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					                                 LESSON PLAN

 NAME: Jody Billiard

DATE: February 22, 2010

Animal Habitats

Topic: This is the second of five lessons on the subject of animal habitats. This
lesson will help students understand the definition of habitat and will introduce
them to the various habitats and life forms living on our planet.


Students will:

     Use appropriate tools and techniques to gather and display data.
     Be able to define what a habitat is and give examples of specific types of
     Practice skill of note taking.


Standard 1 Nature of Science:
Goal 1.6: Understand Scientific Inquiry and Develop Critical Thinking Skills
Standard 3: Writing Process:
Goal 3.1: Acquire Prewriting skills


Introduction: As an introduction to animal habitats I will read the poem,
“Habitats” by Meish Goldish. Students will then brainstorm and discuss their
ideas regarding habitats. I will then provide them with the definition that a
habitat is the home of a plant or animal and it provides them with everything it
needs to live. Specific habitats to be studied include desert, ocean, freshwater,
grassland, forest, rainforest and arctic/Antarctic.

   1. We will then fill out a classroom response chart on what plants and
      animals need to live.

   2. Students will watch PowerPoint presentation on animal habitats. As they
      are watching the PowerPoint they will take notes on each specific habitat
      and the types of animals that live there.
   3. Students will then compare and contrast the various habitats through
      class discussion.

   4. As an evaluation, students will then complete a worksheet activity on
      animal habitats.


Habitats By Meish Goldish

Home, sweet home!
Home, sweet animal home!
Birds like to rest
In a twiggy nest.
A big brown bear
Prefers a lair.
Bats love to rave
About their cave!
Monkeys swing free
High I a tree!
The tiny frog
Lives on a log.
Chipmunks are found
In a hole in the ground.
Home in a thicket?
A lion would pick it!
The crab lives well
In an empty shell.
A hive will please
A family of bees.
Is your home the home
For dogs or cats?
Animals have
Many habitats!

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