdoor Fan - Lucy will look into pricing for purchase or rental

Building the Family Tree

Change the Web site to enter family information.

Bank Account for Funds

Kareem – Primary
Account Access – Jennette, Pam

Account: Moore Family Reunion

Send Fees To:
      Kareem Moore
      6811 Old Canton Road
      Apt. 1706
      Ridgeland, MS 39157


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